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William Arbuthnot, Sr. Born Co Tyrone, Ireland. This family may be connected to Table 56 or Table_84.  Married in Bishop Auckland q4 1908 Florence McCullough (from Belfast, Northern Ireland). They met in England. Shirley Kelly advises that they married in Ireland but this is inconsistent with the GRO records.
1. Robert  ("Bob") A Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q4 1908. Died. Emigrated to USA.
a. Brian Arbuthnot.
b. Skip Arbuthnot, a girl.
2. Georgina ("Ena") Mary Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q2 1911. Died unmarried.
3. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q3 1913. Married first in Bishop Auckland q2 1936 _____ Baker. Living in Catterick.
a. Pat Baker. Married Les Shepard.
b. Anne Baker. Married Gerry Hall.
Margaret married second Alf Holdam.
4. Florence E Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q2 1915. Died. Married Durham W q3 1945 Arthur Steward (died before 2006), Frank's brother. Emigrated to Australia.
a. Roy Steward. Married Marie Christian.
  i. Prudence ("Pru") Steward. She has children by her partner, Paul _____:
  (a) Zac Arbuthnot Steward.
  (b) Payton Steward.
  ii. Tanya Steward.
  5. Elizabeth ("Bessie") Arbuthnot. Born q1 1920. Died. Married Durham W q1 1940 Frank Steward. Emigrated to Australia.
a. John Steward.
b. Shirley Roslyn Steward.
6. (Sarah) May Arbuthnot. Born q4 1921. Died. Married Durham W q2 1946 Jack Towers (died).
a. Brian Towers. Married first Margaret _____ (dvu).
i. Dale Towers.
Brian married second Anne _____. Living in Shildon.
ii. A son.
b. Melvin Towers. Married and had two children. Living in West Bishop Auckland.
c. Marilyn Towers. She married Melvin Hayes. They had two sons and a daughter. They live in Newton Ayecliffe.
7. William ("Bill") Arbuthnot, Jr. Born Bishop Auckland q1 1924. Died. Emigrated to USA. Married first ____ ____.
a. Billy Arbuthnot.
b. Devon Arbuthnot, a son.
Bill married second _____ _____.
8. Ruby Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q3 1928. Died 12 November 2003. Married Durham W November 1950 James ("Jim") Kelly (born 9 December 1938, died in March 1990 aged 62).
a. Anne Kelly. Born 16 October 1951. Married 15 September 1973 Geoffrey Land (born 12 December 1950). Lives in Bishop Bishop Auckland. Tel: 01388 601408
i. Paul Geoffrey Land. Born 7 April 1978.
ii. Christopher James Land. Born 16 December 1980.
b. Shirley Marie Kelly. Born 26 January 1958. She has a daughter by Ian Waghorn.
i. Paula Marie Kelly. Born 11 September 1976. Had children by father unknown:
  (a) Tyler- Marie Robson. Born 1995.
  (b) Charlie James Robson. Born 1999.
  Paula Marie Kelly married 19 November 2005 Justin Robson.
Shirley has a son by Paul Instone.
ii. David James William Instone. Born 1 March 1981. Married 21 December 2004 Jessica Worthington.
Shirley has a partner, James ("Jim") Summerbell.
c. (Catherine) Denise Kelly. She married, 1977, Peter McLean.
i. Ian McLean.
ii. Stephen McLean.
iii. Joanne McLean. Died in infancy.
iv. Siobhan McLean.
d. Peter James William Kelly. Born 2 March 1962. He had a son by his partner Janice _____ (who has a daughter, Hayley _____, now Kelly).
i. Ross Kelly.
9. Samuel ("Sonny") Arbuthnot. Born W Durham 22 July 1930. Dsp February 1986? Married Marjory _____.


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