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George Arbuthnot. A fine tenor who sang in South Africa with Clara Butt. More info please. Married Anne Ballantine, a popular novelist of the time.
I. George Arbuthnot. Born c.1878. Died in a mining accident in South Africa c.1912. Relations called Bell - more detail please. Married Elizabeth Lloyd (died c.1942) who was Welsh. She married second in Stokesly q2 1916 John Spence and they ran the Black Horse Inn in Stockton-on-Tees.
A. Blanche Dorothea Hughes Arbuthnot. Possibly adopted? Birth certificate issued South Africa shows no parents. Died c.1994 in her 90s. Married first in Scarborough q1 1928 Frederick W Hodgson. Married second in Scarborough Kenneth Carsley.
B. (Alice) Mabel Arbuthnot. Possibly adopted? Married Scarborough q4 1934 George Marner (killed when the Royal Oak sank 14 October 1939).
1. George Marner. Married. Lived Pirbrook area, Hampshire. Can we find them?

George Ballan Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Stockton 25 March 1910 (ref 10a 79). Died S E Hants 28 November 1974 (20-1725). Married Coventry 23 December 1934 Maud Chapman (born 2 July 1912, died 10 January 2003). Address: Flat 23, Herriott House, Padnell Ave, Waterlooville, Hampshire PO8 8DR

1. Joan Ann Arbuthnot. Born Coventry 24 March 1936. She is organist in her local church, Waterlooville. Married Portsmouth 22 August 1959 Michael Anthony Hicks (born 23 February 1937). Tel: 023 9259 8360.
a. Susan Ann Hicks. Born 19 December 1961. Married 4 September 1988 Peter Washtail (born 23 January 1947, died 18 November 1991).
i. Francesca ("Frankie") Ann Louise Washtail. Born 26 May 1990.
b. Richard Anthony Hicks. Born 20 February 1966. Died 30 May 1966.
c. Michael Alexander Hicks. Born 6 November 1967.
2. George Ballan Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Portsmouth 4 January 1940. Married first in Portsmouth 7 August 1963 Christine Mary Smith. Divorced 1982. He was a secondary modern school- master. He owns Garden House Rest Home, an old folks home (run by Miss Angela Gadsdon) and is renowned for his kindness.  Address: 12/14 Hollow Lane, Hayling Island 66043, Portsmouth, Hampshire PO11 9AA.
a. Nicola J Arbuthnot. LLB. Born Portsmouth 27 September 1966. Living near Rothbury, Northumberland. Married May 1986 David J (or C) Forster. Divorced 1996. She reverted to her maiden name.
i. Martin Ballan Forster. Born Portsmouth February 1988. Left for Brisbane 16 December 2008.
ii. Lauren Ballan Forster. Born Portsmouth March 1991.
George Ballan Arbuthnot married second Portsmouth 13 July 1998 Karen Nadine,  née Prince who was previously married June 1991 to Craig Maguire (by whom she had a son Jade). Address: 13 Galaxie Road, Waterlooville, Hants, PO8 9AT (023 9226 3386)
b. Max George Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth 6 March 1994.
c. George Luke Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth June 1995. Died aged 26 weeks.
d. Ellie Maud Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth 1 June 1996.
e. Hollie Nadine Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth 2 May 1998.
f. Charlie Luke Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth 3 August 1999.
g. Harry Luke Arbuthnot. Born Portsmouth 4 September 2000.
II. William Arbuthnot.   Went to Australia. When?
III. Mary Arbuthnot. Buried in Edinburgh Castle churchyard. Greyfriars?


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