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George B_____ Arbuthnot. Born c.1825. Died New Orleans 1865. A cotton broker in New Orleans, Louisiana who lost his property in the rebellion. Married Lucy C_____ Butler [there is some uncertainty about her surname] (born Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1835), who went to Council Bluffs in 1865, where she established a millinery and dress-making business employing twelve girls.
I. George Washington Arbuthnot. Born Pittsburgh 1857. Killed Jamesport, Atchison County, Missouri 15 June 1902 (for details of which, see below). Buried in Craig, Missouri. He attended Notre Dame 1862-1868. Married first, c.1879, Josie ______ (born Maryland March 1858).
A. Pearl Arbuthnot. Born Nebraska October 1880.
George married, second, c.1888, Hester Kirkland (died Jamesport October 1910), daughter of Lemuel Kirkland and Jane, née Smith. The manner of George's death was singular. He and his wife had not been living together for some time and on the night of Saturday, 14th June, he visited and stayed with Hester who was employed as a housekeeper and cook on one of the John Bilby farms. On Sunday morning there were indications that he was abusing his wife and attention was attracted to their room; Grant Watson, ranch foreman demanded that the door be opened which was done by George who confronted him with a drawn revolver or was in the act of drawing when he was shot by Watson with a shot-gun, the shot carrying off the upper part of his head. Watson was charged with murder in the first degree, Hester and another being arrested for complicity; little evidence was produced by either the state or the defence and the Jury returned a verdict of not guilty. Hester married second Max Palmer Sr and they had a son Max Palmer Jr (died Independence, Missouri August 1985) whose name was changed to Miller when he was adopted after Hester's death; Max Jr married and had four children.
B. Paul Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 1889. Unmarried.
C. George W. Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 17 June 1892. Died 25 May 1954. Worked for a newspaper. Married, 5 August 1921, Lena M. Lasher (born 7 February 1903; died 11 May 1997). Address: 1905 Hardesty, Kansas City, Missouri 64127.
1. Jack Roland Arbuthnot. Born Chicago (Missouri per FamilyTreeLegends) 18 May 1923 (1917 per FamilyTreeLegends). Died Solano, CA 19 December 1970. Married Jean ______.
D. Philip Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 8 April 1893. Died September 1975. Married, first, Emma Pullman.
1. George Newton ("Arby") Arbuthnot. Born 4 November 1919. Died 11 March 2004. Pilot, TWA. Also an air circus wing-walker and  a parachute jumper. Married, first, June Scott. Address: PO Box 5851, Sun City Center, Florida 33570. previously of: 11706 Mackey, Overland Park, KS 66210. Tel: (913) 663-3580.

Amy L Arbuthnot. Married Robert A. Nelson.

Married, second, Elizabeth ("Betty") Ann Harkness (born 30 July 1923, died 23 December 1983)        Heskett, previously Mrs Raymond R LaVisse (born Junction  City, KS 2 July 1943; died 10 June 2012), daughter of Lawrence and Neoma Maxine (Traner) Heskett. Betty graduated from Manhattan High School and married Raymond R. LaVisse in Oklahoma.
Phillip married, second, 10 March 1922, Helen B. Tyrell (born 3 October 1906; died 29 August 1987). Address: as for his son, Doug.

Robert ("Bob") Howard Arbuthnot. Born 1 August 1923. Died 26 November 1990. Buried Leavenworth, KS. Married Norma Jean Morgan. Divorced. She then married Alvin Holmes (died before his stepson Bobby) who had Alvin and Glen Holmes.


Robert ("Bobby") Eugene Arbuthnot. Born Topeka 10 October 1946. Died 25 September 2009. He was employed as a Security Guard by Western Security for many years until he became disabled. Buried Penwell-Gabel Cemetery.


Bruce Arbuthnot. Married Sue _____.


Stephen Arbuthnot.


Michael Arbuthnot.


Phyllis Arbuthnot. Born 26 September 1924. Died 1 March 2005. Married, first, James Green, Senior.


James Green, Junior. Born 11 July 1946. Married Mary Lee Donohue (born 11 January 1946; died 2005).

i. James D. Green III. Born 18 June 1964. Married Carla Lindren (born 28 March 1966).
ii. Michelle Renay Green. Born 24 March 1967. Married Gregory L Lyons (23 July 1966). They use the surname Green-Lyons.
iii. Deborah S. Green. Born 28 June 1973.
b. John Phillip Green, Sr. Born 2 September 1947. Married Judith Dusold. Divorced. She then married Michael ("Mike") Albert Lickteig.
i. John Phillip Green Jr (later Lickteig). Adopted by Mike Lickteig. Born 1968.
ii. Caroline ("Carrie") Marie Green (later Lickteig). Adopted  by Mike Lickteig. Born 1971.
Phyllis married, second, Cecil Huff. She married third, 5 December 19??, Bill Norton (died 8 August 1981). Address: 838, South 9th Street, Kansas City, Kansas 66105.

(Floyd) Douglas ("Doug" "Apples") Arbuthnot. Born 19 July 1931. Died 16 February 2006. Married 1950 Arlene Thies (dvu 28 February 2001). She had had a son by a previous relationship, Robert James (he married Trudy King and they had children Bobby, Joe and Lisa). Divorced. Lived in Osawatomie, Kansas. Previously of: 7544 Prospect, Kansas City, Missouri 64132 (or 64127?).


Bert Levi Arbuthnot. Born 8 May 1951. Married c.1973 Debra _____. Address: 7201 East 85th Terrace, Kansas City, Missouri 64155.

i. Tammi Arbuthnot. Born c.1978.
ii. Timmy Arbuthnot.  Born c.1980.

Philip Douglas Arbuthnot. Born 4 May 1955. Married c.1976 Ronda Closterman. Divorced c.1981.

i. Benjamin Douglas Arbuthnot. Born 3 August 1977. He has children by his long term partner Tammy _____ (who uses the name Arbuthnot).
(A) Sabrena Arbuthnot. Born February 2001.
(B) Savanna Arbuthnot. Born 2 February 2003.
Benjamin married 17 April 2012 Elizabeth Simmons (born 8 July 1988) 
(C)Samuel James Arbuthnot  Born 8 July 2010
(D)Ronald Douglas Arbuthnot  Born 16 November 2011

Philip married second 2 December 1983 Stephanie Gibson who had a son named Rodney Gibson. Address: 1926 South 53rd Street Kansas City, Kansas.


Leona Arbuthnot. Born 28 May 1934. Married Arlow W. ("Bud") Ochs. Address: 3801 Red Bridge Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64137.


Jeff Ochs.'

b. Diane Ochs.
c. Linda Ochs.
d. Steve Ochs.

Byron Arbuthnot. Born Chicago. Died young of malnutrition.


Richard Arbuthnot. Born Chicago. Died young of malnutrition.


Lucy Lucille Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 21 January 1900. Died 9 February 1976. Married, first, 19 July 1919, Calvin Franklin Ham (born 24 November 1900).

1. Wanda Lucille Ham. Born 22 July 1920. Married, 9 August 1937, William James Foreman, Senior (born 28 January 1906). Address: 7914 Jefferson, Kansas City, Missouri 64114.

Kay Lucille Foreman. Born Kansas City, Missouri 13 June 1938. Married, 22 November 1960, William R. Husson, Sr (born 28 January 1934). Address: 2544 Taylor, Corona, California 91720.

i. William R Husson, Jr.
ii. Stacie Marie Husson.

Karen Lee Foreman. Born Kansas City, Missouri 25 August 1945. Married, first, 1 April 1968, Otis Bloom (born 17 March 1938) and had issue by him.

i. Thomas William Bloom. Born 13 April 1972.
ii. Deborah Kay Bloom. Born 10 November 1974.

Karen married, second, 29 February 1980, Steven Hohnadel (born 25 November 1955). Address: 820, 10th Avenue South, Moorhead, Minnesota 56560.

c. William James Foreman, Junior. Born Kansas City, Missouri 10 December 1951. Married, 7 January 1980, Alice Clevenger.
2. Phillip Alfred Ham. Born 20 June 1923. Married, 9 December 1948, Ann Elkins (born Kansas City, Missouri 24 December 1925).
a. David Ham. Born 23 October 1947. Married 3 June 1978 Darlene _____. Divorced.
b. Phyllis Ann Ham. Born 1 April 1951. Married 15 August 1969 Darryl Allen Smith.
i. Brian Scott Smith. Born 18 March 1971. Married 25 September 1993 Holli Michelle Moore, dau of David R Moore.
ii. Kimberley Smith. Born 27 April 1974.
c. John Calvin Ham. Born 23 March 1953. Married Kay _____ who had a son Thomas _____ (1968-89).
i. Christina ("Tina") Ham. Born 10 June 1973. Married in Greenwood 19 July 1993 John Hoke, son of Mike Hoke.
ii. Anna Frances Ham. Born 20 June 1980.
iii. John Phillip David Eugene Ham. Born 6 June 1981.
Lucy married, second, 1949, Ernest Jones. Divorced.

Johannah Marie Arbuthnot. Born Corning, Missouri 25 November 1902. Died Port Angeles, Washington 26 August 1982. Buried Gilman City, Missouri. Married first, 7 May 1922, Harold Dayton Gooding (born 22 June 1897).

1. Dolores Shirley Gooding. Born Gilman City, Missouri 26 December 1925. Married first, 13 January 1945, David Zinsmeyer (born 17 February 1922).

Diane Marie Zinsmeyer. Born 26 April 1952. Married 1990 Steven Charles Kerchner of Whittier, CA.

b. (David) Scott Zinsmeyer. Born 11 October 1954.
Dolores married second, 30 June 1969, Dick Bezold (born 13 March 1937). Address: 1840 Chantry Drive, Arcadia, California 91006.

Heidi Bezold. Born Los Angeles 14 November 1970.

2. Jack Lynn Gooding. Born 21 April 1928. Married, 2 June 1959, Donna Sue Killough (born 25 November 1937).

Cynthia Nell Gooding. Born Kansas City, Missouri 9 April 1960.


Penny Gooding. Born 2 September 1971.

Johannah married second, 1959 (1963?), David Ray Fawkes (died 1963). Married third, 1975, Alton ("Al") Richard Stockett (born Hamlin, Texas 4 October 1917). He was once of: 13001 Bowron Road, Apt 40, Poway, California 92064 (or 91006?).

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