Genealogy of the Nott Family.
     This tree is a work in progress and is being developed.

I. John Nott. Born Bristol, Gloucestershire 1618. Died 1691. A talented joiner. Sergeant, Pequot War of 1637. Married Ann Bellows (born 1620). They lived in Wethersfield, Connecticut.
  (a) Elizabeth Nott. Born 1647. Married 1662 Robert Reeves.
  (b) Hannah Nott. Born 1649. Married John Samuel Hale (born 1646).
      i. Deacon Richard Hale. 1717-1802. Married first 1746 Elizabeth Strong (1727-1767).
        A. Captain Nathan Hale. Born 1755  Died 1776.
        Richard Hale married second Abigail Cobb Adams.
  (c) John Nott. 1650-1710. Married 1683 Patience Miller (born 1657, died 1745).
      i. John Nott. Born Wethersfield, CT 1683. Died 1756. Had an illegitimate son by Mary Ward:
        A. John Nott, b. at Middletown, CT, 5 May 1726; buried at Middletown, CT, 26 Nov 1767; m. at Middletown, CT, 28 Jun 1750, Mary Bayley, who was born about 1732, and was buried at Middletown, 25 Jul 1791.
        John Nott. Born Wethersfield, CT 1683. Died 1756. Married 1731 Martha Gray (baptized at Fairfield, CT, 6 Mar 1714/5), daughter of Henry Gray and Margaret ___. She married, second, at Westport, CT, 15 Jul 1759, Joseph Patchen.
        B. John Nott. Born Fairfield, CT 1731 (not Nottingham 1750). Died Springfield, Windsor County, VT 1815. A ferry driver (across the Connecticut river). During the Revolutionary War he commanded the brig of war "America". Married c.1758 Ruth Kilburn/Killburn  (died betw. 1770-1772) who is said to have been half Abenaki Indian.
          1. Jesse Nott. Born 1759.
          2. Onur Nott. Born 1760.
          3. Ruth Nott. Born 1760.
          4. John Nott. Born 1763.
          5. Kilburn Nott. Born 1765. Married Hannah E. _____ (died 1854).
            a. Justus Nott. Born 1799. Died 1865. Married Emily Cramier.
              i. Samuel Nott. Born 1834. Laborer aged 16 in 1850.
              ii. William Nott. Born 1836.
              iii. Cyrus Lewis Nott. Born 1840. Died 1921. In the Civil War he served with Bat. H., 1st New York Light Artillery. Wounded at the battle of North Anna, Virginia. Homesteaded 80 acres at Donivan, Benton Co., Arkansas. Married first 1866 Frances/ Cornelia Ellen Cook Hill (1840-1907).
                (a) Fredrich Harry Nott. Born 1869. Died 1944. Married Mary Funk (born 1873, died 1959).
                  (A) Harvey Leroy Nott. Born 1892. Died 1929. Married Helen Martha Garratt (born 1891, died 1967).
      (i) Howard Nott.  Born c.1928. Died c.1985. Married Doris Mabel Christian Peterson (born 1930) .
    A. Leroy Dorland Nott. Born 1949. Married Mary Lee LeRoy Olson (born 1951).
      i. Carl Christian Nott. Born 1976. Married 1997 Summereen Holly Mustahson Farooqi. (born 1976).
      ii. Nora Helen Nott. Born 1978. Married 2006 Michael Shugrue Bruce Marsh (born 1974).
      B. Linda Nott. Born c.1950. Married Michael Miller.
      C. Laura Lee ("Teena") Nott. Born c.1952. Married Gary Salme.
      (ii) Margaret Nott.
                (b) Jennie May Nott. Born 1872, a twin.
                (c) Nellie May Nott. Born 1872, a twin. Married 1892 John Salomon Cash (born 1871, died 1959).
                (d) Alonzo Nott. Born 1877.
                Cyrus married second 1911 Mary E McCloud Boaz..
              iv. Emily Nott. Born 1845.
              v. Justus Nott. Born 1847.
              vi. George Nott. Born 1848.
              vii. Dempster Nott. Born 1849.
          6. William Nott. Born 1770.
          John Nott. Married second 7 September 1772 Eunice Powers (born 1757) daughter of Jerathmiel Powers and Eunice Bennett.
          7. Calista Nott. Born England. Married William Kahz (or Kaha).
          8. Irene Nott.  Born England. Married Cyril Ward.
          9. Minerva Nott. Born England.  Married. They were Quakers.
          10. Jesse Nott. Born England.  Lived in Ohio.
          11. Aaron Nott. Born England.  Lived in Ohio.
          12. Acel Nott.  At about this time the family emigrated to America.
          13. Arbuth Allen Nott. Born Vermont 17 May 1790. Died 20 August 1853. Musician and millwright. Sworn in as a constable in Johnson Co., KY May 1845 and 24 May 1847. Lived in KY and MO. Married first Laura Allen  Schofield (born Orange Co., NY 15 May 1790 dvu 10 April 1829?), daughter of Barbara S Allen Schofield, who was supposedly granddaughter of Ethan Allen. She was allegedly raised by Ethan Allen's brother Joshua Allen.
            a. Calista Alice Nott. Born Orange County NY  15 May 1809. Married Floyd Co, KY 8 April 1825 John Stafford (born Johnson Co, KY 15 December 1804 died 15 December 1869).
              i. James Stafford. Born 21 March 1825. Married Cynthia Dixon.
                (a) John Henry Stafford..
                (b) George Stafford.
                (c) William Stafford.
                (d) Martin Stafford.
                (e) Manfred Stafford.
                (f) Thomas R Stafford.
                (g) Charles Stafford.
                (h) Harry B Stafford.
                (i) Frederick Stafford.
                (j) Tallie Stafford.
                (k) Benjamin Stafford.
                (l) Frank Stafford.
              ii. Ralph Stafford. Born 9 September 1927. Married Amanda Hager.
                (a) Lucretia Stafford.
                (b) Susan Stafford.
                (c) Sophronia Stafford.
                (d) John Stafford.
                (e) George Stafford.
                (f) Frank Stafford.
                (g) Lena Stafford.
                (h) Dolly Stafford.
              iii. William M Stafford. Born 25 December 1829. Married Martha Ann Hager.
                (a) Worth Stafford.
                (b) Janettie Stafford. Married George B Rice.
                  (A) Willie S Rice.
                  (B) Anna Rice.
                (c) Charley Stafford.
                (d) Robert Stafford.
                (e) John Frew Stafford.
                (f) Henry M Stafford. Married Mary J Preston.
                  (A) Donald G Stafford.
                (g) Martha A Stafford. Married James W Auxier.
                  (A) Fannie M Auxier. Married Ernest E Archer. 5 children.
                  (B) Margaret May Auxier.
                  (C) Maxie Auxier.
                  (D) Leona Stafford Auxier. Married John Gainey Newman. 1 child.
              iv. Jane Stafford. Born 15 February 1832. Married Henry F Dixon. (see below)
                (a) Rhoda Dixon. Born 1851.
                (b) Benjamin F. Dixon. Born 1852.
                (c) Martha Dixon. Born 12 March 1853. Married James Henry Hagar.
  (A) Ben Hagar.
  (B) Fred Hagar.
  Martha Dixon. Born 30 May 1859. Married Joseph Anderson Borders.
  (A) Benny Borders.
  (B) Leona Borders.
  (C) Harrison Borders.
  (D) Dora Jane Borders.
  (E) Lewis C Borders.
  (F) Miranda Borders.
  (G) Nathaniel Borders.
  (H) Virgie Borders.
  (I) Hazel Borders.
  (J) Mintie Wrae Borders. Married John Meek.
  (i) Don Carlos Meek.
  (ii) (Mabel) Irene Meek. Married Homer Daniels.
  A. William Daniels.
  B. John Douglas Daniels.
  C. Nancy Daniels.
  (iii) Celsus ("Cub") Gilbert Meek. Married Cora Adams (born 7 December 1924).
  A. Karen Lynn Meek. Married Charles Adams.
  B. Patricia Gaye Meek.
  (iv) Joseph Aaron Meek.
  (v) Vivian Meek. Married Kermit Carnes.
  A. Joy Carnes.
  B. Linda Carnes.
  (vi) Margaret Meek. Married Paul Douglas Borders.
  (vii) (Flossie) Ethel Meek. Married 27 April 1930 Martin Allen Pace.
  A. Rhonda Allen Pace. Married Yonetaro Aida from Yoshikawa, Japan.
  i. Linda Allen Thomas.
  ii. Mariko Lynn Aida.
  iii. Michael John Aida. Married Cari Dawn Hartman.
  aa. Bridgitt Hana Lyllian Norik Aida born December 1999.
  bb. Rheannon Haru Molly Nyoko Aida born May 2004
  B. John Clifford Pace.
  C. Thomas Lee Pace. Born 24 July 1955. Died 9 December 1997.
  D. William Martin Pace.
  E. Rebecca Lynn Pace.
  F. Mary Frances Pace.
  (viii) Charles Leslie Meek.
  (ix) Chester Arthur Meek.
  (x) Fred Randall Meek. Born 7 December 1941. Married Iva Dean.
                (d) George Dixon. Born 1854.
                (e) Mirza / Mercy Dixon. Born 1855.
                (f) John Dixon. Born 1856.
                (g) Mary Dixon. Born 1857.
                (h) Malissa Dixon. Born 1858.
                (i) Peter Cooper Dixon. Born 1859.
              v. Irene Stafford. Born 5 March 1834. Married Johnson Co, KY 24 October 1856 Johile (John) H. Mahan.
                (a) Lee Mahan.
                  (A) Howard Mahan.
      (i) Jo Ann Mahan.
                (b) Susan Mahan.
                (c) Cynthia Mahan.
                (d) Pauline Mahan.
                (e) Henry Mahan. Died Paintsville, KY 22 December 1922. Married Susan Caroline Turner (born Johnson Co, KY 9 May 1851 died Paintsville, KY 16 January 1929).
                (f) Calista Mahan.
                Irene Stafford. Married Henry D Porter.
                (g) Mary Jane Porter.
                (h) John W Porter.
              vi. Lucinda Stafford. Born Ohio c.1834. Married William Woods.
  (a) Charles A Woods.
  (b) (John) Wesley Woods. Born Ohio 1872.
  (c) Julia Woods.
  (d) Martha Woods.
  (e) B Frank Woods. Born Indiana 1877.
  (f) James Woods.
  (g) Mary Woods.
  (h) George Woods.
  (i) Harry Woods.
              vii. Francis Marion ("Bud") Stafford. Born 15 November 1838. Married (born 1845) Merritta Hager Lavendar.
  (a) Araminta Stafford. Born 1861
  (b) Calista Stafford. Born 1862
  (c) William Tecumseh Stafford. Born 1864
  (d) Mary Frances Stafford. Born 1866
  (e) Ella Beatrice Stafford. Born 1868
  (f) Harietta Stafford. Born 1870
  (g) Cora Stafford. Born 1873
  (h) Thomas Sanford Stafford. Born 1875
  (i) Caroline Adna Stafford. Born 1876
  (j) Dora W Stafford. Born 1878
  (k) Ethel Stafford. Born 1880
  (l) Edna Eale Stafford. Born 1881
  (m) May Florence Stafford. Born 1884
  (n) Dewitt Talmadge Stafford. Born 1886
              viii. Malissa Stafford. Married Thomas S Williams.
  (a) John R Williams. Born 1858.
  (b) Walker Williams. Born 1859.
  (c) Milton Williams. Born 1860.
  (d) Wiley Williams. Born 1861.
  (e) Bessie Williams. Born 1862.
  (f) Jennie Williams. Born 1863.
  (g) Barnes Williams. Born 1864.
Frank Williams. Born 1857.
              ix. Thomas Stafford. Born 1843.
              x. Mary Stafford. Married Jesse Rule.
                (a) Alice Rule.
                (b) John Rule.
                (c) Isola Rule.
              xi. Jesse Stafford. Married
                (a) Irene Lucina Stafford
                (b) Calista Stafford
                (c) Rosella Stafford
                (d) Mary Stafford
                (e) Flora May Stafford
                (f) Beatrice Gillian Stafford. Married Wiley Gardner Franklin.
                  (A) Georgia Ann Franklin
                  (B) John Jesse  Franklin
                  (C) Nell  Franklin
                  (D) Earl  Franklin
                  (E) Durward Belmont Franklin  Franklin Sr
                (g) Henry Gordon Stafford.  Married Stephonia Webb.
                  (A) Earle Stafford.
                (h) Ralph Stafford
                (i) Clara Stafford
                (j) Jesse Stafford
              xii. Lydia Stafford. Married George V Estep
                (a) Calista Estep
                (b) Ina Sarah Estep
                (c) Mary A Estep
                (d) Jesse Estep
            b. Irene W Nott. b. 10 Apr 1813 in Orange County, New York. Married  6 December 1835 Christopher Cranston.
              i. Henrietta L Cranston. Born Ohio 28 September 1837. Married 1 November 1855 Warren Harrison.
                (a) Lois H Harrison. Born Missouri.
                (b) Ralph Harrison. Born 12 July 1857. Died  19 June 1865.
                (c) Christopher D Harrison. Born Ohio 21 December 1858.
                (d) Sybil Irene Harrison. Born Ohio 13 August 1860. Died 24 July 1865.
                (e) Eugene G Harrison. Born 31 October 1862. Died 12 July 1865.
                (f) Glen C Harrison. Born Missouri 4 March 1867. Married Mary Maxon (born Washington Co, AR).
                (g) Anna L Harrison. Born Missouri 21 December 1868.
                (h) W Guy Harrison. Born Missouri 19 December 1871.
              ii. William Wallace Cranston. Born Ohio 20 November 1838. Married 20 March 1866 Jenny Fulton.
                (a) Dr Cranston.
                (b) Arthur Cranston.
                (c) Flornce C Cranston.
              iii. Helena Cranston Cranston. Born 28 May 1840. Married 22 December 1864 August K Sykes.
              iv. Anna E Cranston. Born 17 September 1841. Married 14 October 1869 Perry Froman.
              v. Christopher C Cranston. Born Ohio 19 February 1845.
              vi. Lois N Cranston. Born 1 September 1848. Married 4 September 1865 Mary Coolidge.
              vii. Otto G Cranston. Born Ohio 30 May 1852.
            c. William Henry Harrison Nott. Born Ohio 1818. Died Washington County, AR 1881. Buried Brentwood, AR. Married Floyd County, Kentucky 14 January 1840 Phoebe Remy (born Floyd Co 14 January 1819 died Temple, Bell Co, TX 8 January 1891), daughter of John Remy and Margaret Hitchcock.
              i. John Arbuth Allen Nott. Born Kentucky 19 October 1840. Died 1919. Married Washington Co., Arkansas 15 September 1860 Sarah Ellen Fine (born Washington Co, AR 15 September 1860, died 1921).
  (a) Calista Nott. Born August 1861. Died 1862.
  (b) Lou Ellen Nott. Born Arkansas 11 December 1863. Died 1864.
  (c) Mary Minnesota Nott. Born 25 September 1865. Married 6 January 1884 John Franklin.
  (d) John Franklin Newkirk Nott.
  (e) William Zachariah Nott. Born 1868. Died 12 October 1872.
  (f) Frances Olive Adaline Nott. Born 24 March 1873.
  (g) Henry Clinton Nott. Born 10 December 1879.
  (h) Cora Mae Helms Nott.
  (i) Norma A Nott. Born 4 October 1887.
              ii. Francis Marion Nott. Married 1875 Martha Forrester.
                (a) Christopher C Nott. Born 29 June 1876. Married Elizabeth Aldham.
                (b) William A Nott. Born 3 June 1879.
                (c) Calista Nott. Born 22 September 1822.
                (d) James A Nott. Born Texas 26 June 1886.
              iii. Samuel Nott. Born KY 1842. Died AR 1846.
              iv. Christopher Columbus Nott. Born AR 1845. Died MO 1863.
              v. William Nott. Born 1848. Died 1854. Married 10 December 1871 Leathy (Leasthy?) C Forrester.
                (a) Francis A Nott. Born 31 July 1872. Married 16 December 1894 Nora B Wright.
                (b) Phoebe Nott. Born 7 December 1884. Married 6 August 1905 Ben F Giles.
                (c) Martha F Nott. Born 15 February 1887. Married 27 March 1910 Thomas Francis Proter.1863.
              vi. Cyril Ward Nott. Born 1850.
              vii. (Peggy) Elizabeth Nott. Born Arkansas January 1852. Died Arkansas 19 October 1856.
            d. Samuel Puttnam Nott. Born Ohio 20 December 1820. Died Washington Co., Arkansas c.1895. Married Floyd Co, KY 15 September 1841  Mary Remy, daughter of Henry Remy.
              i. Phoebe Emeline Nott.  Born 28 July 1842 in KY. She married in Arkansas Elias Terry.
                (a) Mary Z Terry. Born Arkansas  30 December 1862. Married 27 July 1884 R V Watts.
                (b) Talitha V Terry. Born 2 December 1864. Married 24 September 1888 August Heathcock.
                (c) Barbara B Terry. Born Arkansas 14 March 1867. Died 2 May 1906.  Married 30 December 1886 Hugh E Smith.
                (d) Samuel P Terry. Born 1 September 1869. Died 9 September 1875.
                (e) Laura L Terry. Born 16  November 1871. Married 10 January 1889 Andrew J Rule.
                (f) Sarah P Terry. Born 29 April 1874. Married 2 January 1898 Walter Ellingsworth.
                (g) Alford A Terry. Born 18 March 1877. Married 14 November 1897 Belle Steele.
                (h) Nancy L Terry. Born 25 April 1880. Married 7 November 1897 James L Steele.
                (i) William C Terry. Born 6 June 1882. Married Polly Jackson (born 3 July 1906).
                (j) Arbuth B Terry. Born 28 July 1886. Died 14 July 1899.
              ii. Laura Temperance Nott. Born 27 May 1844 in Arkansas. She married in Arkansas Charles L. Bradshaw.
                (a) Henry A Bradshaw. Born Arkansas 1863. Married Mary I Miller.
                (b) Thomas Bradshaw. Born 1865. Married Ann Hadox.
                (c) Rachel Bradshaw. Born 1883.
                (d) Charles E Bradshaw. Born 1887.
                (e) Eliza B Bradshaw. Born 1891.
              iii. Amanda Margaret Nott. Born 10 September 1846 in Arkansas. She married Justin M. Remy Abt. 1880, son of William Remy and Elizabeth Turner.
                (a) Orphra E. Remy, born July 1880 in Arkansas.
                (b) Mary R. Remy, born June 1882 in Arkansas.
                (c) William James Remy, born March 26, 1884 in Near Mulbery, Arkansas, (Franklin County); died March 1964 in Fresno, CA. He married Canada (Cansada?) E. Mann (born possibly Arkansas 17 December 1886, died possibly Fresnno November 1967).
                (d) Addie B. Remy, born January 1887 in Arkansas.
                (e) Coil Remy, born August 1891 in Arkansas.
              iv. Mary Virginia Nott. Born 13 May 1851 in Missouri. She married George Richardson and had numerous descendants.
              v. Charity Cosfine Nott, born September 17, 1853 in Arkansas. She married Edmund (or Edward) F ("Fleck") Osborn.
                (a) Anna Clyde ("Erma") Osborn. Married George Emmit DeVore.
  (A) Stella Ruth DeVore. Born 29 May 1922. Married.
  (B) Gussie Arizona DeVore.
  (C) Oliver Lester DeVore.
  (D) Mary Josephine DeVore.
  (E) George Oscar DeVore.
  (F) Myrtle Iona DeVore.
  (G) John Leon DeVore.
  (H) James DeVore.
  (I) Anna Catherine DeVore.
  (b) James E Osburn.
  (c) William F Osburn.
  (d) Moses O Osburn.
  (e) Rebecca E Osburn.
  (f) John T Osburn.
  (g) Samuel E Osburn.
  (h) Martha M Osburn.
  (i) Cecil H Osburn.
  (j) Omar C Osburn.
  (k) Schrilda Myrtle Osburn. Married
                  (A) Alberta _____.
              vi. Eliazor Nott, born December 26, 1855 in Arkansas. He married 4 May 1876 Nancy Bolls.
              vii. Rebeca Katharine Nott, born March 24, 1857 in Arkansas. She married Louis Osborn.
              viii. John Arbuth Nott. Born 28 August 1860 in Arkansas. He married first (the marriage license from Crawford County, Arkansas is difficult to read) 22 April 1880 Mahala Gabbard (died c.1887).
                (a) Sarah Tlythia ("Lydia") Josephine Nott. Born 12 November 1885 in Crawford County, Arkansas; died 13 August 1923 in Braggs, Muskogee, Oklahoma; married John William Rucks 06 December 1904 in Bidville, Crawford County, Arkansas.
                (b) Jennie Nott.
                John married second Nancy Jane Duvall. They moved to California.
              ix. Sarah Nott, born September 13, 1866 in Arkansas. She married John Harrison.
              x. Francis Marion Nott. Married Martha Forrester.
  (a) Christopher C Nott.
  (b) William Nott.
  (c) Calista Nott. Born 1882.
  (d) James Nott.
              xi. Cyril Ward Nott.
            e. Licina Allen Nott. Born Ohio 20 January 1822. Married Jessie Wheeler.
  i. Katherine Wheeler.
  ii. Jane Wheeler. Married James Spradlin.
  iii. Lillie Wheeler.
  iv. Harry Wheeler.
            f. Russell B Nott. Born 10 March 1825.
            Arbuth then had children by (not married) Mary Ann Dixon (b. 11 Jun 1799 in Src.Scalf. )
            g. George Dixon.
            h. Henry F Dixon. Married Jane Stafford (born 15 February 1832). Their children are shown above.
            i. Cynthia Dixon.
            Arbuth married second probably in MO, Lydia Chidister.
            j. Samantha M Nott.
            k. Elizabeth J Nott.
            l. Lydia Minerva Nott.
            m. Lucetta Nott.
            n. Mantford Allen Nott.
            o. Jesse B Nott.
        C. Thaddeus Nott. Born 1736.
        D. Salome Nott. Born at Fairfield, CT, 10 Jul 1735; Died 1810. m. at Fairfield, CT, 28 Dec 1751, ELNATHAN ALLEN, son of Joseph Allen and Rachel Bennett, who was born at Saugatuck, CT, 23 Jun 1729 and died at Westport, CT, 26 May 1816.
        E. Gershom Nott. Born 7 March 1737.
        F. William Nott. Born 1739.
        G. Thomas Nott. Born at Fairfield, CT, 23 Jun 1741; d. at Bristol Twp., Morgan County, OH, 15 May 1834; m. first, Prudence Willard.
          1. THADDEUS Nott, b. at Charlestown, NH, 22 Aug 1765; d. at Claremont, NH, 21 Feb 1856; m. at Charlestown, NH, 30 Oct 1787, CHLOE SPENCER, b. at Gilsum, NH, 8 Aug 1768, daughter of Joseph Spencer and Lucy Darte, and d. at Barnard, VT, 12 Sep 1844.

MATILDA Nott, b. at Springfield, VT, 29 Nov 1788; m. at Barnard, VT, 6 Feb 1812, JACOB AVERILL, who was born in Amherst, NH, 22 Dec 1783; d. in Huron Township, Wayne County, NY. 


CLARISSA Nott, b. at Acworth, NH, 30 Aug 1790; d. at Barnard, VT, 27 Jan 1833; unmarried. (According to the History of Barnard, the date was 27 Jan 1836, but her age is given as 42, so the former date -- from the family Bible -- is probably correct.)


SOLOMON Nott, b. at Charlestown, NH, 13 Apr 1793; d. at Claremont, NH, 22 Aug 1885; m. first, at Barnard, VT, 11 Oct 1814, ABIGAIL JONES of Windsor, VT, b. 22 Apr 1791; d. at Stockbridge, VT, 21 Jun 1832; she was buried in Mount Pleasant Cemetery. He m. second, in Oct 1832, FANNIE M. JONES, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 11 Aug 1803; d. at Claremont, NH, 20 Feb 1879 .


LUCRETIA Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 11 Aug 1795; d. at Barnard, VT, 7 Oct 1798; buried in the Center Yard Cemetery. (Her death date is given in the History of Barnard as 7 Oct 1795.)


SIMEON Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 3 Dec 1797; d. at Sharon, VT, 7 Apr 1880; m. at Barnard, VT, 31 Jan 1821, HARRIET CHILDS, daughter of Abel Childs and Polly Lewis.


SOPHRONIA P. Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 20 May 1822.


GUY SPENCER Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 4 Nov 1823; d. at Claremont, NH, 14 Dec 1912; m. at Claremont, NH, 3 May 1853, JULIA LINCOLN, who was b. in Pittsfield, VT, 7 Feb 1821, and d. in Claremont, NH, 4 Jun 1854. He m. second, in Claremont, NH, 12 Jun 1855, HARRIET N. HILL, who was b. at Claremont, NH, 25 Apr 1833 and d. at Sharon, VT, 8 Jul 1873. He m. third, at Sharon, VT, 1 Apr 1874, ABBIE S. (DELANO) STEELE, widow of ___ STEELE, who was b. in Hartford, VT, 4 Dec 1823, daughter of Jonathan Delano and Mercy Savage. She d. at Windsor, VT, 22 Apr 1895.


PHEBE MARIA Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 31 Dec 1827; d. at Waverly, IA, 14 Oct 1902; m. at Royalton, VT, 5 May 1853, HENRY LAWRENCE BRADFORD KELLEY, who was b. at Delhi, NY, 6 Apr 1837, son of Amos Kelley and Sarah Evans; he d. at Waverly, IA, 12 Jun 1893.


HARRIET L. Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 15 Feb 1830; m. at Royalton, VT, 5 Feb 1855, ALLEN BANCROFT.


JOSEPH P. Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 26 Jan 1832; d. at Royalton, VT, 15 Oct 1853; buried at Howe Cemetery; unmarried.


SIMEON MANVILL Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 3 Jun 1834; d. after 1880; m. by 1858, probably in New Hampshire, EMILY R. KELLEY, who was b. in Cornish, NH, 21 Jul 1836, daughter of Amos Kelley and Abigail Coburn. He was a travelling salesman. The family lived in Charleston, IL.


LOUISA F. Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 26 Jun 1836; d. at Royalton, VT, 5 Aug 1855; unmarried.


CHLOE LUCELIA Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 17 Sep 1838; m. at Royalton, VT, 7 Aug 1856, PAUL BOYCE.


Agnes A. Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, 28 Mar 1843; m. at Sharon, VT, 30 Aug 1859, SYLVANUS CHADWICK. 


(perhaps) Ann Augusta Nott, b. at Stockbridge, VT, circa 1849. Living with this family in 1850, but not necessarily a child of Simeon and Harriet.


Willard H. Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 22 May 1800; d. at Randolph, VT, 17 Nov 1885; m. at Charlestown, NH, 13 Feb 1823, SOPHIA ELY of Charlestown, who was b. in CT, 2 Dec 1806, daughter of Simon Ely and Ruth Ashley; she d. at Hillsborough, NH, 14 Oct 1887.


Lauretta Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 28 Oct 1801; d. at Stockbridge, VT, 2 Nov 1874; m. at Stockbridge, VT, 17 May 1821, Ashbell Roundy, who was b. at Lempster, NH, 28 Jun 1796, son of Alvin Roundy and Sarah Steele. He died at Stockbridge, VT, 11 Mar 1883. 


Lucy S. Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 30 Sep 1803; d. at Walcott, NY, 23 Jun 1886; m. ___ Edwards. 


Belinda Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 15 Aug 1806; d. 12 Dec 1837; m. ___ Hasiden.  


Asahel Washburn Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 23 May 1808; d. at Cambridge Port, VT, 30 May 1864; m. at Stockbridge, VT, 1 Jan 1839, Sarah Watkins, who was b. at Stockbridge, VT, 14 Sep 1808, daughter of Vine Watkins and Sarah Alexander. She d. at Rockingham, VT, 14 Dec 1874, and was buried at Saxton's River Cemetery in Rockingham, VT. He was a Congregational clergyman. Lived at Winhall, VT.


Roswell Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 23 May 1808; d. at Claremont, NH, 1 Mar 1897; m. at Claremont, NH, 10 Oct 1832, EMILY SPENCER, who was b. at Wethersfield, VT, 17 Jul 1809, daughter of Elijah Spencer; she d. at Claremont, NH, 12 Aug 1891. 


James Henry Nott, b. at Barnard, VT, 13 Apr 1812; d. at Oregon, IL, 18 Sep 1890; m. first, by 1839, MELISSA CHAMBERLIN, who was b. in Barnard, VT, 29 Sep 1819, daughter of Robert Gates Chamberlain and Rachel Clark; m. second, in Roxbury, OH, SALLY (RICHMOND) CHEDEL. 

          2. REUBEN Nott, b. at Charlestown, NH, 30 Jan 1768; m. at Charlestown, NH, 7 Feb 1788, LOUISA HOLDEN of Charlestown. She was born in Charlestown, NH, 18 Dec 1769, daughter of Richard Holden and Dorothy Adams. She married, second, ___ MOSELEY, according to the Holden Genealogy.
          3. SIMEON P. Nott, b. at Charlestown, NH, 8 Feb 1770; d. at Morgan County, OH, in 1835; m. by 178_, wife's name unknown.
          4. THEODORE Nott, b. at Charlestown, NH, 28 Mar 1772; m. (published at Charlestown, 7 Aug 1790), CATY PETTY of Charlestown. Probably the Catherine Petty who was born 4 Oct 1772 in Dedham, MA, daughter of Samuel Petty and Catharine Hart. Lived in Barnard, VT from 1794 until 1799. In Jefferson County, NY, by 1810.
          5.. LUTHER Nott, d. at Barnard, VT, 22 Aug 1795.
          6. Martha ("Patty") Nott, m. at Barnard, VT, 18 Jul 1799, EDWARD RICHMOND, who was born in Taunton, MA, 1774, son of Josiah Richmond and Betsey Hathaway. He d. at Evansburg, OH, in 1830. He m. second, SALLY MCFARLANE.
          7. William Nott, b. 177_; m. first, by 1795, ____ ___; m. second, at Muskingum County, OH, 12 May 1814, NANCY ___, widow of ___ STORY.
          8. Benjamin Nott, b. 1779; d. at Lowell, OH, 1822; m. at Washington County, OH, 18 Mar 1806, Polly Roche, who was born in Vermont in 1782 and died after 1860. She married second, Louis Morris.
          9. James Nott, b. about 1782; d. 1815; m. in Ohio, 1803, Phebe Richmond, daughter of Josiah Richmond and Betsey Hathaway, who was born in 1787 in Taunton, MA. They moved from Barnard, VT to Syracuse, NY to Morgan County, OH. She m. second, John Finley.
          10. Samuel Nott, b. 178_; d. about 1840. Married at Washington County, OH, 15 Jul 1804, Emme (Emma/ Amy) van Clief (born Haddonfield, Camden, NJ 4 December 1785; died Ohio after 1850), daughter of Peter Van Clief and Mary Ann ___, who was born in Hattonfield, NJ, 4 Dec 1785.
            a. Dr Thaddeus Nott. Born 1809. Died 1881.
            b. Roxanna Nott. Born 1811. Died 1884.
            c. Vandevere Nott. Born 1815. Died 1862.
            d. Samantha Nott. Born Windsor, Ashtabula, Ohio 1819. Died Windsor 1903.  Married Windsor, Morgan, Ohio 25 August 1833 James W Wallace.

Amy E  Wallace. Born 1836.

              ii. John N Wallace. Born 1838. Died 1926.
              iii. Matilda Jane Wallace. Born 1840. Died 1904.
              iv. James Alexander Wallace. Born 1842. Died 1889.
              v. Margaret A Wallace. Born 1844. Died 1921.
              vi. Samantha Prudence Wallace. Born 1846. Died 1904. Married Jacob Eddleblute (born 1845; died 5 April 1926), son of Peter Eddleblute and Rhoda Ann Sheets.
  (a) Margaret Eddleblute. Born 1867. Died 1915.
  (b) Hattie Eddleblute. Born 1871.
  (c) Carl E Eddleblute. Born 20 July 1884. Died 6 December 1976. Married 31 December 1903 Ellen Nancy Spies.
                  (A) Frank Lester Eddleblute.
                  (B) Carl Lewis Eddleblute. Born 15 April 1904. Died between 1936 -1995.
                  (C) Eltha Lucille Eddleblute.
                  (D) Ronald Spies Eddleblute. Born 20 January 1909. Died 24 May 1912.
                  (E) Frances Margaret Eddleblute. Born 24 May 1911. Died 30 November 1968. Married 27 October 1928 Harold Bye.
                  (F) Dean Henry Eddleblute. Born Barow, Wasington, Ohio 29 July 1913. Died Weslaco, Hidalgo, Texas 11 July 2006.
                  (G) Dana Jacob Eddleblute. Born 29 July 1913. Died 24 June 2006. Married 24 April 1943 Jacqueline Kauffold (born 1 February 1921, died 5 January 1999), daughter of Henry William Kauffold and Florence May Dunnett.
      (i) Jacqueline Ruth Eddleblute. Born 2 June 1944. Married 4 June 1966 Lewis Clifford Laurito.
      (ii) Joey Lucille Eddleblute. Born 12 August 1945. Married 26 December 1966 Gary Davis.
      (iii) Dean William Eddleblute. Born 4 November 1946.
      (iv) Dana Jenny Eddleblute. Born 21 June 1948. Married May 1967 Gerald Lee Hill.
              vii. Elizabeth Wallace. Born 1851. Died 1878.
            e. Matilda Nott. Born 1820.
          Thomas Nott. Married. second, Washington County, OH, 8 Feb 1804, Jane Bentley..
        Peninah Nott. Born 1743.
        I.. Olive Nott. Born 1744. Died 1826.
        J. Nathaniel Nott. Born 1746/7.
      ii. Jonathon Nott. Born 1685.
      iii. William Nott. Born 1686.
      iv. Thomas Nott. Born 1688.
      v. Nathaniel Nott. Born 1691.
      vi. Gershom Nott. Born 1692.
      vii. Thankful Nott. Born 1693.
      viii. George Nott. Born 1694 or 1695.
      ix. Rev Abraham Nott. Born 1696 or 1697. Graduated Yale College 1720. Married Phoebe Tapping (born 1699).
        A. Abraham Nott. Born 1724. Died 1756. Married Abigail Parker (born 1730).
          1. Seldon Nott. Born 1753. Died 1795. Married Sarah Nott (born 1757).
            a. Enoch C Nott. Born 1785. Died 1861. Married Dorothy ("Dolly") Blake.
              i. Amos Clark Nott. Born 1811.
              ii. Henry Seldon Nott. Born 1814.
              iii. Leonard Hartwell Nott. 1818-1893. Married Electa Beach.
              iv. Charles D Nott. Born 1821.
              v. Hirom John Nott. Born 1826.
        B. Temperence Nott. Born 1730.
        C. Deacon Josiah Nott. Born 1731.
        D. Epaphrus Nott. Born 1734.
      x. Ann Nott. Born 1699.
            Who then are these:
              Arbuth Nott. Married Marshall Co., Indiana 17 November 1855 Mahala Miller.
              Arbuth Nott. Married Marshall Co., Indiana 27 March 1869 Barbary A Miller.
            There was another man, connection unknown:
            Jesse Gershom Nott. Found earlier in Ohio and moved into Indiana with his children at an advanced age. He is in a voters list Marshall County 1853 and a "Jesse Mott" (probably a transcription error) appears in the 1850 Census. In the Census, Eliza Jane Thompson (see below) was living in the same house along with her siblings.
            a. Blanchard P Nott, buried next to his sister's grave. Married Anna _____ who married second after Blanchard's and Charity's deaths.
              i. Arbuth Allen Nott of Marshall Co., Indiana.
            b. Charity Nott, b. Vermont 1815. Married in Champaign County, Ohio 1830 Samuel Marks.
              i. Calista Marks.
              ii. Lydia Marks.
              iii. Minerva Marks.
              iv. Jesse Marks.
              v. Thomas Perry Marks. Married Eliza Jane Thompson. They have a g-g-grandson Jimmy Marks. He thinks this "Mott" family was closely acquainted with Samuel Marks and his wife, Charity Nott-Marks;  he believes this Jesse "Mott' and wife had taken in the Thompson children who were perhaps orphaned, or stranded; one has to keep in mind that Marshall County, Indiana in 1850 had been settled for no more than one generation at this time and was still rather wild in many respects.
            And how do these people fit into the picture:
                  (A) Arbuth Nott. Born 1917.
                    (i) Mamie Nott. Married first Lloyd Bogardus. Divorced 1942. Married second Ray Mulkins.
      Dear M. Carolyn Cobb, On 26 June, 2005, you asked if Alonzo Nott had any ancestors in Vermont. At that time I had no connection from my great grandfather, William Alonzo to Vermont. I have just received some information from a relation that Henry Nott, father of Alonzo, was the son of Arbuth Nott of Vermont and Mercy Nott from New York. My source says that Arbuth and Mercy were still alive in the 1880 census. My great grandfather, William Alonzo, had a brother named Arbuth and one named Aaron, and there were possibly others. Does this fit with your Nott line from Vermont or New York? Bob Harrison, e-m = bobhighnote at

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