There is very little justice in the Family Courts in England & Wales. It seems ironic that in Orwell's "1984" there was a Ministry of Truth while in today's world we have the Royal Courts of Justice. The lawyers seek to exploit the position of separated and divorced couples by using a system that enables them to hide behind secrecy - ostensibly in the interests of the children. As a result, unjust decisions cannot be brought to the attention of the media and change is deferred.  An ever increasing number of groups are forming as this situation affects more and more people, parents, grandparents and most of all the children who are themselves suffering inevitable damage by the wrongs inflicted on them by careless politicians, avaricious lawyers, wicked judges and unscrupulous or stupid parents who (against the intention of the Children Act) are wrongly granted residence. With "residence" comes enormous power - which is perhaps inevitably abused, especially as the family courts almost never enforce their judgements whereby they have awarded minimal contact to the non-resident parent. We think that is not always in the child's interests. The Courts are assisted by unqualified people working for CAFCASS, a division of DFES whose advice is sometimes good, sometimes less so.

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Interesting sources
       The Judges' Bench Book
       British & Irish Legal Information Institute     
       CommunityCare site
     Child Contact - family policy briefing 3.
       Family Law Bar Association site
McMahon on Residence & Contact
       State of Childrens' Rights 2004

       Initial Writ

Judges' remarks

CAFCASS Documents
letter to all staff 31 Mar 2004      procedures     section 7     section 25     section 31     section 39     Reporting officer    Every day matters

Case Law

CSA Advice          Durham Legal Services           
Child Support Solutions. System House 17 Pershore Rd South, Birmingham, 0845-658 8683

Domestic violence
        Don't give an Undertaking, even a voluntary one
      Allegations should be heard or dismissed - Re L, V, M, H

"A guide to the law for School Governors"
To get copies of the following, email
 Help Your Children Learn - Making the most of time with your child (HYCL/4)  
  Help Your Children Learn - How is your child doing at school? (Ref HYCL/5) 
  Help Your Children Learn - Making the most of formal meetings with teachers (Ref:HYCL/2) 
  Help Your Children Learn - Making the most of parents' evenings (Ref: HYCL/1)  
  Help Your Children Learn - Getting the most from school reports (Ref: HYCL/3)  
  Help Your Children Learn - A guide to supporting reading for parents of primary school children (HYCL/7) 
  Help Your Children Learn - A guide to supporting reading for parents of secondary school children (HYCL/8) 
  The Impact of Parental Involvement in Children's Education (Ref: LEA/0339/2003)  
  Involving parents, raising achievement (Ref: IPRA) 

McKenzie friend
      To ensure assistance of a McKenzie friend       Re O Re W-R & Re W (McKenzie Friends) 2005 EWCA 759
McKenzie kit      Human rights       Concerning 4.23        Hill v Hester

Sealey Guidelines on contact

Shared Residence 1
Shared Residence 2
Shared Residence 3

War on secrecy in the family courts
UK Attorney-General seeks to imprison Dr Michael Pelling
THE ATTORNEY-GENERAL'S SUMMONS        The criminal contempt summons issued by the UK Attorney-General on 12 December 2003 is produced here  A G v Pelling
KEY AFFIDAVIT IN SUPPORT             Following this is one of the key affidavits in support of the summons, by one Phillip Golding in the Lord Chancellor's Department [or "Department for Constitutional Affairs"], which describes how Mr Golding carried out research at taxpayers' expense on the Internet to garner evidence about publication of the journal CONTACT and about Fathers 4 Justice and other Groups and Websites supporting rights of children, fathers, and parents.     Affidavit of Phillip Golding
Dr Pelling bites back
Pelling summons           FD Appeal

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