Table 32.

07 June 2020


I. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born County Tyrone, Ireland 1824. Died 29 December 1907 aged eighty-two. Buried St Catharines, Ontario. Married first in Ireland ______ ______. He and his first wife emigrated from Co Tyrone and settled near St Catharines c.1860.

A. WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born England 31 August 1844. Apparently he was left behind with an aunt, BETTY ANN FERGUSON, when his parents emigrated because he was then thought too young to survive the journey. When he was rather older his father sent for him but, irritated at having been left behind, he refused to go and so one of the Ferguson sons went in his place (though he was returned because he wasn't the right person). Died Enniskillen c.1944. Married MARY ANN MOORE (buried Enniskillen).
1. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.c.1874. Died ?.?.1???. Married WILLIAM KELLY and had issue.
2. William Arbuthnot  Junior. Born Co Tyrone, Ireland, 1876.  Married in Bishop Auckland q4 1908. Florence McCullough  (born England 1885). They met in England.

a. ROBERT ("BOB") ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT. Born Bishop Auckland, England 5 November 1908. Died Illinois, USA 17 September 1999. Emigrated to USA 3 August 1929. Once of: 5649 West Roscoe Street, Chicago, Illinois 60634. Married Anne ______.
(A) DORIS ("SKIP") LYNN ARBUTHNOT. Born Chicago 17 June 1942. Married in Chicago R S PINABELLA.
(B) Brian Douglas Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 23 December 1945. Married Sandra May Schpak.
(1) Jeremy Arbuthnot. Born 25 August 1983. Has a son by his partner Sarah Stack who has a daughter Raelyn:
i. (Mason) James Arbuthnot. Born 2010?
(2) Laina Arbuthnot. Born 19 April 1993.
   (3) Chase Arbuthnot. Born 1 April 1995.

William ("Bill") Arbuthnot, III. Born Bishop Auckland q1 4 February 1924. Emigrated to USA. Died December 1980. Buried Arlington Cemetery, Elmhurst, IL. Married first Matilda Catherine Carson (born 29 September 1925; died 14 December 1995 and buried with William and her one-month old granddaughter, Analisa Evanovich. Matilda had previously been married to Peter Ramond Evanovich.

               Peter Raymond ("Ray") Evanovich. Born Londonderry 24 September 1944.  Died 26 February 2011. Peter Raymond Evanovich, 66 of Belvidere Son of Peter and Matilda                            Catherine  (Carson)   Evanovich. Peter was a Vietnam Veteran serving in the United States Air Force as an Airman First Class. Survivor  include sons, Major Troy  Evanovich of                        Texas  and Technical Sergeant Brandon Evanovich, US Air Force serving in Germany; daughter, Dana (Jim) Barrett of West  Chicago; grandchildren,  Preston, Amirah, Austin,                           Brenna,   Cameron, Catherine, and J.T.; brothers, William (Karen) Arbuthnot, and Devon Arbuthnot. Peter was also an  uncle to many. Predeceased by parents, and brother, Dale                       Evanovich

               Dale W Evanovich  Died 23 January 2011. Dale W. Evanovich 63 U.S. Army Vietnam Vet. Formerly of Villa Park. Husband of Nancy. Loving father of Brian (Margaret)                                  Evanovich. Fond brother of Ray Evanovich, William (Karen) Arbuthnot, Devon Arbuthnot. Uncle to many.

                (A)           William ("Billy") Arbuthnot IV, Truck driver. Married first Cindy Hudson (born 19 September). Divorced. She married second, 3 October, Ted Caspar.\

                                 (1)        William ("Bill"/"Will") Arbuthnot, V. Born 7 January 1987. From Mountain Home, Arkansas. Educated Arkansas State University (EMT, healthcare worker).

                                             i.      Natalie Danielle Arbuthnot

                                             ii.      Logan William Arbuthnot

                                 Billy Married 22 November 2011 Barbara Horne (educated Williford High School), daughter of Mark and Lori Horne. They live in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas.

/'              William married second Karen Ann Titman (aged 40, 2011).

              (B)        Devon Robert Arbuthnot. Born 23 September 1965. Educated Willowbrook High School. Devon married LuAnn E Mills. Divorced.

                           (1)        Amanda Arbuthnot. Born 18 January 1994. Educated Harry S Truman High School.

                           (2)     .  (Morgan) Loni Arbuthnot. born 22 June 1997. Alternatively she is Loni Arbuthnot. Born 25 June 1996.

                         Devon is engaged to be married to Tamara Cloe on 31 December 2011. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri.]

William Arbuthnot III  married second Judy/Judith Ann _____ (born 1948) who we think married second Roy W Layman of Palatine, Illionois.

c. Georgina ("Ena") Mary Arbuthoot  Born Bishop Auckland q2 1911. Died unmarried.

Margarett Arbuthnot.  Born Bishop Auckland q3 1913. Married first in Bishop Auckland q2 1936 _____ Baker. Living in Catterick.

(A) Pat Baker. Married Les Shepard.
(B) Anne Baker. Married Gerry Hall.
Margaret married second Alf Holdam.
e. Florence E. Arbuthnot.  Born Bishop Auckland q2 1915. Died. Married Durham W q3 1945 Arthur Steward (died before 2006), Frank's brother. Emigrated to Australia.
(A) Roy Steward. Married Marie Christian.

(1)            Prudence ("Pru") Steward. She has children by her partner, Paul _____:

(B) Zac Arbuthnot Steward.
(C) Payton Steward.

(1)       Tanya Steward.

f. Elizabeth ("Bessie") Arbuthnot. Born q1 1920. Died. Married Durham W q1 1940 Frank Steward. Emigrated to Australia.

(A) John Steward.
(B) Shirley Roslyn Steward.
g. (Sarah) May Arbuthnot. Born q4 1921. Died. Married Durham W q2 1946 Jack Towers (died).
               (A)              Brian Towers. Married first Margaret _____ (dvu).   
                                   (1)                      Dale Towers.
                                     Brian married second Anne _____Living in Shildon.

                                    (2)                   A son.

               (B)                Melvin Towers. Married and had two children. Living in West Bishop Auckland.
               (C)               Marilyn Towers. She married Melvin Hayes. They had two sons and a daughter. They live in Newton Ayecliffe.
h.            Ruby Arbuthnot. Born Bishop Auckland q3 1928. Died 12 November 2003. Married Durham W November 1950 James ("Jim") Kelly (born 9 December 1938, died in March 1990                      aged 62).
              (A)                Anne Kelly. Born 16 October 1951. Married 15 September 1973 Geoffrey Land (born 12 December 1950). Lives in Bishop Bishop Auckland. Tel: 01388 601408
                      (1)            Paul Geoffrey Land. Born 7 April 1978.
                      (2)           Christopher James Land. Born 16 December 1980.
               (B)                  Shirley Marie Kelly. Born 26 January 1958. She has a daughter by Ian Waghorn.
                     (1)             Paula Marie Kelly. Born 11 September 1976. Had children by father unknown:
                  i.       T/yler- Marie Robson. Born 1995.
                  Iii.    Charlie James Robson. Born 1999.
                                      Paula Marie Kelly married 19 November 2005 Justin Robson.
                                   Shirley has a son by Paul Instone.

                     (2)           David James William Instone. Born 1 March 1981. Married 21 December 2004 Jessica Worthington.

                                  Shirley has a partner, James ("Jim") Summerbell.
              (C)           (Catherine) Denise Kelly. She married, 1977, Peter McLean.
                     (1)            Ian McLean.
                     (2)            Stephen McLean.
                     (3)         Joanne McLean. Died in infancy.

                    (4)             Siobhan McL

              (D)        `  Peter James William Kelly. Born 2 March 1962. He had a son by his partner Janice _____ (who has a daughter, Hayley _____, now Kelly).
                     i.               Ross Kelly.
               i.            Samuel ("Sonny") Arbuthnot. Born W Durham 22 July 1930. Dsp February 1986? Married Marjory _____.
3. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died during World War I.
4. SAMUEL ARBUTHNOT. Born Ballygreer, Co Tyrone 7 April 1889. Died December 1982 aged 95. Married first MARGE ______. Married second CHRISTINE ______, Marge's sister. Address: 140 Warren Avenue, Bloomingdale, Illinois, 60108.
5. MARY ANN ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died at birth.
6. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died Tempe, Arizona ?.?.1???. Married WILLIAM McCRUM.
a. A son.
b. A son.
c. A son.
d. A son.
e. A daughter.
f. A daughter.
7. Joseph Arbuthnot, Senior. Born Enniskillen 15 March 1896. Died 1976. Married Louisa Nevill (died 1977; buried Enniskillen).
a. Joseph ("Jo") Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 14 November 1929 Married 23 September 1955 Elizabeth Lillie Johnson (born Ireland). Address: 1 Weeple Drive, Linwood, Paisley PA3 3LZ (Tel: 01505 329 808)
(A) Ian Arbuthnot. Born 17 December 1956. Married Carol Radcroft. No issue. They live in Burley.
(B) Heather Louise Arbuthnot. Born 26 April 1960. Married John MacLean. They live in Paisley.
(1) Elizabeth Anne MacLean.
(2) Jacqueline MacLean.
(3) Louise Heather MacLean.
(4) Catherine MacLean
(C) Alan Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 3 August 1962. Unmarried.
b. John ("Jack") Arbuthnot. Married and has issue. Lives in Glasgow.
c. Robert William Arbuthnot. Born 24 January 1917. Died 1995. Worked in the engine-room of a Navy ship. Married, 4 August 1954, Mary Patricia O'Connell. Address: 53 Sedgley Close, Portsmouth, Hampshire (0705-819193).
(A) Timothy Jude Arbuthnot. Born Southampton 4 July 1953 (reg'd Q1 1955). Works in Abingdon, Oxon. Married 15 January 1976 Julia Mary Ann Callen. Address: 35 The Kingsway, Fareham, Hants PO16 8NW
(1) Peter Robert William Arbuthnot. Born 29 December 1980. Address: East Slope, Refectory Road, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9RP
d. Margaret Arbuthnot. Married Thomas Miller (dvu).
(A) Laura Miller. Married. They live in Borneo.
(B) Patricia ("Patsy") Miller.
(C) Margaret Miller.
8. Robert Alexander Arbuthnot. Born Drapersfield, Co Tyrone 21 July 1899. Died 21 January 1974. Machinist, Electric Co in 1930. Married Mary Patricia Ryan (born Chicago, Illinois 25 July 1907; died 30 December 1954).
a. Robert ("Bob") John Arbuthnot. Born 14 November (not April) 1926. Married 17 July 1954, Margaret ("Peggy") Mary Devaney (born 27 September 1931). Address: 11412 North Sundown Drive, Scottsdale, AZ  85260  previously of 8710 E. Jenan Drive, Scottsdale, Arizona 85260.
(A) Robert Joseph Arbuthnot.  Born 19 June 1955. Lives Strawberry, Arizona. Had a child by Sherry Lynn Ward, later Sherry Nelson:
(1) Rachel Lynn Arbuthnot. Born 9 February 1979. Married 4 May 2002 Eric Alexander.
i. Sadie Lynn Alexander Born 10 August 2003
ii. Christopher Anthony Alexander Born 17 June 2005
Robert married 19 July 1980 Lori Jo Howard (born 31 January 1957, died 21 February 1997). Married second Victoria ("Vicky") Nagel.
(B) Thomas Brian Arbuthnot. Born 29 April 1956. Died 8 August 1981.
(C) Douglas Scott Arbuthnot. Born 30 May 1958.
(D) Dennis Wayne Arbuthnot. Born 3 November 1959. Married, September 1979, Stacey Julian (born August 1961). Divorced.
(1) Jennifer Lee Arbuthnot. Born 17 March 1980. Married 23 September 1999 Jacob Thomas Moder.
i. Michael Jacob Moder Born 2 June 1998
ii. Christopher James Moder Born 26 July 1999
iii. Joseph Ezra Moder Born 24 February 2001
iv. Audrey Grace Moder Born 3 June 2009
(2) Katrina Louise Arbuthnot. Born 18 July 1985. Had a son by Jeffery Wayne Taylor.
i. Brandon Wayne Taylor Born 12 July 2001
Katrina Louise Arbuthnot. Married 7 April 2004 Kenneth Wayne Clendenning.
ii. Adrianne Louise Clendenning Born 7 January 2005
iii. Jack Isaac Clendenning Born 30 March 2006
iv. Lori Jo Clendenning Born 27 June 2007
(E) Kathleen Marie Arbuthnot. Born 7 December 1960.
(F) Peggy Lynn Arbuthnot. Born Harvey, Illinois 4 December 1965.  Lives Scottsdale, Arizona.
b. Mary Virginia Arbuthnot. Born 6 April 1927. Unmarried. Of Country Club Hills.
c. William Thomas Arbuthnot. Born 10 May 1929. Living in Maricopa, AZ. Married, ?.?. 19??, Patricia Julia Molyneux (born 31 October 1933, died 18 July 2013) daughter of Edmond and Mary Molyneux. Married 2nd Patricia A Minor (previous married name) Heintz (maiden). And 3rd was Phylis Frye. Divorced. Living with Stephanie Bendel. By Patricia Molyneux he had:
(A) Bonnie Jean Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.19??. Lives in Illinois.
(B) Janice Marie Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.19??. Married Mr Limbaugh 
(1) Joshua Limbaugh Married Holly _____
Married second William Ruzich.
(C) William Arbuthnot. Died 22 July 1958 aged 1 year 2 weeks.
(D) James Edmund Arbuthnot. Born 3 November 1959.  Died 17 February 2010. Married 15 July 1984 Tamara ("Tammy") Jean Abraham (born 28 November 1962).
(1) Stephanie Marie Arbuthnot. Born 17 December 1982. Married 15 October 2005 Chad R Bendel who has a daughter, Delaney (born 21 June 2002), by his first marriage. Address: 42424 W Palmyra Lane, Maricopa, AZ 85238. Tel:+1 (480) 277-2067.
(a) Brady William Bendel. Born 17 January 2006.
(b) Madelynn Bailey Bendel. Born 18 February 2010.
(2) Melissa Ann Arbuthnot. Born 6 August 1985. Lives in Las Vegas, NV. Married Dwayne Tichinel. Divorced. +1 (702) 539-7625
(E) John ("Jack") Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.19??. Died aged 1 year 2 weeks.
d Thomas Joseph Arbuthnot, Senior. Born c.1932. Died 4 February 2012 Aged 80. of Country Club Hills. 
(A) Thomas Joseph Arbuthnot, Junior. Born ?.?.19??.
e. Donald Francis Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 3 January 1933. Married, ?.?.19??, Barbara Ann Faron (born 13 June 1940). Address: 7247 West 174th Place, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477.
(A) Donald Francis Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 28 April 1961.
(B) Michael Gary Arbuthnot. Born 7 July 1962. Died 17 July 2010. Married 14 May 1988 Dawn Marie Langford (born 1 December 1968). Divorced 1998.
(1) Kayla Catherine Arbuthnot. Born 12 July 1991. 
(2) Devin Michael Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1994.
Michael married second 18 September 1998 Caryn Muchna. 
(C) Linda Marie Arbuthnot. Born 11 May 1964. Married 12 August 1995 James ("Jim") Howard Blomquist, Jr (born 5 July 19??).
(1) Douglas James Blomquist. Born 16 October 2002.
(D) Russell ("Russ") William Arbuthnot. Born 9 May 1966. Married 24 November 1990 Colette Gabrielle Morley (born 29 September 1970). Divorced September 2003.
(1) Allison Rebecca Arbuthnot. Born 4 May 1991.
(2) Tucker William Arbuthnot. Born 21 May 1994.
(3) (Madison) Bleu Arbuthnot. Born 4 August 1996.
f. Peggy Jean Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.19??. Died ?.?.19??.
g. John ("Jack") Samuel Arbuthnot. Born 5 January 1938. Address: 7705 West 173rd Street, Tinley Park, Illinois 60477.
(A) Russel Robert Arbuthnot. Adopted. Born ?.?.19??.
h (Edward) James Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 7 October 1940. Died 26 January 1996. Married, 9 May 1964, Patricia Marie Molitor (born 7 January 1943). They were divorced.   Address: 18951 Martin Lane, Country Club Hills, Illinois 60477.
(A) Mary Patricia Arbuthnot. Born 7 August 1965. Married 16 June 1988 Sean Allen Motsinger, Sr.
(1) Steven Michael Motsinger. Born 20 April 1989.
(2) Sean Allen Motsinger, Jr. Born 9 April 1990.
(3) Brittany Riannon Motsinger. Born 30 August 1992.
(4) Kayla Marie Motsinger. Born 24 November 1995.
(B) Sharon ("Shari") Lynn Arbuthnot. Born 7 June 1966. She had a daughter by Jerome Lee Shipp (born 8 January 1966):
(1) Amy Lynn Shipp. Born 7 November 1985. Had a child by Ryan Carr.
i. Savannah Lynn Shipp.  Born 2 March 2007.
Sharon married first 30 July 1993 Thomas Joseph Collura (born 2 October 1962).
(2) Kaitlin Marie Collura. Born 10 August 1994, a twin.
(3) Jessica Nicole Collura. Born 10 August 1994, a twin.
Sharon married second 8 June 2001 Wayne Stephen Peternell (born 27 April 1962).
(C) Edward James Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 13 July 1970. Married Jacquelyn Rice (born 26 September 1975). Divorced. Address: 45 McKinley Ave, Steger, IL
(1) Paige Maree Arbuthnot. Born 28 June 2000.
(2) Amber Michelle Arbuthnot. Born 25 June 2005.
(D) Kenneth ("Ken") Scott Arbuthnot. Born 27 April 1973. Truck driver. Married 24 December 2003 Alicia ("Ali") Marie Walker (born 14 January 1980), Avon representative. They live in Seymour, Illinois.
John married second in St Catharines, Ontario, 17 December 1857, Mary Connors (born County Limerick, Ireland 1832).
B. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born near St Catharines 7 January 1861. Died 18 September 1931. Educated at local public schools and at Coll. Institute. Went west as a boy and was engaged in railway construction for Canadian Pacific and other railways in 1882. Went to Winnipeg in 1890 where he embarked in the lumber trade, becoming the owner of the John Arbuthnot Lumber Co. in Winnipeg sometime between 1890 and 1896. Alderman of Winnipeg 1896-97, Chairman of the Parks Board 1898-99, and Mayor of Winnipeg 1901-03. He was a Conservative, Freemason, Odd Fellow, Forester and member of the Union of Canadian Municipalities, he favoured municipal ownership. We once thought that the town of Arbuthnot, Saskatchewan was named by the Canadian Pacific Railway after this John Arbuthnot, one of their more important customers but Bill Barry’s “People Places: A Historical Gazetteer of Saskatchewan” says it was named after Admiral Sir Robert Keith Arbuthnot Bt [Former Canadian Pacific railway siding (Post Office open 1932-69) north of Meyronne, SK;  the preferred name of the settlers had been Stapleton after a pioneer settler, but the CPR held firm on its choice for its siding and the post office followed suit]. He married first, 1866, AGNES B. SAVAGE, daughter of William Savage of Sherrington, PQ (United Empire Loyalist Descendant).
1. JOHN WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born 1888. Died 1931. Married THERESA ANN McDONNELL (born Chicago 1896; died 1956).
a. MARGARET CATHERINE ROSS ARBUTHNOT. Born 5 April 1915. Died 2000. Unmarried. Lived in Winnipeg.
b. (JOHN) WILLIAM ("BILL") ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born 14 January 1917. Died 6 October 2005. Married in Winnipeg, 1942, ISABELLE DERRIEN (born 1 June 1917). Address: 2582 Labieux Road, Nanaimo, British Columbia V9T 3M9 (formerly of: PO Box 172, Quathiaski Cove, Quadra Island, British Columbia V0P 1N0). They had further grandchildren:
(?) Maryn, John, Derek, Justin and Stephen
(A) Adelle Marie Arbuthnot. Born 5 August 1945. Married, 1966, THOMAS HAROLD ITTER.
(2) DAVID KIM ITTER. Born 1976.
Adelle married, second, ED _____.
(B) Michael Derek Arbuthnot. Born 12 April 1947. Married, first, ELIZABETH ("BETTY") YANKOSKI (address: 77 - 49 Weatherstone, St Bon, Winnipeg, Manitoba). They were divorced.
(1) Kristina Arbuthnot. Born Winnipeg 1971.
Michael married, second, CAROLEEN HARPER. Michael married third, 1982, DEBORAH METCALF (born 20 August 1957). Address: 41 Kenilworth Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M4L 3S4 (formerly of: 2311 Lake Ontario, Place South Cast, Calgary, Alberta).
(C) (Roberta) Lynne Arbuthnot. Born 18 June 1948. Married, 1968, BRIAN KRUSHEN. Separated. Address: 1040 Dumas Avenue, Fort Garry, Manitoba R3T 1W2.
Lynne married, second, RAY _____.
(D) (John) William ("Bill") Arbuthnot, III. Born 16 October 1954. Address: 32 Ellsmere Avenue, St Vital, Manitoba.
(E) Melanie Arbuthnot. Born 24 June 1957. Died 1996. Married MARTIAL ("MARTY") CATELLIER. Address: Anola Manitoba R0E 0A0.
c. (GORDON) GRAHAM PETER ARBUTHNOT. Born 25 January 1925. Died 30 December 2000. Married first in Winnipeg, 10 July 1949, MONICA POUND. Divorced 1978.
(A) JOHN DAVID ARBUTHNOT. Born 14 August 1950. Married ELLEMAE THORNTON. Address: 32 Reil Street, St Vital, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
(1) SEAN MICHAEL ALAN ARBUTHNOT. Born 5 November 1974.
(1) Shari Marie Arbuthnot. Born 25 November 1978. Married Dave (?) Normand.
i. Rylee Normand. Born 2 April 2006.
ii. Reese Normand.  Born 2 October 2009.
(2) Darcy Graham Arbuthnot. Born 20 April 1982.
(3) Darrin Gordon Arbuthnot. Born 25 March 1984.
Dougie married 1999 SUSAN BULTS. Address: 950 Byng Street, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Graham married second, 26 July 1980, THERESE ("TERRY") COURCHAINE. Address: 1094 Somerville Avenue, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
d. BEVERLIE VICTORIA PATRICIA ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1927. Married STUART A----- CLARK. Address: 924 North Drive, Fort Garry, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 0A8.
2. (BARBARA) ROSS ARBUTHNOT. Born St Catharines, Ontario. Dvu 5 September 1970. Married in London, Ontario, 1919, Major- General ALEXANDER ("ALEX") C. SPENCER (died December 1970) who later became a leading petro-chemical engineer.
a. CAROLINE L. SPENCER. Alumni of the University of Western Ontario. Married ______ CONRON and has issue.
b. MARJORIE G. SPENCER. Alumni of the University of Western Ontario. Married ______ MOSES and has issue.
c. MELVILLE ALEXANDER SPENCER. Died 19??. Alumni of the University of Western Ontario. Married twice, his first marriage being dissolved by divorce.
d. A child. Alumni of the University of Western Ontario.
e. A child. Alumni of the University of Western Ontario.
John Arbuthnot later moved to Vancouver Island where he owned and operated the Morden Mine at South Wellington. He married, second, Mrs LILLIAN HAGGERTY who had a son, THEO HAGGERTY, by her first marriage.
C. MARY ANN ("May") ARBUTHNOT. Born Ontario 1863. Married JAMES ("JIM") SAVAGE. They lived in Victoria, British Columbia and had issue.
D. SAMUEL ARBUTHNOT. Born Ontario 1868. Died 1957. He remained in his father's house in St Catharines. Married AMANDA PIEFFERS (born 1870; died 1939).
1. (ROY) ROBERT ("BOB") ARBUTHNOT. Born 1893. Died 1971. Married CLARA MAY COLLARD (born 1898; died 1981). Lived at RR 1, St Catharines, Ontario.
a. A twin ???. Born during World War I.
b. A twin ???. Born during World War I.
c. DOROTHY MAY ARBUTHNOT. Born 28 April 1916. Died 23 December 1974. Married, 25 August 1934, GEOFFREY ("GEOFF") GILBERT ANDERSON (brother of Carl who was married to Louise Johnson below).
(A) LEWIS AUSTIN ANDERSON. Born 10 March 1935. Married, 19 July 1952, LOIS MARION NELSON (born 20 June 1935). They live at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
(1) LINDA MAY LILLIAN ANDERSON. Born 16 December 1953. Married, 18 December 1976, JOHN JOSEPH KOZIK (born 3 November 1952).
(2) LUCILLE JOAN MARION ANDERSON. Born 12 January 1955.
(3) LORNA MARY ALICE ANDERSON. Born 27 July 1956. Married, 18 June 1977, ROSS NORMAN MacCLEAN (born 16 May 1955) and has issue.
(4) LOU-ANN MARJORIE ANDERSON. Born 13 July 1958.
(5) LEWIS SAMUEL ANDERSON. Born 19 December 1959.
(B) JOAN MARJORIE ANDERSON. Born 9 November 1937. Married, 17 March 1956, RUSSELL LEO BOWMAN (born 5 June 1935). They live at Waterdown, Ontario.
(1) SHELLEY LYNN BOWMAN. Born 20 October 1964.
(2) CAROLYN LOUISE BOWMAN. Born 18 November 1966.
d. James ("Jim") Earl Arbuthnot. Born 23 July 1917. Married, 7 August 1937, Dorothy Eva Brady (born 4 September 1917), sister of his brother Bob's wife. Address: 34 Buchanon Road, St Catharines, Toronto, Ontario L2M 4R6.
(A) Marilyn Catherine Arbuthnot. Born 28 May 1939. Married, 21 July 1962, Werner Rudolph ("Jo") Wiebe (born 27 March 1931). Address: Virgil, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
(1) Joseph Peter Wiebe. Born 17 April 1963.
(2) James Samuel Wiebe. Born 19 June 1964.
(3) Lori Lyn Wiebe. Born 23 August 1965.
(B) Barbara Ann Arbuthnot. Born 20 October 1942. Married, 28 February 1958, David ("Shirly"?) Edward McGeorge (born 10 October 1938). They live at St Catharines, Ontario.
(1) Deborah Ann McGeorge. Born 1 August 1959.
(2) James Edward McGeorge. Born 25 September 1960. Married Shelley Marion (born 4 October 1962).


Shannon Lee McGeorge. Born 19 March 1980.
(3) Susan Marlene McGeorge. Born 15 April 1963. Married _____ Kowal. Address: 75 Ventura Drive Unit 37 St.Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2R 7J7
(4) Patricia Ann McGeorge. Born 18 December 1964.
e. ROBERT ("BOB") JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born 20 September 1918. Died 27 May 2011. L/Cpl. (Member of Royal Canadian Legion for 65 Years). He had a family bible. Married, 12 December 1942, (MARY) CATHERINE BRADY (born 28 December 1920), sister of his brother Jim's wife. Address: 92 Dunlop Drive, St Catharines, Toronto L2R 1A7. Great grandparents of Regen, Dylan, Katlynn and Shelby.
(A) SHIRLEY CATHERINE ARBUTHNOT. Born 10 January 1945. Dvp. Married, 24 October 1964, DAVID LAWSON STEWART (born 29

November 1942). They live in Barrie, Ontario.

(1) PHILIP MONTGOMERY STEWART. Born 7 July 1967. Married Lori _____.
(2) VIRGINIA ("Ginny") LEIGH STEWART. Born 15 August 1972. Married Greg Hunter.
f. MARY LOUISE ARBUTHNOT. Born 30 May 1920. Married, 8 April 1939, DAVID MacDONALD SECORD (born 14 May 1917). They live at Welland, Ontario.
(A) DAVID THOMAS SECORD. Born 22 August 1939. Married DONNA ADAMS.
(1) DARLENE MARIE SECORD. Born 15 September 1966.
(2) STEVEN DAVID JOSEPH SECORD. Born 5 December 1967.
(3) THOMAS ALLAN SECORD. Born 17 February 1972.
(B) ROBERT GEORGE SECORD. Born 20 April 1942. Married, 7 July 1962, MARIE ATKINSON (born 28 November 1942). They live at Niagara Falls, Ontario.
(1) ROBERT WILLIAM READ SECORD. Born 10 July 1963.
(2) CYNTHIA MARIE SECORD. Born 4 May 1967.
(C) MARY LOU SECORD. Born 3 March 1947. Married, 11 December 1971, DUSAN CUGALJ (born 20 October 1941). They live at Welland, Ontario.
(1) Lucas Paul Cugalj. Born 15 August 1974.
(2) JULIE DOREEN CUGALJ. Born 14 March 1977.
(D) ALLAN ROY SECORD. Born 4 March 1949. Married, 3 May 1973, BETTY WILDFONG (born 16 March 1953). Divorced 1980. He lives in Dunnville, Ontario.
(1) BRIAN ALLAN SECORD. Born 22 September 1974.
(2) BRENDA LOUISE SECORD. Born 10 October 1976.
(3) LISA MARIE SECORD. Born 8 October 1979.
(E) JOSEPH JAMES SECORD. Born 14 June 1950. Married, 28 June 1969, GAIL ATKINSON (born 21 March 1951). They live at Sault St Marie, Ontario.
(1) CHRISTINE DAWN SECORD. Born 16 October 1971.
(2) TREVOR RYAN SECORD. Born 8 April 1974.
(F) JEAN DUNNVILLE SECORD. Born 12 March 1955. Married, 5 October 1974, MARTIN VANDERVLIST (born 13 November 1945). Address: RR 1, Lowbanks, Ontario.
(1) MARK MacDONALD VANDERVLIST. Born 27 December 1976.
g. Joseph ("Joe") Roy Arbuthnot. Born 18 August 1922. Married, 19 July 1941, Myrtle ("Myrt") Rosamond Pyatt (born 14 August 1923), dau of William James Pyatt and Mabel Elizabeth Parsons. Address: Apt 509, 276 Oakdale Avenue, St Catharines, Ontario L2P 3S5 (formerly of: 2710 Maple Street, Pelham, Ontario).
(A) Joanne Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born 5 November 1943. Married, 21 August 1965, James ("Jim") Arthur Dickinson (born 14 May 1943). Address: RR 3 (Pelham), Fenwick, Ontario.
(1) Jodi Melissa Dickinson. Born 17 November 1969.
(2) Jennifer Ann Dickinson. Born 25 May 1971.
(B) Joy Marlene Arbuthnot. Born 12 November 1947. Married, 22 May 1971, Ronald ("Ron") Allan Payne (born 16 August 1947). Address: RR 3 (Lincoln), Fenwick, Ontario.
(1) Manda Rebecca Payne. Born 18 March 1974.  She married Sean Trevor Neilson (born 15 January 1974).
i. Mackenzie Ronald Neilson. Born St Catharines Gen Hosp, St Catharines, Ontario 22 March 1999.
(2) Rhonda Kary Payne. Born 28 February 1976.
(C) (James) Roy Arbuthnot. Born 24 December 1951. Married, 3 August 1976, Janice Bonner Moran (born 8 April 1955). They live in St Catharines.
(1) Moran Dain Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1978. He married 5 April 1997 Sandra Mary Woodland (born 8 October 1978).
i. Drake Alexander Arbuthnot. Born St Catharines Gen Hosp, St Catharines, Ontario 29 April 1997.
ii. Dacia Rosalynn Arbuthnot. Born St Catharines Gen Hosp, St Catharines, Ontario 14 August 1998.
(2) Amber Rian Arbuthnot. Born 1 February 1980. Died 29 March 1980.
(3) An infant. Born and died 22 April 1982.
h. ALEXA MARJORIE ARBUTHNOT. Born 16 August 1925. Married, 19 April 1941, STANLEY ARTHUR MILLETT (born 11 March 1920). They live at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.
(A) LOIS MARJORIE MILLETT. Born 7 September 1941. Married, 10 August 1963, GEORGE ARMSTRONG (born 19 August 1940). They live in Kitchener, Ontario.
(1) GLENN PATRICK ARMSTRONG. Born 3 December 1967.
(2) ANDREA JOAN ARMSTRONG. Born 16 April 1969.
(3) JANINE MARIE ARMSTRONG. Born 25 February 1972.
(B) LAWRENCE ARTHUR MILLETT. Born 14 August 1945. Married, 3 May 1969, BARBARA SWEET (born 8 May 1943). They live at Lowbanks, Ontario.
(2) SYDNEY ALEXANDER ROY MILLETT. Born 19 October 1978.
(C) SHELDON ALEXANDER MILLETT. Born 24 January 1964.
i. MARCIA ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born and died 1938, living only a few days.
2. JAMES EARL ARBUTHNOT. Died 30 August 1912 aged eighteen.
a. DORA JOHNSON. Born 1914.   Married Keith Walker (died 2001)
b. LOUISE JOHNSON. Born 14 August 1916. Died 15 June 1981.  Married Carl Anderson (brother of Geoffrey Gilbert Anderson, who was married to Dorothy Arbuthnot).
(A) DIANE ANDERSON. Born 23 August 1936, a twin. Married Mr Frick.
(1) Lori Ann Frick. Born 7 January 1962.
(2) A daughter.
(B) ELAINE ANDERSON. Born 23 August 1936, a twin. Died 15 August 2000.
E. ROBERT JAMES ARBUTHNOT. Born St Catharines July 1870. Died 2 December 1943. Married, first, ______ McCRAE of Winnipeg (dvu c.1902).
1. Robert ("Bob") James Arbuthnot. Born Canada 24 July 1894. Died Long Beach, California 12 December 1966. "In the Scottish Kilties" and a pilot. He went from Scotland to USA, working in silent movies, creating the typed words. He opened "Dubrock's Riding Academy", 3224 Riverside Drive, Los Angeles which was in the family 31 March 1944 employing Stanley West Dubrock. Married Pauline C Dubrock (nicknamed Tommy because her father wanted a son and the nickname stuck; born Illinois 16 February 1901, died Los Angeles 26 August 1974, had a sister Velda), dau of  Daisy Morgan Dubrock, dau of Otto Morgan . They had one child:
a. Yvonne Florence Arbuthnot. Born San Diego, California 3 November 1928. SSN 551-32-5506. Died Clark Co., Nevada 30 November 1999. She was a dancer in a number of Broadway shows. After her father's death, she and her mother moved to 4127 Massachusetts St, Long Beach where they lived until c.1974. Married William Martin Evans (born Troy, Madison Co., Illinois 3 July 1918; died Illinois c.1965), an engineer who travelled much. They were separated 4 December 1945. He was son of William John Evans and Wisil Rose Rarseik. William Martin Evans had a son, Bryan, by his previous marriage.
(A) Martin Sean Evans. Born 11 November 1958.   He is a blogger and has written several well-received sci-fiction stories.
(B) Robert William Evans. Born 4 January 1960.  He served in the Army and is at present an Executive Director at The Golden Nugget Casino in Las Vegas.
(C) Dublin Patrick Evans.  Born  16 April 1962. He was an animator for Walt Disney and Warner Brothers but since has been working in the comic field as a Chief Creative Officer for a small publishing company Motion Works (2009-2011 ) Presently at  Huzzah Entertainment.  Married 27 April 1996 Dawn Russell. (born 9 April 1967)
(1) Crysta Evans.  She wants to be a professional Chef and has been seen on television with world renowned Chef Darren McGrady on Good Morning show and several events. She plans on going to the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Dallas.
(2) Tyler Marie Evans.  She has spina biffida. Now a journalist and attends SAGU University where she is getting an English Major and working for a degree in Journalism.
(3) Jubilee Jade Evans born June 27, 2005
2. ORVILLE ERNEST ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Born 5 February 1902, a twin. Died 17 March 1984. Lived at Harrison, British Columbia. Married, first, Vancouver Island, BC, 1923, PHOEBE BOWATER (born 20 September 1902; died November 1996). They were divorced c.1946.
a. ORVILLE ("Swede") A ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born ?.?.1???. Worked in the forestry industry with dynamite and had an accident with that. Alternatively, killed when caught between two rail cars and crushed 1947. Married Kay Krys from St. Paul, Alberta, Canada.  (Kay later remarried Walter Moore and had 7 more children, most of whom live in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada).
(A) Orelle Arbuthnot.
Kay later remarried Walter Moore and had 7 more children, most of whom live in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada.
b. FRANCES GEORGINA ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died 12 March 1981.
c. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died 1978. Married Marion Brown, daughter of Horace and Marion (nee Laird) Brown.
(A) Robin Kevin Arbuthnot.   Born 27 January 1956. Died 7 September 2011. An athlete. By Lorene Harper he had Carly.
(1) Carly Lynn Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.19??.   Married Mr  Orian.  Lives in Vancouver, Canada V6R 2T2
These three are grandchildren of  Robin. i. Darcy
ii. Tanner
iii. Brie
(2) Tanya Dawn Arbuthnot.
(B) Ricky Arbuthnot.  Married Kate _____.
(C) Blair Arbuthnot.  Married Eileen _____.
(D) Jo-Ann Arbuthnot..
Orville Arbuthnot Senior married, second, ISABELLE ______.
3. LYLE ARBUTHNOT. Born 5 February 1902, a twin. Died January 1975. Emigrated to the USA after World War I.
4. John McRae Arbuthnot. Sr. Born 1899. Died c.1970. He moved to Canada. Married Thelma Cox (born Texas 24 July 1895 [1894 per FamilyTreeLegends], died Los Angeles 15 [14 per FamilyTree Legends] November 1966). She was chairman for a Wilshire drive for Bonds for Babies under the War Finance Committee and displays Walt Disney displayed design gift certificates. John and Thelma feature in the 1930 census. John and Ernest E Arbuthnot were living in Kern, California in 1920 - possibly Ernest is their son?
a. JOHN McCRAE ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Born California 4 September 1943. Died 7 May 1991. Lived in USA. Worked at Disney as an administrator.
After the death of his first wife, Robert went to British Columbia to work for his brother, John, as a Locomotive engineer on the train between Morden Mine and Boat Harbour on Vancouver Island. He then lived at South Wellington, later retiring to Chemainus, British Columbia. Married, second, MARGARET ("MAGGIE") O'HALLORAN (died 13 October 1953).
5. JAMES ARBUTHNOT. Born 9 May 1909. Address: 390 Warren Street, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
6. SARAH ("SADIE") JANE ARBUTHNOT. Born 29 January 1913. Married WALTER MURRAY. Address: 424 Walker Road, RR 2, Ladysmith, British Columbia.
7. MARGARET ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Born 7 October 1913. Married ALEXANDER ("ALEX") WILKINSON. Address: 9744 Willow Street, Chemainus, British Columbia.
8. Leonard Earl Arbuthnot. Born 19 December 1916. He has worked for the McMillan Bloedell Lumber Company since 1932. Married Marguerite Lorraine Squire. Address: 2505 Cosgrove Crescent, Nanaimo, British Columbia V93 3P4.
a. (William) Alan Arbuthnot. Born 11 October 1949. Married Deborah Grant of Calgary. Address: 8671 Dorval Road, Richmond, British Columbia V7C 3J3.
(A) Todd Grant Arbuthnot. Born 10 June 1975. He operates three pubs and liquor stores. Married 14 August 1999 Tracey Skelton of Richmond, BC (born 3 February 1977), daughter of Marvin and Arlene Skelton.
(1) Claire Alison Arbuthnot. Born 15 April 2001
(2) Darren Grant Arbuthnot. Born 25 September 2003
(B) Blair Alan Arbuthnot. Born 10 May 1978. Married Ali Macleod.
F. SARAH ARBUTHNOT. Married ______ KENDALL. They lived in Seattle, Washington and had issue.
II. SAMUEL ARBUTHNOT. Born 25 August 1827. Died 9 December 1920. Emigrated from Ireland to Canada c.1860, settling near St Catharines, Ontario. It is thought that another brother may have emigrated later, settling in the Ottawa valley, but there is no confirmation of this. Married c.1862 MARY LAIDLEY (died 21 December 1913). Both are buried at St Catharines, Ontario.
2. MARY WILSON. Married ______ MALTON.
B. SARAH JANE ("JEN") ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1864. Died unmarried 1945.
C. MARY ANN ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1866. Died unmarried.
D. ALEXANDER ("ALEX") G. ARBUTHNOT. Born Canada November 1868. Married 1897 NELLIE ______ (born Illinois June 1880). Moved to Chicago, Illinois.
1. ELMER ARBUTHNOT. Born 1900.
2. HELEN ("NELLIE") ARBUTHNOT. She was a keen genealogist.
1. DELLA IRENE ARBUTHNOT. Born 1 January 1895. Died 8 April 1971. Married ARTHUR JAMES STEWART (killed in a car accident 1929).
a. MONA EVELYN STEWART. Born 23 January 1914. Married GERALD ("GERRY") McCARTHY. One of them died February 1983.
(A) GERALDINE RUTH McCARTHY. Born 17 June 1932. Married HARRY TURNER and has issue.
(B) STEWART ARTHUR McCARTHY. Born 30 December 1941. Married SHARON PIDDUCK and has issue. Lives at St Catharines, Ontario.
b. (LAURA) MAE STEWART. Born 18 September 1915. Married DOUGLAS BOLES.
(A) ARTHUR ("PAT") MURRAY BOLES. Born 17 April 1948. Killed in a car accident ?.?.1969. Married, ?.?.19??, CHERYL ASHCROFT and had issue.
c. (ARTHUR) RAYMOND STEWART. Born 17 August 1918. Died 31 December 1982. Married, ?.?.19??, PAULINE McCALLUM.
(A) GLORIA MAY STEWART. Born 8 December 1939. Married EDWARD JOHNSON and has issue.
(B) MAUREEN JOAN STEWART. Born 16 March 1944. Married GERALD PHELAN and has issue.
d. IRENE LOUISE STEWART. Born 20 August 1920. Died 13 July 1982. Married CYRIL GLADWIN.
(A) CANDICE PEARL GLADWIN. Born 5 January 1949.
2. (GEORGE) ALEXANDER ("ALEX") ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1???. Died ?.?.19??. Married, first, RETA GILLIS. Married, second, JEAN ______, who had previously been married to LAWRENCE STAFFORD. Address: 20 Tremont Drive, St Catharines, Ontario L2T 3B1.
3. CHARLES WILLARD ARBUTHNOT. Born 8 October 1905. Married JESSIE FRANCES GRANT. Address: 19 Turner Crescent, St Catharines, Ontario L2M 4R6.
4. ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Born 5 August 1897. Married JOE LANGLEY, DDS (dvu). Address unknown.
5. JOHN ("JACK") FREDERICK ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1910. Died 6 February 1973. Married, ?.?.19??, ELLA ("SALLY") STEVENSON MUNRO (died 6 February 1973).
a. JOHN MUNRO ARBUTHNOT. Born St Catharines 5 March 1940. Died 19??. Married, 5 August 1978, SYLVIA JEAN ELLIOT (born London, Ontario 17 November 1946). Address: 35 Sunmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario M1T 2A4.
(A) Sean Elliot Arbuthnot. Born Toronto 13 March 1982. Lives London, Ontario.
(B) Kimberley ("Kim") Jane Arbuthnot. Born Toronto 15 May 1984.   Lives in London, 54321 Canada
F. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born 24 September 1872. Died 17 June 1942. Married 11 May 1892 Frederick ("Fred") Raymond Parnell. (b 24 June 1868, d 27 February 1951, son of Lewis and Susan [Read] Parnall) Fred Parnall changed his name from Parnall to Parnell as people were misspelling it.
1. Harry MacDonald Parnell, MD. born 8 September 1900. Died by his own hand 9 August 1935. Practised in New York City and then returned to St Catharines.
2. Nellie May Parnell. Born 29 July 1893, d 22 July 1968. Married 19 June 1920 Arthur C Gander, son of Edward and Lydia Gander.
a. Margaret E. Gander. Married 15 May 1954 Robert Hunter.  
(A) Brock Robert Hunter.
(B) Read Parnell Hunter.
G. JAMES R_____ ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1874. Died 10 April 1875 aged six months.
H. AMANDA ("MANDY") M. ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1877. Died unmarried.
I. WILLARD ARBUTHNOT. Born ?.?.1879. Died ?.?.19??. Married NELLIE PRENTICE.
1. Hugh John Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 4 September 19??. Died ?.?.19??. Married Muriel Katherine Stapleton (died 1995?). Address: 800 Vaughan Road, Toronto.
a. (Hugh) Robert Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 3 March 1931. Died 10 October 1993. Married March 1952 Rita Gertrude Lynch (born 26 June 1927; died 26 January 1999). Address: 67 Hobden Place, Weston, Ontario M9R 3R6. Of the following eight, four are married once, four are divorced, one is remarried, all but one has children and one is a grandparent.
(A) Anne Marie Arbuthnot. Born 19 March 1952. Widowed.
(B) Martha Jane Arbuthnot. Born 28 November 1953. Divorced.
(C) Robert Hugh Arbuthnot. Born 2 May 1955. Divorced.  104 Amanda Walk, Hespeler, ON N3C 4K7  (519) 249-0597
(D) Patrick Kevin Arbuthnot. Born 13 May 1956. Married.  1 Duncannon Cres, Brampton, ON L6T 3E9 (905) 791-4764
(1) Rachel Arbuthnot. Born 3 August 1987.
(2) Kevin Arbuthnot.
(E) Mary Ellen Arbuthnot. Born 29 January 1958. Married Mr Leggett. Widowed.
(F) David Martin Joseph Arbuthnot. Born 10 March 1959. Married Anne-Louise Bruce (born 6 January 1959). Divorced.
(1) Andrea Maaike Arbuthnot. Born 28 March 1989.
(2) Graeme Brennan Arbuthnot. Born 7 September 1990.
Married second 2 August 1998 Rita Evelyn Ferrier (born Winnipeg 1 April 1956).
- Eric Taylor.  Born Winnipeg 8 December 1981.
- Catherine Zoe Taylor. Born Winnipeg 18 September 1986.
(G) Paul James Arbuthnot. Born 13 May 1960. Married 31 January 2001 Andrea Detombe (born 31 January 1969). They live in Burlington, Ontario.
(1) Dylan Robert Arbuthnot. Born 29 April 1999.
(2) Emily Anne Arbuthnot. Born 23 July 2000.
(H) Joseph John Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1962. Divorced.
b. William ("Bill") John Arbuthnot. Born 27 June 1935. Married (Thelma) Patricia ("Patti") Skeogh (born 4 February 1947, died 23 July 2006 in her 60th year after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis) daughter of Archibald and Mabel Skeoch. Address: 8 Hamptonbrook Drive, Weston, Ontario M9P 1A1.
(A) Michelle Rene Arbuthnot. Born 9 September 1976. Married Andrew White.
(B) David Andrew Arbuthnot. Born 21 February 1980. Has a son by Christine Arnold.
(1) Patrick Daniel Arbuthnot. Born 5 January 2010.
c. James ("Jim") Francis Arbuthnot. Born 1 March 1938. Married Jean O'Hare. Address: 4 Sir Brandiles Place, Markham, Toronto, Ontario.
(A) Theresa Arbuthnot. Born 16 July 1962. Married. Divorced. No issue.
J. Robert Arbuthnot. Born ?.?.1881. Died 15 January 1895 aged fourteen.

Somewhere on this table, fits in: David F Arbuthnot of Phoenix, Arizona
also:  Melissa Arbuthnot of Tempe, Az 86040 (born c.1985)

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