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THE DESCENDANTS OF Rev NICHOLAS ARBUTHNOT of Newton Hamilton including the Arbuthnot-Lane family.

A. Richard Arbuthnot of Killala. Will dated 23 September 1777.
B. Rev Nicholas Arbuthnot. Entered Trinity College, Dublin, 1738. Appointed to the Parish of Newton Hamilton, Co Armagh, 1773.
1. James Arbuthnot. Died before 1781. Married Judith Beauchamp.
2. Rev Frederick Augustus Arbuthnot, sometime of Cavan. Entered Trinity College, 1778. Married in Donoghomore, Co Tyrone, 23 July 1789, Frances Hamilton of Capel Street, Dublin (died Fort George, Scotland 21 June 1867).
a. John Connor Arbuthnot. Born Arboe, Co Tyrone 22 May 1790.
b. Jane Ann Arbuthnot. Bap Arboe 26 August 1791. Married Dr Joseph Ewing, retired inspector-general of hospitals, an Ulsterman.
  i. Frances Ewing. Married in Dublin 1868 James Lumber McCallum as his second wife. He was an officer in the Coastal Brigade, Royal Artillery and had four children with his first wife Matilda Sommerville Gardiner.
  ii. Caroline Arbuthnot Ewing (born Armagh 23 June 1832, died Cheltenham 17 May 1893 [not 1903]). Married at Fort George, Invernessshire 23 April 1855  Brigade Surgeon Benjamin Lane (born Newtown, Limavady 9 July 1827; died Cheltenham 12 June 1907),  Surgeon to the 80th foot regiment, son of Joseph Henry Lane.
  (A) Dr Sir William ("Willie") Arbuthnot Lane, 1st Bt, CB, LH, M.B., M.S. Lond., F.R.C.S. Eng.. Born Fort George, Invernessshire (not recorded) 4 July 1856, died 16 January 1943. Surgeon; associated for most of his career with Guy’s Hospital, Lane is known particularly for three surgical procedures: treatment of the cleft palate, the application of internal splints to fractures using the aseptical ‘Lane technique’ and the treatment of chronic intestinal stasis. During the 1914-18 War he organised and opened Queen Mary’s Hospital, Sidcup, a pioneering institution in plastic surgery. This controversial surgeon had his name removed from the Medical Register, in order to promote the New Health Society (the first organised body to deal with social medicine) he had founded in 1925 to publicise his views on healthy diet and life, without being disciplined by the General Medical Council. He was an Irishman who was posted to Inverness, Scotland, who trained and later worked at Guy's Hospital in London. Lane is known for his attempts at improving alignment of fractures by using internal fixation. He started off using silver wire, then he used steel screws and this was followed by the use of plates and screws. Lane was said to have been eccentric, regarding humans as machines and performed total colectomies as a cure for "auto-intoxication". He also initiated the programmes of health education that are present today. Lane wrote columns in the newspapers, held public lectures and improved the distribution of fruit and vegetables. Quotations include  "The man whose first question after what he considers to be a right course of action has presented itself, is 'What will people say?' is not the man to do anything at all." "If everyone believes a thing it is probably untrue!" "If you get a rude letter, always send a polite one back. It's much better". Lane is sometimes unfairly quoted as the model for George Bernard Shaw Lane's scurrilous surgeon in his play The Doctors Dilemma. This is not true. Shaw himself stated that he had written the play before he had ever heard of Lane. The original of Cutler Walpole according to Shaw was an Ear Nose and Throat surgeon in London who had made a fortune by performing an unnecessary operation to extirpate the uvula. Lane and Shaw never met, but Shaw was an admirer of his. He was fascinated by Lane's opinions about the speed of evolution and the two had corresponded on the subject. Married first Charlotte Jane Briscoe (born q3 1856, died q2 1935 aged 78), dau of John Briscoe, son of Major Briscoe.
  (1) Lottie Rhona Arbuthnot Lane. Born 27 December 1885. Died unmarried 3 September 1953. Headmistress of Wycombe Abbey.
  (2) Irene Briscoe Arbuthnot Lane. Born 23 July 1889. Died 1976. Married 12 September 1911 Harold Chapple., M.C. Cantab., F.R.C.S. Eng., F.C.O.G., Senior Obstetric Surgeon and Gynaecologist to Guy's Hospital. 
(a) Dr Peter Arbuthnot Lane Chapple.
(i) John Chapple
(b) Archie Chapple.
  (3) Eileen Caroline Arbuthnot Lane. Born 19 June 1893. Died 4 July 1978. Married St George's, Hanover Sq (not q2) 23 December 1913 Nathan Mutch., M.A., M.D. Cantab., F.R.C.P. Lond., Consulting Physician to Guy's Hospital.
  (4) Sir William Arbuthnot Lane, 2nd Bt. Born 7 June [not July] 1897. Died 1972. After attending Winchester College, he worked in a field hospital in France in WW1 and then joined the RFC. He had his own pharmaceutical Company, Kaylene Ltd, founded in 1928. He joined the Special Constabulary in 1926 and between 1951-8 he was Commandant in Chief of the Specials. He was awarded the CBE. Married in Marylebone 29 May 1937 Fritzi Szamvald Markus (born 25 August 1907, died Westminster 2 Dec 1976). Sir William (1st Bt) and Lady and Mr William Arbuthnot Lane travelled on SS Vandeem to New York 13 October 1925.
  (a) Susan ("Sue") Charlotte Arbuthnot Lane. Born 20 October 1938. Married first John Nicolas Bowker (died 15 August 1982).
  (i) Mark James Arbuthnot Lane Bowker. Born 31 January 1967. Married 31 July 1993 Kate Hamilton-Smith and adopted the surname Hamilton-Bowker. 
aa.Saskia Alice Hamilton-Bowker. Born 3 January 1996.
bbPaloma Mo Hamilton-Bowker. Born 15 January 1999.
  (ii) Katy Louise Bowker. Born 30 November 1968. Married 5 August 1995 Timothy John Neal.
  Susan married second 31 May 1997 Roger Graham Prior.
    Dr Sir William  married second Hendon 25 September 1935 Jane Mutch (born Rochdale q4 1884, died Bridport q4 1966 aged 82), sister of Sir William's son-in-law, Nathan Mutch.
  (B) Benjamin Hugh Lane Born 12 January 1860. Married 1881 Mrs Frances Mary Bradbury, née White, a widow and left issue a son and a daughter.
  (C) Jane Rose Lane Born 13 February 1861. Married abroad 18 March 1882 Lt Colonel Allan Scott Roberts.
  (D) Caroline Matilda Lane Born 27 April 1863. Died aged ten.
  (E) Theodora Arbuthnot Lane Born 20 June 1866. Married Henry Bansall Todd.
  (F) Emily Beatrice Lane. Born 11 September 1868. Died unmarried.
c. Phoebe Arbuthnot. Died 1803. Buried Armagh.
d. A daughter. Married Mr Jackson and had four children. She must have died as Mr Jackson then married Joseph Ewing's sister..
e. Frances Arbuthnot, 4th dau. Married at Rathmullen Church, Co Down shortly before 22 May 1823, Osburn Kidd, Esq. of Armangh (sic).

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