23 September 2006


A. JOHN HOLMES. Born 1823-43. Died 1863-97. A policeman with the Metropolitan police who left to become a farmer. He then became a Relieving Officer, and as such is thought to have falsified accounts and embezzled money.
1. ROBERT RICHARD WILLIAM HOLMES. Born (Chelsea, London per 1901 Census) December 1863. Died April 1915.  A soldier who enlisted as LIONEL GORDON ARBUTHNOT, taking the surname from that of the Vicar of Holbech, near Long Sutton, Lincolnshire. We assume he changed his name because of embarrasment about his father's activities. Grocer in 1901, living in Manchester. Married in Barton I q4 1897 MARY ELLEN SWINBURNE (born Leeds, Yorkshire 1864; died February 1939).
a. HERBERT SWINBURNE HOLMES ARBUTHNOT. Born Bury, Lancashire 19 July 1898. Dvu 23 December 1980. Married, 22 May 1926, NELLIE ROSE BAKER (born 22 March 1903; died 188 April 1991). She lived at 11 Broomhill Road, Strood, Kent.
(a) ROY SWINBURNE ARBUTHNOT. Born 26 July 1931. Amateur pilot, ret'd. Married, 12 November 1955, MAVIS PHYLLIS COOPER (born 29 January 1936). Address: 6 Park Avenue, Basing, Basingstoke, Hampshire. Tel: 01256 321019
(b) MAUREEN RUTH ARBUTHNOT. Born 13 November 1938. Married, 13 November 1960, JOHN WALSHAM. They live in: Madley, Herefordshire, previously of: 496 Albion Street, Wall heath, Kingswinford, Staffordshire., W Midlands DY6
b. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born Bury,   Lancs 1900. Died Gillingham, Kent c.1939.

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