TABLE 3, part 2c.

07 November 2009


This Table is preceded by Table 3 part 2b

James Lycurgus Arbuthnot had a child by Ivy _____, a Black African.


James Arbuthnot Jr. Born 1877 (per 1880 Census). Married Molly Johnson.

AA. James Arbuthnot III. Born 1908. It may be he who was born 28 November 1909 and who died January 1983 per SSDI. Married Mary Holmes.

James Arbuthnot IV. Died c.1981. Married Flozell ("Flo") Lanus (born 23 November 1931; died 19 January 2010), dau of Samuel Lanus Sr and Melain Stewart. Jehovah's witness. Address: 3125 Cambronne St, New Orleans, LA 70118 - 4423 (tel: +1 504 488 7334). 
She was survived by three daughters, Rosa White, of Central, Gloria Callaway and spouse Lionel, of Hattiesburg, Miss., and Jennifer Davis, of Jefferson Parish: four sons, Eiro Lanus, Jeffery Lanus and Art Arbuthnot, all of Baton Rouge, and Eric Arbuthnot, of Maryland; 11 grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. Preceded in death by two sons.

(1) Rosa Lanus (sic). Married Jousha White.
(2) Jeffery Lanus (sic).
(3) Gloria Lanus (sic).
(4) Jennifer Arbuthnot.

(5) Art Arbuthnot. Aged 48. Married Sonia Marie Sabatier [aged 46]. Lived with Leslie Elaine Arbuthnot / Leslie Elaine Arbuthnot, née Holloway of Tulane University, New Orleans [aged 47].
(6) Eric Arbuthnot, Sr. Born July 19??. Married Karen Ann Johnson.
(a) Eric Arbuthnot, Jr. Born New Orleans 28 October 1990. Educated Martin Luther King High School.

David Lee Arbuthnot. Died 1998. SSDI has a David born 3 May 1939, died 22 Feb 1997; not confirmed that this is the same David. Married Edna May Davis. Divorced. Address: 4300 Sullen Place, New Orleans, LA 70131 -7589 (tel: +1 504 394 1220). Jehovah's Witness.

(1) Shelanda Arbuthnot. Born 14 September 1959. Had a child by Ralph Degree:
(a) Jawad Degree. Born 15 September 1976
  Shelanda married Robert Mitchell. Address: 3490 Vespasian Blvd, New Orleans, LA (tel: +1 504 362 0550).
(b) Jawan Mitchell. Born 17 July 1992.
(2) Winnetka L Arbuthnot. Born 26 December 1960. Address: 2A Shepard Ct, New Orleans, LA 70114 -4738 (tel: +1 504 361-4930) She had a son by Michael _____.
(a) Darryl M Arbuthnot. Born 15 September 1981 (or 1980?).
Winnetka Arbuthnot. Married Jerome Butler.
(a) Jada Butler. Born 31 May 2003 (or 2002?)
(3) Sharvonne Denise Arbuthnot.  Born 28 November 1962. She had three sons by Kenneth Faggin. She has 15 grandchildren.
(a) Kenneth Faggin.
(b) Kendall Faggin.
(c) Kendrick Faggin.
Sharvonne married Philip J Johnson (aged 54).
(4) Wensanner Arbuthnot. Born 30 November 1964. Married Anthony King (born 8 January 1959), son of Dan and Medea King. Address: 2020 Wagner St or 2125 Whitney Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114 -6101 or 2125 L B Landry Ave, New Orleans, LA 70114 -8779 (tel: +1 504 366 5183).
(a) Antanisha Kisha Arbuthnot. Born 29 September 1982. She has children by Travis Cypress, Sr.
i. Travis Cypress, Jr. Born 3 September 2001.
ii. Tra'viyan Arbuthnot. Born 2 August 2003.
iii. Travon Arbuthnot. Born 2 March 2005.
(b) Ireyell Anniemae Arbuthnot. Born 27 December 1983. She has a child by Terence Mackey.
i. Teranisha Ireyell Arbuthnot Born 24 October 1998
Ireyell had a child by Troy Ray Brown
ii. Troijea Rayanna Arbuthnot Born 12 October 2006
(c) Winnisha Arbuthnot. Born 20 September 1988. She had children by Cassie Lee.
i. Kassia Lee. Born 21 August 2004. 
ii. Kasey Lee. Born 4 July 2008.
(5) David Lee Arbuthnot, Jr. Born 2 April 1967. Married Lenora Barclay. Living in San Antonio, Texas.
(a) David Lee Arbuthnot, III. Born c.2004.

David Arbuthnot anticipated his divorce when he prematurely went through a marriage ceremony with Viola _____.


Detroit ("Troy") Arbuthnot. Died. Married a girl from Chicago.


A son. Died on a ship.


Mary Odessa Arbuthnot. Born Woodville 7 March 1936. Jehovah's Witness. Address: 2016 St Andrew Street, Apt A, New Orleans (tel: +1 504 522 8926).

(1) Willie Mae Arbuthnot, Born 18 October 1955. She was also given away to her Aunt Matteal Bland. Married  David Lee Allen, Sr.
(a) David Allen, Jr.
(b) Rhonda Allen.
(c) Keon Allen.
(2) Jessie Lee Arbuthnot. Born 8 October 1956. Adopted out aged seven weeks by Alex and Ruth Johnson. She married first Davis Haynes Jr (deceased). She married second Raymond Marcelle Jr and is known as Jessie Marcelle. She now has a relationship with Robert Sims. She had a son by Ivory Leon Holmes: Jeannie Marcelle went to the Carolina's to visit her aunt Ellen Quatterbaum, she is Mary Odessa's sister by a different father
(a) Tim Cris Arbuthnot. ("Toach") Born 11 March 1973. His name was changed from Tiffany S Arbuthnot when he was twelve. His stage name is D J Kang (for Disk Jockey Kang). Tim had children by Tricia Grant.
i. Timothy Raymone Grant
ii. Christopher Jeshawn Grant
  Tim had a child by Jackie Williams.
iii. Candace Scott
  Tim married Tracy Lynn Alexander. (born 17 February 19??)
Mary Odessa Arbuthnot had children by Jesse Yates.
(3) Lilly Mae ("Unk") Arbuthnot. Born c.1960. Died 5 September 1983 aged 21.
(a) Shaqueena K Arbuthnot. Born New Orleans 6 May 1979. Address: 1568 Conti St, New Orleans, LA (tel: +1 504 522 0893). Relocated following hurricane Katrina to 401 Hatchell Lane, Denim Springs, Jr High Shelter, LA 70726 (tel: 225 572 2328).
  Shaqueena had children by Corey Banks (born 20 February 1969), son of Shaleen Banks. His tel no 504 256 0408 and 281 859 5450.
i. Dante Arbuthnot. Born approx 1 January 1995.
ii. Tevin Arbuthnot. Daughter. Twin born approx 1 January 1999.
iii. Devin Arbuthnot.  Daughter. Twin born approx 1 January 1999.
iv. Jada Banks. Born c. 1 January 2003.
(b) Paul A Arbuthnot.
(c) Grover Calvin ("Knock out") Arbuthnot. Born c. January 1983. Shot dead 2 June 2004 aged 21. His father Calvin Hatch was killed by shooting 1983.  He served a four year sentence for armed robbery starting when he was 15.
(4) Jesse Arbuthnot, a son. Born New Orleans 26 December 1961.
(5) Grover Cleveland Arbuthnot. Born 22 March 1965. Found floating in the Trinity river 21 September 2011 Dallas, TX. Homeless. When aged 38 he ws indicted for use of a controlled drug.
(6) Lisa Marie Arbuthnot. Born New Orleans 19 July 1968. Had a child by William _____.
(a) LeMar DeShaun Arbuthnot.
Lisa Marie Arbuthnot had children by Robert _____. She lives at 5155 Weston St., Baker, LA 70714 (tel +1 225 771 1046).
(b) Rayesha Arbuthnot.
(c) Robert Arbuthnot.

Ivory M Arbuthnot. Born 24 June 1944. Mary's daughter, but possibly not James's. Address: 1812 Esther St, Harvey, LA 70058 -3510 (tel: +1 504 366 4830). Kia S Arbuthnot (nee Doss, aged 35) lives with Joses Arbuthnot and Travis W Arbuthnot (aged 39) and Ivory M Arbuthnot (aged 65) at 421 Latigue Rd, Westwego, LA 70094. (504) 431-7381

(1) Travis W Arbuthnot. Aged 39
(a) A son.
(2) Tabbetha Arbuthnot.

Agnes Arbuthnot. Born 14 January 1945. Died. Married Aaron Smith.


Jo Anne Arbuthnot. Married Salvage MacMillan.


Lilly May Arbuthnot.

(1) Michael Arbuthnot.  Died before 2009.
(2) Kenneth Arbuthnot.
(3) Juanette Campbell.
(4) Gregory Campbell.
(5) Karen Campbell.
Lilly May married Francis Montgomery.
(6) Francis Montgomery. Married Mr Ealy.
(7) Kimberly Montgomery. Born 18 June 1974.
(8) Timothy Montgomery.
(9) Philip Montgomery.

Geraldine Arbuthnot. Born 8 December 1953. Had children by Willis Norman:

(1) Frederick Arbuthnot. Born 4 November  1975. Has two children.
(2) Gerald ("Dede") Arbuthnot, a daughter. Born 1 July 1982. Has children by Andy Willis:
(a) Amari Willis. Born 14 July 2005.
(b) An quan Willis. Born 15 May 2006.
(3) William Arbuthnot. Born 4 August 1983. Has many children.

James had a child by Patsy Trask (born MS 1860), half English, half Black African. She was a farm labourer who could neither read nor write. She moved from Locust Hill and married a black man named Ernest Phillips with whom she had three sons and two daughters.


Susan ("Susie") Arbuthnot. Born Fort Adams, Mississippi 24 February 1880. Died Baton Rouge, Louisiana 17 August 1965. Married in Woodville 1 January 1895 Will C Vaughn (born 12 June 1870; died 5 November 1939), a widower, son of Willis and Margaret Vaughns. Both buried Sweet Olive Cemetery. Will was a native of Bastrop, LA and worked as a fireman on the Missouri Pacific Railroad and the George Walker Boat from 1913 until he became ill and died in 1939.

--- Cleveland Vaughn. Born Woodville 1893. Died 15 December 1939. Will's son by his first wife. Fireman. Married Patsy Dawkins (or Dockins).
AA. Roger Vaughn. Born Woodville 1897. Died Woodville 1976. Served with US Army. Fireman, Missouri Pacific Railroad. Freemason. Married first Lizette Cotton (dvu).

James Vaughn.


Jonathan W Vaughn.

(1) Jude Vaughn.
(a) Nia Vaughn.
(b) Kayla Vaughn.

Irene Vaughn.


Zelma Vaughn.

Roger married second Louvilla Matthews (dvu 1976).
BB. James Vaughn. Born Woodville 1898/9. Died 1898/1901.

Lehman Vaughn Sr. Born Fort Adams, MS 6 February 1900. Died Baton Rouge 22 January 1931. Buried Baton Rouge. Professional laborer; also a boatman. Married Sophie Bolden (died Chicago 1960).


Myrtle Vaughn. Married Cleveland Johns.

(1) Cleveland Johns, Jr,
(2) Melvin Johns.
(a) Marlette Johns. Born 1 March 19??
i. Keith Johns. Born 17 July 1979.
aa. Zarah Johns, a daughter. Aged 7.
(3) Sherline Johns.

Lehman Vaughn Jr.


Mildred Vaughn.. Born 23 July 1923.  Died 27 November 1997.


Lawrence Vaughn.


Margaret Vaughn. Born c.1927. Died 15 June 1929.


Marie Olga Vaughn. Born 28 September 1929. Died 2 December 2010. Married 28 December 1946 Sam Groze (3 November 1925-12 January 1990).

(1) Ardessia Groze.  Born 22 February 1946. Educated Southern Univ, Baton Rouge, Louisiana (BSc).  Retired from  US Army. I was a nontraditional student and graduated 2000 Southern University and A & M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In the military, I was a Drug & Alcohol Counselor in Germany, a Psychiatric Nursing Instructor San Antonio, TX and an Inpatient Psychiatric Supervisor Ft Dix, NJ, Seoul, Korea (twice), Fort Gordon, GA and Ft Jackson, SC. Attend Greater Beach Grove Missionary Baptist Church Lifetime member PSI CHI American Legion Adjutant - Ricard-Stewart American Legion Post 505
Married first 12 April 1970 Melvin P Drane (deceased). Divorced 7 April 1982.
(a) Camille Raymeise Drane. Born 26 July 1963. Died 5 July 1994.
i. Erica Jones. Adopted out.  Born 15 June 1981.
(b) Michael Phillip Drane Sr. Born 4 July 1970. Married and divorced Pamela Johnson. No children were born of this union.
Michael partnered with Monique Whitfield. She had two children, Johnesha and Destiny. Of this partnership Michael Phillip Drane Jr was born 15 May 2005 who lives with his father, Michael P. Drane Sr.
i. Michael Phillip Drane Jr. Born 15 May 2005.  Lives with father since age 3  (Mother Monique Whitfield)
Married second 20 July 1995 Vernon A Counts (divorced 1 May 2006)
She changed her name to carry both parents names de Vaughn.

Lewis Vaughns Married Larcena McFall

(1) Anthony Vaughns.  Married. One child.
(2) David Vaughns. Married Valerie _____
(a) Marin Vaughns.
DD. Mamie Ola Vaughn. Born Torris 1902. Died November 1944. Buried Baton Rouge. Married Louis Ashford (died 22 April 1973).

Ruth Ashford.


Marian Ashford.

EE. Rosa Vaughn. Born Torris 1904. Died 1918.
FF. Gertrude Vaughn. Born Torris 6 April 1906. Died Chicago May 1967. Buried Baton Rouge. Had a child by Lee Griffin:

Ora Lee Griffin.

Gertrude married Lawrence Porter (dvu).
GG. Charles Vaughn. Born Torris, Louisiana 7 May 1908. Died. School teacher in Maywood, Illinois. Lives there. Married Lilly Mae Woodlief.  Theira grand daughter is Kaitlyn Buenger (aged 18 in 2012).

Euridyce Vaughn.


Charmaine Vaughn.


Carmen Vaughn.


Reginald Vaughn. Twin.


Kirkland Vaughn. Twin.


Sylvia Vaughn.


Princeton Vaughn.


Ignatius Vaughn. Twin, died young.


Francis Vaughn. Twin, died young.


Areise Vaughn.

HH. Willa Vaughn. Born Torras, Louisiana 10 February 1910. Died Baton Rouge 15 July 1994. Nurse. Married 1927/8 John Terrell (born 15 July 1903, died 8 February 1997).

Alvin Terrell. Adopted.


Kenneth Terrell. Adopted.

II. Camille Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 12 January 1912. Dsp Maywood. Postal clerk. Married first Jimmy Lawrence (dvu). Married second Bill Saunders (dvu).
JJ. John C Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 10 July 1914. Died Baton Rouge 6 April 1996. BS & MS. Organic chemist with General Motors. Taught in Baton Rouge & Triton College, Illinois. Married first Margaret Vaughn.

Juliette Vaughn.


Christopher Vaughn. Medical doctor.


Claudine Vaughn. Registered nurse.

John married second Evelyn Edwards.
KK. Maurice Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 1916. Died. Pipefitter in Maywood, IL. Married Cleta Vaughn   and divorced.

Charlotte Vaughn. Step-child.


Lonnie Vaughn. Step-child.

LL. Doris Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 29 November 1918. BS in Social Studies. MPA (Master of Public Administration). Educator. Wrote a book about planning a perfect family reunion. Exec director of Uplift Training & Placement Center. Vice president Maywood Chamber of Commerce. Lives in Aurora, IL. Married Welmon Sampson (died November 2004), her nephew's wife's brother.

Sandria Sampson.  Born 21 January 1943.  Retired from Chrysler Corp. Married Donnell Miller (died). Divorced.

(1) Donnell ("Puggie") Miller Jr. Born 14 May 1960.
(a) Lashona Miller.  Born 4 January 1977.
i. Donelle ("DJ") Miller. Born 19 July 1993.
ii. Born Terrence ("TJ") Miller. Born 21 June 1999.
Puggie had children by Darnitia O'Conner.
(b) Schatyra ("Angel") Miller. Born 28 August 1989.
(c) Darryel ("DD") Miller. Born 25 December 1993.
(2) Deray Miller. Born 25 August 1963. Had a child by Tammy Varney.
(a) Tina Varney Miller. Born 2 February 1993.
i. Montez  ("Budda") Miller. Born 4 July 2012.
Married second  Douglas Mathis. Divorced.

Cynthia Sampson. Lives in TN. Partner Anthony Roberts

(1)Antoniette Kinney Sampson  Born 19 October 1959 Partner James Weathers
(a)Cynthia Marie Roberts. Born 5 October 1978 Partner Jeffery Irwin. Died 2012
i.Anthony Irwin. Born 22 August 2002
ii.Tierra  Irwin.
iii.Corey Irwin.
Cynthia married Jake Stallings.
(2)Yvonne Stallings.Born 11 July 1970. Married 3 June 2000 Willie Louis Craft
(a)Jake de Vonn Craft. Born 26 November 2001
(3)Deborah Nicole Stallings Born 25 December 1980 Partner Ricky O'Shun Johnson
(a)Summe Nicole Johnson Born 11 August 2004
(4)Jennifer Stallings
(C)Welmon Vaughn Sampson. Born 12 February 1956. Married 19 November 1982 Ramona  R Sellers (born 21 March 1956)
(1)Christina Renee Sampson.  Born 29 August 1980. Married 13 July 2003 Jason E Singleton (born 10 April 1973).
(a)Amari N. Singleton (born 5 February 2002)
(b)Jayla R. Singleton (born 13 December 2004)
(c)Kiera D. Singleton (born 8 February 2006).
(d)Ryane M. Singleton (born 3 August 2007). 
(2)Regina M Sampson. Born 11 August 1985 Married 10 June 2007 Kevin Wagan.
(3)Welmon Vaughn Sampson Jr. Born 11 April 1989. An aerospace ground equipment  mechanic in the US Air Force..

Merque Sampson. Born 22 November 1946. Married April 1965 Albert Gibson Sr (born 8 May 1940). Divorced.

(1) Albert Gibson Jr. Born 1 September 1965. Died August 1993.
(2) Denise M____ Gibson. Born 28 April 1972.
(a) Aleia Gibson. Born 25 September 1994.
Denise had a child by Raheem Otokiti, a Nigerian.
(b) Ayana Otokiti. Born 19 November 2000.
(3) Rebecca  L____ Gibson. Born 10 December 1976.
(a) Ashley Gibson. Born 16 February 1994.
(E) John Sampson.   Born 17 January 1961. Lives in TX. Married 5 May 1990 Jill Gaillard (born 24 April 1957).
(1)Jenna Erin Sampson (born 26 September 1994)
MM. Merque Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 1921. College degree. Worked for the Postal Service. Retired from Operation Uplift. Married Hilton Polk (died 25 May 1992).

Winston Polk.


Kathy Polk. Adopted.

NN. Elouise ("BaeBae") Vaughn. Born Baton Rouge 29 December 1923. Postal clerk. Married Pristell Hurst  (died December 2001) who worked for the Postal Service.

Pristell Hurst, Jr. Married Annette Hurst. Divorced 1972., .

(1) Wayne Pristell Hurst. Born 7 December 1963.
(2) Tamara Susie Hurst. Born 3 November 1965. Educated Stillman College (computer sciences).  Married Reagan Henderson, divorced 2001 after 14 yrs of marriage.
(a) Alex Henderson. Aged 22 in 2012
(b) Austin Henderson. Aged 20 in 2012
(c) Addison Henderson. Aged 14 in 2012
(3) Courtney Hurst. Born 3 October 1968. Educated Emory University. Married Burnel Sanders, divorced 2003.  they had 4 children: A daughter Lauren (21), Rudy (18) & identical twins Christopher & Nicholas (11).
(a) Lauren Sanders. Aged 21 in 2012.
(b) Rudy Sanders.  Aged 18 in 2012
(c) Christopher Sanders.  An identical twin aged 11 in 2012.
(d) Nicholas Sanders.  An identical twin aged 11 in 2012.
Pristell married second summer 1976 Evelyn Jackson. She had 2 chldren from a previous marriage, Reggie Jackson and Felicia Jackson
(4) Najma Lynn Hurst. Born 3 February 1981.  Najma married  Sept. 2003 Greg Roberts they have a son (Christian) age 7 years.
(a) Christian Roberts (a boy). Aged 7 in 2012

Jacque Michael Hurst.  Married Artie _____ (divorced). 

(1) Tonya Hurst. Aged 44 in 2012..
(2) Tabatha Hurst. Aged 42 in 2012.
Jacque married second _____ _____ (divorced) 
(3) Jordan Hurst.  Aged 17 in 2012.
 Jacque married third Barbie _____.

Cedric Hurst. Married Karen_____. 

(1) Cedric Hurst  Jr
(2) Bridgette Hurst. Married 16 June 2012 Leonard Clemens.

Michael Hurst. Married Dorothy _____. 

(1) Jason _____. He is son of Dorothy. Adopted by Michael and his surname was changed to Hurst.
(2) Michelle Hurst
(3) Nicole Hurst
James Lycurgus Arbuthnot. Had sons by a black woman:
v. Noel Arbuthnot. Married Lily _____.
AA. A daughter.
BB. A son.
CC. A son.
w. Lune Arbuthnot. Married M A Leesa (Emmae-Leesa ?) _____. No children.
x. William ("Pop Billy") Arbuthnot. He married Dan Ella Benison:
AA. James ("Posey") Arbuthnot. Born 21 August 1898. Died 8 October 1979. There was a James Arbuthnot (mulatto) born MS aged 3 in 1880 - obviously someone else. Married 16 June 1921 Sarah Dennis (born 22 August 1900, died 19 December 1955).

Nettie Arbuthnot. Born 16 April 1922. Died February 1981. Married July 1944 Howard Oliver Sr (died).

(1) Nettie Mildred Oliver.   Died 25 August 2002. 
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (a)

LaVince Oliver. A twin.


LaMont Oliver. A twin.


Mona Gayle Oliver.


Monique Renée Oliver.

Nettie married _____ Trahan.

Rochelle Trahan.


Linton Trahan.

There was a family Gathering of this branch in Baton Rouge 6 - 8 August 2004 (2) Cora Oliver. Married June Citizen. They have three daughters some of whom have children and a son who has a wife and child.
(3) Howard Oliver, Jr. 
(4) Moses Oliver.   Died 13 September 1987. 
(5) (Joseph) Desimore Oliver.  
(6) Sarah Oliver.  

A son.

(7) Elijah James Oliver. He has four sons, a daughter and a grandchild.
(8) Denise Oliver.  

Michael _____.

(9) Leonard Oliver.  
(10) Tim Oliver.  

Sara Ann Arbuthnot.


Laura Mae Arbuthnot. Born 4 October 1925. Married 11 September 1943 John Edward Williams, Sr (born 15 December 1920, died 2 June 2005, buried Centreville, MS 11 June 2005).

(1) James Christopher Williams.  Born 3 February 1946. Died 13 March 2010. Married Margaret Overton.

(Jessie) Bernard Williams. Born 28 May 1972.

i. Bianca  Williams.  Born 15 September 1993
ii. Aailya Williams.   Born  15 October 2000

Chantalisa ("Lisa") Williams. Born 28 July 1973 Married 3 December 1991 Fred Johnson, Sr (born 11 January 19??)

i. Felicia  Johnson.
ii. Fred Odell Johnson.

(James) Christopher Williams. Born 7 September 1975.


Devin Latrice ("Tricy") Williams. Born 30 April 1980.

i. Kristopher Dairyion Williams  Born  6 April 1997
ii. Aryrreon Taijai Naycole Williams  Born 12 July 2000.

Jamar Williams. Born 30 April 1989. 

(f) Travis Williams.  Born 14  April 1993.
i. Ka Myiah Williams.  Born 15 May 2012
(2) John Edward Williams, II.  Born 6 November 1947. Married first Brenda Ann Black. Divorced.

John Edward Williams, III. Born 16 October 1971.


LaKeith Williams. Born 26 September 1975.

John married second Dorothy Myles.
(3) Sarah Mae Williams. Born 12 January 1949. Married Leonard Crawford Clark, Sr. 

Eric Lamont Clark. Born 21 July 1972. He is in a relationship with Michelle _____.


Leonard Crawford Clark, Jr. Born 30 December 1973. He has children by Tyra Ross.

We need more names, dates and email addresses please i. Kirsten Ross.
ii. Kennedy Clark.

Linton D Clark. Born 19 September 1980. He has children by _____ Green who had a daughter by a previous relationship.

i. Linton Clark.
ii. Lintereon Clark.

Leterica Clark. Born 13 March 1987.

(4) Erma Lee Williams. Born 2 July 1950.  Married first Major Mallard (divorced).

Major Eldridge Devon Mallard. Born 28 October 1973. Married c 1998 Leia Jackson. They live in Murrieta, California.

i. Jacqueline Emma Mallard. Born 9 December 1999.
ii. Malik Amir Mallard. Born 29 June 2005.

Jenicqua Mallard. Born 8 January 1976.

Erma married second Melvin Joseph Tyler

Meleika Tyler. Born 11 June 1983.

(5) Charlotte Lucinda Williams. Born 26 October 1952. Married Wilbert Kelley, III. 

Scharjonn Kelley. Born 16 June 1975. He had a child with Arissa Thinnicee.

i. Scharjonn Thinnicee. Born 14 November 1998.

Broderick Kelley. Born 15 June 1980.


Wilbert Kelley, IV. Born 18 October 1984. He had a child with Tamika Hawthorne.

i. Yasmin Hawthorne. Born 3 October 2002.

Brandon Kelley. Born 26 June 1986.

(6) Theo ("Val") Elizabeth Williams. Born 14 February 1953.  Married Willie Bell

William ("Willie") Christopher Bell. Born 7 April 1972. Married Claudette Davis (divorced).

i. Christopher D. Bell. Born 28 June 1996.

Roshoun Everett Bell. Born 31 March 1975.


Thomas John Bell. Born 31 July 1985.

(7) Alma Dean Williams. Born 30 May 1954. She had children by Louis E Washington (born 25 March 1951).

Lorne Edward Williams. Born 15 February 1979. He had a child by LaShawn Roy.

i. Darrell Roy. Born 24 June 2004.

Loretha Evonne Williams. Born 29 July 1981. Married 18 December 1999 Lloyd Bridges Jr (born 26 December 1976)

i. LaShondra Alma Bridges. Born 21 August 1999.
ii. Lloyd Bridges, III. Born 12 July 2002.
iii. LeAndra Helanna Bridges. Born 5 April 2004.

LaMartha Evette Williams. Born 7 November 1984.


Laura Elizabeth Williams. Born 2 August 1991. Killed in a car accident 14 May 2005, buried Centreville MS 21 May 2005.

Alma married 25 November 1998 Donnie Freeman (born 31 March 1952).  She worked in the Hogan Jaz Archive at Tulane University Library. She moved to Wichita, Kansas after the devastating floods following Hurricane Katrina.

Donald Edgar Jennings Freeman. Born 2 June 1999 (stillborn).

(8) Jennie Ruth Williams. Born 5 March 1956. Had a daughter by Walter Harper:
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (a)

Takiyah Williams. Born 5 February 1976. Had children by Kevin Curley.

i. Tariq Angel Williams. Born 25 September 1998.
ii. Taliyah Yolie Jennie Williams. Born 15 November 2001.
iii. Jennie Ruth Williams. Born 5 July 2004.
Jennie Ruth Williams. Then had a daughter by Theodore Roosevelt James

Latina ("Tina") Williams. Born 9 October 1984.

(9) Paul Henry Williams. Born 13 March 1957. Married 19 May 1983 Rebecca Wilson (born 24 October 1952).

Kenneth Williams. Child of Rebecca, adopted by Paul. Born 29 June 1969. Married 18 April 1997 Jenny _____.

i. Tavia Williams. Born 18 December 2002.

Angela Williams. Child of Rebecca, adopted by Paul. Born 11 August 1972. Married 15 August 2003 Herman Dowdy.

i. Malcolm Williams. Born 10 November 1993.

Tony Williams. Child of Rebecca, adopted by Paul. Born 3 June 1977. Married 20 August 1999 Stephanie Moore.

i. DeJia Williams.

Demetrius Williams. Born 15 September 1988.


Rosa Dell Williams. Born 29 November 1958. Married 5 May 1984 Frank Mosley, Sr (born 19 January 1957). 


Rovon Mosley. Born 26 December 1978.


Laura Mosley. Born 18 April 1981.


Frank Mosley, Jr. Born 7 January 1984. He had a daughter by Taqunata Pearson:

i. Kayla Marie Pearson Mosley. Born 23 October 2004.

Cornelius Javan Mosley. Born 17 March 1991.


Mildred Ella Arbuthnot. Born 30 April 1927. Died 11 September 1973. Married 30 August 1947 Sylvester Jackson, Sr.

We need more names, dates and email addresses please (1) Sylvia Jackson. Married Nathan Littlejohn.
(2) Sylvester Jackson, Jr.
(3) Semoyen Jackson. She had children by _____ _____:

Johnqueline "DeDe Phipps" _____. Married Lawrence Joseph. Address: 1611 Martha St., Lake Charles, LA 70601-2680. Tel: +1 337 433 9106.


KeKe Jackson, a son.

(4) Levoyne ("Ben") Jackson.  Married _____ _____.

A son.

(5) Vernon Jackson. Married _____ _____.
(6) Gayle Jackson. Married _____ _____.
(7) Valerie Jackson. Married _____ _____. They have grandchildren.
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (a)

Terry _____.


Tracy _____.


A daughter.

(8) (Melford) Saul Jackson. Married _____ _____.

A daughter.

(9) (William) Sam Jackson.

James Posey Arbuthnot. Born 3 April 1929. Living Jackson. Married Doris _____. Address: 3941 N Wabash St, Jackson, MS 39213- 6028 (+1 601 982 1904) ??

(1) Delores Arbuthnot. Married _____ Jones (died).

Dan Alex (Elec or "Ellet") Arbuthnot [2]. Born 20 April 1931. Died Centreville 7 September 2002. It was not he who was involved in an eviction action 981491, Lake Charles. Married 26 June 1950 Jessie Mae Jones (born 19 February 1933; died 16 December 2005).

(1) Roy Lee Arbuthnot.
(2) Shevonne Jones. Why is her name Jones? Married _____ _____.

Lovey Ophelia Arbuthnot. Born 25 April 1933. Married 23 July 1951 Hammond DeJean, Sr.

We need more names, dates and email addresses please (1) Dan Alex Arbuthnot [3]. Had a son by Rose Harris.

David Harris. Served in Iraq. Married Tunsha _____.

i. _____ Harris.
Dan married Norma Pearl.

A daughter. She has children??

We imagine that somewhere hereabouts fits in Dan A Arbuthnot Sr who had by Dorthery [sic] A Arbuthnot, Dan A Arbuthnot Jr (born MS 11 November 1973). He has a brother  Terry Polo Arbuthnot, two children Dan III (10) and Teena (4) and friends Anita Nero- Arbuthnot, Danelle Arbuthnot and Terry Jr Arbuthnot.
(2) Jacqueline DeJean.

They have children who have children.

(3) Josephine DeJean. Married _____ Harris.
(4) Jennifer DeJean. Married _____ Jackson.
(5) Hammond DeJean, Jr.

They have children who attended the recent Gathering in Baton Rouge.

(6) Lovey DeJean.
(7) Hilbert DeJean. Married Kim _____.

Shannon DeJean.

We need more names, dates and email addresses please (8) Haywood DeJean. Married _____ _____.

A daughter.


A son (?).

(9) Yolanda DeJean. Married _____ Duhon.

_____ ("Bubba") Duhon.

Yolanda had a son by _____ Smith.

Devin Smith.

(10) Joan DeJean.

They have children who attended the recent Gathering in Baton Rouge.

(11) Harvey DeJean.

Erma Lee Arbuthnot. Born 24 July (or 15 August per natchezdemocrat) 1935. Died 7 October 2007. Married 11 July 1953 Louis S Smith (son of Joseph Smith and Golden Arbuthnot [unknown]; he had a son, Norwood Smith, born Centreville 18 September 1938). 
CENTREVILLE — Services for Erma Lee Arbuthnot Smith, 72, of New Orleans, who died Sunday, Oct. 7, 2007, at her residence. Mrs. Smith was born Aug. 15, 1935, in Centreville, the daughter of James and Sarah Dennis Arbuthnot. She was preceded in death by three sisters and three brothers. Survivors include her husband, Louis S. Smith of New Orleans; sons, Michael L. Smith of Centreville, James P. Smith of Grand Prairie, Texas and Joseph A. Smith of Baton Rouge; daughters, Debra S. Blue of Violet, Joyce S. White, Frederica S. Perriott, Linda S. Wilson, Cassandra S. Hogan, all of New Orleans and Shelia S. Hunter of River Ridge; brother, James P. Arbuthnot Jr. of Jackson; sisters, Laura A. Williams of Centreville and Lovey A. Dejean of Lake Charles; 29 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren; and nieces, nephews and cousins.

(1) Joyce Smith. Married Michael White. Lives New Orleans.

Samuel White.

(2) Michael Louis Smith. Married Angela _____. Lives Centreville.

Byron Smiith, a twin.


Tyron Smith, a twin.


Catrisa Smith.

(d) Brittany Smith.
(e) Michael Smith Jr.
(f) Sean Michael Smith.
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (3) Linda Smith. Married first Taylor Wilson. Lives New Orleans.

Jeremey Wilson. Married Angeli _____.


Julius Wilson.


Jesse Wilson.

Linda married second _____ Solomon.
(4) Sheila Smith. Married Clyde Hunter.

Shekita Hunter. Married Clarence Thomas.

i. Clarence Thomas Jr.

Maceo Hunter.

(5) James Posey Smith. Married Joyce _____. Lives Grand Prairie, TX.
(6) Debra Smith. Married Fredrick M. Blue. Lives in Violet. 504 493 1194
(a) Christopher Dalton 25 December 1983, 
(b) Frederick Blue Jr. 2 April 1986,
i. Nevaeh Blue (daughter). Born 5 March 2007.
(c) Cherie Blue 23 March 1989
(d) Joshua Blue 15 June 1991.
(7) Cassandra Smith. Married Bob Hogan. Lives New Orleans.

Bobby Hogan, a son.


Angelique Hogan.

(8) Joseph A Smith. Married Beverly _____. Lives Baton Rouge.
(a) Joseph Dominique Coleman. Died before 2007.

Mya Smith.

(c) Tanilia Smith.
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (9) Frederica Pandora Smith. Married Godfrey Anthony Perriott. Lives New Orleans.
(a) Elisa Perriott.
(b) Elana Perriott.
(c) Gabrielle Perriott. Died before 2007.
(I) Raymond Lee Arbuthnot. Born 1936.

Edward Ball Ross, a son brought up by James and Sarah. Born 3 May 1943. Died December 1993. Married Stella Hampton.

(1) Augustine Ross.
(2) Edward Ross, Jr.
(3) Ronald Ross.
(4) Kim Ross.
BB. Dan Alex ("Ellet") Arbuthnot [1]. Died. He had a son by Olivia Packnett.

Joseph Arbuthnot Packnett.

Ellet married Lois ____ of Louisiana (dvu). No children.
CC. William Evert Arbuthnot. Born 23 May 1898. Died 26 May 1966. He married first Alice Parker (dborn 1905 vu).

Elijah Arbuthnot. Born Centreville, Mississippi 8 December 1923. Died Kansas City Missouri 25 August 1987. Mechanic for Shepherd Motor Co. Married June 1949 Ida Mae Cason (born 8 February 1931; died 9 February 2010) dau of Rev James Cason and Classeria Dennis. Address: 2400 E 69th Ter, Kansas City, MO 64132 -1569 (tel: +1 816 333 2547).

(1) Dorothy J Arbuthnot. Born 4 July 1950. Died Kansas City 30 January 2000 of a kidney disease. Married Mr Lawrence C Hunt. Lived in Missouri.
(a) Raphael Antoine ("Tony") Arbuthnot.
(b) Jeron  ("Letrice") Arbuthnot. Lives in Arkansas.
(2) Herman Donnell Arbuthnot. Born 29 September 1953. He married first Ethel Johnson. Divorced. Married second c. 1999 Laurie D Sievers (whose first husband was to Roy Frisbey) (born 12 August 1952). Divorced March 2011. He has no children. Once of: 3708 Birch Wood Dr, Kansas City, MO 64137-1528 (tel +1 816 765 4181). 
(B) Hazel Lee Arbuthnot. Born June 1925. Married Linell Argue, Sr (born Centerville, MS 23 July 1923, died 14 June 2003), son of Garfield Argue (born MS 12 Nov 1910, died LA March 1982, son of Buck Argue of Woodville) and Luvenia Cason. Living Chicago Heights, Cook Co, Illinois. [This is not Hazel Argue 1904 - 1994]. We have heard from Zelda M Argue, dau of William Taylor Argue (d.1988), who is son of Buck Argue of Woodville Mississippi.  Buck did masonry/ brick/ chimney work. Buck had other children, namely Garfield Argue, George Argue, Fannie Argue Strigus, Rosie Argue Wells (born 30 May 1919, died 15 May 2000) [all deceased]. William Taylor Argue had four Argue children in Natchez, Buck had half brothers who were white who asked him who his father was. Buck's father was a German- Irish immigrant.  There are several Argues in the Centreville, Wilkinson County area as well as California. Teresa Argue-Jones is granddaughter of Linell and Hazel and is interested in Argue and Cason family history.
(1) Linell Argue, Jr.
(C) John Henry  Arbuthnot.  Born 1934.
William Evert Arbuthnot. Married second Golden Hampton (born 21 March 1914, died Centreville October 1990).
(C) (Edward) Millard ("Miller") Arbuthnot. Born 1946. Died 1 August 2005. Married June 1972 Christine Causey Collins. Address: 84 Browder Ln, Centreville, MS 39631 -3816 (tel: +1 601 645 5887). He had nine grandchildren when he died. He also had a sister, Arcola Jones; and five brothers (as well as Earnest), Levi Smith, Louis Smith, Joseph Smith, Norwood Smith and Idell Hunt Sr (probably children of Golden and Joseph Smith rather than William).
    (1) Linton Arbuthnot.
We need more names, dates and email addresses please (2) Cheronda Chantell Arbuthnot. Born 10 March 1974. Married Terrance Duwane Ford.
(3) Edward Millard Arbuthnot, Jr.  Born 1 November 1977. Served in Iraq.
(4) Alisia Renee Arbuthnot. Born 7 June 1980.
(5) D'Henry William Arbuthnot. Born 28 November 1983.
  (D) Earnest Arbuthnot, Sr. Born c.1952. Illegitimate per Ernest. Address: 1000 Lamanche St, New Orleans, LA 70117 - 2526 (tel: +1 504 945 1946). Married Maylene Kent (born 16 January 1959), daughter of Franklin and Willa Lula Mae Kent. Since Hurricane Katrina she has been living at 8901 Bissonet St, Apt 46, Houston TX 77074 (tel: 713 771 3885).
  (1) Earnest Arbuthnot, Jr. Aged 27 in September 2005.
(2) Orleanto Arbuthnot. Address since Katrina: George R Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX.
(3) Arnike Arbuthnot.  Address since Katrina: George R Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX.
(4) Charles Arbuthnot. Aged 19 in September 2005.  Address since Katrina: George R Brown Convention Center, 1001 Avenida de las Americas, Houston, TX. As was Carlos Arbuthnot (unidentified).


This Table is followed by Table 3 part 2d

The following are also thought to belong on this tree:-

Beau Arbuthnot
Peter Arbuthnot Mississippi
Roosevelt R Arbuthnott 13021 Wilshire, Detroit, MI 48213 born 29 August 42
Timothy Arbuthnot - email address now out of date Woodville, MS Separated, lumberjack, age 26
Mishael Yvonne Johnson (married William Jesse Arbuthnot) mother of Ayanah and Anaya (both female) Mishael was First Lady of Adonai Ministries Dec 2008, photographed with Pastor Beau. Friend of Betty and Oliver Arbuthnot, educ TX, practised CA .
Cornelius Cortey Arbuthnot aged 19 as at September 2006, arrested on drugs charges. Charged (aged 21)  576 Lower Woodville Road, on charges of conspiracy to commit a forgery with intent and burglary.3 October 2008 Natchez, MS
Geraldine Wells, 62, of Liberty, died June 15, 2002, at her residence. Visitation is 6-8 tonight at West Jerusalem Baptist Church. Services are 2 p.m. Saturday at the church with the Rev. Londia Weatherspoon officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Cook’s Enterprise Funeral Home in McComb is in charge of arrangements. Mrs. Wells was born Oct. 11, 1939, in Amite County. She was the daughter of Johnnie and Golee Wells. She was a caregiver and a member of West Jerusalem Baptist Church. Mrs. Wells was preceded in death by her parents; her children’s father, McLawrence Williams Sr.; two infant daughters; two sons, Kenneth Dexter Williams and Marlon Jermaine Williams; and one sister, Ivy Lee Brown. Survivors include one daughter, Carolyn Prater (Claude Stevens) of Baton Rouge, La.; two sons, McLawrence (Arnetta) Williams Jr. of Seoul, Korea, and Ketdrick Wells (Shavone Arbuthnot) of Baton Rouge; four sisters, Shirley Ramsey and Stella (Morris) Simmons, both of Liberty, Alma Johnson and Shirley Jean Wells, both of Baton Rouge; three brothers, Glen A. (Loyce) Wells of Liberty, Joe Lee (Jean) Wells of New Orleans and Edward Earl Wells of Baton Rouge; 11 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren; one aunt, Maggie Pipes of Denham Springs, La.; one uncle, Deacon Alex Pipes Jr. of Liberty; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. 

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