The Wigan Observer And District Advertiser
Wednesday, July 16, 1890.

   Patrick Ready and Alexander Arbuthnot, of Danson's-square, were charged with stealing with violence, 6d. and a wooden pipe from the person of Joseph Lowe, of 274, Warrington-road, Ince. - The Chief-constable (Captain Bell) prosecuted. - Joseph Lowe said that about ten minutes past eleven, on Friday night, he was lighting his pipe near the end of Danson's Square when the prisoner Ready came up to him, and catching hold of him tried to trip him. His pipe was snatched out of his mouth, and then the two began to scuffle with one another. Ready commencing kicking, and then he felt the prisoner's hand in his pocket, where there was sixpence. Afterwards he missed it. A companion, who was with witness, was struggling with the other prisoner, and he went to his assistance, and then the two men ran away. There were also several other men round about. Witness afterwards went with Police-constable Lewtas to a house, and identified the two prisoners. - Jonathan Clayton, engine-cleaner, Warrington Road, Lower Ince, said he was with Lowe on Friday night. He saw him stopped by Ready, and went to his assistance. Before reaching him he was met by Arbuthnot, who threw him down and kicked him. Two other men whom he did not know also came up and kicked him. When he got on his feet they attacked him again. - William Houghton, a clerk at Springs Branch steam sheds, and living at 11, Cemetery-road, Lower Ince, said a little after eleven o'clock he was in company with the other two witnesses, and saw them stopped by the prisoners. As witness rushed off to find a policeman he was followed by another man as if to prevent his getting away. - Police-constable Lewtas said he apprehended the prisoners at a quarter to four that morning in a house in Danson's-square. He told them he wanted them on a charge of felony, and brought them down to the police-office. On searching them the pipe was found on Arbuthnot and 2d. on Ready. - Both prisoners admitted having been in the scuffle, but denied the robbery. - They were committed to the Liverpool assizes.

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