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John Arbuthnot. Born Ireland. Pack carrier.
I. (Speculative) Alexander Arbuthnot. Born Moira, Co Down 1819. Died Belfast 11 May 1883. Married in Moira, 16 October 1849, Margaret Whiteside (born Belfast 1832; died Belfast 1912).
A. Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Moira 15 September 1850. Died 1 November 1925. Married William Allerdice.
B. John Whiteside Arbuthnot. Born Moira 6 September 1852. Married in Salford q1 1882 Catherine _____ (born c.1857; died q3 1888 aged 31).
1. Annie Arbuthnot. Born q1 1883. Married q1 1909 _____ _____.
2. Elizabeth Ann Whiteside Arbuthnot. Born q1 1885. Married q4 1904 _____ _____.
3. Eliza Jane Arbuthnot. Born q3 1887. Died q1 1888 aged 0.
C. Anna Arbuthnot. Born Moira 7 May 1855. Died 30 November 1939.
D. Eliza Jane Arbuthnot. Born Moira 24 July 1860. Died 16 December 1906. Married Thomas ("Tom") Finley.
E. Sarah Burwick Arbuthnot. Born Moira 5 September 1863. Died February 1917. Married W Derby, q3 1889 (8b-943), John Gilbert.
II. John F Arbuthnot. Born Ireland 1823/4 per 1881 census.  Moved to Liverpool c.1864. A journeyman [being a man qualified in his trade who hires out his time by the day] and later baker. Married in Liverpool 11 July 1882 Mary Ann Rodey (born Liverpool 1840, died Liverpool q1 1891), dau of Bernard Rody, boiler maker. They lived at 32 Upper Beau Street, Everton, Liverpool in 1881.

John Francis Arbuthnot, Sr. Born Liverpool 24 January 1863. A master-baker. Married (not listed England & Wales 1876-96) Ellen Elizabeth Cook (born Warrington, Lancs c.1864). They were legally separated by 1901 when Ellen was living (with one other) at 54 Howe Street, Everton, Liverpool.


Mary Ann Arbuthnot. Born 82 Glover Street, St Helens, near Liverpool 16 April 1884. Cigarette packer in 1901. She had a child by ______ ______:


Thomas Arbuthnot, later Thomas Maher. Born 72b Bidder Street, Liverpool 15 August 1903. Married in Liverpool 26 December 1925 Sophia Kerr.

aa. William ("Billy") Maher.  A disc jockey with Radio Merseyside. Married Mary Philomena Moloney.
i. Siobhan Magdalene Maher. Singer/songwriter. Married Ray Kennedy from Buffalo, New York.  They live in Nashville, Tennessee.
(A) Evangeline Victoria Kennedy. Born Nashville 25 April 1995.
ii. Oonagh Catherine Maher. NHS manager. Married Sefton South July 1997 Neil Andrews. They live in Liverpool
(A) Olivia Patricia Doreen Andrews. Born Liverpool 02 July 2001
iii. Patrick Xavier Maher. Teaching assistant in Liverpool.
iv. Damien St John Maher. Financial Advisor in Liverpool.
bb. Thomas Maher. A car worker with Fords Halewood (retired). Married.
cc. Elizabeth Maher. Married Luke Smith.
i. Patricia Smith. Bank worker. Married Maurice Mills, architect. They live in Formby.
ii. Barbara Smith. Teacher. Married Dr Juan Lahuerta. They live in Madrid.
iii. Carol Smith. Bank manageress. Unmarried. Lives in Liverpool.
iv. Terence ("Terry") A Smith. Used to be a Sergeant Major, 1/51 Highland Volunteers. Now a chauffeur. Married Margaret Owens. They live in Liverpool. TAS
Mary Ann married 25 May 1905 William Maher.
b. Annie Maher.
c. Elizabeth Maher.
d. Maggie Maher.
e. Mary Maher.

Sarah Maher. Married Peter Williams. Lives in Liverpool.

aa. Peter Williams. Married Anne McCabe.
i. Mikaela Williams.
bb. Nora Williams. Married ______ ______.
cc. Vera Williams. Married John Shannon.
dd. Rene Williams. Married Tony Garforth (died before 2002).
ee. Pat Williams. Married Ken Richardson (died before 2002).
g. Jimmy Maher.
h. John Maher.
i. William Maher.
2. (John) Francis ("Frank") Arbuthnot, Jr. Born W Derby q4 1886. Died Sefton Park, Liverpool South 29 October 1962 aged 76. A firelight crate maker in 1901. A professional boxer who fought under the name "Frank Baker". A slater (journeyman) and a general labourer. Married  W Derby q3 1911 (8b 996) Emily Rome (born Chittlehampton, Devon 2 March 1889; died 4 April 1969).

(John) Francis Arbuthnot.  Born q1 1912. Died unmarried aged 23.


William F Arbuthnot. Born q2 1913. Died young aged about 3 or 4.


Emily Helene Arbuthnot.  Born Liverpool 31 October 1914. Died aged 37. Married in Liverpool S, q4 1935, James McCudden.


Henry McCudden. Died young.


James ("Jimmy") McCudden. Died young.


(Leonora) Hazel McCudden. Born Douglas, Isle of Man 24 October 1940. Worked in a bakery as a cake decorator. Married 17 May 1958 Anthony John McLoughlin.

i. Carol Ann McLoughlin. Born Liverpool 15 November 1958. Works as a co-ordinator in the Baggage Hall of Manchester Airport.
ii. Tina Marie McLoughlin. Born Manchester 2 January 1960. Self-employed as an IT trainer specialising in CITRIX.
iii. Diane Theresa McLoughlin. Born Bradford, Manchester 25 May 1964.
(A) Alan Mark McLoughlin. Born 8 April 1987.
(B) Emma Louise McLoughlin. Born 19 August 2002.
iv. Beverley Jean McLoughlin. Born Moss Side, Manchester 6 June 1965. An IT trainer at Littlehampton Further Education (Chichester College). She has children by Paul McCarthy:
(A) Conor McCarthy.
(B) Amy McCarthy.
(C) Anthony McCarthy.
v. John Anthony McLoughlin. Born Manchester 19 January 1969. Steeplejack and publican.

Florence Elizabeth Arbuthnot.  Born 25 September 1916. Died unmarried aged 21.


Eileen Arbuthnot.  Born 2 July 1918. Died 15 June 2007. Aircraft fitter. Married in Ayr 24 December 1942 Henry Irving (born 30 May 1918; died Liverpool 4 November 1955), a long distance lorry driver (a journeyman), son of Henry Irving and Margaret, nee Collins, later O'Brien.


Eileen Arbuthnot-Irving. Born 23 December 1945  Married first Leslie Bool (born 9 April 1942).

i. John George Bool. Born 1 December 1965. HGV driver. Had a child by ______ ______.
(A) Lois Rosalind Bool. Born 30 June 1996.
Eileen married second James John Hutley (born 5 December 1943) and they both adopted the surname Arbuthnot-Hutley. He is a residential property developer. Address: 21 Derwent Rd West, Stoneycroft, Liverpool L13 6QP (tel: 0151 475 9925)
ii. Christian Anton Hutley. Born 31 January 1969.  A club disk jockey. He has a son by Alison Wilkinson:
(A) Adam Christian Hutley. Born Tenerife 10 October 2007.

Patricia Irving. Born 12 January 1948. Died aged 8 weeks.


Frances ("Frankie") Arbuthnot Irving. Born Liverpool North 21 September 1951 Local government officer. Married in Liverpool, 3 January 1970, Joseph ("Joe") Gaskell (born Walton 23 July 1949), a tailor, later a driver.  Address: "Windy Corner" 10 Larkhill, Ashurst, Skelmersdale

i. Joseph Irving Gaskell. Born 7 August 1970. Married W Lancs, 18 August 1991, Marion Flanders. Divorced.
(A) Holly Gaskell. Born 21 November 1991.
ii. Karen Frances Gaskell. Born 22 June 1971. Married, 18 July 1998, Gary Fury (born 1 December 1975)
(A) Haidn Gaskell Fury. Born W Lancs 30 July 2000.
(B) Marcie Gaskell Fury. Born W Lancs 20 July 2002.

Thomas Arbuthnot. Born W Derby q1 1889 (aged 12 in the 1901 Census). Died September 1903.

4. William ("Billy") G Arbuthnot. Born W Derby q1 1894. Died without issue. A professional boxer who fought under the name "Billy Baker". Married ______ ______[Note*].

Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born St Martin, Liverpool 18 February 1896. Died Liverpool 19 January 1984 (36/345/184). She had a son by Edward Morgan:

a. Gerald ("Gerry") Arbuthnot.  Born Liverpool 29 January 1933. Died 18 January 1983. He was a bus-driver with Merseyside Passenger Transport. Married, 14 December 1950, Martha Allen. Address: 77a Marled Hay, Liverpool 28.

Gerald Francis Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool 1 April 1951. A bus-driver with Merseyside Passenger Transport. Married Knowsley August 1985 _____ Dalziel.

i. Laura Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool June 1990.
ii. Adam Gerald Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool February 1994.

Linda Mary Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool 5 March 1952. Married, 29 March 1980, Paul McCarthy and has no issue.


Richard Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool 26 April 1958. A police constable stationed at Kirby, Merseyside. Married, 29 January 1977, Anne Mason, daughter of John Mason, butcher.

i.Stephanie Arbuthnot. Born 20 February 1987. Educated Liverpool John Moores University. Has a child by Colin Wagner.
(A)Zack Arbuthnot.

John may be the baker and journeyman who married c.1897 Lily Wilson [Lillian Arbuthnot, charwoman, 38, born Liverpool c1873; fl Lancs 1911]. They lived at 51 or 61 Aber St., Everton S., Liverpool (in 1906).


Rachel Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool q1 1898. Died q1 1899.


Josephine Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool q3 1901. Died q1 1902.


Lily Arbuthnot. Born and died Liverpool q1 1903.


Edward Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool q1 1905.


George Arbuthnot. Born Everton S 2 December 1906. Died Liverpool q1 1908.

B. Annie Maria Arbuthnot. Born Liverpool q4 1865. Married or died by 1891 ?
(Speculative brother) Thomas Arbuthnot.
I. (Speculative) William John Arbuthnot. Born Ireland c.1826 or Scotland 1857. Ironwork labourer. Married first c.1871 Mary Jane Snowdon (born Ireland c.1848, dvu q1 1879).
A. Thomas (E----- according to his son's adoption certificate but not according to his birth certificate) Arbuthnot. Born Wigan, Lancashire 17 July 1874. Dvu Lancashire 17 July 1930? A winding master in a cotton mill.  Married Wigan q2 1900 (ref 8c 126) Mary Alice Daniels. Her address: 19 Wood End Lane, Speke, Liverpool 24.
1. Frank Marshall Prescott (later adopted the surname Arbuthnot). Born Wavertree, Liverpool 1 July 1913, the son of Theodora Prescott, typist of Hoylake, Cheshire. He was adopted in Wigan, 22 July 1929, by Thomas and Mary. A Structural Engineer. Married, 3 September 1938, Nancy Pye. They have no issue. Address: 15 Princes Street, Ulverston, Cumbria.
William John Arbuthnot, son of Thomas Arbuthnot. Born Co Down Dramore (sic) c.1854 per 1911 Census. Became a bricklayer's labourer and later a carter; labourer above ground 1911. Married second 25 December 1880 Mary Ann Isherwood, (born Wigan c.1864 or Leigh, Lancs c.1857) dau of Henry Isherwood.

Mary Jane Arbuthnot. Born q3 1877. Cotton reeler. Cotton warper in 1911. 

II. (Speculative) Samuel Arbuthnot. Born Ireland 1831/2. Possibly he who died Wigan q2 1908 aged 68. Moved to Liverpool c.1864. Living in 38 School Street, Wigan, Lancashire 1881. General labourer. Married Sarah _____ (born Ireland 1831/4).

Margret Arbuthnot Born Ireland 1855/6.


Eliza G Arbuthnot Born Ireland 1856/7.


Samuel J Arbuthnot Born Ireland 1858. Moved to Liverpool c.1864. Coal miner living in Lancashire, 1881. By 1901 he was a beerseller & publican. Married in Wigan q4 1885 Jane _____ (born Wigan 1867) [Note*].


Samuel Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q1 1886.


Thomas Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q4 1889.


Sarah Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q1 1892. Married in Wigan q3 1915 Mr Holcroft.


Margaret ("Maggie") Arbuthnot. Born Wigan 9 September 1893. Died Wigan q4 1978. Cap winder living Lancs 1911. 


Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q3 1898. Cotton spinner 1911.


James Arbuthnot Born Ireland 1860/1. Moved to Liverpool c.1864. Coal miner and hewer living with all the following children at 1 Holly St Yd, Aspull, Lancashire, 1901. Married Wigan q2 1886 Alice Taylor (born Wigan, Lancashire 1865, died Wigan q4 1905).


Jane Arbuthnot Born 19 January 1887. Bap Wigan, Lancashire 31 January 1887. Cotton spinner in 1901. Married Wigan q3 1909 _____ _____[Note*].

2. Hannah Arbuthnot Born Aspull 1888 Bap Wigan 26 March 1888 Cotton spinner in 1901. Living Lancs 1911. Married Wigan q2 1911 _____ _____[Note*].
3. Sarah Arbuthnot Born Aspull 1889. Bap Wigan 16 Dec 1889. Cotton spinner, living Lancs 1911. Married Wigan q1 1914 Thomas Hathaway.
4. Samuel Arbuthnot Born Aspull 1895. Married in Wigan q4 1916 (ref 8c 15) Catherine Heyes.
a. George J Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q4 1925.
b. Phyllis Arbuthnot. Born Wigan q2 1928.
5. Elizabeth Ann Arbuthnot Born Aspull q1 1898. Married Wigan q2 1919 Fred Ward.
6. Maggie Arbuthnot Born Aspull q2 1901, aged one month at the time of the census. Living Lancs 1911. It may be she who married in Bolton q1 1917 (ref 8c 510) Moses Parr.
E. Robert Arbuthnot Born Ireland 1861/7. Died q2 1898. Moved to Liverpool c.1864. Bread maker. Married Wigan q4 1886 (ref 8c 95) either Mary Whittaker or Elizabeth Winrow (the other married Henry Bowden).
F. Alexander Arbuthnot Born Wigan, Lancashire 1863/4/5. Coal miner. We think he is the subject of this article.
G. Thomas Arbuthnot Born Wigan, Lancashire 1868. He married in Wigan q4 1899 (ref 8c 80) Susannah Bradshaw or Alice Green (the "wrong" woman married William Parkinson). If the "right" woman is Alice then she is probably she who died Wigan q4 1905 aged 41. Possibly father of William John Arbuthnot (above).
III. (Speculative) James Arbuthnott. Born Ireland 1838/9. Iron blast furnace labourer in Yorkshire in 1881. Married York q1 1874 Mary Farmeary (born Kirby, Yorkshire 1838/9).

Mary E Arbuthnott Born Middlesborough, Yorkshire 1875/6.

We believe the following may also be part of this family:
1810/11 James Arbuthnot born Armagh 1810/11   Living Liverpool 1871
q1 1839 William Arbuthnot born W Derby xx - 878  
1841Alexander ArbuthnotLargs, Ayrshire (
or Liverpool (
retired sailor, living Lancs 1911
1851John ArbuthnotSalford, GlasgowBricksetter's labourer, living 1911
1854William John Arbuthnotborn co down, Dramone (sic) or WiganLiving lancashire 1911, labourer above ground
1859 § Samuel Arbuthnot, jr, coal miner in 1881, publican in 1901 born Ireland   Sons of Samuel Arbuthnot, sr, born Ireland 1832 general labourer and Sarah born Ireland 1831, living at 38 School St, Wigan in 1881. James was a coal miner hewer in 1911
1862 § James Arbuthnot, coal miner in 1881 born Ireland  
1864 § Robert Arbuthnot, bread baker in 1881 born Ireland  
q3 1865 § Alexander Arbuthnot, coal miner in 1881 born Wigan 8e - 23
q1 1869 § Thomas Arbuthnot, scholar in 1881, coal miner & hewer in 1901 born Wigan 8c - 42
1864Mary Ann Arbuthnotborn Pinxton, DerbyshireLiving Lancs 1911
q3 1871 Joseph Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 54 .
q1 1873 William John Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 51 .
q3 1874 Thomas Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 46 .
1877Mary Alice Arbuthnotborn Wigan
q3 1877 Mary Jane Arbuthnot, cotton reeler born Wigan 8c - 65 Dau of William John (bricklayer's labourer, b Scotland 1857- untrue) & Mary Anne Arbuthnot, MJA was a cotton warper (b.c.1883 - untrue) living Lancs 1911
q1 1886 Samuel Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 69 Son of the publican
born c.1886 John F Arbuthnot died Liverpool q4 1962 . .
q1 1887 Fernandez Edward Arbuthnot born Liverpool 8b - 83 .
q1 1887 Jane Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 43 Dau of James Arbuthnot & Alice Taylor
q1 1887 Margaret Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 79 .
q4 1887 John Arbuthnott born Wigan 8c - 60 died Wigan q3 1891
q1 1889 Thomas Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 335 Son of John Francis Arbuthnot Sr
q4 1889 Thomas Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 48 Son of the publican
q1 1891 Sarah Ellen Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 33 Beamer cotton sam in 1911. Married q4 1914 Mr Smith
q1 1892 Samuel Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 13 died q1 1893
q1 1892 Sarah Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 27 Dau of the publican
q2 1892 Ellen Arbuthnott born W Derby 8b - 395 died W Derby q3 1893
q4 1893 Margaret Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 82 Dau of the publican
q4 1893 Margaret Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 30  
q1 1894 William G Arburthnot born Wigan 8b - 298 Son of John Francis Arbuthnot Sr
q4 1895 Nancy Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 19 died Wigan q3 1899
q2 1896 Richard Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 61 died q1 1899
q1 1898 ¶ Rachel Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 262 dau of John Arbuthnot (Lily Wilson), baker of 51 or 61 Aber St, Everton S. died q1 1899
1898George Arbuthnotborn Manchesterscholar in Lancs 1911
q1 1898 Elizabeth Ann Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 16 Dau of James Arbuthnot & Alice Taylor
q3 1898 Elizabeth Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 51 Dau of the publican
q1 1900 William Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 18 died q1 1900
q2 1901 Margaret Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 12 Dau of James Arbuthnot & Alice Taylor
q3 1901 ¶ Josephine Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 436 dau of John Arbuthnot (Lily Wilson) died Liverpool q1 1902
1902Francis Arbuthnot (a girl)born Liverpoolliving Lancs 1911
q1 1903 ¶ Lily Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 608 dau of John Arbuthnot (Lily Wilson) died Liverpool q1 1903
q3 1903 Thomas Arbuthnot born Liverpool 8b - 137  
q1 1905 ¶ Edward Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 641 son of John Arbuthnot (Lily Wilson)
2 Dec 1906 ¶ George Arbuthnot born W Derby 8b - 507 son of John Arbuthnot (Lily Wilson) died W Derby q1 1908
q4 1909 (Elizabeth) Alice Arbuthnot born Wigan 8c - 20 known as Alice in 1911
Apr 2001 George Edward Arbuthnot born Liverpool 2 May 1943 f30d,005,401  

Note:  "Untrue" means the author's don't believe it because of contrary information.
:   To find the name of the spouse, seach for this marriage on FreeBMD which will soon show both parties to the marriage.
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