TABLE 3, part 2a.

18 March 2010



James Lycurgus Arbuthnot. Also called James Kirkland or Kirkus Arbuthnot. For his parents and their descendants, see Table 3, part 1.Born April 1836. Buried in the Arbuthnot cemetery, Locust Hill, near Woodville, Mississippi. Enrolled as Private in the Louisiana Cavalry when living in East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. POW parolled at Gainesville, Alabama 12 May 1865. Moved to Woodville, Mississippi. James L Arbuthnot born MS c.1843, single, planter, was living Wilkinson Co 1880. He was a slave owner in Wilkinson County; he mistreated black men and loved black women.  He freed slaves and gave some property to his families.

James had a child by Amy Price (American Indian and Black African, born MS 1845). She left the plantation and married a black man named Albert Armstrong (born MS 1838) by whom she had children James (born MS 1865), Milly (born MS 1867) and Susanah (born MS 1870) Armstrong.


Nolan ("Nutta Pappa") Arbuthnot. Born Woodville January 1860. Died 1946. Farm laborer in 1880. Married Wilkinson, MS, 17 January 1884 Pink ("Pinkey") Hayes (born Mississippi February 1865; died 1940). Pinkie Hays, mulatto, was aged 11 in 1880, dau of George (black aged 59 in 1880) and Rebecca (mulatto aged 22 in 1880) Hays.

AA. Irene Arbuthnot. Born 1876. Died 1974. Buried Ethel, Louisiana. Farmwoman. Owned a large farm in Ethel, Louisiana. Married James Wilson. Besides a son and a daughter who died young (and Lawrence Wilson, who was son of her sister Beatrice, whom they raised) they had:
(A) James Wilson, Jr.
(B) Mildred Wilson. Married first Simon Jackson.
(1) Thelma Jackson.
(2) Velma Jackson.
(3) Simon J Jackson. Address: Fraternal Funeral Home, Inc., P.O. Box 35, 11177 Liberty Street, Clinton, Louisiana 70722.   Tel: +1 (225) 683-5468
(4) Rev Dudley T Jackson, Sr . Address: 10256 Ave F, Baton Rouge, LA 70807. Tel: (225) 774 7397.
(a) Dudley Jackson, Jr.
(b) Linda Magnea Jackson.
(c) Joyce Marie Jackson.
(d) Deborah Jackson. Married Sammy Rees. They live in Conroe, Texas. Tel: +1 (936) 539 1097.
(5) Clarence Jackson.
(6) Mildred Jackson.
(7) Alton Jackson.
(8) Alvin Jackson.
(9) Ulyses Jackson.
(10) Donald Jackson.
(11) Irene Jackson.
(12) Erthine Jackson.
(13) Calvin Jackson.
Mildred married second Harry Jones.
BB. Vennie Arbuthnot. Born 1882. Died 1973. Buried Locust Hill Cemetery. A farm woman who worked on the Milbrook plantation, Woodville. Married as his second wife Pink Dawson, Sr., son of Luke and Masson Cage Dawson. He had married first Ella Young.
(A) James Dawson. Born 10 October 1906. Died Centreville, MS 10 December 1993. Married Irene Lollis.
(1) Freddy M Dawson. Born 19 April 1921. Died Clarksdale, MS 14 July 2003.
(2) Robert Dawson. He is either Robert L Dawson 13 Aug 1928 - Picayune, MS 25 Jan 1997 or Robert Dawson 19 May 1924 - Myrtle, MS 8 March 2001.
(3) Sidney Dawson.
(4) Charles Dawson.
(5) Buleah Dawson. Married _____ Camper. Address: 9443 S Racino Avenue, Chicago, IL  60620. tel: +1 (773) 239 0659.
(a) Diane Camper.
(6) Leola Dawson. Married Ray Grey. They live in Magnolia, MS. Tel: (601) 783 4940.
(B) Mark Dawson, Sr. Born 1 April 1909. Died Woodville April 1979. Married first Lovie Bell.
(1) Annie Lee ("Little sister") Dawson.
(2) Minnie Mae Dawson.
Mark had a child by Beatrice Ferguson.
(3) Willie Dawson.
  Mark Dawson, Sr. Married second 12 May 1941 Anna Price.
(4) Mark Dawson, Jr.
(5) Larry C____ Dawson. Lives in Arkansas.
Larry C. Dawson, Jr. He is an architect in Houston, TX.
Belarre J. Dawson. She is a student
(6) Jennetter Dawson.
Matthew Marcus Dawson
Allison Anna Dawson. She is a school teacher in Woodville, MS.
(7) George Dawson. Born 26 September 1953. Died 19 April 1997.
(8) Pink C Dawson. Born 21 September 1957. Died 17 July 2001. Married Jacqueline Woodfork. Divorced.
(a) Alicia Dee Suzie Dawson. She is information systems security manager with Mitre Corporation in Washington, VA.
(b) Shanda Dawson. Born 24 January 1981. She is a manager for ATT.
Pink then had by Theresa Harrell.
(c) Nathan Harrell.
(9) Jerry C____ Dawson.
(C) Luke Dawson. Born 28 July 1910. Died Woodville April 1986. Married Clara ("Molly") Walker.
(1) Elmo Dawson.
(2) Luke Dawson, Jr.
(3) Evelyn Dawson.
(4) Eva Dawson.
(5) Carmeal / Camille Dawson. Died before July 2004.
(6) Barbara Dawson.
(7) Betty Dawson.
(D) Calvin Dawson. Born Mississippi 2 November 1917. Died Los Angeles 29 May 1980. Married Nina _____. They had one grandson.
(1) Warren Dawson.
(2) Dorian Dawson.
(E) Pink ("Paul") Dawson, Sr. Born 20 January 1914. Died June 1977. Married first Evelina Hampton. Married second Verna _____.
(1) Rebecca Dawson.
(2) Paul Dawson, Jr.
(F) Josephine Dawson. Died before July 2004. Married Will / Willie Strong.
(1) Hal Strong. Born 10 December 1937. Died Woodville 15 January 1982.
(2) Cal Strong.
(3) Ralph Strong. Died before July 2004.
(4) Margaret Strong.  Married _____ Kellogg.
(5) Josephine Strong. Married _____ Miles.
(6) Earlee / Oralee Strong. Married Clifton Johnson.
(a) Amber Johnson
(b) Desiree Johnson.
(7) Cherry Strong. Married Jimmy Keller.
(a) Jacque Keller.
(8) Herbert Strong.
(9) Jessie Mae Strong. Married _____ Brooms.
(10) Shirley Strong.
(G) Vennie Dawson. Died before July 2004. Married Neal Wright. No issue.
(H) Jessie Dawson. Died before July 2004. Married July 1942 Peter Brown (born 1909, died 2000).
There was a family Gathering of this branch in New Orleans 21 - 22 May 2005 (1) Linda Ann Brown. Born 22 August 1946. Married first 28 May 1968 Anthony Buckner (born 17 April 1947, dvu New Orleans January 1984), son of William and Willie Mae Buckner.
(a) Monique Renee Buckner. Born 27 April 1970. Married David Minor. Tel: +1 (504) 737 4690.
Linda married second 26 November 1981 Otto Lewis Jr (born 28 August 1942) and changed her surname to Brown Lewis. Address: c/o Dawn Keller, 7924 Nevada Street, Metairie, Louisiana 70003. Tel: +1 (504) 738 1349.
(I) Eva Dawson. Died before July 2004. Married Charlie Butler. Married second Ural ("Curly") Jones. No issue.
(J) Willie ("Madea") Beatrice Dawson. Born 12 December 1921. Died Lawrence, Newton MS 8 March 1996. Married Buster Gibbs.
(1) Mabel Gibbs. Married Benny Singleton.
(a) Pat Singleton. Married Byron Tillman. Tel: +1 (504) 245 8140
i. Je Von Tillman.
ii. Jamal Tillman.
(b) Claudette Singleton. Married Glenn Oubre. Tel: +1 (504) 246 9475
i. Corey Oubre.
ii. Jordan Oubre.
(c) Julie Singleton. Married first _____Bridges. Married second _____ Hadaira. Address: 1032 Adams Street, New Orleans LA 70118. Tel: +1 (504) 862-0916
i. Tracy Girod Bridges.
ii. Charlene Bridges.
(K) Inez Dawson. Born 4 July 1927. Died October 2005. The second from youngest, living July 2004. She married 2 May 1946 Elmo Cage. Address: 317 S. Rocheblave Street, New Orleans, LA 70119 tel: +1 (504) 822-0995.
(1) Carolyn Cage. Married first Jimmie Lloyd Keller, Sr.
(a) Jimmie Lloyd Keller Jr.  Born 24 March 1963. He has children by ______ ______:
i. Jimmy Keller III.
ii. Jamara Keller.
Jimmie Lloyd Keller Jr.  Married Chesaree Morris.
(b) John Fitzgerald Keller. Born 25 March 1967. He has children:
i. John Keller Jr.
ii. Cyrillia Keller.
(c) Dawn Delecia Keller.  Born 8 March 1971. Married first Juan Seals.
i. Djuan Seals, a daughter.
Dawn married second Brian Cheevis. Address: 1009 Inca Drive, Apt B - New Orleans, LA 70058. Tel: +1 (504) 362 8561
ii. William Cheevis.
Carolyn married second Herbert Benjamin. Tel: +1 (504) 949 3556
(d) Tameka Benjamin. Born 2 September 1977. Had a child by Jimmy Clark Sr.
i. Jimmy Clark Jr.
(2) Brandon Cage.
(L) Herbert ("Big Jim") Dawson, Sr. Died before July 2004. Married Dorothy Smith.
(1) Herbert Dawson, Jr. Died before July 2004.
(2) Stanley Dawson.
(3) Ted Dawson.
(4) Spencer Dawson.
(5) Cynthia ("Lanie") Dawson. Married Ernest Nicks. Tel: +1 (504) 366 5607
CC. James ("Big Bud") Arbuthnot. Born 1888. Died Woodville April 1973. Buried Cedarrest Cemetery. Worked as a boatman before moving to Shreveport, Louisiana. Then moved to New York City, working in the postal service.  Returned to Woodville 1970. Married first Amanda Turner.
(A) Woodrow Arbuthnot. Born 12 April 1913. Died 8 January 1998.Married first Annie _____.  Married second Mamie Lollis. Address: 3025 Laussat Pl., New Orleans, LA (tel: +1 (504) 947 1578). She lost her home in Hurricane Katrina and now lives with Susan Boudreaux.
(B) A daughter.
Bud married second Estelle _____.
DD. Eugenia ("Jenny" / "Jeanne") Arbuthnot. Born 1890. Dsp 1981. Buried Locust Hill. A farmworker on the Milbrook plantation. She bought 100 acres of land located on Rout 2, Pond-Pinkneyville Road, from the Fountainbleu estate in the 1920s. Married first Henderson Harris (died 1927). Married second Noah Grimes.

Florence ("Ida") Arbuthnot. Born 1891. Died 1978. Buried Los Angeles. Professional nanny and cook. Learned to drive aged 65. Married first ____ Lee, 2 sons one of whom died.

Ida married second Carl Lee.


Josephine ("Kitt" / "Kitty") Arbuthnot. Born 1894. Died 1979. Homemaker and church worker who served as "Mother of her church" until she died. She moved to Leland, Mississippi Delta. Married Earnest Parker (died May 1973).

(A) Fred Parker Sr.  Born 24 December 1916. Died 17 September 1996. Married first Keretha Johnson.
(1) Fred Parker Jr. Born September 1949. Died 22 March 2008. Married Geraldine Browder (born October 1949).
(a) Jacqueline Denise Parker. Born 16 December 1960.  Married Robert Butler.
i. (Robert Lashaun) "Shaun" Butler. Born 5 September  1980.
ii. Kyle Butler. Born 25? March 1983.
iii. Casie Butler. Born 15 July 1985.
iv. Tamara Butler. Born 22? August 1987
(b) Debbie Parker.  Born 17 February 1962. Educated Leland High School. Married 11 August 1984 Artis Leonzo Hendryx. (born 29 January 1960). She continues to use the name Parker.
i. Kortney Regina Hendryx. Born 27 October 1986. Educated Dunbar High School, and Hodges University. She married 2009 Clayton Jordan.
ii. Kourey Louise Hendryx. Born 23 October 1989. Educated St Petersburg High School and University of South Florida. Married 12 November 2011 Marjaa Bell. Goes by the name Hendryx-Bell.
iii. Yireals Intwaumaela Hendryx. Born 4 November 1997.
(c) Patricia Ann Parker. Born 22 February 1963. Married first McArthur Brisco (divorced).
i. Frederick Brisco. Born 4 October 1980
Patricia married second Derick Flowers (divorced).
i. Derrielle Flowers. Born 9 June 1993
bPatricia married third 23 March 2011 Leonard Johnson.
(d) Deloris ("Dee") Gerald Parker. Born 6 July 1964. Married Carl Fox.
i. Andrea Brittany Fox. Born 26 November 1988.
(e) Alvin Ronail Parker, Sr. Born 24 July 1965. Educated Leland High school and Mississippi Delta Community College. Night shift supervisor at Pitney Bowes. He married first _____ Hill (died)
i. Shenika Hill. Born 2 December 1986.
aa. Niya Hill, a daughter.
He then married Meritis _____.
ii. Johnathan Parker. aged 19 in 2009.
He then married Yolanda _____:
iii. Alvin Parker, Jr. Born 25 July 1995.
iv. Yasmin Parker. Born July 1996.
(f) Lois Parker. Born 6 July 1968. Educated Leland High school.
Fred married second Hattie Houston.
(B) Carrie Parker. Born 4 January 1918. Died Leland, MS 8 March 1993. Had a daughter by Alex Boyd.
(1) Beulah Boyd. Married Harrison Crockwell.
(a) Denise Crockwell. Died unmarried before 2005. Had a child by _____ Jones.
i. Gregory Jones.
Carrie had a son by Mose Houston.
(2) Louvell Parker Houston. Married Catherine _____.
(a) Belinda Houston. Married Rodney _____.
i. Nickeiva _____.
(b) Louvell Houston.
(c) Cynethia Houston.
(d) Louvetta Houston.
(e) Jacqueline Houston.
(f) Bernard Houston.
(g) Tatyana Houston.
(h) Tramell Houston.
Carrie married first Clarence Wilson (dvu 10 April 1973).
(3) Jeffery ("Jeff") Wilson, Sr. Married Dorothy Kinnard.
(a) Jeffery Wilson, Jr. Born 9 August 1961 died unmarried 14 December 1990
(b) Gale Wilson. Born 3 September 1962. Married 1 June 1985 Brenton Jones. Divorced January 1995.
i. Brittney Jones. Born Memphis, TN 10 November 1987. Had a child by Marcus Lockett.
aa. Bria Lockett. Born 7 November 2005.
Gale had a child by Charles Carroll Sr.
ii. Charles Carroll,  Jr. Born 6 January 1995.
(c) Gregory Wilson. Born 24 November 1964. Had a daughter by Paula Johnson.
i. Erika Wilson. Married Brian Hogwood.
aa. Hunter Hogwood.
Gregory had children by Bridget Broadie (born 19 November 1964):
ii. Kassedi Kashella Wilson. Born 15 May 1986.
aa. Chozen Kajuan Wilson. Born 16 May 2007.
iii. Kyra Kamille Wilson. Born 18 March 1995.
Gregory married 9 August 2008 Candace Robinson (born 18 December 1978).
(d) Kimberley ("Kim") Diane Wilson. Born 15 December 1965. Had a child by Gary Richardson.
i. Deneice Diane Richardson. Born 18 September 1986.
Kim had a child by Princeton Brewer (born 3 March 1950).
ii. Kyle D'wayne Wilson.  Born 30  January 1990.
Kim married Kevin Lydell Wooton (born 22 May 19??). Divorcing.
iii. Destinee Monique Wooten. Born 18 May 2001.
(e) Reginald Paul Wilson. Born 27 July 1968. Never married. Had children by Stephine Pluett.
i. Cordero Wilson. Born 16 January 1987.
ii. Christopher Wilson. Born 18 January 1988.
Reginald had a son by Shinee Wilson.
iii. Joshua Wilson.
Reginald had a daughter by Tonya Stephens
iv. Jazmyne Wilson. Born 29 January 1993.
Reginald had a daughter by Lisha Brown
v. Paulisha Wilson.
Reginald had a daughter by Tina _____
vi. Tiana Wilson.

Reginald had a daughter by Tiffany _____
vii. Octavia Wilson.
(f) Senetra Johnson (adopted in).  Born 17 April 1980. Married Tolbert Jordan (born 9 April 1981).
i. Julian Jordan. Born 23 June 2008.
(4) John Henry Wilson. Born 21 November 1931. Died Lancaster, SC 28 November 2004. Married [date?] Mary Cannon (died 8 December 2002 ?).
(a) Stanley Wilson. Married [date?] Sheila Council
i. Corey Wilson.
ii. Stanley Wilson.
iii. Styles Wilson.
(b) John Wilson. Had children by Berta Wilson.
i. Shurry Wilson.
ii. Daimar Wilson.
iii. Christine Wilson.
John Wilson. Married [date?] Vickie _____.
(c) Marvin L Wilson, Sr. Married [date?] Debra Dunston.
i. Marvin L Wilson, Jr.
(d) Eric Wilson. Had children by _____ _____.
i. Octavia Wilson.
ii. Erica Wilson.
iii. Eric Wilson.
iv. Jalea Wilson.
v. Autum Wilson.
vi. Derrick Wilson.
(5) David Wilson. Married [date?] Arlene Johnson.
(a) Sheila Wilson. Married [date?] LaTairo Hartfield Sr.
i. Quintilla Hartfield.
ii. LaTairo Hartfield Jr.
(b) Sandra Wilson.
(6) Ora Lee Wilson. Born 5 January 1943. Married 25 August 1959 (Leonard) Charles ("Moon") Adley (born 25 July 1935, died 5 August 2006).
(a) Charles Adley. Born 19 July 1960. Had children by Bridgett Edwards (born 19 July 1962).
i. Marquetta ("Marquinez") Adley, a son. Born 15 May 1986.
ii. Atiereya Adley. Born 11 March 1987.
(b) Cassandra Latise ("Tisa") Adley. Born 30 January 1969. Married 16 December 2002 Rodney ("Dennis") Shead (born 9 September 1966). They live in Greenville, MS.
i. Devin Shemar Shead. Born 13 August 1967.
ii. Kason Rashad Shead. Born 19 December 2003.
(c) Alex LeDale ("Dale") Adley.  Born 1 January 1977.
(7) Corine Wilson. Married [date?] Toni Roberts. They live in Gary, IN.

(a) Deloris Roberts. Married [date?] Charlie Bailey.
i. Kayla Bailey.
(b) Ricky Roberts. Had children by whom?
i. Ricky Roberts.
ii. Anetta Roberts.
(c) Marie Roberts. Had children by whom?
i. Kontrell _____.
ii. Montrell _____.
iii. Jarriel _____.
iv. Jaymel _____.
v. Lexus _____.
vi. Grant _____.
vii. Jakala _____.
viii. Verneida _____.
(8) Josephine Wilson. Had a child by Tom Torrey.
(a) Jerome Torrey (is his name Torrey?). Married [date?] Katrina _____.
i. Kira Torrey.
ii. Kacy Torrey.
Josephine had a child by _____ Bell.
(b) Tracey Bell. Married [date?] LeMeer Bell Sr.
i. LaNae Bell.
ii. LeMeer Bell, Jr.
Josephine Wilson. Married [date?] David Robinson.
(c) Dawud Robinson. Married [date?] Delena _____.
i. Danielle Robinson.
ii. Josephine Robinson.
iii. Asaiah Robinson.
(9) Alice Wilson. Married [date?] Tommy McCall.
(a) Maurice H McCall. Born 21 March 1937. Died 9 April 1994. Had children by whom?
i. Naudia McCall.
ii. Lawana McCall.
iii. Jermiah McCall.
(b) Kawon McCall. Had children by whom?
i. Denese _____.
(c) Kevin McCall. Married [date?] Carolyn _____ who  had had two children by a previous relationship, Tyler McCall and Torsha  McCall. Kevin had children by whom?
i. Katera McCall.
ii. Giavanna McCall.
iii. Shemish McCall.
(10) Elizabeth Wilson. Born 2 April 1950. Married 25 December 1974 Joe Garth, Sr. (born 16 August 1952).
(a) Donna Nishun Garth. Born 19 June 1976. Married 27 November 1999 Elwyn LaShard Gooch, Sr. (born 21 November 1975).
i. Elwyn LaShard Gooch, Jr. Born 18 June 2002.
ii. Elyse J Gooch. Born 16 March 2010, a twin.
iii. Eniyah. K Gooch. Born 16 March 2010, a twin.
(b) Joe Teveras Garth, Jr. Born 1 August 1979.
(c) Cedric Lynn Garth. Born 6 July 1981.
(11) Ernest Wilson. Married [date?] Lucinda _____.
(a) Laurelle Wilson.  Born 31 January 1979.
(b) Earnest Wilson.
(c) Adrienne Wilson. Had a child by whom?
i. Monette _____.
(d) Sharon Wilson.
(12) Carl Lee Wilson. Married [date?] Ernestine _____.
(a) Desmond Wilson.
(b) Nikki Wilson.
(c) Louis Wilson.
(d) Roneshia Wilson.
(e) Panellopi Wilson.
Carrie married second Roosevelt Ester (born 13 June 1905; died Leland, MS June 1980). 
GG. Willie ("Duck") O'Riley Arbuthnot. Born 14 January 1894. Died Woodville October 1967. Buried Cedarest Cemetery, Woodville. Served World War I. He worked as a driver of a farm tractor and worked at Mr Max's Sawmill in Woodville. Had a child by Elizabeth ("Liza") Milton.
"He had three daughters and one son, none of whom by Annie or Estelle. Adopted two step-grandchildren, Jacqueline and Michael Holloway." This is inconsistent with the following:
(A) Evelina Arbuthnot, a daughter. Born 24 October 1916. Married William McKinley Johnson.
(1) Linda M Johnson. Born 22 January 1944.  Address: Georgia Gulf LLC, P. O. Box 629, Plaquemine, LA 70765-0629 Tel: +1 225 685 2637
(2) Baziel Jerome Johnson. Born 19 March 1945. Married Deloris _____.
(a) Brandi Johnson.
(3) Calvin Johnson. Born 2 January 1946. The first African American chief judge in New Orleans. Married Gwendolyn Harris.
(a) Nyia Johnson. Married Mr _____ Jones.
(b) Sean Johnson.
(4) Mattie Johnson. Born 7 February 1957. Married Reuben Hall.
(a) Anjelica Hall.
(b) Linda Hall.
Duck then had a child by Annie Gaines sister of Jeff (below).
(B) Beatrice ("Bee") Arbuthnot. Born 1927.
(1) Donald Arbuthnot. Born 7 January 1945.  Died 30 August 2001.  School bus driver. Married first Virginia McDonald.
(a) Donald Arbuthnot, Jr of Kenner, LA. Born 6 April 1964. Married Agnes Green.
i. Whitney Arbuthnot. Born 17 April 1986.
aa. Preston Arbuthnot. Born 24 March 2006.
Whitney is engaged to Damorrial Causey.  
bb. Peyton Causey. Born  5 November 2008.
ii. Justin Arbuthnot  Born 2 July 1992.  .
iii. Donovan Arbuthnot.  Born 14 October 2004.
(b) Ronald Arbuthnot. Deceased.
Donald then had a child by Lucille Ferguson.
(c) Ernest Ferguson of Newport News, VA. Married Athea _____. 1 daughter, 1 son.
Donald then married Wanda Young. They had Zinconda / Octavia (d) below. He then raised Wanda's other four children as his own. They are (a) Kirkland Young Sr of St Francisville, LA [married Michelle Sullivan and has a son, Kirkland Young Jr], (b) Shakela Young [twin, has a daughter Tatiyana Young], (c) Jakela Young [twin], and (d) Donald Lee Young [who was married to Michelle _____ and has a common law wife, Carolyn Arbuthnot, below]. Wanda's address: 8147 Pinckneyville Rd, Woodville, MS 39669- 3960.
(d) Zinconda / Octavia Arbuthnot. Born New Orleans 29 August 1982. Died Jackson 25 February 2003.  She attended Wilkinson County High School. Had children by Charles Smith of Woodville.
i. Clarnecia Arbuthnot.
ii. Taveyana Arbuthnot.
Bee married Halla Minor, Sr (born 22 November 1916, died 23 June 1988). They coordinated the first Lycurgus Branch Gathering in 1979.
(2) William Minor. Died December 2000. Married to Pandora Quarles.
(a) Samantha Minor. Married George Maynard.
i. Trinity Maynard.
ii. Prince Maynard.
iii. Isaiah Maynard.
(b) Monica Minor.
(3) Halla Minor. Married Rosalie Ordone (died).
(a) (Letitia) Renee Minor. Has children by _____ Paul.
i. Paneal Minor.
ii. Montreel Minor.
(4) Samuel Booker Minor.
(a) Rayshane Minor. Married Yarrick Favors, Sr.
i. Desiree Favors.
ii. Yarrick Favors, Jr.
iii. Samuel Favors.
(5) Mary Minor. Married Walter Russell (died before 2009).
(6) James Willie Minor. Freelance actor "Willie Minor" who lives in Los Angeles, California.
(7) Caroll Vern Minor. Married Frances Hart.
(8) Glenn Floyd Minor, Sr. Married Cynthia Joseph.
(a) Glenn Floyd Minor, Jr.
(b) Antoine Joseph Minor.
(c) Eric Minor.
(9) Beverly Minor. Living Atlanta.
(10) Evelyn Paulette Minor. Married Stanley Buie, Sr. (or Bule?)
(a) Stanley Buie, Jr.
(b) Jeremy Buie.
(11) Gwendolyn Elaine Minor. Married Trevas Samuel.
(a) Amber Samuel.
(b) Kayla Samuel.
(c) Trevas Samuel.
(d) Christian Samuel.
Willie married second Estelle Jolla (born 29 November 1919, died 19 November 1998). Willie and Estelle opened a grocery store in 1955; it closed c.2005.
(C) Jacqueline Arbuthnot. Adopted in.
(1) Billy Fay Arbuthnot.
(2) Adrian Arbuthnot.
(D) Lillian Arbuthnot. Married Aaron Venson.
(1) Robert Arbuthnot.
(E) Michael Holloway Arbuthnot. Neither adopted in nor fathered by Willie.
(F) Evelyn Arbuthnot. Married William Johnson.

Beatrice ("Sister") Arbuthnot. Born Mississippi 11 November 1896. Died 15 November 1994. A professional nursemaid in New Orleans.

(A) Lawrence Wilson. Raised by her sister Irene and James Wilson.

Edna R Arbuthnot. Born 18 August 1899. Died 29 November 1993. Buried Locust Hill Cemetery. Married Jeff Gaines, brother of Annie (above).

(A) Gertrude Gaines. Born 15 March 1923. Married Boise Gilliam.
(1) Ruth Levurn Gilliam. Born 29 September 1944.
(a) George Herbert Crawford. Born 15 January 1962 (?).
i. Roderick H Crawford. Born 26 March 1977. He has a child by Tyra Lynette Tadlock.
aa. Kaleb H Crawford. Born 15 December 2003.
Ruth married ______ Brown.
(B) Daity Gaines. Married Henry Johnson.
(1) Edna Johnson. Married William Carrier.
(a) Jessica Carrier.
(b) Robin Carrier, a daughter.
(2) George Johnson.
(3) Marie Johnson. Married James Veal.
(a) Joyce Veal. Married Xavier Reed.
i. Demario Reed.
(b) Robert Veal. Married first _____ _____.
i. R____ Veal, a daughter.
Robert married second Tracy _____. No children.
(c) Jessie Veal, a son. Married Linda _____.
i. Dion Veal, a son.
ii. A daughter.
(d) James Veal. Married Tammi _____.

i. A son.
ii. A daughter.
(4) Julia Johnson.
(5) Sam Johnson. Married Karen Johnson.
(a) A son.
(6) Carol Johnson.
(C) Griffin Gaines, Sr. Married _____ _____.
(1) Griffin Gaines, Jr.
(2) Ravon Gaines, a son.

Nolan ("Little Bud") Oliver Arbuthnot. Born 22 February 1902. Died 15 January 1988. Buried Cedarrest Cemetery, Woodville. Worked for the Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles, California. Married first _____ Married second Rose King (born 1901).

(A) Dorothy Mae Arbuthnot. Married (for 51 years) Elector Lee Pearson Jr (born 4 April 1928, died 19 March 2011), son of Elder Elector Lee Pearson and Donnie, nee Mingo. Thirty grandchildren and twenty great grandchildren.
(1) Harold L Bailey. Dvp before 2011.
(2) Edmond R Bailey. Dvp before 2011.
(3) Cassandra A Bailey. Married Mr _____  Mazyck.
(4)Gary Pearson.
(5)Elector L. Pearson. Maried Belinda _____. Lives in Atlanta.
(6)Virginia R Pearson.
(7)Rita D. _____. Married Brian Thomas.
(8)Priscilla M Pearson.
(9)Gretchen Y Pearson.
(10)Nolan D. Pearson. Married Genny _____.
(11)Ronald W. Love.
(B) Elder Oliver  Harold Arbuthnot. Born 1935. Married Betty Jackson (born 24 August). Lives in Sun King, CA (951 679 6011)
(1) Oliver Harold Arbuthnot Jr
(a) Oliver Harold Arbuthnot III. Born 27 November 1992.
(b) John Arbuthnot.
(c) Julian Arbuthnot.
(2) Phyllis Dean Arbuthnot. Married Bill Williams who already had two sons.
(a) a son
(b) a son
(c) a daughter - Aire'ale Williams?
(3) Dennis Arbuthnot. Married Mary ______. Divorced.
(a) Eisha Arbuthnot. Two or three children.
(b) Eida Arbuthnot.
(C) Elder (or Pastor) Robert Lee Arbuthnot. Born September 1936. Married Gloristeen Parker.
(1) Robert Lee Arbuthnot Jr. Married 27 November 2010 Katy Marie Feldmann, daughter of Ken and Chris Feldmann.

Katie Bell Arbuthnot. Born Mississippi 14 August 1904. Died February 1978. Buried Cedarrest Cemetery, Woodville. Worked at Exxon Refinery (Standard Oil) during World War II and later disabled by an accident. Married Will Harris. Divorced. They had one son who died aged four. Lived with her sister Jennie Grimes in Fontainebleu.


Elnora ("Nora") Arbuthnot. Born 1 August 1906. Died Woodville 2 September 1993. By Whitney Trask, Jr she had Pinkie. Whitney also had children (by Mary Blakes), Whitney Trask III (who married Vanessa _____), Myrtis L Trask, James Trask (d bef.2005, married Florence W____), Margaret Trask (d bef.2005, married Mr Wallace) and Amelia Trask (d bef.2005, married Joseph Lewis).

(A) Pinkie Trask. Born c.1937. Died 23 June 2005 aged 68. Married Huel Dalton, Jr from Independence, LA. By somebody else, he had a daughter, Mary Dalton who married Andrew Lea.
(1) Hiram Dalton. Married Linda _____.
(2) Tony Calvin Dalton. Married Cressandra _____.  Lives in Baton Rouge.
(3) Henry Dalton. Married Estell _____.

Elnora ("Nora") Arbuthnot. By Sam Minor (born 1906) whom she married c.1948 she had:

(B) Mildred Plain Minor. Born where? 1943? Died 1994. Married (?) first _____ _____.
(1) Vivian McGee. Lives in Houston.
Mildred Plain Minor. Married second L.V. McGee, Sr (just initials - they don't stand 'for' anything), dec'd.
(2) L.V. McGee, Jr. (Just initials - they don't stand 'for' anything).
(3) Alton McGee.
(4) Henry McGee. Deceased.
(5) Kelly McGee.
(6) Glenn McGee.
(7) Shantel McGee, a daughter.
(8) Linda McGee.

Elnora married c.August 1948 Sam Minor (born 1906).

(C) Susie Minor. Born 24 July 1949. Married c.October 1973 John Larry Boudreaux This email address doesn't work   (born 14 October 1947).
(1) Jonathan Boudreaux. Born 15 July 1973. Married Sherry Renae Monroe (born Atlanta, GA 15 January 1973).
(2) Susan-Renee Boudreaux. Born 4 May 1978. She lives in Central Mississippi.  Tel: +1 (225) 288 2074  She had a child by Micah Ophir Briggs, Sr (born February 1975).
(a) Micah Ophir Briggs, Jr  Born Baton Rouge 26 December 1997.
Susan had a child by _____ _____:
(b) Aaron Micah Boudreaux born Baton Rouge 29 .February 2008.
(3) Kenric Nolan Boudreaux. Born 3 August 1979.

This Table is followed by Table 3 part 2b

The following are also thought to belong on this tree:-

Beau Arbuthnot
Peter Arbuthnot Mississippi
Roosevelt R Arbuthnott 13021 Wilshire, Detroit, MI 48213 born 29 August 42
Echumlur Arbuthnotliving 1920
H Lonarta Arbuthnotliving 1920
Columbus Arbuthnot (b 1880) md to Mary Liza (b ca 1886)  living 1940
Timothy Arbuthnot - email address now out of date Woodville, MS Separated, lumberjack, age 26
Norwood Smith (born Centreville 18 September 1938) son of Joseph Smith & Golden Arbuthnot Since Hurricane Katrina at 314 Patterson St., Houma, LA (tel: 985 851 3979)
Geraldine Wells, 62, of Liberty, died June 15, 2002, at her residence. Visitation is 6-8 tonight at West Jerusalem Baptist Church. Services are 2 p.m. Saturday at the church with the Rev. Londia Weatherspoon officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Cook’s Enterprise Funeral Home in McComb is in charge of arrangements. Mrs. Wells was born Oct. 11, 1939, in Amite County. She was the daughter of Johnnie and Golee Wells. She was a caregiver and a member of West Jerusalem Baptist Church. Mrs. Wells was preceded in death by her parents; her children’s father, McLawrence Williams Sr.; two infant daughters; two sons, Kenneth Dexter Williams and Marlon Jermaine Williams; and one sister, Ivy Lee Brown. Survivors include one daughter, Carolyn Prater (Claude Stevens) of Baton Rouge, La.; two sons, McLawrence (Arnetta) Williams Jr. of Seoul, Korea, and Ketdrick Wells (Shavone Arbuthnot) of Baton Rouge; four sisters, Shirley Ramsey and Stella (Morris) Simmons, both of Liberty, Alma Johnson and Shirley Jean Wells, both of Baton Rouge; three brothers, Glen A. (Loyce) Wells of Liberty, Joe Lee (Jean) Wells of New Orleans and Edward Earl Wells of Baton Rouge; 11 grandchildren, three great-grandchildren; one aunt, Maggie Pipes of Denham Springs, La.; one uncle, Deacon Alex Pipes Jr. of Liberty; and a host of nieces, nephews, other relatives and friends. 
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