14 February 2010

Descendants of George Arbuthnot and Jean née Mavor.

George Arbuthnot (otherwise "Buthla(w)"), Senior. No entry of his baptism in Old Parochial Registers of Monquhitter (which are blank 1752-58) from 1759-71; or in Methlic, King Edward, Fyvie, New Deer or Turriff 1754-71; an index of baptisms in Aberdeenshire is now being produced and should be searched in due course. Meal miller and master miller in Blackhills. Married in Monquhitter, 10 August 1788, Jane ("Jean") Mavor of the parish of New Deer.
I. Isobel Arbuthnot. Baptized Monquhitter 16 May 1790.
II. John Arbuthnot. Baptized Monquhitter 25 November 1793.
III. George Arbuthnot, Junior. Baptized Blackhills, Monquhitter, North Aberdeenshire 1 April 1796 (Witnesses: James Naughten at Mile of Auchry and John Duncan in Blackhills). Died Miltonduff, Elgin 30 January 1889. Gardener, mole catcher and crofter in Elgin. Married in Elgin, 15 June 1822, Margaret Gallon (born Elgin 25 March 1805; died Miltonduff 22 April 1897), daughter of John Gallon, farmer of Insharnoch, and Elizabeth, née Murdoch.
i. Jean Forbes Arbuthnot. Baptized Elgin 1 May 1824.
ii. William Arbuthnot. Baptized Elgin 16 September 1826.
iii. Ann Arbuthnot. Baptized Elgin 12 August 1828. Married in Edinburgh 18 June 1858 John Webster
A. Ann Webster. Born Edinburgh 24 March 1859
B. Margaret Gallon Webster. Born Edinburgh 10 January 1861
C. George Arbuthnot Webster. Born Edinburgh 20 March 1863
D. William Horn Webster. Born Edinburgh 12 February 1865
E. Peter Arbuthnot Webster. Born Edinburgh 15 September 1867
F. Elizabeth Arbuthnot Webster. Born Edinburgh 1 April 1869
G. James Douglas Baxter Webster. Born Edinburgh 8 September 1873
iv. Eliza Arbuthnot. Baptized Elgin 21 August 1831. Seamstress. Unmarried in 1861.
v. George Arbuthnot, III. Born Elgin 31 May 1836. Another George was born 11 June 1836. One of them was baptized Elgin 15 June 1836. Died Wisconsin 20 April 1921. An agricultural labourer, ploughman and farm servant in Elgin. He had a son by Charlotte Davidson (died before 24 December 1875), farm servant:
A. George Arbuthnott, IV. Born Elgin 28 March 1856 (The informants were George Arbuthnot and his wife, Elspet, née Russell; unidentified; there is no record of their marriage or deaths). Died before 17 January 1925. A farm servant and general labourer and later a maltman at a distillery in Macduff. Married at Rafford, 24 December 1875, Isabella Calder (aged twenty-three; died before 17 January 1925), domestic servant, daughter of John Calder, general labourer and Jane, née McGillivray.
1. John Arbuthnott. Born Morayshire 1877/8. Died 11 February 1957 aged seventy-nine. Buried Torphins. Farm servant, cattleman and stockman at Miltonduff. Married first Jessie Baird who had previously had a child, James ("Jim") Baird.
a. John Cumming Arbuthnott. Born Hopeman, Elgin 17 May 1912. Retired forester. Married, 1947, Elizabeth Eccles Davidson (born 30 April 1912). No issue. Address: Crow Wood Cottage, West Cardean, Meigle (tel: 018284 449).
John "abandoned Jessie when his son was aged about ten". He married second Joan May Cummings (died 9 March 1966 aged 70).
b. James ("Jimmy") May Cummings Arbuthnott. Born Torphins 3 October 1923. Retired haulage contractor with "R Anderson". Married, 3 August 1957, Olive Jane Dunn. Address: Rose Hill, Craigmyle, Torphins, Kincardineshire (Tel: 013398 82570).
(A) Alexander James Arbuthnott. Born 23 December 1959. Draftsman. Married, 17 April 1987, Jane Stewart (born 3 December 1960). Address: Pitlochrie Lodge, Torphins, Kincardineshire AB3 4JL ( 013398 82647).
(1) Kenneth James Arbuthnott. Born 27 June 1987.
(2) Jacqueline Louise Arbuthnott. Born 27 May 1989.
(B) Alastair John Arbuthnott. Born 30 November 1962. Haulage contractor. Married June Patterson (born 7 September 1962).
(2) Alastair George Arbuthnott. Born 29 December 1989.
(C) Kay Olive Arbuthnott. Born 17 April 1969. Hairdresser .
2. Margaret Arbuthnott. Born Morayshire 1880/1. Either she or Annie married ______ Clark and had issue.
3. Richard ("Dick") Arbuthnott. Died young.
4. Annie Arbuthnott. Either she or Margaret married ______ Clark and had issue.
5. Jeanie Arbuthnott. Born c.1885. Died 1941 aged fifty-six. She had a son by Peter Grant (killed Ypres 29 October 1914).
a. Peter Grant Arbuthnot, Senior. Born 16 November 1914. Died 1993. Married, first, Elizabeth ("Bessie") Laing.
(A) Peter Grant Arbuthnot, Junior. Born 27 August 1939. Married first Kathleen Maria Robson or Rhoditis. She married second Neville Stibbard of Queensland; she lives in Australia.
(1) Linda Margaret Arbuthnot. Born 21 July 1960. Brought up by her grandmother Elizabeth nee Laing. Married Mick Robinson.
(a) Natasha Leanne Robinson. Born 4 September 1978. Married 27 July 2002 Carl Michael Cottingham. Separated.
i. Tamara Linda Kay Cottingham. Born 12 February 1996.
ii. Corey Michael Cottingham. Born 14 July 2004.
(b) Jennifer Elizabeth Robinson. Born 14 August 1979. Married 6 June 2009 Dale Gavin Bottom.
i. Jake Paul Bottom.
ii. Leona Stephanie Bottom.
(d) Stephanie Robinson. Born 18 January 1989.
Peter Grant Arbuthnot, Junior. Had a child by Evaline Anderson Mackie, (daughter of James and Isabella Mackie and adopted by Andrew Clark when he married her mother).
(2) Jacqueline Arbuthnot. Born May 1963. Adopted out through a home in Buckie.
Peter Grant Arbuthnot, Junior married second Evaline Mackie (dvu 3 May 2008 aged 66). Separated. He lives in Lossiemouth.  
(3) Paul Arbuthnot. Born 8 September 1968. Married Hellen McEwan.
(a) Jamie Arbuthnot. Born 22 May 1995.
(b) Tony Arbuthnot. Born 1 October 1998.
(c) Paul M Arbuthnot. Born 5 September 1999.
(d) Aiden Arbuthnot. Born 3 March 2009.
(4) Michael Arbuthnot. Born 11 July 1970. Married Kirsten Gilchrist Christie.
(a) Pauline Arbuthnot. Born 13 March 1987.
(b) Louise Arbuthnot. Born 2 September 1988. Had a son by Daniel Innes. Lives in Fochabers.
i. Joshua Michael Arbuthnot. Born 1 April 2004.
Louise had by her partner, Lee Ross
ii. Dylan Ross Arbuthnot. Born 7 August 2005.
iii.(male) Ross. Born 15 December 2011.
(c) Eilidh Arbuthnot. Born 2 November 1998.
Peter married second, c.19 August 1983, Marion ("Dolly") Anne Brewster (died 30 May 2005 aged 79). Her first husband was _____ McNab by whom she had a daughter Averel McNab (dvm). Address: 50 Kingsmills, Elgin Morayshire IV30 8QU.
Jeanie Arbuthnott.was housekeeper to Roy Alexander Clark, Sr (died 2 January 1949 aged 81) in Elgin. He was son of John Clark and Mary Roy. He had married first Barbara Fraser (died 11 October 1912) by whom he had Peter, Alexander, William, Catherine, Charlotte, Barbara and Margaret. He married second Jean Taylor but the marriage failed.
b. Jean Clark. Married Alexander Mitchell.
(A) Jean Mitchell.
(B) Thomas Mitchell.
c. John ("Johnny") Clark. He had a partner Peggy _____. After her death he had another.
d. Roy Alexander Clark, Jr. Born c.1921. Died South Lesmurdie, Elgin 27 February 1971. Married Margaret Joan Keel.
(A) Royston Arbuthnot Clark. Married in St.Hildas Church, Whitby 28 August 1971 Lynda Ann Wright. They live in Portsoy, Banffshire.
(1) Stuart Clark.
(2) Katy Clark.
(B) Susan Clark. Married Alan Proctor.
(1) Alan Proctor.
(2) Christopher Proctor.
(3) Sarah Proctor.
e. Thomas ("Tommy") Clark. Postman in Elgin. He has a partner Laura _____ who already had children.
f. Elizabeth ("Betty") Clark. Married Albert Bonici who had an entertainment agency and was a dance promoter. He had a partnership with Brian Epstein and it was he who brought The Beatles to Scotland.
6. George Arbuthnott, V. Born Elgin 10 August 1886. Farm servant. Married at Elgin, 4 June 1915, Helen Innes Wyllie (aged twenty-nine), domestic servant, daughter of Miller Wyllie, farm grieve and Isabella Reid, née Innes.
a. George Miller Arbuthnott. Born Elgin 25 January 1916. Died Louth April 1995. A crane and excavator driver. Married, 25 October 1941, Agnes Ann Fawcett.
(A) David Fawcett Arbuthnott. Born 31 March 1931 (Louth q2 1946 per GRO). Works for British Rail. Address: 42 Parkview Gardens, Claythorpe.
b. Edward Arbuthnott. Died aged twenty-two while serving in the army.
c. David Mitchell Arbuthnott. Unmarried.
d. Helen Jane Arbuthnott. Married, first, ______ ______.
(A) William ______.
Helen married, second, ______ ______.
(B) A daughter.
e. Isabel Arbuthnott. Married ______ ______.
(A) A daughter.
7. Eliza Arbuthnott. Born West Manbeen, near Elgin 25 March 1890. Married in Coventry, 10 February 1917, Henry Kirby (born 24 January 1877; died 11 November 1947).
a. Phyllis Kirby. A twin. Died 24 September 1921.
b. Eunice Kirby. A twin. Died 6 October 1921.
c. Frederick Kirby. Died 29 January 1929 aged seventeen months.
d. Ethel Kirby. Died 24 April 19?? Aged nine years.
e. Isabell Kirby. Born 3 April 1917.
f. Henry Kirby. Born February
g. Kathleen Kirby. Born February
h. John Albert Kirby. Born 6 April 1929. Died 25 November 1987. Married in Kersley, Coventry, 16 September 1950, Marjorie Ada Barlow (born 10 September 1930). Address: 15 Berwyn Avenue, Whitmore Park, Coventry CV6 2FD (tel: 02476-337180).
(A) Pauleen Marjorie Kirby. Born 23 July 1954. Married, 23 July 1973, Nigel Roy Pratt (born 12 September 19??).
(B) John Paul Kirby. Born 18 January 1957.
(C) Lynda Anne Kirby. Born 4 January 1960. Married, 30 October 1982, Stephen John Leban (born 9 May 1957). They live in Sawley, South Derbyshire, near Nottingham and have a gardening centre, Four Seasons Gardens.
(D) Louise Elizabeth Kirby. Born 3 March 1970.
8. Alexander ("Alec") Arbuthnott. Born Miltonduff, Elgin 23 March 1895. Dvu. Farm servant. Married at Duffus, 17 January 1925, Alicia ("Liesh") Shand Anderson (aged twenty-four), domestic servant, daughter of George Anderson, gardener and Mary Noble. She lives in Rose Avenue, Elgin.
a. Alexander ("Alec") Anderson Arbuthnott. Born September 1921. Died c.1983. A contractor. Married Barbara Murray who came from Birkhead. Address: 6 (previously 12) Moray Avenue, Alves, N.E. Scotland.
(A) Betty Arbuthnott. Married John Tulloch. He is retired. They live at the Naval base, Rosyth.
(1) Barbara Tulloch.
(B) Alexander ("Sandy") James Arbuthnott. Born 19 March 1949. Address: 8 Moray Avenue, Alves. Married 21 March 1970 Maureen Jane McGonagall (born 4 October 1951). Divorced c.1993. Her address: 29 Califer Road, Forres, Morayshire IV36 1HY.
(1) Alexander ("Sandy") Anderson Arbuthnott. Born 20 July 1971. A brickie. Works for Subsea7. Lives in Elgin.  Married 27 December 1994 Donna Milne (born 26 January 1968) who had a son, Jon.
- Jon Milne, later Arbuthnott. Born 12 June 1990.
(a) India Dawn Arbuthnott. Born 2 November 1996.
(2) Ian Alister Arbuthnott. Born 24 June 1974. Unmarried. A brickie. Lives with his mother. He and Sandy drive rally cars.
(C) William Arbuthnott. Born 1950. Unmarried. Address: Royal Hotel, Tytler Street, Forres, Morayshire IV36 1EL
b. Richard Calder Arbuthnott. Born Elgin 23 June 1931. Dvu. A contractor. Married, 18 August 1939, Alicia ("Bunty") Anderson, (died 2 Inness Court, Lesmurdie 29 April 2005). Address: 17 Hazel Court, South Lesmurdie, Elgin, Scotland.
They had grandchildren: Steven, Gavin, Amy, Rachael and Kirstyn.
(A) Linda Joan Arbuthnott. Born 16 February 1960. Married George _____.
(B) Richard ("Ricky") David Arbuthnott. Born 9 February 1964. Married Sheila _____.
(C) Audrey Ann Arbuthnott. Born May 1968. Married Ian _____.
c. George Anderson Arbuthnott. Born c.1939. Died 8 Anderson Drive, New Elgin 30 May 2005 aged 64. He married Dorothy _____ who married second _____ Tawse.
(A) A daughter.
d. Isabel ("Curly") Arbuthnott. Married ____ Steves. Divorced.
(A) Bruce Steves. Policeman in Perth. Married and has two daughters.
e. Mary Arbuthnott. Married and had a son and a daughter.
f. Alice Arbuthnott. Married.
g. Janet Arbuthnott. Emigrated to Australia. Married and had issue.
h. Annie Arbuthnott. Married Gordon Tulloch.
(A) A son.
(B) Meta Tulloch, a daughter.
George married at Pathstruie, Forgandenny, 10 August 1864, Margaret Wilson (born Scotland 27 August 1836; died Bascobel, Wisconsin 22 April 1924). They emigrated to America 1864 and arrived in Woodman, Wisconsin 5 September 1864. They lived in Mt. Hope, Little Grant and Marion, Wisconsin, giving up farming in 1904 to live with their daughter, Emma.
B. Junietta Arbuthnot. Born Wisconsin 1867. The 1870 Census for Wisconsin is the only record available for her.
C. John Arbuthnot. Born Little Grant, Wisconsin 25 October 1868. Died Janesville, Wisconsin 22 August 1950. An early graduate of the University of Wisconsin, majoring in science. A teacher. Welcomed by family members when he visited Scotland. Married in Muscoda, Wisconsin, 31 August 1898, Alta May Higgins (born Muscoda 15 December 1873; died Janesville 2 February 1969) whose mother’s maiden name was Randall.
1. Mabel Florence Arbuthnot. Born Iowa County, Wisconsin 20 September 1899. Died of cancer in Janesville 20 January 1978. Educated Milton College, Milton, Wisconsin (B.A.); University of Wisconsin (M.A. and Ph.D.); American College in Rome (Doctor of Languages in Latin and Greek); Texas State Women’s College at Denton (Professor of Latin and Greek). Publications include Selected Poems and Carmina (1940), published by Henry Harrison, New York City. Said to have been "quite a fine poet".
2. George Larkin Arbuthnot. Born Iowa County, Wisconsin 11 September 1901. Died Stratford-upon-Avon, England 7 May 1962. Educated University of Wisconsin (B.S. and M.S.). Owned the Arbuthnot Dairies. Married at Elk Mound, Wisconsin, 12 August 1927, Irene Marie van Dresser (born Bloomer, Wisconsin 6 July 1902; died Janesville 29 March 1987), graduate of University of Wisconsin at Madison and a home economics teacher, daughter of Merton L. van Dresser and Mary Agnes, née Erpenbach. Address: 1321 Sharon Street, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545.
a. Mary Alta Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 14 February 1929. Married in Janesville, 17 December 1949, Reinheart ("Zirb") Zirbel (born Wausau, Wisconsin 23 June 1922), son of Elmer Zirbel and Isabel, née Green. He served in U.S. Army Air Corps, World War II and owns Zirbel Precision Co. Address: 1103 North Vista Avenue, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545.
(A) Peter Rheinheart Zirbel. Born Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 9 February 1951.
(B) John Paul Zirbel. Born Janesville 7 April 1953. He plays the French horn in the Montreal Symphony Orchestra.
(C) Gretchen Mary Zirbel. Born Janesville 30 July 1955.
(D) Martha Louise Zirbel. Born Janesville 24 June 1957.
(E) Alexa Katherine Zirbel. Born Janesville 10 September 1960.
(F) Frances Irene Zirbel. Born Janesville 5 February 1963.
(G) David James Zirbel. Born 24 June 1966. Adopted.
b. John David Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 1 July 1930. Died  16 January 2009. Educated Janesville High School and Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin (Economics). Served US Army. With his brother Paul, he owned Arbuthnot Dairy.  He co-founded and owned Highland Laboratories, Portland, Oregon.  He moved to Scotts Mills, where John avidly stewarded their 111-acre forest property, planting and maintaining thousands of trees, and building their home. John and Barbara moved to Silverton in 2006. Married in Orleans, France, 23 June 1956, Barbara ("Barb") Anne Schroeder (born Chicago, Illinois 31 December 1933), daughter of Edgar Schroeder and Myrtle, née Manning. Address: 149 South West Ridge Drive, Portland, Oregon, 97219 (and Highland Laboratories Inc, 3379 South East Division Street, Portland, Oregon 97202). JDA
(A) Susan ("Sue") Mary Arbuthnot. Born Chicago 22 August 1958. Married Richard Wilhelm.
(B) Anne Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 20 June 1960. She and her life partner, Beth McGuerty, live in New Hampshire.
c. Florence ("Flo") May Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 6 November 1934. Educated University of Wisconsin at Madison. Married in Janesville, 31 August 1961, Benjamin ("Ben") Dagwell Rhodes (born St Louis, Missouri 7 November 1936), educated University of Colorado (Ph.D.), University of Wisconsin at Whitewater (Professor of history), served in the Air National Guard in Colorado in the early 1960s, son of William Dagwell Rhodes and Lenore, née Hays. Address: 818 Conger Street, Whitewater, Wisconsin 53190.
(A) John Hays Rhodes. Born Boulder, Colorado 3 January 1964. Educated University of Wisconsin at Madison. Employed by University of Washington.
(B) Philip Arbuthnot Rhodes. Born Janesville 7 March 1966.
(C) Elizabeth ("Betsy") Whitcomb Rhodes. Born Janesville 1 July 1969. Educated Juilliard School in New York City (Master of Music, 1994).
d. Paul George Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 6 November 1938. Educated University of Wisconsin at Madison. Manager Sunlight Dairy in Portland, Oregon (ret'd). Married in Janesville, 20 January 1962, Sandra ("Sandy") Lee Adams (born Janesville 16 November 1938), daughter of Lester Adams and Ella "Dolly" Meda, née Corneth. She designs quilts. Address: 8962 South West Bohmann Parkway, Portland, Oregon 97223.
(A) Lesli Ann Arbuthnot. Born Madison, Wisconsin 10 February 1963.

Stephen Paul Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 8 June 1965. Married 5 September 2001 Megan Jean Budwig (born 28 April 1967), who works as a business systems analyst with Boise Paper Solutions, Beaverton, Oregon 97007 (fax 208-331-5852).

(1) Parker Stephen Arbuthnot. Born 9 April 2003.
(C) Laurence ("Larry") John Arbuthnot. Born Portland, Oregon 5 August 1969. Married Janet Lo.
(1) Allison Arbuthnot. Born 25 April 2002.
3. Harold John ("Arbie") Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 18 July 1905. Died Yucca Valley, California 13 February 1989. Educated University of Wisconsin at Madison. Married in West Salem, Wisconsin, 21 May 1927, Myra Elvira Wilcox (born West Salem 11 April 1905; died 5 December 1997), daughter of George Benjamin Wilcox and Myra Elvira, née Link. In 1936 they moved from Janesville to Pasadena, California where Arbie worked for the city for thirty years. Address: 1704 Carolyn Drive, San Luis Obispo, California 93401.
a. Jean Anne Arbuthnot. Born Janesville 9 February 1929. Married first in Pasadena, California, 21 December 1948, William Harold Settle (born Brawley, California 4 August 1925), son of John Harold and Vera Settle.
(A) John William Settle. Born Alhambra, California 30 August 1952. Married Karen Rae Gillott (born in or near Galliipolis, Ohio 26 December 1947). They were divorced. Address: 1710 Mack Avenue, Apt 2, Dayton, Ohio 45404.
(1) Candy Marie Settle. Born Dayton, Ohio 3 October 1983. She has a son by ______ ______.
(a) Caleb Jordan Settle. Born Washington township, Ohio 11 April 2000.
(B) Linda Gail Settle. Born Berkeley, California 15 September 1954. Married, 15 December 1976, John Beard (born Los Angeles 3 July 1952), son of John Edward Beard and Gladys, née Olsen. Address: 13602 Arizona Street, Apt 2, Westminster, California 92683. Divorced March 1999. She lives in Oceanside, California.
(1) Julie Ann Beard. Born to John in Anaheim, California 30 July 1973 and adopted by Linda. Married 1995 Wayne Hoogendoorn.  They later divorced. 
(a) Daniel Valor Hoogendoorn. Born Eugene, Oregon 28 October 1996.
(2) Daniel Roy Beard. Born Westminster, California 8 May 1980. Enlisted Active Duty in United States Navy 27 July 1998.  Still serving in US Navy as an Aviation Machinist's Mate.  Currently stationed aboard Naval Base Ventura County, Point Mugu, California at VR-55.   Married 15 June 1999 Griselle Arizmendi- Viay (born Mexico City, Mexico 24 March 1981). Divorced.
(a) Andrew Joseph Beard. Born Gretna, Louisiana 19 April 2000.
Daniel married second 17 December 2004 Sophatvetey Sar (born Eastland, Texas October 25, 1983). whose family came from Cambodia during the early 1980's. They were able to flee their country after the Vietnamese invaded and ousted the Khmer Rouge. Her family went through some horrible atrocities, and as a result, beyond her Grandmother, she knows nothing of her history. Address: 1435 Regulus Drive Port, Hueneme, California 93041
(3) John Edward Beard. Born San Luis Obispo, California 16 October 1983. Enlisted Active Duty in the United States Navy on 12 December 2002 as a Yeoman.  Currently stationed at NTC Great Lakes, Great Lakes, Illinois.
Jean Anne married second in South Pasadena, 25 May 1962, Harlan ("Pete") Harold Petersen (born Isabel, South Dakota 15 June 1923), son of Hans Petersen and Winifred, née Cotton. Address: 1704 Carolyn Drive, San Luis Obispo, California 93401 (formerly of: 7425 Church Street, Space 90, Yucca Valley, California 92284).
D. Margaret ("Maggie") Arbuthnot. Born Little Grant, Wisconsin 29 April 1870. Died Wisconsin 24 January 1934. Married, 10 April 1895, Charles van Valkenburg (born Wisconsin 17 May 1869; died 1935). They were living with Margaret’s parents at the time of the 1900 Census.
1. Alta van Valkenburg. Born Wisconsin 3 May 1898. Died Madison, Wisconsin 8 January 1978; buried Boscobel. A teacher and telephone operator. Married in Dubuque, Iowa, 23 June 1937, Maurice Joseph Riley (born 8 July 1884; died Madison 7 November 1946; buried Boscobel), son of Joseph Riley and Jane, née Schleicher.
a. Maurice Alta Riley. Born Grant County, Wisconsin 9 January 1940. Married in Boscobel, 8 October 1960, Leary Lee Fischer (born Woodman, Wisconsin 17 September 1936), farmer, son of John Fischer and Ruth, née Koenig and brother of Judy who married Harold Schuppner (see below). Address: 13144 Millville Hollow Road, Mt Hope, Wisconsin 53816.
(A) Bruce Alan Fischer. Born Boscobel 25 June 1961. Truck driver. Married in Lancaster, Wisconsin 6 September 1997 Rose Ann Brown.
(B) Tony Edward Fischer. Born Boscobel 12 Fenruary 1963. Farmer. Married in Lancaster, Wisconsin, 18 June 1982, Janice Kay Sprague, (born Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin 16 March 1963), daughter of Elgie Sprague and Jean, née Walton.
(1) Rachel Kay Fischer. Born Prairie du Chien 13 November 1985.
(2) Hillary Jean Fischer. Born Prairie du Chien 27 August 1989.
(3) Rebecca Ann Fischer. Stillborn Prairie du Chien 26 October 1993.
(4) Zachary Edward Fischer. Born Prairie du Chien 10 February 1996.
(C) Phyllis Jean Fischer. Born Boscobel 10 December 1964. Married in Fennimore, Wisconsin, 27 September 1986, Keith Alan Novinkie (born Lancaster 17 December 1962), son of Terrill Novinskie and Shirley, née Bennett.
(1) Miranda Jo Novinskie. Born Lancaster 16 May 1991.
(2) Spencer Michael Novinskie. Born Lancaster 4 November 1993.
(D) Robin Alta Fischer, a daughter. Born Boscobel 12 October 1966. Bus driver and EMT. Married in Prairie du Chien, 4 March 1989, Daniel ("Dan") Paul Maring (born Lancaster 11 May 1967), press assistant, son of Paul Maring and Arlene, née Edge. Address: 10059 County Road A, Bloomington, Wisconsin 53804.
(1) Brenda Lee Maring. Born Boscobel 7 April 1990.
(2) Shane Michael Maring. Born Boscobel 10 May 1991.
(3) Melissa Ann Maring. Born Boscobel 14 October 1994.
(4) Bryan Daniel Maring. Born Boscobel 23 April 1998.
2. Walter van Valkenburg. Born 1 May 1904. Died 26 February 1981. Farmer. Married, 21 February 1935, Angeline Carmody (born 20 June 1915), daughter of Lee and Mary Carmody.
a. Charles van Valkenburg. Born 23 February 1936. Married, 9 June 1959, Judith Vine (born 19 July 19__), daughter of Charles and Mildred Vine.
(A) Michelle van Valkenburg. Born 19 January 1961. Married, 12 April 1986, Michael Manley Miller.
(B) Lisa Kay van Valkenburg. Born 5 August 1962. Married, 23 September 1989, Arlie Braley.
(1) Kayla Ann Braley. Born 9 April 1993.
(C) Audra Marie van Valkenburg. Born 7 September 1971. Married, 12 October 1991, Stephen Eric Stansfield.
b. Leo van Valkenburg. Born 27 June 1939. Died 11 June 1945.
E. David Arbuthnot. Born Little Grant, Wisconsin 6 June 1872. Died Woodman 6 May 1935. Married in Woodman, 24 April 1901, Maria Anna Martin (born 3 January 1876; died Woodman 25 November 1928), daughter of John Martin and Catherine, née Sanger.
1. John Paul Frederick Arbuthnot. Born Woodman Township 11 October 1906. Died Woodman Township May 1910.
2. Roy David Arbuthnot. Born Woodman Township 24 April 1910. Died of leukemia in Beloit, Wisconsin 24 May 1983. Married in Boscobel, 17 May 1936, Doris Slade (born Haney Township, Wisconsin 15 November 1917; died Beloit 1 January 1979), daughter of Clarence Ray Slade and Mary Ann, née Huffman. They lived at 1015 Farewell Avenue, Beloit, Wisconsin 53511.
a. Clarence ("Arby") Roy Arbuthnot. Born Woodman Township 23 September 1937. Owns Towne and Country Graphics. Married in Beloit, 13 June 1959, Linda Lou Larson (born Janesville 10 November 1941), daughter of Curtis Larson and Hazel, née Caples. Address: 3618 Bentley Drive, Rockford, Illinois 61103.
(A) Terri Lynn Arbuthnot. Born Beloit 26 March 1961. Married in Rockford, Illinois, 22 September 1979, William Johnson (born Albert Lea, Minnesota 1 June 1955), son of Wallace A. Johnson and Stella, née Klaca.
(1) Nancy Michelle Johnson. Born 7 July 1981.
(2) Krystle Nicole Johnson. Born 16 December 1987.
(B) Lori Ann Arbuthnot. Born 3 May 1963.
b. John Hubert Arbuthnot. Born and died Haney Township 2 November 1938.
c. David ("Dave") Marion Arbuthnot. Born Woodman 1 May 1942. A teacher. Address: 2025 West Wall Street, Apt 6, Janesville, Wisconsin 53545.
F. Emma Arbuthnot. Born Woodman Township, Wisconsin 20 July 1874. Died Woodman Township 27 April 1941. Married, 15 September 1897, Frank Earl Anderson (born Woodman Township 16 September 1871; died Boscobel 6 November 1925).
1. Adelia Anderson. Born Woodman Township 12 September 1909. Married, 30 December 1931, Arnold Milton Schuppner (born Woodman Township 15 December 1907; died Woodman Township 3 May 1982), farmer, son of George Schuppner and Emma, née Kriel. She lives at Woodman, Wisconsin 53827.
a. Donald George Schuppner. Born Boscobel 19 October 1937. Farmer. Married in Boscobel, 21 August 1983, Susan Meyer (born Waukesha, Wisconsin 15 February 1931), daughter of Maynard William Meyer and Mary Helen, née Nagler.
(A) Molly Anne Schuppner. Born Boscobel 15 March 1984.
b. Harold Gordon Schuppner. Born Boscobel 20 January 1943. Married in Woodman, 30 July 1966, Judy Fischer (born Plattville, Wisconsin 4 June 1945) daughter of John Fischer and Ruth, née Koenig and sister of Leary who married Maurice Riley (see above). They live at Cassville, Wisconsin 53806.
(A) Brett Harold Schuppner. Born Lancaster, Wisconsin 26 October 1969. Educated Univeristy of Wisconsin at Platteville. A civil engineer with Mid-States Associates. Married in Barneveld, Wisconsin, 5 June 1993, Karen Lea Lehner (born Waupun, Wisconsin 8 September 1965), elementary school teacher, daughter of Gordon Joseph Lehner and Leona Mae, née Fruehbrodt.
(B) Brenda Kay Schuppner. Born Lancaster 27 May 1973.
(C) Bart Allen Schuppner. Born Lancaster 3 November 1975.
G. William Arbuthnot. Born Boscobel, Wisconsin 6 September 1876. Died Lamar, Colorado 1 August 1962. Lived in Bascobel, Wisconsin. Married first in Boscobel, 1898, (Laura) Ethel Anderson (born Boscobel, Wisconsin December 1876; died Boscobel).
1. Ralph Arbuthnot. Born Boscobel, Wisconsin July 1899.
2. Alice Winifred Arbuthnot. Born Boscobel 15 September 1901. Died Lamar or Springfield, Colorado 13 November 1976. Married first, 8 August 1922, Raymond Allen Turner (born 5 April 1902), son of Christopher Turner and Daisy, née Harrell. They were separated 1926/27.
a. Harry Eugene Turner. Born Liberal, Kansas 31 January 1924. Married in Liberal, Kansas, 28 December 1942, Verda Marie Tague (born 13 January 1925), daughter of (George) Lee Beecher Tague and Blanche Priscilla, née Longwell. They live in Walsh, Colorado 81090.
(A) Ronald Eugene Turner. Born Springfield 23 September 1943. Married in Springfield, 7 July 1963, Patricia Jean Campbell (born Lamar 18 November 1945), daughter of James Eldon Campbell and Virginia Jane, née Harper. They live in Two Buttes, Colorado 81084.
(1) Pamela Rene Turner. Born 19 January 1964.
(2) Lance Eugene Turner. Born 24 January 1966.
(3) Christy Turner. Born 9 October 1969.
(B) Donald Duane Turner, Senior. Born Springfield 17 October 1944. Married in Springfield, 2 February 1964, Mary Lee Kitzmiller (born Lamar 13 August 1946), daughter of Kenneth Samuel Kitzmiller and Mary Eloise, née Lee.
(1) Donald Duane ("Dusty") Turner, Junior. Born Lamar 3 September 1964.
(2) Staci Ann Turner. Born Lamar 14 December 1967.
(3) Curtis Lin Turner. Born Lamar 4 December 1968.
(C) Debra Arlene Turner. Born Lamar 12 November 1952. Educated University of Colorado, Boulder (B.A., Spanish), University of Vera Cruz, Mexico and Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas, University of Colorado at Denver and University of Southern Colorado. Journalist for the Lamar, Daily News, the Fort Collins Coloradoan, and the York, Pennsylvania Daily Record. Married first in Springfield, 5 July 1977, Keith Wayne Barlow (born Lamar 22 July 1953), son of Frank Barlow and (Mary) Margaret ("Marge"), née Lubbers. Divorced s.p. 1980.
Debra married second in Timnath, Colorado, 23 August 1982, Eric Paul Lucas (born Ansonia, Connecticut 3 September 1951), son of Robert Newman, adopted son of Peter Lucas and Therese Marie, née Impelitari. Divorced s.p. 1984.
Debra married third ______ McCoy.
b. Barbara Jane Turner. Born Liberal, Kansas 3 August 1925. Married in Springfield, 26 November 1943, Lawrence Harold Grant (born 14 December 1921), son of Harold Stewart Grant and Ellen, née Smith. Her address: 1401 9th Street, Apt 75, Copper Key Village, Fort Lupton, Colorado 80621.
(A) Laura Jane Grant. Born 23 September 1945. Died 27 October 1945.
(B) Michael ("Mike") Lawrence Grant. Born 22 September 1946. Married, 25 March 1970, Colleen Ann Avery (born 21 May 1951) and has issue.
(1) Heather Ann Grant. Born 12 January 1971.
(2) Travis Wayne Grant. Born 27 May 1979.
(C) Patty Jeanne Grant. Born 28 October 1948. Married first, 6 April 1968, Carl Lavoe Jones (born 31 May 1942; died February 1981), son of Hazel Jones, née Martin.
(1) Jennifer Dawn Jones. Born 18 December 1972.
(2) Jeffrey Don Jones. Born 14 June 1976. Died 23 May 1982.
Patty married second, 1 December 1984, James Michael Owen, Senior (born 24 November 1950).
(3) Katie Virginia Owen. Born 12 January 1971.
(4) James Michael Owen, Junior. Born 12 September 1981.
(D) Max Harold Grant. Born 11 December 1950. Unmarried.
(E) Penny Janeen Grant. Born 15 July 1953. Married, 25 May 1974, Frank Albert Strong, III (born 30 March 1954), son of Frank Albert Strong, II and Helen, née Dempski.
(1) Frank ("Chip") Albert Strong, IV. Born 4 February 1977.
(2) Robert Dale Strong. Born 16 December 1978.
(3) Daniel Day Strong. Born 10 May 1980.
(F) (James) William ("Bill") Grant. Born 26 November 1955. Married, 21 December 1980, Tamara Dale Coonfeld (born 10 December 1960), daughter of Lester Lee Coonfeld and Janette Rea, née Basham.
(1) Joshua James Grant. Born 18 May 1982.
Alice married second, 24 October 1933, James Wilbur ("Todd") Davis, Senior of Baca County, Lewis, Kansas (born 30 December 1908; died 23 November 1975).
c. (Donita) Darlene Davis. Born 29 May 1935. Married, 14 August 1954, John ("Jake") Martinez Negrete (born 24 June 1933). Address: 609 Duncan Street, Lewis, Kansas 67552.
(A) Alice Marie Negrete. Born 13 May 1955. Married, August 1974, Charles Fry. They were divorced January 1978, having had issue. Her address: 504 East 6th Street, Kinsley, Kansas 67547.
(1) Tessa Marie Fry.
(B) John Wilbur Negrete. Born 9 September 1956. Married, 20 January 1976, Renee Suzanne Westrup and has issue. Address: 1101 North O'Conner, Apt 107, Irving, Texas 75061.
(1) Christopher Michael Negrete. Born 25 May 1976.
(C) Troy Allen Negrete. Born 5 May 1966.
(D) Michael Lance Negrete. Born 25 March 1971.
d. Nita Lorene Davis. Born Springfield 20 December 1941. Married in Clayton, New Mexico, 13 March 1960, Calvin Henry Scott (born Baca County, Colorado 6 January 1940), son of Sherman Goldie Scott and Nettie Lena, née Poyner. Address: RR Box 29, Walsh, Colorado 81090.
(A) Cathy Jo Scott. Born Lamar 22 November 1960. Married in Las Vegas, Nevada, 22 November 1984, Kerry Allen Tate (born Lamar 4 January 1953), son of Beryl Dean Tate and Colma Rae, née Farmer.
(1) Kellyn Ann Tate. Born Walsh, Colorado 8 December 1985.
(2) Candice Nicole Tate. Born Elkhart, Kansas 23 December 1987.
(B) Beth Ann Scott. Born Lamar 10 December 1961. Married in Walsh, 5 March 1983, Dale Eugene Kandt (born Council Grove, Kansas 22 June 1957), son of Karl Fredrick Kandt and Alice Mae, née Repscheager.
(1) Toby Dale Kandt. Born Walsh 17 January 1985.
(2) Taylor Jordan Kandt. Born Springfield 2 March 1987.
(C) Calvin Todd Scott. Born Lamar 7 May 1963.
(D) Douglas Leon Scott. Born Lamar 27 June 1964.
e. James Wilbur Davis, Junior. Born Springfield 23 August 1943. Married in Kinsley, Kansas, 5 June 1965, Marilyn Felder (born Great Bend, Kansas 15 February 1946), daughter of Joseph Pete Felder and Katherine, née Schinstock. Address: 4114 West 34th Street, Topeka, Kansas 66614.
(A) Robert Davis. Born Olathe, Kansas 21 October 1965.
(B) Paul Davis. Born Olathe 20 July 1967.
3. Newman ("Newt") Edwin Arbuthnot. Born Liberal, Kansas 18 October 1903. Died 6 June 1996. Married in Liberal, 8 April 1930, Jean ("Jennie") Marie Hopkins (born Baca County, Colorado 3 October 1905; died Springfield 16 June 1994), daughter of Frank Brandon and Sarah, née Riddle. Jean had two daughters by her previous husband, Sam Hopkins. Address: 596 Santa Fe, Springfield, Colorado 81073.
a. Thomas ("Tom") Finley Arbuthnot. Born Baca County 7 September 1933. Died 7 May 2003. Rancher. Married in Winona Lake, Indiana, 16 August 1952, Billie June Mikesell (born Rochester, Indiana 12 March 1933; educated Metropolitan State College, Denver), daughter of Gerland and Lou Mikesell. Address: 3875 S. Elati Street, Englewood, Colorado 81073 (formerly of: PO Box 55, 856 Truman Street, Springfield, Colorado 81073).
(A) Cheryl Lou Arbuthnot. Born Boulder, Colorado 13 May 1953. Registered nurse. Married first in Springfield, 25 November 1973, Shelly Claire McCormack (born Lawton, Oklahoma 14 October 1948). Divorced. Her address: 165 West 7th Street, Springfield, Colorado 81073.
(1) Jennifer June McCormack. Born Colorado Springs 10 September 1975. Educated University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (B.A., 1994).
(2) Mary Ruth McCormack. Born Walsh 4 August 1977.
(3) Carrie Janelle McCormack. Born Temple, Texas 10 May 1981.
Cheryl married second Arthur Koefoed. Divorced and Cheryl returned to her maiden name.
(B) Jamy Lou Arbuthnot. Born Greenville, South Carolina 28 October 1954. Married (Merle) Dale Lawler, son of Wayland and Reba Lawler.
(1) Brandon Lee Lawler. Born Dallas, Texas 29 August 1985.
b. Lonnie William Arbuthnot. Born Lamar. Colorado 29 October 1939. Married, first, Madeline Kinnicki (born 15 October 1942), who married, second, Barry Morgan.
(A) Brandon Edwin Arbuthnot. Previously Joey Edwin Arbuthnot. Born Fayetteville, North Carolina 17 October 1960 (18 December 1960 per facebook). Married Khrin Swanson (educated University of Colorado), securities broker.
(1) Drew Arbuthnot. Born 3 May 1990.
(2) Nathaniel Tabor Arbuthnot. Born 10 March 1991.
(B) Justin Thomas Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 2 September 1965. Educated Bob Jones University (B.A.) and Columbia University, New York (1994).
Lonnie married second, 23 October 1970, Bernice Jackson (born 8 December 1940). Once of: 77 Mayhew Drive, Lamar, Colorado 81052.
4. Frank David Arbuthnot. Born Boscobel, Wisconsin 26 February 1906. Died Lafayette, Colorado 5 November 1986. Married in Meade, Kansas, 19 March 1929, Dorothy Bell Corkins (born Liberal, Kansas 17 July 1910), daughter of Harlow Hugh Corkins and Agnes McQueen, née Bruce. Address: 307 West Emma, Lafayette, Colorado 80026.
a. (Beverly) June Arbuthnot. Born Liberal 3 July 1933. Married in Denver, Colorado, 3 February 1961, William Stafford Weems, MD (born Meridian, Mississippi 10 October 1936), son of Albert William Weems and Sarah Fluornoy, née Johnston. Address: 5499 Woodcrest Drive, Salt Lake City, Utah 84117.
(A) Stephanie Lynn Weems. Born New Orleans, Louisiana 14 September 1961.
(B) Michael Holland Weems. Born Salt Lake City, Utah 25 July 1963. Married in Akumal, Mexico, 13 February 1992, Kolene Kumpfer, daughter of Beverly Kumpfer and Marybelle, née Campbell.
(C) Cheryl Marie Weems. Born Salt Lake City 16 October 1964. Married in Salt Lake City, 12 September 1984, Daniel Greg George, son of Raymond George and Marilyn Joyce, née Henrion.
5. Gladys M Arbuthnot. Born Liberal, Kansas 21 June 1913. Died August 1982. Address: 701 Kansas, Springfield, Colorado 81073.
6. Virgil William Arbuthnot. Born Liberal 21 February 1915. Died Baca County 9 April 1999. Retired member of the Credit Union Board. Worked on a railroad and did some farming. Married in Springfield, 9 November 1934, Linnie May Emeline Henson (born Springfield 13 April 1919; died 10 january 2009), daughter of Jesse Earl Henson and Effie Amanda May, née Denney.
a. Laura Ethel Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 4 March 1936. Married in Taos, New Mexico, 23 August 1951, Melvin Dean Wessler (born Dodge City, Kansas 11 February 1932), son of Oscar Lewis Wessler and Clara JoHanna, née Reiss. Laura and Melvin are farmers. Address: RR 3, Springfield, Colorado 81073.
(A) Monty Dean Wessler. Born Lamar 3 August 1954. Educated Denver Baptist Bible College (B.A.). Married in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, 27 September 1982, (Emily) Ellen Wilkinson (born American Fork, Utah 29 September 1953), daughter of Max W. Wilkinson and Colleen Follett, née Sorenson.
(1) Laura May Wessler. Born Wheat Ridge 17 March 1983.
(2) Emily Dawn Wessler. Born Springfield 14 November 1984.
(3) Matthew Dean Wessler. Born Springfield 25 June 1988.
(4) Zachary Collin Wessler. Born La Junta 16 July 1993.
(B) Charla Cay Wessler. Born Lamar 21 December 1956. Educated Denver Baptist Bible College. Married in Springfield, 11 June 1977, Michael Douglas Williams (born Spokane, Washington 7 October 1955, educated Western Texas State University at Canyon), C.P.A., son of Donald Shore Williams and Patricia Ann, née Kelley.
(1) Ryan Michael Williams. Born Amarillo, Potter Co, Texas 3 November 1979.
(2) Trenton Lewis Williams. Born Amarillo 1 June 1983.
(3) Nathan Douglas Williams. Born Amarillo 4 May 1989.
(C) Vonn Lyle Wessler. Born Lamar 14 December 1958. Died Denver 23 September 1959.
(D) Virgil Lewis Wessler. Born Lamar 29 October 1960. Killed in a car accident near Springfield, Baca County 15 February 1983. Buried Springfield. The truck driver was found guilty of criminally negligent homicide. Married in Springfield, 19 June 1982, Kelley Jo Forrest (born Pueblo 7 June 1964; killed in the same car accident Baca County 15 February 1983; buried Springfield), daughter of James Forrest and Vera Faye, née Branham.
b. John Virgil Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 10 August 1938. Undersheriff in Springfield. Married in Springfield, 20 July 1958, Thelma Christine Moore (born Springfield 14 March 1940), daughter of Chester Earl Moore and Glenna Bertha, née Ryan. Address: RR 2, Cassville, Missouri 65625.
(A) Tammy Lou Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 17 April 1960. Married in Cassville, 8 December 1978, Charles Robert Mizer (born Monett, Missouri 13 February 1959), son of Bobby Lee Mizer and Sue Ann, née Bowman.
(1) Trevor Lee Mizer. Born Springfield, Missouri 14 September 1980.
(2) Aaron Ray Mizer. Born Graham, Texas 26 October 1982.
(B) Sherri-Lynn Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 28 May 1962. Married in Cassville, 18 June 1979, Gregory ("Greg") Scott Alley (born Winfield, Kansas 17 December 1956), son of Dale Curtis Alley and Therma Dorene, née Beeman.
(1) Phillip Shawn Alley. Born Springfield 12 December 1979.
(2) Brandon Scott Alley. Born Rogers, Arkansas 30 December 1982.
(3) Dillon Kyle Alley. Born Rogers 22 May 1991.
(C) Gina Gaye Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 24 August 1964. Married in Springfield, 21 September 1986, Reid Dwayne Martin (born Walsh 13 February 1967).
(1) Dustin Dwayne Martin. Born Springfield 9 December 1988.
(2) Brittney Christine Martin. Born Lamar 11 December 1990.
(D) Johnny Duke Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 15 December 1967. Married in Las Vegas 14 June 1996 Tara Kay Gillett.
(1) Christian Duke Arbuthnot. Born Guymon, Texas 24 November 1997.
c. William ("Billy") Jess Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 29 November 1939. Drowned while swimming in Two Buttes Lake, Colorado 8 April 1956. Buried Sprngfield, Colorado Cemetery.
d. Jackie Lou Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 26 December 1951, a twin. Educated Panhandle State University. Married in Springfield, 20 February 1972, Leonard Eugene Packard (born Hugoton, Kansas 31 October 1951), son of Alvin Eugene Packard and Frances Myrtle, née Hiner and brother of Bonna who married Jackie’s brother, Curtis. They are farmers who own a feed lot. Address: RR 1A, PO Box 49, Campo, Colorado 81027.
(A) Gwyneth Gaye Packard. Born Springfield 3 January 1974. Married in Baca County, 22 December 1989, Ryan M. Howard (born Tribune, Colorado 14 August 1972).
(1) Amanda Mae Howard. Born Johnson, Kansas 19 June 1990.
(B) Alonna Kaye Packard. Born Walsh, Colorado 22 November 1976.
e. Bonnie Sue Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 26 December 1951, a twin. Educated Panhandle State University, Goodwell, Oklahoma (B.A.(Hons) Mathematics). Bank Exec, Sun Bank, Dumas, Texas. Address: 300 Cedar Ave, Dumas, TX 79029 -2802 (tel: +1 806 935 2363).
f. Curtis Lane Arbuthnot. Born Lamar 14 July 1954. Took over his father’s farm work. Married in Springfield, 28 August 1976, Bonna Irene Packard (born Lamar 28 March 1958), daughter of Alvin Eugene Packard and Frances Myrtle, née Hiner and sister of Leonard who married Curtis’s sister, Jackie.
(A) Clinton Lane Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 2 July 1978.
(B) Carey Lanelle Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 10 February 1980.
(C) Cameron Lyle Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 19 November 1983.
(D) Christy Lynn Arbuthnot. Born Springfield 22 January 1986.
William married, second, Lea Halleck.
vi. John Arbuthnot. Baptized Elgin 21 May 1841. Tailor. Married in Portknockie, Seafield, 8 December 1868, Hellen Smith (born Banffshire c.1843), daughter of William Smith, merchant and Margaret, née Pirie.
A. George Whittet Arbuthnott. Born Drainie, Moray 3 June 1874.
IV. Elizabeth Arbuthnot. Baptized Blackhills, Monquhitter, North Aberdeenshire 1 April 1796 (Witnesses: James Naughten at Mile of Auchry and John Duncan in Blackhills). Died Cook, King Edward 12 December 1860. Married in Monquhitter, 15 December 1821, George Center, Senior in Newtown (born Huntly c.1798; died Cook, King Edward 1862), crofter.
i. Isabel Center. Born Monquhitter 12 February 1826. Married.
ii. William Center. Born Monquhitter 25 April 1828. Died New Blyth, Aberdeen 1 January 1899. Married King Edward, Aberdeen 8 November 1871 Isabella Nelson Wilson.
A. Elizabeth Center. Born King Edward 1 October 1870. Married in Edinburgh 19 May 1893 John S MacDonald.
iii. John Center. Born Monquhitter 12 July 1830. Agricultural labourer.
iv. Mary Mortimer Center. Born Monquhitter 20 January 1834.
v. George Center, Junior. Born King Edward c.1844.

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