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101    Date:           18 September 2012
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot                  Source
Who was Sergeant Swithin Arbuthnot Rooyal Artillery

100    Date:           18 June 2012
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot                  Source
Who was Private P G Arbuthnot Seaforth Highlanders POW no 16859 at Thorn Podgorz camp, Poland - Stalag 20A, soldier no
Also Gunner R Arbuthnot Royal Artillery POW  at Luckenwalde, Bavaria, Germany - Stalag III A,  soldier no 1487870


99    Date: 
         18 May 2012
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who is James Arbuthnot Wilkins of Albright Sentinel?

98    Date:           17 May 2012
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who was James Arbuthnot who was married to Dorothy daughter of 
Thomas Hassall,  Dorothy Arbuthnot had a daughter Dorothy, who married William Comber, and held a moiety of the manor in 1765 and 1777. William Comber died without heirs in 1810, (fn. 26) three years after the death of his wife. Resident of Ampleforth.

97    Date:           17 December 2011
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who are John Arbuthnet, saddler & journeyman (born c.1776) married Annie McFarland and had Ann (Annie) 
Arbuthnot  born 1808 (age 73) Glasgow, died 12 January 1886 Kilmarnock. Married Glasgow 7 June 1826 John Johnstone, joiner & journeyman.  John J and Annie had a son, Robert.

96    Date:           3 October 2010
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who is Benedict Luyi J Arbuthnott born England 1916-2005: 

95    Date:           3 October 2009
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who is William Robert Arbuthnot born 1963. IV2 3QD
Answer:: Table 73

94    Date:           30 September 2009
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who is Trooper Frank Clementi Arbuthnot served
with the Commander in Chief's Bodyguard, a colonial unit of the Boer War of 1899-1902.
Answer K part 1 - Francis Clementé Arbuthnot

93    Date:           30 June 2009
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot
Who is Kay Arbuthnot born 16 October 1960 arbuthnotkay at

92    Date: 
         30 May 2009
        From:           Michelle Young
Who was Mabel Arbuthnot? Born 1850 Coleshill, Warwickshire Northamptonshire. Shown 1881 Census. Born Meriden 4th qtr 1849 per BMD

We think Ronald Arland Stanley's parents were John Stanley 1855c, Maidstone Kent and Mabel Arbuthnot 1850c, England. We found this on his war records. However we can't find him on any census; he was supposedly born in Tunbridge Wells.

91    Date:           30 October 2008
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who is "Dr Quentin Arbuthnot"? He wrote to BBC in 2005, suggesting he was FRS (which FRS denies)
In the latest edition of The Jewish News there are some photos of people who attended a fund raising event in memory of tsunami victim Lincoln Abraham, for research into Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, one of them being a young man named as Quentin Arbuthnot.

90    Date: 
         10 July 2008
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who is Andrew Arbuthnott, commander and owner of the Concord - Source: (the information requires a membership fee).

30 December 1740 Andrew Arbuthnott, Commander and owner of the ship Concord, sailed from Peterhead to Charleston, South Georgia. At Charleston they took orders from Messrs Cleland and Wallace to get a cargo of rice from Georgetown. They were warned not to take the cargo to Bristol because of the risk of Spanish Privateers, but to return to Peterhead.

Whilst at Georgetown, Andrew Arbuthnott died of a fever, first mate Mr Forbes took over. Sailing up through the North Sea the Concord was beset by a bad storm and ended up in the Netherlands, the ship eventually got near to Peterhead, where the local Peterhead Pilots took over navigation, the ship sunk before they could get her into harbour. No lives were lost.

89    Date: 
         10 October 2007
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who is Jiang Han Arbuthnot, found at Names Database?

88    Date: 
         9 October 2007
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who is Julie Mary Anne Arbuthnot of Farnham, found at London Gazette?

87    Date: 
         22 June 2006
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Anyone know if there are any records of those executed after Culloden?  It's a bit hard to come up with the exact details, but I have a volume which gives some info. It's "Prince Charles Stuart by Alex Charles Ewald".  He stops short of listing everything but he does give a detailed list of those who stood trial at Southwark, Carlisle and York. I've estimated that there looks to be about 350 names approximately with quite a high proportion in fact being English Jacobites.  Many people were offered transportation as an alternative to trial and possible execution if they admitted guilt without trial, and most seem to have taken that option. Those who were forced to stand trial tended to be, though not exclusively, from four categories. They were aristocracy; well known ardent Jacobites; they were English; or they refused the option of transportation.   Around 60 or so were found not  guilty and are marked with an asterisk. From other sources I've read that about 80 of those found guilty were executed.  The rest were supposedly transported, enlisted or exiled.
  Ewald also gives a list from papers in the Attorney Generals Office concerning those who didn't stand trial. A typical extract is
 "John Arbuthnot and 747 others were pardoned on condition of transportation for life"

86    Date: 
         20 April 2006
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was Captain James Arbuthnot, Alexandra Mounted Rifles (1865-88), who served at Inyezane in the Anglo-Zulu War under Colonel Charles Pearson.

84    Date: 
         2 January 2006
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was Captain Arbuthnot.  JAMAICA, 14. sloop (launched 1744 Deptford. 1770 foundered)
1746 Capt. Arbuthnot. In January the Industry of Granville was taken by the JAMAICA and carried into Mount's Bay. Whilst cruising on 23rd November 1746 he spied a sail coming from under St. Alban's Head, to which he gave chase about one o'clock and came up with about six in the evening. She proved to be the Furet, a French privateer cutter belonging to Boulogne, with eight carriage and six swivel guns and 43 men. Capt. Arbuthnot brought her in to Spithead.

84    Date: 
         2 December 2005         
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was John Gee Arbuthnot, whaler (fl.1852). Sailed on voyage to Greenland in the whaler  "Eclipse".

81    Date: 
         26 October 2005         
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who is Patrick Arbuthnot of Ireland, pedal steel guitarist, the Rockingbirds?

80    Date: 
         9 September 2005         
        From:           Carol Rae           
I've had a difficult time trying to sort out info my mother told me... Apparently I might be related to Nathaniel Milliken (Millikin) who married in Holestone, Kilbride, Co Antrim 1847 Susannah Arbuthnot (born 1826). Or Susanna Arbuthnot (born c.1823) who married in Donegore, Co Antrim 30 December 1844 Nathaniel Milliken. From the 1881 Census (England) I found my GG. Grandmother's maiden name though her unmarried Sister living with them... I can't find a marriage in England  David Luker and Sarah Elizabeth Millikin. Sarah E. Millikin (Milliken) was born in Ireland about 1849... But I think she would have been called different names as Elizabeth and Sarah were transposed... If there were children with the same name.. So she could have been referred to as either Elizabeth or Sarah.... Depending on which generation.. Anyway I tried to find her Sister Annie Milliken (Millikin) who was born in Plumstead, Kent on the 1881.. She was 15 at the time... But that did not mention, she was registered in Plumstead. So I found that a Annie Millikin was born in 1865 to Nathaniel Milliken and Susanna Arbuthnot..... She had an older sister Elizabeth Milliken born Holestone  18th Oct. 1853 on the LDS site. 1881 census shows Elizabeth Milligan (born Plumstead 1857), general servant in Woolwich, Kent. Which could be my link?


79    Date:           23 August 2005
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot     
Why is the Arbuthnot Cup for bowling so named?  It was first awarded 1912.  Malcolm Probert, 3 Denham Close, Astley Bridge, Bolton BL1 7RB (01204 592 124) of Bolton Conservative Crown Green Bowling Green would like to know.
RESPONSE:  Admiral Sir Robert Arbuthnot Bt (Table K part 1) won an Indoor bowls championship 12th April (1911?).

78    Date:           14 February 2005
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot     
Who was Elizabeth Arbuthnot who married in Killala, Ireland Edward Brice (b.1752). They had Fredrick Augustus Brice (b. Ireland 1774, died Ireland 1813) who married Elizabeth Moore (died Armagh 29 January 1835).

74    Date:           12 June 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot

Jacob Arbunot
Publication: Metropolitan London in the 1690s
Subtitle: Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693/4 for the City of London, the City of Westminster, and Metropolitan Middlesex
Author: Derek Keene, Peter Earle, Craig Spence and Janet Barnes
Year Published: 1992
Location: City of Westminster > St Martin in the Fields > Long Acre Ward > Red Lyon Street
Floruit: 1693-1694
Tax records: Four Shillings In The Pound Aid 1693-1694

73    Date:           11 June 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot

Trooper Arbernot, 43rd (2/5th Bn Gloucestershire Regt)., Regt., Reconnaissance Corps, RAC
43rd [Wessex] Infantry Division

72    Date:           10 June 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot  
Christian Arbuthnott, born 1580 ? Resident Somerville Doige.  - Answer: Fictional

70    Date:           17 May 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source: "" - thomas31s
Seumas Arbuthnott married Jean Stewart dau of John Stewart II (1475-1513) and Janet Campbell (bb 1485)

69    Date:           17 March 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source: ""
Agnes Ann Arbuthnot                  Louth, Scotland 27 Jul 1917 - Aug 1996    Scotland ?
Bernard Arbuthnot                         Birmingham 6 Aug 1937 - Aug 1997    Scotland ?
John Andrew Arbuthnot               1955 - 1999     Scotland ? Table 8
John ("Jake") Keith Arbuthnot   1927 - 1928     Table K_2
Kathleen Margaret Arbuthnot    24 jan 1924 - aug 2002     ?
Molly Irene Arbuthnot                  1908 - 2001    Table K_2
Robert Arbuthnot                           1929 - 2001    ?
Ronald Allen Arbuthnot                1928 - 2000    Arbuthnot-Shearer
Sheelah Margaret Arbuthnot       1932 - 2002     Table K_1
Terence John Arbuthnot               1906 - 1996     Table K_1
Vera Arbuthnot           19 dec 1914 - nov 2001    Table 35
David Matthew Arbuthnott         1948 - 2000    Table 13

68    Date:           17 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source: "The East India Directory & Register 1830"
which lists all military personel (officer rank only), their unit & where it was based, plus all the most important "European Inhabitants" of the East India Co., & Bengal, Bombay & Madras presidencies

East India ships of season 1828-9 with their Managing Owners & Commanders
Sailed 9 Feb.  Voyage 5.  vessel name:Hythe (1333 tons)  Managing Owner: S.Marjoribanks,  Commander: George Clerk Arbuthnot sailing to Bengal & China,  to be 22 days afloat.    Table K_1

Fort St. George Madras

1826 William Urquhart Arbuthnot,assistant to the principal collector and magistrate of the south Concan    Table K_2


Lt. George Bingham Arbuthnot (date of rank 1 May 1824) 3rd Regt. Lt. Cavalry. Nagpoor (Madras)     Table I
Jas. Ed. Arbuthnot cadet for the Infantry 1829 season     Table K_2


Carnatic Insurance Co.  Arbuthnot & Co. Agents (Madras)
Houses of Agency: Arbuthnot & Co. (Madras)
India Insurance Co. Committee : G. Arbuthnot


J. Arbuthnot merchant
Archibald Francis Arbuthnot agent    Table K_2

Robert K. Arbuthnot, first assistant to the collector and magistrate of Poonah app. 1819    Table K_1

67    Date: 
         13 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source:
ARBUTHNOT f@ca.on.ogs.quinte_branch_library_collection #gen-cry-001-1
ARBUTHNOT Alexander James page 102
ARBUTHNOT Ian Mark page 102
ARBUTHNOT Ronald Ian page 102

ARBUTHNOT f@ca.on.ogs.quinte_branch_library_collection #gen-bab-001-2
Babcock, John U.E.
ARBUTHNOT Alexander James page 227
ARBUTHNOT Ian Mark page 227
ARBUTHNOT Ronald Ian page 227

ARBUTHNOT f@ca.on.ogs.quinte_branch_library_collection #gen-hen-001-1
Hennessys of the Bay of Quinte
ARBUTHNOT John Sir. page 60
ARBUTHNOT R.J. page 60

ARBUTHNOT f@ca.on.ogs.quinte_branch_library_collection #gen-hub-002-1
Hubble Nehemiah & Lucretia Welton
ARBUTHNOT Alexander James 1972- page 426
ARBUTHNOT Beverly Elaine {WALT} 1944- page 426
ARBUTHNOT Ian Mark 1968- page 426
ARBUTHNOT Ronald Ian 1940- page 426

ARBUTHNOT f@ca.on.ogs.quinte_branch_library_collection #gen-wan-001-2
ARBUTHNOT Alexander James page 173
ARBUTHNOT Ian Mark page 173
ARBUTHNOT Ronald Ian page 173

65    Date: 
         10 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source:
James Arbuthnot. Married Nancy (dvu) both buried Liscall. Grandparents of C_____.

64    Date: 
         26 November 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot             Who was
William Arbuthnot (born Co Cork before 1883) married in Co Cork Hannah Hingston (born Co Cork 1887, died Co Cork 1955), dau of Allan Hingston and Hester Roycroft. Hannah had married first Joseph Roycroft.

63    Date: 
         24 November 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot             Wills.  Who are:

Will of John Arbuthnot of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Dorset 15 12 1812     Table B.
Will of Marriot Arbuthnot, Admiral of the Blue in His Majesty's Navy of Mitcham, Surrey 15 Mar 1794. Table B
Will of Mary Arbuthnot, Widow of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian 6 5 1754. She who was born Mary Arbuthnot, married Robert Arbuthnot and died 25 March 1754. Table D
Will of Romeo Arbuthnott, Stockbroker of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex 7 1 1784. Table D
Will of Francis William Arbuthnott 29 aug 1811. Table D

Will of George Arbuthnot, Merchant of London 26 6 1733       Table H
Will of John Arbuthnott, Doctor of Physic 12 3 1735. Table H
Will of Richard Arbuthnot, Surveyor of His Majesty's Post Office of Weymouth and Melcombe Regis, Dorset 24 apr 1788. Table I
Will of John Arbuthnot of Rockfleet, County Mayo 10 Oct 1799. Table I
Will of Sir William Arbuthnot, 1st Bt, Secretary to the Honorable Board of Trustees for Fisheries Manufacturers and Improvements in Scotland of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian 7 nov 1829 - Table K Part 1
Will of Henry Sunders Arbuthnot of Liverpool, Lancashire 28 jul 1847 - Probably Henry Dundas Arbuthnot - Table K Part 2
Will of The Right Honorable Charles Arbuthnot, One of His Majesty's Most Honorable Privy Council of Woodford, Northamptonshire 9 dec 1850. Table I
Will of George Arbuthnot of Tichoot Behar, East Indies 6 11 1805       ?
Will of Margaret Arbuthnot, Widow of Cambridge, Cambridgeshire 5 10 1747      ?
Will of Thomas Arbuthnot, Merchant of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire 10 11 1808      ?
Will of Margaret Arbuthnot 2 6 1740
Will of Robert Arbuthnot, late Surgeon's Mate of His Majesty's ship Duke of Aquitaine, Batchelor 3 5 1762
Will of Jane Arbuthnot, Spinster of Saint Marylebone, Middlesex 5 3 1819
Will of Isabella Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott, Spinster of Saint John the Evangelist Westminster, Middlesex 13 6 1743
Will of James Arbuthnot, Seaman belonging to His Majesty's Ship Orford 10 nov 1763
Will of James Arbuthnot, Midshipman belonging to His Majesty's Sloop Alderney 9 aug 1762
Will of George Arbuthnot, Kings Remembrance Office of Temple, City of London 17 sept 1779
Will of Thomas Arbuthnot, Household Drummer to His Majesties First Regiment of Foot Guard of Saint Mary's Le Strand, Middlesex 18 aug 1773
Will of Mary Arbuthnot, Taylor of Saint Martin in the Fields, Middlesex 26 jun 1801
Will of Mary Arbuthnot, Spinster of Leamington, Warwickshire 28 mar 1838
Will of Thomas Arbuthnot, Currier of Saint Sepulchre, Middlesex 24 aug 1833

Will of Ann Elizabeth Arbuthnot, Widow of Bath, Somerset 22 aug 1829
Will of Dame Ann Arbuthnot, Widow of Prestonfield near Edinburgh 5 sep 1846
Will of George Arbuthnot of Upper Wimpole Street, Middlesex 21 dec 1843
Will of Robert Arbuthnot, late Chief Secretary to the Government of Ceylon of Brook Street, Middlesex 27 mar 1810
Will of Adam Arbuthnot, Merchant of Peterhead, Aberdeenshire 26 sep 1851
Will of John Arbuthnot, Captain in the Royal Regiment of Artillery 15 mar 1797
Will of Robert Arbuthnot, Secretary to the Honorable the Trustees for Fisheries Manufactures and Improvements in Scotland of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian 24 jan 1804

Will of David Arbuthnot, Tailor of Saint Paul Covent Garden, Middlesex 18 6 1804
Will of Anne Arbuthnott, Widow of London 10 8 1731
Will of Elizabeth Arbuthnott, Wife of Hampstead, Middlesex 15 8 1729
Will of Henry Arbuthnott, Mariner of Saint Paul Shadwell, Middlesex 29 8 1728
Will of Robert Arbuthnott, Shipwright of Saint Nicholas Deptford, Kent 4 3 1752
Will of Isabella Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott, Spinster of Saint John the Evangelist Westminster, Middlesex 13 6 1743
Will of Alexander Arbuthnott, Lt Col of His Majesty's Sixty Seventh Regiment of Foot of Edinburgh, Mid Lothian 11 1 1800
Will of Archibald Arbuthnott of Saint Dunstan in the East, City of London 13 5 1833
Will of Robert Arbuthnott, Captain in His Majesty's 34th Regiment of Foot of Gosport, Hampshire  24 dec 1796
Will of Thomas Arbuthnott, Captain in the 5th Regiment Bengal Native Infantry of Dinapore, East Indies 29 4 1828

62    Date: 
         3 October 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            These first two served 2nd Boer War 1899-1902

Charles Arbuthnot
Captain 13th Coy 5th Bn Imperial Yeomanry
Frederick Arbuthnot 4923 Sergeant 38th Coy 10th Bn Imperial Yeomanry Lieutenant F. ARBUTHNOT - 10th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry Commissioned 13 June 1900.
Wounded at Mafeking, 7th Dec. 1900. Died at Lichtenburg on the 9th. Buried in Lichtenburg Graveyard. Photo by Tynan Bros, Jersey in The Graphic 22 Dec 1900.

Madras Army 1760-1834
G B Arbuthnot Cavalry
Hon H Arbuthnott, Cavalry
James Edward Arbuthnot

Casualty Rolls of the Crimean War of 1854-56
Charles George Arbuthnot   Captain    Royal Artillery (10th Bn.)    Slight Wound    Minor actions at Sebastopol    17 June 1855    also Severe Wound, 23 August 1855
George Arbuthnot   Private    5337     3rd Battalion Grenadier Guards    Severe Wound     Minor actions at Sebastopol    30 August 1855

Lenox Arbuthnot
Nigel Arbuthnot

61    Date: 
         30 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           

Number Rank Forenames Surname Born Date of death Unit Dates of tours
3787345 Gunner (Colin) James Arbuthnot
Table 44
24 April 1945 28 September 88 1 FD Reg't 18 Sept 66 -
11 June 67

60    Date: 
         29 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           
       Marriages in Canongate, Edinburgh 
Andrew Arbuthnot md 15 December 1646 Jeane Sinclare
James Arbuthnot md 1 August 1689 Anna Irons
Kathrene Arbuthnot, dau of Robert Arbuthnot, land waiter in Montrose, md 10 March 1797 Alexander Laurance, servant

59    Date: 
         28 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           
       Who are these?   James McIntosh married in Fordoun, Kincardineshire 25 September 1786 Elizabeth Arbuthnot (born before 1770, died before 1864). They had children: 
Mary McIntosh was born about 1788 in St. Fergus, Banffshire, Scotland and was christened 6 Sep 1788 in St. Fergus, Banffshire, Scotland.  and   James McIntosh

58    Date:           23 September 2003
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot           
       Who are the
unidentified people shown on

57    Date: 
         9 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
       Who were (from
RootsWeb, India)
G. ARBUTHNOT  - subscribing member of the Soc. for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1840.
W. ARBUTHNOT Esq. - Present at the annual meeting of the S.P.G. in London, 17.2.1860. [The Mission Field vol 5. p.71]

Ian Cain. 18 Aug 1998 - Offered to do lookups in "On the Coromandel Coast" The book is a 350 page travelogue of the east coast of India written by a F.E. Penny and published in 1908. He found an Arbuthnot in the index and the requester was forwarded a summary of the entry by email

Bombay Civil Service Appointments. Hart's Army List. 1873.

Inf. given: First names, Appointment, location, date of first CS appt; monthly pay.
If you'd like inf. please state which list the name appears in.
Third Class: 12 Yrs Standing - ARBUTHNOT

Local Indian Forces
Archibald Arbuthnot (K part 2) & George Arbuthnot, both Captains

Civil appointments
21 March 1837. William Urquhart ARBUTHNOT Esq., to act as Collector & Magistrate of Vizagapatam until further orders - Table K part 2.
19 July 1837. Sir Robert Keith ARBUTHNOT, 2nd Bart returned to duty from Europe. - Table K part 1

40, Vol.17-19, Film No. 0521842 1. Baptism, Vellare, 21st July 1839.
George Arbuthnot the son of George Arbuthnot Thomson Superintendent of Indigo Works and Eliza Thomson, born on the 22nd February 1839 was baptized.  George Arbuthnot Thomson has a granddaughter Nicola Thompson..

Baptisms in Lisbon, Portugal
ARBUTHNOT Charles George James son of Charles Arbuthnot, HM Consul General of the United Kingdom of Portugal and Maria Mary Ann his wife. 1800 - Table I

ARBUTHNOT Caroline Emma 1801 - Table I

Bengal Civil Service
ARBUTHNOT, George, Bengal Civil Service
ARBUTHNOT, John, Bengal Civil Service has JPEG's of this man, served with O or I Bty RHA.
Capt & Brevet Major G Arbuthnot

Births - ARBUTHNOT In London, 20th Dec. 1854, the wife of D.Monte Arbuthnot Esq., of a daughter, Edith - Table J


(later Sir) Dalrymple Arbuthnot 14 India. - Table K part 1

(from Places of Residence of Gentlemen 1833 Madras)
Arbuthnot, Archibald Francis - Adyar - Table K part 2
Arbuthnot, J -

       Who were (2003)

(from Part 4 Bengal marriage index 1874-95 - "A")
George Ireland Arbuthnot to Jeannette ("Nettie") Mary Cummings Munro - Vol 156 Folio 194 - 1876 - Table K part 2
Hugh Corsar Arbuthnott to Marianne Gibson - Vol 198 Folio 157 - 1886 - Table E part 1

(from Madras Marriages 1862 "A")
John William Matthew Aitkins to Jane Arbuthnott 43/202 C?/??
1862 - Table E part 1

(from Madras Marriages 1854 & 1855 "A")
Hon Hugh Arbuthnott to Susannah Morrison Campbell 33/549 - Table E part 1

(from Subscribers to the Ootacamund Club, corrected to the 1st January 1842)
Arbuthnot, Coutts Trotter, Esq., MCS - Table J
Arbuthnot, George Bingham, Captain, 3rd LC - Table I

(from Madras Marriage Index 29 March 1859 #0498587)
Robert Alfred Loraine Grews to Fanny M Frederica Arbuthnot 39, 312 ....... Table I

(from Madras Marriages 1858 & 1859 "A")
Arbuthnot, William to Lecot, Adolphine M 39/29 & 39/124
- Table K part 1

56    Date: 
         8 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
Who was Frederick Walter Arbuthnot Wells, Born India Sultanpore, attended Royal Military College Sandhurst 1901 aged 19. Ref RG13/1164/118
Who was Archibald Ernest Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/240/501-09    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952252-1 - Table K part 2
Who was George Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/140/479-82    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951827
Who was George Alexander Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/221/520-25    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952167
Who was George Alexander Papendick Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/245/275-80    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952269 - Table I
Who was Harry Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/108/398    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951682
Who was (James) Edward Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/174/526--30    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951929
Table K part 2
Who was John Alves Henry Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/250/880-85    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952295 - Table K part 1
Who was William Staveley Arbuthnot. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/249/497-500    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952294 - Table K part 2
Who was Charles James Donald Arbuthnott. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/206/539-44    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952053 - Table E part 2
Who was Hugh Arbuthnott. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/178/73-78    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951923
Who was Thomas Arbuthnott. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/111/389-90    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951684
Who was William Arbuthnott. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/197/268-71   LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952022

55    Date: 
         2 July 2003
         The webmaster
WARNING         A number of 4-1-9 scam artists are looking for people (i.e. you) to act as next-of-kin to Mr ______ (Pitt, Donald - the name varies) Arbuthnot who was employed by a Nigerian company (usually Shell) when he, his wife and one / three children were killed in a car crash. Happily he left $17m $13m $12.5m (once it was only $10m) in an account.  Forget it - he doesn't exist - don't get conned. Sometimes they "prove it" with phoney photographs (the deceased & his family), certificates {the deposit, the death certificate,  a newspaper article, a visiting card, their (or somebody else's) accreditation as an "accountant" , "barrister" / "solicitor" (usually the idiots are both because they don't know the difference)}, web-sites (the bank, lawfirm, list of lawyers) created by a person with a false address using a hotmail / yahoo account. They are all (easily) forged and they won't stack up, for example the fellow supposedly died 1999 but the death certificate is dated 2099. The signatures (of the deceased, the lawyer / accountant) may look identical [when have you ever signed identically to another occasion?]. It all has to be finalised in a great hurry, lest the account be appropriated by the government / bank. The plan is to persuade you to send off money to register the death and bribe obstructive officials. Or to send a copy of your passport or driving licence [don't do it].  Or to send details of your bank account (etc) into which they will trustingly transfer this money [would you believe?].   If you found this Warning useful, please let us know.

54    Date: 
         9 June 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who were    William Arbuthnott (born c.1820) married in Scotland about 1825 Jane Burness. They had a child Agness Arbuthnott (born Fetteresso, Kincardineshire c.1847).

53    Date: 
        6 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Carol E Arbuthnot, born 1937

52    Date: 
        5 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Elizabeth Arbuthnot who married Joseph Dunlap

51    Date: 
        4 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    George Arbuthnot born England 1897 Travelled on the Victorian to Canada 1912 aged 14 - one of the British "Home children"

50    Date: 
        3 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who were:  William Arbuthnot, native of Perth, aged 27, farm servant able to read and write, Protestant, who sailed from Leith (19 April 1838) to Botany Bay, Sydney (12 September 1838) aboard the Lady Kennaway.

49    Date: 
        2 May 2003
        Ken Murphy         Danny & Isabella Murphy, N.Z.
        Who were:  James Arbuthnot who had issue by Janet Grieg, namely
Charlotte Arbuthnot (bap Benholm, Kincardineshire 22 July 1781) who married c.1802 John Rae and had issue (1) May Rae (born Benholm c.1803) who  married in Dunnottar 24 November 1821 Adam Forbes, (2) Charlotte Rae born Bervie c.1815 who married George Burness and had issue Christina Burness who married Robert Rust and had issue Isabella Byers Rust who married James Phillip Jamieson and had issue Evelyn Jamieson who married William Hay Forbes and had issue Isabella Jamieson Murphy who married Ken Murphy and (3) Charles Rae born c.1816 and (4) John Rae born c.1818.  There was another Charlotte Arbuthnott (born Bervie 12 September 1774).

48    Date: 
        22 May 2002
        Alexandra ("Alex") West, Return Mail Services 01482 310 645 acting on behalf of a bank, building society or insurance company.
        Who is:      
Samantha Arbuthnot (born 6 Oct 1979), once of  9 Courtland Grove, London SE28.

47    Date: 
        21 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Robert Arbuthnot, aged 32, farm labourer of Co Down. Sailed on the "Camperdown", leaving London 14th April 1876, arriving Nelson, New Zealand 4th July 1876.

46    Date: 
        17 March 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Mathew Arbuthnot, aged 39, convicted of larceny in Antrim 27 December 1839. Sentenced to transportation 7 years. Document  Tr 3, p3.

45    Date: 
        16 March 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Robert Arbuthnot, Captain, Royal Highlanders (42nd Regiment), died of fever on the Martinique and Guadaloupe expedition, January - April 1759. He commanded one of the 2nd battalion companies.

44    Date: 
        14 March 2003
        Vida J Gray
        Searching for:     
My ancestor, Gregor Grant and his wife, Sarah Smith lived and worked at Findowrie from at least 1775 to 1779.  I am interested in finding any estate records which might list information about employees. 

43    Date: 
        8 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Alexandra Arbuthnot, an English lass, born we think April/May 1985 (a taurus). Found Odigo 1162061@teambravenet

42    Date: 
        22 February 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:      
Ronald Lee Arbuthnot (born 19 November 1942) son of Donald Arbuthnot and Wanda Gladys nee Matthews (born 6 Feb 1924), dau of Arlie Sebastian Matthews and Beulah Gladys Meyers.

41    Date: 
        19 January 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:      
the Geoff Arbuthnot who supposedly said "Arrogant and right is surely better than humble and wrong."

40    Date: 
        8 October 2002
        Hannah Nelligan.         Table 8
        Who is:      
Thomas Arbuthnot who deserted the British Navy to fight with the Highlanders at Culloden. He is shown in "Scottish Clans and Tartans" by Neil Grant, published by Crescent Books, New York in 1987 on page 34 of which they show a piece of the tartan that he wore that day ("It is a prize piece in the John Telfer Dunbar collection now held by the Scottish Tartans Society and to be seen at the museum at Comrie, Perthshire"). Do you know anything about him? What happened to him?
RESPONSE: Sorry, we don't know who he is.
Is the tartan he wore anything like the one that we now have? The cloth in the picture was very faded and it was hard to tell what might have been the original colours.
RESPONSE: Nothing like. The tartan we now have was designed in 1962 and is based on the Black Watch. The design of tartans worn at Culloden frequently meant very little;  linking them with Regiments and families was something that was pushed forward by the Victorians.

39    Date: 
        25 April 2002
        Who are:    
John William Alexander, born 9-1-1952
                                       Judith Emblin, born 13-11-1967

38    Date: 
        19 April 2002
        Who are:    
Jacob Michael Ainslie
                                       Donald Arthur Akins, father of Arlin Akins
                                       Kerri Campbell
                                       Judy Cooley
                                       Stephen Handy
                                       William D Jensen
                                       Susan Fowler Sante
                                       Heather Yates Smith
                                       John McMarland RESPONSE: Descendant of Esther McMarland, second wife of Samuel Arbuthnot, immigrant ancestor of Table 1

37    Date: 
        18 May 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:        
Sue Arbuthnot, assistant to Mr William Hurt, "The 4th floor" 1999. 

36    Date: 
        15 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Captain Arbuthnot of "the Fortitude", a ship which sailed for the Cape of Good Hope on 10th August.

35    Date: 
        16 February 2003
        Priscilla Kinnear           Table 66
        Info sought:      
on James Arbuthnott, owner of the sloop "Thane of Fife" (burthen 53 tons), Montrose in the 1800s?

34a    Date: 
         27 November 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           
       Who was
  John R Arbuthnot, Master "Mary Anne I", a convict ship, arrived NSW 19 January 1816

34b    Date: 
        17 May 2002
        Ian William Arbuthnott   Table 7
        Who is:       
Captain John R Arbuthnot, Master of  'Mary Ann' (a schooner, weighing 387 tons) arrived from London in Sydney, Aust, 19 Jan 1816. Cargo [misc]?. 

33    Date: 
        21 January 2002
        Douglas Dashwood-Howard
        Who are the following (taken from a Bible listed in Misc Genealogica Vol IV New Series p.72):
ARBUTHNOT FAMILY-At the end of the Old Testament, on a blank page in a folio Bible, dated 1566, and printed "at the cost and charges of Richd Carmarden," occur the following notes, viz.:-
19 Day of July 1619 Jane Arbuthnot was borne at tene hor in the morning.
The third Day Juelij 1620 Robert Arbuthnot was borne at thre hor in the morning being Windy Monday.
The 16 of September 1621 Andrew Arbuthnot was borne at foure hor in the morning.
The penult. day of August 1624 Margaret Arbuthnot was borne at thre houres in the morning God .... grant the grace.
The last Day of Januari 1626 Janet Arbuthnot was borne at twall (? 12) houres of the day God grant the grace.
The 4 of July 1628 Ally Arbuthnot was borne at vj houres on .... at night.
The 9 of November 1630 Jbone [? John] Arbuthnot was borne at 9 hours at night.
Symon Arbuthnot my sone was borne on tewysday the 20 of Noue'ber 1632 at twa hours in the morning or therby.
Robert Arbuthnot my sone was borne on the twelth (12th) of December be uleuen houres 1638 yeares.
My sonne Allexr was borne on the last off March 1654 yeares about twallue (12) off the Clocke att night.
The 26th of febry 1659. My Daughter Anna Arbuthnot was Borne.
               17th July 1744. Charles More was born.
               6 May 1718. Mary More was born.
               9th of May 1788. Mr Gordon was born.
Response: Mentioned in "Memories", page 65, which speculates this is the 2nd marriage of Robert Arbuthnot of that Ilk - and Margaret Fraser.

32    Date: 
        9 January 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Bill Arbuthnot, married Pearl Pinkerton, dau of David Pinkerton by Margaret nee Spence

31    Date: 
        8 January 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:        Unk Arbuthnot, 2nd wife of George Gilbert Anderson (d bef 1892, solicitor in Peterhead), whose 1st wife was Margaret Blaikie (d 21-9-1879). He was son of George Anderson, surgeon RN, son of James Anderson, son of Alexander Anderson, the Miller (d 1794, English Mill, Inverugie).

30    Date: 
        3 December 2001
        René F van Wijngaarden
        Who is:       
Captain William Arbuthnot of the Wilson Rifle Brigade of Fillicoultry married in Minchinhampton, Glocs, 26 January 1918, Rosalind Rachel Bertha Ricardo,   ygst daughter of Colonel Henry David Ricardo D.S.O. R.F.A of Gatcombe, Minchinhampton Glocs (who was son of David Ricardo MP who was son of the famous economist David  Ricardo MP) and his wife Abigail Del Valle. Gatcombe Park, Minchinhampton used to be David Ricardo Sr's home. Rosalind's brother Henry George (1860-1940) was the last proprietor of Gatcombe. Now it belongs to HRH Princess Anne.
Response: He was William Arbuthnot Wilson, son of R M Wilson.

29    Date: 
        8 July 2001
        Gerard Warmerdam
        Trying to locate:       Susan Jennifer Arbuthnot, born Nairnside, Inverness 14th February 1959. Susan is/was a qualified nurse (as was her mother) and I believe she has two older brothers and one or two sisters. Please would somebody provide me with her latest known address, State or City so that I might write to her.
Response: Table 73

28    Date: 
        2 July 2001
        Glenn Perry
        Who is:       Ann Arbuthnott (born abt. 1778; died 5.2.1858) who married at Cruden Episcopalian Church in Aberdeen 11.12.1827  John Findlater.  No children known about

27    Date: 
        9 April 2001
       Chris Pollard
        For sale:     Pictures for sale. Table K part 1

I have recently purchased 2 pastel -&- chalk portraits by George Richmond (1809-1896):
....... the first depicting John Alves Arbuthnot dated 1858 (1802-1875) £950
....... the second depicting William Arbuthnot son of above dated 1855 (1833-1896)
both 24"x18" in original matching gilt frames 37"x31", £950
....... a watercolour -&- chalk by Carl Hartmann (1818-1857) German, depicting William and his younger brother George sons of John Alves Arbuthnot dated 1846, titled "Going to Eton" 15"x11" in gilt frame  23"x19" badly damaged, £600
....... an oil painting by Macintosh J Macintosh (1847-1913) titled "at Woolhampton, Reading", paper label to verso states a wedding present from J Macintosh to E H Fox -&- Alice Marion Arbuthnot (dau of William) April 18th 1900 12"x10" in original gilt frame 18"x15". £750. Any interest?

26    Date: 
        26 September 2001
        Mark Timmis
        Who is:       
Sheila Margery Arbuthnot born c.1930
I am endeavouring to locate information about Sheila Margery Arbuthnot (maiden name).  She may have been married to a gentleman by the name of Shearer.  I expect that if she is still alive, she is 65 to 75 years old - born between 1925 and 1935. Probably lived in North Hampstead, London.

25    Date: 
8 August 2000
        From:  The Webmaster
        Searching for:   Anything Arbuthnot that you wish to sell.
Books, bibles, silver, anything crested "Innocent and True" "Laus Deo" "Je pense" "Virtute et opera", medals, china, gaming counters, letters, photographs. Please contact us. soup turreen, vegetable dish

24    Date: 
8 August 2012
        From:  The Webmaster
        Re:     David Arbuthnot shipmaster.

All from the complete book of emigrants 1661-1699 , Peter Wilson Coldham,genealogical publishing co. Inc. Baltimore, Maryland 21202,
Arbuthnot, David, pps 374,385,491,533,613,616,617,656,683,696,705,709
1681: 22 January. Shipper by the Ark of Brighton, Mr. James Fendall, bound from Weymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnot. (PRO:E190/884/2).
P385: 1681:7 November. Shipper by the Jonas of Weymouth, Mr. Edward Tucker, bound fromWeymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnot.(PRO:E190/884/2) 
P491:1684:14-20 October. Shippers by the James&Elizabeth, Mr. John Beer, bound from Weymouth for Pennsylvania: James Jacob & Co.,David Arbuthnot. ( PRO:E190/886/3,887/2).
P533:1685:4-17 August. Shippers by the James, Mr. John Cox, bound from Weymouth for Virginia: James Gould, David Arbuthnot.(PRO:E190/887/5).
P613:1688.:30 October. Shipper by the Barbados Merchant, Mr. Cuthbert Sharpless, bound from Weymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnot & Co.(PRO:E190/888/9).
P616:1689: 17 October-19 December. Shipper by the Barbados Merchant of Liverpool , Mr. Cuthbert Sharples, bound from Liverpool for Virginia: David Arbuthnot.(PRO:E190/1350/1).
P617:1689: 4 November-10 December.Shippers by the Reserve of Liverpool, Mr. Christopher Moore, bound from Liverpool for Maryland:Clement Sayle, Thomas Johnson , David Arbuthnot(PRO: E190/1350/1).
P.656:1695: 29 November. Shipper by the Rayner, Mr. John Muunden, bound fromWeymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnot & Co.PRO:E190/890/7).
P683:1697:15 December.Shipper by the Mary Anne of Weymouth, Mr. William Cleeves, bound from Poole for Virginia:David Arbuthnott.(PRO:E190/891/16).
P696:1698: 9 September. Shipper by the James & Elizabeth of Weymouth, Mr. John Swetnam, bound from Weymouth for Scotland and Virginia: David Arbuthnot.( PRO:E190/892/2).
p705:1698:22 December. Shipper by the Mary & Ann ofWeymouth, Mr. William Cleeves, bound from Weymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnott.(PRO:E190/892/2).
p709:1699:29 March. Shipper by the Mary & Ann of Weymouth, Mr. William Cleeves, bound from Weymouth for Virginia: David Arbuthnott.  (PRO:E190/892/9). 
There are 2 entries. On pps. 617 & 656. They are just the same type of entry as the others.. Not much additional info.. Just a quick turn around IF David was on each of these ships.  
Mr. Peter Wilson Coldham lives in Surrey, England. PRO = Public record office. such citations are followed by the reference number of the document.


21    Date: 
         12 November 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot     
Found in the
British Library Catalogue:
Letter of the Privy Council 8 March 1575 to every parish to advance to Alexander Arbuthnet [sic] five pounds Scots for the printing of the Bible issued at Edinburgh with his imprint 1579
RESPONSE: Alexander died 1 September 1585. Table A2

    Date:           18 January 2006
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was Charles Arbuthnot who married "Nancy" Ann _____ and had Neil Arbuthnot (15 May 1826- 8 Jan 1908), William Arbuthnot (born 12 January 1828) and Jane Arbuthnot (13 May 1832 - 30 Jan 1913).
Response: Table 40

19    Date: 
         29 November 2005         
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was Captain Charles Ramsay Arbuthnot of HMS Hermione? The sixth “HERMIONE” was a 10-gun twin-screw cruiser, launched at Devonport in 1893.  She was of 4360 tons, 9000 horse-power, and 19 knots speed.  Her length, beam, and draught were 320ft., 49ft., and 19ft.  In 1896 the “Hermione” commanded by Captain Charles R. Arbuthnot, was one of a squadron of six ships which was specially commissioned in reply to a congratulatory telegram from the German Emperor to President Paul Kruger on the repulse of Dr. Jameson’s raid.  The squadron, known as the Particular Service Squadron, was commanded by Rear-Admiral Alfred Taylor Dale with his flag in “Revenge.” 
Response: Table K part 2

18    Date: 
         12 February 2005
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot     
Who was Sergeant R S Arbuthnot Royal Artillery (24th field battery), buried Jhansi Cantonment Cemetery. Died 11 March 1894.


17    Date: 
         12 July 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot     
Who was Robert Arbuthnott, fl 1783
, secretary to the Board of Trustees for Fisheries, Manufactures and Improvements in Scotland
Response: Robert Arbuthnot of Haddo Ratttray 1728-1803,, Table J.

16    Date:          25 October 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:      
Simon Arbuthnot who represented Cranfield Univ. on University Challenge 2002/3. They achieved the finals - but came second.
RESPONSE: Table K part 1

15    Date: 
        2 December 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
      Who are the people shown:       
Medals (WW I)
        Who is:       Gordon William Arbuthnot, Lance Corporal, 7/9th Bn, Royal Scots, killed Netherlands 3 November 1944 aged 24
... RESPONSE: Table 7
        Who is:       John Arbuthnott, Sergeant RAF (pilot), killed Speke 4 February 1941 aged 26, son of William Arbuthnott and Margaret of Kirknewtown, Midlothian. F
lew a Hawker Hurricane V7078 in squadrons 1 & 229 in the Battle of Britain (the only Arbuthnot to fly in the Battle of Britain). ....... RESPONSE: Table 13

14    Date:           12 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source:

  Name Date age
Townland Father Occupation of father Witnesses Page #
Groom Henry
7/5/1879 full-bachelor
Gortade Samuel farmer Robert John Arbuthnot   Table 8
Bride Anne
  full-spinster Ballymenagh William not available Mary Hamilton p83 165

13    Date: 
         9 February 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           
        Who was        Alexander Arbuthnot, thief of Wigan ?   - Table 56

12    Date:           29 November 2005         
        From:           Toby Arbuthnot               
Who was Admiral Sir Alexander Arbuthnot mentioned ? He was Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of Saint-John of Jerusalem (MVOSJ).   Is he the person after whom the ship, Alexander Arbuthnot (mentioned ), was named?
Response: Rear Admiral Sir Alexander Dundas Young Arbuthnott is on Table D. The Order of St John was revived 1888.
No. That is the paddle steamer.

11    Date:  1st February 2001
James Brown
        Searching for:   Any information on
Baltersan (his website).
RESPONSE: His email is interesting but not particularly brief. It is worth reading and can be found at Baltersan.

10     Date: 
        20 July 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Elizabeth Arbuthnot
who married Edward Brice (born Killala 1752) - presumably Table I.

9     Date: 
        10 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Robert Arbuthnot; age 20; Labourer; Able to read and write; Nationality British; Race Irish; Travelling from Bishop Auckland, England; Immigration visa no 16026 issued Liverpool on 11/7/1929; Father: Mr. W. Arbuthnot, 6 Dicks St., Fylands, Bishop Auckland; Destination Chicago, Illinois; Fare paid by Uncle; Going to join Uncle Samuel Arbuthnot, 1040 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago; Health good; height 5' 6"; Complexion fair; Hair brown; Eyes grey; In possession of  >$50; Never before been in USA
Sailed on SS Maria, sailing from Liverpool 3 August 1929 arriving at Port of New York 12 August 1929 Response:  Table 32

8      From:
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       
Alison Gail Arbuthnott, postgraduate, who, in 1997, wrote "An investigation into the temporal and spatial variation in the faunal assemblages of mesohabitats in the River Frome, Dorset" for Napier University, Edinburgh
RESPONSE: Dau of Prof Sir John Peebles Arbuthnott Table 13

46    Date:          17 April 2003
        Sir William Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Mrs Tracey Arbuthnot, last known address Bury St Edmonds. We can put her in touch with an unclaimed asset.

7      Date: 
        1 June 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       After whom was the ship
H.M.S. Arbuthnot.named?
RESPONSE: It is fictional; there was however a schooner or brig called Arbuthnot.  The Webmaster

6      Date: 
18 March 2001
        From:  Toby Arbuthnot
        Searching for:   What was Duke of Norfolk v Arbuthnot about?
Norfolk (Duke) v. Rev George Arbuthnot (1880) 5 Common Pleas Div'n 390
RESPONSE:   The Duke of Norfolk was claiming from George Clerk Arbuthnot, Vicar of St Nicholas, Arundel recovery of the Church which had historically been owned by the Duke's family.  The Duke succeeded. The Webmaster

5      Date: 
18 March 2001
        From:  Toby Arbuthnot
        Searching for:   Who was Pilot John Arbuthnott, RAF 1915 - 4 Feb 1941 ?
Son of William Arbuthnott, and of Margaret Arbuthnott, of Kirknewton, Midlothian. Roll of honour

RESPONSE: Table 13The Webmaster

4      Date: 
13 March 2001
        From:  Rob Nicklin
        Searching for:   Referring to your 8 August 2000 - medal located and bought by me. Not for sale at present.

BWM, 2/Lieutenant, 7/North Staffordshire Regt, Died of Wounds Gallipoli August 1915.      Table M.
  2/Lieutenant G C Arbuthnott. With copy MIC and service papers. Gavin Campbell Arbuthnott was born at Kenmore, Aberfeldy, Perthshire and was the son of the Reverend William Arbuthnott of Lea Marston, Birmingham. His records file contains many interesting letters surrounding his death including statements from soldiers. He was apparently severely wounded on 6 Aug and evacuated to a hospital ship where he died and was buried at sea the following day (statement by soldier evacuated with him). His Sgt's statement adds Lt Arbuthnot was hit by a shrapnel bullet in the abdomen having just commenced an attack towards Chocolate Hill. He was dressed and evacuated by stretcher to the beach and then to a hospital ship.

RESPONSE: The genealogical question is easy and is set out on Table M. We have told his immediate family in case they are interested. In any event, I am.  The Webmaster

3     Date: 
2 February 2001
        From:  Colin Cohen
        Searching for:   Information re Barford St Michael.
I am working on a history of the villages of Barford St Michael and St John in north Oxfordshire. As part of my researches I have a web page which does a daily search for any mention of the villages and emails me details of any it has not seen before. In due course it got to
Table E part 2 and what I think you would call line k.GG.(F) for John St Claire Arbuthnott. I am not a family historian, so I'd be grateful if you could tell me his relationship with the 8th Viscount Arbuthnott, or for that matter the 9th Earl of Dundee. Do you have any biographical details, or any information relating to the Barfords, that I could use in the 'Who's Who' which will form part of the history? I hope to hear from you. Thanks, Colin Cohen

RESPONSES: The genealogical question is easy and is set out on Table E. We have asked his immediate family whether they can help on Barford.  The Webmaster
    John St Clair Arbuthnott was my Uncle, i.e. one of the 12 children of Donald Arbuthnott, amongst the others being my mother Molly (Mary Frances), James Gordon (late of Swifts), Hugh Forbes (late of Winterfold) and Canon Edmund Stephen (the last to die 2 years ago in worthing).  Donald was s of Donald Stuart Arbuthnott, son of Hon David Arbuthnott, son of John, 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott.
    John, who had been in the RAF, married first Clare and, following her death, an American, Catherine.He moved to Buttermilk Cottage, Barford St Michael from Henley, sometime after Clare's death. He met Catherine when she was staying with friends nearby. He had no children by either marriage. Catherine continued to live part of the time in Atlanta and in time John came to live with my widowed mother in Wimbledon and later with Hugh and Jane at Winterfold; after Hugh's death he moved to a nursing home in Worthing to be near his brother Edmund until his death in 1998
John Flood
    John St Claire Arbuthnott was my uncle, and one of the sons of Donald Arbuthnott, son of the Hon David Arbuthnott, fourth son of the 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott, who was therefore his great-grandfather. He was the original rolling stone and tried a great number of different occupations, with the unusual distinction of serving in the army, navy and air force (not at the same time!)  He was a great character and we were all very fond of him.  He lived at the Old Mill at Middle Barton, and after his wife died at Buttermilk Cottage somewhere near Banbury.  I was not aware that any of us were related to the Earl of Dundee. Simon Arbuthnott

2      From:  
Les Rawlins (Les Rawlins)
        Date:  3 Nov 2000
        Searching re:   Ronald George Urquhart Arbuthnot  ... Table K part 1
        Please could someone help me with a problem I have had for ten years or so that is? Approximately ten years ago I was approached by the Royal British Legion to try to find any next of kin to Ronald as his Grave was in need of repair.Unfortunately Ronald had died in an aircraft accident just after armistice so the war graves commission would not help. I did find his nephew the late Group Captain Terence John Arbuthnot  who gave me permission to let the RBL to undertake the repair.
        Unfortunately due to their politics this did not happen. However they requested all the information I had on Ronald George Urquhart Arbuthnot. I did not give this to them as I had spent time and money working on the project. Now my request I have gathered Ronald's early school life and Military career together.   However I cannot find a photograph of him - this is the missing part of the puzzle.    Can you help?  For information his details are as follows:
Lieutenant Royal Air Force and, 16th (The Queen's) Lancers who died on Tuesday, 3rd December 1918

RESPONSE: It may be that a relation on Table K part 1 will be happy to help.

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Nancy Arbuthnot Johnson  ........... Table 40           Date:    17 July 2000
      Topic:   Arbuthnots in Kilcalmonell and Kilberry Parish
        I am searching for information about the following Arbuthnots residing in the parish of Kilcalmonell and Kilberry (K&K) in the late 1700s and early 1800s:
1.     Jean Arbuthnot who married William McLeod in KAK in 1799. They later lived in Achachoan, South Knapdale. Table 31
2.     Margrat Arbuthnot (b. 1 July 1784), daughter of James Arbuthnot. Table 31
3.     John Arbuthnot who married Christian(a) McPhail in 1813 in KAK. They later lived in Tarbert, South Knapdale. Their children were: Cathrine (b. 1816), Jane (Jean) (b. 1818), James (b. 1829), Duncan (b. 1831), Margaret (b. 1835), Neil (l) (b. 1837) and Marron (Sarah?) (b. 1840). John was born circa 1786 and may have been a brother of Margrat. Table 31
4.     Charles Arbuthnot who married Jean McGrigor in 1807. They resided in KAK and had five known children: Katherine (b. 1808), James (b. 1809), Donald (b. 1811), Janet (b. 1812), and Archibald (b. 1816). Table 31
        I am trying to establish the identity of my g-g-g-grandfather. I suspect that he may have been a sibling of John, Margrat, Jean, or Charles. Indeed, my g-g-g-grandfather may have been Charles. My g-g-g-grandmother's name was Ann (Nancy). She may have been Charles' second wife. Her children were Neil (b. 1825 or 1826), William (b. 1828) and Jane (Jean)(b. 1832). Ann immigrated to Canada West (now the province of Ontario), along with Neil, William, and Jane sometime between 1841 and 1848.  I believe my g-g-g-grandfather was either deceased or had abandoned the family by 1841.
        Any and all insights, suggestions, or hunches would be greatly appreciated.
Nancy Arbuthnot Johnson 
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