JAMES ARBUTHNOT, Senior, 1st of Lentusche and sometime of "Potertoun", within the parish of Fordoun, and of Keir. Died before 1617. For his ancestors see (2)(I)(a)A.a. on Table A. Married, first, CHRISTIAN COLLACE. Married, second, ISOBEL LESLIE, daughter of WILLIAM LESLIE, Senior of Balquhan and JANET, ne FORBES, youngest daughter of JOHN FORBES, 6th Lord FORBES, firstly the wife of JOHN, 3rd Earl of ATHOLL and secondly of ALEXANDER HAY of Dalgety.
A. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Senior, 1st of Cairngall.
1. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Junior, 2nd of Cairngall. Died before 1654. Married MARGARET FORBES, daughter of ALEXANDER FORBES of Boynlee.
a. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, III, 3rd of Cairngall. Baptized Longside 9 July 1622. Died before 13 May 1687. Married first, before 1664, CATHERINE URQUHART.
(A) JOHN ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Baptized 10 May 1664. Died young.
John married second, contract dated 29 November 1669, ANNA FARQUHARSON, daughter of ALEXANDER FARQUHARSON of Finzean.
(B) ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, 4th of Cairngall. Baptized 4 October 1670. Dsp 1748 before 13 September 1748.
(C) JOHN ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Baptized 17 October 1672. Died young.
(D) GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 30 December 1673.
(E) FRANCIS ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 24 February 1675.
(1) Elspet Arbuthnot. Born Kincardine, Aberdeenshire 20 March 1710. Died in Prince Edwards County, Virginia. Married in Kincardine, 25 July 1738, John Davidson.
(a) Elizabeth ("Betsy") Davidson. Born Prince Edwards County, Virginia 1741. Died 1820 in Muhlenburg, Greenville County, Kentucky, 1820. Married in Iredell District, Iredell County, North Carolina, 1760, Ephraim I McLean, Sr.
i. James Davidson McLean, born March 30, 1777 in Morgantown, Rowan County, NC; died May 13, 1849 in Jefferson County, IL; married  in Orange County, NC.April 08, 1801   Rebecca Cucklereese (born February 20, 1781 in NC; died June 16, 1855 in Jefferson County, IL)
(i) David McClain, born December 25, 1814 in Guilford, NC; died August 21, 1885 in Newark, TX; married (1) Minerva Wigginton April 14, 1833 in Marion County, IL, dau of Nathaniel Wigginton (who married his sister-in-law's sister). David married (2) Grace M. Turnbo Bet. 1875 - 1880.
AA. James Harvey McClain, born January 13, 1836 in Jefferson County, IL; died Aft. 1900; married (1) Elizabeth Catherine Copeland December 01, 1857 in Marion County, IL; married (2) Cenny Manning November 05, 1873 in Livingston, MO; married (3) Bertha Anna McFadden 1882 in Iowa.
BB. Nathaniel McClain, born September 03, 1833 in Jefferson County, IL; died Abt. 1863 in during Civil War; married Emily Jane Williamson August 04, 1852 in Jefferson County, IL; died Unknown.
CC. Nancy McClain, born June 17, 1838 in Illinois, IA; died August 25, 1915; married Robert Benjamin Mead November 13, 1856; born February 18, 1830 in NY; died March 04, 1905.
DD. Marion McClain, born December 19, 1841 in IL; died Abt. 1862 in during Civil War.
EE. Levi McLain, born September 22, 1846 in Jefferson County, IL; died Unknown.
FF. Muhula Jane McLain, born November 13, 1852 in Jefferson County, IL; died September 1927 in Montague Co, TX; married Bodkin D. Henley; born August 11, 1852 in Iuka, IL; died April 20, 1908.
GG. Albert McLain, born September 06, 1849 in Jefferson County, IL; died Abt. 1903 in Bonham, Fannin Co., TX; married A. M. Caroline Copeland; born March 10, 1847 in IN; died March 10, 1928 in Newark, TX.
HH. Lucindy McLain, born October 20, 1855 in Jefferson County, IL.
II. Margaret McClain, born October 10, 1857; died Unknown; married John Washington Harvey; born 1853 in AR; died December 31, 1917 in Wise County, TX.
JJ. Sarah Elizabeth McClain, born November 18, 1860 in IL; died Unknown in Tarrant County, TX; married Samuel George Johnston; born June 10, 1858 in MO; died 1932 in Newark, TX.
KK. Wiley McClain, born September 14, 1843 in Jefferson County, IL; died February 16, 1925 in Wise County, TX; married (1) Halie Unknown; died Unknown; married (2) Sarah Eliza Johnston; died Unknown; married (3) Sallie E. Bullard December 25, 1881; born Abt. 1856; died Deceased.
(ii) Mary McClain, born 1807 in Guilford County, NC; died Unknown; married Nathaniel Wigginton December 07, 1832 in Greenville, IL; born Abt. 1797 in Bedford County, VA; died April 11, 1867 in Wayne County, IL.
ii. John Davidson McLean, born June 01, 1761 in Rowan County, NC; died 1779 in Blue Licks, NC.
iii. Margaret McLean, born June 23, 1763 in Rowan County, NC; died December 25, 1837.
iv. Ephraim McLean, Jr., born March 05, 1766 in Rowan County, NC; died April 1818 in Maury County, TN.
v. George McLean, born December 24, 1767 in Rowan County, NC; died December 12, 1849; married Pamela Davidson 1789 in Davidson, TN; born 1772 in NC; died 1851 in Logan, KY.
vi. Jane McLean, born December 12, 1769 in NC; died June 18, 1847 in Logan County, KY.
vii. Charles McLean, born November 30, 1771 in Morgantown, Burke County, NC; died December 18, 1825.
viii. William McLean, born February 17, 1773 in Tryon County, NC; died July 23, 1814 in Duck River, Maury County, TN.
ix. Samuel Mortimer McLean, born January 27, 1775 in NC; died April 10, 1850 in Lawrence County, TN. Married Elizabeth Irvine (or Irvin).
(i) Ephraim McLean. Born 1800.
(ii) William McLean. Born 1802.
(iii) Charles McLean. Born 1804.
(iv) Robert Irvine McLean. Born 30 July 1806. Died 5 January 1837.
(v) Mary South McLean. Born 8 November 1808. Died 20 October 1856.
(vi) Samuel Davies McLean. Born 1 January 1811. Died 8 September 1879.
(vii) Elizabeth Davidson McLean. Born 1816.
(viii) Margaret Rebecca McLean. Born Lawrenceburg, TN 17 February 1821. Died Magnum, Greer, OK 3 October 1896. Married 18 December 1839 Stephanus (or Stephonus) Busby son of Stephen Busby and Sarah Hale.
AA. James Jones Busby. Born 1 November 1841.
BB. Unnamed Busby. Born and died 14 December 1843.
CC. Samuel Stephanus Busby. Born 22 Februaryy 1844. Died Mangum, Greer, OK 26 December 1916.
DD. John Stephen Busby. Born Lawrenceburg, TN 27 September 1846. Died  Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX 24 May 1927. Married first 21 March 1865 Margaret Elizabeth (or Rebecca) Carrell (born Lawrenceburg, TN c.1850).
aaa. Lou Ella Busby. Born Lawrenceburg, TN 25 February 1866 or 1867. Died Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX 28 June 1943.
bbb. John Stephen Busby, Jr. Born TN 15 June 1867. Died14 March 1893 when a sack of flour fell on him. Married 24 December 1889 Mary Elizabeth Grimes (1867-1960). She married second  _____ Morgan.
i) Frank Grimes Busby.
ii) Mary Louella Busby. Born Cedar Hills, Texas 1 November 1891. Died Kansas City, Missouri December 1970. Married 8 November 1910 Charles Elmer (Dove) Leonard (born 1886, died 1945) son of James Sidney Dove, inventor and Daisy Dean Hotchkiss. Charles was adopted by HH Leonard, 2nd husband of Daisy Hotchkiss.
i. A daughter. Married.
a. A daughter.
b. A son.
c. A daughter.
ii. Louise Carrell Leonard, PhD. Born Cedar Hill, TX 25 January 1913. Died c.1985. Dean of Students at University of Wisconsin, Madison.
iii. Charleen Hotchkiss Leonard. Born Atlanta, GA 1916. Died 1996 aged 80. Married Denver William Marbourg (died).
a. A son.
A. A daughter.
B. A daughter.
iv. Dorothy Dove Leonard. Born Cedar Hill, TX 1920. Died 1 June 2005. Married
a. A daughter.
b. A daughter.
c. A son.
A. A daughter.
i. A daughter.
v. Harriette Newcomb Leonard. Born Corsicana, TX 28 May 1925. Married Charles Dwight Clark, 1st Lt Army Air Corps (born 5 March 1917, died May 1987), son of Dwight C Clark and Fancheon McIlvain.
a. A daughter.
A. A son.
i. A son.
ii. A daughter.
Daughter married again.
B. A son.
b. A son.
A. A son.
vi. A daughter.
a. A son.
b. A son.
c. A son.
A. A daughter.
iii) John Stribling Busby. Born 6 August 1893.   Died 18 July 1894.
John married second Frances Romelia Wooten (born Lawrenceburg,  TN 28 August 1859, died Fort Worth, TX 15 January 1934).
ccc. Horace Wooten Busby. Born Lawrence Co., TN 21 February 1884. Died Tarrant, TX 13 December 1965.
ddd. William Edward Busby. Born Lawrenceburg, TN 3 April 1888. Died Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX 21 October 1918.
eee. Joseph Elliott Busby. Born 19 August 1891. Died 17 November 1970.
fff. Flossie ("Floy") Mae Busby. Born 26 May 1896.
ggg. Edna Augusta Busby. Born 1 January 1900. Died 9 July 1931.
EE. Messaniah Elizabeth Busby. Born 11 August 1849. Died 1 October 1852.
FF. William Franklin Busby. Born 21 April 1852. Died Clovis, NM 13 January 1941.
GG. Thomas Reece Busby. Born 16 September 1864. Died Mangum, Greer, OK 1 February 1938.
HH. Charles Lindsay Busby. Born 25 October 1857. Died Amarillo, TX 27 June 1943.
II. Margaret Augusta Busby. Bornn 13 August 1860. Died Mangum, Greer, OK c.1926.
(ix) Sarah Amanda McLean. Born 1822.
(x) N. E. McLean. A son. Born 14 September 1828. Died November 1828.
x. Alney McLean. Born NC 10 June 1779; died 30 December 1841.
xi. Robert Davidson McLean. Born NC 1782.
(F) JOHN ARBUTHNOT, IV, third of the name. Baptized 3 May 1686. Buried 3 January 1701.
(G) THOMAS ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 23 May 1687.
b. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 21 November 1623.
c. AGNES ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1624. Married, October 1647, Rev DUNCAN FORBES, Senior, Minister of Pitsligo, son of JOHN FORBES of Byth, who also had issue THOMAS FORBES of Todla and in Auchtidonald (See B.1.d. below).
(A) Rev DUNCAN FORBES, Junior. Minister of Aikenway.
(1) WILLIAM FORBES of Rigend of Kinminity (Kinmundy?). Married, 1752, ISABELLA FORSYTH, daughter of ALEXANDER FORSYTH in Keith.
(a) A son.
(b) A son.
(c) A son.
(d) DUNCAN FORBES, Senior of Cairngall. Born 1765. Married, 1765, JANET SMITH, dau of JOHN SMITH, schoolmaster in Peterhead and had issue.
(e) A son.
(f) A son.
d. NICOLA ARBUTHNOT. Married, 1652, THOMAS FORBES of Todla and in Auchtidonald, son of JOHN FORBES of Byth (See B.1.c. above).
e. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Married first, 1647, ALEXANDER MARTINE, son of JAMES MARTINE and ISOBEL ARBUTHNOT, who also had issue NATHANIEL MARTINE. She married, second, GEORGE FORBES of Aberdour.
f. CHRISTIAN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Longside 24 February 1628.
a. An illegitimate son.
b. An illegitimate son.
3. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Married, first, PATRICK JOHNSTON in Haltoun of Belhelvie and "sometime of Moistoun" (murdered by PATRICK, Lord GLAMIS, later Earl of Kinghorne, 6 September 1601). They had eight children.
She married second, 9 July 1603, ALEXANDER CHEYNE of Essilmont, brother of ISOBEL CHEYNE who married JOHN BRUCE and of MARJORIE CHEYNE who married JAMES JOHNSTON. They were the children of WILLIAM CHEYNE of Arnage, son of JOHN CHEYNE of Fortee, nephew of Sir PATRICK CHEYNE of Essilmont.
She married third, 1605, JOHN GORDON of Chapeltown and of Sheills, son of the Hon Sir JAMES GORDON of Letterfourie, son of GEORGE GORDON, 2nd Earl of HUNTLY.
a. BEATRIX GORDON. Born 1606. Died 1682. Married ROBERT ARBUTHNOT of Scotsmill (see A.1. on Table H).
B. WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Living simultaneously with his brother, William.
D. ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, Senior, 1st in Rora. Married, 1598 (according to the date in his quaiche - now owned by Lady Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster), JANET STUART. For his descendants, see Table P.
E. WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Living simultaneously with his brother, William. A minor in 1582 and 1586.
One of these two Williams was WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT in Newmanswalls, who died April 1606 and whose will is recorded amongst the Edinburgh Testaments in 1607.
F. NORIMAND ARBUTHNOT in Boigheid (1616). [no record of Norimand's birth in Aberdeen and Old Machar]. Appears to have been "servitor" to JOHN LESLIE of Wardis in 1607, 1608 and 1616. Probably he who was Burgess of Aberdeen 1623 and 1632. Probably also he who was "in Bethelnie" 1658. Married [no record in Aberdeen; Old Machar marriage register begins 1621] MARJORY GORDON.
1. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Senior in Cairnfield/Carnfield/Cornfield. Baptized Aberdeen 22 February 1617. Witnesses: ANDREW LESLIE; JOHN FORBES; ALEXANDER LESLIE and GILBERT LESLIE. No record of his marriage is shown in the old parochial registers of Old Machar or Aberdeen.
a. ISSOBELL ARBUTHNOT in Carnfield. Baptized Old Machar, Aberdeen 2 May 1642. Married in Old Machar, 30 July (contracted 2 July) 1668, WILLIAM CHALMER in Seatonne.
b. THOMAS ARBUTHNOT in Carnfield. Baptized Old Machar 19 May 1644. Witnesses: THOMAS GORDON, WILLIAM GORDON and SAMUEL MIDDILBIRRY(?).
c. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Baptized Cornfield, Old Machar 26 July 1646. Witnesses: JOHN GORDON, JOHN CASSIE and JOHN CASSIE (sic).
d. GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Old Machar 29 October 1648.
e. CHRISTAN (or CHRISTIAN) ARBUTHNOT in Old Machar. Baptized Carnfield, Old Machar 11 August 1651. Witnesses: WILLIAM LOCHRIE, ANDREW CASSIE, ANDREW SMITH and WILLIAM SMITH. Married in Old Machar, contract dated 25 June 1688, JAMES GRAY, WILLIAM SILLY (sic) standing cautioner for her.
2. AGNES ARBUTHNOT. Baptized St Nicholas, Aberdeen 11 July 1629.
G. JAMES ARBUTHNOT, Junior, 2nd of Lentusche. Fl 1636. Armigerous. Married, first, BARBARA WISHART. Married second at Old Machar, 12 June 1630, MARIE FRASER, daughter of THOMAS FRASER of Durris and ISOBEL FRASER, daughter of JOHN FRASER of Stonywood.
I. HELEN ARBUTHNOT. Married, first, JOHN LESLIE of Boigs who died before 1604.
1. ANDREW LESLIE. Portioner of Logydurno. Married ISOBEL STEWART, daughter of WILLIAM STEWART of Cowstanes and Lamington.
a. ROBERT LESLIE. Birthbrief granted 1661.
Helen married, second, JOHN GORDON of Boigs and Tilligreig, Sheriff-Deputy of Aberdeen.

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