Table 34 - Malcolm Arbuthnot, RI, FRSA


        Malcolm Arbuthnot was born in Cobham, Surrey in 1877, the son of David Leslie Parsons (William Nicholas L Parson (and Amie Louisa Parson) age 34 of Lloyd's Shipping Insurance per  Boxted, Essex 1881 census, ref RG11/1800). They did not get on with each other and he who had been christened Malcolm Lewin Stockdale Parsons decided to go by the name "Malcolm Arbuthnot", probably for no better reason than that he liked it.   When Malcolm married for the first time in St Paul's Church, Penge, 8 August 1901, Florence Emily Goold, he wrongly described himself as the son of a "Percy Arbuthnot". She was, when they became engaged, living at 83 Thicket Road, Croydon. She was of great assistance to him in his photographic work but died c.1930 at about the same time as Malcolm's "good friend George Davison" died. That marriage ended in divorce following her adultery with the poet, John Gould Fletcher.

        Malcolm married, secondly (his father is now shown as William Arbuthnot), parish of St Peter, Jersey, 14 January 1933, Florence ("Joan") Annie née Austin-Jones, the widow and second wife of George Davison (1854 - 1930). Mrs Malcolm Arbuthnot had enough money to enable them to live in some comfort at "Hamptonne", St Peters, Jersey from c.1947, without their having to depend on his selling his paintings. Later they moved to "La Fontaine". D had a mostly hostile relationship with Malcolm but Ben recalls "Gruffa" with warmth as a kind and mellow old man. Malcolm was a photographer of New Bond St (photographing amongst others Mrs Pankhurst for the Ladies' Field 21 Nov 1914) before he became a painter of watercolours, oils and gouaches; he was elected a FRSA in 1939 and a member of the RI in 1944.  A film about him "Arbuthnot; London's Leading Photographer" was shown in London 1918-20.  He was a friend of George Bernard Shaw, another keen photographer. He wrote an autobiography [which Mr Tilling & Ms Parsons have but which we have not seen], in which he mentioned his friend Isadora Duncan (1877 - 1927) who died when her long scarf was caught in the wheels of an open car. He died without issue in Jersey in December 1967. Melinda Parsons says in her research she came across a very nice portrait photograph by Malcolm Arbuthnot called "My Children";   who bore the surname Davison, came from orphanages and were in fact fostered by Florence ("Joan") Annie Davison, later Arbuthnot - one being adopted at a much later date

Florence ("Joan") Anne Austin-Jones. Born c.1897. Died 1955. Came from Ireland, daughter of Captain Jones and Anne Connor. Married George Davison (born Lowestoft 1854; dvu Antibes 26 December 1930) as his second wife. Davison was a noted British photographer, a proponent of impressionistic photography, a co-founder of the Linked Ring Brotherhood of British artists and a managing director of Kodak UK. He was also a millionaire, thanks to an early investment in Eastman Kodak.
A. Ronald C. Davison (1914-1985), a noted British astrologer, president of the Astrological Lodge of the Theosophical Society in London and editor of The Astrology Magazine.
B. Doreen ("D") Mary Davison (born 1919; died 1997) who was one of the great London debs of 1939, recalled with admiration in Angela Lambert's book "1939: The Last Season of Peace." She married first 1944 Peter Derek Mullett of Griffithstown, near Newport, Monmouthshire (dvu 1944). He was a charismatic and talented musician who was accepted at medical school before joining the RAF. She moved from Pangbourne to Jersey c.1947.
1. Timothy Peter ("Ben") Mullett. Born July 1945. Married first Mary ______ (divorced).
a. Penny Mullett.
b. Chloe Mullett.
Ben married second Olwyn Jones.
D married second Peter Moxon Leslie-Smith. In the 1980s she was living at 65 Limerston Street.
C. Brenda Davison Arbuthnot. Adopted by Joan and Malcolm shortly before 1944. Married St James, Spanish Place, 20 May 1944, Albert N Bacuez, a Frenchman who fought with the Free-French legion of the SAS during the war. 
1. Carole Bacuez. Married first Richard Auty.
a. Charles Andrew Robin Richard Auty.
b. Natalie Marie Melanie Jane Auty.
Carole married second David Hoggarth.
2. Hazel Bacuez. Born 20 April 1947. Married Keith Alexander Bowman of Aldershot.
a. Chantal Marie Brenda Bowman. Born 28 July 1970. Married 20 July 1996 Kevin Anthony Boyles.
i. Amoke Marie Cordelia Boyles. Born 18 December 1998.
ii. Ines Marie Ophelia Boyles. Born 18 August 2001.
b. Eric Keith Michael Bowman. Born 15 April 1972.
c. Jacques Alexander Patrick Bowman. Born 24 March 1973. He and his partner, Lisa Willis, have children:
i. Joe Bowman.
ii. Charlie Bowman.
d. Fiona Marie Germaine Bowman. Born 23 January 1980.
3. Benedict Bacuez. Lives Voiron, near Grenoble.
4. Michael ("Michou") Bacuez. Born St Sauveur, Jersey 4 September 1949. Married in Saint Savournin, near Marseille 8 April 1972 Catherine Le Roy (born La Tranche sur Mer, near La Rochelle 15 March 1954).
a. Yannick Marie Dominique Jean Bacuez. Born Oloron Sainte Marie 6 March 1976. He lives in "La Norville" near Paris and he works for Géodis-Calberson (logistics).
b. Nicholas Marie Claude Benedict Bacuez.  Born Oloron Sainte Marie 7 September 1978. Educated La Sorbonne, Paris (Linguistics). Address: 2 Allée Arthur Rimbaud, 78510 Triel sur Seine, France
c. Benoit Marie Daniel Albert Bacuez. Born Lisieux, Normandy 14 August 1983. He lives i n Toulouse and is studying mechanical structure.
5. Nicolas Bacuez.  Died.
6. Raoul Bacuez.
D. Eileen Davison.
E. John Davison. Fostered by Georges and Joan. He and his family lived in Jersey and did their best to look after Malcolm in his declining years.
F. Douglas Davison. Fostered by Georges and Joan. He became an artist in his own right and married a Scottish painter of some well deserved repute. No doubt Malcolm had some influence on his chosen vocation.

Produced from information provided by Robert Tilling of 2 Heathfield, Bagatelle Road, Jersey
and Mitchell Owens of New York City, Melinda Parsons (no relation) and Ben Mullett

and Chantal Boyles
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