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Harry? Arbuthnot. Born c.1824.


Samuel Arbuthnot. Born c.1847. Died from TB. Married 26 November 1868 Mary Devlin.


Henry Arbuthnot. Born 30 August 1869. Dvu 30 April 1937 as a result of a heart attack at a horse fair. A Roman Catholic as are his descendants. Married 8 July 1902 Margaret Overend (a convert; died 14 August 1943). Both are buried in Ballymena Cemetery's catholic section.


Elizabeth ("Lily") Arbuthnot. Born 17 December 1903, died 7 March 1985. Shop Assistant in Perry’s Confectionary Shop.  Married All Saints RC Church Ballymena 16 December 1939 William Donegan (dvu 18 September 1966). Served with Colours in Irish Guards (Army No. 2715926) 1st February 1924 until 31 January 1927 followed by nine years in the Reserve.  Enlisted 10 October 1939 with the Royal Army Service Corps as a Driver Mechanic.  Later PSV driver and Auto Engineer in Stoke on Trent and NI. They lived in Ballymena; Lily moved to Crumlin after William’s sudden death.

a. Henry Anthony ("Tony") Donegan. BSc MPhil PhD CEng MIMech E CMath FIMA.  Born 20 January 1942.  A Draughtsman with AEI Larne/ Systems engineer with Shorts Belfast.  Later a University Lecturer in Mathematics with University of Ulster.  Retired Emeritus 2007.  Married Sheila Mulholland 29 August 1966. They live in Crumlin Co. Antrim where Sheila had a hairdressing business until 1998.
aa. Henry Joseph Donegan, ATPL. Born 1971. An Airline Captain.  Married 24 April 2001 Deborah Ballance - former Flight Attendant.  They live in Bangor Co Down.
bb. Karen Sybil Donegan, BSc (Hons) PhD. Born 1974.  Transport Planning research in Edinburgh - Lectured in QUB and TCD – Transport Planner Belfast.  Married 6 September 2007 Robert Stewart an Avionics Engineering Consultant from Whitehead Co. Antrim. They live in Greater Belfast.
cc. Terri Louise Donegan, BSc (Arch) BArch (Hons) RIBA. Born 1977.. She lives in Belfast.
2. Silas Arbuthnot. Born 12 October 1909. Died 17 April 1976. A barber in Portglenone. Married Fountain Place, Ballymena c.1949 Elish McDonald (died 4 September 1983).  Lived in Portglenone; moved to 66 Chichester Park, Central Ballymena and finally to Farm Lodge, Ballymena, Co Antrim.

Geraldine Arbuthnot. Born 1953.


Elish Arbuthnot. Born 1954.


Genevieve Arbuthnot. Born 1955.


Jane Arbuthnot. Born 1957.


Stella Arbuthnot. Born 1958.


Kevin Arbuthnot. Born 13 September 1960. Died 16 September 1993.


Shane Arbuthnot. Born 1963.


Margaret ("Peggy") Arbuthnot. Born c.1911. Died 14 July 2002. Trained as a nurse. Married William ("Billy") Ballentine (born 1913; dvu 20 November 1974). She lived in West Belfast.


Liam Ballentine. Born c.1936. Died as a result of a fever 4 June 1942.


Samuel Ballentine. Electronics engineer. Seven sons.


Moira Ballentine. Born 1943. Died 1988 as a result of an illness. Married c.1963 Liam Jackson. They had three sons and one daughter who lives in Holywood, Co Down.


Harry Ballentine. Born 1950s. Works in printing, publishing and photography.  Married Una _____. They live in Holywood, Co Down and have three children.

4. Samuel ("Sam") Arbuthnot. Born c.1912. Emigrated to Australia.
5. Bernard ("Bernie") Anthony Arbuthnot. Born 21 January 1914. Died 31 March 1970. Worked in a saw-mill and later as a busdriver; served in the NI Fire Brigade for many years. Married, first, c.1935, Jean Caldwell (born a Protestant and became a Catholic; died of tuberculosis 24 September 1945 ten years after marrying).
a. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born 26 October 1935. Died 10 January 1988. Served in the WRAF aged 16 - 20/21. After her children were born she worked as a sales assistant in a number of department stores. Married St Austell 10 September 1955 Flight Lieutenant David Jones (born 22 May 1935, died 12 October 1999), an Airforceman (admin.). He retired c.1987 and then worked briefly in insurance and doing book-keeping.
aa. Derek Jones. Born 1 August 1956. In the RAF. Married Kay _____. Divorced.
i. Anthony Jones. Married. _____ _____.


  (a) A daughter.
  Derek married second Julie _____.
ii. Steven Jones.
iii. Daniel Jones.

Anne Jones. Born 21 November 1960. Married Peter Byrne, retired fireman who now works in the fire department for British Rail.

i. Laura Byrne.
ii. Emma Byrne.

Helen Jones. Born 24 June 1964. Married first David Allan. Divorced.

i. Sam Allan.

Helen married second Michael Gatt.

ii. Megan Gatt.
iii. Zoe Gatt.

Catherine ("Cathie") Mary Felicity Jones. Born 26 October 1966. She became Arbuthnot-Jones after her mother's death. Registered Psychiatric Nurse working with people with alzheimer's and dementia. She is in a civil partnership (29 December 2005) with Elizabeth Robinson. They live in Rollesby.

b. Brendan Arbuthnot. Born c.1936. A truck-driver. Unmarried. Living in the Birmingham area of England.

Jean Arbuthnot. Married Lindsay Veitch. Living in Massereene.


Anne Veitch.

bb. Ruby Veitch.
d. Patricia ("Patsy") Frances Arbuthnot. Born 26 January 1942. Married first in Birmingham 22 March 1960 William ("Billy") Anderson. Divorced 23 March 1980.
aa. Mary Frances Anderson. Born 13 June 1960. Married in Scotland 23 July 1988 Derek Athey. Divorced.
i. Andrew Athey.  Born 31 May 1989.
ii. Kelsey Athey.  Born 5 February 1993.

Ann Bridget Anderson. Born 6 May 1962. Married 13 July 1991 Brian Dawson.

i. Jordan Dawson.  Born 21 August 1992.
ii. Kristofer Dawson.  Born 18 June 1994.
iii. Danielle Dawson.  Born 14 March 1999.

(Jean) Zeta Anderson. Born 5 June 1963. She has children by her long term partner, Andrew Nicholson.

i. Adam Nicholson.  Born 25 November 1998.
ii. Shannon Nicholson.  Born 21 August 2000.

William ("Billy") John Anderson. Born 3 January 1965.


Bernadette ("Bernie") Anderson. Born 25 December 1966. Married 20 February 2005 Darren Chiles.


Patsy married second, 7 September 1984, John ("Jackie") Nelson Gunn.


Elizabeth Frances ("Lily") Arbuthnot. Married, 1979, Kim James Edwards, a Welshman. Divorced.


Sean Edwards. Born 10 May 1980.


Delyth Edwards. Born 25 November 1982.

Bernard married second, 22 January 1947, Bridget Elizabeth Doland (died 2 October 1998). Address: 50 Firfields, Antrim, Massereene, Co Antrim (08494-61554).


Michael Henry Arbuthnot. Born 11 February 1949. Died 12 April 2010 after a long battle with MSA. A joiner and kitchen-fitter. Married first, 13 November 1971, Magdalene MacDonald (dvu 31 October 1985/6). Address: 41 Moylena Meadows, Antrim, Massereene, Co Antrim (08494-68476).

aa. Gareth ("Gary") Bernard Arbuthnot. Born 6 September 1972. Flautist. Married, 4 March 2000, Donna Maria Bradford.  Divorced. Address: 33 Danes Court, North End Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 0AE

Kellie Louise Arbuthnot. Born 6 June 1976. Married Allan Shields.

i. Katherine Shields. Born 1 November 2000.
ii. Sophie Shields. Born c.2004.
iii. (baby) Shields. Expected August 2010.

Michael married second, 18 November 1993 Rosemary Mrs John Coade nee Henry (born 4 April 1952) She had three daughters, Amanda Coade (who married James Cavlin), Jacqueline Coade and Eilish Coade.


Mary Kathleen Arbuthnot. Born 24 May 1951. Married Drew McCleery. They live in Ballymena.

aa. Mark McCleery. Born 3 June 1976.
bb. Heather McCleery. Born 20 June 1981.
cc. Elaine McCleery.

Henry ("Harry") Francis Arbuthnot. Born 2 July 1916. Wine and spirits sales rep and barman on a golf-course. Married, 5 June 1950, Mary Anne Vaughan, a school-teacher. Address: 13 Warden Street, Ballymena, Co Antrim.


John Malachy Arbuthnot. Born 27 April 6 July 1951. Married, 3 September 1977, Theresa Kearney. Address: 172 Dunvale, Ballymena, Co Antrim (0266-43011).


Liam John Arbuthnot. Born 5 May 1978.

bb. Sean Malachy Arbuthnot. Born 23 June 1979.
cc. Owen Francis Arbuthnot. Born 12 July 1981.
dd. Jane Marie Arbuthnot. Born 20 September 1985.

Henry Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 11 June 1952.


Regina Maria Arbuthnot. Born 3 April 1955.


______ ("Polly") Arbuthnot. Died ?.?.19??. Married George Allen (died ?.?.19??), a barber.


Patrick ("Paddy") Joseph Arbuthnot. Born Ballymena, Co Antrim ? July 1918.  Dvu Malton North Yorkshire 4 August 1974. Served in the RAF 1939-45. Worked in the Forest and Vale, Pickering and Crown Hotel, Lincoln until 1958 and was landlord of the Cross Keys, Malton 1958-74. Married 1945 Trixie Marian Moore (born Scarborough September 1923, died Thursday before Easter 1971).


Kevin Brian Patrick Arbuthnot. Born Scarborough 10 October 1955.  Deputy Chief Fire Officer Kevin Arbuthnot QFSM, DMS, MPhil, FIFireE, of the West Yorkshire Fire Service (retired 2006). He is now a self-employed consultant in the fields of national resilience and operational command and control.  Address: 1 Calder Mount, Wakefield WF4 3ED. Married in Newcastle, 16 April 1983, Heather Claire Bridgett.  Divorced.

aa. Karl Patrick Alan Arbuthnot. Born Ashington 5 June 1984. Living and working in Devon.
bb. Fiona Una Arbuthnot. Born Cramlington 30 January 1986. Married and living in Leeds. One child.

Shane Martin Arbuthnot. Born 30 January 1957. Ex Royal Navy, ex London Fire Brigade. Address: 99 Winshields, Cramlington, Northumberland NE23 6JD.


Bernard Arbuthnot. Born 9 October 1871.


John Arbuthnot. Born 17 June 1873.


Mary Ann Arbuthnot. Born 30 April 1875. Died before Seamus was born. Married Charlie Stewart.

1. Sarah Jane Stewart. Died of Alzheimer's. Married Mr Donnelly.
a. A son. In Australia.
b. A son. In Australia.
c. Seamus Donnelly. Address: 7 Oakfield Avenue, Derry City, BT438 9BD.
2. Mary Josephine Stewart. Died of Alzheimer's. Married Mr McKeavor (sp.?)

Bridget Arbuthnot. Born 12 July 1879. Died unmarried. She was a maid in the big house in Bellaghy which was owned by titled English people; conditions were so bad that she developed t.b. and was hospitalised for almost a year. Barmaid in Harry Wall's pub in Bellaghy.


Anthony Arbuthnot. Died as a young man.


James Arbuthnot.




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