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The descendants of James Arbuthnot and Mary W White.

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James Arbuthnot Senior. According to certain family papers, he came to America in either 1772 or 1773 (one paper says 1772,
another says 1773) and settled in Eastern Pennsylvania.  He was a soldier in the Revolutionary War when his son James Jr "was about five or six years old."
I. James Arbuthnot Junior was born about 1771. He married 1790 Mary W. White (born Ireland).
i. Rev. James Arbuthnot III was born 01 December 1796 in Along Kittanning Creek, VA, and died 10 April 1880 in Wheat Ridge, Adams County, OH. He was a clergyman of the Associated Reform Church. He married first 29 December 1823 Eliza Armstrong (born Xenia, OH 11 August 1805; died Greenfield, OH 25 April 1846), daughter of Robert Armstrong and Nancy Andrews.
A. Nancy Jane Arbuthnot, born 27 November 1824 in Ashland County, OH; died 29 May 1856 in Wheat Ridge, Adams County, OH. She married David Clark in Adams County, OH; born 1821; died 15 July 1878.
B. (Frances) Martha Arbuthnot, born 26 July 1827 in Ashland County, OH; died 1852. She married George M. Thurman 22 December 1852 in Highland County, OH.
C. Anna Elizabeth ("Anna Eliza") Arbuthnot, born 18 September 1829 in Athens, OH; died 11 August 1896 in El Dorado Springs, MO. She married Dr. William Palmer Spurgeon 10 September 1856 in Adams County, OH, son of John Spurgeon and Sarah Norman. He was born 15 March 1832 in Adams County, OH, and died 13 August 1899 in El Dorado Springs, MO.
1. Charles R. Spurgeon, born 1858 in Adams County, OH.
2. Corey Frank Spurgeon, born 25 September 1860 in Adams County, Ohio; died 08 March 1909 in Cole Camp, MO. He married Rena Wray; born 23 July 1877 in Franklin County, VA; died 22 July 1964 in Palmyra, MO.
a. Wilma Anna Spurgeon, born 29 September 1899 in Cole Camp, MO; died 11 August 1968 in Cole Camp, MO. She married Marion Ellis, son of Jewett Ellis and Maude Berry. He was born 05 August 1903 in High Hill, MO, and died 29 August 1957 in Palmyra, MO.
(A) Joan Ellis. Born 26 May 1826. She married 22 May 1949 Robert Sternberger (born 14 May 1924), son of Frederick Sternberger and Aline Glover.
(a) Marion Sternberger.   Born 7 October 1953. She married 30 May 1981 Barry Clinton Wilhelm (born 10 October 1953), son of Earl Wilhelm and Josephine Wright.
AA. (Barry) Clinton Wilhelm. Born 24 June 1982.
BB. (Edward) Alexander Wilhelm. Born 26 November 1984.
CC. Patterson Andrews Wright Wilhelm. Born 18 October 1987.
(b) Sara Sternberger. Born 13 January 1962.
(c) Lee Sternberger. Born 1 May 1963.
(d) Robert Sternberger. Born 13 April 1964.
b. Dr. Charles Wray Spurgeon, born 16 April 1901 in Cole Camp, MO; died 18 June 1951 in Hermann, MO.
c. Erma Lee Spurgeon, born 26 February 1905 in Cole Camp, MO; died 22 August 1995. She married Armin A. Wahlbrink 09 June 1928 in St. Louis, MO, son of August Wahlbrink and Sophia Dieckmann. He was born 12 August 1899 in St. Charles, MO, and died January 1977.
(A) Joyce Wahlbrink. Born 14 December 1929. She married first 15 July 1950 Don Truscott (born 24 March 1929), son of George Truscott and Leita Babcock. Divorced.
(a) Terry Joyce Truscott. Born 2 January 1953. She married 5 September 1975 Michael Ebner (born 5 January 1950), son of Emil Ebner and Agnes Traficante.
AA. Johanna Joyce Ebner. Born 11 November 1977.
BB. Michael Thomas Ebner. Born 6 May 1979.
CC. Scott Gilbert Ebner. Born 22 May 1985.
(b) Thomas Don Truscott. He married Debra Sue Hansen.
(c) Michael James Truscott. He married Madeline Mitchell
AA. William Armin Truscott.
BB. Elizabeth Ann Truscott.
She married (2) Robert Wilhelm. She married (3) Fred Aloysius Meier, Jr., son of Fred Meier and Anna Mather.
D. Angeline Maria Arbuthnot, born 13 October 1831 in Ashland County, OH; died 07 October 1888 in Wheat Ridge, Adams County, OH.
E. Clarissa Arbuthnot, born 03 March 1834 in Ashland County, OH; died 08 June 1874.
F. Adeline Arbuthnot, born 30 January 1837 in Ashland County, OH; died 08 June 1874. She married Joseph G. McKee 1866.
G. Mary Arbuthnot, born 10 March 1839 in Savannah, Ashland County, OH; died 08 May 1871.
H. James Armstrong Arbuthnot, born 03 September 1841 in Greenfield, OH; died 17 December 1908 in Greenfield, OH. He married Sarah Ester Beemer 03 July 1867 in Greenfield, OH. She was born in Canada 1841, and died in Clinton, MO.
1. Laura Etta Arbuthnot, born 1868 in Missouri; died 1954. She married Murray Bushnell 08 September 1899.
a. Raymond Arbuthnot Bushnell. Born 11 February 1903 in Brookfield, MO; died July 1977 in Ohio.
2. James Beemer Arbuthnot, born 06 August 1870 in Missouri; died 08 May 1943 in Muskogee, OK. He married Mary Leonard Needles 05 October 1892 in Ohio; born 09 October 1877 in Missouri; died 17 July 1954 in Topeka, KS.
a. James Harold Arbuthnot. Born Brookfield 16 December 1893. Died 16 April 1934. Married in Joplin, 1 September 1915, Brilliant Pearl Brader (died 1968).
(A) James Brader Arbuthnot. Born Webb City, Missouri 8 June 1916. Died 21 April 2001. Married first, 1 September 1940, Jean McKinney. Divorced 1966.
(a) Joan Kelsey Arbuthnot. Born 29 October 1942. Married, 3 June 1965, ______ Twa. Once of: 3336 Descano Drive, Los Angeles, California 90026.
(b) James Malcolm Arbuthnot. Born Liberal, Kansas 5 November 1946. Killed in action in Vietnam 30 March 1966. Buried San Francisco.
James married, second, 17 March 1966, Annabelle Aguilar (born 2 August 1914; died October 1980). Address: 18 Belleview Avenue, Daly City, California 94014.
(B) George Walter Arbuthnot. Born 16 December 1919. Died 1 May 2001. Married Dorothy Helen Heimrod. Address: 601 SW 6th St, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062 1850 South Ocean Boulevard, Apt 112, Pompano Beach, Florida 33062.
(a) Linda Helen Arbuthnot. Born Kansas City, Missouri December 1948. Married 22 December 1970 James Mitchell Brown, son of Maurice Brown and Helen O'Connell Address: 10417 Oakmont, Overland Park, Kansas 66215.
AA. Courtney Helen Brown. Born 2 September 1974.
BB. Lauren Michelle Brown. Born 14 August 1978.
(b) Gordon Nelson Arbuthnot. Born Kansas City 22 December 1951.  He married 20 July 1974 Allyson Young (born 16 April 19??), daughter of Arthur Young and Frances Ford. Address: 7146 Kingswood Cir, Indianapolis, IN 46256 -2912 8204 Bittern Lane, Indianapolis, Indiana 46256.
AA. James Nelson Arbuthnot. Born 11 January 1985. Engaged to Liza Weichbrodt October 2010.
BB. Sarah ("Arby") Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born 14 July 1990.
b. Walter Needles Arbuthnot. Born Kansas City 25 June 1896.  Died 06 March 1988 in Walla Walla, WA.   Married first in Eugene, Oregon 6 September 1920 Harriet Elizabeth Van Tassel (born Rockford, IL 17 May 1899; and died Milton-Freewater, OR. 6 January 1994) daughter of Frederick Van Tassel and Hattie Patterson. Divorced.
(A) Jean Marie Arbuthnot. Born 14 February 1923. She married Harmon Johnson, son of Harmon Johnson and Lillie Pierce.
(a) Phillip Randolph Johnson. Born 4 June 1946. He married Sharon Ann Griffith, daughter of Charles Griffith and Patricia Walling.
AA. Carolyn Ann Johnson.
BB. David Griffith Johnson.
CC. Jennifer Ann Johnson.
(b) Eric Stuart Johnson.  He married Kim Gardner Whitney, daughter of Robert Whitney and Shirley Cardren.
AA. Elizabeth Marie Johnson.
BB. Christopher Eric Johnson.
(c) Craig Stephen Johnson. He married Debra Ann Lasater, daughter of Gerald Hart and Marjorie Rader.
AA. Jeffrey Scott Johnson.
BB. Michael Andrew Johnson.
CC. Kelsey Lynn Johnson.
(d) Julie Ann Johnson.  She married Stephen Byers, son of Wayne Byers and Virgie _____.
AA. Sean Christopher Byers.
BB. Taylor Marie Byers.
(B) Beverley Arbuthnot. Born 19 November 1925. Married, 27 November 1942, George McRae, son of George McRae and Mary Benge.
(a) Patrick George McRae. Born 12 April 1944.  He married Rebecca Sue Ranta, daughter of Soini Ranta and Mary Hamacher.
AA. Kimberly Raye McRae.  She married Paul Nadeau, son of Ed Nadeau and Carleen Faires.
aa. Henry Patrick Nadeau.
BB. Grady Patrick McRae. He married Erin Stinchfield.
(b) Markie Elizabeth McRae. She married David Sherrard, son of Raymond Sherrard and Wanda Matteson.
AA. Genevieve Elisabeth Sherrard.
BB. Duncan David McRae Sherrard.
(c) Michele Leslie McRae. She married Gale Power, son of Jerald Power and Dolores Syms.
AA. Joshua Power.  He married Summer _____.
aa. Keithen Power.
BB. Brandon Gale Power, born 08 September 1980 in Walla Walla, WA; died 09 September 1996.
CC. Alexis Michele Power.
DD. Whitney Alyse Power.
(d) Stephanie Susan McRae. She married Wayne Nelson.
(e) Alison Ann McRae. She married Philip Fowler Mixter, son of Henry Mixter and Clara Fowler.
AA. Madeline Eilean Mixter.
(C) Col Alfred ("Al") Harold Arbuthnot. Born 1 August 1934. Address: 5946 Set'n Sun Place, Jupiter, Florida 33458-3490 (previously 9340 South West 180th Street, Miami, Florida 33157 and: 1045 North East 2nd Avenue, Homestead, Miami, Florida 33034). He married (1) Dr. Jeanette Elaine Jaussaud, daughter of Andre Jaussaud and Lena Fox.  She married second Mr Derry.
(a) Kristi ("Kris") Noel Arbuthnot. Born 8 April 1957. She married 14 February 1955 Thomas Roy Bronkema, son of Ralph Bronkema and Ethel Kraker.
AA. Sarah Nicole Bronkema.
(b) Lisa Gaye Arbuthnot. Born 24 December 1958. She married Patrick Donald Phillips.
(c) Douglas ("Doug") Randal Arbuthnot. Born 10 October 1963. He works with Arbuthnot Law LLP, Boulder, CO. He married 6 January 2013 Tyler Lansford son of Henry Lansford.
Alfred married second 20 August 1983 Patricia Lou Parker (born 17 February 1936 in Brainerd, MN, and died 01 May 1994), daughter of Patrick Parker and Margaret Belland.  He married third Kathleen Marie Cervino, daughter of Antonio Cervino and Kaye McKenna.
Walter married second, 1940s, Gladys Harrah (born 1901, died 1984, buried at Mountain View Cemetery, Walla Walla County, Washington).
c. Alfred William Arbuthnot. Born Kansas City 14 April 1902. Died Webb City 4 October 1917. Buried Mount Hope Cemetery.
d. Sarah ("Sally") Elma Arbuthnot. Born Carthage, Missouri 4 September 1907. died 19 June 1988 in Wichita Falls, TX.  Married, 22 June 1927, Raymond Everett Watson, Senior (born 23 March 1905; dvu 7 March 1974).
(A) A child. Died at birth.
(B) Raymond Everett Watson, Junior. Born Joplin, Missouri 8 August 1928. Married in Topeka, Kansas, 25 August 1951, Delores Jean Hiett (born 19 June 1907), daughter of Roger Hiett and Shirl Wolf. They live in Springfield.
(a) Mary Gayle Watson. Born Kansas City 16 November 1952. She married Thomas Osborn Irwin
(b) Ronald Eugene Watson. Born Cheyenne, Wyoming 16 July 1956. died 31 August 1990 in Dallas, TX.
3. Gertrude Emily Arbuthnot, born 03 February 1873 in Chariton, MO. She married Frank D. Guild 19 June 1907; died in Carthage, MO.
4. Charles William Arbuthnot, Sr., born 27 July 1876 in Brookfield, MO; died 29 January 1948 in Richmond, IN. He married Margaret Kimber 02 October 1899 in Brookfield, MO; born 21 December 1878 in Linneus, MO; died January 1968 in Tampa, FL.
a. Dr. Theodore Kimber Arbuthnot, born 29 November 1902 in Neck City, MO; died 05 August 1983 in Fort Lauderdale, FL. He married Marie Ouellette.
b. Margaret Louise Arbuthnot, born 30 October 1905 in Carthage, MO; died 13 March 1984 in Fayetteville, AR. She married Luther Roy McGehee 16 May 1925 in Joplin, MO, son of Elza McGehee and Mary Douglass. He was born 17 September 1903 in Arkansas, and died 25 January 1983 in Fayetteville, AR.
(A) Robert Arbuthnot McGehee.
c. Rev Dr. Charles William Arbuthnot, Jr. Born 13 September 1913. Died 8 August 2004. He married 16 June 1939 (Florence) Eugenie ("Genie") Holt (died 13 March 2004). Address: 25 Thornton Way, Brunswick, ME 04011 -3267
(A) David Holt Arbuthnot. Born 12 December 1940. He married 27 December 1967 Sally Lynn Wilson (born 24 August 1942), daughter of Robert Wilson and Ada Barber. Address: 13527 Marine Avenue, Lusby, MD  20657-2607  USA (tel: +1-410-326-9202).
(a) Stephen Wilson Arbuthnot Born 19 September 1972.
(b) Christopher Holt Arbuthnot. Born 2 December 1975.
(B) Lucie Bradshaw Arbuthnot, PhD. Born 13 September 1943.
(C) Margaret ("Peggy") Dutton Arbuthnot. Born 17 April 1947.
(D) Stephen Kimber Arbuthnot. Born 10 January 1949. He married 12 October 1984 Nancy Wilde Prothro (born 8 March 1950). Address: 3067 Harrison St NW, Washington, DC 20015 -1309
(a) Margaret Wilde ArbuthnotBorn 3 June 1985. She is on the staff at Butler College, Princeton University (publicity).
(b) Charles William Arbuthnot III.  Born 27 March 1987.
(c) Anne Holt Arbuthnot.  Born 17 December 1989.
(E) Ann Merrill Arbuthnot. Born 21 December 1953. She married 17 June 1989 William Clayton Huff, son of C. Huff and Margaret Warner.
(a) Alexandra Kimber Huff.  Born 6 October 1990.
(b) Christine Clayton Huff.  Born 3 March 1993.
5. Effie May Arbuthnot, born 25 October 1878 in Brookfield, MO; died in Trenton, MO. She married Earl Whitnell 10 February 1914 in Brookfield, MO.
a. Charles Earl Whitnell.
b. James Arbuthnot Whitnell, born 23 June 1917; died January 1983.
I. Lucella Arbuthnot, born 07 December 1843 in Ohio; died 1883 in Nebraska. She married Andrew R. Clark; born 21 October 1841.
J. Sarah J. Arbuthnot, born 20 April 1846 in Ohio; died in infancy.
Rev. James Arbuthnot III married second in Ross County Ohio 13 June 1848 Mary, ne Ferguson who had previously been married (27 January 1825) to James Watts or Watt (dvu 1838). She was born Washington Co, PA 22 March 1801, and died 03 May 1877 in Wheat Ridge, Adams County, OH 03 March 1877, daughter of John Ferguson Sr, JP, and Janet, nee Weir.  Mary and James had six children, five of whom died 1834, the sixth being born 1838.

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