15 June 2010


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John Arbuthnot [1]. Died Virginia. Emigrated from England to Richmond, Virginia. Ship passenger lists record a John Arbuthnot [2], a Scottish tailor (per Dobson), who fought at Culloden, was captured and was transported from Liverpool to Port Oxford, Maryland  17 July 1747 and from there to Richmond, Virginia 5 August 1747 on the ship "Johnson"; we have found no reference to him in the Library in Virginia after his arrival in America. John [1] may have been he who was a Judge of the Superior Court. A John Arbuthnot [3] (born Scotland c.1722), a Dr of Divinity, married as her second husband Dorothea Skelton née Jones (born 2 February 1727; died c.1780), who died without issue by either her first husband, George Donald, a Glasgow merchant, or her second, "Mr Arbuthnot" - and therefore these are not the parents of John [4] who married Jane Burton. It is now speculated that John [4]'s parents were Thomas Arbuthnot and his wife Margaret, née Arbuthnot, Thomas being son of Robert Arbuthnot and Elizabeth née Duncan (Table P).
I. John Arbuthnot [4]. Died before 1874 King William County, VA. Married Jane Burton.
A. James Arbuthnot. Born before 1777.  Possibly the earliest ancestor of Table 3.
B. Sallie Arbuthnot. Born Virginia 1777. Died Shelby County, TN 7 February, 1858. Married William Williams. (Born Chester County, PA. 1757) Military service: Revolutionary War
C. Thomas Arbuthnot. Born after 1777. Married Frances _____ (died November 4, 1839 Tennessee).
  D. John A. Arbuthnot. Born Abingdon, Virginia 1783 or King William Co., VA. Died Gibson County, Indiana 19 August 1865. Will drawn 26 February 1862; filed 25 August 1865. Military service: Enlisted in U.S.Army September 1807; deserted December 1807 at Fredericksburg, VA; reinlisted for 3 months in 1814 in Dickson County, TN as a mounted gunman against Creek Indians.  He moved from Virginia to Tennessee and c.1810 to Gibson County, Princeton, Indiana.  Occupation: Saddler, harness shop owner; postmaster, using harness shop as post office.  Though an excellent Postmaster in Princeton and a worthy gentleman, he was removed from that position in 1851 for being a Democrat. Married first, before 1812, ______ Glover (died c.1822).    
1. William Arbuthnot. Born Dickson Co., Tennessee 1806 or 1812. Died Mt Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois abt 12 September 1864. Postmaster and saddler. Married in Gibson County, Indiana 27 December 1837, Sarah Ellen Milburn (born White River Township, Gibson, Indiana 1814; died Mt Carmel 27 January 1888), daughter of John Milburn (and Margaret née Philips), son of Joseph Milburn.
a. Nancy Arbuthnot. Born Illinois c.1842.
b. Elizabeth ("Anna") Arbuthnot. Born Illinois 1844. Seamstress.
c. Phoebe Arbuthnot. Born Illinois c.1848 per 1850 Census.
d. Felix G Arbuthnot. Born 30 April, 1849 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA. Died 9 December 1916 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA. A harness maker. Married in Pike County, Indiana, 30 March 1871, Sarah ("Sallie") Appama Chappell (born Pike Co., Indiana 19 March, 1851;  died Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA 21 October, 1932)  daughter of Job Chappell  and (Athena) Appama Brenton
(A) William ("Willie") Arbuthnot. Born Illinois 25 October, 1872. Married Savanna ("Vannie") Robertson (born Illinois June 1867;died 1930).
(B) Blake Arbuthnot. Born Mt Carmel, Wabash, Illinois 18 October, 1874. Died 27 February, 1878
(C) (Samuel) Shannon Arbuthnot. Born Mt Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois 14 March 1878.  Killed on the railroad in the course of his work 18 December, 1912 Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois USA. Railroad switchman, New York Central Railroad. Married 3 September 1898 Estella ("Stella") Mae Hollingsworth (born Wabash Co., Illinois 28 October 1878; died 16 October 1963 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA) daughter of Joseph Hollingsworth and Eliza Jane Evans. It is rumoured that she may have been  part Indian ("Cherokee most likely"). Stella had a child, Ray Wheeler (born Illinois November 1896 as Ray but always known as Jack and changed his name to Jack, md & had 2 daus one of whom named Jackie who md Don Brines and had a daughter Cindy who md Kent Ziebell and had a daughter Leah), by Jack Wheeler, Sr. Stella married again after Shannon's death Clyde Jarboe by whom she had Roberta Jarboe, mother of Janet [died c.Aug 2002 having had daus Bonnie Wilson PhD Econ and Christian Wilson] and Diane (who has a dau, Leesa).
(1) A daughter. Born 1899. Died in infancy.
(2) Sereno Shannon Arbuthnot. Born Illinois 15 April 1900. Died 17 December 1902 Mt. Carmel, IL.
(3) Bernard Crozier Arbuthnot. Born 30 June 1901. Died 1908
(4) Bonnie Rowena Arbuthnot. Born 30 November 1902. Died 1908
(5) Mildred Belle Arbuthnot. Born 26 June 1904. Married Pete Weir 
(a) Pauline Weir.
(b) Joan (pronounced "Jo Ann") Weir. Married Bob Moan.
AA. Vickie Moan. Married and has issue.
BB. Kevin Moan. Unmarried.
(c) Zelma Jean Weir.
(d) Mary Lou Weir. Born August 1923. Married Wayne Large (born 12 July 1924, killed when an oil refinery blew up May 1960).
AA. Debbie Large. Married and has issue.
BB. Kathy Large. Married and has issue.
CC. Allen Large. An attorney. Married and has issue.
(e) Ron ("Ronnie") Weir.   Died c.June 2002. Married Sue _____ and has issue.
(6) Eva Bly Arbuthnot.   Born 24 December 1905 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA. Died 6 February 2004. Married James Frederick Blair (born 1900 Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois; died 1973 Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois), Illinois State trooper.
(a) Doris Yvonne Blair. Born 21 April, 1923 Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois. Died 6 November 2006. Married Mt Carmel 17 March 1944 Eugene Patrick Collins (born 05 February, 1923 Mt. Carmel, Illinois; died 10 October, 2000 Mt. Carmel, Illinois), teacher of music & history, son of Thomas Francis Collins and Mayme Brown
AA. Cheryl ("Sherry") Ann Collins. Born 22 June, 1954. Computer systems consultant. Married 21 December 1972 Tommy Ray Carlile (born 23 January, 1953 Grayville, IL, White County, IL), artist, son of James Carlile and Wanda Simms. Divorced 1976.
aa. Sarah Elizabeth Carlile. Born 27 June, 1973 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA. Artist. Had a child by Richard Oney Baxley
i. Alexandra ("Alex") Marie Carlile. Born 17 September, 1993 Evansville, Vanderberg, County, Indiana. Married 11 May 2013  Jeremiah George.
Sarah had a son by William Glicker.
ii. Seth Morgan Carlile. Born Clayton, MO 4 September 2003.
Sherry married 21 June 2004 Dr Charles Steven Krin, D.O. (born 8 May 1956), son of James Charles Krin and Mabel Darlene Johnston.
BB. Patrick Richard Collins. Born 18 February, 1959 Mt. Carmel, IL, Wabash Co., USA. Educ: Univ of Illinois (Chemical engineering). Works for Motorola. Married 5 June 1982 Nancy Kay Zentz (born 9 May, 1960 Rockford, Winnebago Co, Illinois), educ Univ of Illinois, electrical engineer.
aa. Lian Yvonne Collins. Born 04 February, 1988 (adopted in).
bb. Amy Lynn Collins. Born 13 December, 1996
CC. (James) Michael ("Mike") Collins. Born Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois 6 October 1963. Educ Southern Illinois Univ. Hydrogeologist. Married, 3 August 1988, Joyce Lynn McKenney (born Belle Fourche, Butte County, South Dakota 27 April 1964), educ Southern Illinois Univ, geologist, daughter of Leonard Joseph McKenney and Laura Lee Mitchell Divorced 2003. She remarried and has a daughter.
aa. Sean Michael Collins. Born 01 August, 1994
bb. Brian Connor Collins. Born 20 September 1997.
Eva Bly Arbuthnot married second Frederick Martin Walter (born Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois 5 July 1900; died Evansville, Vanderburg County, Indiana 26 July 1997), mail carrier, son of Louis Martin Walter and Molly Bender
(b) Frederick Louis Walter. Born 05 January 1929  Died c.1933.
(c) Richard Keith Walter. Born Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., Illinois 7 March 1931. Educ Northwestern Univ. Dentist. Married Norma Bernice Young (born Grayville, White County, Illinois 16 February 1935), daughter of Marion Young and Irma.
AA. Mark Richard Walter. Born Evanston, Illinois 27 October 1962. Educ: Univ of Illinois Works in international sales. Married in Decater, Illinois 9 May 1987 Thanea Grenias (born Greece ?.?.19??) Educ: Univ of Illinois.
aa. Katrina Elizabeth Walter. Born 08 February, 1992
bb. Alexander Richard Walter. Born 31 January, 1996
BB. David Keith Walter. Born 13 July 1967. Educ Loyola Univ. Certified registered nurse anaesthetist. Married, 29 September 2000, Sharon Henehan (born ?.?.19??).
(d) Carol Sue Walter. Born 01 February 1945. Retired model.
(7) Doreen Arbuthnot. Born 13 March 1908. Died 1909.
(8) Edwin Claire Arbuthnot. Born Mt. Carmel, Wabash Co., IL 17 March 1910. Dsp Evansville, Indiana 13 June 1989. Married first Ellen _____. Married second his third cousin Nancy Chappell. Born Patoka, IN, Gibson County, USA.
(9) Naomi ("Na") Lucille Arbuthnot. Born 14 October 1912. Died 12 November 2002. Married Herman Parker of Mount Carmel. Lived in Indianapolis.
(a) Gary Parker. Married Sharon _____. Divorced. He lives in Indianapolis.
AA. Timothy Parker. Married and has issue.
BB. Terri Parker. Married and has issue.
CC. Treena Parker. Married and has issue.
Gary married 3 July 2004 Reva _____.
(D) (Ada) Belle Arbuthnot. Born 23 February 1880. Died 20 February 1884.
(F) Everett Arbuthnot. Born 18 September 1881. Died 31 July 1883.
(E) Nolla Arbuthnot. Born 05 January 1884. Died 13 February 1885
(G) Fred Arbuthnot. Born 18 September 1886  Died May 1968 West Palm Beach, Florida. Married Estelle Margaret Schumert (born Illinois c.1893), daughter of August Nicholas Schumert and Mary Ellen Hart. In 1920 they lived in Bloom township, a suburb of Chicago, Cook Co, Illinois, .
(1) Orville Fred ("Boz") Arbuthnot. Born 2 January 1914. Died Bradley, Kankakee, IL 28 January 1982.  Married Irene White.
(a) Eugene Robert Arbuthnot. Born 1946.  Married Judith ("Judy") L Schwartz.
AA. Anthony Allen Arbuthnot. Born 9 September 1966. Married 1 February 1991 Karen Bishoff (born 27 February 1960), police officer.
aa. Sara June Arbuthnot. Born 13 November 19??.
bb Robert ("Robbie") Anthony Arbuthnot. Born 9 September 1991.
BB. Regina Arbuthnot. Born 16 March 1969. Married Rick Roth.
aa. Richelle Roth. Born 20 September 1988.
CC. Vincent Edward Arbuthnot. Born 1971. Married Cynthia L Dover. No issue.
  Eugene Robert Arbuthnot. Married Juliana P_____ Lese (born 1952).
  (b) Kenneth ("Kenny") Edward Arbuthnot
Had a son by Sharon Reed.
  AA. Vincent Edward Arbuthnot  (born 22 June 1962). Married 24 June 1980 Vicky L Floyd.. Divorced 1982.
aa. Brandon Michael Arbuthnot. Born 5 (not 6) November 1980
Married second 22 February 1984 Kim Sample. Divorced October 1985.
bb. Heather Nicole Arbuthnot. Born 18 March 1985. From Kankakee, IL. Lives Joliot, IL.
Had issue by Tina Corneiller (born 18 December 1960). She married John Rice.
- Melody Rice. Born 9 May 1984.  Stepdaughter. In a relationship with James Rice.
i. Elizabeth Marie Rice. Due 13 March 2012.
cc. Vincent James Corneiller. Born 3 January 1989.
i. Vincent Corneiller Jr. Born 30 November 2007.
Had issue by Jenna Schofield.
- Hope Schofield. Born 12 March 1994. Stepdaughter.
dd. Dylan Edward Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1995.
    Kenny married Cleona E Menser (born 19 December 1944).
  BB. Tammy Arbuthnot. Born 21 July 1964. Adopted in. Married William J Wasnea.
aa. William Wasnea.
bb. Jennifer Lynn Wasnea. Born 31 May 1983. Engaged 3 June 2003 Jason Leroy James Trumble.
i.Michael Alexander Paris. Born 2002.
ii.Monte-Michelle Katherine Trumble. Born and died 2004.
iii.Dalton Joseph Reed Trumble. Born 2005.
iv.Jayce Ann Michaelle Trumble. Born 2006.
v.Chloe Jenna Lynn Trumble. Born 2009.
vi. Delana McKay Lynne Trumble. Born 2010.
cc. Kelsey Wasnea. Born 21 December 1989.
  CC. Kelley Arbuthnot. Born 11 June 1968. Married Donald Vaughn Jr. Married second Mr Hall.
AA. Dreu-Zeppelin Zeanah. Born 6 August 1988.
  DD. Frances ("Franny") Marie Arbuthnot (born 28 August 1978). Married first Daniel Clay Dilworth (born 25 July 1972; died 30 April 2007). Married second 12 February 2008 Charles Joseph Kelley.
aa. Charles Kelley III. Born 2010.
  (c) Michael ("Milo") Arbuthnot. Born 18 February 1940. Died 24 August 1991. Married first Wanita Souligne (died).
  AA. Michael Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 1962. Married first Joan Marie Brosseau (born 1964). Married second Kathleen Brozowski.
  aa. Brittany Jo R Arbuthnot.  Born 7 June 1980. Married Andrew P Buckley.
  BB. Tina Marie Arbuthnot. Born 7 November 1966. Married July 1983 Arthur Lynndale Braid (born 28 November 1957). Divorced November 1985.
  aa. April Lynn Rowinski. Born 7 February 1980. 
Married Mr Rudisill.
    Milo married second Ruth Ann Davison (born 1945).
(d) Doris (?) Arbuthnot. Married Mr _____ Morganally.
  Orville married Elizabeth Ament (born 31 May 1926, died 2 August 1980). Both buried Mt Calvary Cemetery, Illinois.
(e) Barbara  ("Barb") Patricia Arbuthnot. Born 2 June 1951. Married first David Alan Memenga. She has a family tree in storage.
Grandchildren: Cheyanne Sue Williams,  Anne Marie (Purnell).
AA. Tarra Memenga.
BB. Brenda Memenga.  Had a child by Jeremy Purnell.
aa. Anne Marie Purnell. Born 11 February 19??.
CC. Glen Memenga.
  Barbara married second Vernon Brown.
DD. Ternia Brown. Married Steve Blanton.
(f) Kathy Arbuthnot. Born 13 May 1955. Married _____ Constant (dvu).
(g) Stephen Edward Arbuthnot, Sr. Born 26 September 1956. Tool and dye maker. Married first Donna Dean.
AA. Stephen Edward Arbuthnot, Jr. Born 26 June 1974. Truck driver.  Married Rachael Marie Avila (born 1975). Divorcing 2009. Rachel's address: 407 W Mulberry St, Watseka, IL Married 1 (815) 432 5910.
aa. Brandon Lee Arbuthnot. Born 1981 [error]. Living in Bourbonnais, IL.
bb. Stephen Tyler Arbuthnot. Born Illinois 23 December 1996; died of SIDS 18 March 1997. Lived in Woodland. Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Watseka.
BB. Michelle Marie Arbuthnot. Born 9 January 1976. Educated Bradley-Bourbonnais High School. Married Ronald Kroesch.
CC. Kenneth James Arbuthnot. Born 12 September 1977. Married Kelly L Ward (born 1975).
  Stephen Edward Arbuthnot, Sr. Married second Mrs Caron J Nordstrand, nee Ritter (born 1951) of 1264 N Terrace Ave, Kankakee, IL 60901-7459   (815) 937-0554.
(2) Glen William Arbuthnot. Born 1 May 1915. Died Homewood, IL 24 April 1989.  Married Angeline Marsili (died 1939).
(a) Frederick Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 16 May 1936. Killed in a car crash 1955.
(b) Dolores Jean Arbuthnot. Born 24 March 1938. Educated Bloom High School, Chicago Heights, IL. She lived in Colorado for 35 years and recently moved to 105 Tivoli Trace Ct., Kissimmee, FL 34759-4075
  Glen married second Mary Malek.
(c) Robert Glen Arbuthnot. Born 7 October 1946. Address: 18446 Gottschalk Ave, Homewood, IL 60430-3342
(3) Doris Margaret Arbuthnot.  Born 23 June 1918 (per death certificate) died Orlando Florida 8 December 1997. Married c.1943 William Hartman, Sr (born 11 October 1912, dvu 23 January 1974).
(a) William Hartman, Jr.
(b) Gwendolyn Hartman.
(H) Bernice Arbuthnot. Born 31 March 1890. Died March 1971. Married 4 April 1907 Leonard N. Wirth
(1) Robert Wirth
(2) Helen Wirth
(a) Carol Ann _____
(I) Ellen Arbuthnot. Born 23 January 1894. Died 16 October 1895
e. Arabella ("Bella") Arbuthnot.  Born Illinois 1859.
2. Ulysses Arbuthnot. Born Dickson Co, Tennessee 1812/13. Died July 1893. A saddler and farmer. Married in Kentucky Laurana Davis (born Kentucky January 1832; died Center Township, Gibson County Indiana 27 October 1915).
a. Nancy ("Nannie") Jane Arbuthnot. Born Gibson Co., Indiana 10 March 1854. Died Princeton, Indiana 2 January 1930. Married in Gibson County, 15 September 1875, Thomas Warren Cullen (born Elizabethtown, Kentucky 31 October 1851; died Oakland City, Indiana 8 March 1939), a lawyer.
(A) Claude Arbuthnot Cullen. Born Princeton, Indiana 16 September 1878. Died Princeton 7 August 1879.
(B) Estella Inez Cullen. Born Indiana 22 April 1881. Died March 1965. Married William Georg Volkman (born Germany, died USA 1956).
(1) Helen Viola Volkman. Married Stewart Cox.
(a) William T Cox. Born 1937.
(C) Myrtlee Cullen. Born Indiana 4 February 1883.
(D) (Thomas) Elmer Cullen. Born Gibson Co 21 August 1885. Died Princeton, Indiana 13 May 1891.
(E) John Ulysses Cullen. Born Princeton Indiana 12 November 1889. Died Merrillville, Indiana 17 August 1964. Married in Henderson, Kentucky, 21 June 1915, Rena Hasselbrinck (born 21 February, 1894 Haubstadt, IN. Died June 7, 1956 Merrillville, IN.), daughter of Charles Hasselbrinck and Katy M. Magenheimer.
(1) Clyde Charles Cullen. Born 28 January 1917. Married, 17 February 1976, Dorothy Pazera. Address: 3510 Old Hobart Road, Lake Station, Indiana 46405.
(2) Paul Edward Cullen. Born 12 October 1919. Married, 31 July 1965, Julia Baron, daughter of Michael Baran and Mary née Vanuga.
(3) (Ruth) Norma Cullen. Born Gary Indiana 5 February 1921. Died Merrillville, Indiana 12 May 1980. Married, 17 May 1947, Edward Cidulka (born 18 March 1925 Gary, Indiana. Died August 30, 1977), son of Peter Cidulka and Mary Adamcik.
(a) Linda Renee Cidulka. Born 12 October 1948. Married first 27 January 1968 Mickey Wright, son of James Wright and Aughtney Jones
AA. Thomas Michael Wright.   Born 9 August 1970.
Linda Renee Cidulka married second 25 June 1983 David Porter (born 30 May 1950), son of Thomas Porter and Marie Pastwa
(b) Diana Mary Cidulka. Born 11 August 1952. Married 4 July 1987 Paul William Mathes, Jr. (born 28 December 1946), son of Paul William Mathes, Sr. and Norma Odell
(F) Argyle Cullen. Born Princeton, Indiana 13 September 1891. Died Princeton 22 January 1929. Married Florence ______.
(G) Aurel Rodrick Cullen. Born Princeton, Indiana 24 March 1895. Died Evansville, Indiana 1968. Married Ruth Melton (born Washington, Indiana), daughter of Wilfred S Melton and Cordelia née Harpur.
(1) Glen Edward Cullen. Born Princeton, Indiana 20 April 1918.
(2) Marietta Cullen. Born Akron, Ohio 10 July 1919. Died October 1993. Married 16 June 1939 Forrest G Parks (born 16 July 1917), son of Lawrence Parks and Fay Anna née Helmbrecht.
(a) Ruth Ann Parks.  Born 3 March 1942. Married Stephen Schulz
b. John Ulysses Arbuthnot. Born Lynnville, Indiana 10 June 1857. Died Francisco, Indiana 7 May 1941. A farmer. Head miller at a grist mill. Married in Gibson County, Indiana, 10 February 1887, Harriet ("Hattie") L_____ Chism (born Gibson Co., Indiana 2 January 1865; died Francisco, Gibson County 12 September 1920), daughter of William Chism and Mary, née Fitzgerald.
(A) (Lillian) Mae ("Mary") Arbuthnot. Born Indiana 21 November 1887. Died Princeton 21 April 1979. Married in Gibson County, 24 December 1911, (Durward) Virl Harbison, Senior (born Francisco, Indiana 18 February 1889; died 14 February 1982; buried Francisco, Indiana), son of George Harbison and Margaret Laughlin
(1) Mae ("Lenore") Harbison. Born Francisco, Center Township, Indiana 24 July 1914. Died Tempe, Arizona 13 February 1993.  Nurse. Married in Hammond, Indiana, 26 March 1938, Michael Kraft, Junior (born Koppel, Pennsylvania 17 March 1908), son of Michael Kraft, Senior and Sophia, née Hermann (both born Austria).
(a) Carl Michael Kraft. Born Gary, Indiana 27 August 1942. Retired Plumber. Married in Phoenix, Arizona, 27 December 1977, ______ ______. Divorced in Phoenix April 1981.
(2) Ruth Louise Harbison. Born Center Township 18 August 1918. Died 26 February 2002. Married, 29 March 1941, Clarence Moke (born Adena, Ohio 1 September 1914), son of Lewis Henry Moke and Frances Helen Todd Blight. Address: 4109 Harrison Street, Gary, Indiana 46408 and/or: Rt 1 Shafer Shore Resorts, Monticello, Indiana 47960.
(a) Karen Ruth Moke. Born Gary, Indiana 26 March 1942. Married, 5 January 1963, Robert Orosz (born Gary 20 January 1933), son of Steve Orosz and Mary Spotilla. Address: 1614 West 63rd Avenue, Merrillville, Indiana 46410.
AA. Robert Allen Orosz. Born 28 June 1963. Married 16 August 1986 Kathleen Ann McLaughlin (born 29 December 1961) daughter of Roger McLaughlin and Sally
aa. Austin Matthew Orosz. Born 21 March 1989.
bb. Morgan Elizabeth Orosz. Born 5 August 1992.
BB. Scott Wayne Orosz. Born 2 February 1965. Married 23 September 1989 Karen Ann Huber (born 1 January 1965), daughter of Charles Huber and Phyllis Strasvewski.
aa. Arron Michael Orosz. Born 11 January 1994.
CC. Cheryl Ruth Orosz. Born 7 May 1969. Waitress. Married 23 October 1989 John Tucker (born 20 July 1965), son of George Tucker and Carolyn. Separated.
aa. Colton John Tucker. Born 5 November 1989.
Karen Ruth Moke married second Donald Wszolek, son of Ignatius Wszolek and Rose Syjut
(b) Clarence ("Corky") Durward Moke. Born Gary 10 June 1943. Married, 1 September 1971, Linda Marie Preste (born 11 October 1948) daughter of Harry Preste and Catherine née Greco. Home address: 5469 Madison Street, Merrillville, Indiana 46410. Office address: 100 W. Ridge Road, Gary, Indiana 46408.
AA. Stacy Lynn Moke. Born 19 May 1972.
BB. Joseph ("Joey") David Moke. Born 29 November 1973.
CC. Lisa Marie Moke.  Born 26 May 1975.
(c) Lewis Edward Moke. Born Gary 15 May 1948. Schoolteacher. Married, 29 July 1972, Cheryl Marie Fielding (born Chicago (not Gary) 15 August 1949), controller, daughter of Norman J. Fielding and Jane née Robertson. Address: 766 East North, Spencer, Indiana 47460.
AA. Kristianne Moke. Born 4 May 1975. Had a child by John ("Johnny") Dean Richards.
aa. Hallie Christine Richards. Born 6 June 2001.
(d) Robert Stephen Moke. Born 19 November 1950. Married, 19 November 1977, Sharon Kulanko (born 27 April 1953), daughter of John Kulanko and Dorothy Jean née Davies. Address: 945 West 69th Place, Merrillville, Indiana 46410.
(3) (Durward) Virl Harbison, Junior. Born Francisco 1 October 1922.  Died Chandler, Indiana 4 December 2003. Married 22 February 1948 Dorothy McEllhiney daughter of John McEllhiney and Verneata Schultheis.
(4) Carl Darrell Harbison. Born Francisco 7 November 1926. died 11 Feb 1999 in Ft. Myers, FL. 
(B) Maude Ella Arbuthnot. Born Newburn, Tennessee 12 April 1890. Dsp Evansville, Indiana 17 June 1960. Married Guy Blackmore (born Rockville, Indiana).
(C) CHARLES ("CHARLIE") ULYSSES ARBUTHNOT. Born Indiana 20 January 1893. Dvu 10 May 1957. Buried Francisco, Indiana. A farmer. Married in Gibson County, Francisco, Indiana, 9 May 1913, Hazel Mitchell (born Francisco 21 August 1894; died Evansville, Indiana August 1985), daughter of Samuel Mitchell and Katherine, née Crawford. She married, second, Clarence Knight. She lived in Francisco, Indiana 47649.
(1) DOROTHEA LAVON ARBUTHNOT. Born Princeton, Indiana 9 September 1914. Died Oakland City, Indiana 9 July 1982. Married Francisco, Gibson Cp, Indiana, 30 July 1931, Warner ("Cubby") Hightower (born Oatsville, Pike Co, Indiana, 5 March 1907; died Oakland City, Indiana 30 December 1990), a farmer, son of Charles Hightower and Cora, née Ingler. Address: 215 West Cherry, Oakland City, Indiana 47660.
(a) CAROL JEAN HIGHTOWER. Born Oakland City, Gibson County 29 March 1932. Married Good Shepherd United Methodist Church, Oakland City, Indiana 5 June 1955, GORDON RAY GUIMOND (born Detroit, Michigan 23 May 1932), son of Linus Guimond and Kathleen, née White. Address: 1082 Harbor Lane, Gulf Breeze, Florida 32561. C&R
AA. GAYLA DENISE GUIMOND. Born Pensacola, Florida 5 April 1956.  Married Samuel O Rogers Jr  (born 16 August 1951), son of Samuel O  Rogers Sr and Charlie Neil _____. Address: 2871 Belle Christiane Circle, Pensacola, FL 32504.,
aa. Tracie Caroline Rogers Born Pensacola 21 April 1985. Married Pensacola 5 September 2010 Joshua Andrew Smith (born 20 November 1984).
bb. Michael Andrew Rogers.  Born Pensacola, FL 25 July 1987
BB. KAREN MICHELLE ("Shelly") GUIMOND. Born Annapolis, Maryland 5 March 1960. Married Tim Elbert.
aa. Jason Timothy Elbert.
bb Ryan Warner Elbert.
cc. Tyler Fredrick Elbert.
(b) MARTHA KATHERINE HIGHTOWER. Born Oakland City 28 October 1933. Married Pensacola, 8 May 1952, JAMES DAVID WARNSMAN (born 28 June 1932), son of George Warnsman and Ruth, née McCormick. Address: 726 College Street, Oakland City, Indiana 47660.
AA. DEBORAH KAYE WARNSMAN. Born Pensacola 23 September 1952. Married first, June 1971, JEFFREY EYER (born Emmaus, Pennsylvania 9 May 1954), son of Harold and Sadie Eyer. Address: Rt 1, Winslow, Indiana 47598.
aa. Justin Lee Eyer. Born 1973. Married 2009 Brandi Johnston.
i. Alexander Eyer. Born c.2011.
bb. (James) Caleb Eyer.  Born 1977. Married 2003 Nicole Kemp.
i. Lily Eyer. Born c. 2009.
ii. Zac Eyer. Born c. 2011.
cc. Patrick John Eyer. Born 1981.
dd. Anne Laurel Eyer. Born 22 February 1983. Married 2004 Dave Johnson.
i. Darrian Johnson (a girl). Born c.1999. 
ii. Isaiah Johnson. Born c.2004.
iii. Aubrey Johnson. Born c.2009.
iv. Naomi Johnson. Born c.2009.
Deborah married second 1984 Daniel Gines
ff. Samuel Connor Gines. Born 1991.
ee (Lanreth) Maverick Gines. Born 1987.
Deorah married third 2002 Ed Rodinel who has a daughter Hazel (born c.1994).
BB. CATHY ANN WARNSMAN. Born Jacksonville, Duval, Florida 20 May 1954. Married, 28 July 1973, TIMOTHY EDWARD BENJAMIN (born 21 January 1953), son of John W Benjamin and Barbara, née Wood. 
aa. Natalie Michelle Benjamin.
bb. Abigail Lynn Benjamin. Born OaklandCity, IN 21 June 1979. Married Chris Vinnedge. Address: Stendal, Indiana. Two children
CC. DAVID WARNSMAN. Born Princeton 31 December 1964.  Married Heather Matry. Address: Bloomington, Indiana
(c) Charles Warner Hightower. Born 1935. Died 1935.
(d) Robert Ray Hightower. Born Oakland City, Indiana 29 January 1938. Retired coal miner. Married, 1964, Mrs Marilyn Sue Woodford, née Jones, daughter of Glen Jones and Glenis, née Smith and previously the wife of Ronald Woodford. Address: Marion Heights, Oakland City, Indiana 47660. C&R
AA. Linda Sue Woodford, later Hightower. Born Gibson County 18 April 1963. Born Woodford - later adopted.  Married Michael Potts. Divorced.
aa. Ashley Layne Potts Married 2002 John ("Johnny") James Tyrel Jones.
i. Jaython Jones.  born 5 October 2002
ii. Jaelynn Jones.  born 27 April 2004.
iii. Cameron /jones. Born 12 October 2006.
bb. Jarod Allen Potts
cc. Mindy Michelle Potts  Married Cody Janes
i. Virginia Shelby Jones. Born 2009.
dd. Megan Marie Potts
i. Curtis Potts
Megan married Kyle Morrow (born 7 October 1987)
ii. Caidence Marie Morrow
BB. Jennifer Rae Hightower. Born Princeton, Gibson County 21 April 1965. Married 1 February 1986 Jesse Michael Brooks   Divorced 1 February 1988 She then married September 1991 James Thomas Rubeck II, son of James and Nancy Rubeck. Divorced.
aa. Courtney Elizabeth Rubeck Born 26 March 1993
Married third 28 April 2001 Glen Scott Hendricks (born 29 June 1965, died 22 October 2003).
CC. Elizabeth ("Beth") Ann Hightower. Born Princeton 14 August 1966. Clinical perfusionist.  Married Keith Kabrick (son of Richard and Carol Kabrick of Oakland City, IN). They live in Springfield, Illinois. EK
DD. Charles Edward Hightower. Born Princeton 17 May 1969. Married Lisa Meece. Divorced.     
aa. Kyla Maxine Hightower.
Charles married second Misty Jones of Shoals, Indiana
bb. Hunter Ray Hightower
(2) Madge Genieve Arbuthnot. Born Francisco, Indiana  29 March 1916. Died Orlando 1 July 1989. Married, 23 December 1935, Everett Benedict (born 2 September 1917; died 9 August 1997 in Princeton, IN). Address: 705 S. Gibson, Princeton, Indiana 47670.
(a) Patricia Ann Benedict. Married Jack Roland Lutz, son of Leonard Victor Lutz and Helen Greuble.
AA. Michael Roland Lutz.
BB. Jeffrey Lee Lutz.
(b) Larry Lee Benedict. Married Nancy Thompson, daughter of Hubert Thompson and Irene née Miller
AA. Kathleen Benedict.
BB. Brian Lee Benedict.
CC. Sheri Benedict.
(3) Blanche Marie Arbuthnot. Born Francisco 11 September 1919. Died Francisco 17 September 1919.
(4) Gail Jeanette Arbuthnot. Born Francisco 16 December 1921. Died Fort Branch, Indiana 5 December 1993. Married, 14 December 1941, Elmer LeGrange (born 30 October 1921), son of William Roy LeGrange and Lizzie Blackard.
(a) Casondra ("Cassie") LeGrange. Born 22 August 1942. Married 31 December 1962 (Irvin) Howard Laswell (born 17 July 1933), son of Amos Howard Laswell and Drucilla Webster
AA. Deena Gail Laswell. Born Evansville, Indiana 6 April 1965
BB. (Leigh) Nichole Laswell. Born Evansville, Indiana 24 September 1968
(b) Rickie Lynn LeGrange. born Evansville 23 January 1953 Married in Evansville 8 November 1980  Patricia ("Patty") Sue Herrenbrack. Born Evansville 10 March 1955
AA. Kelsie Lynn LeGrange.

Kathryn Mae Arbuthnot. Born Francisco 12 August 1924. Married, 16 January 1943, Robert Lee Ashby (born Winslow, Pike County, Indiana 5 December 1924), son of Charles Ashby and Edna, née Hays.

(a) Terry Lee Ashby Sr. Born Francisco, Indiana 17 February 1944. Married Kathryn Adams, son of Frank Adams and Anna née Aqualino.
AA. Terry Lee Ashby Jr. Born Newport, Rhode Island 7 May 1969. Address: 1157  W Drummond Place Chicago, IL  60614. Tel:. Married 1-312-802-0408
BB. Kyle Grant Ashby. Born Evansville, Indiana 20 November 1975
(D) WILLIAM CHISM ARBUTHNOT. Born Gibson Co 9 June 1896. Died 11 May 1960. A master carpenter, one of the first in his area to read blueprints. Married in Gibson County, 9 January 1917, GOLDIA MADGE SKELTON (born Gibson Co 2 November 1900; died Gibson Co 20 April 1950), daughter of William Byron Skelton and Barbara Ellen, née Lynn.
(1) MARY LOUISE ARBUTHNOT. Born Center Township 7 November 1917. Married, 14 August 1937, CHARLES LEROY HOPKINS (born Gibson Co., Indiana 25 January 1914; died 7 May 1985), son of James Peter Hopkins and Minnie Lee, née Raiborn. Address: as for her daughter, Marilyn.
(a) MARILYN ELAINE HOPKINS. Born Princeton, Indiana 28 June 1948. Married, 8 June 1969, DENNIS DWIGHT SKIDMORE (born Marston, New Madrid County, Missouri 28 July 1948), son of J.L. Skidmore and Delphine, née Kinsey. Address: Rt 1, Box 121 A, Oakland City, Indiana 47660.
AA. CHRISTOPHER SHONE SKIDMORE. Born Princeton 9 January 1970. Married Rachel Beth Miskell.
aa. Megan Nicole Skidmore.
BB. DWAYNE MICHAEL SKIDMORE. Born Princeton 1 September 1973.
(2) JOHN WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT. Born Center Township, Gibson County 18 September 1919. Died Garland, Texas 10 May 1990. Married first, 5 March 1944, ROSE MARIE ("ROSE") COMIANI, daughter of Quinto Antonio Comiani (born 6 October 1914; died Dallas, TX 12 March 1981). Address: 1101 W. Minster, Garland, Texas 75040.
(a) JOHN ADRIAN ARBUTHNOT. Born 8 April 1948. Married in Dallas, 28 February 1970, GAIL ANN WHITLEY (born 8 August 1949), daughter of Joe Whitley and Olga Makovy. Address: 3005 Peppertree Place, Plano, Texas 75074.
AA. BOBBY LOYD ARBUTHNOT. Born 31 October 1971.
BB. BRANDY LYNN ARBUTHNOT. Born 30 April 1977.
(b) CYNTHIA ANN ARBUTHNOT. Born 2 January 1950. Married first, 5 March 1971, STEPHEN PHILLIPS, son of Weldon B. Phillips. Married second, 30 October 1972, ROGER SIFFORD (born 13 January 1944), son of James Sifford and Sadie Mae Stowers. Address: 1603 Serenade Lane, Richardson, Texas 75081.
AA. ANNA MARIE SIFFORD. Born 26 November 1974.
BB. JULIE LEANN SIFFORD. Born 21 February 1979.
Cynthia married third Ronald David King, son of Hugh Graham King and Velma Marie Williams
(c) BOBBY LAMONT ARBUTHNOT. Born 24 October 1951. Married, 24 October 1977, ELNA FERN WARLICK (born 15 January 1954; died Dallas, TX 10 November 1995), daughter of George C. Warlick and Jean F ______. Address: 1349 Meandering Way, Garland, Texas 75040.
AA. Lindsay Louise Arbuthnot.
Johnny married second Dallas TX 2 Apr 1983 Ethel Madee ("Dee") Redden (b.31 December 1917, died 11 December 2011), dau of Sydney and Mary Redden,  previously married to  W R "Bud" Porter
(3) LOYD BERTIS ARBUTHNOT. Born Columbia Township, Gibson County 16 February 1925. Died Indianapolis 12 January 1974. Married, 12 October 1946, VERNETTA SMITH (born 14 April 1913, died 28 April 2004), daughter of V. R. Smith and Bessie née Summers. Address: 810 E. Water Street, Princeton, Indiana 47670.
(4) Jo Ann Arbuthnot. Born Columbia Township, Gibson County 25 January 1928. Married, 27 October 1945, ROBERT CARTER MARDIS (born 16 June 1927; died 15 August 2007. ), son of Robert Harding Mardis and Dorothy Kathleen, née Revell. Address: 2351 Morton, Terre Haute, Indiana 47803.
(a) MICHAEL CARTER MARDIS. Born 29 March 1952. Married, 21 December 1973, SUSAN LYNN HAMBLEN (born 23 August 1953), daughter of Frank Allen Hamblen and Doris Lucille Scott. Address: 2410 N. Tenth Street, Terre Haute, Indiana 47804.
AA. MATTHEW CARTER MARDIS. Born Terre Haute 4 July 1978.
BB. Andrew Carter Mardis. Born 23 May 1986
(b) SCOT CARTER MARDIS. Born 9 August 1955, a twin. Dental surgeon, (DDS) Married, 10 April 1980, GERRIE LAIN BRUSSE (born 9 January 1957), daughter of William Brusse and Wanda Lain Clark.
AA. Kyle Carter Mardis. Born 25 September 1983
BB. Lauren Elizabeth Mardis. Born 20 September 1983
(c) LEE CARTER MARDIS. Born 9 August 1955, a twin. Married, 18 September 1982, SARA ELIZABETH ECKERT (born 21 February 1955) daughter of Earl R. Eckert and Shirley Ann Dittmer
AA. Sean Carter Mardis. Born  9 October 1988
(E) PAUL ELLWAIN ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born Patoka township, Gibson co, Indiana 4 June 1898 or 1900. Died Francisco 15 August 1951. Served with Rainbow division during WWII. Coal miner. Married in Francisco, 26 January 1920, CLYDE ELIZABETH MANS (born Princeton 27 May 1903 or 27 March 1900; died Princeton 2 June 1949; buried Francisco) daughter of (Albert) Ross Mans and Mary Ann Harbison
(1) ROBERT MANS ARBUTHNOT. Born Francisco 11 September 1920. Died December 1984. Married first LILLIAN STIEFEL (born 3 February, 1927; died June 1965) daughter of Elmer Stiefel. 
(a) Naomi Arbuthnot. Born Gibson Co, IN 20 January 1942.  Died Evansville, IN 22 October 2010.
9b) Donna Arbuthnot. Married Mr Fields. Lives in Fort Branch, IN.
AA. Todd Fields.
AA. Zachary Fields.
BB. Dane Fields.
BB. Wendy Fields. Married Mr English.
AA. Austin English.
Robert married again.
(2) PAUL ELLWAIN ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born Francisco 19 April 1922. Died Carson City, Nevada 28 March 1994. Served as a submariner during WWII. Married LUCILLE LYNCH PAYNE daughter of John Wesley Lynch and Myrtle Cator. Address: Addition Street, Box 774, Searchlite, Nevada 89046.
(3) (CHARLES) WILLIAM ("BILL") ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born 4 August 1924. Died 2 November 2001. Married first, 1943, HELEN TETRIC. Married second, 1947, CHRISTINA BORNHEIMER, daughter  of George Bornheimer and Lillian. Married third in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 29 September 1953, BARBARA JEAN SILVERNAIL (born 5 November 1935; died Lancaster, California 12 March 1998), daughter of Levi Byron Silvernail and Florence Nice, née Alderfer. Address: 15945 P Street, Mojave, California 93501.
(a) JACQUELINE ("Jacque") COYE ARBUTHNOT. Born San Bernaadino, California 6 June 1955. Married first, 27 November 1976, LARRY GENE ALLEN (born 17 February 1952), son of George Allen and Paula Gabucci. Address: Box 245, Edwards, California 93523.
AA. AMANDA ("Mandy") LYNN ALLEN. Born Lancaster, California 22 August 1979.
Jacque married second 22 April 1984 WILLIAM NOLAN HALL, Senior (born 20 March 1960). Divorced.
BB. WILLIAM NOLAN HALL, Junior. Born 26 February 1984
CC. CORI ALANA HALL. Born 31 August 1985
(b) CHARLES WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born 21 December 1958. Married 2 July 1983 Terri Eidem (born 17 May 1947) daughter of Adam M. Eidem and Lily F. Cornell
(c) ALAN LANCE ARBUTHNOT. Born San Bernadino, California 21 October 1960. Died 11 April 1984.
(d) Starla Ruthene Arbuthnot. Born 14 October 1962. Married JOHN DUANE JEPPSON, son of Gerald W. Jeppson and Joan Cluff
AA. John David Jeppson. Born 24 October 1986
BB. Jacob Alan Jeppson. Born 9 July 1990
CC. Elizabeth Joy Jeppson. Born 10 March 1993
(e) ALICIA MARIE ARBUTHNOT. Born 8 July 1964. Married 21 August 1983 WALTER WILLIAM SOKOLOWSKI (born 21 December 1957), son of Edward Chester Sokolowski and Catherine Theresa Ritchie
AA. Eric Anthony Sokolowski. Born 28 March 1984.
BB. Chad Lance Arbuthnot. Born 4 September 1991.
(4) HAROLD EUGENE ARBUTHNOT. Born 27 October 1926. died Gibson, IN 10 July 2007. Loved to fish and play cards. Worked at Whirlpool in Evansville 
(5) CECIL RAY ARBUTHNOT. Born Francisco 4 June 1931. Died Francisco 9 July 1931.
(6) LAURA MAE ARBUTHNOT. Born and died Francisco 15 May 1932.
(7) A child. Born and died Francisco 15 October 1933.
(8) JERRY WAYNE ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born 9 December 1934. Died 6 February 2001. Married, 9 August 1958, Mary Elizabeth Blunk (born 4 August 1940) daughter of John Blunk and Susie Elizabeth née Pollock. Address: Rt 1, Fort Branch, Indiana 47648.
(a) A child. Born and died Princeton 1959.
(b) Jerry Wayne Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 13 December 1960. Died 28 February 2009.
(c) A child. Born and died Princeton 1965.
(d) Dianna Lynn Arbuthnot. Born 10 August 1967.
(9) Clarence ("Lefty") Franklin Arbuthnot. Born 9 January 1937. Married, first, Elaine Blaize, daughter of Randall Blaize and Dale Battram.
(a) Susan Renee Arbuthnot. Born 14 October 1958. Married Ron Taber. Divorced.
AA. Kelly Taber. Born 10 March 1983.
(b) David Dewayne Arbuthnot. Born 18 July 1960. Married first Betty Brines..
David married second Milissa ("Missy") Luttrell, daughter of Ronald Luttrell and Velma Pope.
AA. Hayley Nichole Arbuthnot. Born 29 July 1985
BB. Bryce David Arbuthnot. Born 2 March 1987. Due to be married 21 August 2010.Heidi Smith.
aa. Kenley Brooke Arbuthnot. Born Fort Branch, IN 9 January 2010.
(c) Debra Ann Arbuthnot. Born 4 December 1963. Married Homer McIntosh, son of Arlie McIntosh and Judith Dukes.
AA. Audrey Elaine McIntosh. Born 10 August 1995.
BB. Cassidy Faye McIntosh. Born 11 May 1999.
Lefty married, second, SANDY DILLON (born 18 December 1934), daughter of Charles Dillon and Helen Eads. Address: Rt 1, Francisco, Indiana 47649.
(10) ELIZABETH ANN ARBUTHNOT. Born Francisco 24 May 1939. Died Francisco 7 January 1943.
(11) HATTIE MARIE ARBUTHNOT. Born 7 June 1941. Married 18 July 1959 Donnis ("Don") Fetcher (born 16 May 1939) son of Herschel April Fetcher and Rachel Elizabeth Shain.  Once of: 2801 N. Sherman Street, Evansville, Indiana 47711.
(a) ALLEN DALE FETCHER. Born 10 November 1960.
(b) (HERSHEL) PAUL FETCHER. Born 4 January 1962.
(c) SHEILA RENAE FETCHER. Born 17 November 1966.
(12) BONNIE LOU ARBUTHNOT. Born 4 July 1942. Died 18 November 2001. Married RAYMOND BLUNK (born 23 January 1942), son of John Blunk and Susie Elizabeth Pollock.
(a) JAMES ALFRED BLUNK. Born 20 February 1964.
(b) DANIEL RAY BLUNK. Born 3 December 1965.
Bonnie Lou married second Herman Mitchell. Address: Rt 6, Booneville, Indiana 47601.
c. MARTHA ("MATTIE") ARBUTHNOT. Born Francisco, Indiana 28 October 1858. Died Princeton 2 January 1908. A boarder at a school in Columbia Township, Gibson Co, 1880. Married in Gibson Co, 23 May 1889, FRANKLIN PERRY PRENTICE McCLURE (born Princeton, Indiana 9 May 1855; died Princeton 5 May 1934), a landlord, son of Joseph Perry McClure and Catherine Ann, née Devin.
(A) NELLE ("NELLIE") M. McCLURE. Born Princeton, Indiana 8 August 1893. Dsp Princeton 19 August 1953. Married 1923 SIDNEY WILLIAMS (died 1926).
(B) NAOMA ("CLEMMA") McCLURE. Born Princeton, Indiana 9 June 1896. Died Princeton 5 November 1978. Married in Vincennes, Indiana 2 June 1927 RAYMOND PAUL DILL (born May 12, 1902 Princeton, Indiana; died April 13, 1992), son of Willard Alexander Dill and Rhoda Wilhite
(C) OLIVE M. McCLURE. Born Princeton, Indiana 6 September 1899. Died July 29, 1982 Princeton, IN. Married in Princeton 10 September 1918 RALPH MORROW CARITHERS (born June 7, 1898 Princeton, IN; died 27 August 1979 Princeton, IN), son of Joseph Carithers and Mary Morrow
(1) Joseph Prentice Carithers. Born 5 October 1919 Married 6 April 1947 Martha Alyson Smith (born 3 October 1920), daughter of Chester Smith and Ida Wright
(a) Robert Prentice Carithers. Born 30 June 1950 Married 27 October 1979 Diana Lynn Sacks (born 26 May 1951).
AA. Ryan James Carithers. Born 17 Septembr 1983. Adopted.
(2) Samuel Warren Carithers. Born 13 November 1920. Married 1 August 1942 Melba Eloise Kolb (born 7 May 1921), daughter of Carmen Kolb and Nelia Jane Cloin
(a) Sammy Jane Carithers. Born 30 June 1944 Married 29 May 1967 Clifford Lee Little, Jr. (born 16 January 1944) son of Clifford Lee Little, Sr. and Honey
AA. Christopher Lee Little. Born 2 March 1972.
(b) Christopher ("Chris") William Carithers. Born 9 July 1950 Married 19 May 1975 Raeanna Rule (born 15 January 1951), daughter of John Rule
(3) James Ralph Carithers. Born 3 October 1921 Died 25 September 2001. Married 17 January 1953 Dorothy Mae Ann Maerz (born 23 October 1928), daughter of Joseph Maerz and Anna Ruppert
(a) Kevin Michael Carithers. Born 30 December 1953. Died 17 June 1990. Married 4 May 1989 Debra D Gould.
AA. Anna Kathleen Carithers. Born 30 May 1987.
BB. Micah James Carithers. Born 17 January 1989.
(b) Shawn Mitchell Carithers. Born 22 February 1963. When Kevin died, Shawn brought up his two children, Anna and Micah.
(4) Mary Martha Carithers. Born February 28, 1923 Princeton, IN. Died September 27, 1987 Evansville, IN. Married 1August 1945 Milton Franklin Harrell, Jr. (born 14 September 1923; died 11 December 1994), son of Milton Franklin Harrell, Sr. and Rosiland Adams
(a) Ann Rucker Harrell.  Born 5 May 1946.  Married 16 August 1969 Robert E. Harman born 25 July 1943 son of Harry Harman
AA. Elizabeth Gayl Harman. Born 5 January 1973.
BB. Molly Devon Harman.  Born 22 January 1978.
(b) Mary Sue Harrell.  Born 8 January 1949. Married 23 July 1972 James Fischoff (born 24 September 1941), son of Joseph Fischoff and ______ née Reis
AA. David James Fischoff. Born 3 May 1975.
BB. Julie Ann Fischoff.  Born 8 January 1977.
(c) Malinda Jane Harrell.  Born 9 June 1950. Married 23 December 1972 Steven Frosch (born 15 September 1946), son of Steven Henry Frosch and Loraine
AA. Jennifer Jane Frosch.  Born 3 May 1977.
BB. Anthony Steven Frosch. Born 23 November 1980.
CC. Kelli Marie Frosch. Born 10 August 1982.
(5) Florence Marie Carithers. Born 22 April 1924 Married 2 December 1961 Donald Earl Newton (born 5 October 1930), son of Roy T. Newton and Fern F. Pellam
(-) Mark Anthony Newton. Don's son. Born 17 December 1958 Married 9 April 1988 Lisa M. ______.
(a) Robert Michael Newton. Born 27 August 1963 Married 25 June 1988 Sherry Gray.
(b) Brian Keith Newton.  Born 11 October 1965
(6) (Olive) Jean Carithers. Born 17 March 1925 Married 21 February 1947 James Samuel Shoulders (born 4 February 1921), son of William Bryce Shoulders and Oma D. Finch
(a) Carol Jean Shoulders. Born 16 December 1947
(b) Joyce Marie Shoulders. Born 22 November 1948 Married 11 November 1983 Frederick Kieber Kantner (born 6 October 1946), son of Albert Kantner and Martha Kieber
AA. Bryce Frederick Kantner.  Born 28 December 1985
BB. Jill Marie Kantner. Born 30 November 1987
(c) William James Shoulders. Born 19 July 1951 Married 6 June 1980 Lynn Kathryn Stevens (born 9 July 1951), daughter of Shelby Stevens and Marion née Roth
(d) Janis Lee Shoulders. Born 24 September 1955 Married 26 November 1983 Dean Bixler (born 16 July 1951), son of Emerson Bixler and Delores
(7) William Robert Carithers. Born August 11, 1930 Princeton, IN. Died November 6, 1946 Princeton, IN
d. INDIANA ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born Francisco, Indiana July 1864. Died Gibson County 2 March 1908. Married in Gibson County, 29 June 1893, FRANKLIN YOCKUM (born Indiana July 1857; died Gibson County 30 April 1904), book-keeper, son of John Yockum and Barbara, née Huffman (who came from Russia).
(A) CARL ARBUTHNOT YOCKUM. Born Indiana 1 August 1894. Died Princeton 16 August 1919.
(B) A daughter. Born and died Indiana 27 August 1896.
(C) EDITH L_____ YOCKUM. Born Indiana 3 November 1897. Married _____ FIELD.
(1) Lewell Gordan Field.
(a) _____ Field. Married Donna Jean Cassarino (born 17 June 1956).
(D) FLORENCE YOCKUM. Born Indiana September 1898.
(E) A son. Born and died Indiana 16 December 1900.
(F) FRANK YOCKUM. Born Indiana 7 December 1903.
(G) FLOYD YOCKUM. Born Indiana.
3. MARY JANE ARBUTHNOT. Born Princeton 22 August 1815. Died Gibson Co 27 February 1896. Married in Gibson County, 30 July 1835, JOSEPH D. CUNNINGHAM (born Gibson County 3 October 1807; died Hazelton, Indiana 28 February 1877), farmer, son of Andrew Cunningham and Nancy, née Shields.
a. JOHN A. CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson County 1839. Died Nashville, Tennessee 22 December 1861.  Military service: Co.B, 1st Regiment Volunteers
b. WILLIAM GREEN CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co 1841. Died Gibson Co 1848.
c. THOMAS (SHIELDS?) CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co 1843. Died Gibson Co 1848.
d. NANCY JANE CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co 26 August 1845. Died Gibson Co 5 November 1870. Married in Gibson County, Indiana, 31 March 1863, ANDREW RALSTON HOPKINS (born Gibson Co, Indiana 19 June 1838; died Vincennes, Indiana 25 June 1902), son of Hiram Abepthe Hopkins and Martha Jane, née Ralston.
(A) MARY (CUNNINGHAM?) HOPKINS. Born Gibson Co 13 June 1866. Died Gibson Co 31 July 1868.
(B) JOHN O. HOPKINS. Born Gibson Co 26 April 1868. Died Gibson Co 4 February 1869.
(C) NANCY JANE HOPKINS. Born Gibson Co 6 September 1870. Died Lynnville, Indiana 9 May 1964. Married in Carmi, Illinois 9 March 1893 Gashem Philomen Tevault (born Warrick Co, Indiana 31 July, 1872; died Evansville, Indiana 11 December, 1942), son of Ethan Spencer Tevault and Nancy Rebecca Martin. He wsa a farmer, peddler and store owner.
(1) Fred Leo Tevault. Born 29 December 1893 Warrick County, IN. Died August 8, 1917 Lynnville, IN
(2) Jessie Ellen Tevault. Born June 11, 1896 Warrick County, IN. Died August 1, 1980 Vanderburgh County, IN. Married first Hilbert Milton Ricketts. Born December 19, 1896 Warrick County, IN. Died January 11, 1976 Miami, FL
(a) Hilbert Odelle Ricketts. Born 09 March 1917 in Warrick Co, Indiana; died November 13, 1981 in Lynnville, Warrick Co, Indiana. He married Roselyn LaJune Kifer 08 January 1938 in Patoka, Gibson Co, Indiana, daughter of Otis Kifer and Isabel Antel. She was born 18 March 1920 in Gibson Co, Indiana.
AA. Michael Odelle Ricketts. Born 19 August 1938 in Warrick Co, Indiana. He married first Ruth Ann Branam December 1959 in Saline Co, Illinois. He married second Sharon Ann Gibbons May 1964. She was born 22 February 1946 in Illinois.
aa. Audrey Lynn Ricketts. Born 18 January 1965 in Williamson Co, Illinois
BB. Susan Jean Ricketts. Born 22 October 1940 in Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married first Harry Lee Spears May 1958, son of Earl Spears and Thelma.
aa. Jamie Lee Spears. Born August 26, 1959 in Saline Co, Illinois. She married 1976 Jeff Wall (born 10 July 1947; died in a fire August 1978).
bb. Robby Lynn Spears. Born March 26, 1965 in Herrin, Williamson Co, Illinois.
Susan married second Robert Witherspoon October 02, 1976.
CC. Donna Lee Ricketts. Born and died February 24, 1943 in Vanderburgh Co, Indiana
DD. Larry Patrick Ricketts. Born November 18, 1944 in Warrick Co, Indiana. He married first December 1962 Melody Sarah Fuller.
aa. April Dawn Ricketts. Born Texas 03 July 1969.
Larry married second in Alaska 17 July 1972 May Belle Sherman (born Texas 15 February 1929).
EE. Mary Ellen Ricketts. Born Warrick Co, Indiana 28 September 1946. She married first in Cincinatti, Ohio James Christopher Kemp. She married second, September 1962, Donald Dewy Dunn
aa. Amy Suzanne Dunn. Born Joliet, Will Co, Illinois 26 April  1963.
Mary married third in Saline Co., Illinois, 18 June 1964 Arthur Thompson Barton. She married fourth in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., Indiana, February 1980, Terry Pickens. She married fifth Ernest Harvey Moore
FF. Gerald Martin Ricketts. Born Gibson Co., Indiana 22 August 1952.
GG. June Lee Ricketts. Born 18 June 1954 in Gibson Co, Indiana. She married first Robert Wesley Harris May 13, 1972 in Warrick Co, Indiana.
aa. Tracy Lee Harris. Born Gibson Co, Indiana 20 November 1972.
June married second Gary Wayne Carter November 30, 1974 in Warrick Co, Indiana.
bb. Dawn Michelle Carter. Born February 10, 1975 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
Jessie married second in Covington, Kentucky 18 March 1927 Frank Ferner (born c.1884 Canton, OH. Died June 4, 1938 Lynnville, IN).
(3) Isabelle Elizabeth Tevault. Born January 4, 1899 Warrick County, IN. Owned a beauty salon with Herbert. Married first Herbert C. Thiry. Born February 15, 1905 Evansville, IN. Died December 2, 1953 Evansville, IN
Isabelle married second 1 January 1923 Robert Hambrick.
(4) George Heilman Tevault. Born December 19, 1902 Warrick County, IN. Died April 16, 1978 Louisville, KY. Railroad worker, Evansville. Married in Evansville, Indiana 21 October 1922 Thelma Barkley (born March 25, 1906. Died August 17, 1982), daughter of Norman Barkley and Gertie Miles
(a) James William Tevault. Born April 01, 1925 in Warrick Co, Indiana. Died Evansville, Indiana 24 April 2003. He married Wanetta Faye Oglesby January 15, 1947. She was born August 02, 1921 in Missouri, and died December 22, 1997 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
AA. Rebecca January Tevault. Born November 14, 1947 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
BB. Jill Rae Tevault. Born May 25, 1955 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married Mark Jones.
(b) Patricia Ann Tevault. Born October 16, 1930. She married Gordon Ransone Miller November 28, 1952.
AA. Michael Gordon Miller. Born December 12, 1953.
(c) Nancy Ruth Tevault. Born May 24, 1933. She married William H. Fike September 03, 1955.
AA. Brian Kent Fike. Born April 20, 1958.
BB. Stuart George Fike. Born February 12, 1961.
CC. Paula Kay Fike. Born October 02, 1962.
(d) Rita Rae Tevault. Born March 12, 1938. She married Ralph W. Metzger September 15, 1956.
AA. Teresa Gail Metzger. Born November 11, 1957; died August 11, 1962
BB. Steven Wayne Metzger. Born April 25, 1959
CC. Tracy Ann Metzger. Born February 24, 1962
DD. Randall Ray Metzger. Born March 22, 1963.
EE. Thomas Eugene Metzger. Born December 15, 1965.
(e) John Wayne Tevault. Born January 31, 1947. He married Dorethea I Roberson November 21, 1970.
(5) (Walter) Earl Tevault. Born July 7, 1903 Warrick County, IN. Died August 28, 1987 Warrick County, IN.  Teacher, school principal. Married in Evansville, 5 April 1924, (Mary) Rosalie Christmas (born September 20, 1907 Evansville, IN. Died October 27, 1992 Evansville, IN), daughter of John William Christmas and Rosa Callis
(a) David Earl Tevault, Sr. Born 13 August 1926. Married 9 August 1947 Joan Jennings (born 21 February 1930), daughter of Edward Jennings and Delia Evans
AA. David Earl Tevault Jr. Born July 23, 1948 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He married Judy Louise Keith May 19, 1973 in Charlottesville, Albemarle Co, Virginia, daughter of Benjamin Keith and Lillian Ageon. She was born May 29, 1946 in Covington, Alleghany Co, Virginia.
aa. Neil David Tevault. Born November 16, 1975 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee Co, Wisconsin
bb. Nancy Louise Tevault. Born January 09, 1978 in Alexandria, Virginia.
BB. Robert Gerald Tevault. Born September 15, 1950 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He married Susan Cara Turner August 28, 1976 in Kuttawa, Lyon Co, Kentucky, daughter of Marshall Turner and Paula Schmitt. She was born April 11, 1956 in Indianapolis, Marion Co, Indiana.
aa. Elizabeth Anne Tevault. Born October 19, 1978 in Lake Co Indiana
bb. Anna Michelle Tevault. Born July 29, 1981 in Lake Co, Indiana
CC. Barbara Jo Tevault. Born January 24, 1953 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married Michael Allen Work August 19, 1974 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana, son of Stanley Work and Barbara Smith. He was born August 24, 1950 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
aa. Michael Allen Work II. Born September 22, 1978 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana
bb. Mandi Jo Work. Born 1987 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana
DD. Mark Stephen Tevault. Born December 10, 1954 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He married Vickie Jo Petitjean September 14, 1974 in Warrenton, Gibson Co, Indiana, daughter of Victor Petitjean and Irene Market. She was born January 22, 1957 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
aa. Lauri Ann Tevault. Born February 22, 1975 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married Steven Lee Ross August 20, 1994 in Calumet Township, Lake Co, In; born 1972 in Lake Co, In.
bb. Daniel Wayne Tevault. Born November 18, 1976 in Hobart, Indiana
cc. Brian David Tevault. Born July 17, 1978 in Merrillville, Indiana.
dd. William Earl Tevault. Born September 30, 1982 in Lewistown, Pa.
EE. Janet Lee Tevault. Born December 13, 1956 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married first George Shuttle June 19, 1976 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He was born March 06, 1959 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married second Richard Daniel Andresen July 27, 1978 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He was born August 25, 1956 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
aa. Donald Richard Andresen. Born August 24, 1979 in Jacksonville, Florida.
bb. Brandi Jo Andresen. Born January 15, 1983 in Naples, Italy.
FF. Roger Alan Tevault. Born June 21, 1961 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana
(b) Jack Robert Tevault. Born 28 November 1927. Died 5 May 1999. Married 11 June 1950 Jacqueline ("Jackie") Rae Sirels (born 17 January 1930), daughter of Arthur Raymond Sirels and Mary Beatrice Hadley. Address: 658 S. Burkhardt, Evansville, In. 47715
AA. Michael Earl Tevault. Born 16 June 1964. Adopted.
BB. Cara Lee Tevault.  Born 14 November 1965. Adopted. Married 30 March 1985 Richard Allen Burns (born 28 June 1962), son of David Burns and Leigh Leming Ryder
aa. Krystyn Michelle Burns. Born 15 November 1990.
bb. Ryder Garrett Burns. Born 1994.
CC. Steven Jack Tevault. Born 22 February 1973.
(c) (Maurice) Gene Tevault. Born 17 June 1929. Married 19 February 1954 Joyce Gayle Yates born 19 August 1929 daughter of Arnold Yates and Lorraine Rosser
(d) Carol Jeanette Tevault. Born 12 March 1931. Married as his first wife 23 July 1948 (Harold) Gene Baumholser (born 26 December 1947, died Newton, Alabama 28 August 2002), son of John William Baumholser and Ruth Marie née Leigh
AA. Ellen Marie Baumholser.  Born 13 April 1950. Married first David Seiler.
aa. Tonya Marie Seiler. Born January 11, 1971 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. She married Jeff White March 17, 1996 in Evansville, Indiana
bb. Rafe Alan Seiler. Born May 20, 1976 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He married Stephny _____
Ellen married second Tony Lewis. Married third Nelson Latouche..
BB. Eric Lee Baumholser. Born 1 August 1953. Eric married first Barbara Jean Arnold, daughter of Joseph Vincent Arnold and Elvera Theresa née Will.
aa. John William Baumholser.   Born 2 May 1975. Died of kidney cancer 6 December 2001. Married Kerri Lyn Seib, daughter of Leonard Seib.
bb. Jason Eric Baumholser. Born 7 February 1978. Married St Wendel, IN 12 May 1999 Kymber Jo Trotter. 
i. Ethan James Baumholser. Born 24 August 2001
ii. Kylee Jean Baumholser. Born 3 April 2004.
cc. Joseph Wayne Baumholser. Born 25 June 1980.
Eric married second Kathryn A Smyth. He married third Julie Ann Raymond:
dd. Erin Jeanette Baumholser.  Born 11 December 1992.
CC. Aaron Wade Baumholser.  Born 7 January 1957. He married Maryann Ubehlor March 24, 1979, daughter of Richard Ubelhor and Mea Hart. She was born August 23, 1958 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.
aa. Kelley Ann Baumholser. Born January 13, 1982 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, IN.
bb. Adam Kristopher Baumholser. Born October 06, 1984 in Evansville, IN.
cc. Spencer Baumholser. Born July 15, 1994.
dd. Carson Roth Baumholser. Born August 31, 1995
DD. Owen Gene Baumholser.  Born 28 July 1962. He married first Dawn _____.
aa. Madison Baumholser. Born December 12, 1994.
Owen married second Renee _____.
bb. Heather Ann Baumholser. Born July 26, 1990 in San Diego, California.
EE. Anita Louise Baumholser.  Born 9 July 1965. She married Rick Dean Williams May 04, 1985 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana. He was born October 22, 1962.
aa. Alyssa Nicole Williams. Born March 10, 1989 in Evansville, Vanderburgh Co, Indiana.
bb. Katelyn Rose Williams. Born April 22, 1993.
Carol married second 29 November 1969 Robert Ellwood Kastner born 4 February 1922, son of Walter Kastner and Katherine Slavick
(e) Jo Ann Tevault.  Born 21 April 1932. Married 28 November 1949 Richard Leo Smith born 27 July 1930. 
(f) Richard ("Dick") Tevault. Born 12 September 1934. Married Ida Mae Weatherholt daughter of Raymond Francis Weatherholt and Agnes Frank
(6) Grace Kathleen Tevault. Born April 30, 1906 Warrick County, IN. Died February 13, 1908
(7) Gerald Ethan Tevault. Born June 14, 1908 Warrick County, IN. Died October 31, 1947 Evansville, IN. Occupation: Lineman, Southern Indiana Electric & Gas Co.. Married in Chrisney, Indiana 23 June 1929 Elsie Ray Heath. Born January 6, 1908 Warrick County, IN. Died December 2, 1982 Evansville, IN, daughter of H. Orby Heath and Cora née Miller.
(a) Carolyn Sue Tevault. Born December 01, 1930. She married John Schultz
AA. Eve Schultz. Born January 26, 1955
BB. Ethan Schultz. Born October 28, 1960.
(b) Sharon Lue Tevault. Born October 02, 1936. She married Robert Leucht.
AA. Brent Leucht. Born January 14, 1956
BB. Blake Leucht. Born October 09, 1964.
CC. Sherry Leucht. Born May 04, 1965
(c) Janie Rue Tevault. Born March 23, 1944. She married David Mullen
AA. Christin Mullen. Born August 05, 1965
BB. Eric Mullen. Born May 15, 1968.
(8) (Rita) Bernelle Tevault. Born February 19, 1911 Warrick County, IN. Died November 11, 1974. Beauty salon owner
e. Joseph Wesley Cunningham. Born Gibson Co, 2 July 1848. Died Gibson Co 1891. Married, 28 December 1871, Philecta Jane Walker (born 20 November 1852 Warrick County, IN. Died 19 January 1938 Tulsa, OK) daughter of O. G. Walker and Susan
f. Sarah Ellen Cunningham. Born Gibson Co, Indiana 20 December 1849. Died Gibson County 26 January 1905. Married in Gibson County, Indiana, 11 May 1872, Ezekiel Theodore Hopkins (born 14 October 1846 Gibson County, IN. Died 16 October 1925 Princeton, IN), son of Hiram Abepthe Hopkins and Martha Jane Ralston
(A) George Abepthe Hopkins. Born 19 August 1873 Indiana. Died 30 May 1912 [error?]. Married 30 October 1893 Cordelia Kendle. George married second 30 May 1912 [error?]  Grace Hopkins.
(B) Percy Cunningham Hopkins. Born 15 January 1875. Died 7 December 1931
(C) Mary Ralston Hopkins. Born 24 February 1880. Died January 1972 Indiana. Married in Gibson County, IN  15 August 1900 Roger P. Cleveland (born c.1870; died 2 July 1937) son of John Cleveland and Mary Polk
(1) John Percy Cleveland. Born 15 July 1905. Married Berneidine Pratt.
(2) Roger Loyde Cleveland. Born 24 August 1911. Died October 1978
(D) Alice Isabelle Hopkins. Born 16 June 1882 Indiana. Died Indiana 1977
(E) Theodore Arbuthnot Hopkins. Born 8 October, 1887 Walnut Hill, IN. Died 21 December, 1926 Los Angeles, CA. Superintendent of tunnel construction, Southern Pacific Railroad. Married 31 May 1922 Mosse Lewis.
(1) Ellen Cunningham Hopkins
g. ALICE ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co 1854. Died 10 February 1920. Married, 16 September 1875, SAMUEL M. SLATER (born Pike Co, Indiana 25 February 1852; died Gibson Co 1929).
h. LAURA BELLE CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co 14 January 1858. Died Gibson Co 9 February 1940. Married in Gibson Co, 13 January 1876, JOHN W. GAMBREL (born 2 August 1852; died 5 February 1939).
i. GEORGE ALBERT CUNNINGHAM. Born Gibson Co c.1860. Married 11 October 1881 SUSAN GARVIN (born 19 March 1861), daughter of Thomas E and Cornelia Garvin.
4. JOHN M. ARBUTHNOT. Born Gibson County c.1818. Died before February 1862. Married in Gibson County, 27 September 1840, MARY ANN WOOLFINGTON.
a. EMILY ARBUTHNOT. Born 1844 per 1860 Census.
b. MARY JANE ARBUTHNOT. Born 15 October 1842. Died 27 May 1920. Married first SAMUEL LEACH ATTEBERRY (born Wayne Co, IL 2 July 1836; died 1875).
(A) John Reuben ATTEBERRY b: 21 August 1858 d: 07 December 1873
(B) Mary Arabella ATTEBERRY b: 07 August 1860 Illinois  Married Jacob I. ETTER b: 1853 Pennsylvania m: 09 October 1879 Wayne County, IL
(1) Clara ETTER b: November 1880.
(2) John ETTER b: January 1883
(C) Ancil Hall ATTEBERRY b: 04 December 1862 d: 16 March 1878.  
(D) Emma Jane ATTEBERRY b: 17 January 1866 Wayne County, IL d: 10 April 1917  Married Grant FARRIS b: 04 March 1869 Fairfield, Wayne County, IL m: 05 September 1897 Wayne County, IL d: 21 November 1962 Council Bluffs, IA Occupation: Laborer, farmer
(1) Mary FARRIS b: Abt. 1899 Illinois  Married Russell GALLUP
(a) Wilber GALLUP  Married Harriet _____
(a) Duane GALLUP d: Bef. 2005  Married Lela _____
(a) Robert GALLUP d: Bef. 2005
(a) Arlen GALLUP d: Bef. 2005  Married Valerie _____
(2) Daisy FARRIS b: Abt. 1902 Illinois d: Bef. 2005 . Married Dale GALLUP d: Bef. 2005
(a) Eugene GALLUP d: Unknown  Married Margaret SEARS d: Bef. 2005
(a) Bud GALLUP d: Bef. 2005
(a) Vernele GALLUP d: Bef. 2005  Married Loyd JOHN d: Bef. 2005
(a)  Bob GALLUP d: Bef. 2005
(3) Ralph FARRIS b: 1904 Colorado d: Bef. 2005 Occupation: Farmer
(4) Samuel Leach FARRIS b: 07 November 1905 Denver, CO d: 27 December 1971 Omaha, NE Occupation: Laborer, streetcar operator, Omaha, NE. Married Venita YOUNG b: 12 October 1911 Fairfield, Wayne County, IL d: 14 June 2000 Elkhorn, NE
(a) Lynn Leon FARRIS, Sr.  Married Shirley HARPSTER
(a) Fay FARRIS . Married William PATTERSON b: 10 February 1931 d: 08 July 1981
(a) Loyd FARRIS  Married Elaine KEITHLEY 
(a) Shirley FARRIS  Married William WOFFORD
(a) Velda FARRIS  Married Lee BORDEN
(a) Sam Ralph FARRIS Married Helen Marie VALANDRA m: 1959 Omaha, NE
*2nd Wife of Sam Ralph FARRIS:  Married Carol Ann SCHIEBELER m: 31 October 1964 Papillion, NE
(a)  Robert FARRIS b: 1934 d: 1937

James Robert ATTEBERRY b: 27 October 1868 d: January 1869 Occupation: Farmer


Kitty Ida ATTEBERRY b: 15 December 1870 Illinois d: 24 November 1957 Married Johnson FARRIS b: 04 March 1869 Wayne County, IL m: 01 September 1899 Wayne County, IL d: 1950 Occupation: 1910 Farmer

(1) Bessie M. FARRIS b: 28 June 1900 Illinois  Married Joe GARDNER
(2) Violet Hope FARRIS b: 28 May 1903 Illinois d: 20 January 1922
(3) Robert J. FARRIS b: Abt. 1907 Illinois Occupation: Minister Married _____ FELIX
(4) Sam L. FARRIS b: Abt. 1905  Married _____ PILCHER
(G) Child #7 ATTEBERRY b: 29 September 1873
Mary Jane ARBUTHNOT married second SAMUEL M. McATEE b: Abt. 1845 Ohio m: 09 June 1881 Wayne County, IL
5... THOMAS J. ARBUTHNOT. Born Gibson County 1820 per 1850 census. Will filed 5 March 1860, leaving everything to his father, John Arbuthnot.
6. GEORGE WASHINGTON ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born Gibson Co., Indiana c.1822. Died 10 July 1848. Married, 28 December 1843, MARY KENNER (born Gibson County 27 October 1824; died near Denver, Colorado 27 March 1903), daughter of Rodham Kenner and Sally, née Routt. She married, second in Greenup Co., Kentucky, GEORGE W. RIGGS (born Greenup Co., KY 6 October 1817; died 15 June 1879).
a. VIRGINIA ARBUTHNOT. Born 10 November 1844. Died 9 October 1845.
b. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born Wabash Co, Illinois 3 November 1846. Died 17 December 1864. Bur Stones River National Cememtery.
c. GEORGE W. ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born Wabash County, Indiana 22 December 1848. Died 29 March 1900. A dry goods merchant. Married, c.1874, LORETTA HANK (born Illinois February 1855), daughter of Allen Hank (born 1815).
(A) MARTHA ("MATTIE") M. ARBUTHNOT. Born Illinois 1875. Died before 1900.
(B) CLAUDE ARBUTHNOT. Born Illinois 15 September 1880. Died December 1962. Bookkeeper.
(C) EARL ARBUTHNOT. Born Illinois 11 August 1885. Died March 1965.
(D) ______ ARBUTHNOT.
John married second, Princeton 21 April 1823, ELIZABETH EVANS (born Virginia 5 May 1795; died Gibson Co., Indiana 7 March 1865), daughter of James and Elizabeth Evans.
7. (ELIZABETH) INDIANA EVANS ARBUTHNOT. Born Gibson County 1 October 1825. Died Princeton 13 November 1892. Writer. Married in Gibson County, 1 June 1843, WILLIAM HENRY KURTZ (born Lancaster, Pennsylvania c.1818; died Princeton 16 July 1889), an auditor, real estate agent, woollen manufacturer and editor of Clarion News for forty years.
a. JOHN WILLIAM KURTZ. Born Indiana January 1847. Died Princeton 19 December 1918. A clerk in a store and an insurance agent. Married in Gibson County, 10 October 1878, OPHELIA C. BALDWIN (born Indiana April 1850), daughter of Reuben Baldwin and Nancy, née Harper.
(A) FRED B. KURTZ. Born Indiana 4 August 1879. Died June 1974. In 1930 he was a physician in Indianapolis.
(1) Philip KURTZ b: Abt. 1912
(2) Fred KURTZ b: Abt. 1919
(B) RALPH B. KURTZ. Born Indiana August 1884. Married in Gibson County, 15 January 1906, ANNIE MARIE MANN (born c.1886), daughter of Eugene Mann and Sarah A_____, née Snyder.
(1) John W. Kurtz. Born December 24, 1907. Died September 1975
b. HENRY ("HARRY") H. KURTZ. Born Indiana October 1851. Died Princeton 12 February 1911. A factory owner. Married in Gibson County 15 September 1885, (MARY) ALICE HESTON (born Indiana December 1861).
(A) PAUL H. KURTZ. Born Indiana October 1886. Railroad civil engineer.
c. CHARLES ("CHARLEY") A. KURTZ. Born Indiana 1853. Died 12 February 1899.
d. CLARA KURTZ. Born Indiana February 1856. Died Princeton 3 November 1920. Married, 10 October 1878, SAMUEL FRANKLIN BRASELTON (born Illinois 22 October 1844; died 19 June 1931), a farm labourer and marble dealer, son of John Junior Braselton and Nancy, née Colvin.
(A) EDGAR KURTZ BRASELTON. Born Indiana July 1879. A druggist.
(B) EDITH ELIZABETH KURTZ BRASELTON. Born Indiana 4 June 1884. Died Michigan November 1978. Teacher.
(C) DAISY DEAN BRASELTON. Born Indiana 6 August 1888. Teacher.
e. NEWTON KURTZ. Born c.1860. Died before 1870.
f. SALLY KURTZ. Born c.1863. Died Princeton 5 July 1888.
g. AMOS KURTZ. Born 1865. Died Vanderburg County, Indiana 13 March 1905. In 1900 he was a patient at the Vanderburg Hospital for the Insane.
h (JOSEPH) ISA KURTZ. Born c.1871. Railroad shop machinist. Married, 11 May 1893, CLARA PINION (born c.1875)
8.. SARAH ARBUTHNOT. Born Gibson Co., Indiana 1834. Died Princeton, Indiana 22 November 1911. Married in Gibson County, 30 August 1859, JOHN ALEX TURNER (born 1827; died Princeton 12 June 1909).
b. JESSIE TURNER. Born 1867.
c. INDIANA ("INDA") TURNER. Born 1870. Married in Gibson County, Indiana, 12 June 1896, W. H. LANSFORD.
(A) TURNER LANSFORD. Born c.1897.
d. CLARA ("CLARY") TURNER. Born 1873. Teacher.
e. ANNA ("ANNIE") B. TURNER. Born 1875. Married, 30 September 1902, FRANK M. HEDDEN.

Albert Leo Arbuthnot. Princeton, Gibon Co, IN  13 August 1944-17 August 1944

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