8 July 2011


  Samuel ("Sam") Hall. Born Barbados 1775, died October 1822, the son of English parents. His sister married Sam Cox, a senior government official. Emigrated to Tobago as a young man. Proprietor and planter.    
  I. Samuel Hall. Born 18 August 1800. Baptised 31 December  1800. Died young 28 February 1802.    
  Samuel had children by his housekeeper, Venus _____ who was from Tobago.    
  II. Ann Isabella ("Bella") Hall. Born 26 February 1805. Baptised 25 June 1817. Died c. June 1865. Married 22 April 1829 Charles Smith.    
    A. Harriet Smith. Married first John Cook.  Married second Charles Young.    
1. Josephine Young.
2. Louise Young.
3. Charles  Young.
Harriet married third Michael Thomas:
4. Jason Boxill Thomas.  Married Sarah Eleanora Collier (see below).
        a. Jason Hildebrande ("Hilde") Owen Thomas.    
        b. Harriet Eleanora Thomas.    
        c. Dorothy ("Dora") Adina Thomas.    
        d. Michael Augustine Thomas.    
        e. Mary Rosabelle Thomas.    
        f. Evenia Viola Thomas. Married Herbert  Ebenezer Hamilton.    
          (a) Herbert Ludovic Boxill Hamilton.    
            (i) Clyde Joseph Hamilton. Married Theresa Mary Mangatal.    
              (1) Colin Anthony Hamilton.    
              (2) Roxanna Theresia Hamilton.    
            Herbert married Pearline Acham Lee.    
          (b) Myrtle Iola Hamilton. Died 29 December 2008. Married Robert Carlton Ruthven Ottley.    
            (i) Oswald Carlton Jason Pierre Ottley. Married June Catherine Goddard.    
              (1) Robert Jason Ottley.    
              (2) Richard Shawn Ottley.    
              (3) Brian Anthony Ottley.    
            (ii) Ronald Ruthven Ottley. Married first Angela Forgenie. Divorced.    
              (1) Donna Michelle Ottley.    
              (2) Dexter Arthur Ottley.    
              (3) Gaelle Denise Ottley.    
              (4) Derek Carlton Ottley.    
              Ronald married second Louise Ann Brathwaite.    
            (iii) Eleanor Marcia Ottley. Married William O'Connor Gittens. Divorce 2001.    
              (1) Stephen O'Connor Gittens.    
              (2) Kim Nicolette Gittens.    
            (iv) Margaret Rosine Ottley.  Married Jean Pierre Verte.    
            (v) Carlton Robert Ottley.    
              (1) Jean Paul Ottley.    
            (vi) Jeanette Myrtle Ottley.    
              (1) Marc Alexander Ottley.    
        g. Harold Lorraine Thomas.    
        h. Irene ("Renie") Agatha Thomas.    
        i. Cyril Mearl Thomas. Married Petra Francisca Arroyo.    
          (a) Raymond Mearl Thoreau Thomas Arroyo. Married Linda Theresa Abraham. Divorced.    
            (i) Lawrence ("Larry") Phillip Thomas. Married (illegible).    
              (1) (illegible) Nicola Thomas.    
              (2) Crystal Lauren Thomas.    
              (3) Evan Lawrence Thomas.    
            (ii) Richard ("Dickie") Marcus Thomas.    
              (1) Natasha Thomas.    
              (2) Simone Thomas.    
            (iii) Marcia Phyllis Thomas.    
            (iv) Vanessa ("Vanny") Thomas.    
            Raymond married second Maria del Pilar Paloma Blanco Pamona Rodriguez..    
            (v) Edward ("Teddy") Philip Thomas Blanco.    
            (vi) Jennifer Thomas Blanco.    
              (1) Kevin Thomas.    
            (vii) Celia Thomas Blanco.    
            (viii) Merle ("Merlie") Caroline Thomas Blanco.    
            (ix) Raymond ("Colan") Thomas Blanco.    
            (x) Christina Maria Thomas Blanco.    
            (xi) Natalie Bonnie Ann Thomas Blanco.    
          (b) Cyril Newton Augustine ("Pinky") Thomas.    
          (c) Miguel Angel Thomas Arroyo (or Michael "Mikey" Angelo Thomas). Married Delores  ("Lola") Zavala.    
            (i) Arleen Beatriz Thomas Zavala. Married Jorge Ignacio Troconis.    
              (1) Jorge ("Jorgito") Ignacio Troconis Thomas.    
              (2) Ana ("Anita") Mercedes Troconis Thomas.    
              (3) Sylvia Helena Troconis Thomas.    
            (ii) Miguel ("Miguelito") Angel de Jesus Thomas Zavala.    
            (iii) Steven ("Steve") Jose Thomas Zavala. Married Nancy Garcia.    
              (1) Michelle Arleen Thomas Garcia.    
              (2) Steven Michael Thomas Garcia.    
            (iv) Jose Ricardo Thomas Zavala. Married Diana Benitez Arvelo.    
              (1) Miguel Angel de Jesus Thomas Benitez.    
          (d) (unnamed boy) Thomas.    
        j. Gladys Ruby Olga Thomas. Married Lucas Oliver Gibbes.    
          (a) Lucas Doddridge Oliver Gibbes. Married first _____ _____ (divorced)  Married second Sheilagh Moore (divorced).    
            (i) Lawrence Doddridge Gibbes.    
            (ii) Janice Dolores Sheilagh Gibbes.    
            (iiii) Stephen Andre Gibbes.    
            Lucas married third Theorene Shanghai.    
            (iv) George Abraham Gibbes.    
              (1) George Jeremy Gibbes.    
              (2) Giselle Gibbes.    
            (v) Jacqueline Angela Gibbes.    
              (1) Michael Anthony Gibbes.    
              (2) Marlon Andre Gibbes.    
          (b) Sybil Eleanora Gibbes. Died 11 July 2006. Married first Robert Stocks.  Married second Joaquin Sturm.    
(i) Clyde Gibbes. Married Sian Lewis.
              (1) Cerian Elizabeth Gibbes.    
              (2) Gwen Ruby Gibbes. A twin.    
              (3) Lucas Owain Gibbes. A twin.    
              Clyde also had children:    
              (4) Vincent Shane Lewis.    
              (5) Karen Maria Wong.    
          (c) Clara Olga Gibbes. Born 24 September 1923. Died 9 January 2011. Married Lennox Alcindor Carlton Denoon (died 1 June 2007).    
            (i) Robert ("Bob") Eric Shelton Denoon.      
              (1) Gabrielle Bobbi Hilary Laugier.    
              Bob married 28 May 2006 Yolande Browne.    
            (ii) Judy Anne Marcia Denoon. Married 20 June 1983 Orville Rodney.    
            (iii) Cheryl Donna Marva Denoon. Died 21 March 2013. Married Cleveland ("Kim") Jacob (died 25 May 2007).    
              (1) Kristen Rochelle Jacob.    
              (2) Adrian Alcindor Dominic Jacob.    
          (d) Inez Josephine Violet Gibbes. Died 20 June 2006. Married Mr Chevalier.    
        k. Florence ("Flo") Carmen De Leyre (or Florence Carmen Thomas).    
        l. Grace Camilla Thomas.    
    B. Charlotte Jocqueta ("Pigeon") Smith.    
    C. Susanna ("Sue") Smith.    
  III. Charlotte Hall. Born 4 October 1807. Baptised 25 June 1817. Sempstress. Did she marry an Arbuthnot or a Friez?. Teresa Lloyd believes there is a family connection with Arbuthnot - there are suggestions that he may have been a surgeon and possible inventor or some surgical implement, which she believes can be found in a museum in Scotland. We think she had children by Mr Freiz and Mr Berry.    
    A. Georgianna or Josephine Arbuthnot Friez (or George Anna Abernethe Friez). Born c.1840. Why is her surname Friez? Married 9 September 1857 Isaac Hope Sr (presumably from Guyana). They had clan ties with the McRonald clan (an offshoot of the McDonald clan).    
1. Sarah Eliza Hope. Born 6 Sept 1856. Died 5 December 1929. Married 17 Nov 1875 James Frederick Webber (born 7 July 1853). Five children including:
        a. James Frederick ("Fred") Webber. Married Selina Rebecca Linkton Phillips.    
          (a) John Westray ("Ray") Webber. Married first Doris Taylor. Married second Helen Biddlecombe.    
            (i) John Anthony Webber. Married Claire _____.    
              (1) Charlotte Jane Webber.    
              (2) Holly Louise Webber.    
          (b) Joyce Hope Webber. Twin. Married Thomas ("Tommy") Nathaniel.    
            (i) Glen Anthony Nathaniel. Married (illegible).    
              (1) Christian Nathaniel.    
            (ii) Sandra Diane Nathaniel.    
              (1) Dennis Nathaniel.    
            (iii) Patricia Sonia Nathaniel.  Married Louis Hurdle.    
              (1) Greer Hurdle.    
              (2) Brent Hurdle.    
            (iv) Rolph Christopher Nathaniel. Married June Rochard.    
              (1) Simone Nathaniel.    
              (2) Raquel Nathaniel.    
          (c) Zena Gertrude Webber. Twin.    
        b. George Isaac Valentine Webber.    
        c. Albert ("Allie") Raymond Forbes Webber. Born 1880. Died 1932. Author Those That Be in Bondage: A Tale of Indian Indentures and Sunlit Western Waters (1917) and Centenary history and handbook of British Guiana. Married Beatrice Glasford.    
          (a) Ivy  Emma Webber. Married A. Colin Whitehead.    
            (i) George Derek Whitehead. Married Anita Shepherd.    
              (1) Karen Alison Whitehead.    
              (2) Sandra Elizabeth Whitehead.    
              (3) Gregory Dean Whitehead.    
              (4) Ryan David Whitehead.    
            (ii) Barbara May Whitehead. Married Eric Walter Joseph ("Joe") Cox.    
              (1) Dirk Andrew Cox.    
              (2) Melanie Ann Cox.    
              (3) Gavin Peter Cox.    
          (b) Edith May Webber. Married Joseph Christopher Dummett.    
            (i) Maurice Dummett. Married Joan Chin.    
              (1) Mark Christopher Dummett.    
              (2) Paul Anthony Dummett.    
            (ii) Ann Dummett. Married Ian McWatt.    
              (1) Timothy Ian McWatt.    
              (2) Simon Peter McWatt.    
              (3) Jill Andrea McWatt.    
            (iii) Jennifer Dummett. Married Howard Welshman.    
              (1) Trevor Howard Welshman.    
              (2) Roger Adrian Welshman.    
              (3) Nicole Amanda Welshman.    
        d. Allan Webber.    
          (a) Mona Webber. Married Mr _____ Warren.    
            (i) (son - name unknown) Warren. Twin.    
            (ii) (son - name unknown) Warren. Twin.    
            (iii) (daughter - name unknown) Warren.    
              (1) daughter - name unknown.    
          (b) (son - name unknown) Webber.    
        e. (unnamed girl) Webber.    
        f. (Sarah) Eleanora ("Nora") Webber. Born Scarborough 5 May 1866. Died 26 April 1976. Married Georgetown 1 December 1910 Harry Milton Jones (born 28 September 1881; died Georgetown, British Guiana 17 June 1956).    
          (a) Harry Milton ("Sonny") Jones. Born c.1916. Married c.1940 Joan Paula Louisa Lynch (1916-1980).    
            (i) Rosalind Diane Lynch Jones. Born Barbados 1939. Married _____ Gordon-Cumming.    
            (ii) Harry Challenor Lynch Jones. Born Barbados 1940. Married first Roslyn Moze.    
              (1) Douglas Challenor Jones.    
              (2) Suzanne Elizabeth Jones.    
              (3) Robyn Jones.    
              Harry married second Diana Gibbon.    
              (4) eidi Marie Jones.    
              (5) Deborah Gail Jones.    
              (6) Jonathan Challenor Jones.    
            (iii) Peter Rodney Lynch Jones. Born Barbados 1942. Married Valerie Anderson.    
              (1) Melanie Samantha Jones.    
              (2) Russell Jones.    
            (iv) Heather Elizabeth Keeling Jones. Born Barbados 1944.    
            (v) (Rosemary) Felicity ("Fifi") Jones. Born Barbados 1947. Married _____ Jarrett.    
            (vi) Amy Marilyn Joan Jones. Born Barbados 1948.    
          (b) Gloria Marie Jones. Married Henry ("Harry") Walcott Hubbard.    
            (i) Richard Henry Hubbard.    
            (ii) Christine Gillian Hubbard.    
          (c) Dora Jones.    
          (d) Joyce Cameron Jones. Died Portland, Oregon 2001. Married Robert J Van Handel.    
            (i) Sandra ("Sandy") Van Handel    
            (ii) Christine Van Handel. Married _____ Bathard. One child.    
            (iii) Robert Van Handel    
            (iv) Peter Van Handel    
          (e) Allan Roy Jones.    
          (f) (Harold) Anthony ("Tony") Jones.    
          (g) Daphne Rosalind Van Batenburg Jones.   Died aged two.--    
          (h) Garth Godfrey Jones.    
          (i) Russel Cameron Jones.    
          (j) Mary Ann Jones. Married ______ Deaton.    
            (i) Ray Deaton.    
            (ii) Suzanne Deaton.    
            (iii) Virginia ("Ginny") Deaton.    
          (k) Dorothy Jones.    
          (l) Natalie Marie Jones. Married _____ Murphy.    
        g. Edwin Ernest Oliver Webber.    
        h. Walter Leopold Webber.    
        i. Clarence ("Clarrie") Cecil Webber. Married 1930 Violet Arbuthnott Ross (see below).    
          (a) Sheila Elaine Webber. Living in Essex.    
            (i) Keith Alan Beckles (or Webber). Photographer.    
          (b) Yvonne Violet Arbuthnott Webber. Married Sylvanus ("Sonny", "Doc") Victor Bissessar (born Trinidad), a Judge and landowner, son of Mark Bissessar and Mary Mathadeen.    
            (i) Sandra Joan Patricia Bissessar. Died before 2007.    
            (ii) Karen Jessica Bissessar. In Trinidad.    
            (iii) Mark Angus Bissessar. In Trinidad. Runs the family farm.    
            (iv) Brian Victor Bissessar.    
            (v) David Clarence Bissessar.    
          (c) Jessica Edna Webber. Died 7 July 1935.    
          (d) Cecile Cyble Webber. Died 4 April 1958.    
          (e) Clarence Oliver Webber. Married (Anna) Marie Cortez. Living in Canada.    
            (i) Lee Christopher Webber.    
          (f) Lancelot ("Lance") Albert Webber. Married Selma Maria Moses. Besides a step-daughter, Brenda Webber, whom he calls his daughter, he has:    
            (i) Darren Webber.    
            (ii) Paul Webber.    
          (g) George Isaac Percival Webber. Died in a car accident in  Germany 4 August 1980. Married Carole Edna Jones . Divorced. She married second Mr _____ Lloyd (and they adopted Teresa and Stephen).    
            (i) Teresa Lloyd.    
              (1) Gemma Lloyd. Born 10 September 1982. Married 29 August 2003 Alec Weston.    
                (A) Luis Weston. Born 3 August 2002.    
                (B) Chloe Weston. Born 29 March 2004.    
(C) Libby Weston. Born 11 September 2011.
              Teresa married 1995 M____ Kidd. Divorced 2001. She reverted to Lloyd.    
              (2) Joe Kidd. Born 8 September 1997.    
              Teresa had a child by her partner Perrie Michael Houghton. They live in Ely, Cambridgeshire.    
              (3) Molly Violet Lloyd-Houghton. Born 1 October 2002.    
            (ii) Stephen Norman Lloyd. Born 25 October 1965. Married first Sarah _____ (divorced). Lives in Southend.    
              (1) Ellie Lloyd. A twin.    
              (2) Jake Lloyd. A twin.    
              Stephen married second Denise _____.    
              (3) Becky Lloyd.    
              (4) Imogen Lloyd.    
            George then married Margaret Louise Irene Moeller (born 30 December 1953). Divorced.    
            (iii) George Webber. Born 19 June 1972. Married 28 August 1993 Brenda Agnes Fischer (born 23 July 1967). Lives in Germany.    
              (1) Daniel George Webber. Born 31 December 1992.    
(2) Jason  Webber
(3) William Webber
            George then married Heidi Brinkel:    
            (iv) Nicole Webber. Born 28 March 1976. Lives in Germany.    
              (1) Keanu Webber.    
              (2) Lennox Webber.    
              (3) Lakeesha Webber.    
(4) Leroy Webber.
            (v) David Webber. Born 24 January 1979. Lives in Germany.    
          (h) Cyril Fitzpatrick Hope Webber. Married first Deirdre Thompson (divorced ).    
            (i) Gary Webber.    
              (1) Louise Webber.    
              (2) Kelvin Webber.    
              (3) Suzzane Webber.    
            (ii) Patrick Webber.    
              (1) Kyle Webber.    
              (2) Calum Webber.    
              (3) Patrick Webber.    
              (4) Chelsie-Louisa Webber.    
            (iii) Sharon Diana Webber.    
              (1) Roxanne Webber.    
A  child.
              (2) Ruby Webber.    
            Cyril married second Pauline Peck.    
            (iv) Patrick James Webber.    
          Clarrie also had children by Miss Leibe:    
          (i)) John Cipriani ("Sam") Webber. Married Adelaide Naomi Edwards Newallo  (died c 2012).    
            (i) Roland Webber. Born 1957.    
            (ii) Rhonda Webber. Born 1960.    
          (j) Rita Webber.    
2. Charlotte Ann Hope. Bapt 31 July 1858. Died in infancy.
3. Eleanor Arbuthnot Hope. Born 7 February 1861. Died in infancy.
4. Georgianna ("George") Arbuthnot Hope. Born 15 March 1863. Died unmarried without issue.
5. Isaac Arbuthnot Hope (born Sept 27th 1865, baptised Dec 21st 1865 and died July 26th 1956), a "Scottish merchant trader who arrived in Tobago (and consequently owned most of the island). He owned Hope & Co (later Scott & Co)" (presumably this means Scottish  by ancestry rather than by birth). A nominated member of Trinidad & Tobago Legislative Council. He married 18 December 1887 a local girl by the name of Dorcus ("Darkey" or Charlotte) Ann Collier (born 27 November 1865, died 5 Feb 1926), see below. There are still properties using his name, and his granddaughter Patricia lives in one of these.
        a. Lucille Arbuthnot Hope. Born Trinidad 1888. Schooled in Switzerland. Married George Horatio MacEachnie. This side of the family are in Tobago and a mix in Barbados.    
          (a) Dorothea ("Jackie") Eleanore MacEachnie. Married Charles Lassalle, a West Indian.    
            (i) Patricia Ann Lassalle. Married Kester Leith Honeychurch Thomas. They live in Melbourne Australia with 2 married daughters and 6 grandchildren    
            (ii) Jeanette Mary Lassalle.    
            (iii) Charles Brian Gregory Lassalle.    
            (iv) Anabelle Hope Lassalle.    
            (v) Christian Desmond Horatio Lassalle.    
            (vi) Reginald Antony Le Leyre Lassalle.    
          (b) Marjorie Valeria Hope MacEachnie. Married Conrad Cecil Hutcheon.    
            (i) George Isaac Albert Hutcheon.    
          (c) (Ursula) Patricia MacEachnie. Married Gill Eric Thomson. We believe she is alive and living in Port of Spain.    
            (i) David Evan De Leyre Thomson.    
            (ii) Roger Michael Eric Thomson.    
            (iii) Gillian Elizabeth Thomson.    
            (iv) Ian Errol Patrick Thomson.    
            (v) Philip Errol Arbuthnot Thomson.    
            (vi) Cecilia Edith Patricia Thomson.    
          (d) Lucille Arbuthnot MacEachnie. She died in childbirth age 18. Married Hugh Ferreira.    
            (i) Hugh Anthony Lanning ("Lannie") Ferreira. Lives in the US.    
6. James ("Jimmy") Henry Arbuthnot Hope. Born 19 November 1867.  Married Marion Glasford.
        a. Daisy Hope. Married Joseph Greenidge.    
          (a) (girl  - name unknown) Greenidge.    
          (b) (boy - name unknown) Greenidge.    
        b. Edna Hope.    
        c. Ella Hope.    
        d. Margaret  ("Maggie") Hope.    
7. Henrietta ("Pheaton") Arbuthnott Hope. Born Trinidad & Tobago 24 Oct 1870. Died Scarborough British Guiana 25 September 1926. According to Henrietta Pheaton Arbuthnott Hope was born in Goa 1870 to Jonathan Arbuthnott and Sarah Collier (whose name also appears above). Married first Edward Percival Ross (born Trinidad & Tobago 15 April 1871, died 13 April 1912).
        a. Eric Arbuthnott Ross. Born c.1881.    
        b. Everil Arbuthnott Ross. Born 10 May 1883. Married first Miriam Maxwell.    
          (a) Miriam Dorothy Arbuthnott Ross.    
          Everil married second Julie Gregg.    
          (b) Douglas Ross. Married Edna _____.    
            (i) Julie Marie Ross.    
            (ii) Yolanda Ross.    
            (iii) Linda Ross.    
            (iv) Sheila Ross.    
            (v) Anthony Ross.    
            (vi) Paul Ross.    
          Everil married third Soledad ("Solito") Forero.    
          (c) William ("Billy") Arbuthnott Ross Forero. Married Livia Lourdes Chalita.    
            (i) William Arbuthnott Ross Chalita.    
            (ii) Livia Lizette Ross Chalita.    
            (iii) Franklin Jose Ross Chalita.    
            (iv) Maritza Wendy Ross Chalita.    
          (d) Olga Violeto Ross Forero    
          (e) Gilma Betty Ross Forero.    
            (i) Dayana Rathseoya Cerro Ross.    
        c. Frederick  Isaac Arbuthnott Ross. Born Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana 17 January 1895. Died Georgetown 24 May 1964. Married Guiana 1920 (Ada) Stella Faria (born Georgetown 17 January 1895, died Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela 5 October 1964).    
          (a) (infant - name unknown) Ross    
          (b) (infant - name unknown) Ross    
          (c) John Ross    
          (d) Ivan Ross    
          (e) Frederick Irwin Ross Faria.  Born Georgetown, Guyana 18 April 1923.  Emigrated to Venezuela c.1962. English teacher. He lives in city: Pariaguan, (estate: Anzoategui, Venezuela). Married first Aurelia Laima Žalnieriunas (born 8 Nov 1928 Kaunas, Lithuania), who lives in Florida.    
            (i) Jean Elizabeth Ross Žalnieriunas born 21 Sep 1952 in Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela lives in Clearwater Fl.   Married 18 Sept 1976 Julio Valeika    
(1) Anthony Kistulis Valeika Ross
(2) Natalia Maria  Valeika Ross
(3) Valeria Laima Valeika Ross
(4) John Edward Valeika Ross
            (ii) Paul Albert Ross Žalnieriunas born 23 Sep 1953 Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela. Married in Valencia 3 September 1980 Lexis Judith Osio Jimenez (born Valencia 28 October 1957). They live in USA.    
              (1) Joseph Christoper Ross Born Provo, Utah , USA 14 Dec 1984 Married 24 May 2008 Sarah Martha de Araujo Scherffius    
              (2) David Jonathan Ross Born Clearwater, Florida , USA 7 Feb 1986. Married 26 June 2009 Elisabeth Cannon    
              (3) Richard Jeremy Ross Born S t. Petersburg , Florida , USA 12 Oct 1987    
              (4) James Alexander Ross Born St. Petersburg, Florida , USA 30 Sep 1989    
            (iii) Edward Anthony ("Tony") Ross Žalnieriunas born 24 May 1955 Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela lives in USA Married 28 Dec 1974 Gladys Torrealba Monseratt    
(1) Peter Anthony Ross Torealba
(2) Yein Marilyn Ross Torealba
(3) Susan Carolyn Ross Torealba
            (iv) Frederick Dany Ross Žalnieriunas  born 1 Nov 1956 Valencia, Carabobo, Venezuela lives in USA    
            Frederick  married second Gisela Josefina Rodriguez Ordońez (born Valencia, Venezuela; died 16 December 2005).    
            (v) Ada Gisela Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia 16 Oct 1963. Married 19 July 1985 Miguel Antonio Hernandez    
(1) Ada Gisela  Hernandez Ross
(2) Miguel Antonio Hernandez Ross
(3) Frederick Irwin Hernandez Ross
(4) Karen Andrea Hernandez Ross
            (vi) Iris Cristina Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia    
            (vii) Estela Roraima Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia    
            (viii) Gema Josefina Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia    
            (ix) Michel Irwin Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia    
            (x) Ronald Nefi Ross Rodriguez. Born Valencia 29 March 1984. Lives in Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela.  He has a tech communication  company called; and hopes  to graduate fromUniversity as an accountant within 10 months. Married Elizabeth Merino (born Anaco, Venezuela 7 May 1986) who intends to return  to University to be a Doctor.    
              (1) Elizabeth Gisela Ross Merino. Born Lecheria,  Venezuela 15 May 2007.    
(2) Valery Patricia Eoss Marino  Born 12 June  2012.
          (f) Max Ross    
        d. Clarence Arbuthnott Ross.  Married Ursula Linette Joseph.    
          (a) Edward Arbuthnott Ross    
          (b) Joyce Arbuthnott Ross. Married Nelson Gray.    
            (i) Andre Arnaud Gray.    
            (ii) Richard Anthony Gray.    
            (iii) Marguerite Aloma Gray.    
            (iv) Donnamarie Gray.    
          (c) Edwin Arbuthnott Ross. Married Celina Rodriguez    
            (i) Edwin Antonio Ross Rodriguez.    
            (ii) Cilena Lourdes Ross Rodriguez.    
          (d) (unnamed infant) Ross    
          (e) Mervin Arbuthnott Ross.  Married Marion _____.    
          (f) Desmond Arbuthnott ("Bugs") Ross. Married first Annette Khan (divorced).    
            (i) Joanne Ross.  Married Brian Davis.    
            (ii) Allan Ross.    
            (iii) Ernest ("Ernie") Ross.    
            (iv) Gerry Ross.    
            Desmond married second Christa _____.    
            (v) Lara Ann Ross.    
            (vi) Brian Ross.    
          (g) Cicely Irma Arbuthnott Ross. Married first Percy Forbes (divorced).    
            (i) Michael Forbes.    
            (ii) Desiree Ann Ross.    
            Cicely married second Floyd Ratcliffe.    
          (h) Edward Arbuthnott Ross    
          (i) Jean Olive Arbuthnot Ross. Born 28 September 1935. Married 14 April 1956 Desmond Kerry.     
            (i) Gregory Paul Kerry. Born 19 November 1957. Married Toronto, Canada 30 July 1983 Angela Maria Scaffid of Sicily.    
              (1) Amanda Jean Kerry. Born 8 May 1987.    
              (2) Lisa Marie Kerry. Born 12 March 1991.    
            (ii) Karen Mariaye Kerry. Born 30 March 1964. Married 8 August 1992 Derek Vaughan Thomas of Manchester, England.    
            (iii) Nigel Retna Kerry. Born 14 February 1966.    
          (j) Elizabeth Ann Arbuthnott Ross.  Born British Guiana 7 May 1937. Died 7 December 1992. Married first Harry Cressall (divorced).    
            (i) Christopher Cressall.    
            (ii) Gary Stephen Cressall.    
            Elizabeth  married second John Eyre.    
        e. Percival ("Ival") Arbuthnott Ross. Born 1900. Died 1981.    
          (a) Richard Ross    
        f. Edward ("Ned") Arbuthnott Ross.  Born 1900. Died Georgetown.    
        g. Louis (or Lewis) Arbuthnott Ross. Born 10 May 1904. Married Nellie Ann Saunders (nee Morton).    
          (a) Louis Andrew Ross Morton. Married first Jacqueline ("Jackie") McGregor (divorced).    
            (i) Kamla Monique Ross McGregor.    
            (ii) Jacqueline Michelle Ross McGregor.    
            Louis married second Carmen Zulay Pena C.    
          (b) Nouel Ricardo ("Kiko") Ross Morton    
          Louis also had a daughter:    
          (c) Millicent Yvonne Brooks. Married Felipe Carl Noguera (divorced).    
            (i) Felipe Michael Noguera.    
            (ii) Pedro Antonio Noguera.    
            (iii) Ramona Angela Noguera.    
            (iv) Ricardo M Noguera.    
            (v) Aurora Magdalena Noguera.    
            (vi) David Andres Noguera.    
        h. Christopher Sills Arbuthnott Ross. Born 20 May 1908. Died February 1978. Married Estelle Salandy.    
          (a) Monica Joyce Ross. Married Harry Errol Pirtheesingh.    
            (i) Joy Maria Pirtheesingh.    
            (ii) Leah Simone Pirtheesingh.    
            (iii) Nigel Rohan Pirtheesingh.    
          (b) Edward Christopher Ross. Married Donald McDonald.    
            (i) Christopher Ross.    
          (c) Barbara Lucille Ross. Married Robert Lawrence.    
            (i) Elizabeth ("Beth") Lucille Lawrence.    
            (ii) Patricia ("Tricia") Sara Lawrence.    
          (d) Louis Aden Ross. Married Lorna Bianca Sutherland.    
            (i) Catherine ("Cathy") Ann Ross.    
            (ii) Helen Frances Ross.  Died November  2008.    
            (iii) Colin Nicholas Ross.    
            Louis had another son:    
            (iv) Wayne Ross.    
          (e) Everil Anthony Ross. Married Pearl Nyack.    
            (i) Richard Anthony Arbuthnott Ross.    
            (ii) Roxanne Arbuthnott Ross.    
          (f) Carl Leo Ross. Twin. Married Irene _____.    
            (i) Patrick Ross.    
            (ii) Eric Ross.    
            (iii) Angela Ross. Twin.    
            (iv) Estelle Ross. Twin.    
          (g) Caroll Callistra Rose Ross. Twin.    
          (h) Albert George Ross. Married 9 August 1970 Yolanda Maxine Medule Graham.    
            (i) Melanie Gayle Ross. Born 5 August 1971. Married 14 November 2003 Michael  Glenn Lowenstein.    
(1) Anya Nyala Lowenstein. Born 18 October 2007
(2) Eli Benjamin Lowenstein. Born 4 November 2009
            (ii) Mischa Sonya Ross Born 29 December 1974.  Married 1 July 2006 Dennis Ian Baker    
(1) Alexa Melanie-Rose Baker Born 3 April 2009
            (iii) Damian Albert Rossborn 31 October 1976. Married 11 October 2003 Cynthia Renee Young    
(1) Jaden Damian Ross  Born 21 December 2004
(2) Tristan Hayley Ross.  Born 12 December 2009
          (i) Cicely Ross.    
          (j) Christopher Arbuthnott Ross. Married Caroline Duhaime.    
            (i) Alix Gabrielle Duhaime-Ross.    
            (ii) Arielle Duhaime-Ross.    
          (k) Grace Estelle Ross. Married Winston Wiltshire.    
            (i) Priscilla Grace Wiltshire.    
        i. Violet Arbuthnott Ross. Born 13 February 1911. Died 1986. Married 1930 (Cecil) Clarence ("Clarrie") Webber and had issue (see above).    
          (g) Patrick Webber. Living in Wales. Three children.    
        Pheaton married second 24 December 1916 Peter William ("Willie") Francis Yeates (died 29 December 1916).    
8. John ("Johnnie") Wallis Arbuthnot Hope. Born May 1873. Dsp c.1926. Married _____ Sinclair.
    B. Mary Berry. Why is her surname Berry?    
    C. John Berry. Why is his surname Berry?    
    D. Sarah Caroline Hall.    
    E. Samuel Hall, IV.    
  IV. Frances ("Franny") Hall. Born 10 October 1809. Baptised 25 June 1817.    
    A. Kate Caroline Hall.    
    B. John  Horatio Hall    
    Frances married 5 July 1850 John Martin.    
    C. Jimmy Martin.    
    D. Buddy Martin.    
  V. Caroline Hall. Born 5 October 1811.  Baptised 25 June 1817. Married George Henry Deleyre.    
    A. Samuel George Deleyre.    
    B. Mary Eleanora Deleyre. Married Angus Collier.    
1. Caroline Alecia Collier.
2. Angus Henry Collier.
3. Theodore Augustus Bruce Collier.
4. Martha Elizabeth Collier.
5. Mary Rebecca ("Honey") Collier. Married John Thorburn Paterson.
        a. Edgar MacLeod Paterson.    
6. Sarah Eleanora Collier. Married Jason Boxill Thomas and had issue (see above).
7. Dorcas ("Darkey") Ann Collier. Died 5 February 1926. Married Isaac Arbuthnot Hope and had issue (see above).
8. William Henry Owen Collier.
9. Eleanora ("Ellen") Arbuthnot Collier. Married James Bertram Macfarlane.
        a. Pearl Eudora MacFarlane.    
        b. Iris Arbuthnot MacFarlane.    
        c. Viola MacFarlane. Married Donald Angelo Robertson.    
          (a) Kenneth Anstruther Robertson. Married Morag MacLean.    
            (i) David Andrew Robertson.    
            (ii) Peter Anthony Robertson.    
            (iii) Eleanor Ann Robertson.    
        d. Theodore Garnet Charles MacFarlane. Married Beryl Vivian Leiba.    
          (a) Dolores Yvonne Theodora MacFarlane. Author of “Kith and Kin of Three Tobago Families” compiled 1993 (Library of Congress catalogue card number: 05-6158010), not available to the public, as only 6 copies were printed, one of which is in the Library of Congress. Married Felix Afra Thompson (divorced). Address: 11 Ronald Avenue, St Anns, Trinidad & Tobago. Tel: +1 868 621 3291.    
            (i) Joan Maria Theresa Thompson.    
            (ii) Patricia Dolores Thompson.    
            (iii) Tim Eugene Anthony Thompson.    
            (iv) Kip Richard Thompson.    
            (v) Nicole Suzanne Antoinette Thompson.    
          (b) Jessie Pearl Arbuthnot MacFarlane. Married first Mervyn Sealy (divorced).    
            (i) Diana Jo Ann Sealy Clyne.    
            Jessie married second John Rennel Clyne.    
            (ii) Reginald John Clyne.    
            (iii) Robert Marcel Clyne.    
          (c) Douglas Graeme MacFarlane. Married first Merlene Leiba (divorced).    
            (i) Michelle Karen MacFarlane.    
            (ii) Monique Sharon MacFarlane.    
            (iii) Kirk Douglas MacFarlane.    
            He had a further son:    
            (iv) Gary Wayne Garcia.    
            Douglas married second Anne Sultan Khan.    
          (d) Florence Rosita ("Irma") MacFarlane. Married Casimiro ("Cassie") Armando Anselmo de Lima (divorced).    
            (i) Richard de Lima.    
            (ii) Gail Elizabeth Nina Antonia Angela de Lima.    
            (iii) Rain Anna Calypso MacFarlane de Lima (or Anna Maria de Lima).    
            (iv) Marisa Elena de Lima.    
          (e) Jean Kathleen MacFarlane. Married Raymon Leonard Shepherd (divorced).    
            (i) Catherine Frances Shepherd.    
            (ii) Robert Leonard Shepherd.    
            (iii) Elizabeth ("Liz") Ann Shepherd.    
            (iv) Christian Andrew Shepherd.    
          (f) Cynthia Beryl MacFarlane. Married Lancelot Seegobin.    
            (i) Leslie Ann Seegobin.    
            (ii) Karen Michelle Frances Seegobin.    
            (iii) Randal Keith Seegobin.    
            (iv) Nigel Bruce Seegobin.    
            (v) Peter Lee Seegobin.    
          (g) Margaret Rose MacFarlane. Married Michael Joseph de Souza (divorced).    
            (i) Brian Michael de Souza.    
            (ii) Robin Andrew de Souza.    
            (iii) Andre Allan de Souza.    
            Margaret then had a child:    
            (iv) Roger Mark V  de Souza.    
          (h) John Claverhouse MacFarlane. Married Jeanne Geber.    
            (i) Stephane Theodore Gavin Macfarlane.    
            (ii) Nathalie Anne Macfarlane.    
          Theodore had further children:    
          (i) Miriam Adesma MacFarlane    
            (i) Cecil Dalrymple.    
            (ii) Clyde Cherrie.    
            Miriam married Kenneth Noel (divorced).    
          (j) Gerald George Guilland MacFarlane. Married Georgia Campbell.    
            (i) Chawanda Pearl Theresa Macfarlane.    
            (ii) Hadiah Arielle Margaret Macfarlane.    
            (iii) Khadija Geri Sophia Macfarlane.    
          (k) Maria Gemma Guilland MacFarlane. Married first Brian Bernard Barrington Checkley (divorced). Married second Reid Phillips.    
            (i) Gillian Nyla Phillips.    
            (ii) Adrian Oswick Phillips.    
            (iii) Jovam Alicia Phillips.    
          (l) Indra Chrysanta Guilland MacFarlane.    
          (m) Theodore Pacelli Guilland MacFarlane.    
          (n) Romano Alastair Guilland MacFarlane.    
        e. Jasper MacFarlane.    
        f. Clare Angus Le Hunte McFarlane. Married Georgianna Miriam Dillon.    
          (a) Elizabeth Joy McFarlane. Married Jean-Paul Altermatt, Sr.    
            (i) Jean-Paul Altermatt, Jr.    
          (b) Randolph Malcolm Murchison McFarlane. Married Carol Doull.    
            (i) David McFarlane.    
            (ii) Andrew McFarlane.    
          (c) Hubert Knollys Franklyn McFarlane. Married Gemma de Gannes.    
            (i) Corey Hubert McFarlane.    
            (ii) Nicole Lois McFarlane.    
            (iii) Sean Dewayne McFarlane.    
          (d) Anthony ("Tony") Colin Lennox McFarlane. Married Ettie Alexander.    
            (i) Owusu Obu McFarlane.    
            (ii) Owame Mnsah McFarlane.    
            (iii) Kimara Camille McFarlane.    
          (e) Roger McFarlane. Married Aulrica Rivers.    
            (i) Michael McFarlane.    
            (ii) Patrick McFarlane.    
            (iii) Christopher McFarlane.    
            (iv) Catherine McFarlane.    
            He also had a son    
            (v) Corey Burnham McFarlane.    
          (f) Alastair ("Ali") Eric Clare McFarlane. Married first Patricia Lewin (divorced)    
            (i) Eric Tovelle McFarlane.    
            Ali married second Cheryl _____ (divorced)    
            (ii) Bediako Yaw McFarlane.    
            Ali married third Gwendolyn Meyer.    
          (g) Jeffrey Allan Michael McFarlane. Married Marilyn Theresa Kelly.    
            (i) Daya N'kosi Michael McFarlane.    
            (ii) Jeffrey Chikosi Clae McFarlane.    
            (iii) Marcus Lleanda McFarlane.    
            (iv) Kelley Anne McFarlane.    
            (v) Jason Angus McFarlane.    
            He also had children:    
            (vi) Andra Antoinette McFarlane.    
            (vii) Jaycelle Tracy Lyons.    
          (h) Patricia Janice McFarlane. Married Lenrick Chase.    
            (i) Tamika La Toya Chase.    
            (ii) Marissa Lenae Chase.    
            (iii) Tatiana La Keia Chase.    
          (i) Marion Christine Pearl McFarlane. Married James Albert Trim.    
            (i) Sheldon Marlon Trim.    
            (ii) Brenton David Trim.    
            (iii) Marlies Fkrte Trim.    
            (iv) Gregory Marc Trim.    
            (v) Stefan Trim.    
            (vi) Melanie Sabrina Trim.    
          (j) Barbara Anne Marie McFarlane. Married Lancelot Pierre.    
            (i) Kalliffe Pierre.    
            (ii) Celeste Pierre.    
          (k) Cheryl ("Pinky") Nina Althea McFarlane. Married Winston ("Kurt") Salandy.    
            (i) Kristen Renee Maria Salandy.    
            (ii) Kyle Sergio Maria Salandy.    
            (iii) Kolen Chad Salandy. Born 8 February 1993. Died 19 September 2009.    
10. Albert ("Bertie") Benjamin Collier. Married Agnes ("Aggie") Robena McCall.
        a. Alvin Bryant Collier.    
        b. Una Collier. Married George Beresford Ottley.    
          (a) Ivor Albert Hilton Pierre Ottley. Married Hazel Barrett.    
            (i) Andrea Patricia Ottley.    
          (b) Gloria Agnes Rose Ottley. Married Cecil  Herman Valentine Rogers.    
            (i) Stewart Anton Rogers.    
            (ii) Roxanne Cecile Rogers.    
            (iii) Natalie Rose Rogers.    
          (c) Ian Gordon Beresford Ottley. Married Shirley Rudd.    
            (i) Shian Leilani Ottley.    
          (d) Margaret Daphne Ottley. Married Claude Harper.    
            (i) Oliver Harper.    
            (ii) Curtis Harper.    
          (e) Una Elizabeth Lucille Ottley.    
            (i) George Dominic Ottley.    
          (f) George Raymond Bernard Ottley. Married Gloria Winford.    
            (i) Gina Marie Therese Ottley.    
            (ii) Graeme Randall Ottley.    
            (iii) Gavin Andre Ottley.    
          (g) David Patrick Churchill Ottley. Married Anne McIntosh (separated).    
            (i) Gary Ottley.    
            (ii) Rhonda Ottley.    
          (h) Louis Robert Cecil Ottley. Married Marielle de Four.    
            (i) Kevin Ottley.    
            (ii) Justin Ottley.    
            (iii) Andre Louis Ottley.    
          (i) Irwin Phillip Ottley. Married Sharman Sealy.    
            (i) Christopher Phillip Ottley.    
            (ii) Isha Maria Ottley.    
11. Charles  ("Charlie") Angus Collier.
        a. Evans Collier.    
          (a) Lenore Collier.    
        b. Ena Collier.    
        c. Ivy Collier.    
        d. Evelyn Collier.    
        e. May Collier.    
        f. Doris Collier.    
          (a) (son - name unknown) Collier.    
        g. Gerald Collier.    
          (a) Basil Collier.    
            (i) Kevin Ottley.    
            (ii) Michael Ottley.    
            (iii) A son - name unknown.    
          (b) Gerald Brian Collier.    
        h. (daughter - name unknown) Collier.    
          (a) Olga Collier (or Olga Houllier).    
            (i) Bert Fitzgerald Collier.    
        i. Alberta ("Luna") Stewart (or Collier).    
          (a) Marie Louise Rosella Gray.  Married Ralph du Coudray.    
            (i) Frederick ("Toey") du Coudray.    
            (ii) Cheryl du Coudray.    
            (iii) Rosemary ("Pinkie") du Coudray.    
            (iv) Antoinette ("Ann") du Coudray.    
            (v) Camille du Coudray.    
            (vi) Judith Mary du Coudray.    
          (b) Gordon Stewart, Senior. Married Carmen Cassanova.    
            (i) June Stewart.    
            (ii) Gordon Stewart, Junior.    
            (iii) Richard Barthlomew Stewart.    
            (iv) Ralph Stewart.    
            (v) Julio Stewart.    
            (vi) Otteran Stewart.    
            (vii) James ("Tony") Stewart.    
            (viii) Roy Stewart.    
            (ix) Michael Stewart.    
            (x) Albert Stewart.    
            (xi) Bunny Stewart.    
            (xii) Ian Stewart.    
            (xiii) Malcolm Stewart.    
          (c) Leonita Stewart. Married  Conrad Gonzales.    
            (i) Greta Gonzales.    
            (ii) Mark Gonzales.    
    C. Sophia Jane Deleyre.    
    D. Henry Blaize Deleyre.    
    E. Sarah Caroline Deleyre.    
    F. John Adolphus Deleyre.    
  VI. Pinder (Pindar/Pindah) Hall. Born November 1815. Baptised 25 June 1817.    
    A. Sarah Ann Hall.    
    B. Charles Edward Bull.    
  VI. Samuel Hall, III. Born 1816. Died in infancy.    
  VII. Mary Hall. Born 1818. Died 22 June 18??.    

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