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This is a family of Catholics who believe they are descended from an Arbuthnot who married an Indian woman - almost certainly descendants of one of the five Eurasian sons of the Hon Hugh of Table E Part 1 or the Hon David Arbuthnot of Table E Part 2.

(1) JOHN ARBUTHNOT. A weaver. Married SARAH STERLING of Edentrillick.    

Thomas Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Dromore 25 October 1856. Land steward of Mullingar, County Westmeath. Thought possibly to have been steward in Santry Castle, Co Dublin. Married Mary Gorman. It is thought they lived in various places including Belfast. Pat Cowan has searched the records in Mullingar but no Arbuthnot is listed.

  A. John ("Johnny") Joseph Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Whiterock, Kilcommon, County Wicklow 27 November 1884. Died in Blackrock Ex-Servicemens' Hospital, Dublin 14 May 1931. A Private in the Royal Dublin Fusiliers (1916); served in the Boer War; temporary Captain, Lancashire Fusiliers. Lived at Richmond Cottages, North Circular Road, Dublin. Married, 19 May 1915, Mary Ann Fynes who had first been through a marriage ceremony with a "Captain" Lauderdale, labourer, not knowing that he was already married. She ran a shop called "Arbuthnot's" in Beauparc, Navan, Co Meath. By Captain Lauderdale, Mary Ann had a daughter:    

Mary Margaret Lauderdale (later changed her name by Deed Poll to Arbuthnot). Born Dublin 20 September 1910. Died June 1975. A grocer and confectioner in Navan.


John ("Jack") Joseph Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Abelstown, Navan, Co Meath 10 July 1916. Died September 1986. Served as a Sergeant with the Irish Military Police; deserted from the 12th Cycle Sqdn and moved to England; served as a despatch rider in Egypt for eighteen months, serving with the RAF throughout World War II as an LAC. Later worked for British Rail, in charge of equipment stores at Victoria Station. Married, 12 April 1947, Mari-Ann Roche Keeley (born 7 February 1926).


Jacqueline Concepta Arbuthnot. Born 27 February 1948. Married Wandsworth, 12 April 1969, William McCarthy.


Maria Bernadette McCarthy. Born 19 July 1970.


Liam Patrick MaCarthy. Born 24 February 1972.

      b. Cheryl Marie Veronica Arbuthnot. Born 15 June 1951. Married, 16 March 1974, John Warwick Weir.    
        i. Ailsa Arbuthnott Weir. Born 19 May 1978.    

Lavinia Marianne Weir. Born 28 May 1980 .


Geraldine Frances Arbuthnot. Born Balham, London 9 March 1959. Married, 5 December 1980, Anthony Robert Napier (born 11 May 1951).


Herbert Francis Arbuthnot. Born 18 November 1955. Married Evelyn Kinghorne. separated Address: 30 Bawnlea Drive, Tobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 2A.


Deborah ("Debbie") Arbuthnot. Born 3 March 1979.


Steven Arbuthnot. Born 21 January 1983.


Esther ("Sindy") ______ Arbuthnot. Born 27 December 1956 . Married Robert Fallon. Lives in Ireland

        i. Karl Fallon. Born 10 June 1977. Married 2001 _____ _____.    
          (A) Evan Fallon. Born 11 July 2002.    
          (B) Layla May Fallon. Born 15 July 2007.    
        ii. Ian Fallon. Born September 1986.    
3. Thomas Arbuthnot. 1917-2003. Married Margaret Moore. 1917-1993.
a. Sarah ("Sadie") Arbuthnot.  Born 1953. Married James ("Shay") Kirwan.(born 1950).
This was not a family of catholics as you have printed, the family are Church of Ireland.
 The Catholic Family.
When Albert 1891 a son of Thomas married Esther Hopkins 1892 a catholic girl  they raised their family as catholics.
Thomas Arbuthnot 1856 was the son of John Arbuthnot  1822 and Sarah Sterling 1822  table 61 and was born in Hillsboro and baptised in Dromore Parish Co Down.
Thomas worked as a stableman  close to Shillelagh, Co Wicklow and met his wife Mary Gorman  from Tenahely, Co Wicklow about 1881.
He also worked in Co Westmeath where the town of Mullingar is. This town is mentioned in your files and it was here in Westmeath that his daughter Sarah was born.
The connection in print is the 1901 cencus that shows Sarah Arbuthnot born1886 in Co Westmeath the daughter of Thomas and Mary with John Arbuthnot 1822 in his home in Co Antrim. Also present was Sarah McCarthy nee Arbuthnot 1863 the daughter of John and sister of Thomas.
i. Shane Kirwan. Born 23 May 1974
ii. Clinton Kirwan. Born 16 March 1977  Had a daughter by Janet Earley
(A) Breigh Earley Kirwan. Born 2 February 2003.
Had a daughter by Wendy Capon.
(B) Summer Kirwan. Born 1 April 2004.
iii. Fiona Kirwan. Married Mr Cullen.
(A) Paddy Cullen.
b. Ann Arbuthnot.
i. Sabrina Arbuthnot.
ii. Garreth Arbuthnot.  Born 14 May 1984.
c. Herbert Arbuthnot.
d. Albert Arbuthnot. Died of a sudden massive coronary seizure.
e. Thomas Arbuthnot. Married Helen _____, a nurse born 19 August 19??. Lives in England.  Separated.
i. Helen Arbuthnot. We think she coxed the Irish 4 in the Paralympics 2012 (born 17 November 1984)..
f.. Margaret ("Peggy") Arbuthnot. Knocked down and killed outside St James' Hospital  Dublin 1977. Married Pierce Colgan.
i. Eva Colgan.
ii. Tracey Colgan. Born 3 January 1974.

John Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 16 Patridge Terrace, Inchicore, Dublin October 1920. Died of a cerebral haemorrhage after falling off a bus 1 January 1959 aged 39. Served with the British Army in India. Married 1946 Bridget ("Bridie") O'Toole (died 9 March 2009). Lived in Rathfarm, Co Dublin. She married second Des McDermott (and had another son, Tommy McDermott, born 1966); they lived at 330 Nutgrove Avenue, Churchtown, Co Dublin.


Mary Ester Arbuthnot. Born 25 March 1947. Married 1968 Barry Moorecroft. Divorced 1980.


Barry Moorecroft. Born 18 March 1969.


Helen  Moorecroft.  Born 30 June 1974.


Mary married second 2000 James Deas (dvu 11 April 2009). She lives in Wrexham, Wales.


Lyla Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born 28 July 1948. Married 1969 David Browne (divorced 1972).


Dylan Browne. Born 11 March 1974.


Lyla is living with her long-term partner Michael ("Mike") Blake.


Patricia ("Pat") Eileen Arbuthnot. Born 25 July 1949. Married 2 April 1968 Desmond ("Des") Cowan (born 29 April 1948). Address 45 St Fineans Grove, Lucan, Co Dublin 00353 1621 1643.


Sharon Marie Cowan. Born 18 September 1968. Married Steven Smith.

          (A) Danielle Marie Smith. Born 3 June 1988. Has a child by her long term partner, Barry _____.    
aa. Eve _____. Born 9 January 2012.
          (B) Kerrie Denise Smith. Born 14 June 1990.    
          (C) Adam Stevan Smith. Born 18 April 1995.    
          (D) Bronwyn Leigh Smith. Born 3 July 2000.    

Ian Joseph Cowan. Born 10 November 1969. He had children by Caroline Palmer.

          (A) Shannon Cowan. Born 20 February 1995.    
          (B) Megan Cowan. Born 27 December 2002.    
          (C) Lorraine Patricia Cowan. Born 10 February 2005.    

Gordon Desmond Cowan. Born 2 May 1972.  Married Elizabeth ("Eliz") O'Neill.

          (A) Chloe Lorraine Michelle Cowan.    

Johannes Brian Cowan. Born 14 January 1974.. By his partner Joanne _____ he had

(A) Johannes Cowan. Born c.18 March 2012

Declan Patrick Cowan. Born 7 March 1980.


Lorraine Patricia Cowan. Born 18 September 1982. Lorraine trained as a nurse in London and in intensive care nursing.  Married 21 May 2009 Peter Holden

(A) Alexander Peter Holden. Born 12 March 2008.
(B) Jessica Lorraine Holden. Born c March 2011.

Jean Alice Arbuthnot. Born 15 September 1950. Married July 1971 Graham Tobin (dvu 2002).


Graham Tobin. Born 7 July 1972.


Adrienne Tobin. Born 30 October 1977. Disabled. Died 7 January 2013.

      e. Bridget Annette Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1952. She had a child by Joe Napper (lives in Belfast):    

Gary Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 10 November 1980. Took his own life 16 June 2001. He had a child by Shaunne Hamilton (lives in Belfast):

          (A) She'a Gary Hamilton, a son. Born 20 January 2001. He has a brother (2004) and a sister (2007).    
Bridget married 1 July 2009 Tom Burns. They live in Dublin.

Yvonne Marie Arbuthnot. Born 20 May 1953. Married 1971 Des Sands.


Kenneth Sands. Born 1972.


Gillian Sands. Born December 1979.


Deborah ("Debbie") Sands. Born 1984.

(A) Liam _____. Born c..July  2011.

John William Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 1 January 1955. Died 1 November 1985.


Audrey Joyce Arbuthnot. Born 26 July 1957. She was involved in a car accident 1985 as a result of which she lost a leg 1991. Married first 1974 Stephen McKenna. Divorced 1995.


Joyce McKenna. Born 9 February 1974. She lives in Malpas, Cheshire with her fiance, Russ McGinn.


Karen McKenna. Born 5 March 1979. Educated Montego Bay High School.

          (A) Shimmy McKenna, a daughter. Born February 1995.    

Karen married in Dublin 10 January 2000 Jim Kelly (born 26 July 19??), a Jamaican, whose parents have a restaurant and a business in car hire & car parts. Divorced.

          (B) Jamal Kelly. Born Dublin 18 July 2001.    
          (C) Tyreek Kelly. Born 2 August 2005.    

Audrey married second in Jamaica 1998 Kingsley Heaven, a Jamaican. They were separated after two weeks and she uses her maiden name. She has a house in Jamaica but generally lives in Dublin with her mother and stepfather. She was convicted Isleworth County Court 2003 of importing cocaine from Jamaica to Heathrow, and was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment, served in Dublin Gaol.

      i. Brian Arbuthnot. Born 28 January 1959. Photographer.    

Lila Arbuthnot. Born c.1923. Killed aged 17 when she was knocked off her bicycle in Phoenix Park on her way home from work by jockey D L Moore, 1940.


Albert Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 16 Patridge Terrace, Inchicore, Dublin 12 August 1924 died 26 January 2003 Porter and courier at the Inchicore branch of the Bank of Ireland. A talented golfer and captain of his club. Married Margaret ("Peggy") Heffernan. Separated. A Michael Martin Arbuthnot was born to a mother called Heffernan Liverpool q2 1968.


Lynda Arbuthnot. Born 23 April 19?? Died. Crippled by polio while young.


Margaret Arbuthnot. Married. Divorced.


Albert had a long term partner Rose O'Reilly who changed her name to Arbuthnot by deed poll having been unable to marry him because he was married. Tel 0035 162 66767.

    7. Esther Mary ("Ciss") Arbuthnot. Born 16 Patridge Terrace, Inchicore, Dublin 1927. Married in Smethwick q3 1952 Charles ("Charlie") Samuel Rowley (born Smethwick 1925). They live in Smethwick.    

Vivien ("Viv") Marie Rowley.


Anthony Charles Rowley.


Pauline Ann Rowley. Married first in Smethwick Patrick Donoghue.


Jack Donoghue. Born c.1993.



Callum Donoghue. Born 6 August 1997.


Pauline married second Steve Mutimer. Tel: 0121 550 1332.


Sarah ("Sadie") Ann  Pauline Arbuthnot. Born 16 Patridge Terrace, Inchicore, Dublin 29 June 1936. Married in Smethwick 13 June 1959 Alan Frank Taylor (born 21 August 1934). Alan and Sadie live in Long Melford, Suffolk, tel: 0178 788 3208.


Nicola Jane Taylor. Born 22 May 1965. Had children by her long term partner Roderick Davis.


Orla Taylor-Davis. Born 11 August 1999.


Erin Taylor-Davis. Born 2 February 2003.


Jeanette Marie Taylor. Born 18 November 1967. Married Alistair Clough. Divorced.


Stephanie Ann Taylor-Clough. Born 24 June 1986.


Jeanette had a child by Damian Semple.


Lauren Ann Taylor. Born 3 September 1993.


Herbert Arbuthnot. Born 14 September 1893. Died unmarried Ashton 25 January 1974. General foreman in Manchester.


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