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33    Date:           7 January 2012
         Toby Arbuthnot             Source   
Who was Dave Arbuthnott (dvu)? Married Eileen Edna _____ of Lower Hutt. Married first Les Kennedy. 

On January 3, 2012 peacefully at Hutt Hospital Lower Hutt; aged 93 years.

Beloved wife of the late Dave Arbuthnott and Les Kennedy. Much loved mother of Margaret Clarkson (Christchurch) and the late Michael and Ramon Kennedy. Loved mother-in-law of David Clarkson (Christchurch), Barbara Kennedy (Reefton) and Marie & Buster West-Hill (Orewa). Dearly loved grandmother of Sean (dec), Robert, Leslee, Rory, Katy and great grandmother of Jordyn, Summer, Brooke and Riley. Loved sister of Doris, Nancy, Betty, Jean and the late Tim.

32    Date:           14 January 2011
         Toby Arbuthnot             Source   
Who are Andrew J Arbuthnott married Monika Hermanska in 1981, have son Christopher Ross S Arbuthnott. Farming in NZ

31    Date:           14 January 2010
         Gary Jackson             Source   

Who is the Thomas Arbuthnot who died 28 November, 1910 aged 72? Therefore born c.1838. He was interred at the old Gosford Cemetery that is commonly referred to by many as Bradyís Gully Cemetery, Gosford, N.S.W. Australia. The local Gosford council took away all the headstones and sold off cemetery land to the Department of Education in 1966. Fortunately, Thomas Arbuthnotís headstone was salvaged from a storage depot and returned to a smaller portion of the original sized cemetery, after being reclaimed by the local Council which was forced to make a Pioneer Park

30    Date:           14 January 2006
         Toby Arbuthnot           Source   

What ship called Arbuthnot was lost off New South Wales 1913?

27    Date:           18 April 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           Source
John Hugh Arbuthnott Lyall. Married Motueka, Nelson, New Zealand 12 January 1887 Ebie Simpson.
Is he son of Hugh Arbuthnott Lyell, minister of Auchterhouse, who married 1 Dec 1868 Elizabeth Hardie.
We think they may be descended from Rev David Lyell and Hon Catherine Arbuthnott, Table D.

26    Date:           18 February 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           Source
William Arbuthnot, d. aged 37 1846.
Charles Arbuthnot, s. of Charles / Mary.  Died Moulamein, NSW 1905.
Thomas Arbuthnot, d. aged 23 Sth Deniliquin. Died Deniliquin, NSW 1857.
Terence Edmund Arbuthnot, s. of William John / Maria. Died Hornsby, NSW 1937.

24    Date:           18 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot           Source     Irene Clark 00613 9830 1093 or 9836 90222
Who is Stephanie Arbuthnot, a widow whose husband died in Vietnam. She lived at 3 Maling Road, Canterbury, Victoria, Aus. Previously lived in Sydney. Living with Gary Mann.

23    Date: 
         16 December 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            source:
       Who was
  Gwenda Arbuthnott Gardner - Died New Zealand 4 December 1993
                          Lois Arbuthnot - Died New Zealand 3 October 1989 - Table 44

21    Date: 
         21 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source: Connie Cunningham (descendant of Martha L Tannock's sister)
       To whom do the following Killarney graves belong?  
- Mostly Table 10.
This is the list I received from the Warwick Shire Council  concerning Arbuthnots buried in that district.
Mary Arbuthnot interred 1 February 1948 aged 90 Killarney C38
John Arbuthnot interred 14 November 1935 aged 72 Killarney C39
William Arbuthnot interred 21 August 1944 aged 83 Killarney C45
Robert Arbuthnot interred 10 June 1954 aged 17 Killarney J18
William D. Arbuthnot interred 1 March 1990 aged 85 Killarney C48
Margaret Ellen Arbuthnot interred 1 January 1891 aged 6 Killarney C36
James Arbuthnot interred 14 July 1913 aged 84 Killarney C34
Margaret Arbuthnot 9 November 1875 aged 47 Killarney C35
Annie Arbuthnot 12 October 1928 aged 64 Warwick B507

20    Date: 
         20 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source: Qld does not have an online site.
Who is   Elsie Arbuthnot, married Sydney NSW 1918 (or before) Richard J Costin. Ref 28
       Who is   Mary Arbuthnot, married Bombala, NSW 1869 (or before) George Goddard. Ref 1947      
       Who is  
Terence Edmund Arbuthnot, died Hornsby NSW 1937 (or before), son of William John and Maria.
Ref 22474
       Who is   Thomas Arbuthnot, died South Deniliquin, NSW 1857 (or before) aged 23. Ref 2654
       Who is   William Arbuthnot, died 1846 (or before) aged 37. Therefore born c.1808/9. Ref V18461398 140

18    Date: 
        3 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who were:  William Arbuthnot, native of Perth, aged 27, farm servant able to read and write, Protestant, who sailed from Leith (19 April 1838) to Botany Bay, Sydney (12 September 1838) aboard the Lady Kennaway.

17    Date: 
        21 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Robert Arbuthnot, aged 32, farm labourer of Co Down. Sailed on the "Camperdown", leaving London 14th April 1876, arriving Nelson, New Zealand 4th July 1876.

16    Date: 
        5 March 2003
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:     Evan Paul Arbuthnot Haines, died
8 December 1896 aged 36, buried East Perth Cemetery, Australia

15    Date:          28 December 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:       
Andrew Arbuthnot, originally from Queensland, now based in Sydney, film producer LaLa Pictures?

14    Date: 
        17 May 2002
        Ian William Arbuthnott   Table 7
        Who is:       
Captain John R Arbuthnot, Master of  'Mary Ann I' (a schooner, a convict ship, weighing 387 tons) arrived from London in Sydney, Aust, 19 Jan 1816. Cargo [misc]?

12    Date: 
        17 March 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:    Mathew Arbuthnot, aged 39, convicted of larceny in Antrim 27 December 1839. Sentenced to transportation 7 years. Document  Tr 3, p3.

13    Date:          17 May 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:   
Captain Arbuthnot, Master of  'Fortitude', barque, (253 tons, arrived from Launceston in Sydney, Aust, 23 July 1843) ... (251 tons, arrived from Norfolk Island in Sydney, Aust 23 Sep 1843) ?
        Who was:   Mr Arbuthnot. Master of the barque Fortitude which sailed London to Launceston (arrived 21 June 1843). Master of the Fortitude Launceston (20 or 23 July 1843) to Sydney (3 August 1843). Master of the Fortitude Sydney (29 August 1843) to Norfolk Island. Master of the Fortitude Norfolk Island (23 Sept 1843) to Sydney (11 Oct 1843). Master of the Fortitude Sydney (14 Jan 1844) via Cape of Good Hope to London.
And who was John R Arbuthnot, Master of the Mary Ann, convicts on board, London to Sydney (19 January 1816).

10    Date: 
        31 March 2001
        From:          Toby Arbuthnot
        Searching for:   After whom was the ship "Thomas Arbuthnot" named? It departed Greenock 17 June 1841 and arrived Port Phillip, Melbourne 2 October 1841 (the master was Brown). Cleared from Melbourne 9 November 1841 for Calcutta (master was Brown). It sailed from Portland 10 January 1847 to Victoria 4 May 1847 (the master was Thomson). It arrived Botany Bay, Sydney 17 January 1849 It sailed from Plymouth 28 October 1849 to Botany Bay, Sydney 3 February 1850 (master was G H Heaton).  It sailed Sydney (24 Sept 1850) to Gravesend. It sailed in ballast Sydney (1 July 1852) to Guam (the master was Banatyne, weight 621). It acted as a convict ship, carring 90 boys from Pankhurst Prison to Australia in 1858. We presume this is the ship referred to in the title of Richard Reid's book "A decent set of girls: The Irish Famine Orphans of the Thomas Arbuthnot, 1849-1850".
Probably named after and owned by Thomas Arbuthnot, Jr of Meethill (1792-1872), merchant, shipowner and Provost of Peterhead - Table Q


28    Date:           8 March 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot           Source   

Who is  John Leo (Jack) Holzhauser (born 14 Feb 1888), married 1911 Jessamine Patience (Jessie) Griffiths (born 1885), dau of George Griffiths (1837-1923) and Mary Arbuthnott (1847-1923). They had children Rita I and Beryl

Answer from Barbara Cochrane:
John Leo Halzhauser married Jessamine Patience Griffiths (my grandmother - my parents were Ernie Jennings/Griffiths) on 28 February 1911. Jessamine's parents were George Griffiths and Mary Griffiths (nee Arbuthnot(t)).Mary Arbuthnot(t) (my great-grandmother) married George Goddard on 18 September 1869. George Goddard died  in 1877 and Mary married George Griffiths (my great-grandfather) on 8 October 1878. The spelling is given variously as Arbuthnot or Arbuthnott, depending on the source; Mary herself appears to have adopted the spelling Arbuthnott (this spelling was used when Arbuthnott was given as a middle name within the family). Some sources clearly do not correctly transcribe the original handwritten spelling (one source, for example, transcribes the spelling as Abuthnot).
The oral history passed on to me by Mary's granddaughter Ellen (Aunt Nell) Paske, together with the information that I have obtained from various sources. Aunt Nell died in 2001 at the age of 102; she was brought up by her grandmother Mary.
Mary was born in Peterhead in 1847. Her mother was Eliza McKenzie, of Peterhead. Mary's second marriage certificate lists her mother as Eliza McKenzie, and her father as John george Arbuthnott. Nell told me that Eliza fell pregnant with Mary while she was employed at the Arbuthnott manor house. Mary was born out of wedlock but was given her father's name.
Some years after Eliza gave birth to Mary, she married Colin Cameron. Eliza and Colin emigrated from Scotland to New South Wales on the "Nepaul" in 1855, leaving Mary behind with her maternal grandparents, John McKenzie and his wife Isabella McKenzie (nee Grant).
When the 1851 census was taken, Mary (aged 4) was living at 15 Broad Street, Peterhead (with her maternal grandparents). At some point after 1851, Mary appears to have moved to Aberdeen and she was apparently living in the vicinity of Aberdeen when the 1861 census was taken. Nell told me that Mary remained in Scotland until both of her grandparents died, before following her mother to Australia.
I believe that Mary made the journey on the barque "Woodbine". There is a record of the Woodbine entering New South Wales territorial waters on 4 March 1865. Mary is listed as the only passenger on board.
It seems likely that Mary stayed in touch with her father for the rest of his life; Nell understood that Mary received payments from her father well after arriving in New South Wales.
Mary's second husband, George Griffiths, was trained as a chemist in the UK. He served in the military in the Maori Wars (as he referred to them) during the 1860's, before settling in New South Wales and marrying Mary. My father Ernest was brought up by Mary and George on their property, but he was younger than Nell and absorbed less of the family history.
Mary did very fine needlework and a crochet bedspread made by her was given to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra as 'an illustration of the patriotism of women in Australia during the Great War' (or words to that effect). The bedspread is periodically displayed and has been featured in a number of publications.
My research into Mary's background is ongoing and I would greatly appreciate any tips you could provide to point me in the right direction. All these years after her death, some of Mary's grandchildren remain alive (including one aged 106) and they have been able to provide me with some help in researching Mary's history.

table m

3         Date: 
27 June 2000
From: Dr M. Stuart Lavender
Searching for:   Information concerning Alexander Arbuthnot, died 29 August 1791

        I am interested in the genealogy of members of the crew of the HMS Pandora which sank on the Great Barrier Reef in 1791. This vessel was sent out by the admiralty in an effort to bring the mutineers of HMS Bounty to justice. Alexander Arbuthnot was one of 31 crew members that lost his life in the wreck of the Pandora. Little is known of his personal details other than that he was one of the Sailmakers Crew and probably held no rank. He is likely to have been in his twenties.
        The Queensland Museum has been retrieving artefacts from the wreck site over the last 15 years and much of this material is now on display at the Museum of Tropical Queensland in Townsville, Australia. Skeletal remains from 3 individuals has also been found and DNA analysis has been performed on some of this material. It is conceivable that these individuals may be able to be identified from DNA matching with their decendants. I am told that this will involve tracing a female lineage.
        The first step would be to try to identify where this particular member of the Arbuthnot family fits in. I know the details are scant but I wonder if you can help. Further details of this man's age and origins may possibly be found in the naval muster lists which are held in Kew but this avenue as yet remains unexplored.

Are you aware of the possibility that one of 3 sets of human skeletal remains recovered from the wreck of HMS Pandora (1791) may be the remains of one Alexander Arbuthnott, a sailmaker's mate who died when the Pandora was wrecked on the Great Barrier Reef in 1791. I refer you to the 'Who was Harry?' section of the museum's website.  I look forward to hearing any outcomes you may achieve in 'pinpointing' the Pandora's Arbuthnott. If he is Scotland-born it would seem there are 3 likely candidates": one born 1769 in Benholm; the other born in Montrose in 1770. The third is an Alexander A. born in Kirkbraehead in 1753.
There are other Scotland-born Alex.A's  -eg. b. 1742 in Longside Aberdeen - but I'd rule them out on the grounds of age given that "Harry"'s age has been determined as approx 30 +/- 2 years
Peter Gesner

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