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William Arbuthnot Born between 1760 - 1770 Ireland Died 1839 Ligonier, PA   Married c.1800 Mary Born Bef. 1785 Ireland Died Bef. 1830 Westmoreland County, PA
A. Catherine Arbuthnot Born 1800 Died 1848 Married Robert Louther
B. Robert Arbuthnot Born between 1801 - 1809
C. Martha ("Mollie") E. Arbuthnot Born 27 February 1819 Pennsylvania Died 18 October 1886 Youngstown, Westmoreland County, PA  Married 1842 William E. DeVerter Born 1817 Pennsylvania Died 12 August 1889 Occupation Blacksmith, Youngstown, PA
1. Catherine DeVerter Born 1843 Youngstown, Westmoreland County, PA Married before 1870 Adam Eckart
a. Chora Eckart Born 1865
2. Margaret DeVerter Born 1844 Youngstown, Westmoreland County, PA Died 1929
3. Mary ("Mollie") E. DeVerter Born 21 September 1846 Youngstown, PA Died 9 July 1922 Lincoln, KS    Married Youngstown, PA 22 March 1869 Nelson Paul Marshall I Born 18 November 1847 Marshalltown, PA Died 21 March 1881 Randall, KS Father Cloud Marshall Mother Mary Woodward
a. Cloud R. Marshall Born 1871 Eddyville, Wapello County, IA Died 25 February 1938 Washington, DC Occupation Railroad clerk, attorney Married Boston, MA 1899 Margaret McGlinchy Born 1874 Donegal, Ireland Died 1944 New York, NY
i. Nelson Paul Marshall II Born 1899 Boston, MA Died 1963 Illinois Married Ann _____
(A) (Cloud) Randolph Marshall Born 1928
(B) Nelson Paul Marshall Born 1930
(C) Virginia Ann Marshall Born 1932
(D) Andrew McGlinchy Marshall Born 1937
ii. Eleanor Marshall Born May 1903 Boston, MA Married Roy McGuiness
(A) Eleanor Marie McGuiness Born 1936. Died 1963
b. Cora Marshall Born 1874 Eddyville, Wapello County, IA Died 1923 Washington, DC Occupation Milliner and bookkeeper
c. William DeVerter Marshall Born 21 March 1876 Eddyville, Wapello County, IA Died 13 April 1941 Occupation Railroad baggage clerk, Boston, 10 years; manager of Marshall Ranch in Sherman County, KS Married 1 October 1907 Alice E. Wolbach Born 25 May 1878 Catasaqua, TN Died 20 June 1960 Ellsworth, KS
i. Paul Edwin Marshall Born 9 December 1908 Died 23 January 1983 Grand Island, NE Married Mayme Connally
(A) Colleen Marshall Married James Goodwin, Sr. (who had sons James and Jason by a previous marriage)
(1) Melissa Meyers
(2) Justin Goodwin
(3) Jared Goodwin
(B) Christine Ann Marshall  Married Leslie Case, Sr.
(1) Kerry Case
(2) Leslie Case
ii. Albert L. Marshall Born 21 August 1910 Goodland, KS Died 4 October 1978 Salina, KS    Married Catherine Rasmussen Born 23 June 1911
iii. Nelson Marshall Born Goodland, KS 29 November 1911 Married Ruth Drum born 5 March 1915
(A) Carol Kay Marshall born 18 June 1940
(B) Marsha Rae Marshall born 21 January 1942
(C) Janice Arlene Marshall born 28 September 1943
d. Edwin Manning Marshall Born 14 August 1878 Marshall, MO Died 24 April 1948 Salina, KS Occupation Farmer, cattleman  Married Frances Fern Scanland Born 11 August 1875 Brown County, IL Died 16 September 1944 Barnard, KS Father Granville Bond Scanland Mother Virginia Isabel Buckles
i. Mary Virginia Marshall Born 9 July 1908 Lincoln, KS Died 18 May 1994 Paradise Valley, AZ Occupation Teacher Married Wayland Bryan Woody Born 13 August 1905 Lincoln, KS Died 5 January 1987 Scottsdale, AZ Married 5 November 1926 Oscaloosa, KS Occupation Design engineer, aircraft and oilfield machinery Father Alfred Webb Woody Mother Florence Baker
(A) (Wayland) Brian Woody Born Duluth, MN 13 July 1928 Died Wichita, KS 19 August 1934
(B) Donna Frances Woody Born Wichita, KS 22 June 1931 Educ Univ of Tulsa. Geophysicist for Standard Oil of Texas and Mobil Oil. Married (Frank) Stanley ("Stan") Matthews Born Rosser, TX 31 March 1934 Father Harvey Sims Matthews Mother Ruth Orene Lewis He was educ Univ of Oklahoma and served with US Coast Guard during the Korean War. Both have been employed at the Michou Space Center as analysts helping with the design of rockets going to the moon. They live in Tucson, Arizona.
(1) Elise Michele Matthews Born Houston, TX 14 July 1961 Married in Phoenix, AZ, 20 October 1984, Dale Alan Webber Born Tucson, AZ 27 January 1961 They were both educ Univ of Arizona.
(a) Kyle Matthew Brian Webber Born Tucson, AZ 18 July 1991
(b) Kailey Frances Webber Born Tucson, AZ 7 May 1993
(C) Randolph Marshall Woody Born Wichita, KS  14 March 1935 Married Nyla Marlene Bryan Born Clay Center, KS 18 October 1937 Father Marshall Bryan Mother Thelma
(1) Edwin Marshall Woody Born Norman, OK 28 June 1962 Married in Stillwater, OK Kim Owens Father Don Owens Mother Judy
(a) Owen Marshall Woody Born Stillwater, OK 7 October 1990
(2) Ronda Elaine Woody Born Tulsa, OK 20 July 1966 Married in Tulsa, Oklahoma Darrin England
(a) Bryanna England Born Tulsa, OK 19 July 1993
ii. (Richard) Wilson Marshall Born Lincoln, KS 1 February 1913 Married Frances King Born Barnard, KS 31 July 1911
(A) Ronald Richard Marshall Born 17 May 1940 Married Sara Grant born 22 December 1943
(1) Christopher Marshall Born 23 January 1962  Married Laura Lee ______. Divorced.
(a) Joshua Lee Marshall Born 29 December 1982
(b) Shawna Marie Annelle Marshall Born 13 August 1984
(2) Tonya Lee Marshall Born 28 July 1964 Married Marty King
(B) Phylis Susan Marshall Born 22 January 1942 Married Morris Loy Born Barnard, KS 3 April 1942
(1) Wayne Loy Born 11  December 1962 Married Cindy Boor born 30 November 1964
(a) Ethan Loy
(b) Zachary Loy
(2) Edwin Loy Born 26 January 1966 Married Sherry Williamson born 16 August 1969. Divorced.
(a) Britton Loy
e. James Garfield Marshall Born 16 September 1880 Beloit, KS Died 27 July 1919 Salina, KS
4. John DeVerter Born May 1849 Died 1850
5. Emma E. DeVerter Born 1855 Pennsylvania
D. Mary Arbuthnot Born between 1821 - 1826 Westmoreland County, PA
Pat Asher writes:
I was recently contacted by another researcher about my ancestor, the subject Samuel Arbuthnot, who asked if I had been able to confirm that William was the father of Samuel. She referred me to your Table 57.
Since the last research I had done on this family was several years old, before census images were available online, I set out to see what I could find. My findings led me to several differences with Table 57; but the crucial one on which some of the others hinge, is that it appears to me that the father of Samuel b 1807 was James, not William.
It also appears to me that James and William may be the unknown brothers of Samuel (1759-1844) of Pine Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Table 1).
Briefly, Samuel (1759) seems to appear on the 1810 census in both Elizabeth, Ohio County, Virginia, and Pine Twp., in Pennsylvania. James also appears in Elizabeth, Ohio County, in 1810. William is in Pittsburgh in 1810 and in Westmoreland in 1820 and 1830. While William could have been in Virginia at some point, the census indicates any hypothetical stay would have been brief. Both James and William show a 1-9 year old Male in 1810 which could be Samuel (1807). But since Samuel married Rachel Marshall in Ohio County ca 1829, I'm at a loss to explain how he could have met and courted her if he was in Westmoreland County from 1820 to 1830.
In 1820, both James and Robert (1780-1790) are on the same page of the census in Ohio County, and it appears that James's younger children may be living with Robert.
Thus, at this point, I tend to believe that your Table 59 is the correct one for the William who was in Pittsburgh in 1810, where you show his son b 1801/1809 as Robert; and that the Ohio County Samuel and Robert are the sons of the Ohio County James b bef 1765.
Is there evidence that the William in Table 57 and the one in Table 59 are different men? Are you aware that there was a (3rd?) William b 1766/1794 in Franklin County, (south central) PA in 1810? I would very much appreciate your comments on my still tentative analysis.
P.S. I also found a naturalization of James Arbuthnot in Washington County, PA in 1798, which would be consistent for someone who immigrated to PA ca 1790.

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