I went to google.com and did a search on parkinsons sites and came up with the following.   Some i have tried to organize and check if they are active. The following is a culled list of organizations and other sites.  I think there is probably somethng of value to everyone. There is no copywrite to this list so do whatever you want with it, and no doubt there are other lists out there, that maybe we should all look at.



Welcome to Parkinsons Disease Societ United Kingdom
PDF - Parkinson's Disease Foundation, Inc.
"James", a site about Parkinson's Disease

Parkinson's Disease Caregiver Information
Parkinson's Western Australia
The Bachmann-Strauss Dystonia & Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
HealingWell.com - Parkinson's Disease Resource Center
Parkinson Society Canada

Awakenings - Parkinson's disease
The Parkinsons Website
Parkinsons New Zealand
Parkinsons Disease Society
The Northwest Parkinson's Foundation
Parkinson's Australia Inc. home page - welcome
Parkinson's Victoria, support for sufferers of Parkinson's ...
Young Parkinsons.com
Parkinson Society Ottawa
Parkinson's Disease Information - Parkinsons Disease Overview
Parkinsons Action Network Home Page
Parkinson's Information Web Site
Parkinsons Disease Control
Parkinsons.co.jp - A Lilly Parkinson's Disease Resource
Parkinsons Disease Foundation
Super Walk - The Parkinsons Foundation of Canada
National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
Welcome to Parkinsons Disease Society
Parkinson's Disease PLWP
Parkinsons Action Network
Parkinsons Disease in South Africa
Parkinson's Disease
Homepage of Parkinson's Qld Inc.
Parkinsons Disease
Parkinsons Power Across America / Homepage
Parkinsons Disease
Parkinson's Disease
MAIN.org - Health Organizations
The Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Center
Parkinsons Disease
parkinsons disease
MS Society of Victoria - Young people in nursing homes - IT'S ...
Parkinsons Of Crowland @ Foodfirst.co.uk
The Parkinson Alliance
Parkinson's Disease | (almost) All the New Zealand

MSN Health - Welcome to the New Hope for Parkinson's Center ( ..

Parkinson's Disease
The Parkinson's Institute - About Us
Michael J. Fox Foundation - Home



Parkinsons Disease Menu

My Parkinson's - Take control of your Parkinson's disease
PIENO Parkinsn Archive Treasures Collection about Parkinsons ..
Hardin MD : Parkinsons Disease

Genetics of Parkinsons disease Mayo Clinic
Encyclopaedia Topic : Parkinsons disease, Section : Introduction.

Maple Square - Health - Diseases and Conditions - Parkinsons
Parkinsons Disease Information from Parkinsons.org
Senior Health Week: Health News And Information For Seniors
About Parkinsons Disease

Oregon Health & Science University Parkinson Center of Oregon
HealingWell.com Resource Directory: Education Planet Health Nutrition and Sports,Medical Ailments, 

 APDA I & R Center: About Parkinsons Disease
APDA I & R Center at Satnford: Parkinsons Disease

NEW Parkinsons Disease Trials
University of Kentucky College of Medicine - Parkinsons Research ..

Brain Surgery for Parkinsons
Parkinsons Power Across America
Parkinsons Disease Information from Parkinsons.org
Parkinson's Disease | Parkinson Society Canada
Parkinsons Treatment

Parkinsons disease prevention and cure - curing program , diet, .
Welcome to Dr. Mukesh B. Paneri's Website
Parkinsons - Current Treatments
Parkinson's Disease Center Home
Parkinsons Disease
BGS Parkinson's Disease SIG
The Whitaker Foundation: Biomedical Engineering and ...


Parkinson's Disease Caregiver Information

Parkinsons Care Forum
Parkinsons Care Forum
Total Living Choices: Parkinsons
PCO Selected Links to Parkinsons Care-Partners: Helpful Internet ..

Diarist.com - Diary: Parkinsons - My Parkinsons disease - a daily ...


An Active Web Resource for Parkinson's Disease Information
Learn about Parkinsons Disease from Plainsense
Living with Parkinsons Disease Main Frameset
Medtronic Activa Parkinsons tremor control therapy can help you

RxUSA.com Online Pharmacy


Parkinsons Information Exchange Network Online Messages (by
Travels With Parkinson's
Yahoo! Health > Diseases and Conditions > Parkinson's Disease

Section Menu for 'Parkinsons'
Your Parkinsons Disease Resourc Parkinsons Chat

PIENO Parkinsn Archive Treasures Collection about Parkinsons
Brain Explorer - Further reading - Parkinsons s disease
Permax Parkinsons Drug Side Effects Lawsuit
Powell's Books - Health and Medicine-Parkinsons Disease
Drug InfoNet - Parkinsons
Aquatic Programs for Those with Parkinsons Disease
Parkinsons Patients...We have Fava Beans
Inhouse Pharmacy Europe Parkinsons Medications, - Bromocriptine, .
Parkinson's Disease Teaching Presentation. Information on history .
Permax Parkinsons Drug Side Effects Lawsuit
Articles - Parkinsons and CoQ10
Other Useful Links for Parkinson's Disease
MotherNature.com - Prevention's Healing with Vitamins: parkinsons
Parkinson's disease (management): dosing list for health care ...
Panacea Pharmaceuticals: Technology: Research and Development
Research - Clinical Projects ~ parkinsons disease
Welcome to Coastn'
Guidelines on Physiotherapy and Parkinsons Disease
Welcome to the Institute of Rehabilition
Distance Healing and Alternatie Health at Quantum Wellness Center
Parkinsons Disease - Parkinson's Disease & Nutrition
UpMyStreet Find My Nearest...
Parkinsonian links - What is Parkinson's?
P Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease
WebMD - Parkinson's Disease: Medication and Treatments
Resources for Aging: Related Links
Parkinsons Program
Parkinsons - A Disease of Aging
parkinsons resources for men
Parkinsonian links - Physical Therapy (PT)
Around Canterbury: Parkinsons Disease
The Parkinsons - Carling Stage, Reading Festival | ...
Health Services: Movement Disorders-Parkinsons
Parkinsons 'miracle cure' turns into catastrophe
Web Sites you ..
Tai Chi Finder new
Parkinsons Action Network
Ultimate drug list for pharmacists, nurses, physicians. Quick ...
Right On The Money, Living With Parkinsons
Medic8 Family Health Guide - FREE Download!
Training and Education
Useful Links
Parkinsons disease - symptoms, stages, treatments and information
Alimed : Medical Supply & Ergonomic Products
Parkinsons Disease Natural Health Treatment