England, Wales & Ireland
(incomplete) Census 1851
30/31 March

This Census is not generally online - although some Counties are (some not showing wivesand children). We have corrected the source material where we are sure of our facts. Households are gathered together, delineated between thick lines.

Name Age /
(Approx) year of birth
Where born Administrative County Occupation Table
(John) d'Monte Arbuthnot 27 April 1822 Madras Warwick, Warwickshire unm.
Insurance funds
Table J
Margaret Arbuthnot Age 65 Ireland Cheltenham, Gloucs Land & houses .
Arbuthnot Berkshire Vol 12 part 1 .
Eliza Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Eliza Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
George Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Isabella Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
James Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Joseph Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Martha Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Nancy Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Sarah Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Sarah Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
William Arbuthnot Co Antrim .
Ada Arbuthnot c.1836 Middlesex Middlesex .
Alice Arbuthnot c.1844 London Middlesex    
Angus Neil Arbuthnot q2 1842 Middlesex Middlesex    
Arthur F Arbuthnot c.1805 Scotland Middlesex    
Bingham Arbuthnot c.1838 India Warwickshire    
Caroline E C Arbuthnot c.1803 Middlesex Middlesex    
Caroline Ramsay Arbuthnot c.1821 Scotland Lancashire    
Charles Arbuthnot c.1847 Berkshire Middlesex    
Charles Ramsay Arbuthnot c.1850 Lancashire Lancashire    
D'Mark Arbuthnot c.1826 . Warwickshire    
Donald J Arbuthnot c.1829 Middlesex Middlesex    
Elisa Taylor Arbuthnot c.1837   Lancashire    
Eliza Ann Arbuthnot c.1804   Middlesex    
Elizabeth Arbuthnot c.1799 Ireland Lancashire    
Elizabeth Arbuthnot c.1803 Middlesex Middlesex    
Elizabeth Arbuthnot c.1799 Middlesex Middlesex    
Ellen Arbuthnot c.1834 Middlesex Middlesex    
Emily Arbuthnot c.1841 Lancashire Lancashire    
Ernest Arbuthnot c.1841 India Sussex    
Fanny Arbuthnot c.1843   Middlesex    
Foster R Arbuthnot c.1834   Hertfordshire    
G Arbuthnot c.1836   Buckinghamshire    
G Arbuthnot c.1836   Buckinghamshire    
George Arbuthnot c.1847 Scotland Lancashire    
George Arbuthnot c.1848 Surrey Middlesex    
George Clark Arbuthnot c.1805 Scotland Lancashire    
Gertrude Arbuthnot c.1817 Essex Middlesex    
Gertrude Arbuthnot c.1845 Scotland Middlesex    
Harriott Arbuthnot c.1790   Middlesex    
Henry Arbuthnot c.1835 Middlesex Kent    
James Arbuthnot c.1809 Ireland Lancashire    
Jane Arbuthnot c.1842 London Middlesex    
John Arbuthnot c.1801 Middlesex Middlesex    
Laura G Arbuthnot c.1846 Berkshire Middlesex    
Margaret P Arbuthnot c.1786 Ireland Gloucestershire    
Maria Arbuthnot c.1803 Middlesex Middlesex    
Maria Arbuthnot c.1834 Ireland Lancashire    
Mary Charlotte Arbuthnot c.1842   Lancashire    
Mary Hay Arbuthnot c.1848 Scotland Lancashire    
Mary M Arbuthnot c.1839 Mauritius Sussex    
Matilda Arbuthnot c.1790   Middlesex    
Matilda L Arbuthnot c.1839 Middlesex Middlesex    
Robert Arbuthnot c.1844   Middlesex    
Sibella Arbuthnot c.1825 Scotland Middlesex    
W Arbuthnot c.1834 London Buckinghamshire    
W Arbuthnot c.1834 London Buckinghamshire    
William Arbuthnot c.1839 India Berkshire    
Arthur Arbathnod c.1843   Northamptonshire    
Charles Arbathnod c.1802   Northamptonshire    
Charlotte Arbathnod c.1820   Northamptonshire    
Charlotte Arbathnod c.1835 Dublin, Ireland Northamptonshire    
Hussey Arbathnod c.1846 London Northamptonshire    
Mabel Arbathnod c.1850   Northamptonshire    
Marsia Arbathnod c.1842 London Northamptonshire    
Hugh Arbathnott c.1784 Scotland Middlesex    
Robert C Arbathust c.1830 Middlesex Kent    
Gangh Arbuthart c.1840 India Sussex    
David C Arbuthcott c.1823 Scotland Lincolnshire    
Alex Dy Arbuthnett c.1796 Hampshire Shropshire    
Catherine Arbuthnett c.1805 Dublin Shropshire    
Ann Arbuthnote c.1842 London Middlesex    
Florence Arbuthnote c.1842 London Middlesex    
John A W Arbuthnote c.1803 Edinburgh Middlesex    
Mary Arbuthnote c.1813 India Middlesex    
Mary Arbuthnote c.1841 London Middlesex    

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