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______ Arbuthnot. Supposed to have moved from Stirling, Stirlingshire (where he had a posting business) to Largie, near Tayinloan, Argyll c.1745. Largie is not far from Clachan, across the water from Ardpatrick.
James Arbuthnot. Birth (not recorded in) Stirling 1743. Died Clachan, Argyll 18 July 1815 aged 72. Buried Clachan cemetery in the Parish of Kilcalmonell and Kilberry. Went to Ardpatrick, Argyll (after 1796) to do joinery work for Walter Campbell of Skipness and 1st of Ardpatrick and on completing the job was appointed overseer of the Ardpatrick estate. Married c.1773 Katrin McPhail (born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry, Argyll; died aged one hundred and five).
I. Charles Arbuthnot. Ship's carpenter. Married 1807 Jane (or Jean) McGregor (or McGrigor). Lived in Kilcalmonell and Kilberry. It has been speculated that he might be the ancestor of the Arbuthnots of Table 40, having married a second time.
A. Katherine Arbuthnot.  Born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 12 December 1808.
B. James Arbuthnot.  Born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 14 September 1809.
C. Donald Arbuthnot.  Born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 3 October 1811.
D. Janet Arbuthnot.  Born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 8 December 1812.
E. Archibald Arbuthnot.  Born Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 1 January 1816. Died Hutchesontown, Glasgow 30 April 1857 aged forty. Buried Southern necropolis section, Gorbals, Glasgow 1857. He is not shown on the 1851 census returns for any of the streets in Gorbals district as marked on the 1844 Plan of Glasgow which implies that he left the area between the births of Catherine and Agnes. Soap maker's labourer and soap boiler journeyman. Proprietor 6 Portugal Street, Gorbals, Glasgow. Married in Gorbals, 1845, Margaret Henderson (born Bunesford, Stirling c.1822).
1. Charles Arbuthnot. Born Gorbals 20 September 1845. Baptized 30 September 1845.
2. Jeannie ("Jane") Arbuthnot. Born Gorbals 6 November 1847. Baptized 28 November 1847.
3. Catherine Arbuthnot. Baptized Gorbals 29 November 1850.
4. Agnes Arbuthnot. Born Gorbals 19 June 1853. Presumably died before 1861.
5. James Arbuthnot. Born Hutchesontown, Glasgow 3 February 1856.
II. Jean Arbuthnot. Born 1775. Died 28 October 1861 aged 86. Married in Kilberry, Argyll, 22 March 1799, William McLeod who was described as a farmer and Sergeant in the Argyllshire militia. They later lived in Auchachoan, South Knapdale and were there in 1814 when he registered his daughter, Jackie's, birth. There is a later note of her (a widow) being evicted from Auchachoan, Ardpatrick for arrears of rent. The estate of Ardpatrick including the cottage of Auchachoan had been sold by Alexander MacAllister of Loup in 1796 to Walter Campbell of Skipness, who bought it for his son, Midshipman Colin Campbell who served at Trafalgar on HMS Defiance. In Kilkerran cemetery, Campbeltown, Argyll the headstone at plot 435 reads "Sacred to the memory of Angus Galbraith ... also of his wife Mary MacLeod .... And of Jane Arbuthnot widow of William MacLeod, Clachan."  They had seven children including:
A. Jacky / Jackie McLeod.  Bap Kilcalmonell and Kilberry 1814.
B. James McLeod.  He had seven children including:
1. Peter McLeod.  He had seven children including:
a. Robert McLeod. He had an only child:
AA. Peter MacLeod. Born 1933. He lives in Oban.
aa. Garry MacLeod.
bb. Lorne MacLeod.
(A) Calum MacLeod. Born 1992.
III. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born 1 July 1784.
IV. John Arbuthnot. Born Clachan, Argyll 1786. Dvu Glasgow 1853. Small boat-builder and spirit dealer in Tarbert, Argyll. Married in the Parish of Kilcalmonell and Kilberry, Argyll, 5 December 1813, Christian (or Christina) McPhail (born Kilcalmonell & Kilberry 1797; died Glasgow 24 August 1860 aged sixty-three), daughter of John McPhail, farmer and Catherine, née Walker.
A. Catherine Arbuthnot.  Born South Knapdale, Argyll 20 April 1816.
B. Jane (otherwise Jean) Arbuthnot.   Born South Knapdale, Argyll 11 April 1818.
C. John Arbuthnot. Born South Knapdale, Argyll 27 July 1824.
D. Christina Arbuthnot. Born Tarbert 1828. Became deaf after contracting scarlet fever. Dress-maker. Living in 1861. Died unmarried.
E. James Arbuthnot, Senior. Born South Knapdale, Argyllshire 12 March 1829. Died Govan 15 May (or 16 April?) 1913. Ship's carpenter, foreman and master boat-builder. Left Tarbert for Liverpool and then went to Glasgow, settling there in 1855. Married (no record in Glasgow or Kilcalmonell between 1851 and 1855) Jane Alice Williams (born St Asaph, Wales c.1834; dvu Govan 17 March 1908 aged seventy-three), daughter of John Williams, landed proprietor and Mary, née Davies.
1. John Williams Arbuthnot (named after his mother). Born Glasgow 5 August 1856. Died Lanark, Tradeston, Glasgow May 1926. Went to sea as a young man; shipwright, boat-builder, journeyman and freemason. Married at Pollockshields, 29 April 1881, Isabella Jolliffe (born Hamilton 10 February 1859; died Waterloo, Iowa March 1934), a baker's saleswoman, daughter of George Jolliffe, master-tailor and Janet ("Jessie"), née Gass.
a. Margaret Walker Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 23 August 1881. Died unmarried Washington, DC 3 April 1968.
b. James Arbuthnot. Born Govan, Glasgow 1 July 1883. Died Washington, DC 1 November 1956. A freemason. Married, 4 September 1918, Mary Ann Flynn (born Glantane, Ballinsloe, Co Galway 28 July 1885; died Washington, DC 1 February 1960).
AA. John Flynn Arbuthnot. Born Washington, DC 2 October 1919. Died San Diego 22 November 1995. Married, 25 June 1947, Mary Clare Hague. No issue. Address: 4614 Santa Cruz Avenue, San Diego, California 92107.
BB. James Daniel Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 13 December 1920. Died Murrell's Inlet South Carolina 21 December 2003. Married, 4 March 1944, Brenda Briggs Adams (born 27 March 1923, died 27 October 1994).
aa. Pamela Joan Arbuthnot. Born 16 January 1945. Married, 16 May 1970, Thomas Daugherty, Sr (born 19 October 1941), son of George Daugherty and Mary Josephine née McGann.
(A) Thomas Norman Daugherty, Junior. Born 30 April 1971.
(B) Andrea Kristin Daugherty. Born 14 May 1972. Married 25 July 2008 Ian Douglas Gunter (born 28 September
(C) Diane Elizabeth Daugherty. Born 19 July 1974.
(D) Ryan Daniel Daugherty. Born 29 March 1979.
bb. (James) Daniel Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 14 March 1946. Married, 28 January 1966, Jo Anna DeRamus (born 22 December 1946). Divorced. Address: 3318 Oberon, Kensington, Maryland 20795.
(A) Christine Marie Arbuthnot. Born 11 June 1968.Had a daughter by Mark Daniel Hammond:
(1) Stacia Nicole Arbuthnot. Born 5 November 1986.
Christine married 14 May 1995 (Eric) Alan Tinsman (born 5 September 1964).
(2) Alexis Leigh Tinsman. Born 3 March 1995, a twin.
(3) Alana Lynn Tinsman. Born 3 March 1995, a twin.
(4) Carley Blair Tinsman. Born 25 May 1998.
(B) Gregory James Arbuthnot. Born 13 September 1972.
cc. Mark Flynn Arbuthnot. Born 29 February 1948. Married first Sue Ragland. Divorced. Married second Sharon McGeehan.
dd. Diane Dean Arbuthnot. Born 1 March 1949. Married first, 5 October 1968 (not 1972), Gary Frank. They were divorced.
(A) Nicholas Arnold Frank. Born 24 (not 26) October 1972. Adopted. Married 14 July 2001 Keri Marie Fitzwater (born 17 April 1975).
(1) Mackenzie Ann Frank. Born 7 September 2001.
(B) Brenda Baneth Frank. Born 18 April 1974.
Diane married second, 30 August 1980, Edward Jesse. They were divorced.
CC. Robert Vincent Arbuthnot. Born 25 January 1923. Unmarried. Living Washington, DC.
DD. Mary Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Washington, DC 15 June 1926. Died unmarried Villa St Michael, Emmitsburg, Maryland 17 July 2003. A nun with the Daughters of Charity.
c. Janet ("Netta") Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 27 June 1888. Died Washington, DC 6 May 1974. Emigrated to USA in the early 1900s. Married, 16 February 1925, Emil John August Venz.
AA. Louise Elizabeth Venz. Born ?.?.19??. Died 22 March 2008. Married in Washington, 30 June 1979, Joseph Errington Lloyd, Junior. No issue. Address: 1225 Kathryn Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20904 (formerly of: 229 Rock Creek Church Road NW, Washington, DC 20011).
BB. Annette Adams Venz. Born ?.?.19??. Married, 18 June 1961, Robert Milton Barb (sp?). No issue.
d. Edward Duncan Arbuthnot. Born 1894. Died aged four weeks.
2. James Arbuthnot, Junior, first of the name. Born Glasgow 9 January 1858. Living in 17 March 1908. Married.
a. A daughter.
b. A daughter.
c. A daughter.
3. Edward Duncan Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 3 January 1860. Died unmarried during World War II.
4. Mary Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 16 June 1862. A school teacher. A valedictorian of University who took honours over two men. Married Charles Ferguson, Senior.
a. Jane Ferguson. A school teacher.
b. Florence Ferguson. A librarian.
c. Charles Ferguson, Junior. An engineer.
5. Christina Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 1 March 1864. Died as a child.
6. Jane Williams Arbuthnot, first of the name. Born Glasgow 8 April 1866. Died in infancy.
7. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 26 May 1868. A school teacher.
8. Jane Williams (otherwise Ellis) Arbuthnot, second of the name. Born Glasgow 13 March 1870. A school teacher. Married, 1899?, Dr Thomas Witherspoon. One of their daughters married a Dr Anderson.
a. Agnes Witherspoon.
b. Jane Witherspoon.
c. Robert James Witherspoon.
9. James Arbuthnot, second of the name. Born Glasgow 3 October 1871. Died in infancy.
10. Neil  Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 18 November 1873. Died unmarried.
11. Hughina ("Ina") Arbuthnot. Born Glasgow 1877. Dsp. Married ______ Walker.
F. Duncan Archibald Arbuthnot, Senior.   Born South Knapdale, Tarbert, Argyll 5 November 1831. Died Beaverton, Ontario 14 September 1882. Buried The Stone Church on the Argyle Road. Emigrated from Scotland to Toronto. Played the violin and piano. Duncan had a Dry goods and Grocery Store in Beaverton, according to the Conner and Coultsons Directory of Ontario County for 1869-70. Edited the first "Christian Herald". Ran a private school. Married, 24 January 1866, one of his pupils, Elizabeth Glassford (born Beaverton, Thorah 29 October 1840; died Beaverton 25 August 1914; also buried The Stone Church), daughter of Thomas and Helen Glassford.
1. John Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton, Ontario 20 November 1866. Died Toronto 23 March 1899. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery 25 March 1899. Printer. Married in Toronto, 10 October 1888, Louise Brockwell (born Toronto, Ontario 1864, died 10 December 1937), dau of George Brockwell and Louise née Wagstaff.
a. Clara Louise Arbuthnot.  Born 23 September 1892. Died Toronto 24 July 1967. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery 25 July 1967.
b. (John) Wilfred Arbuthnot.   Born Toronto, Ontario 16 June 1896; died Toronto 28 August  1947. Buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery 30 August 1947. He married in Toronto, 4 June 1923, Elizabeth Isobel Reid (born Woodstock, Ontario 12 July 1896; died Toronto 2 April 1945; buried Mount Pleasant Cemetery 5 April 1945), daughter of William Reid and Annie née McDonald.
AA. Jean Brockwell Arbuthnot.   Born Toronto 11 January 1925; died Detroit, Michigan 5 November 1976. She married in Lake Placid, New York, 1947, Thomas Courtland McCullough (born Ames, Iowa 26 April 1926; died Hamilton, Ontario 31 December 1993), son of Thomas McCullough and Phyllis Hall.
aa. Wendy Brockwell McCullough. Born Toronto, Ontario 5 November 1947. Educated Madonna College, Michigan (BSc (Hons) Nursing 1983). Served in the Army Reserves for eight years, resigning her commission at the rank of Captain in 1997. She then worked for French Hospital in the Intensive Care Unit located in San Luis Obispo, California.  She married in Detroit, Michigan 28 November 1964 Richard Kent Sargent (born Three Rivers, Michigan 18 November 1946), son of Joseph Sargent and Beryl, née Musser. Divorced 1980. He lives in Michigan.
(A) Scott Ryan Sargent.  Born Detroit 28 April 1966. Educ Eastern Michigan Univ (BSc, Marketing, 2001). He is Automotive Market Mgr, Victaulic Company of America. He married in Plymouth, Michigan, 11 September 1999, Marie Kathleen O'Connor (born Dearborn, Michigan 16 March 1969), dau of Terrance O'Connor and Kathleen, née Sharrow. Marie was educ Univ of Michigan (BSc, Resource Ecology Management, 1992).
(1) Sawyer Joseph Sargent. Born Commerce Township, Michigan 13 August 2000.
(2) Connor Richard Sargent. Born Commerce Township, Michigan 27 April 2002.
(B) Todd Michael Sargent.  Born Detroit 3 January 1968.  Educ Central Michigan Univ (BSc, Business admin 2001). Genl mgr KRC Logistics, Dearborn, Michigan. He married in Detroit 7 August 1993 Carrie Lynne Atzinger (born Detroit 3 May 1969; educ Michigan State Univ (BA, Materials & Logistics Mngmnt, 1991; MSc, Admin, 2002)), daughter of Ronald Atzinger and Patricia Cheek. She is a Production Analyst, Ford Motor Co.
(1) Cassidy Helene Sargent. Born Detroit, Michigan 16 July 1998, a twin.
(2) Benjamin Michael Sargent. Born Detroit 16 July 1998, a twin.
(C) Bethany Ann Sargent.  Born Detroit 23 August 1972.
bb. (Thomas) Mark McCullough.  Born Toronto, Ontario 6 November 1949. He married in Taipei, Taiwan 23 January 1977 Leu Fumei (born Taiwan 10 December 1952, Leu was her surname), daughter of Leu Hsuanghsi and Wu Bingmey.
(A) Ronald McCullough.  Born Okinawa, Japan 27 February 1980.
(B) Robert McCullough.  Born Okinawa 21 July 1983.
(C) Chieni McCullough.  Adopted. Married Gabriel Webster.
cc. Kim Reid McCullough.  Born Detroit 1 June 1951.
2. Thomas ("Tom") Arbuthnot. Born Ontario 3 April 1868. Died Toronto 14 July 1940. Married 16 August 1894 Ada E Dawkins (died Toronto 8 June 1940).
a. (Thomas) Edgar Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton, Ontario 1 May 1898. Dspm 26 February 1975. Married ______ ______. Her address: 10225 - 137th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. Tel: 001 780 452 6451
AA. A daughter.
BB. A daughter.
b. Harold Arbuthnot. Dvu & sp. Married Adeline ______. She lives in Toronto, Ontario.
c. John Arbuthnot. Married ______ ______.
AA. Audrey Arbuthnot. Married Kenneth Burgess.
aa. Kenneth Burgess Jr. Married Shirley _____. Divorced.
(A) Craig Burgess.
(B) Damon Burgess.
bb. Dorthea Burgess. Married Dr Ronald Sears Sr. Divorced.
(A) Cheryl Sears. Married John Prince. One daughter?
(B) Ronald Sears Jr. Died 9 September 2001. Married _____ _____. One son.
cc. Johnathan Burgess. Married _____ _____. Divorced.
(A) Ian Burgess. Married _____ _____. One child.
(B) Steven Burgess. Married _____ _____. One son.
(C) Sherry Burgess. Married Michael _____. One child.
dd. Lynda Burgess. Born 29 April 1946. Died 2 February 1998. Married Kenneth Profit (born 19 April 1944).
(A) Michael K_____ Profit. Born 6 February 1968. Married 10 September 2005 C____ Michele Fennimore.
(B) Jason B____ Profit. Born 24 February 1972.
(C) Nicole Profit. Born 19 April 1973. Married Tyler Shiloff (born 5 December 1972).
(1) Dawson Shiloff.
(2) Mya Shiloff.
(D) Joey Profit. Born 10 July 1979.
BB. Joan Arbuthnot.
d. Dorothea Arbuthnot. Unmarried. Teacher.  Address: 24 Peveril Hill, Toronto, Ontario.
3. Helen Stuart Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton 20 October 1870. Died Toronto 30 March 1945.
4. James Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton 25 November 1872. Died 17 August 1910.
5. Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Ontario 21 May 1875. Married 29 April 1905 Archibald ("Archie") McGrath.
a. Helen ("Nell") S_____. Born Beaverton. Lives in Western Canada, possibly in Port Alberni, British Columbia.
6. Duncan Archibald Arbuthnot, Junior. Born Beaverton 15 July 1877. Died Toronto, Ontario 4 December 1943. Married Susan Mary Gray / Grey (born 14 October 1875; died Toronto 1959).
a. Maude Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton 21 July 1899. Died Toronto 6 August 1983. Married Arthur Lacy (born November 1900; died Toronto January 1955).
AA. Lois Lacy. Born 9 October 1928. Married Donald ("Don") Simmonds.
aa. Christopher ("Chris") Simmonds. Born 8 December 1962. Adopted.
bb. Tracy Simmonds. Born 21 May 1967. Adopted.
b. William Duncan Arbuthnot. Born Beaverton, Ontario 1901. Died Toronto 28 October 1955. Married in Toronto, c.1926, Ethel Bradley (born Toronto).
AA. William ("Bill") Roy Bradley Arbuthnot. Born Toronto 9 August 1928. Died 5 April 2011. Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering Dept with G.S.W. Inc in Fergus, Ontario. Married in Toronto, 5 February 1949, Shirley Alice Bailey (born Toronto 15 June 1930). Address: 70 Walnut Drive, Guelph, Ontario N1E 4B5.
aa. Elaine Allison Arbuthnot. Born Scarborough, Ontario 27 July 1955. Comptroller, Stork Pump Co., Mississagua, Ontario. Married, June 1973, Bruce Smith, Senior, secondary school teacher (English & physical education). Divorced mid - late 1980s. She then married Gilles Nöel. They live just outside Guelph, Ontario (previously of: 4100 Pony Trail Drive, PH 7, Mississuaga, Ontario;  formerly of: 52 Ardagh Street, Toronto, Ontario). Married third Larry _____.
bb. William Keith Arbuthnot. Born 7 October 1957. Dsp 19 October 1961. 
cc. Linda Anne Arbuthnot. Born Scarborough 27 October 1959. Educated University of Waterloo (BA Hons: Anthropology). Married, 22 August 1981, Richard Edward Moroz, educated University of Waterloo (Hons Mathematics and Computers), Systems Design Analyst with Mutual Life Association. They live in Kitchener, Ontario.
(A) Geoffrey Moroz.  Born Kitchener, Ontario 5 June 1987. Married Allie _____.
(B) Sarah Elizabeth Moroz.  Born Kitchener, Ontario 29 January 1990.
(C) Caitlin Moroz.  Born Kitchener, Ontario 17 May 1992.
dd. Leslee Brooke Arbuthnot. Born Scarborough 13 March 1963. Executive Secretary in Collingwood, Ontario. Married first Ken Paradise. Divorced.
(A) Dayna Michelle Paradise.  Born Cambridge, Ontario 30 July 1990.
(B) Joshua Gage Paradise.  Born Cambridge, Ontario 28 May 1992.
Leslee married second Bryce Johnson. They live in Kitchener, Ontario.
ee. James ("Jim") Andrew Arbuthnot. Born Oakville, Ontario 30 November 1964. Educated Ryerson Institute, Ontario (BTech, Electrical engineering). Works as a director of product innovation and corporate systems architect for Merge eFilm, a software company which builds medical imaging solutions. Married, 19 May 1989, Christine Chi-Hui Chu (born Kuching, Malaysia 12 May 1964). They live in Georgetown, Ontario.
(A) Ethan James Arbuthnot.  Born Mississssauga, Ontario 30 April 1998.
(B) Elliot Riley Arbuthnot.  Born Mississauga, Ontario 13 March 2001.
c. Gordon Arbuthnot. Born September 1913. Died unmarried Toronto April 1975.
d. Robert Grey Arbuthnot. Born September 1915. Dsp Toronto 1973. Married Vera Spence.
G. Margaret Arbuthnot. Born South Knapdale, Argyll 17 June 1835. Living in 1861. Died unmarried. Unpublished poet.
H. Neill Arbuthnot. Born South Knapdale 11 December 1837. Became deaf after contracting scarlet fever. Boat-builder. Living in 1881. Died unmarried.
I. Marron (Sarah?) Arbuthnot. Born South Knapdale, Argyll 3 June 1840. Married ______ McDonald. Lived in Edinburgh.

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