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William Arbuthnot. Born Co Down, Ireland 1765.  Married in Ireland Nancy ______ (born Ireland; died USA).


Robert Arbuthnot. Born Ireland c.1780/92. Pat Asher writes: The father of this man was James not William. Died after 1830. Farmer. Married first in Ohio County, West Virginia, 2 August 1812, Rachel McClellan (born c.1784; died c.1816).


William Arbuthnot. Born 1813. Died Wheeling, Ohio County, West Virginia 15 June 1862.   Blacksmith and steamboat engineer. Married Mary ______.


Mary Arbuthnot. Born 1814/5.  Married in Ohio County, 27 November 1831, Henry Taylor.


Isaac Arbuthnot. Born 1816. Died 1819. Buried Ohio Cemetery, Guernsey County.   Pat Asher writes:  Isaac Arbuthnot born c 1816 could not have been buried in Guernsey County in 1819. Robert did not move to Guernsey County until 1831. If this is from a tombstone, they may have put up a marker for a child they left in Virginia. Since he would not appear on the 1810 or 1820 census, I have not confirmed his existence.

Robert married second in Ohio County, 25 September 1817, Patience Johnson (born Pennsylvania c.1796; died 26 June 1856). Lived in Pennsylvania and in 1831 in Guernsey County, Ohio. Or was she living in Wheeling, Ohio County in 1860?

IV. Samuel R_____ Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Ada, Ohio 24 November 1818. Died Ada 8 January 1899. Farmer and lumber dealer. Married in Guernsey County, 5 January 1839, Mary ("Mazy") Launtz (born Guernsey County 26 March 1822; died Ada 1 February 1908), daughter of George Launtz, a German Scot.

Robert Arbuthnot. Born Guernsey Co., Ohio 25 February 1839. Died Ada, Allen Co., Ohio 11 March 1902. A grocery clerk, 1860; working in a saw-mill 1870; laborer 1880; grocery merchant 1900. Married in Hardin County, Ohio, 15 September 1861, (Melissa) Adelia Gilbert (born Shefford Twp., Quebec, Canada 8 August 1843; died Reno, Nevada 6 July 1928), dau of Horace Gilbert and Sarah, née Wood.


(Clara) Emma Arbuthnot. Born Liberty, Hardin Co., Ohio 6 March 1862. Died Reno, Nevada 26 June 1909. Married 9 October 1881 Calvin G Pomeroy.

(a) Paul Pomeroy.
b. Horace Franklin Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Ohio 27 December 1863. Died Ada 27 October 1869.
c. Lena Tressa Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Allen Co., Ohio 1864 (per 1870 census) not 9 January 1871 (we disbelieve this d.o.b. - because of 1870 & 1900 censuses). Died Reno, Nevada  25 April 1938. Married 14 January 1885 (per IGI) Joseph Dixon Oliver (born Zanesville, Ohio 31 August 1857; died Reno 24 November 1935).

Mary Adelia Arbuthnot. Born Hardin County, Ohio 6 March 1868. Died Reno 17 September 1954. Married, 5 April 1891, Stephen L. Woodward (born Ohio 1867; died Reno 1962).

(a) Calvin Woodward. Born 28 January 1892.
(b) Gilbert Woodward. Born 1908.
e. Nora Olive Arbuthnot. Born Ada 9 November 1870. Died Ada 1 January 1914. Married in Hardin County, 18 April 1896, Adrienne ("Aid") Collins LaMonda (born Fincastle, Eagle twp, Brown Co., Ohio 4 March 1872; died Ripley, Ohio 4 December 1928), son of John Lamonda and Mary Collins.
(a) Elizabeth Adelia LaMonda. Born Columbus, Franklin Co., Ohio 21 January 1897 Died Chowchilla, California 8 March 1956  Married in Columbus 1914 Verner Hogel Taylor (born Worthington, Ohio 16 October 1892; died Chowchilla, California 7 January 1965).
aa. Verner ("Vern") Hogel Taylor Born 2 January 1917 Married 1939 Catherine Ulery (born 27 January 1921).
(A) Robert Lee Taylor Born 15 February 1940
(B) Paul Verner Taylor Born 24 March 1942
(C) Ronald Richard Taylor Born 29 May 1945
(D) Janice Taylor Born 3 July 1953

Robert LaMonda Taylor. Born 7 November 1919 Died Chowchilla, California June 1968 Married San Pedro, California Carmen Mary Carbone born 19 April 1921 Ischia, Italy

(A) Timothy LaMonda Taylor, Sr. Born Long Beach, California 1 June 1945  Died San Pedro 20 February 1995  Married in Las Vegas, Nevada 21 February 1966 Leslie Michelle Koerber born San Pedro 28 January 1949
i. Michale-Mary  Taylor. Born San Pedro 25 July 1966  Married in San Pedro 24 August 1996 Steven Edwin Holznagel Born Minneapolis, Minnesota 22 October 1966 
(i) Kristofer Edwin Holznagel. Born San Pedro 12 January 1997
(ii) Josef Lawrence Holznagel. Born Coon Rapids, Minnesota 10 April 2005
ii. Timothy LaMonda Taylor Jr Born 16 March 1968
(B) Lawrence Taylor Born San Pedro 15 July 1948  Died before July 2006. Married in Eureka, California 1974 Lynn Elizabeth Heath (born Michigan 27 May 1953).
i. Jesse Brian Taylor Born 22 December 1975

Daniel Taylor Born 21 May 1921 Married 1942 Alma Sofia Harold Born 25 April 1922 Died Lomita, California 19 October 1983

(A) Dennis Harold Taylor Born 15 May 1945
(B) John Carl Taylor Born 8 December 1949
dd. Richard Nelson Taylor Born 10 October 1925 Married in San Pedro, California 1945 Rose Manino Born San Pedro 19 November 1927
(A) Daniel V. Taylor Born 13 August 1946
(B) Elizabeth Taylor Born 6 October 1950 Chowchilla, California Died Chowchilla, California 2001
(C) Mary Rose Taylor Born 24 November 1954
(D) Vincent R. Taylor Born July 26, 1957
ee. (Charles) Douglas Taylor Born 15 March 1940 Married 1959 Janice Christopher Born 28 November 1939
(A) Trisha Taylor
(B) Tammy Taylor
(b) Mary Martha LaMonda. Born Columbus 19 September 1904. Died Auburn, California 21 November 1974. Married in San Francisco Charles Rogers (born 18 July 1903; died Auburn November 1976).
(c) Esther Louise LaMonda Born Columbus 20 September 1913 Died before July 2006. Married in Reno 20 December 1931 John Leslie Sullivan (born Trinidad, Las Animas Co., CO 10 October 1907; died San Pedro, Los Angeles Co., CA 21 April 1974), son of Jerromiah Sullivan and Rose Abbott.
aa. Laura May Sullivan Born Canby, Oregon 5 April 1933. Married in Las Vegas, Nevada 1955 Frank Barich Jr (born Chicago, Illinois 13 August 1929).
(A) Linda Marie Barich. Born 26 March 1956.
(B) Margaret Louise Barich. Born 29 March 1958.
(C) Francie Susan Barich. Born 11 July 1959.
(D) Frank John Barich. Born 17 August 1961.
(E) Marcie Anne Barich. Born 13 August 1964.
bb. Rose Teressa Sullivan Born Reno, Nevada 8 March 1935. Married in Yuma, Arizona, 1951, Richard Lee Kortcamp (born Huntington Park, California 28 September 1931).
(A) Richard Lee Kortcamp. Born 4 November 1951.
(B) Claudia Lynn Kortcamp. Born 19 December 1953.
(C) Leslie Stephen Kortcamp. Born 29 July 1956.
(D) Bradley Paul Kortcamp. Born 21 December 1957.
(E) Kristen Laura Kortcamp. Born 30 May 1971. Married _____ Macduffee.
cc. Leslie ("Les") Raymond Sullivan Born Alleghany, California 16 November 1941. Married in San Pedro, California 8 February 1964 Inez Jennine Puerta (born San Pedro 31 August 1943).
(A) Kara Deanne Sullivan. Born 4 February 1965.
(B) John Loren Sullivan. Born 18 June 1966.
dd. Patrick Joseph Sullivan. Born San Pedro, California 18 February 1945. Married in Torrance, California 4 October 1969 Cathrine Ann Sifers (born Long Beach, California 19 December 1948).
(A) Kellie Trese Sullivan. Born 23 June 1971.
(B) Brian Patrick Sullivan. Born 7 January 1974.

William ("Willie") Curtis Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Ohio 6 May 1874. Died Ada, Hardin Co., Ohio 28 October 1946. Buried Dunkirk cemetery. Telegraph operator for the Pennsylvania railroad. Married c.1902 Ada Adelia Farnum.

(a) Ruth Arbuthnot. Born 6 February 1904. Died 14 September 1979. Married Claude Bernard Schmidt (born 20 April 1904; died El Paso, Texas 9 November 1991).
aa. Lee Schmidt. Born 17 September 1928. Married Verda de Wolf (born 8 August 1931).
(A) Jeffrey Lafayette Schmidt. Born 7 July 1951.
(B) Peter Arthur Schmidt. Born 25 September 1953.
(C) Claudia Catherine Schmidt. Born 20 March 1962.
(b) Robert Arbuthnot. Born 30 September (11 March?) 1908 Died Lima, Allen, Ohio March 1976 .  Married Hazel _____ (born 11 June 1905; died Lima July 1985).

Elizabeth ("Sis") Launtz Arbuthnot. Born 1 January 1841. Died 29 February 1888 per Bible though another source shows her living in 1900. Married ______ Worrel.


George A. Arbuthnot. Born Marion Township, Hardin County, Ohio 12 March 1844. Died unmarried Camp Jefferson, Bacon Creek, Kentucky 4 February 1862. Civil war veteran (Private, 33rd Regiment).


Samuel R. Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Hardin Co., Ohio 4 September 1847. Died 30 May 1920. A farmer, justice of the peace, Caddo Parish, Louisiana and civil war veteran (Private, 1862-65). Married first, 27 August 1872, Sarah J ("Sadie") McNamara (born Hardin Co., Ohio;  died Wahoo, Saunders County, Nebraska 8 May 1879).

a. Eugene R. Arbuthnot. Born 23 January 1873. Died before 1915.

Catherine ("Kitty") M. Arbuthnot. Born Nebraska 8 May 1878. A teacher. Lived with her aunts, Hattie (a teacher) and Lydia McNamara in Dallas County (1880) and Polk County, Iowa (1900).

Samuel married second in Benton, Louisiana, 1894, (Millie) Caroline ("Carrie") Oden (born Arkansas January 1858; died Benton, Louisiana 19 April 1924).

c. (James) Paul Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Canfield, Arkansas 20 October 1897. Died Canton, Louisiana 17 June 1964. Served as a Yeoman, US Navy 1917-19. Attorney, Roane, Arkansas. Married in Mound, Louisiana 2 June 1927, Routh Maxwell (born Mound, Louisiana 6 August 1908; died Canton, Louisiana 14 February 1968), dau of Lemon Maxwell and Matilda Routh née Bowie..

James ("Jimmy") Paul Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Jackson, Mississippi 4 April 1930. Killed in an accident Canton, Louisiana 15 February 1942.

(b) Carolyn Routh Arbuthnot. Born Canton, Louisiana 25 April 1943. School librarian. Married in Canton, 27 November 1964, (Kenneth) Robert ("Bob") Pearl, Senior (born Panama City, Republic of Panama 10 October 1942), a US citizen. Production manager. Son of Harry Edward Pearl and Virginia Irene Calvit. Address 16023 Yorkminster, Spring, Texas 77373.

Kenneth Robert Pearl, Junior. Born Ocala, Florida 9 August 1970.

bb. Allen Thomas Pearl. Born Avon Park, Florida 23 November 1971, a twin.

Michael Calvit Pearl. Born Avon Park 23 November 1971, a twin.

5. Lavina Jane Arbuthnot. Born West Newton, Ohio 20 August 1849. Died Ada 5 March 1907. Married in Hardin County, 4 September 1870, William Young (died 2 April 1888).

John Young.


Margaret Young. Married Professor Charles L. Neth.

6. Minerva Josephine Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Ohio 11 November 1853. Died Miami, Florida 1 September 1938. Buried Graceland Memorial Park, Miami. School teacher and artist. Married in Hardin County, 27 March 1877, Charles Levaunt Townsend (born Bluffton, Ohio 30 January 1856; died Norwood, Ohio 30 April 1926), son of Ira M. Townsend and Catherine Thompson
a. Carl Levaunt Townsend Born Bluffton, Ohio 6 May 1880 Died Cincinnati, Ohio 7 June 1947 Married in Newport, Kentucky 9 April 1912 Elsie May Schatzman Born Dayton, Kentucky 6 March 1886 Died Bellevue, Kentucky 1 January 1920, dau of Jacob Schatzman and Rachel Ann Lagisaw
(a) Robert Carl Townsend Born Bellevue, Kentucky 8 October 1915 Died Cape Coral, Florida 3 March 1990 Military service U.S. Marine Corps, abt 1934-38; U.S. Navy, abt 1940-72, aircraft maintenance officer, retiring as Commander Married Margaret Hall (born Oak Mill, North Carolina 30 August 1916; died February 1992).

Robert James Townsend Served in US Navy

(b) Lorraine Victory Townsend Born Bellevue, Kentucky 29 October 1918 Died 8 April 1993 Married in St. John's Catholic Church, Covington, Kentucky 7 January 1941Carl Joseph Frilling, Sr. (born Covington, Kentucky 21 January 1914; died in Holiday, Florida 30 June 2000), son of George Frilling and Sarah Smith

Carl Joseph Frilling, Jr. Born Cincinnati, Ohio 26 June 1942 Occupation Attorney; president of Insurance Exchange, Albuquerque, NM Married at St Stephen's, Newport, Kentucky 27 May 1967 Beverly Jean Rhodes (born Highland County, Ohio 29 May 1944), dau of Floyd Rhodes and Delores Wilkin

(A) Elizabeth Ann Frilling Born Lexington, Kentucky 22 April 1968
(B) Stephanie Marie Frilling Born Lexington, Kentucky 15 July 1968
bb. Michael Robert Frilling Born Cincinnati, Ohio 15 May 1944 Employed by U.S. Postal Service Married in San Francisco, California 25 September 1965 Rose Marie Boyer (born Dayton, Kentucky 16 July 1947), dau of William John Boyer and Alfrieda Marie Ruschman
(A) Michael Christopher Frilling Born Chicago, Illinois 16 July 1971. Married in St Joseph's Church, Newhaven, Connecticut, 5 September 1998, Noreen Marie Walczak.
(B) Christina Marie Frilling Born Fort Thomas, Kentucky 4 January 1973. Married in St John Neumann Church, Pleasant Run, Ohio, 9 May 1998, Thomas Raymond Kresky.
(C) Robert Patrick Frilling Born Cincinnati, Ohio 9 September 1976
cc. Nicholas ("Nick") Leo Frilling Born Covington, Kentucky 1 November 1951 Educated Florida Junior College, Miami.  Data processing manager, Baker County Board of Commissioners Married in Holy Cross Lutheran Church, Jacksonville, 26 June 1975 Leslie Ann Ervin (born Chicago, IL 25 October 1957), dau of Richard Lee Ervin and Bonnie Leslie Yates. , Leslie and her husband owned a dress shop, Leslie's, in Jacksonville. She now owns "Skin therapy by Leslie".
(A) Sara Nichole Frilling Born Jacksonville, Florida 16 April 1979
(B) Timothy ("Tim") Townsend Frilling Born Jacksonville, Florida 11 April 1983
dd. Teresa ("Teri") Susan Frilling Born Covington, Kentucky 26 December 1954  LPN, Holiday Community Hospital Married in New Port Richie, Florida 7 November 1981 Leslie Kirk Baker (born Pasadena, Maryland 18 February 1953) son of George Salmon Baker and Selina Pruim. Leslie too was a LPN, New Port Richie Community Hospital. Divorced?   Teri married second in Pasco Co. Courthouse, New Port, Richey, Florida 14 January 1987 Stephen Green.
b. Leo Robert Townsend Born 5 July 1886 Macon, IL Died 5 March 1955 Evanston, IL Married Jennie Wilmot Born 6 May 1875 Detroit, MI Died 21 February 1958 Cincinnati, Ohio
c. Mazie Cathrene Townsend Born 16 December 1889 Ada, Ohio Died 7 June 1936 Cincinnati, Ohio Married ______ Oberbacher
d. Gladys Helen Townsend Born 20 September 1891 Died 5 July 1971 Charlotte Harbor, Florida Married Frank Dyke Vincent

John Johnson Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Ohio 8 April 1857 (not 1859 as per 1900 Census). Died 1923.  A scroll sawyer 1880. A chemical labourer in Jones Township, Elk Co., Pennsylvania, 1900. Married in Hardin County, 16 October 1895, Virginia ("Jennie") Butterfoss (born March 1874; died Ohio), daughter of Nellie Butterfoss, a dressmaker born October 1831.

a. Mazie F_____ Arbuthnot. Born Hardin County 19 January 1896. Fl in Elk County, Jones Township, Pennsylvania 1900.

(Mary) Alice Arbuthnot. Born Ada, Ohio 20 April 1860 (per death notice). Died Toledo, Ohio 9 May 1912. Married first Russel Agner. Married second George Dougherty (died Toledo, Ohio).

V. Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born 11 February 1820. Died 29 February 1888 Pat Asher writes:   Elizabeth does not appear with Robert in 1820 or 1830. I don't know who this is, but she does not appear to be Robert's daughter. Married in Hardin County, Ohio, 16 July 1846, Jesse Pierce Sharp (born Logan Co., Ohio 1818; died Howell Co., Missouri 1870)

John A Sharp. Born Hardin Co 1848. Died Clover Bend, Arkansas. Married Martha Jane Perry (died 13 March 1909), dau of Chris C Perry.


Mollie Sharp.  Married Mr Drumright.


Rose Sharp.  Married Mr Dixon.


Minnie Sharp.  Married Mr Banks.


Charles Sharp.  Died young.


Cora Ida Belle Sharp.  Born Siloam Springs, Arkansas 26 May 1874. Died Bristow, Oklahoma 27 May 1925. Married William Nathaniel Bishop (born Keytesville, Chariton County, Missouri 20 September 18??;  died Bristow 16 November 1927) .

(a) Nora Zella Bishop. Born Sweden, Missouri 8 April 1897 Died Ratliff City, Oklahoma February 1986. Married Charles Shull
(b) Charles Nathaniel Bishop. Born Sweden, Missouri 8 August 1899.  Died 10 November 1989
(c) Virgie May Bishop.  Born Sweden, Missouri 2 August 1901 Died Bartlesville, Oklahoma 1 October 1978   Married William Ray Edwards Born Indian Territory, Oklahoma 15 November 1895 Died Dewey, Oklahoma 11 February 1981
aa. Sue Edwards.  Born 13 June 1933 Copan, Oklahoma Married Benjamin Francis Turner Born 15 February 1926 Frankfort, Kansas Died 21 July 1989 Buffalo, WY
(A) Francea ("Fran") Ann Turner. This email address doesn't work   Born 30 June 1952 Bartlesville, Oklahoma Works in the medical field Married Charles Michael Davis (born 3 November 1952 Rapid City, South Dakota), son of Charles William Davis and Doris Ruth née Anderson   Served with US Air Force 1971-75.  Investigator, sheriff's office, Natrona County, WY.
i. Kyle Benjamin Davis Born 12 February 1990 Casper, WY
(d) Bonnie Elizabeth Bishop Born 23 September 1903 Sweden, Missouri Died 28 December 1990 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Married Clyde Ice 
(e) William Warner Bishop Born 8 October 1905 Webb City, Missouri 
(f) Hallie Lorraine Bishop Born 26 August 1909 Ava, Missouri Died 7 September 1997 Duncan, Oklahoma Married ______ Weaver
(g) John Benjamin Bishop Born 19 June 1912 Yahola, Oklahoma
(h) Mildred Genevieve Bishop Born 28 February 1915 Copan, Oklahoma Died 20 October 1984 Alexandria, Virginia Married ______ Gray
(i) Alfred Leeroy Bishop Born 18 July 1917 Copan, Oklahoma Died 16 May 1989 Muskogee, Oklahoma

Sarah J Sharp.  Born Hardin Co, Ohio 1850.


Elizabeth Amaza Sharp  Born Hardin Co, Ohio 1852

VI. Rachel Jane Arbuthnot. Born c.1824/30. Married at Allen, 12 April 1855, Joshua W. Purdom.

James Arbuthnot. Born c.1789. Pat Asher writes: The father of this man was James not William. Married in Ohio County, Virginia 26 June 1809, Susanna Lockwood (bap Old Pound Ridge 21 June 1758), widow of Ephraim Lockwood, daughter of James Lockwood and Mary Norton. Alma Greenwood writes: "It doesn't seem logical that she would marry someone that many years younger. She is my ancestor and the marriage record for her and James Arbuthnot is correct but it must be a different James." Pat Asher writes: James Arbuthnot born c 1789. What is the source of this birthdate? Susanna Lockwood would be the right age to have married James Senior, born bef 1765. Would have been a 2nd marriage for him too as his children all born before 1810. His last child appears to be Sarah born ca. 1808 and married John Fowler. If his first wife died at or shortly after the birth, with 3 children under 5, he would have been anxious to remarry. The census shows James (Junior) born 1776/1794, with a much younger wife, born 1795/1805.


William Arbuthnot. Born Pennsylvania 1793. Pat Asher writes: William Arbuthnot born 1793. Census shows he born 1813 and Hannah born 1815. I believe he is first child of Robert and Rachel McClellan. A machinist and blacksmith. Married Hannah ______ (born New York 1795).

I. Catherine Arbuthnot Born 1834 Virginia Died Virginia Pat Asher writes: She is not Samuel's daughter. I believe she is the dau of William and Hannah. In 1850 she is listed with (Aunt) Sarah Fowler in Belmont County OH Married Thomas J. McConkey
II. Mary ("May") Arbuthnot. Born Virginia 1837.
III. Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia 1839. Married Melvin Seth Stone, Jr (born Boston, Massachusetts 24 July 1824), pattern maker, son of Melvin Seth Stone, Sr.
1. (Hannah) Daisy Stone. Born Steubenville, Ohio October 1857. Died Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 1955. Married 1879  John Henry Snyder (born Kittaning, Pennsylvania 9 August 1856; died Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 6 October 1927).
a. Irene Stone Snyder. Born Allegheny City 1888. Died 1983. Married 14 August 1920 Louis Courtney Corbus, Sr (born 1875, died 1931)
(a) Louis Courtney Corbus, Jr. Born Wilkinsburg 14 June 1921. Died Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 2 July 1928.
b. Melvin Henry Snyder, Sr. Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1 March 1893. Died Wichita, KS 1 December 1974. Married in Boston, MA, c.1820, Martha W Pratt.
(a) Melvin Henry Snyder, Jr. Born Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 22 September 1921. Married first in Pittsburgh, PA, 1944, Jeanne Marie King (born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15 September 1922; died Wichita, KS 10 August 1957)
aa. John Henry Snyder. Born Wichita, KS 16 March 1947. He teaches high school in Las Vegas, Nevada. Married in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 11 March 1984, Patricia Reilly (born Elizabeth 24 February 1949).
(A) Matthew Melvin George Snyder. Born Las Vegas, Nevada 21 June 1987.
(B) Mark John Joseph. Born Las Vegas 13 July 1990.
bb. Janet Ellen Snyder. Born Wichita 1 November 1948. She teaches Art History at West Virginia Univ in Morgantown, WV. Married in Chautauqua, Pennsylvania 26 August 2001 Jeff Greenham (born Augsberg, Germany 31 October 1955).
cc. Mary Anne Snyder. Born Wichita 18 March 1954. She teaches Physical Therapy on the Medical College of Virginia campus in the School of Allied Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University. Married in Richmond, VA, 13 July 1991, Mark Lindsey Shall (born 29 May 1949).
Melvin married second in Wichita 22 November 1959 Cathleen Ann Collins (born Wichita 1 August 1929).
dd. Ann Katherine Snyder. Born Wichita 22 July 1962. She works at home in East Lansing, MI. Married in Wichita 2 September 1987 Michael ("Mike") West Rishell (born Wichita 20 May 1963).
(A) Julliette Sabine Rishell. Born Columbus, Ohio 10 December 1997.
ee. Susan Dolores Snyder. Born Wichita 1 September 1964. She practices law in Chicago. Married in Chicago 19 May 1990 Michael ("Mike") Gebert (born Wichita 14 December 1961).
(A) Myles Henry Gebert. Born Chicago 5 October 1998.
(B) Liam Michael Gebert. Born Chicago 15 August 2001.
ff. Robert Melvin George Snyder. Born 18 December 1966. An architect in Atlanta, Georgia. Married in Vidalia, Georgia 29 February 1992 Gina Rentz (born Vidalia 20 January 1967).
(A) Miller Henry Snyder. Born Atlanta, Georgia 16 October 1998.
(B) Kathleen Ann Snyder. Born 29 June 2002.
(b) John Henry Snyder. Born Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania 23 March 1926. Married 28 May 1948 (Mary) Jane Shuttleworth (born Pennsylvania 3 May 1922)
aa. (Mary) Jeannine Snyder. Born Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 3 March 1949. Married Bob Coup.
(A) Lara Danielle Coup. Born 16 June 1976.
(B) Ryan Coup. Born 17 January 1980.
bb. (Margaret) Joan Snyder. Born Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 3 August 1950. Married John Espenshade.
(A) David Espenshade. Born 13 September 1984.
(B) Paige Espenshade. Born 17 June 1988. Adopted.
cc. James Melvin Snyder. Born Elizabethtown 12 August 1956. Married Karen Louise Boyanowski.
(A) Brian Snyder. Born 17 October 1987.
(B) Elizabeth Snyder. Born 2 March 1991.
c. John Joy Snyder. Born 1905. Died 1990. Married Margaret _____ (died 1996).
2. Martha J. Stone. Born Virginia 1858. Died aged six. Buried Union Cemetery, Steubenville,Ohio.
3. Melvin Seth Stone, III. Born Steubenville Ohio 1866. Died New Castle, Pennsylvania 1927.

John S. Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia 1841. It could be he who is buried Mt Zion Cemetery 1871. Served in Civil War; Private, Co.D, 1st West Virginia Artillery, Union 16. Worked in a rolling mill. Married in Wheeling, 24 January 1867, Virginia ("Jennie") Litten (born Wheeling c.1847; died Ohio County 28 November 1876), daughter of Samuel and  Susan Litten. John and his brother in law, John J Birch served in the same Battery. He was wounded in action 21 June 1864.

1. Julia Arbuthnot. Born Ohio West Virginia 22 June 1868.

Thomas Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia c.1870.

V. Isabella A. Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling 1844. Died Ohio Co, West Virginia 23 April 1886. Buried in the Penninsula Cemetary, Wheeling. Married in Ohio County, 30 November 1865, John J_____ Birch (died 20 September 1900; buried Peninsula Cemetary), son of George Birch (born England 1805) and his wife, Jane.

Isaac Newton Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling c.1846. Died Wheeling 24 August 1887. A glass-cutter and railroad engineer. Married in Ohio County, 24 October 1867, his sister-in-law, Mary Ann Birch (born Wheeling February 1850; died after 1900), daughter of George Birch (born England 1805) and his wife, Jane.

1. Jane Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia 1868. Died after 1900.

Grace Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia 1871. Died after 1900.

3. Eugena Arbuthnot, first of the name. Born West Virginia February 1885. Died Ohio County, West Virginia 13 April 1885.
4. Eugena Arbuthnot, second of the name. Born after 1885.
This family is surely that raised in Queries #40

William ("Will") Arbuthnot. Born Virginia c.1847.

VIII. Martha Arbuthnot. Born 1851. Died Wheeling 22 October 1862.

Thomas Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia April 1854. Died Wheeling 11 June 1855.


Catherine Arbuthnot. Born 1794. Married in Ohio County, 24 January 1814, James Smith.


Isaac Arbuthnot. Born Pittsburgh c.1800/10. Married in Ohio County, West Virginia, 14 December 1826, Mary Pennwell (born c.1800/10).

I. Samuel Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia  10 May 1828. Died Washington, Pennsylvania 4 September 1873. Fought for the Union, Civil War Occupation Farmer, apprentice cabinetmaker, 1869, Pennsylvania; Owner of a rolling mill, West Virginia, 1870 Married, 23 November 1854, Mary Jane ("Jean") McCracken (born near Dallas, Marshall County, West Virginia 19 February 1826; died Marshall County 11 November 1909), She managed her husband's rolling mill after his death. daughter of John McCracken and Elizabeth, née Marshall of Northern Ireland.

Mary Jane Arbuthnot. Born near Dallas, West Virginia 13 November 1855. Died unmarried 24 May 1935. A teacher. Lived at Pleasant Grove, Ohio.


John Milton Arbuthnot. Born Marshall County, West Virginia 17 February 1858. Died East Liverpool, Ohio 7 September 1920. Plumber. Moved to East Liverpool 22 May 1886 and two years later entered into partnership with his brother William in the firm of Arbuthnot & Crowe, purchasing Mr Crowe's interest; they formed a corporation in 1895 and the business developed into the largest of its kind in the city, renamed Arbuthnot Brothers. Married in Belmont County, Ohio, 1 November 1882, Alice Virginia Long (born Belmont Co., Ohio 14 October 1858; died East Liverpool 20 January 1954), daughter of Benjamin J. Long.


(Bennett) Earl Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia 27 July 1883. Died Poland, Ohio 23 July 1952. Married Sarah Adah McKinnon (born 11 July 1885; died Oklahoma City 5 December 1960).

(a) Hillis Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool 23 March 1907. Died Wellsville, Ohio 26 January 1982. Married, 27 September 1926, (Ellsworth) Gray Connor (born East Liverpool 22 December 1906; died East Liverpool 20 June 1964) Father Louden Ellsworth Connor Mother Minnie Irene Forbes. Address as for her daughter.

Joe Connor. Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 12 May 1932. Married, 5 October 1951, William McCutcheon, DDS (born East Liverpool 1 September 1924) Dentist Father Carl Wilson McCutcheon Mother Sarah Margaret Weaver. Address 1210 Parkview Drive, Wellsville, Ohio 43968

(A) Sarah Louise McCutcheon. Born Wellsville, Ohio 17 June 1952. Married, 18 October 1979, Peter Allen Russell (born East Liverpool, Ohio 6 July 1944) son of J. Frederick Russell and  Alma Ferguson
i. Peter Joseph Russell Born Steubenville, Ohio 3 January 1982
ii. John Connor Russell Born East Liverpool, Ohio 17 August 1990

Mark Connor McCutcheon.  Born Wellsville, Ohio 13 February 1954.

(C) David Clark McCutcheon, Senior. Born Wellsville, Ohio 19 November 1955. Married 5 September 1981 Lorraine Rehtorik (born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 30 June 1950), dau of George Joseph Rehtorik and Clara Frances Loftus
i. David Clark McCutcheon, Jr. Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 26 June 1982
ii. Megan Anne McCutcheon Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 5 June 1984
iii. Lauren Rachel McCutcheon Born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 9 September 1986
(D) John William McCutcheon. Born Wellsville, Ohio 6 September 1966.

Michael Curtis McCutcheon. Born Wellsville, Ohio 9 April 1968. Educated Ohio State University, Columbus, dental student 1994

(b) Earl Milton Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 15 March 1909. Died Oklahoma City 17 May 1971. Occupation Jewelry & gift business, 25 years  Married, first, Maxine Colledge (born 12 March 1909) Father Edward Colledge Mother Etta Crawford They were divorced.
aa. Patricia Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 17 March 1931. Married William H Eddy, Jr.   Father William H. Eddy, Sr. Mother Amanda Elizabeth Siegel . Lives in Birmingham, Alabama.

Merrilee Eddy. Born Columbus, Ohio 27 September 1958.

(B) Lawrence Eddy. Born Columbus, Ohio 30 December 1966, a twin.

Terrence Eddy. Born Columbus, Ohio 30 December 1966, a twin.


Sarah ("Sally") Lee Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 18 April 1934. Married David Byers (born Glouster, Ohio 30 August 1929) Father Ernest George Byers Mother Suzanne Matson . Address 113 Hillcrest Drive, Westerville, Ohio 43081.

(A) Amy Lynn Byers. Born Columbus, Ohio 19 March 1957. Married 15 July 1978 Timothy Allen Pressler Born Portsmouth, Ohio 14 April 1947 son of Harold Everett Pressler and Norma Jean Gilliland
i. Abby Lynn Pressler Born Columbus, Ohio 6 October 1980
ii. Sara Elizabeth Pressler Born Columbus, Ohio 27 March 1984

Daniel Edward Byers. Born Colummbus, Ohio 29 July 1959.

(C) Timothy Allen Byers. Born Columbus, Ohio 20 January 1961. Married 18 June 1983 Mary Theresa Ittenbach Born Indianapolis, Indiana 24 December 1961 Father _____ Ittenbach Mother Patricia Maloney
(D) Matthew Eric Byers. Born 2 March 1964.

Emily Jo Byers. Born 8 February 1967.

Earl married second, 20 December 1946, (Avola) May Roberts (Born 19 July 1903 Dsp December 1992 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma). Her address 2309 North West 55th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112.

b. James Edgar Arbuthnot, Senior. Born West Virginia 27 December 1885. Died 4 September 1946. Married, 3 December 1916, Olga Wilhelmina LaCouvre (born Le Havre, France).

James Edgar Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Weirton, West Virginia 3 December 1916. Married, 5 August 1939, Evelyn Rose Ellgas (born Salem, Missouri 11 February 1922). Father Harry Charles Ellgas Mother Lily Gertrude Hunt Address 3120 West Voltaire Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85029.

aa. Virginia Gladys Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 27 July 1940. Married Guido Joseph Bertella (born Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 21 May 1925).

Mary Catherine Bertella. Born Phoenix, Arizona 12 August 1968. Adopted.

(B) Guido Joseph James Bertella. Born Phoenix 2 August 1970. Adopted.

Mario Antonio Betella. Born Nicaragua 26 February 1972. Adopted.

(D) . Born Phoenix 15 July 1973. Adopted.<--->

Gina Marie Bertella. Born Phoenix 5 July 1975. Adopted.

(F) Christina Evelyn Bertella. Born Phoenix 15 August 1976. Adopted.

Carlo Christian Amit Bertella. Born New Delhi, India 14 March 1977. Adopted.

c. (Laura) Blanche Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia 30 May 1888. Died East Liverpool, Ohio 14 October 1957. Married first by Rev Samuel Keller Arbuthnot [reference E.I.5 below] at Moundsville, 24 August 1910, Wade Arthur Wells (born East Liverpool 30 January 1888), son of Stephen Wells and Luticia née White. They were divorced c.1918. 

Martha Alice Wells. Born Chester, West Virginia 11 June 1911. Married at New Cumberland, West Virginia, 14 October 1932, William Leonard Higgins (born 24 September 1909), son of Charles Higgins and Nina née Ambrose. No issue. Address 870 A High Point North, Del Ray Beach, Florida 33445.


Allan Arbuthnot Wells. Born Chester, West Virginia 16 December 1914. Died East Liverpool 9 August 1953. Married, 15 February 1938, Rose Gatrell Mort (born East Liverpool, Ohio 11 September 1913), daughter of Albert Marion Mort and Samantha Elizabeth, née Gatrell. 


Laurine Martha Wells. Born East Liverpool 30 March 1942. Married, 5 October 1963, James Clever Richardson (born East Liverpool 15 April 1940), son of Duane Richardson and Wilma, née Wollam. Address 910 Helena Drive, Brandon, Florida 33511.

(A) Jon Byron Richardson Born Tampa, Florida 27 Feb1970
(B) Bradley James Richardson Born Tampa, Florida 8 May 1973

Rosalyn Wells. Born East Liverpool 22 December 1943. Married first, November 1963, Jeff Ernst (born East Liverpool, Ohio 9 March 1942), son of Harold Ernst and Betty née Butcher

(A) Deborah Lynn Ernst Born 1 June 1964 East Liverpool, Ohio Married Greg Poppen
i. Kylie Rose Poppen Born 27 September 1992 California

Rosalyn married second, 17 October 1969, Jack Allison, Junior (born Chester, West Virginia 31 May 1949), son of Jack Allison and Marge née Stackhouse. 

(B) Steven Lloyd Allison Born 23 May 1970

Rosalyn married third Edward Cox. Address 527 West Fargo, Thousand Oaks, California 91362.

cc. Dorothy Blanche Wells. Born East Liverpool 25 June 1945. Married, 5 November 1965, Robert James Smith (born East Liverpool 8 or 9 October 1941), son of Joe Smith and Elsie née Mautz. Address 3010 Kings Ridge Road, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920. 
(A) Lynnette Smith Born East Liverpool, Ohio 17 November 1967
(B) Robert Allen Smith Born East Liverpool, Ohio 8 February 1970

Blanche married second, c.1928, Paul Pattison (Born 1 January 1877 East Liverpool, Ohio Died 3 April 1954 East Liverpool, Ohio)

d. Harold Newton Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 5 December 1890. Dsp Washington, DC 14 October 1955. An official of the Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation. Married Helen N_____ Murphy (born 29 November 1891; died Washington, DC December 1973)

Alice ("Arby") Rose Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 27 May 1897. Died Los Angeles 2 July 1984. Newspaper columnist. Married, 15 February 1919, James Z (initial only) Cannon (born Scranton, Pennsylvania 15 February 1898; died Hong Kong 21 February 1939), accountant. Address 1211 Detroit Street N., Hollywood, Los Angeles, California 90046.

(a) James Arbuthnot Cannon. Born Rocky Ford, Colorado 14 May 1920. Died Los Angeles 28 (29 per FamilyTreeLegacy) November 1981. Married, 24 December 1948, Toni Trigg (born Los Angeles 7 December 1950). Divorced.

Holly Cannon. Born Glendale, California 22 October 1950.

f. Rachel Virginia Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 20 December 1900. Teacher. Married first, 12 February 1922, Harold Clark.

Virginia Clark. Born 4 October 1930. Teacher. Married, 14 March 1964, Robert ("Bob") Lewis Baker (born 20 November 1922). Address 32 Chalcot Road, London NW1, England.

(b) Dorothy Clark. Born 26 April 1933. Married, 6 July 1969, Paul Hostetter. Address 1138 Chestnut Avenue, Orange, California 92667.

Charlotte Clark. Born 21 April 1932. Lt Colonel, US Army. Address Rt 3, Box 397A, Troutdale, Oregon 97060.

Rachel married second, 9 September 1941, Forrest Jay Shollenberger. Address 1370 Overlook Drive, Alliance, Ohio 44601.

3. William Sylvester Arbuthnot. Born Marshall County, West Virginia  5 April 1860. Died Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3 April 1920. A plumber. Original partner in the firm of Arbuthnot & Crowe, later Arbuthnot & Lane. Married in Ohio, 29 June 1886, Anna ("Annie") McCune (born West Virginia October 1858), daughter of James B. McCune.

Nellie Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia May 1887.

b. William ("Willie") Arbuthnot. Born West Virginia February 1889.

Myrtle Arbuthnot. Born Ohio January 1892.

d. Dale L. Arbuthnot. Born Ohio June 1896. Married Mae _____ (born c.1896).
e. Homer J. Arbuthnot. Born March 1899.

Mildred Arbuthnot. Born after 1899.

4. (Isaac) Newton ("Newt") Arbuthnot. Born near Dallas, Marshall Co., W Virginia 17 August 1861. Died Dallas 5 March 1950. Married at East Liverpool, 28 November 1893, Elizabeth ("Lizzie") Jane Badgley (born London, Ohio 3 September 1878; died Bridgeport, Ohio 29 July 1940), dau of Samuel Harvey Badgley and Margaret née Fawcett

Samuel ("Sam") Harvey Arbuthnot. Born East Liverpool, Ohio 8 June 1895. Died Akron, Ohio 12 December 1985. Married, May 1919, Velma Orr Murray (born Mount Pleasant, Ohio 1 March 1898; died Tallmadeg, Ohio 5 July 1980), dau of William Murray and Rachel née Scanlone. Address 769 Northeast Avenue, Tallmadge, Ohio 42278.


(Dora) Gene Arbuthnot. Born Akron, Ohio 19 August 1920. Died 22 July 2001.


Betty B. Arbuthnot. Born Akron 1 September 1922. Died Akron 1 April 1923.

(c) Samuel Junior Arbuthnot. Born Akron, Ohio 19 January 1924. Died 19 September 1998. Married 26 April 1946 Evelyn Morris Born 27 January 1925 Died 25 April 1968
aa. Samuel Harvey Arbuthnot Born 10 August 1947. Married Carol ______.
bb. Constance Arbuthnot Born 9 December 1948. Married 30 June 1976 Michael Joseph Holtz born 14 September 1945
(A) Joseph Michael Holtz Born 1 October 1977
(B) Suzanne M Holtz Born 9 August 1979
cc. Deborah Arbuthnot Born 23 June 1957. Married 22 September 1979 Fred Abbott (born 27 June 1959)
Samuel Junior Arbuthnot married second 13 September 1969 Effie Hicks Born 11 May 1920 Died Akron, Ohio May 1995.

Phyllis Ann Arbuthnot. Born Akron 25 July 1926. Married Robert Jay Schultz Father Paul Elwood Schultz Mother Hazel Irene Haines

aa. David Robert Schultz Born Akron, Ohio 9 November 1954 Married Constance Ann Winterstein Born Cleveland, Ohio Father Henry Winterstein Mother Helen Demeter
(A) Christopher David Schultz Born Akron, Ohio 28 September 1989
(B) Nicholas Robert Schultz Born Akron, Ohio 17 April 1991
bb. Gary Allen Schultz Born Akron, Ohio 14 March 1957 Occupation Senior systems software specialist, Information Services Division, Progressive Corp., a financial services/insurance firm Married Cynthia Diane Keck Born Akron, Ohio Occupation Publicist and marketing/public relations assistant, Cleveland Orchestra Father Max Hans Keck Mother Barbara Joan Bailey
(A) (James) Ryan Schultz Born Akron, Ohio 18 December 1993.

Joyce Darlene Arbuthnot. Born Akron 29 September 1939. Married 21 December 1960 Walter Edwin Brant Born Akron, Ohio 31 July 1939 Father Harry Glenn Brant Mother Jeannette Sickafoose

aa. Robert Edwin Brant Born Akron, Ohio 29 December 1963
bb. Michael Walter Brant Born Akron, Ohio 4 November 1965
cc. James William Brant Born Akron, Ohio 23 November 1968
b. Mary Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia 23 June 1897. Died 18 April 1988 Camden, SC  Married first in Ohio County, 15 February 1919, Albert Kenneth Reed (born Columbus, Ohio 20 July 1898; died Bridgeport, Ohio 26 November 1940). Address as for her daughter.

Mary Margaret Reed. Born Adena, Ohio 15 October 1923. Married as his second wife, 18 November 1967, Charles Forest Arebaugh (born Farmersburg, Indiana 27 July 1912, died 18 July 2005, married second 1967 Mary Margaret Reed), son of Leonard W Arebaugh and Edith Missouri, nee May. Master Sergeant, U.S. Army, served in Korea in WW II.  Charles had six children by his first wife, (Blanche Margaret Livingston, md in Pound, New York 1931, namely Doris Louis, Barbara Ann, Marilyn Ruth, Charles Forest, Jr., Richard Livingston, and Ray Kevin Arebaugh) but none by Mary. Address 9009 Liberty Hill Road, Camden, South Carolina 29020.

Mary Elizabeth married second, 20 January 1943, John Lawrence Lucas (born Dillonville, Ohio 22 April 1890; died Woodbridge, Virginia 20 June 1958).

Samuel Keller Arbuthnot. Born Wheeling, West Virginia 21 June 1864. Died Ohio Co., West Virginia 10 March 1928. Buried Greenwood Cemetery, Ohio County. Ohio Wesleyan College, Delaware, Ohio (BA 1892); Boston University Graduate School Seminary (MA). Chaplain, First Virginia Infantry, Spanish-American War   Methodist Pastor of the Goff Memorial M.E. Church, Clarksburg, West Virginia. Married, 5 April 1893, Mary Jane Calvert (born Easton, West Virginia 12 December 1869; died Ohio County 27 May 1928; buried Greenwood Cemetery), daughter of Joh Calvert.


Mary Jane Arbuthnot. Born 14 April 1894 Weston, Ohio Died 21 July 1961 Franklin, Indiana Occupation Teacher, English, Latin, and literature; newspaper book reviewer. Married Louis Edward Fahrion III (born 15 September 1892 Pickens, West Virginia Died 1 October 1985 Gulfport, MS), son of Louis Fahrion II and Cora A Forinash.  He served WW I; active in Army Reserves, training troops in WW II, retiring as Lt Colonel.  "Travelling trouble-shooter" for Goodyear Tire Co.; sales manager, insurance firm. 


Louis Edward Fahrion IV Born Charlotte, North Carolina 12 September 1921 Military service Ship fitter 3/c, U.S.Destroyer Repair Base, San Diego, WW II; served in aircraft carrier USS Tarawa, CV 40, invasion of Japan. Occupation Manager, welding shop, Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel Co.; welding consultant; teacher of welding, Jefferson Technical Community College.  Married 25 July 1940 Ruth Elizabeth Wilson Born McMechen, West Virginia 29 May 1917 Father Charles Hugh Wilson Mother Margaret May Stevens

aa. Michael Steven Fahrion Born Wheeling, West Virginia 6 September 1942  Educated Cincinnati Art Institute. Occupation Freelance artist; publisher of illustrated historical articles on the Civil War.  Married in Lakewood, Ohio 6 December 1969 Muriel Joan Norris (born Cleveland, Ohio 11 June 1945), dau of  John Hugh Norris and Catherine Anne née Wunderle), creator of Strawberry Shortcake and related characters; creative art director, United Design giftware company
(A) Colin Arbuthnot Fahrion Born Cleveland, Ohio 28 August 1973 Married Nifer ______
(B) Kimberly ("Kim") Susan Fahrion Born 5 September 1977 Adopted in Akron, Ohio 31 May 1981
bb. Paula Jo Fahrion Born 23 October 1948 Wheeling, West Virginia Died 21 June 1951 Wheeling, West Virginia
cc. (Lois) Jane Fahrion Born Wheeling, West Virginia 17 March 1954   Accountant  Married in Wintersville, Ohio 7 April 1973 Larry Mallot Born 1923 Divorce 1977
(A) Kelly Jo Mallot Zucosky Born (8 or) 21 October 1974 Wintersville, Ohio Adopted by her mother's second husband
(Lois) Jane Fahrion married second 25 July 1979 Alex Zucosky Born Steubenville, Ohio 26 July 1950 Tractor-trailer operator Father Alexander J. Zucosky Mother Ulah Josephine Kelley
(B) Michael Zucosky Born Wintersville, Ohio 16 July 1980

Samuel Arbuthnot Fahrion. Born Huntsville, Alabama 18 May 1925 or Salisbury, North Carolina. Military service Sgt, Infantry, WW II Occupation Consulting engineer, NASA Testing Center, Bay St. Louis, MS  Married 24 March 1956 Jane Hiel (born St. Louis, Missouri 6 February 1932) dau of Oscar Hiel and Thelma Totten. They had issue.


Virginia Eleanor Arbuthnot. Born Oakland, Maryland 23 August 1896. Dsp Indianapolis Indiana 3 January 1970. Married, 1896, Henry William Manz (died Indianapolis c.1970), managing editor The Indianapolis Times.


Martha Arbuthnot. Born 1805 New Cumberland, Cumberland County, Pennsylvania  Married in Ohio County, 23 June 1825, William Miller (born Beaver County, Pennsylvania)

I. Jacob Allen Miller Born 18 February 1828 Beaver County, Pennsylvania Died 14 June 1909 Teays Valley, Putnam County, West Virginia Military service Private, Company D, 18th Regiment, Ohio Volunteers, blacksmith Occupation Farmer Married Nancy Ann Clark Born 1833 Died 9 February 1909 Teays Valley, Putnam County, West Virginia
1. Jacob Sherman Miller Born 13 February 1867 Meigs County, Ohio Occupation Farmer  Married Amanda Bailey Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio

James Albert Miller Born 22 March 1890 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Died 25 July 1931 Cresson, Pennsylvania Occupation Mining engineer Married first Belva Stollings Died c.1918

(a) William Howard Miller Born Charleroi, Pennsylvania 27 July 1913 Married Audra Virginia Pitchford Born Liberty, West Virginia 12 March 1915
aa. Charlotte Ann Miller Born Charleston, West Virginia 8 September 1941 Married Jack L. Melton
(A) Regina Melton Born Charleston, West Virginia 14 August 1964 Married first Ralph Whiteside
Charlotte Ann Miller married second 12 October 1973 George Dorsey
(B) Tony Dorsey Born Charlotte, North Carolina 24 June 1976
bb. Mary Ellen Miller Born Charleston, West Virginia 10 April 1946 Married 22 Februry 1964 Jerry Cunningham
(A) Dawn Cunningham Born South Charleston, West Virginia 23 June 1964  Married 9 June 1984 Edward Morgan
(B) Benny Cunningham Born Elyria, Ohio 9 October 1967 Married 3 May 1986 Lisa Myres
(C) Ronda Cunningham Born South Charleston, West Virginia 11 February 1930
cc. Jeanette Rae Miller Born 3 June 1953 Charleston, West Virginia   Married 18 December 1981 Reginald R. Hill
(A) William C. Hill Born Charleston, West Virginia 10 September 1977
James Albert Miller married second Catherine Lillian McCullum Born 10 March 1906 West Virginia Died 10 October 1981 Mt. Union, Pennsylvania Buried 100F Cemetery under the name Geraldine J McMullen. Worked in a garment factory. Dau of Robert McCullum
(b) Robert John Miller Born Springdale, Pennsylvania 10 December 1922 Married 19 June 1945 Doris Rae Helm Born Williamsport, Pennsylvania 14 or 15 March 1923
aa. Doris Jean ("Sue") Miller Born Williamsport, Pennsylvania 13 February 1948  Married 30 January 1965 Douglas Stewart Wilson. Divorced.
bb. Gail Lynn Miller Born Williamsport, Pennsylvania 6 November 1955  Married first John Farnsworth
Gail married second 1979 Daniel W. Heckert Born New Mexico 11 May 1954
(A) Kelly Ann Heckert Born Williamsport, Pennsylvania 24 May 1980
(c) Richard David Miller Born Bairdford, Pennsylvania Died 21 April 1994 Scottown, Ohio Military service U.S. Marine Corps; volunteered at age 17; served 3 years in South Pacific. Occupation Worked for Standard Brand Foods for 30 years, advancing from warehouseman to West Coast regional manager. Married Pauline Violet Ward Born Huntington, West Virginia  Worked in a print shop Father Grover Cleveland Ward Mother Ada Belle Gue
aa. David Lee Miller Born Huntington, West Virginia 10 June 1947 Served U.S. Marines, 4 years; 13 months in Vietnam, helicopter gunner  Deputy sheriff, Gainesville, Georgia  Married 1968 Janice Myers Born New Jersey 31 October 1946 Father Erwin Myers Mother Ruth
(A) Charles Andrew Lee Miller Born Los Angeles, California 5 June 1969
(B) Tamera Beth Miller Born Huntington, West Virginia 12 July 1971
David Lee Miller married second 22 May 1978 Margaret Ann Daniel Born Huntington, West Virginia 7 January 1957 Father John Wesley Daniel Mother Margaret Norma Bethune
(C) Joshua David Miller Born Huntington, West Virginia 10 August 1980
bb. Stephen Gary Miller, Sr. Born Huntington, West Virginia 30 September 1948 Military service U.S. Marines, Special Forces, trained in parachuting, underwater demolition, scuba diving; 13 months in Vietnam in reconaissance; Sergeant E5 at time of discharge.  Works for McJunkin- Appalachian Pipe, advancing from truck driver to marketing in the tubular field.  Married 29 November 1969 Billie Rae King Born Los Angeles, California 15 August 1950  Education Rio Hondo College, Whittier, California Father Leonard Norris King Mother Nellie Mae Underwood
(A) Alyssa Rachelle Miller Born Bellflower, California 15 September 1972  Married 28 July 1990 Matthew Lawrence Brady Born Huntington, West Virginia 16 January 1969 Works for McJunkin-Appalachian Pipe Father Harry Brady Mother Phyllis Day
i. Brian Matthew Brady Born Huntington, West Virginia 19 July 1991
ii. Stephen Michael Brady Born Huntington, West Virginia 26 December 1992
(B) Stephen Gary Miller, Jr. Born Bellflower, California 27 August 1975
cc. Jenny Lou Miller Born Huntington, West Virginia 11 January 1956  Manages a doctor's office; president of medical rental company  Married 5 May 1972 Richard ("Rick") Lee Perry Father Robert Perry Mother Theodora
(A) Nolan C. Perry Hamilton Born Carson, California 18 November 1972 Adopted by Jenny's second husband
Jenny Lou Miller married second in Long Bech, California 8 September 1978 James ("Jim") Roy Hamilton born 8 April 1949 Divorced 1986 Father James Earl Hamilton Mother Shirley
(B) Ethan Michael Hamilton Born Long Beach, California 27 December 1981
dd. Richard David Miller, Jr. Born Huntington, West Virginia 13 February 1957 Married first Donna Chidwick
Richard married second Teri Swartwood Born Maryland. Divorced.
(A) Melissa Amber Miller Born Los Angeles County, California 1 October 1979
Richard David Miller, Jr. married 29 March 1985 third Lisa Ann Jerlat Born Teaneck, NJ 30 July 1959 Father William Jerlat Mother Phyllis Hoffer
(B) Richard David Miller III Born Ironton, Ohio 25 September 1983
(d) Jack Miller Brought up by his aunts, Maggie and Stella Miller after the death of his father
(e) James Albert Miller, Jr. Born before 1922 Springdale, Pennsylvania
(f) Dorothy Miller Born after 1922 Adopted out to a family named Foley after her father died.
b. Maggie Miller Born 11 April 1893 Died 6 April 1957 Dunbar, Kanawha County, West Virginia
c. Stella Miller Born Bet. 1893 - 1896 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Died 27 February 1962  Married _____ Harold
(a) "Bud" _____ Harold Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Married 16 January 1943 Beatrice Bell McLane
d. Eva Ella Miller Born 13 May 1896 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Died 26 August 1971 West Virginia  Married Pat Emmett Hedrick Born 13 May 1899 Huntington, West Virginia Died 1968 West Virginia
(a) Anna Louise Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 21 September 1916
(b) Maudie Mae Hedrick Born 12 January 1919 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Died 28 February 1989 West Virginia
(c) Pearl Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 23 June 1920
(d) Gladys ("Tiny") Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 20 December 1922
(e) Charles William Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 9 June 1925
(f) Wavie ("Tudy") Marie Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 29 September 1928
(g) Sylvia Bell Hedrick Born 23 February 1931 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 23 February 1931
(h) Pattie Jo Ann Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 16 November 1933
(i) Eugene Franklin Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 5 September 1936
(j) Barbara Ann Hedrick Born Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio 22 November 1940
e. Charles Miller Born 27 June 1901 Hurricane, Putnam County, Ohio Died 10 June 1975 Summersville, Nicholas County, West Virginia Married Iva Gibson
G. Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Pennsylvania 1805. Married in Ohio County, 3 October 1833, John S Fowler (born Pennsylvania 1810), a gunsmith.

Samuel Arbuthnot.  Pat Asher writes: The father of this man was James not William. See red note at the foot of this table. Born Virginia c.1807. Died 1883. A tailor. Married, c.1830, Rachel Marshall (born Virginia 1807; died 1882). Both buried in Old Kimbolton Cemetery, Liberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio.

I. Sarah Jane Arbuthnot. Born Triadelphia, Ohio Co., West Virginia 10 August 1830. Died Cambridge, Guernsey Co., Ohio 19 March 1918. Married Newcomerstown, Tuscarawas Co., Ohio 20 April 1851 Jerome Bonepart Hare (born Onondaga Co., NY 24 June 1829, died Guernsey Co., Ohio 14 March 1878). They are gt gt gdparents of Pat Asher.
1. Bensley Ozrow Hare. Born 1852.
2. Harriet Hare. Born Wheeling Twp., Guernsey County, Ohio 1854. Died 1873.
3. Osmand Alonzo Hare. Born Orange, Coshocton County, Ohio 15 May 1856. Died 4 November 1934 in Newark, Licking County, Ohio 4 November 1934.. Married in Mt. Hermon, Knox Twp., Guernsey County, Ohio 4 July 1877 Ellen ("Ella") Elizabeth Thompson (born 7 September 1863 in Guernsey County, Ohio, died Newark, Licking County, Ohio 22 October 1935).
a. Clyde Martin Hare Born 30 September 1878 in Kimbolton, Guernsey County, Ohio Died 21 September 1918 in Newark, Licking County, Ohio
b. Sarah Myrtle Hare Born 10 May 1881 in Old Washington, Guernsey County, Ohio Died 12 June 1961 in Hebron, Ohio
c. Bessie Pearl Hare Born 13 December 1885 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio Died 2 June 1979 in Columbus, Franklin County, Ohio
d. David Drexel Hare Born 14 July 1891 in Adamsville, Muskingham County, Ohio Died 13 October 1955 in Newark, Licking County, Ohio
4. Melissa Serilla Hare Born 1859 in Ohio  Died 1 January 1897
5. Daughter Hare Born 1861
6. Samuel A. Hare Born Ohio February 1862. Married in Muskingum County, Ohio 22 April 1884 Mary A. Orr
a. Grace E. Hare Born 10 March 1890
7. Charles Ernest Hare Born 1864
8. Francis Lee Hare Born Guernsey County, Ohio 21 September 1866 Died Falls Twp., Muskingum County, Ohio 23 November 1895. Married in Muskingum County, Ohio 19 August 1890 Chloe Ellen Geib Born 17 Aug 1874
a. Alvin Osmand Hare Born Falls Twp., Muskingum County, Ohio 17 March 1891. Died Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio 9 October 1934.
b. Carrie Ina Hare Born Oct 1892 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio. Died 26 Sep 1970 in Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio
9. Charles B. Hare Born 1867 in Ohio, Died 1868 in Wheeling Twp., Guernsey County, Ohio
10. Ada Blanche Hare Born Ohio 16 September 1869 Died 21 September 1934. Married Guernsey Co., Ohio 1 April 1891 Thomas Walker McNary (born 6 December 1848, died 1 August 1936)
a. Thomas M. McNary Born 30 August 1892 Died 1895
b. Bernice McNary Born September 1896 Died 7 July 1953
c. Robert W. McNary Born c.1904 Died after 1934 .

Joseph Arbuthnot. Born Marshall Co., West Virginia 1833. A Private in the Civil War. Married, first, Rachel Chrisenceder (died 15 March 1882).

1. Charles Arbuthnot. Born 12 October 1871.

Sarah Ellen Arbuthnot. Born Spring 1873.

Joseph married second in Palestine, Pickaway Co., Ohio, 9 March 1891 Mrs Sarah Swank, née Johnson.
Catherine Arbuthnot Born 1834 Virginia Died Virginia Pat Asher writes: She is not Samuel's daughter. I believe she is dau of William and Hannah. In 1850 she is listed with (Aunt) Sarah Fowler in Belmont County OH Married Thomas J. McConkey
III. Mary Alice Arbuthnot. Born Ohio 13 October 1837. Died Cambridge, Guernsey Co, Ohio 16 April 1926. Her death record and  census show initial E. rather than A. Married in Guernsey County, 29 January 1860, Andrew Ferguson Hubert (born Cambridge, Guernsey Co 13 July 1830; died Cambridge 2 May 1911), son of Daniel Hubert and Jane née Ferguson. Andrew and Mary are buried Northwood cemetery, Cambridge.

William Hubert. Born Ohio 1859.


A Melvin Hubert. Born Ohio c.1861.


Howard McClintock Hubert. Born Ohio c.1862. Married in Guernsey Co., Ohio 23 June 1886 Sadie Burnett (born c.1868).


Loren E Hubert. Born Cambridge, Guernsey Co., Ohio 24 June 1865. Died Columbus, Franklin, Ohio 12 April 1942. Buried Northwood Cemetery, Cambridge, Guernsey.


Wilmer E. Hubert. Born Ohio c.1867.


Milton Hogue Hubert Sr. Born Cambridge, Ohio 26 October 1869. Died Palisade, Mesa Co., Colorado 16 September 1949. Buried Palisade cemetery. Married first 9 November 1898 Fannie J Frashier. Married second in Palisade, Mesa, CO 20 June 1901 Edith ("Dolly") Grace Mulvaney (born Park Hill, Middlesex, Ontario 21 January 1879; died Palisade 3 January 1926)

a. Minnie E  Hubert Born Colorado c.1902 Died before 24 February 1982 Married c.1921 Harvey D Smith
(a) A daughter. Aged 8 in the 1930 census.
(b) A daughter. Aged 5 3/12 in the 1930 census.
b. Andrew Hubert Born Colorado 26 October 1903 Died Carson, Los Angeles, CA 22 March 1984
c. Theresa Hubert Born Colorado c.1904. Died before 24 February 1982 Married 1926-30 Harold L Goodale.
d. Milton Hogue Hubert Jr Born Palisade, Mesa, CO 15 May 1905 Died Santa Barbara, CA 24 February 1982 Married Gladys Marie McEwan (born Salt Lake City, Utah 27 August 1910; died Lompoc, Santa Barbara 12 February 1990).
(a) A son. Living 2003.
(b) Nancy Ann Hubert Born CA  21 April 1938 Died Santa Barbara Co., CA 7 November 1993. She married several times her surname when she died being Maltman.
(c) Richard Henry Hubert Born Los Angeles, CA 8 July 1940 Died Lompoc, Santa Barbara 1 February 1999. Married first ______ and had a child who died. Married second _______ and had six children including
aa. Ronald Dean Hubert. Born Lompoc 6 March 1964. Died Santa Barbara 20 April 1964.
bb. ______ Married ______ daughter of ______ and Sue Miller.
e. Leo G Hubert Born Colorado 13 August 1914 Died San Francisco 20 November 1960.
Milton married third in Grand Junction, Mesa, CO 22 May 1929 Nellie O Hutchins, née Finley

Evalena ("Eva") E. Hubert. Born Cambridge, Ohio 2 November 1871. Died unmarried Cambridge 13 February 1959. Buried Northwood Cemetery.


Frank V. Hubert. Born Ohio c.1875.


Homer A. Hubert. Born Ohio c.1879. Died Montrose, Colorado March 1950. Married 30 September 1898 Ella A. Burt (born c.1881).

IV. (Rebecca) Eleanor Arbuthnot. Born Kimbolton, Guernsey Co., Ohio 17 February 1842. Died Willow Springs Missouri 25 September 1920. Married first in Guernsey County, 17 September 1857, Captain John C. Meagher (born Guernsey Co, died 1865). Married second 20 March 1870 John Wesley Shyrock / Shryock and they moved to several states finally settling in Howell Co., Missouri.

A son.

a. A son.
(a) George H R Shyrock Sr. He lives in Englewood, Florida.
aa. George H R Shyrock, Jr.

Emily Arbuthnot. Born Ohio 1844. Died 1855. Buried in Old Kimbolton Cemetery, Liberty Township, Guernsey, Ohio.

VI. (Rachel) Amanda Arbuthnot. Born Ohio 1847. Married in Guernsey County, 31 December 1867, Thomas M. Rankin.

Mary Arbuthnot. Born c.1811. Pat Asher writes: Believe she is the daughter of Robert and Rachel McClellan and was born 1814/1815 Married in Ohio County, 27 November 1831, Henry Taylor.

Pat Asher writes:
I was recently contacted by another researcher about my ancestor, the subject Samuel Arbuthnot, who asked if I had been able to confirm that William was the father of Samuel. She referred me to Table 57.
Since the last research I had done on this family was several years old, before census images were available online, I set out to see what I could find. My findings led me to several differences with Table 57; but the crucial one on which some of the others hinge, is that it appears to me that the father of Samuel b 1807 was James, not William.
It also appears to me that James and William may be the unknown brothers of Samuel (1759-1844) of Pine Twp., Allegheny County, Pennsylvania (Table 1).
Briefly, Samuel (1759) seems to appear on the 1810 census in both Elizabeth, Ohio County, Virginia, and Pine Twp., in Pennsylvania. James also appears in Elizabeth, Ohio County, in 1810. William is in Pittsburgh in 1810 and in Westmoreland in 1820 and 1830. While William could have been in Virginia at some point, the census indicates any hypothetical stay would have been brief. Both James and William show a 1-9 year old Male in 1810 which could be Samuel (1807). But since Samuel married Rachel Marshall in Ohio County ca 1829, I'm at a loss to explain how he could have met and courted her if he was in Westmoreland County from 1820 to 1830.
In 1820, both James and Robert (1780-1790) are on the same page of the census in Ohio County, and it appears that James's younger children may be living with Robert.
Thus, at this point, I tend to believe that your Table 59 is the correct one for the William who was in Pittsburgh in 1810, where you show his son b 1801/1809 as Robert; and that the Ohio County Samuel and Robert are the sons of the Ohio County James b bef 1765.
Is there evidence that the William in Table 57 and the one in Table 59 are different men? Are you aware that there was a (3rd?) William b 1766/1794 in Franklin County, (south central) PA in 1810? I would very much appreciate your comments on my still tentative analysis.
P.S. I also found a naturalization of James Arbuthnot in Washington County, PA in 1798, which would be consistent for someone who immigrated to PA ca 1790.

These are the entries from Table 57 that do not match what I have found:
William (who I believe should be James)
A. Robert
B. James Arbuthnot born c 1789.
H. Samuel Arbuthnot born 1807.
We think Scott C Arbuthnot (38 in 2005) fits into this tree. Married to Noelle S Arbuthnot (aged 35). Address 3113 Dunstone Ave, Akron, OH 44312 -5918  tel: +1 330 645 2665

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