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    _____ Arbuthnot. "In the Scottish Kilties". He went from Scotland to Canada.    

Robert James Arbuthnot. Born Canada 12 July 1893 (24 July 1894 per FamilyTreeLegends). Died Long Beach, California 12 December 1966. "In the Scottish Kilties" and a pilot. He went from Scotland to USA, working in silent movies, creating the typed words. He opened "Dubrock's Riding Academy", 3224 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles which was in the family 31 March 1944 employing Stanley West Dubrock. Married Pauline C Dubrock (born Illinois 16 February 1900 [1901 per FamilyTree Legends], died Los Angeles 26 August 1974, had a sister Velda). They had one child:

    A. Yvonne Florence Arbuthnot. Born San Diego, California 3 November 1928. SSN 551-32-5506. Died Clark Co., Nevada 30 November 1999. She was a dancer in a number of Broadway shows. After her father's death, she and her mother moved to 4127 Massachusetts St, Long Beach where they lived until c.1974. Married William Martin Evans (born Troy, Madison Co., Illinois 3 July 1918; died Illinois c.1965), an engineer who travelled much. They were separated 4 December 1945. He was son of William John Evans and Wisil Rose Rarseik. William Martin Evans had a son, Bryan, by his previous marriage.    
    1. Martin Sean Evans. Born 11 November 1958.    
    2. Robert William Evans. Born 4 January 1960.    
    3. Dublin Patrick Evans. Born 16 April 1962. Married 27 April 1996 Dawn Russling (born 9 August 1967).    
        a. Crysta Evans.    
        b. Tyler Evans. She has spina bifida.    
  II. John M Arbuthnot. Born 1899. He moved to Canada. Married Thelma C _____ (born Texas 24 July 1895 [1894 per FamilyTreeLegends], died Los Angeles 15 [14 per FamilyTree Legends] November 1966). She was chairman for a Wilshire drive for Bonds for Babies under the War Finance Committee and displays Walt Disney displayed design gift certificates. John and Thelma feature in the 1930 census. John and Ernest E Arbuthnot were living in Kern, California in 1920 - possibly Ernest is their son?    
    A. A person. Worked at Disney as an administrator.    

Other members of the Dubrock family (not necessarily this family) are: Edmond J Dubrock (28.2.1914 - 17.4.1988), Idella G Dubrock (1.6.1913 - 23.8.1980), Joseph G Dubrock (15.7.1936 - 2.1.1998) & Sam M Dubrock (6.2.1922 - 20.10.1984) - all of Louisiana. 

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