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95.    Who is  
Betty Ann Arbuthnot, 68, died Sunday, June 10, 2012. She was born July 2, 1943 in Junction City, KS the daughter of Lawrence and Neoma Maxine (Traner) Heskett. Betty graduated from Manhattan High School and married first Raymond R. LaVisse in Oklahoma. Survivors include her daughter, Linda Gratburg, CO; daughter, Tracy Bennett (otherwise Holmes), Topeka; daughter, Stacy LaVisse, VA; daughter, Deborah Delvalle, NC; son, Raymond LaVisse, VA; 8 grandchildren and 3 great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her sister, Elaine Heske, her mother, Maxine and father, Lawrence. She married second _____ Arbuthnot.

94.    Who is Elder Robert Lee Arbuthnot  of New Hope Apostolic Church 4217 Prairie Avenue St Louis, Missouri 6310 (Pentecostal Assemblies of the world) [born sep 1936]. Married Gloristeen Parker [age 71, born 1940]. Had a son Robert Lee Arbuthnot Jr who married 27 Nov 2010 Katy Marie Feldmann. Also Cassandra L Arbuthnot [age 42; born 1969]. Tel: 314 531 1055 (old).  office 314 531 3237 and  Elder Robert is son of Oliver A and Rose King. Oliver had another son Oliver A Jr  of Sun king CA (951 679 6011)
Answer: Son of Nolan Oliver A (Little Bud). Table 3 2a.

93.    Who was Robin S F Arbuthnot of Liberty, Amite Co, MS died 2 April 2006

92.    Who is Duke C Arbuthnot of Springfield, CO aged 73 in 2011

91.    Who are these?                    Source:

edding: May 2009. Fort Branch, Indiana.  Bobby Arbuthnot and Francesca Harness.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date: 19 June 2010 California. Eisha Arbuthnot and Lorenzo Trimble.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date 1 Aug 2010. Hugh Arbuthnot and Megan Stewart.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date 3 June and/or August 2009 Jeremy Arbuthnot and Jennifer Cudd
They had a daughter Zoey Elizabeth Arbuthnot (born and died Cleburne, TX  20 February 2010). She was preceded in death by a brother, Tyler Barron. Survivors include her parents of Grandview; a brother, Caleb Jacob Arbuthnot of Grandview; two sisters, Katelyn and Brooklyn Sanchez, both of Comanche; her grandparents, Bart and Blenda Arbuthnot of Dumas, TX and Randy and Kathy Newman of Grandview; great grandparents, Donald and Dorothy Bean of Fort Worth, and David Ray Marion of Dobson, N.C.; two aunts, Jessica Carter and husband Greg of Huntington Beach, Calif., and Julie Morel and husband Josh of Fort Bragg, N.C.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date 28 December 2008. Florida. Mary Arbuthnot and G. Scott Thorpe.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date 28 August 2008.   Steve Arbuthnot and Judith Schwartz
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date: 21 August 2010. Bryce David Arbuthnot and Heidi Smith  
Fort Branch, Ind., daughter, Kenley Brooke Arbuthnot, 9 Jan
uary 2010 - Table 58
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Wedding date: 12 February 2010. Woodville, MS. Shamiah Arbuthnot and Monique Moore
  - 3 part 2b
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

90      Date: 
         9 November 2009
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Peyton Sierra Arbuthnot,
(born and died Panama City, FL 31  March 2001)

89      Date: 
         9 August 2009
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Tavarus Arbuthnot, sprinter from Marrero, LA

88      Date: 
         9 June 2009
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Stephen Hubbell Arbuthnot, sophomore 1909/10 Oregon Agricultural College

87      Date: 
         9 December 2008
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Karen L. Arbuthnot, assistant police officer in Joliet, IL  Elmer Arbuthnot died in Joliet. (May both be Table 32).

87      Date: 
         9 July 2008
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Doris L. Arbuthnot died at her home in McMinnville, OR on May 2, 1996. She was 75. Mrs. Arbuthnot was born in Cozad, NE and moved to Oregon as a child. She lived most of her adult life in the Seattle/Tacoma area. She was married to Claude Arbuthnot of Tacoma. She was survived by her sister, Beverly Pitcher, Portland, OR; 6 nieces and 2 nephews. 

86      Date: 
         9 July 2007
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Brandon Arbuthnot? Born 1 September 19??. Rockledge high school 2007, Tallahassee, Florida. Studying pharmacy at Florida agricultural and Mechanical University. Hometown: Viera, Florida. AIM Youngthug078. Email: rockhustla07 at
Surely Table 3 part 2 - a descendant of James Lycurgus Arbuthnot.


85      Date: 
         10 January 2007
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Myrtle Deloice Arbuthnot-Jones? BA Tougaloo College 1995
And Ashira Olabala Shaka Arbuthnot (born 13 August 1990), graduated 2008 Edna Karr Senior High school, Algiers, New Orleans
Response: Surely Table 3 part 2 - a descendant of James Lycurgus Arbuthnot.

84      Date: 
         15 November 2006
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Arbuthnot Letitia McSweeney (born Nova Scotia, Canada 16 Aug 1819 d: 5 Sep 1904) who married 11 May 1843 George Willett and had (1) John Campbell Willett and (2) Emma Arbuthnot Willett (born Granville,Annapolis Co.,NS 11 Oct 1848) and others? Emma married George H Motley. John married Ida L Dunlap and had Arbuthnot Willett (born 3 June 1888).

83      Date: 
         17 March 2005
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Sam Arbuthnot?
oard for Geologists and Geophysicists
Enforcement Actions ………. 2-4                                           ENFORCEMENT ACTION                       SAM ARBUTHNOT
The Board for Geologists and Geophysicists (Board) issued a citation and fine of $500.00 to Sam Arbuthnot for violation of section 7872(a) of the Business and Professions Code (Geologist and Geophysicist Act). According to Board records, Sam Arbuthnot was at all times relevant not licensed by the Board as a Registered Geologist and thereby authorized to practice geology in the State of California. The citation was issued to Sam Arbuthnot for unlicensed practice of geology while conducting a property transfer site assessment in Malibu, California (Bus. & Prof. Code §7872(a), practice of geology without legal authority). Sam Arbuthnot signed a property transfer site assessment letter report constituting the professional practice of geology entitled “353 Acre Parcel in Malibu, CA on P.C.H.”, dated February 12, 2001, which was subsequently provided to potential property buyers without the required California certified licensee signature or seal. In accordance with section 125.9(d) of the Business and Professions Code which specifies that payment of the fine does not constitute admission of the violation charged and represents satisfactory resolution of the matter, Sam Arbuthnot agreed to pay the fine and the case was closed on October 10, 2002.

82      Date:           28 January 2005
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is this family

Arbuthnot, Amber Lyn Self 0
Arbuthnot, Andrew Great-grandfather III 3
Arbuthnot, Carol Aunt III 2
Arbuthnot, Michael Douglas Father I 1
Arbuthnot, Ralph Norman Grandfather II 2
Arbuthnot, Samantha Nichole Daughter I 1
Arbuthnot, Sean Michael Brother II 1

Response:   1_Samuel

81      Date:           29 January 2005
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Charles Alexander Arbuthnot Sr (1816-92)
Response: Table 2. His son Charles III is the one listed at 801 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh in connection with Hotchkiss School. The streets were named Charles, Alexander and Wilson. We don't know why there was not one named for the youngest son, Thomas, who was living at the time.

80      Date: 
         28 January 2005
          From:           Toby Arbuthnot         
Who is Nellie Arbuthnot who married John Purvis (born 1871).

79      Date: 
         18 January 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot - found at       
Who is Judy Arbuthnot who married Allan Spratt son of Arnold Spratt and Ona Anderson, dau of Olive Melvin, dau of Thomas J Melvin Jr (b. Ontario 1868).

78      Date: 
         8 January 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot - found at       
Who are:  Dan Arbuthnot, Ruthan Arbuthnot, Jill Arbuthnot, Leslie Arbuthnot

77      Date: 
         10 July 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot    
Medical Radiologic Technologists
Licemce 6891 ARBUTHNOT, WILLIE type GC expires 30 sept 2004 address 7419 Autumn Ledge Converse, TX 78109

74    Date: 
         8 March 2004
         Kay Birkett 
Who was Sally Arbuthnot Williams who was in Memphis, TN
and who was Francis Arbuthnot died Sumner Co., Tennessee 1838

73    Date: 
         22 February 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Graves at

  Arbuthnot, Benjamin Franklin
b. 18 Aug 1841 d. 22 Dec 1893
Dawson Cemetery Ethel, Louisiana, USA Table 3
  Arbuthnot, Elizabeth
b. May. 31, 1926 d. Aug. 2, 1980
Mount Calvary Cemetery Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Possibly wife of Orville, below.
Table 58
Arbuthnot, (Florence) June
b. 7 Apr 1926 d. 21 Feb 1993
Florida National Cemetery Bushnell, Florida, USA
US Air Force, CAPT, Res: Lake Alfred, FL, Plot: 315 0 120
 Arbuthnot, James G
b. 8 Dec 1925 d. 14 Jun 1996
Florida National Cemetery Bushnell, Florida, USA
US Navy, FN2, Res: Lake Alfred, FL, Plot: 315 0 120, bur. 9 Aug 1996
Arbuthnot, James Gregory
b. 21 Apr 1950 d. 18 Jan 1999
Florida National Cemetery Bushnell, Florida, USA
US Navy, RMSN, Res: Lake Alfred, FL, Plot: 320 0 1974, bur. 22 Jan 1999
Arbuthnot, James Malcolm
b. 5 Nov 1946 kia Vietnam 30 Mar 1966
San Francisco National Cemetery
San Francisco, California, USA
Table 5
Arbuthnot, John  
b. 3 Nov 1846 d. 17 Dec 1864
Stones River National Cemetery
Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA
Table 58
  Arbuthnot, Orville F
b. 2 Jan 1914 d. 28 Jan 1982
Mount Calvary Cemetery ,
Kankakee, Illinois, USA
Table 58
Arbuthnot, Robert Howard
b. 1 Aug 1923 d. 26 Nov 1990
Leavenworth National Cemetery
Leavenworth, Kansas, USA
Table 17

72    Date: 
         10 February 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           
        Who was:    
GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Born Ireland 1825. A chandler. Living as a boarder in the household of ALEXANDER ATKINSON in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1850. Living in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania in 1852.
Response:  Table 2 ???

71    Date: 
         9 February 2004
         Kay Birkett        Table 3 / 58 question
       I am looking for information to support a family which has been patched together from puzzle pieces. I believe Thomas Arbuthnot's mother was Dorothea Jones Arbuthnot husband may have been John or Robert? Her father was Col. Thomas Jones. Can take this family back to England no problem. Letters written between Col. Jones and his wife who went back to England in an attempt to recover her health (published in the
William and Mary Quarterly and the Virginia Genealogical Magazine).  I believe Thomas' son was John Arbuthnot [4] who married a Jane Burton (Table 58). They lived in the far Western Co. of Virginia which were if course all of the burned Co. of Virginia. I believe that John was the father of James of St. Helena Parish LA. John of Gibson Co. Indiana, Francis of Sumner Co. TN and Sally Arbuthnot Williams of Memphis TN.
Response:  This is addressed on Table 3 and Table 58. Kay seems to be drawing a conclusion rather than propounding a theory. Credit is due to Jo Ann Mardis for the discovery that Dorothea had no children by either husband.

70    Date: 
         23 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           
        Who are the following?  

Dean Arbuthnot, born 1964
Deleece Arbuthnot, born 1962
Malcolm Arbuthnot, born 1941
Shaun Arbuthnot, born 1969

69   Date: 
         3 July 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
       Who was       Richard Arbuthnot Jackson, born Richmond, Wayne, Indiana 5 September 1858, died Ormand Beach, Florida 29 April 1934, lawyer, son of Richard Jackson and Anna nee Knot. He married 19 September 1882 Anna Vaughan Scott.

68   Date: 
        16 May 2003
         The webmaster
        Who are:    The unidentified folk shown on the table US Social Security Death Index

66   Date: 
        6 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Carol E Arbuthnot, born 1937

65    Date: 
        5 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Elizabeth Arbuthnot who married Joseph Dunlap

64    Date: 
        4 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    George Arbuthnot born England 1897 Travelled on the Victorian to Canada 1912 aged 14 - one of the British "Home children"

63    Date: 
        16 April 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       M R Arbuthnot (male) who married Helen Alice McCaughan. Her mother was Aline McCaughan, Aline's father was William Calvin McCaughan; his father was Charles Alexander McCaughan. Possibly MS, USA?
Larry McCaughan advises that
M R Aderholdt married Helen Alice Sugg.  Her parents were Abbey Sugg (born 1894) and Aline, nee McCaughan (born 11 January 1898 to William Calvin McCaughan; died Clarksdale, Coahoma, Mississippi February 1977).

62    Date: 
        6 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Scott D Herring (23), married in Texas 1 November 1981 Kathy Arbuthnot (18)

61    Date: 
        6 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Why was Arbuthnot ("Mildred" or "Milly") Trosper so named? Born Burke Co., NC c.1795/1800; died between 1840-1850? Daughter of James Trosper (born 1774; died 1862) by his wife, Nellie Mahon (married Knox, KY 11 August 1800 per IGI or 11 August 1808). He was son of Nicholas Trosper Sr (b.1747) by Sallye Burchfield. Or maybe Nicholas was her father? She married in Clark Co., Indiana, 8 January 1820 Simon Erwin, son of John Erwin, Sr. (born Burke Co., North Carolina c.1795; died in Clark/Floyd Co., Indiana).  She married Lawrence Co., IN 1842 Thomas Mosely (one source only). According to a contributor to her dates were 1771-1827 (we doubt it).
Lucy McTamney replies:     James Trosper's wife (only wife as far as I know) was Nellie Mahon.   They were both still alive, in Laurel Co. KY in 1860.  I do not believe that James and Nellie were the parents of Arbuthnot Mildred Trosper.  She is generally attributed to Nicholas Trosper (b.1747), also father of James.  Mildred was born between 1795 and 1800 and married Simon Erwin in Indiana in 1820.  Nicholas' wife is usually listed as Sallye Burchfield, although there's no written record proving this.  We know his wife in 1817 was "Sallye." Nicholas & Sallye's children may have included Robert Trosper (, m.1810 Obedience/Phoebe), Elijah Trosper Sr (b.1773), James Trosper (1774-1862), Peter Trosper (b.1778/9, d aft 1860) married Matilda Caroline Patton, Nicholas Livingstone Trosper Jr (1781-1851), Rebecca Trosper (b.1793), John Trosper (b.1789 possibly son of Robert), Arbuthnot ("Milly") Trosper (1795-1845), William B Trosper (b.1804).
    The question that arises is where the name "Arbuthnot" that seems to be attached to Mildred comes from.  I don't find anybody from this family in KY or IN, or any other reference to the Arbuthnot family.  Possibly Mildred was married for a brief time to an Arbuthnot, or that her mother's maiden name was Arbuthnot.  Or do you think Mildred could have been born an Arbuthnot, married briefly to a Trosper, then married Simon Erwin in 1820?  A group sheet in names Arbuthnott as a daughter of Peter, son of Nicholas. 

60    Date: 
        4 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Stephen Tyler Arbuthnot, born Illinois 23 December 1996
; died of SIDS 18 March 1997.
Answer:  Visitation for Stephen Tyler Arbuthnot, 3 months, of Woodland. Burial was in Oak Hill Cemetery, Watseka.
He was born Dec. 23, 1996 in Watseka, the son of Steven Edward (age 36 in 2009) and Rachael Marie Avila (age 34) Arbuthnot, who survive, residing in Woodland. [Rachel: 407 W Mulberry St, Watseka, IL +1 (815) 432 5910].
Also surviving are one brother, Brandon Lee Arbuthnot (28) at home; one sister, Danielle M. Avila of Logansport, Ind.; maternal grandparents, David W and Rebecca C Durflinger of Watseka; paternal grandparents, Dennis and Donna J Prater of Woodland and Steve Edward (age 52) and Caron J (age 58) Arbuthnot Sr. of 1264 N Terrace Ave, Kankakee, IL 60901-7459   (815) 937-0554; paternal great- grandfather, Don Dean Sr. of Bradley; maternal great-grandparents, Israel and Azalia Avila of Watseka; paternal great-grandfather, Leroy Prater Sr. of Watseka; paternal great-grandmother, Ruth Prater of Buffalo, Mo.; paternal great-great- grandmother, Dorothy Schall of Seattle, Wash.; and several aunts uncles and cousins. Stephen Senior is a son of Orville Fred Arbuthnot on Table 58.
Relations include:
* Barbara ("Barb") Patricia Arbuthnot (aka Brown / Memenga) (58) sister of Stephen Edward Arbuthnot sr 
* Brandon M Arbuthnot of Bourbonnais, IL (28) -
* Brittany R Arbuthnot / Buckley (29)
* Caron J Arbuthnot nee Nordstrand (58) - wife of Steven Edward Arbuthnot Sr
* Cleona E Arbuthnot nee Menser (63)
* Frances M Arbuthnot / Bolworth (31)
* Heather N Arbuthnot
* Joan Marie Arbuthnot / Brosseau/ Walter / Dyer (45)
* Judith ("Judy") L Arbuthnot nee Schwartz
* Kathleen B Arbuthnot / Brozowski (65)
* Kelly L Arbuthnot nee Ward (34)  - married to kenneth j arbuthnot
* Kenneth J Arbuthnot - son of stephen edward arbuthnot sr
* Michael J Arbuthnot (47)
* Michelle M Kroesch nee Arbuthnot, Bradley-Bourbonnais High School graduated 1994
* Rachael Marie Arbuthnot, nee Avila (34) mother of Stephen Tyler Arbuthnot
* Ruthan Arbuthnot (35)
* Ruth Ann Arbuthnot nee Davison (64)
Steven edward Arbuthnot jr - son of Steven Edward Arbuthnot Sr - father of Steven Tyler Arbuthnot
* Steven Edward Arbuthnot sr - married to Caron, father of Steven E Arbuthnot jr - he has half-siblings
* Stephen Tyler Arbuthnot
born Illinois 23 December 1996; died of SIDS 18 March 1997 son of Steven E Arbuthnot jr and Rachael Marie Avila
* Tammy Arbuthnot nee Wasnea (married William J Wasnea)

* Vicki L Arbuthnot nee Floyd (46)
* Vincent Edward Arbuthnot (47)

59    Date: 
        1 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Information sought:     I have just learned that an ancestor born in 1801 around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,  Mary Ferguson, who later became Mrs. James Watts probably around 1820, likely in Highland County, Ohio (near Cincinnati), as a widow at some point in later life married someone named Arbuthnot.    That's all I know about an Arbuthnot connection at this point.   I am seeking to learn who that person was for genealogical education. Mary Ferguson was the fourth and last apparent child of John Ferguson, Sr. with Janet Wier, married in 1786.  John Ferguson was of Scot descent (ancestors from Glenshee Valley in Highlands), born in Bovevagh, Derry, Ireland in 1757 in the Ferguson family home built in 1604, built by the four brothers who arrived there from Scotland. Ferguson came to the "colonies" in 1774 at Philadelphia, alone apparently, and initially settled in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania where he was married to Wier, whose father was from Holland.  Wier and Ferguson were both patriots in the Revolutionary War.

58    Date: 
        22 February 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:      
Ronald Lee Arbuthnot (born 19 November 1942) son of Donald Arbuthnot and Wanda Gladys nee Matthews (born 6 Feb 1924), dau of Arlie Sebastian Matthews and Beulah Gladys Meyers.

57    Date: 
        14 November 2002
        Steven of Jackson, just south of Sacramento
        Who is:      
I am trying to ascertain any and all information surrounding John McCrae Arbuthnot, born 4 September 1943, died 7 May 1991. He was an interior designer by trade and was an accomplished ballroom dancer. He lived and died in San Bruno which is just south of San Francisco.  He worked at various cities in the Bay area, San Mateo, San Francisco, Menlo Park to name a few. I also need any information on his father, John Arbuthnot, and mother whose first name is unknown and maiden name is Telthester (both believed to be deceased).

56    Date: 
        25 April 2002
        Who are:    
John William Alexander, born 9-1-1952
                                       Jim Burgardt, born 22-12-1937
                                       Judith Emblin, born 13-11-1967
                                       Jacinta Starcevich, born 22-8-1973


55    Date: 
        19 April 2002
        Who are:    
Jacob Michael Ainslie
                                       Donald A Akins
                                       Kerri Campbell
                                       Judy Cooley
                                       Stephen Handy
                                       William D Jensen
                                       Susan Fowler Sante
                                       Heather Yates Smith
                                       John McMarland RESPONSE: Descendant of Esther McMarland, second wife of Samuel Arbuthnot, immigrant ancestor of Table 1

54    Date: 
        18 May 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:        
Sue Arbuthnot, assistant to Mr William Hurt, "The 4th floor" 1999. 

53    Date: 
        4 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who were:  These who were resident in Wilkinson Co, MS in 1917-18 and were soldiers or others with links to the county
The compiler has not abstracted the registrant's address the name and address of next of kin, occupation, work address, general physical description and occasionally listed general description of a disability. Please consult the original card to verify all information.

Name Birth date Ethnic group Location of registration Birth location .
Arbuthnot, Arthur 25 Apr 1896 B Wilkinson MS Wilkinson MS .
Arbuthnot, Bennie 1 Oct 1880 B Wilkinson MS Presumably Benjamin Arb't.
Arburthnot, Columbus 5 Dec 1877 B Wilkinson MS . .
Arbuthnot, James Possey (Possy) 24 Oct 1899 B Wilkinson MS . .
Arbuthnot, Lewis 26 May 1900 B Wilkinson MS Presumably Lewis Dewey Arb't.
Arbuthnot, William 27 May 1899 B Wilkinson MS . .
Arbuthnot, Willie Jan 1894 B Fort Adams MS Wilkinson MS .

52    Date: 
        9 January 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Bill Arbuthnot, married Pearl Pinkerton, dau of David Pinkerton by Margaret nee Spence

50    Date: 
        22 October 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Annie A Arbuthnot

Authorised user   Library, Kent State Univ, Kent, Ohio    in 2000


39      Date: 
         9 February 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot - found at
Who is
Gary Arbuthnot Branch of Service: Marine..... Unit was: Unknown and 1st Rand Bn ...... Where served: In and around DaNang, Hill 327, LZ Baldy.... When served: 1969-1971
Message is: Looking for Gary Arbuthnot. "Arby" served with me in 1st Rand Bn and came back to Geiger with me. Arby is from the Woburn area (abig house on a hill and he had a twin sister). His mother cooked breakfast for a dozen Marines who dropped in one morning uninvited - and she did it with a smile. Miss this guy and would like to get in touch with him or anyone else who remembers me and Hill 327 or LZ Baldy. Please contact Will "Ease" Easley Rt. 3 Box 45, Mathiston, MS 39752-8712
Response:  Table 37

38     Date: 
         10 April 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot    
From the Winnipeg Free Press, Monday, October 25, 1943, page 2, under Deaths and Funerals. "Charles Arbuthnot, 79, of 88 Riverton avenue, formerly of 261 Chalmers avenue, died Sunday at Hospice Tache. He was born in Collingwood, Ontario, and had resided in Winnipeg 57 years. He is survived by his widow, Edith; two daughters, Mrs. M. Wiginton, of Calgary; Mrs. Claud Annabel, of Winnipeg, and eight grandchildren. The funeral service will be held at 3 p.m., Wednesday, at the Barker funeral home with burial in the family plot in Elmwood cemetery."
Response:  Table 40

37    Date: 
         9 April 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot    
Who is Jeanette Jaussard Arbuthnot?      Response:
Table 5

36    Date: 
         25 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           
        Who were Hugh Arbuthnot married Margaret Keith? ... some of whose "descendants" are contained within a book by Jackie Dean Miller selling at $45. 

Response:  Hugh and Margaret were alive 1404-1419  - Table a2 .  This book is NOT a book of the descendants of Hugh & Margaret and is not authorised, approved or recommended by anybody within the AFA. The title is misleading; we understand the book shows the link between Keith - Johnson - Isaacs - Miller.

35    Date: 
         27 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot           
        Who is this?  
Healing Today January February 2003
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - View as HTML
... others, there are alternative treatments available.” — Jane Westerhold Arbuthnot, MD Springfield
Obstetrics and Gynecologic Associates. Page 10. 10 HEALING TODAY • ST ... healingtoday/files/january_february_03.pdf - Similar pages

Response  Table 1_Alexander - wife of Steven Charles Arbuthnot

34    Date: 
        10 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Robert Alexander Arbuthnot; age 20; Labourer; Able to read and write; Nationality British; Race Irish; Travelling from Bishop Auckland, England; Immigration visa no 16026 issued Liverpool on 11/7/1929; Father: Mr William Arbuthnot, 6 Dicks St., Fylands, Bishop Auckland; Destination Chicago, Illinois; Fare paid by Uncle; Going to join Uncle Samuel Arbuthnot, 1040 N. Ridgeway Ave., Chicago; Health good; height 5' 6"; Complexion fair; Hair brown; Eyes grey; In possession of  >$50; Never before been in USA
Sailed on SS Maria, sailing from Liverpool 3 August 1929 arriving at Port of New York 12 August 1929
Response:  Table 32

33    Date: 
        19 November 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Steven Arbuthnot. Married Debra Rockwood. RESPONSE:   Table 1 James

32    Date: 
        18 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who is:      
Charles Arbuthnot Lock. Born England 19 Oct 1911. Naturalised as an American in Wyoming
While reseaching my own family I came across a Charles Lock who was my Great Grandmothers brother. He was born around 1886/87 in Edgefield Norfolk England and at the time of the 1901 Census was age 13 and a stockman on farm. He was living with his family: - Father Samuel, mother Mary Ann, brother Charles, sisters Miriam and Sarah (my great gran). We know he emigrated to America as a young man and I found Charles Arbuthnot Lock on the Ellis Island site.  This Charles seems to be the same person. He came from Edgefield, was 22yrs and 2mths old on 19th June 1909. He sailed on the St Louis and gave his destination address as Redlands Ranch, Wyoming. While the dates do not seem to fit with your enquiry the name (somewhat unusual) and Wyoming connection suggest this is the person you are looking for? I believe decendants of Charles Lock are currently living in Maryland. Jenny Foster

31    Date: 
        5 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who is:        Tanzia Arbuthnot
Picture found at
RESPONSE: Table 3 part 2d ?

30    Date: 
        18 May 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who is:        
Theresa Arbuthnot, location production assistant "A twist of faith" 1999.  A Canadian golfer with 8 Border Cup Standings as at April 2002.

29    Date: 
        3 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who were:  Early students at Univ of Notre Dame, Indiana:-

Arbuthnot, George
- Arbuthnot, George - IL Chicago - - 1862/63
Arbuthnot, George - Arbuthnot, George Washington - IA Council Bluffs - - 1863/64
Arbuthnot, George - Arthbuthnot, George - IA Council Bluffs - - 1864/65
Arbuthnot, George - Arbuthnot, George - IA Council Bluffs - - 1865/66
Arbuthnot, George - Arbuthnot, George W. - IA Council Bluffs - - 1866/67
Arbuthnot, George - Arbuthnot, George W. - IA Council Bluffs - - 1867/68                   RESPONSE:  Table 17

28    Date: 
        2 October 2001
        Carole Jean Robinson born 29.4.1961
        Who is:       John Arbuthnot 1848? - 1888

John Arbuthnot (born 1848?; his mother was ______ Birch) Engineer on Baltimore & Ohio Railroad; killed in head on collision c.1888. Married Mary Heskett (born 5 Feb 1850; died 6 December 1920; buried Union Cemetery, Columbus, Ohio), dau of ______ Heskett and ______ Sharpstien. They had a daughter:-
Eugenia Arbuthnot (born Wheeling West Virginia 23 Feb 1885; died 30 September 1931; buried Union Cemetery). Married Pittsburg Pa. 4 January 1875 Fredrick Alexander Hamm (d 1955). They had a son Christy Eugene Hamm (b.Finley, Ohio 20-4-1909). My mother was his granddaughter. ... RESPONSE: Table 57 assuming some of our information is wrong.

27    Date: 
        7 April 2003
        Alesia Sagadin Tremayne
        Who is:       William Curtis or B ? Arbuthnot who married Ada Adelia Farnum about 1900 probably in Ohio. They had at least 2 children:
(1) Ruth who married C.B. Schmidt and had at least one child: Lee Schmidt who married Verda____?
(2) Robert born 30 September 1908 and died March 1976 in Lima, Allen, Ohio. He married Hazel___ who was born 11 June 1905 and died July 1985 in Lima, Allen, Ohio.


26    Date: 
        10 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       
Robert ("Calvin") Arbuthnott of 650 Locust Hill Rd, Woodville, MS 39669 -4149
RESPONSE:  Table 3

25    Date: 
        9 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     
Stephen J Arbuthnot of 47 - 339 Ahaolelo Rd, Kahaluu, HI 96744
RESPONSE:  Table 1

24    Date: 
        7 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Lindsey Gail Arbuthnot, born 26 November 1982, Keene State College, Keene, New Hampshire

23    Date: 
        3 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Malcolm A Arbuthnot died Barrington, Illinois 21 June 2000. Obit dd 6 July 2000.

RESPONSE:  Table 40
       Who is:     Robert Arbuthnot married in Barrington, Illinois 11 Nov 1972 Mary Houlihan.
RESPONSE:  Malcolm's son?

22    Date: 
         13 June 2003
         Sue Miller
        Who were    Mary ARBUTHNOT born Ohio 13 Oct 1837; died Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio, 16 April 1926.  She was the daughter of Samuel Arbuthnot born abt 1807 and Rachel MARSHALL born abt 1808 both born in Virginia.  Mary married in Guernsey Co, Ohio 28 January 1860 Andrew Ferguson HUBERT (1830-1911).
RESPONSE: Table 57

21    Date: 
         12 June 2003
         Albert B Frowiss
        Who were    Mary Ferguson (b. Washington Co. PA 1801) who married first in 1825 a James Watts (later seems to be Watt) and after his death in 1838, married several years later Reverend James Arbuthnot (born in Virginia 1 December 1796). They lived together as Arbuthnots in the Highland Co., OH census of 1850 in Greenfield, Madison township.  He was licensed in 1841 to perform marriages in Highland Co., as a clergyman of the Associate Reformed Church.  He had about seven children in the household from a prior relationship with Eliza Arbuthnot (born about 1805, deceased 1846), described as his "consort", suggesting from their ages that his first marriage was about 1830 or earlier.

20    Date: 
        10 June 2002
        Jason Gervase
        Irish question:      
There was an Arbuthnot family buried in the Castles plot at Fairmount Cemetery in Newark, NJ. I believe they were related to my Castles ancestors somehow. My ancestor, Thomas Castles, married Eliza Harper. I found a marriage record between an Agnes Harper and Alexander Arbuthnot on March 26, 1847 in Ireland. I believe Agnes was a sister of my Eliza. Any connections?
RESPONSE: Agnes Harpur features on Table 2.

19    Date: 
        2 February 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Lt Eric Dean Arbuthnot, Los Angeles Co Coroner
RESPONSE: Erik Dean Arbuthnot Table 1_Robert

18    Date: 
        5 April 2002
        MSN Communities 
        Who is:      
Looking for descendents of Mary Belle Blair Arbuthnot Bissell Dietzman b. 1914 Arkansas d. 1947 Buried Highland/Calvary Cemetery Colville, WA. Mostly lived near Manteca, CA.
RESPONSE: Table 1 Carson

17    Date: 
        5 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who is:       Prof Jack Arbuthnot, psychologist at Ohio Univ, expert in divorce and Parental Alienation Syndrome


16    Date: 
        14 July 2001
        Susanne Herrle Sincock
        Trying to locate:       Uncle Emmett's family (your Table 1_ Samuel).

15    Date: 
        13 February 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Lori Jo Arbuthnot born AZ 31 Jan 1957, died Phoenix, Maricopa, AZ 21 Feb 1997
RESPONSE: Wife of Robert Joseph Arbuthnot; her maiden name was Howard Table 32.

14    Date: 
        3 February 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Mark Arbuthnot, City Manager of Abilene Kansas - State Building Advisory Commissioner
RESPONSE: Son of Eugene and Patricia Arbuthnot Table 1_Samuel.

13    Date: 
        10 January 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       Stella J Arbuthnot who married 5 April 1892 George Hobson (born 29 Mar 1841 in Henry Co., IN, and died 02 Oct 1900 in Pueblo, CO.) and had issue. Source: 
Frances H Casstevens descendants of Renee LaForce [27] & Thomas Harding [28].
RESPONSE: She is Sarah ("Sella") J Arbuthnot Table 1_Robert George may have been born 29 May 1841.

12    Date: 
        7 January 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:        (taken from
1901 Census Alberta District No. 202 )

Place Pg. Ln. Last Name First Name  Rel. Born Age Ctry.
Duhamel 1 20 ARBUTHNOT  James head 1869 32 ONT

RESPONSE: Could be either he who is on Table 13 (born 11-6-1869) but we have no reason to believe he lived in Alberta - or he who is on Table 31 (born c.1870).

11    Date:          27 December 2001
        B John Altree
        Who is:       
Looking for, or information about the John Flynn Arbuthnot that was in the 12th AA Battalion of the U.S. Marines between Jun. 30, 1944 and Jan. 31, 1945. Please e-mail me at;
RESPONSE: Now deceased Table 31

10    Date: 
        27 October 2001
        J S Herris
        Who is:       Flora Margaret Arbuthnot.
Born 9 Feb 1880. Died Winnipeg, Manitoba 3 Jan 1946. Married 25 July 1906 Thomas Horn and had issue
RESPONSE: Table 40

9    From:
Wendy McCullough           Table 31          Date:   30 April 2000
      Topic:   John Arbuthnot / Louise Brockwell
Searching for information about my gg-grandparents. They were born in Ontario, Canada. They had at least two children, Clara Louise & my grandfather, John Wilfred Arbuthnot. He was born in Toronto, Ontario on June 16, 1896 & died August 28, 1947. He married Elizabeth Isobel Reid & they had one daughter, Jean Brockwell McCullough. Any information about these family members would be appreciated. Wendy McCullough

8    From:  
Gayle Sennott of Ontario, Canada (Gayle Sennott)     Date:  30 Oct 2000  (Abbreviated)
      Searching re:   Robert Arbuthnot & Elizabeth Nevin  ... Table 6

My gggg-grandparents were Robert Arbuthnot & Elizabeth Nevin who came to Canada in 1834 with their son, Robert, and their daughter Esther Ann (who was married to James Kyle).
I was visiting a web site tonight (
and found the following paragraph:
"Robert Arbuthnot and his wife Elizabeth Nevin went to Canada from Co.Antrim in about 1834. They had several sons, who established the Eastern Ontario branch of the family. Their daughter, Ann, married James Kyle."
I was wondering if you knew anything about who Robert Arbuthnot's/Elizabeth Nevin's parents were and if they had any siblings.  Through my research, I think I have been able to establish that Elizabeth came from Portglenone, Antrim, N. Ireland.  Did Robert come from there as well?
RESPONSE: I wrote that in about 1977-8, the source being letters sent in response to the inauguration of the Arbuthnott Family Association. Much work has been done since then and you are absolutely right. Thank you for drawing it to our attention. We are writing to the webmaster of that site and are sure he will amend it; it is not a site under our control, but there are links to some excellent pages. Our own site contains an amended book11 which reflects our current understanding. Christy Bing

7    From:  
Traci Arbuthnot-Moore (Traci Arbuthnot-Moore) ... Table 1 (James)
      Date:  27 Oct 1999
      Searching for:   Florida Arbuthnots
I am the mother of an Arbuthnot, Kyrstoffer....12 yrs old. Table 1.  From Central Florida, His father (Joseph Neil Arbuthnot, descendant of James Grant Arbuthnot and Ida Catherine Hoffman) and I are divorced. Any info that anyone would like to send on this branch of the family can be sent to William Arbuthnot but I would greatly appreciate a copy.  Thank you.

6    From: Nicole Rondeau Arbuthnot ( ... Table 6
      Date:  29 December 1998
      Searching for:   Arbuthnots on line
Hi: I am fairly new with the computer and certainly would like to hear from other Arbuthnot(t)s.

5a    From:
Karen Wright McBride (now was ... Table 3, descendant of Jamess Kirkland A't.
        Date:  18 April 1999
        Searching for:   Arbuthnots on line
I am new as well and I would like to find out all that I can about the Arbuthnot family.

5b    From: Hildred Finch (
......... Table 121
        Date:  11 May 1999
        Searching for:   Arbuthnots on line
My ggrandmother, Nancy Arbuthnot, married John McBride after the death of her first husband, John Thompson (my ggrandfather). Would this be in your line?

RESPONSE:  Hildred is a Canadian (British Columbia) woman who is trying to trace her ancestor Nancy Arbuthnot, who married John Thompson in Ontario in 1823 after immigrating to Canada, probably both from County Antrim. Hildred has been told that after John's death, Nancy married John McBride (no relation to Karen Wright McBride). I can't find any Nancy in my records from Ireland that would fit. It seems that there is a relationship to people on Table 6 by the name of Helmer (her gg grandfather Benjamin Helmer was a third cousin of Peter Helmer) but I don't think that is an Arbuthnot connection. - Betsy Henry

5c    Topic:  Nancy Arbuthnot(t)
        From:   Hildred Finch ( ......... Table 121        Date:   22 April 1999
I am  interested in the Arbuthnot(t)s who came to Canada from Ireland, probably settling in the Long Sault/Cornwall, Ontario area ca 1800-1840. I have only the name of my gg grandmother, - Nancy Arbuthnot, and would like to know more about her.
Hildred Finch

   Nancy Arbuthnot(t)
From: Nancy Arbuthnot Johnson   .... Table 40       Date:  17 July 2000
Your April 22nd 1999 message posted on the website caught my attention for several reasons. I share your g-g-grandmother's name and my own g-g-g-grandmother's name was also Nancy Arbuthnot. She immigrated to Mariposa Township (not so far from Cornwall) in the 1840s from Scotland (Table 40).
I am aware of two Arbuthnots (born in Ireland) who immigrated to Canada in the mid-1830s and resided in the Cornwall area. Their names are Robert and Margaret (perhaps father and daughter). I know nothing more about them however.
You may find the Ontario 1871 census data for heads and strays, which is searchable on-line at, a useful resource in your search.
Good luck and best regards,
Nancy Arbuthnot Johnson

3    From:   Rick Stringer (       Date:   24 April 1999
      Topic:  Stringer ... Table R
My name is Rick Stringer. I live in Petaluma, CA. My father is John Stewart Stringer of Dayton, Ohio. His father is Brearton Stewart Stringer. His father (my great grandfather) was Hugh Arbuthnot Stringer. Based on the research I have conducted, Hugh was the son of Ann Arbuthnott of Scotland. Ann apparently ran off with a manservant named Stringer and had three children with him (Hugh was one of them). Later in life Hugh had three wives and ten children. His son Arthur Stringer was a distinguished poet, writer and professor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Please email me with any information you may have.

2    From
John Irving Shotwell, Jr ........... Table 1            Date:    20 October 1999
William Arbuthnot b. abt. 1781 (Ireland probably)
Seeking information on ancestors and siblings of my g.g.g.grandparents, William Arbuthnot and Mary (Polly) Howell Arbuthnot. William was born about 1781, probably in Ireland, and Mary was born Feb. 19, 1782 in Kingston, Somerset Co., New Jersey. William and Mary were married in Kingston 5 November 1808. William died December 30, 1852 in Caldwell, Essex Co., New Jersey and Mary died April 7, 1854 also in Caldwell. They had four children, Christopher,Mary Howell, Samuel and Eliza. Some and possibly all of the children were christened in the Kingston Presbyterian Church, Somerset Co., New Jersey. Eliza Arbuthnot, my g.g.grandmother was born in 1812, married Simon E. Van Ness July 4, 1828 and died in 1830 after the birth of Austin Van Ness, my great grandfather. Austin Van Ness married Caroline Jacobus in 1857 and my grandmother, Harriet Van Ness, was born in 1866. Harriet married David Pratt in 1898 and my mother, Helen Pratt Shotwell was born in 1900. Any information on Arbuthnot ancestors or descendents will be most appreciated.

1    From:   Douglas Grey McMarlin (       Date:   24 July 1999
      Topic:  McMarlin line ...
Table 1
I am of the McMarlin line who married through Esther McMarlin to the clan in 1796. The family still exists in the western Pennsylvania area and has since expanded into Ohio. I am interested in any information you may have about Esther and their line.Douglas McMarlin

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