TABLE 1_William.

Arbuthnott Family Association 1976 - 2006

20 June 2008

The descendants of Samuel Arbuthnot's son, William Arbuthnot.

Samuel Arbuthnot Born Northern Ireland 20 February 1758/9. Died Gibsonia, PA 20 February 1844. Immigration: Bef. 1790 From County Cork to Pine Township, PA Military service: Bet. 15 May - 14 December 1793 PA Militia from Westmoreland County, PA Occupation: Farmer, Pine Township, nr. Wexford, PA. Married first ______ ______
A. William Arbuthnot Born Northern Ireland 1781 Died in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ 30 December 1852. Married Kingston Presbyterian Church, Kingston, Somerset Co, NJ 5 November 1808 Mary Howell Born 19 February 1782 Kingston, Somerset County, NJ Died 07 April 1854 in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Father: Stephen Howell Mother: Mary Stout
1. Mary Ann Howell Arbuthnot Born 17 February 1816 New Jersey Died 30 March 1905 in Orange, NJ Buried St. Mark's Cemetery, Orange, NJ  Married first Monroe Jacobus, Sr. Died Bet. 1844 - 1850 in Essex County, NJ Father: Daniel Jacobus Mother: Hannah Campbell
a. William Daniel Jacobus Born 1840 New Jersey Died 1940 Military service: US Army, US Navy, Civil War
I. Elmer Jacobus  
II. Letty Jacobus
III. ______ Jacobus  
b. Eliza Van Ness Jacobus Born 08 September 1841 New Jersey Died 28 March 1891 in Montclair, NJ Buried Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, NJ Married Francis Tolfree, Jr. Born 26 October 1836 London, England Died 13 October 1923 in Montclair, NJ Buried Rosedale Cemetery, Orange, NJ Father: Francis Tolfree, Sr. Mother: Suzanna Bowles
I. Susan Ella Tolfree Born 22 January 1862 Orange, NJ Died 05 April 1927 in West Orange, NJ Married in Rockville Center, NY 30 May 1883 George Franklin Robinson Born 27 April 1857 Orange, NJ Died 28 February 1936 in Orange, NJ Father: Chester Robinson Mother: Margaret Lyon
i. Francis Tolfree Robinson Born 29 November 1887 West Orange, NJ Died 08 April 1970 in Newport News, VA Married Ada Gwendolyn Curtis Born 01 June 1892 Cornwall, England Died 07 March 1980 in Fort Walton Beach, FL Father: Samuel Thomas Arthur Curtis Mother: Philippa Alma Ada Moyses
(A) Gladys Susan Robinson Born 06 July 1918 East Orange, NJ Married  in Rockville Center 19 October 1940 Charles Joseph Metzger Born 29 March 1917 Rockville Center, NY Died May 1986 in Freeport, FL Father: Charles Metzger Mother: Margaret Leddy
(1) Susan Ellen Metzger Born 02 December 1950 Oceanside, NY Education: 1994 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Married in Tisbury, MA 09 June 1973 Dudley Allen Levick III (born 13 January 1948 Cincinnati, OH) Father: Dudley Allen Levick. II Mother: Lucy Dunham
(a) Eli Dunham Levick   Born 26 December 1973 Martha's Vineyard, MA
(b) Melaney Ellen Levick  Born 25 October 1975 Martha's Vineyard, MA Education: 1994 Bennington College student
(2) Charles Curtis Metzger  Born 20 February 1947 Rockville Center, NY
(3) Peter Tolfree Metzger Born 14 September 1948 Rockville Center, NY Married 17 July 1976 Seattle, WA Catherine Cecile Fritsch  Born 09 November 1949 Elma, WA
(a) Rainer Fritsch Metzger  Born 19 May 1977 Seattle, WA
(b) Matthew Curtis Metzger  Born 18 June 1978 Seattle, WA
(B) Frances Muriel Robinson Born 09 April 1917 East Orange, NJ Died 29 October 1993 in Fort Walton Beach, FL
(C) Ada Gwendolyn Robinson Born Rockville Center, NY 21 December 1925  Married first in Mineoloa, NY 27 October 1942 Grover Alonzo Mead (born West Hempstead, NY 23 June 1922)  Father: Alonzo Mead Mother: Lillian Tredwell
(1) Steven Grover Mead   Born Rockville Center 28 October 1945
(2) Pamela Ann Mead Born Rockville Center, NY 9 November 1947  Married Hanna Beshada Kaoud 
(a) John Kaoud   Born 1967
(b) Peter Kaoud   Born 1968
(c) Paul Kaoud Born 1971
(d) David Kaoud   Born 1975
Ada Gwendolyn Robinson married second in Freeport, NY 30 October 1954 Joseph Carmine Montana (Born 28 September 1926 Brooklyn, NY) Father: Anthony Montana Mother: Josephine Navaro
(D) Howard Curtis Robinson  Born Rockville Center, NY 13 November 1926 Married Rockville Center 3 December 1949 Elizabeth Calder Sand (born Oceanside, NY 29 June 1929)  Father: John Foote Sand Mother: Marian Calder
(1) Frank Tolfree Robinson  Born Waterbury, CT 16 February 1952 Married Limerick, PA 17 August 1973 Carol Lynn Plummer (born Missouri 03 May 1949) Father: Thomas Plummer Mother: Virginia Katherine Evans
(a) Rebecca Joy Robinson  Born 06 May 1982 Phoenixville, PA
(2) Ellen Sand Robinson Born Rockville Center, NY 25 July 1955 Married Royersford, PA 25 November 1978 Theodore Francis Radcliffe (born Norristown, PA 7 March 1954) Father: Raymond Allen Radcliffe Mother: Katherine Elizabeth Convey
(a) David Michael Radcliffe  Born Phoenixville, PA 31 July 1981
(b) Gregory Alan Radcliffe  Born Norristown, PA 11 August 1984
(c) Morgan Elizabeth Radcliffe Born Atlanta, Georgia 24 November 1985
(3) James Howard Robinson  Born Baltimore, MD 24 January 1962  Married Cindy _____ 
ii. Lillian F. Robinson Born 18 February 1884 West Orange, NJ Died 07 March 1973 in Brick Town, NJ Married Robert F. Beards, Jr. Died in Orange, NJ Father: Robert F. Beards, Sr.
(A) Robert F. Beards III  Married Suzanne Rondecker 
(1) Kimberly Lillian Beards  Born 15 December 1968 Rockaway, NJ
(2) Robert F. Beards IV Born 28 February 1970 
iii. George William Robinson Born 27 September 1889 Baltimore, MD Died 08 August 1975 in Raleigh, NC Married in West Orange, NJ, 1911 Grace McCall Hamilton Born 11 June 1890 West Orange, NJ Died 1964 in West Orange, NJ Father: Charles Jacob Hamilton Mother: Isabelle McCall
(A) Bruce Hamilton Robinson, Sr. Born West Orange, NJ 29 August 1920  Married in West Orange, NJ 10 May 1942 Enid Willmott (born Brooklyn, NY 28 May 1921) Father: Lee Austin Willmott Mother: Pauline Hazel Bryant
(1) Bruce Hamilton Robinson, Jr., BA, JD. Born San Diego, California 11 February 1944 Married Prince George's   Co., MD, 1 February 1971 Sherry VanNoy (born Bluefield, WV 20 July 1950) Father: Charles Edward VanNoy Mother: Jeannette Freeman
(a) Heather Anita Robinson  Born 08 May 1972 Glen Burnie, MD
(b) Lee George Robinson  Born 12 November 1975 Wilmington, NC
(2) Ronald Lee Robinson, BA Born 22 December 1945 West Orange, NJ Married Raleigh, NC, 1 December 1968 Sally Mizelle Swaine (born 7 July 1947) Father: John Swaine Mother: Sarah Virginia Collins
(a) Susan Elizabeth Robinson. Born Raleigh, NC 14 August 1971
(b) Jennifer Lee Robinson  Born Raleigh, NC 11 September 1974
II. Mary Tolfree Born 22 January 1862 Orange, NJ Died 03 July 1940 in Verona, NJ Married Frank W. Crane Died 1927 Occupation: Civil engineer Father: Samuel Crane
i. Eleanor Crane. Died. Married Roy V. Sheldon Died 12 May 1975
(A) Harold Sheldon  
(B) Audretta Sheldon  
ii. Harold Crane Died in France 15 October 1918
III. Bernice Mabel Tolfree Married Orange, NJ 30 June 1891 George A. Albey Born 15 January 1865 Orange, NJ Father: Nicholas Albey Mother: Catherine Kutcher
i. Helen Irene Albey Born Orange, NJ 03 June 1892. Died Moscow, Latah Co, Idaho 1 August 1935. Married in Montclair, NJ Leon Mussina Fisk (born 6 January 1894; died Sisterville, WV 27 November 1931), son of Lewis Llewllyn Fisk and Lucy Ellen _____. Leon was a WWI veteran and an Assistant Attorney General.
(A) (Bernice) Virginia Fisk. Born Idaho 14 December 1923. Died Lynwood, WA 29 May 1992. Married William George McConnell, Jr. (born Oregon 4 October 1924; died Lynnwood, WA 7 August 1993) and had issue, see below.
ii. Gladys Virtue Albey. Born Orange, NJ 27 August 1899. She married first _____ _____.
(A) Tom _____. Adopted by William McConnell Sr.
Gladys married second William George McConnell Sr (died 28 February 1956; buried Acacia Cemetery, Lake City, WA).
(B) William George McConnell Jr. Born Oregon 4 October 1924. Died Lynnwood, WA 7 August 1993. Married (Bernice) Virginia Fisk, qv above.   Both are buried Acacia cemetery, Lake City, WA.
(1) Craig McConnell. Born 23 May 1946. Died in a car accident 19 September 1965.
(2) Michael ("Mike") Patrick McConnell. Born 26 March 1948. Married Holly Becker. They live in Bellingham, WA.
(a) Matia McConnell.
(a) Semiah McConnell.
(3) Marilyn Rae McConnell. Born 28 October 1951. Married Richard Allen Probst (born Seattle 24 February 1952), son of Gilbert Probst and Florence Marie Steele. He works in demolition and lives in Kenmore, WA. Marilyn retained her maiden name.
(a) Jaime Richelle McConnell. Born Edmonds, WA 8 September 1979. Credit assistant. Married in Las Vegas, NV 11 April 2003 Mark Andrew Beadnell (born Utah 21 March 1975), contractor sales representative. They live in Bothell, WA.
a. McKenna Gwen Beadnell. Born Edmonds, WA 3 November 2005.
b. Lilah Delaney Beadnell. Born Everett Snohomsih County, WA 25 January 2008.
(b) Jeni Danielle McConnell. Born Edmonds 17 April 1984.
(4) Dan Jeffrey McConnell. Born 2 April 1953. Married first Debbie Lancaster.
(a) Paul Lancaster.
Dan married second Nancy _____. He works in demolition and lives  in Seattle, WA.
(b) Laura McConnell. A twin.
(c) Danny McConnell. A twin.
(5) Sheri Lynn McConnell. Born Seattle, WA 1 March 1956. She had a daughter by _____ _____.
(a) Angela McConnell.
Sheri Lynn McConnell. She had children by Marc Gilbert Probst, son of Gilbert Probst and Florence Marie Steele.
(b) Michael McConnell.
(c) Robert McConnell.
Sheri Lynn McConnell then had a son by _____ Stewart.
(d) Kevin Stewart.
Sheri Lynn McConnell then had a son by Marc Gilbert Probst. She lives in Everett, WA.
(e) Ricky McConnell.
(6) Robert Leon McConnell. Born Seattle, WA 14 April 1957. Lives in Seattle. Works in Furniture Sales.
(7) Jerry McConnell. Born Seattle, WA 9 February 1962. Works in auto body repair. Married in Snohomish County, Washington 21 March 1993 Robin Peckham. They live in Woodinvillle, WA.
(a) Craig Wayne McConnell. Born 4 November 1994.
(B) Helen L Fisk. Married Andy Anderson.
(1) Greg Anderson. Married Kay _____.
(2) Andrea Anderson.
Gladys married third _____ _____.
IV. Lillian Frances Tolfree. Married William Lockwood Born Canada Died in Montclair, NJ
c. Monroe Jacobus Born New Jersey 1844
d. Frank Jacobus Born ca. 1850
Mary Ann Howell Arbuthnot married second in NJ 25 October 1852 Nicolas Miller Born Abt. 1827 Died 1907
e. Stephen Miller
I. Howard Miller
2. Eliza Arbuthnot Born New Jersey 1812 Died in Caldwell, Essex County, NJ 1830 Married Caldwell Presbyterian Church, Essex Co, NJ, 4 July 1828, Simon E. Van Ness Born 25 June 1804 Caldwell, Essex County, NJ Died 05 November 1867 in Orange, Essex County, NJ Father: Ephraim Van Ness Mother: Sally Personett
a. Austin Van Ness Born Caldwell, Essex County, NJ 19 February 1830 Died 30 October 1896 in Orange, Essex County, NJ. His mother died following Austin's birth and he was brought up by his grandparents, Wm. & Mary Arbuthnot, at least until his father remarried. Married in Verona, Essex Co, NJ, 15 July 1857 Caroline R. Jacobus (born 30 January 1831 Cedar Grove, NJ; Died Seattle, WA 12 March 1909) Father: Isaac Jacobus Mother: Rachel Van Ness
I. Edwin S. Van Ness Born 29 July 1858 Orange, Essex County, NJ Died Abt. 1912 in New Jersey Occupation: Minister, Anoka MN First Baptist Church, officiated at marriage of Harriet Van Ness and David Pratt, 1898
II. Isaac J. Van Ness Born Orange, Essex County, NJ 15 July 1860 Died Nashville, TN 13 February 1947.   Educ Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Mercer Univ, Macon, GA (D.D.);; Baylor Univ, Waco, TX (Dr of Laws). Isaac was a Baptist minister who had a long and distinguished career with the Southern Baptist Convention and related organizations. Married in Berkeley Co, WV 24 June 1891 Frances Virginia Tabb Born Berkeley County, WV 1866 Died in Nashville, TN 1937
III. Harriet Eliza Van Ness Born 25 December 1863 East Orange, NJ Died 25 March 1955 in Seattle, WA Married Anoka, MN 23 March 1898 David Orlando Pratt (born Anoka, MN 27 August 1868; died in Seattle, WA May 1943), Educ Anoka Business College, Anoka, MN (1889). Occupation: Worked in Goss & King's machine shop, 2 years; for Anoka Boot & Shoe, 2 years; worked in grocery business, 2 years; worked for Standard Oil, 9 years. Owned greenhouse business, 1898-1908. Worked for Peavy Mill near Alki Point, WA, 1908-1920 Father: Elias Pratt Mother: Clarissa Sparks
i. Helen Van Ness Pratt Born Anoka, MN 18 October 1900 Died Seattle, WA 06 June 1973 Educ University of Washington (business, liberal arts and pharmacy). Occupation: Pharmacist Married Seattle, WA 26 November 1925 John Irving Shotwell, Sr. (Born 02 September 1902 Osceola, WI Died 05 May 1984 in Seattle, WA Occupation: Worked for the Boeing Company for 33 years, involved in design and building of Boeing aircraft from the Pan American Clippers to the 737), son of John Shotwell and Martha nee Maynard
(A) John David Shotwell Born Seattle, WA 1929 Died in Seattle, WA 1929.
(B) John Irving Shotwell, Jr.  Born Seattle, WA 9 July 1931. Educ University of Washington, (BA Business administration 1955). Married in Seattle 11 September 1955 Leslie Linda Foster (born Vancouver, Clark County, WA 20 March 1934; educ American Dependents High School, Munich, Germany where her father was commanding officer of a transportation battalion), dau of George Foster and Dorothy nee Daniels. Address 2562 Hillis Drive, Langley WA 98260 (tel 360 321 4416) 
(1) Dorothy Helen Shotwell Born 01 September 1956 Seattle, WA Degree: Western Washington University Married first in Seattle 22 November 1982 Daniel Tobin.
(a) James MacKenzie Tobin Born 09 November 1986
Dorothy Helen Shotwell married second in Seattle, WA 11 May 1991 Chris Hallberg  (born 1961)
(b) William Olin Hallberg  Born 14 February 1993
(2) David Foster Shotwell  Born 09 July 1958 Seattle, WA Education: University of Washington Graduation: Pacific Coast Banking School Married in Seattle, WA 21 March 1981 Cynthia Heiser Born 23 August 1955 Seattle, WA Degree: University of Washington
(a) Christopher John Shotwell  Born 12 May 1983 Seattle, WA
(b) Sarah Elizabeth Shotwell  Born 08 October 1984 Mercer Island, King County, WA
(3) Mark Alan Shotwell Born 25 September 1961 Seattle, WA Educ: Western Washington University   Married in Seattle, WA 23 August 1986 Elisa Paredes Lim (born Manila, Philippines 02 October 1961), educ University of Washington, dau of Ben Zalsos Lim and Ines Peralta nee Paredes.
(a) Amy Catherine Shotwell   Born 18 January 1992
(C) Dale Austin Shotwell Born 14 June 1933 Seattle, WA Educ University of Washington (BA); Washington State University (MA).  Married in Seattle 19 March 1955 Ann Mary Wettleson   Born 13 February 1935 Walker, MN
(1) Steven Austin Shotwell  Born 26 March 1956 Seattle, WA. Married in Washington 11 September 1987 Catherine Sebile (Born 13 November 1959 Arbois, France).
Steven Austin Shotwell had childrn by Lisa Renee Lightner (born Conrad, MT 28 January 1966)
(a) Zale Loren Lightner-Shotwell  Born 02 December 1993 Missoula, MT, a twin
(b) Quentin Robert Lightner-Shotwell  Born 02 December 1993 Missoula, MT, a twin.
(2) Muriel Lynn Shotwell Born 13 February 1958 Seattle, WA. Married in Poulsbo, WA 8 September 1978 Michael Edward Walsh (born Italy 7 July 1958)
(a) Kristina Elaine Walsh  Born 12 March 1980 Bremerton, WA
(b) Stacey Marcia Walsh  Born 07 November 1982 Poulsbo, WA
(c) Eileen Michelle Walsh  Born 17 November 1984 Poulsbo, WA
(d) Gary Milton Walsh   Born 05 May 1986
(3) Mary Susan Shotwell Born 19 August 1960 Bremerton, WA Married in Poulsbo, WA 23 December 1983 Evan Pierce Olsen  Born 29 October 1958
(a) Rachel Marie Olsen-Shotwell  Born 08 January 1986 Seattle, WA
(b) Tyler Austin Olsen-Shotwell  Born 10 July 1987 Seattle, WA
(4) Janet Helen Shotwell  Born 02 March 1962 Bremerton, WA Educ University of Washington (M.D.)
(a) Shileah Orlob-Shotwell Born 16 September 1983.
(b) Levi James Shotwell  Born 19 October 1994 Salem, OR
(D) Nancy Helen Shotwell Born Seattle, WA 15 April 1941 Educ Central Washington Univ (BA). Married in Seattle 1962 Gary Coulter (educ Central Washington Univ, BA).
(1) Kimberly Coulter
(2) Kevin Coulter
(3) Karl Coulter
IV. Rachel Cornelia Van Ness Born 20 January 1867 East Orange, NJ Died. Married Earle Gillespie
3. Christopher Howell Arbuthnot Born New Jersey 1814 Married Julia _____
4. Samuel E. Arbuthnot, Sr. Born Abt. 1820 Died Bef. 1900 Occupation: Laborer 1850. Married Sarah E. _____ Born New Jersey May 1829.
a. Ella J. Arbuthnot Born 1854 New Jersey
b. Adah L Arbuthnot Born 1856 New Jersey
c. Josephine Arbuthnot Born Bloomfield Township, Essex County, NJ  01 January 1857. Married Douglas Kirk (born New York state 1859), engineer.
I. Samuel Kirk Born New Jersey 1880.
d. Mary H. Arbuthnot Born Bloomfield Township, Essex County, NJ  14 June 1859.  Telephone operator
e. William A. Arbuthnot Born Bloomfield Township, Essex County, NJ  27 December 1861. Clerk and druggist in 1900. Married in Eighth Avenue M E, Parsonage, Newark, NJ, 23 December 1884, Emma Morris (born New York State 17 January 1860, a Civil War orphan), dau of Robert Morris and Margaret Ann, nee Lent.
I. Leslie W. Arbuthnot Born New Jersey July 1885
II. Alanson F. (or T.) Arbuthnot Born New Jersey December 1888
III. Samuel E. Arbuthnot Born New Jersey 09 April 1894. Died in Cedar Grove, Essex County August 1976
IV. Elsie M. Arbuthnot Born New Jersey 19 November 1899 Died in Montclair, Essex Co., NJ March 1979
f. Emma E. Arbuthnot Born New Jersey 1865
g. Anna Arbuthnot Born New Jersey  1866
h. Samuel E. Arbuthnot, Jr. Born 1869 New Jersey Died Bef. 1880
5. Stephen Arbuthnot Born Abt. 1824 Died 16 December 1880 in New Jersey Buried Plot D-18, Alpine Cemetery, Perth Amboy, NJ Occupation: 1850 Carpenter, New York City
Married Jane Adelle Masker Born Perth Amboy, NJ Died 24 October 1893 in Plainfield, NJ Buried Perth Amboy Cemetery Father: Aaron E. Masker Mother: Emma _____
6. Peter Morrison Arbuthnot Born 05 August 1825 Died 10 September 1827 Buried Caldwell, NJ
7. (unknown) Arbuthnot
Samuel Arbuthnot married second Esther McMarlin Born 21 March 1779 Ireland Died 28 September 1852 Burial: Unknown United Presbyterian Churchyard, Gibsonia Father: John McMarlin
B. Alexander Arbuthnot  Born 01 September 1798 Pennsylvania Married Mary Jane Evins 1796 - 1862 Born 26 August 1796 Died 01 July 1862 (see Table 1 Alexander).
C David Arbuthnot Born Pennsylvania 1799 Farmer.  Married Eleanor Fowler Born abt. 1800 (see Table 1 David).
D. Jane Arbuthnot Born 1801 Pennsylvania Died 19 March 1883 in Pennsylvania Buried United Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 2 miles northeast of Mars, PA Married William Forsythe Born 1798 Ireland, farmer
E. Carson William Arbuthnot Born Abt. 03 May 1804 Jamestown, Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 01 January 1873 in Boulder County, CO Married Mary Frances Jones Born June 1809 Ireland Died November 1870 in Boulder, CO (see Table 1 Carson).
F. Sarah Arbuthnot Born 1806 Pennsylvania Died Unknown  (see Table 1 Samuel)
G. Samuel Arbuthnot Born 1808 Pennsylvania Died 08 January 1895 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Occupation: Farmer
Married Tryphena Toogood  Born Abt. 1820 England Died Bef. 10 June 1880 in Plattford, Sarpy County, NE Buried near Plattford, NE Father: Christopher Toogood Mother: Mary _____ (see Table 1 Samuel).
H. Robert Arbuthnot Born 21 March 1810 Allegheny, PA Died 08 May 1856 in Plymouth County, IA Military service: Civil War. Married Jane Holden Born 24 December 1813 Ireland Died 13 September 1898 Buried Pomona Cemetery, CA (see Table 1 Robert).
I. Mary Arbuthnot Born 1812 Allegheny, PA Died 02 April 1889 Buried Xenia, NE, in plot with her nephew Christopher T. Arbuthnot, her brother Samuel, and his wife Tryphena. She was developmentally delayed.
J. James Gibson Arbuthnot. Born 15 January 1816 Allegheny County, PA Died 05 August 1893 in Republic County, KS Buried Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education: Ohio University, Athens, mathematics and surveying Occupation: Stockman, county surveyor, teacher
Married Mary Catherine Vogel/Fogal. Born 24 August 1826 Mainzlar, Hessen, Darmst, Germany Died 08 November 1900 in Belleville, KS Burial: Unknown Farmington Township, Republic County, KS Education: Was a student of James Gibson Arbuthnot, whom she married Father: Daniel Vogel Mother: Anna Katharina Erkel   (see Table 1 James).
K. Martha Arbuthnot Born 27 May 1818 Arlington, Pennsylvania Died 15 August 1879 in Tama County, IA
Married John Newton Born 28 April 1828 Leicestershire, England Died in Tama County, IA He planted all the trees on George Keck's farm Father: Stephen Newton Mother: Lucy Ann Dawson (see Table 1 Martha).
L. Thomas Gibson Arbuthnot Born 26 April 1821 Pine Township, Allegheny County, PA Died 06 June 1903. Married Rhoda Orsborn  Born 1810 Pennsylvania Died 21 September 1878 (see Table 1 Samuel)

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