ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, Senior, 1st in Rora. For details of his ancestry see G. on Table N. Married, 1598 according to the date in his quaich, JANET STUART.
A. ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, Junior, 2nd in Rora. [The old parochial records of Longside show no Alexander Arbuthnot from 1621 to 1634 from which time they are blank to 1656]. Died August 1679. Married c.1653 ELSPET INNES who died December 1681.
1. NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT, 3rd of Rora and of Auchlee. Born 1654. Died 1721. For details of his descendants, see Table Q.
2. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1656. Married ALEXANDER SCOTT of Nether Aden.
a. A daughter. Married a Mr SELLER.
(A) WILLIAM SELLER of Scotsmill.
3. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1658. Moir says he died in infancy.
4. GRIZEL ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 16 February 1661. Married JOHN HAY in Savock.
5. ANDREW ARBUTHNOT, Senior of Hatton. Known as "Laird Andrew". Baptized Longside 28 August 1665. Married, 8 July 1684, MARY DALGARNO (born c.1663), daughter of JOHN DALGARNO of Mill of Rora.
a. JANET ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Baptized Longside 9 June 1685. Presumably died before 1697.
b. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 6 April 1689.
c. ELSPET ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Baptized Longside 23 January 1693. Presumably died before 1704.
d. MARY ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 22 October 1694 (witnesses: John and Alexander Dalgarno both at Mill of Rora).
e. ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 23 November 1695 (witnesses: John Arbuthnot in Rora and Alexander Dalgarno in Rora).
f. JANET ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Baptized Longside 14 September 1697.
g. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 29 July 1698. Presumably died Virginia. Married Dr THOMAS ARBUTHNOT (baptized 16 April 1694) - See A.6.c. below.
h. ANDREW ARBUTHNOT, Junior of Broadlands. Baptized Longside 17 June 1701 (witnesses: John Arbuthnot in Rora and Alexander Dalgarno of Fortree). Broadlands is now known as Rattray, in the parish of Crimond. Married MARGARET FRASER, daughter of FRASER of Broadlands.
(A) ANDREW ARBUTHNOT, III. Died unmarried.
(B) NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.
(D) A daughter.
i. NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT, Senior of Hatton and Auchtidonald. Baptized Longside 6 February 1707. Died 6 October 1783. Married, 20 April 1727, ELIZA FRASER, daughter of WILLIAM FRASER of Hatton and SOPHIA GORDON.
(A) SOPHIA ARBUTHNOT. Born 1728. Fl 1779. Dsp. Married a Mr SCOTT.
(B) WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Born 1729.
(C) JAMES ARBUTHNOT. Born 1730. Died unmarried.
(E) NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Born 1733. Died young.
(F) MARY ARBUTHNOT. Born 1734. Died 20 May 1778. Married WILLIAM DUNBAR of Grange.
(G) MARGARET ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Born 1736. Died young.
(H) NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT, Junior, second of the name. Born 1739.
(I) ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born 1741. Married "a respectable farmer near Ellon" according to John Moir.
(J) ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 1 November 1742.
(K) ELSPET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 17 May 1744.
(L) ANNA ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 9 July 1745. Died unmarried 21 January 1823.
(M) MARJORY ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 28 March 1747. Died unmarried 4 May 1824.
(N) WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Born 1748. Died unmarried.
(O) MARGARET ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Married WILLIAM SIMPSON, shipmaster in Aberdeen.
(P) CHARLES ARBUTHNOT of Crichie. Born 1750. Dsp 1812. Went to the West Indies, settling at Crichie on his return. Married his third cousin's daughter, GRIZEL JOHNSTON, for details of whom see A.4.e.(A)(1).
j. ELSPET ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Baptized Longside 13 August 1704. Married at Peterhead, 27 June 1720, THOMAS FORBES, a merchant of Peterhead.
6. Dr ROBERT ARBUTHNOT of New Seat, St Fergus and of Torhendrie. Baptized Longside 4 February 1668. Buried Longside 10 November 1702. Married ELIZABETH DUNCAN (born c.1670), daughter of JOHN DUNCAN of Innervidie.
a. JOHN ARBUTHNOT of New Seat, St Fergus. Born Longside c.1692. Possibly identical to JOHN ARBUTHNOT of Boston (fl Plymouth County, Massachusetts 1721; married in Suffolk, Boston (or in Plymouth, Pembroke), 14 June 1720, ABIGAIL LITTLE (born c.1687; a widow in 1757); possibly the father of: CHRISTIAN ARBUTHNOT (born by 1726) who married, 26 September 1746, HENRY BARNES).
b. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 12 January 1693.
c. Dr Thomas Arbuthnot. Baptized Longside 16 April 1694. Surgeon in Peterhead; "unfortunate in business"; went to Canada with his family; later settled in Fairfax, Virginia. Testament recorded 1742 (registered 6 February 1745). Married in Scotland Margaret Arbuthnot, see A.5.g. above.
(A) Jane Arbuthnot. Married Dr Mathison, an American.
(B) Elspet Arbuthnot. Married Dr Robert Campbell of Smiddiegreen, Fife. Dr. Robert Campbell and his son Colin were forced to flee Virginia in 1777 because of their loyalty to the Crown and their property was confiscated.
(1) Colin Campbell, yr of Smiddiegreen. Born Virginia c.1756. He returned to England, joined the 74th Regiment of Foot, and fought in the American Revolutionary War.  He married in Halifax, 23 February 1779, Laetitia Campbell, daughter of Robert and Mary Campbell of Halifax.
(a) Robert Campbell. Born at the British garrison at Fort George, Penobscot, Lincoln County, North America (in present-day Maine) on 13 March 1781 but was christened in the parish of St. Cuthbert's, Edinburgh on February 14, 1782.  John Campbell, Writer at Edinburgh, was a witness to the christening. Died 1836.
(b) Arbuthnot Elspeth Campbell. Died Torquay 1885. Married in Thurn, 1820, Frederick Lewis, an officer with 60th Rifles.
(2) John Campbell. Writer to the signet in Edinburgh. Married Mary Maclean, daughter of Rev. Alexander MacLean, Minister of Kilninan and Kilmore.
(C) [Speculative] John Arbuthnot [4] who married Jane Burton - see Table 58.
d.. NATHANIEL ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 18 March 1697. Witnesses: Nathaniel Arbuthnot and William Fraser.
e. JANET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized St Fergus 2 April 1700.
f. GRIZEL (or GRISSEL) ARBUTHNOT. Baptized St Fergus 15 May 1701. Buried 2 April 1790 Greyfriars, Edinburgh. Married at Peterhead, 4 February 1725, Captain JAMES PARK.
(1) GRIZEL JOHNSTON. Married CHARLES ARBUTHNOT of Crichie for details of whom see 3.i.(P) above.
(B)Anna Park.  1741-1793. Buried Greyfriars. Married Arthur Giles (1726-1804, buried Greyfriars). son of Alexander Giles buried Greyfriars. .
(1)Grace Giles. 1770-1780. Buried Greyfriars.
(2)Arthur Giles. 1777-1806. Buried Greyfriars.
(3)James Park Giles. 1784-1848. Buried Greyfriars.
7. ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, III. Baptized Longside 4 May 1670. Died young.
8. JANET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 4 December 1672.

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