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JAMES ARBUTHNOTT, Senior. Shoemaker. Married MARY ______.
A. JAMES ARBUTHNOTT, Junior. Baptized Benholm 29 September 1767. Died Benholm 25 January 1835. Shoemaker. Married MARGARET ROSS (born Johnshaven, Benholm c.1774; died Johnshaven 9 March 1865), dairymaid, daughter of Hercules Ross, mason and Mary Valentine.
1. JOHN ARBUTHNOTT. Baptized Benholm 15 September 1793.
2. MARY ARBUTHNOTT. Baptized Benholm 28 March 1802.
3. MARGARET ARBUTHNOTT. Born Johnshaven, Benholm c.1806. Dressmaker. Unmarried 1861.
4. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOTT. Born Benholm 27 January 1807. Baptized Benholm 8 February 1807.
5. CHARLOTTE ARBUTHNOTT. Born Johnshaven, Benholm c.1813. Domestic servant. Unmarried 1881.
6. JAMES ARBUTHNOTT, III. Born Benholm c.1817/20. Died Laurencekirk 30 January 1895. Agricultural, forester's and general labourer. Married in Fetteresso, 7 December 1845, CHRISTIAN (or CHRISTINA) DONALD (born Fetteresso c.1818; died Laurencekirk 28 January 1885 aged sixty-seven), daughter of Alexander Donald, farmer and Mary, née Fraser.
a. CHRISTIAN OFFICER ARBUTHNOTT. Born Fetteresso 14 January 1848. Baptized Fetteresso 25 February 1848; witnesses: Alexander Donald and Hugh Sheret. Domestic servant. Married in Johnshaven, 18 June 1869, ROBERT GREIG (aged twenty-six), painter, son of William Greig, tailor and Lavinia, née Forbes.
There was another family in Benholm at this time:    
A. James Arbuthnot. Married Janet Grieg.
1. Charlotte Arbuthnot. Baptised Benholm, Kincardineshire 22 July 1781. Married c.1802 John Rae.
a. May Rae. Born Benholm c.1803. Married in Dunnottar 24 November 1821 Adam Forbes.
b. Charlotte Rae. Born Bervie c.1815. Married George Burness (who had a child by Mary Gray).
i. Isabella Burness.
ii. Ann Burness.
iii. Mary Burness.
iv. William Burness.
v. Charlotte Burness.
vi. George Burness.
vii. John Burness.
viii. Christina Burness. Married Robert Rust.
  (a) Margaret Rust.
  (b) Christina Rust.
  (c) Isabella Byers Rust. Married James Phillip Jamieson.
    aa. Evelyn Jamieson. Her cousins owned the pub in Kittybrewster. Married William Hay Forbes.
      (i) Isabella Forbes. Born Aberdeen. Went to Australia 1952. Married Ken Murphy.
          (A) Daniel Desmond Murphy.
          (B) Stephen Frances Murphy. Married Nora Schmidt.
            aaa. Gene Edmond Murphy. Aged 21.
            bbb. Kurt Daniel Murphy. Aged 19.
            ccc. Dana Talia Murphy. Aged 10.
          (C) Karen Ann Murphy. She has children by her long term partner Mark Houghton:
            aaa. Jeremy Houghton. Aged 9.
            bbb. Stacy Isabella Houghton. Aged 7.
      (ii) Evelyn Catherine Forbes. Born Aberdeen. Married Denis Vazey. Divorced before 1995.
          (A) A son. Died of cancer aged seventeen.
c. Charles Rae. Born 1816.
d. John Rae. Born c.1818.
There was another Charlotte Arbuthnott (born Bervie 12 September 1774).

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