The main branch of the family


This chart sets out the table numbering re the main branch of the family, most of whom are in the UK.


A. The descendants of Hugh de Swinton and de Aberbothenoth,
in turn a descendant of Edulf Edulfing, 1st Earl of Bamburgh (d. 912)
B. The descendants of Robert Arbuthnot,
12th of Arbuthnot (incl Admiral Marriot Arbuthnot and Arbuthnot of Fiddes)
H. The descendants of Robert Arbuthnot in Rora,
incl Dr John Arbuthnot and John Moir.
N. The descendants of James Arbuthnot Sr, 1st of Lentusche
C. The descendants of Andrew Arbuthnot, 15th of Arbuthnot. G. The Carnegy-
I. The descendants of
George Arbuthnot of Kinghornie incl Rt Hon Charles Arbuthnot, friend of 1st Duke of Wellington
J. The descendants of
John Arbuthnot of Whitehill & Toddlehills.
P. The descendants of Alexander Arbuthnot 1st in Rora
D. The descendants of
Sir Robert Arbuthnott, 1st Viscount of Arbuthnott.
K. The descendants of
Sir William Arbuthnot 1st Bt of Edinburgh (incl Adm Sir Robt Arbuthnot)
K. ... cont'd L. The descendants of
William Reierson Arbuthnot, Sr of Plawhatch (incl Arbuthnot of Kittybrewster and Rt Hon James Arbuthnot, MP)
M. The descendants of
James Arbuthnot of Dens
(the South African branch).
Q. The descendants of
Nathaniel Arbuthnot, 3rd of Rora and of Auchlee incl John Moir
E. The descendants of
John, 8th Viscount of Arbuthnott
E. ... cont'd R. The descendants of Hon Alexander Arbuthnot (none of whom still bear the name)
- mostly in Canada

The darker colour denotes double "T" families........Green font is public access........Navy font is accessible by members only

Approx Relationships E G I K L M R
E - 6th 14th 14th 14th 14th 6th
G 6th - 14th 14th 14th 14th 6th
I 14th 14th - 8th 8th 8th 14th
K 14th 14th 8th - 4th 5th 14th
L 14th 14th 8th 4th - 5th 14th
M 14th 14th 14th 5th 5th - 14th
R 4th 6th 14th 14th 14th 14th -


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