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154  Date:           29 January 2012      

View Record Cecil Massey Arbuthnot Barker   dd mm 1915 regiment  
View Record Alexander Charles Arbuthnot Bruce   dd mm 1916 regiment  
View Record Stewart Arbuthnot Day city dd mm 1917 regiment location
View Record Arbuthnot John Dunbar   dd mm 1915 regiment  
View Record Cecil Arbuthnot Gould   dd mm 1917 regiment  
View Record Alexander Arbuthnot Hughes   dd mm 1916 regiment  
View Record (William) Archie Arbuthnot Middleton  Table L dd mm 1915 regiment  
View Record Charles Arbuthnot Panario city dd mm 1917 regiment location
View Record Charles Ernest Arbuthnot Pullan   dd mm 1915 regiment  
View Record Frederick Hargreaves Arbuthnot Wollaston   dd mm 1918

152  Date:           7 January 2012      

153  Date:           27 January 2012      
         Toby Arbuthnot           Dr Frederick William Arbuthnot Watt (1896-1975), father of Jean Arbuthnot Watt (b 1926) and Dr Peter Arbuthnot Watt (b 1928)     He was son of James Leslie Watt and Alice Edith Cheves.

152  Date:           7 January 2012      
         Toby Arbuthnot           Charles Arbuthnot Lock;   Edward Arbuthnot Sleigh;    Christopher Arbuthnot Malcolm West all Canadian WWI;     
                                      William Arbuthnot Webster British army pension 1919;    

151  Date: 
         7 June 2006      
         Toby Arbuthnot           Who was Arbuthnot Leander Smart, 15 Jul 1852 8 Jan 1934 Concord Baptist Cemetery Rutherford Co., NC

150  Date:           1 December 2010
         Toby Arbuthnot            Cyril Arbuthnot Malcolmson, 2 Lt Royal Dublin Fusiliers. Born 23 April 1893. Baptised Glasnevin 12 November 1893. father: William Henry Brice Malcolmson (barrister) Mother: Mary Josephine Malcolmson.

149  Date: 
         1 June 2010
         Toby Arbuthnot            Wilfred Ernest Arbuthnot Armstrong MRCS LRCP died Kew 30 December 1950 aged 85.. Retired Lt Col IMS

148  Date:           24 October 2009
         Toby Arbuthnot            John Arbuthnot Harrison (Navy, killed WWI), sister of Kathleen. Children of Joseph Robinson Harrison (once thought to be Joseph Charlton Arbuthnot) born 1872 in Allendale, Northumberland, Railway Clerk. Joseph married Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Joseph's grandson is Ken Thwaites.

147  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Why was Lady Margaret Arbuthnott Ogilvy (born c.1822) so named. Ancestry

146  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Susan Arbuthnot Craufurd Austin-Gourlay.

145  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Why was Lt Gen Sir John Manley Arbuthnot Keane, 3rd Baron, GCB, GCH (1 Sep 1816-27 Nov 1901) so named. Ancestry.

144  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Why was Hon Charlotte Arbuthnott Wellesley (born 25 Jan 1808) so named. Ancestry.

143  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Arbuthnot Butler Stoney who married in Ireland 1881 Lucy Vandaleur.

142  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Hugh Arbuthnot Palliser (25 Feb 1879 - 13 Mar 1932), son of Major Sir William Palliser (son of Wray Palliser and Anne Gledstanes) and Anna Perham (dau of George Perham).

141  Date: 
         24 December 2007      
    ref.  IOR/L/AG/23/10/1 no.4799
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was James Arbuthnot Goldingham (born 1837)

140  Date: 
         7 June 2006      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Arbuthnot Camble McLathier (born Edinburgh 1801, died 24 November 1862, married Samuel Burnett). They had a child, Jane Burnett who married Edmund Herne Buckeridge.

Name: Arbuthnot Camble McClatchy  (not McLathier but that could simply be an error either in my case or yours). Born: 01/07/1801 at Edinburgh. Married: 1829 at Glasgow to Samuel Burnett. Arrived in New Zealand in 1839 on the Bengal Merchant with her husband and possibly one or more of their children: I have not been able to access passenger lists to verify the 1839 date but early death records here included the question "How many years in New Zealand?" and so it is often possible to work out the year of emigration quite accurately (and we know that they did sail on the Bengal Merchant). Died: 24/11/1862 at Te Whiti, New Zealand. Buried: at Taita Cemetery  (not too far from Wellington - somewhere in the Wairarapa probably).  It's  a double plot and Samuel is buried alongside her.
Their children's names that I have are:-
1. Mary Burnett (married name Trotter)
2. George Burnett (married Mary Bamford and their son George Samuel Bamford Burnett was my great-grandfather).  One of George and Mary's daughters was also named Arbuthnot Camble Burnett.
3. Isabella Burnett (married name Grey) (widowed and remarried a man named either Parkhill or Ritchie)
4. Elizabeth Burnett (married name Pike or Pyke)
No Jane Burnett on my list, this still may have been the name of a daughter - sometimes names just get 'lost'.  Perhaps she didn't travel to NZ with her parents.
In any case there are a few similarities and I will be very interested to know if the Arbuthnot you are seeking and my Arbuthnot are the same. 
Karen Newson

139  Date: 
         6 June 2006      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Lionel Arbuthnot Bennett (born Brentford March 1880, died June 1880).
                                                                                       Who was Alice Arbuthnot Campbell who married in the Chapel Royal, Hampton Court, June 1907, Charles Colesworth.

138  Date: 
         24 March 2006      
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was George Arbuthnot Thomson (who, or whose father, was born 22 February 1839), who had a son Frank Percival Thomson (born c.1885) father of (i) Colin Percival Thomson (father of Sandra Crook) and (ii) Cyril Eslyn Thomson {father of Nicola Thomson}? George may have been son of George Arbuthnot Thomson and Eliza. It may be that Clarence Patrick Nello Thomson (died February 2006) was son of a brother of Frank Percival Thomson. Sandra has records going back to the marriage of Peter Thomson to Elizabeth Walter in 1806.
                                                                                        And General Noel Arbuthnot Thomson, GOC Infantry Brigade World War I
                                                                                        And General James Arbuthnot Tyler, CRA World War I.

137  Date: 
         14 December 2005        
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who was Sir Andrew Hunter Arbuthnot Murray, Lord provost of Edinburgh 1947-51. Response: Son of Alfred Alexander Arbuthnot Murray (born 25 March 1863) son of Joseph Murray and Margaret Hunter (md Fetteresso 20 Jun 1862).

135  Date: 
         14 February 2005          Source:
         Toby Arbuthnot            Who were

C Arbuthnot Agnew Born Pennsylvania c.1878/9. Residenc Sewickley,, PA e 1880.           
William Barron Arbuthnot Avery            
Arbuthnot Thoms            
Malcolm Arbuthnot ALVES OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/248/109-14    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1952270
In 1871 he was at The School of Military Engineering, in Gillingham. Ref RG 10 / 913 / 25 / page 6 age 28, born Middlesex, London. occupation Lieutenant Royal Engineers, active list.
Mabel Arbuthnot L Green            
Arbuthnot J Sloper
Birth:  1846 - Mile End, Middlesex, England
Residence:  1881 - 61 Graham Road, St John Hackney, London, England
Source:  Census - 1881 England Census
Birth:  abt 1846 - location, Middlesex, England
Residence:  year - location, Essex, England
Other:  location
Source:  Census - 1901 England Census
Arbuthnot C Guthrie            
Francis Hill Arbuthnot            
Arbuthnot G Gardner
Birth:  1868 - Islington, Middlesex, England
Residence:  1881 - Lordship Road Ely Lodge, St Mary Stoke Newington, London, England
Source:  Census - 1881 England Census
Birth:  abt 1868 - London, England
Residence:  year - location, city, London, England
Other:  location
Source:  Census - 1901 England Census
Arbuthnot Smith            
Arbuthnot Lindsay            
Arbuthnot C Blackmore            
Sur William Arbuthnot Blain b 1833; Kt 1897; JP; President of the Conservative Association; President, Savings Bank; Acting Chairman, High School. Married 1860, Harriet Anne (d 1906), o c of James Allen of Handsworth. Educ: privately. Address: The Park, Nottingham. Died 11 Feb. 1911.          
_____ Arbuthnot Married Carnarvon, Anglesey, Caernarvonshire September 1838 _____ Blain
Children: William Arbuthnot, born Uttoxeter, Derbyshire Staffordshire December 1858
William Arbuthnot, born Lichfield, Staffordshire June 1862
Thomas Arbuthnot, born W Derby March 1868
? Prescot, Lancs June 1873
? Hull, E Yorks December 1876
William Arbuthnot, born St Pancras, London September 1902
Robert Arbuthnot Caird            
Henry Arbuthnot Carr
2nd Lt Worcestershire Regt 1893
Birth:  1873 - Puniaub Murree, India
Residence:  1881 - Dunston Hill Hall, Whickham, Durham, England
Source:  Census - 1881 England
Henry Arbuthnot Carr  
Birth:  abt 1881 - location, India
Residence:  year - city, Hertfordshire, England
Other:  location
Source:  Census - 1891 England Census
Henry Robert Arbuthnot Day            
Mary Arbuthnot Dutton            
Basil Arbuthnot Fenwick  
Birth:  abt 1890 - location, London
Residence:  year - city, London, England
Other:  location
Source:  Census - 1891 England Census
Charles Arbuthnot Fenwick            
Arbuthnot G Gardner
Birth:  abt 1868 - London, England
Residence:  year - location, city, London, England
Other:  location
Source:  Census - 1901 England Census
Arbuthnot James Hughes            
Arbuthnot Imthurn            
Arbuthnot Lancaster, son of Joseph Lancaster who married 1874 Barbara Denwood
Birth:  1880 - Bowness, Westmorland, England
Residence:  1881 - Brookside, Undermilbeck, Westmorland, England
Source:  Census - 1881 England Census
George Arbuthnot Leslie            
George Arbuthnot Moore            
Edmund Arbuthnot Roberts            
Tom Arbuthnot Ross  
Birth:  1857 - Kinereline Arbuthnot
Residence:  1881 - 223 Commerical Rd, Hamlet, London, England
Source:  Census - 1881 England Census
Arbuthnot Burnett Stoney            
Edward Arbuthnot Adcock            
Terence Arbuthnot Arnold b 5 April 1901, son of Herbert Tollemache Arnold, son of Lady Charlotte Georgiana Cholmondeley, dau of Emma Georgiana Arbuthnot          
Vere Arbuthnot Arnold b 23 May 1902, son of Rev Henry Abel Arnold, son of Lady Charlotte Georgiana Cholmondeley; High Sheriff of Cheshire          
Harold Arbuthnot Ballard (ask paul@paul-ballard.com_) Re George Ballard of Portbury 1702 ?          
George Arbuthnot BEATTIE            
Arbuthnot Charles Blackmore            
Arbuthnot Fred Blackmore            

W 136  Date: 
         14 May 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot
J Arbuthnot Wilson. Pseudonym of (Charles) Grant (Blairfindie) Adam.

W 136  Date: 
         14 August 2005          Source: Robroys
         Toby Arbuthnot
Arbuthnot Wood. Born 1892. Son of William Wood and Ann Muirhead.  She was dau of G Muirhead (b.1836, m.1858) and Jane, b 1838. She was dau of Alexander McGregor, 1812-88, b Balquhidder. m (Dunblane and Kilmadock 17 April 1834) Anne Anderson (1813-83), from Dunblane. He was son of Gregor McGregor, coach guard, Balquhidder. m Euphemia McGregor (dau of Alexander McG who lived in Glentearnan and so related to Sir Gregor McG - Petition dated 1822 at Berriedale by Helmsdale, Caithness. PD60/77 Stirling R/O). Gregor was killed in a coach accident. (from Richard McG CGS).

D 134  Date: 
         14 February 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot
John Dunbar of Bengal and Anna Sophia Hagar
their son was Lt-Col Arbuthnot Perry Byng Sutherland Dunbar 3rd Bn, Gordon Highlanders (1847-1890),
his dau Lillias Dunbar md Sir Cecil ("Frank") Clementi-Smith GCMG
his son Captain Arbuthnot John Dunbar (1885-1915),
his nephew was Alexander Arbuthnot Dunbar (1929-2012)


A 133  Date: 
         4 February 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot            Scottish birth certificates between 1856 and 1860 do not give parent’s marriage date or place.

Margaret Arbuthnot Allan born 8 Oct 1845 Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. Father: David ALLAN
Mother: Margaret STEVENSON Married first 26 Jul 1866, Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland William Fidler SANGSTER and had issue Ann Fiddler SANGSTER

B 132  Date: 
         4 January 2005
         Toby Arbuthnot

Birnie George Arbuthnot



Birnie, George Hutchison, Elspet



M 131  Date: 
         4 November 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who is Christina Arbuthnot Mathieson dau of the late George Mathieson of Aberdeen. She married Edinburgh 20 March 1863 James A Carruthers, watchmaker.

G 130  Date: 
         3 November 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who is Hugh Arbuthnot Garland (born Fordoun 15 Oct 1846), son of John Garland and Mary Arbuthnot Pirie. Hugh married Port Adelaide, Australia 20 Dec 1892 Annie Day?

L 129  Date: 
         3 July 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who is Mary Arbuthnot Lyons who married 1847 Jared Parish English of Ohio?

L 128  Date:           3 June 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who is Arbuthnot Ludbrooke, enrolled in military Yates Co., NY 1917

M 127  Date: 
         3 June 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who are  Kenneth Arbuthnot MacGowan Sr and Jr

L 126  Date: 
         13 February 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            
Who was William Arbuthnot Llewellyn. Born Louisville, Kentucky 21 July 1843. Died Los Angeles 2 November 1926. Buried Mountain View Cemetery, Altadena, Los Angeles, California

B 125  Date: 
         13 January 2004
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source:
Cecil Massey Arbuthnot Barker b.1889 -
Charlotte Arbuthnot Barker b.1881 -

S 124  Date: 
         16 December 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            Source:
George Arbuthnott Smith (born Cortachy & Clova, Angus 12 July 1858), son of George Smith and Jessie Lindsay Karen Hutten

120  Date: 
         22 October 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot  
Who was Hugh Arbuthnot Brown ?

Who was William Arbuthnot Appling (born Amherst Co., VA 8 May 1806, died Logan Co., KY 17 November 1888), son of Joel Appling and Sarah B Breedlove.   Related to Leavell (who is on Table 1_Robert).  William Arbuthnot Appling moved to KY as an infant with his parents.  Married in Sumner Co., TN 23 December 1829 Mary Ann G. Nimmo.  His middle name does not appear to have come from his Appling or Breedlove ancestors; he is the first in both families to have it.   His son, William Arbuthnot Appling, Jr., b. 12 May 1839, Simpson Co., KY; d. 24 Jul 1906.  Never married. His nephew, Franklin Arbuthnot ("Bert") Appling (born Marshall Co., KY 19 September 1860; died Garner, Parker Co., TX 25 March 1936).  He did not marry till late in life, 6 Jul 1920, to Ivy E. McAdams in Mineral Wells, Palo Pinto Co., TX.  F. A. was a son of Wilson Cairo Appling, a younger brother of the above William Arbuthnot Appling, Sr. Franklin Arbuthnot Appling, Jr., b. 15 Jul 1930, Garner TX; d. 12 Oct 1933, Garner, TX.

Who was    Thomas Arbuthnot EKINS - Assistant Superintendent of Police, NWFP - shot by an outlaw near Mardan - 7th Feb. 1926. Aged 27. Buried at Taikal Payan Cemetery, Peshawar.
Son of Rev George Richard Ekins (born Inniskillen 1862). He was named after his grandfather who was also Thomas Arbuthnot Ekins, who was son of Dr Richard Ekins.  .. they were an Anglo-Irish family from Carrick on Shannon where they had property. They were also a clerical family. The name Arbuthnot had been used in earlier generations.
A memorial (tablet) in St. John's Church, Peshawar - "In memory of Thomas Arbuthnot Ekins, Indian Police, Assistant Superintendent of Police, Peshawar, who was killed on 7 Feb. 1926 by an armed criminal who he was attempting to arrest, he himself being alone and unarmed."
Dr Ali Jan tells us: There is also a grave in Peshawar Cemetery bearing the same name - born 1 Nov 1898, died 7 Feb 1926. cause of death: gunshot wound whilst out riding with his sister one evening. This is less likely to be true and probably comes from the burial register. A photograph of the grave is in Susan Farrington's 'Peshawar Cemetery', pub. BACSA
Uncle of  Stephen Parfitt            Great grandfather of Hayley Ekins of UK.

Who was The Rev Dr Arbuthnot Nairn ?
Who was John Arbuthnot Nairn 1839-1906 who wrote "Authors of Rome", "J A Nairn's Classical handlist" and (with Gillian Avice Nairn) "Greek through reading"?

119  Date: 
         3 October 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot            The first served 2nd Boer War 1899-1902

Lieutenant Cecil Arbuthnot WHITE - 1st Suffolk Regt.
Killed in action at Rensburg 6th January 1900. Aged 25. In 1893 he became 2nd Lt (3rd Battn, the Sherwood Foresters, Derbyshire Regt). Son of Robert Holmes White, of Boulge Hall, Woodbridge. Born August 1874.
Memorial at Suffolk Hill, Colesburg, South Africa -
"Sacred to the memory of ... Lieut C. A. White, ... Killed in Action near this spot 6 January 1900. Faithful Unto Death."
Royal Navy Cmdr Victor Lindsay Arbuthnot CAMPBELL, DSO & Bar. Member of the Scott Exhibition to the South Pole. - Table I

William Arbuthnot Gough - No, he was Wilfred Arbuthnot Gough
Wilfred Arbuthnot Gough of Knockaveen, Clonmel, Ireland - Major, 1st Royal Dragoons -
Born East Indies 3 April 1853. Killed at Abu Klea 17th January 1885. At or near Chatham Barracks 1881. Served Egypt 1882 (Military Police, medal & clasp, Khedive's star, 5th class Medjidie). Beatrice Mary Gough, widow administered the will. - Table J

110  Date: 
         9 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
       Who were (from
RootsWeb, India)
103rd Reg.Ft (Royal Bombay Fusiliers)
Algernon Arbuthnot Godwin. 13 yrs' service. Ens : 20 Nov 1869; Lt : 30 Jul 1862; Capt : 14 Aug 1872  

Baptisms in Lisbon, Portugal
William Arbuthnot Hunter         1805

(from Surnames from the horse-trade - Surnames from the Yarwood extracts)
1844 Capt Arbuthnot Dallas - Govt of India buying agent in Aust
Who was Arbuthnot Dallas. OIOC ref number: IOR/L/MIL/9/179/95-97    LDS Family History Centre film number: 1951923

W 109  Date: 
         8 September 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
Who was Frederick Walter Arbuthnot Wells, Born India Sultanpore, attended Royal Military College Sandhurst 1901 aged 19. Ref RG13/1164/118

R 106  Date: 
         3 August 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
       Who was          Eileen Arbuthnot Robertson who wrote "The Signpost" (1944) under the name E Arnot Robertson. It is a romance novel about an injured RAF pilot suffering from shell shock and his French nurse in Kildooey, Donegal, Ireland.

A 103  Date: 
        18 May 2003
         Toby Arbuthnot
           Why             was Henry ("Harry") Arbuthnot Acworth (1849-1933) given that second name? He was son of Nathaniel Brindley Acworth (1805-1892) who married Anna Diana Close (1821-1893; daughter of the Very Rev Francis Close DD)
Harry was Municipal Commissioner of Bombay (now Mumbai) 1890-95. He translated Ballads of the Marathas 1894. He collaborated with Sir Edward Elgar, modifying some of Longfellow's text and he wrote the text to Elgar's Cantate Caractacus (1898). He was active in politics in Malvern until c.1919. He married Anna Maria Godley Jenkins and had issue.
CIE 1895; JP Worcestershire; ICS, retired 1896.

b 1849; s of late N. B. Acworth of Northaw, Herts; m 1880, Anna, d of Maj.-Gen. C. V. Jenkins; two d. Educ: Brighton College; Worcester College, Oxford. Work: Entered ICS 1870; has served as Assistant Collector and Magistrate; Under-Secretary to Government; Collector and Magistrate; Collector of Salt Revenue; Municipal Commissioner for City of Bombay, 1890; established Matunga Leper Asylum, 1890. Publications: Ballads of the Marathas, 1891; Ballads of the Marathas rendered into English Verse, 1894. Address: The Palms, Malvern. Died 19 May 1933.

F 76    Date: 
        11 December 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who is:      
James Ian Arbuthnot Frazer (1912 - 1966) wrote stories under the pseudonym Shamus Frazer: The Fifth Mask, Florinda, The Tune in Dan's Cafê, The Yew Tree

G 73    Date: 
        9 November 2002
        Luis A Martinez Sobrino
        Who is:       Maria del Carmen Garcia Arbuthnot. Born Spain c.1880. Daughter of a Mr Garcia and his wife, maiden name Arbuthnot - married in Spain (in the Spanish tradition everyone has two surnames, the antepenultimate one is the father's surname and the last name is the mother's surname)?

L 65    Date: 
        18 April 2002
        Toby Arbuthnot 
        Who is:      
Charles Arbuthnot Lock. Born England 19 Oct 1911. Naturalised as an American in Wyoming
While researching my own family I came across a Charles Lock who was my Great Grandmothers brother. He was born around 1886/87 in Edgefield Norfolk England and at the time of the 1901 Census was age 13 and a stockman on farm. He was living with his family: - Father Samuel, mother Mary Ann, brother Charles, sisters Miriam and Sarah (my great gran). We know he emigrated to America as a young man and I found Charles Arbuthnot Lock on the Ellis Island site.  This Charles seems to be the same person. He came from Edgefield, was 22yrs and 2mths old on 19th June 1909. He sailed on the St Louis and gave his destination address as Redlands Ranch, Wyoming. While the dates do not seem to fit with your enquiry the name (somewhat unusual) and Wyoming connection suggest this is the person you are looking for? I believe decendants of Charles Lock are currently living in Maryland. Jenny Foster


39     Date:   7 January 2004
        From:  Toby Arbuthnot
Gottlieb (or Godlick or Godlieb) M. Van Someren, who died in 1853 in Madras was supposedly a friend of the Arbuthnots of Arbuthnot & Co. He married twice, in 1810 to Lydia Pascal (14 children) & then after her death in the 1830s to Martha Avenal (6 children).

According to the birth information for Martha's children Gottlieb was a "Merchant". However, another source has said that in the 1840's Gottlieb was a book-keeper for the Arbuthnots, but as he was supposed to have lived in a vast mansion called "Marble Hall" in 9 acres of park in Royapuram (destroyed in 1925 by an earth & sea quake!) and sent his children to be educated in England and Scotland; he sounds rather more than a humble clerk.

His son, William Judson Van Someren was recommended by one of the Mr Arbuthnots to the Indian Medical Service after qualifying as a surgeon in the mid 1840's in Edinburgh. (He ended up as Deputy Surgeon General in India.)

Gottlieb had two grandchildren (of at least 30) with the name, Arbuthnot: George Arbuthnot Van Someren, born Dollar, Clackmannanshire in 1860 (son of William Judson Van S. & his first cousin Harriet Taylor - they had 14 children) and Gottlieb Arbuthnot Van Someren. born Medomsley, Durham 23 March 1870, died Madras April 1893 (son of Gottlieb James Van S. a colonel in the Indian Army b 1842 d 1915, half brother to William Judson Van S - and Sarah Marsden - they had 4  children)..

Gottlieb's sister, Emelia Antoinette Van S. married a LMS missionary, Rev Joseph Taylor, and bred children who married into the Birdwood family (a general, Field Marshal & baron),  Lechmere family (Indian army officers) & Anderson (Scottish Laird) so they were not at the bottom of the social heap on the Madras scene.

Emelia and the Rev. Joseph Taylor also had a daughter, Eliza who married Gregor Grant Lieutenant in the 9th regiment Bombay Army. Gregor's father, also Gregor   Grant was a judge in Surat. Lieut. Grant and his wife, Eliza and youngest child, Ellen died during the seige at Lucknow. Their two other children, Gregor Ironside and Mary Grant survived and were repatriated initially to their paternal grandparents in Scotland and then to the Birdwoods. Gregor had two daughters to Ella Grahame Edna Ironside Grant, the eldest and Nina Geraldine Ogilvie Grant,  the younger. Nina is Geoff's maternal grandmother. An interesting part of their upbringing was that Edna and Nina were left in the care of Dr George Arbuthnot Van Someren a medical practitioner in Mosman, Sydney. Dr and Mrs Van Someren were unable to have children of their own and Gregor Grant decided to leave his infant daughters with them. Their mother Ella died in 1906. Gregor visited his children only once then disappeared, never to have contact with them again. General William Birdwood is Geoff's second cousin and during the Great War, he wrote to his cousin, Geoff's grandmother, Nina Grant. Geoff Watson would be interested in any information you have on The Rev. Joseph Taylor - Emelia Van Someren descendants.

38    Date: 
7 August 2000
        From:  Toby Arbuthnot
        Searching for:   Genealogical information re Monsignor
Ronald Arbuthnott Knox (born Birmingham 17 February 1888; died 24 August 1957), old Etonian, studied and lectured (1910-17) at Oxford, Catholic Priest, chaplain to the University (1926-39). Wrote an influential translation of the Bible, several works of apologetics, numerous detective novels, Studies in the Literature of Sherlock Holmes and an autobiography A Spiritual Aeneid (1918).
RESPONSE: He was the ygst son of Rt Rev Edmund Arbuthnott Knox (born Bangalore 6 Dec 1847, died 16 Jan 1937; Bishop of Manchester), 2nd son of Rev George Knox and his wife Frances Mary Anne née Reynolds. Frances was the elder dau of Thomas Forbes Reynolds, MD of Wallington, Surrey, whose second dau was Elizabeth Reynolds who married David Arbuthnott and is shown on Table E Part 2

17    Date: 
        23 April 2001
        Toby Arbuthnot
        Who was:   Wing commander Harry ("Wings") Melville Arbuthnot
A Prisoner of war in Stalag Luft III, who escaped during "the Great Escape", was recaptured, sent to Sachsenhausen and later escaped to safety. Died 1977.
RESPONSE: Commissioned in the Royal Marines. His father was Resident in Sarawak. His great uncle was Capt George Fiott Day, RN, VC. There is a biography called "Mission Escape" by Sydney Smith.   F/Lt Graham T Welsh, RAF (Ret'd)

RESPONSE 2: There is another Arbuthnot Day above.

12    Date: 
4 Nov 2000
        From:  The Webmaster
        Searching for:   Genealogical information re John ("Jackie") Arbuthnot Fisher, 1st Baron Fisher of Kilverstone.
Admiral of the Fleet & 1st Sea Lord. Born Ceylon 25 January 1841. Died 1920.
Originator of "Never contradict; never explain; never apologise."
Also of: "The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility".  
Also of: "If you rub it in, both at home and abroad, that you are ready for instant war, with every unit of your strength in the first line and waiting to be first in, and hit your enemy in the belly and kick him when he is down, and boil your prisoners in oil (if you take any), and torture his women and children, then people will keep clear of you."
Why was he called Arbuthnot?  The Webmaster

RESPONSE: According to Lord John A. Fisher's autobiography, his godfather at his baptism was Sir Robert Arbuthnot, British commander of the forces stationed in Ceylon.  Fisher's father was Captain William Fisher, married to Sophia Lambe around 1840, and John was their first child, born in Rambodde, Ceylon.  I do not have any indication that Sir Robert was a blood relation to either the Fishers or the Lambes, but it is obvious that his last name became John's middle name because he was the godfather. C.A.Howard-Gibbon
The Arbuthnot name is really not related to the Fishers.   When John Arbuthnot Fisher was born  at Colombo, Ceylon, he was christened with Godmother, Lady Wilmot Horton, wife of the Governor, and Godfather, Sir Robert Arbuthnot, commanding the Forces in Ceylon. He later wrote that he was born in Rambodde but his Grandson, Lord Fisher & his wife  visited us in 1996 & corrected that.  John & Rosamund had visited Sri Lanka & looked at all the records there & found the error.  Hope this helps & that you will write if there is a chance we can exchange information.Good luck. Sharry Reynolds

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Why is his middle name Arbuthnot? 
RESPONSE: Apparently his father, Denys Wilkinson, named him after a friend who is or was an Arbuthnot. He hails from Northern Ireland, as we imagine does the man after whom he was named.

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