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Sir ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Created 1st Viscount of ARBUTHNOT and Lord of BERVIE, 16 November 1641. Born c.1617. Died 10 October 1655. For his ancestors, see E.1.b. on Table C. Married, first, before 1639, Lady MARJORIE CARNEGIE (died 22 December 1651), widow of William Halyburton of Pitcur and daughter of the 1st Earl of Southesk.
A. The Hon MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 3 May 1642. Married in Bervie, 2 June (proclaimed 14 April) 1659, Sir JOHN FORBES of Monymusk, 3rd Bt, son of Sir William Forbes, 2nd Bt and Jean née Burnett (daughter of Sir Thomas Burnett, 1st Bt of Leys, see Burnett).
1. Sir WILLIAM FORBES of Monymusk, 4th Bt. Married Lady JEAN KEITH, daughter of the Hon Sir John Keith, 1st Earl of Kintore, son of William Keith, 6th Earl Marischal.
a. MARY FORBES. Died 8 March 1750 aged fifty-four. Married, 24 March 1715, William Urquhart, 21st of Meldrum (See A.3. on Table J).
B. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, 2nd Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Known as "the Wise Lord". Died 15 June 1682. Married first, contract dated 25 March 1658, Lady ELIZABETH KEITH (died 1664), daughter of William Keith, 7th Earl Marischal (died 1661).
1. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, 3rd Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 8 October 1661. Died August 1694. Married, 3 May 1683, Lady ANNE SUTHERLAND GORDON (died June 1695), daughter of George, 14th Earl of Sutherland. On Robert's death, his widow, who seems to have disapproved of the guardians whom he had appointed to their children, including his uncle, Alexander Arbuthnott of Knox and his brother-in-law, Sir Thomas Burnett of Leys (see Burnett), succeeded in getting the will set aside. Alexander Arbuthnot then procured himself to be served tutor-at-law to the children as their nearest agnate, whereupon Lord Sutherland presented a petition to Parliament making charges against the past administration of the estate and questioning Alexander's fitness to be appointed tutor-at-law. The tutor had the support of at least two members of the family, namely John Arbuthnot of Fordoun (8 below) and Robert Arbuthnott, provost of Montrose (Table 13).
a. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, 4th Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Baptized 24 November 1686. Died unmarried 1710.
b. The Hon JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Married Captain CRAWFORD of Camlurg and had issue.
c. The Hon GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Died young.
d. The Hon WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT. Died young.
e. The Hon ISOBEL ARBUTHNOT. Died 1692.


Married 1717, ROBERT BURNETT, second son of Robert Burnett (see Burnett) and described as Tutor of Glenbervie.





The Hon HELEN ARBUTHNOT. Died 1741.


The Hon JANET ARBUTHNOT. Died Prestonpans July 1704 and was interred on the 18th inst.

k. The Hon JOHN ARBUTHNOT, 5th Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Known as "the Good Lord". Dsp 8 May 1756. Married JEAN MORRISON, daughter of William Morrison of Preston Grange (brother of both Helen, Countess of Glasgow and Catherine, Lady Strathnaver).
2. The Hon MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Died July 1744. Married, 1677, Sir THOMAS BURNETT of Leys, 3rd Bt, son of Sir Alexander Burnett of Leys, 2nd Bt., see Burnett.  They had twenty one children.
Robert, 2nd Viscount of Arbuthnot, married second, contract dated 30 July 1667, KATHERINE GORDON (born Pitlurg, Aberdeenshire 1644), daughter of Robert Gordon of Pitbury & of Straloch. She married second, Sir DAVID CARNEGIE of Pitarrow, 2nd Bt.

The Hon ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born 10 November 1669. Married, before 13 March 1686, ANDREW WOOD of Balbegno.

4. The Hon (AGNUS) ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Bap Bervie 9 Jan 1672. Died 1742. Married in Fordoun 25 November 1693 JOHN HAY (or HORNE) of Westhall, Advocate.
5. The Hon JOHN ARBUTHNOT of Fordoun. Bap Bervie 5 Mar 1673. Died 1737. Married MARGARET FALCONER, daughter of Sir James Falconer of Phesdo.
a. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Died 16 April 1775.

MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Died 25 December 1779.


JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Died 19 July 1781.

d. MARY ARBUTHNOT. Died 25 May 1783. Married in Banchory, 17 June 1736, JOHN DOUGLAS 11th of Tilwhilly (baptized September 1708; died 1791) and had issue.
e. ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Died 15 February 1777.
f. JAMES ARBUTHNOT. Dsp August 1727.
g. CATHERINE ARBUTHNOT. Dsp 28 January 1775. Married JAMES MOIR of Invernettie.
h. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, 6th Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Known as "the Rich Lord". Born 1703. Died 20 April 1791. Married first, contract dated 16 April 1740, MARJORIE DOUGLAS, daughter of Robert Douglas of Bridgeford.
He married second, August 1
749, JEAN ARBUTHNOT (died 18 March 1786), for details of whom see B.AA.l.aa. 1.(B)(1)(b) on Table B.
AA. The Hon ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Master of Arbuthnot. Dsp & cp 1785.
BB. JOHN ARBUTHNOT, 7th Viscount of ARBUTHNOT. Born 1754. Bap 25 October 1754. Died 27 February 1800. Married, 1775, ISABELLA GRAHAME (died 4 March 1818), daughter of William Barclay Grahame of Morphie & Balmakewan.
(A) JOHN ARBUTHNOTT, 8th Viscount of ARBUTHNOTT. Born 16 January 1778. Died 10 January 1860. The first member of this family consistently to spell his name with two 'T's at the end. For further details of him and his descendants see Table E.
(B) The Hon General Sir HUGH ARBUTHNOT, KCB, CB, MP. Born 1780. Died unmarried 11 June 1868. Formerly 52nd Light Infantry. Then Colonel 79th Highlanders 1862.
(C) The Hon ROBERT ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried 1801.
(D) The Hon FRANCIS WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried 1809.
(E) The Hon DUNCAN ARBUTHNOT. Killed in action Peninsula campaign unmarried 3 April 1811. Lt, 95th Foot.
(F) The Hon General WILLIAM ARBUTHNOT, Royal Artillery. Died unmarried 1876.
(G) The  Hon Captain JAMES ARBUTHNOT, RN.  Died 1817. Commander of 18-gun Brig sloop Avon, destroyed 1 September 1814, by sinking at the close of an action with the American sloop of war Wasp, Channel
(H) The Hon MARIOT ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.
(I) The Hon ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT. Born 1794. Died East Gwillumbury Township, Ontario 1 August 1870. Married in Logie Pert, 16 December 1817, JEAN (or JANE) MATHER (born 1792; died 17 August 1866). They emigrated to Canada c.1819 with their infant son, John. Both are buried in Selby Burial Ground, Sharon, Ontario. See Table R.
(1) JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Born 18 March 1819. Died unmarried 2 January 1858. Buried in Selby Burial Ground.
(2) ISABELLA ARBUTHNOT. Married SAMUEL DOUGLAS and had issue. they had numerous descendants - See Table R.
(3) ELIZABETH ("BETSY") ARBUTHNOT. Born 1821. Died 1900. Married JOHN EVANS (who had previously been married to Miss Fletcher).  They had numerous descendants - See Table R.
(4) JANE ARBUTHNOT. Born 26 August 1825. Died May 1907. Married in Newmarket, Ontario, 1 December 1843, DAVID EVANS Jr (born 7 December 1818; died 1913).  They had numerous descendants - See Table R.
(5) MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Married, shortly after his arrival in Canada, JOHN STRINGER (born Yorkshire). He emigrated to Canada c.1833, settling north of 'Muddy York'. They homesteaded in Kent County, Ontario at a farm known as 'Stringer's Folly' on a gravel road between Lake Erie and Chatham.  They had numerous descendants - See Table R.
(J) The Hon JANE ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried 1841.
(K) The Hon CATHERINE ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1788. Died 16 December 1853 aged 65. Married Careston, 19 April 1805, the Rev DAVID LYELL (born c.1769; died 15 July 1854 aged 85), minister of Careston, son of STEWART LYELL of Kinneff.
(1) John Gardener / Gairdner Lyell. Born Careston 19 March 1806. Bap Careston 5 Aprl 1806. Asst surgeon in the Navy 14 April 1826 - 1848.
(2) Stuart / Stewart Thomas Lyell. Born 13 July 1807. Died Ballary, India 17 July 1853 aged 45. Surgeon, EICS.
(3) James Leitch Lyell. Born 11 February 1810. A banker who moved between Scotland and USA several times. It is thought all his children were born in USA. Eventually emigrated to New Zealand in 1861 and built “Careston” (a substantial house in Parnell Auckland). Married Clara Eliza Scott of Castle Fraser.
i. David Stuart Lyell. Born Detroit 1839. Died Auckland, NZ 24 February 1890. Banker. Married 1863 Annie Heseltine Winter (died 13 April 1908 aged 62).
aa. Clara Lyell. Born 15 October 1864. Died 18 September 1947. Married 27 December 1889 Thomas J Heskett.
(a) Stuart Ambrose Heskett. Born 14 October 1890.
(b) William H L Heskett. Born 1894. Dsp England 1 September 1914.
(c) Marguerita Heskett. Born 1898. Dsp England 17 July 1919.
(d) Clara Ferra Heskett. Born 27 November 1903. Married 15 March 1928 Mr _____ Marshall.
bb. Annie Arbuthnott Lyell. Born 16 June 1866. Died 29 September 1930. Married 24 March 1887 William Frederick Burrow (died 8 May 1940).
(a) Winifred Lyell Burrow. Born 20 June 1888. Married 11 June 1918 Mr _____ Symington.
(b) John Hugh Burrow. Born 1 February 1897. Dsp 21 March 1911.
(c) Aggie Heseltine Burrow. Born 22 July 1890. Died Sydnay 1 November 1953. Married first 1 July 1914 John V Tyree.
(i) Mary Arbuthnott Tyree. Born 3 December 1916.
(ii) Alfred William Tyree. Born 4 November 1921.
Aggie married second 22 December 1924 John H Kyd.
(d) Edward William Burrow. Born 29 October 1891. Died 21 January 1959. Married 2 December 1914 Olivette Quist.
(i) Judy Burrow. Born 8 October 1915.
(ii) John Rupert Burrow. Born 24 April 1917.
(iii) Patricia Arbuthnott ("Betty") Burrow. Birth registered Goulburn NSW 27 July 1921.  Died 2 July 2012. Baptised as Betty Quist Burrow. Married 9 March 1942 Robert Allen Sanderson
(I) Robert John ("Bob") Sanderson  Born 4 May 1947. Married Vicki Cole (born 23 October 1947) vickisanderson @
A. Jai Sanderson, born 19 November 1969, married Scott Lewis 19 May 2000
(A) Ethan Lewis, born 10 November 2002
(B) Summer Lewis, born 19 September 2005
B. Julee Sanderson, born 2 November 1945, died leukemia 22 September 1993, married Norman Topp
(A) Joshua Topp, born 27 April 1975
(iv) Margaret Burrow. Born 22 December 1923.
(v) Frederick James Burrow. Born 10 November 1929.
(e) Clara Arbuthnott Burrow. Born 1893. Dsp 10 December 1893.
(f) Doris Arbuthnott Burrow. Born 3 July 1894. Married 18 June 1921. Mr _____ Barker.
(g) Meta Macleay Burrow. Born 6 August 1899. Married 9 July 1923 Mr _____ Hollands.
(h) Kathleen May Burrow. Born 23 May 1901. Married 5 November 1921 Mr _____ Curtis.
(i) Fritz Burrow. Born 23 November 1903.
(j) Walter Burrow. Born 31 December 1908. Dsp 31 December 1908.
cc. Meta Heseltine Lyell. Born 14 February 1868. Died 21 June 1956. Married 17 September 1896 Richard H Baff.
(a) Marjorie Lyell Baff. Born 13 June 1897. Dsp 5 February 1967.
dd. Hugh Winter Lyell. Born 21 April 1869. Dsp in South America of yellow fever 20 November 1891.
ee. Stuart Lyell. Born 1872. Dsp 21 March 1914.
ff. Agnes Ruby Lyell. Born 9 July 1875. Drowned sp in Auckland 20 March 1890.
gg. Edward Ireson Lyell. Born 26 February 1873. Died 29 March 1948. Married 3 April 1899 Maud Annie McLeod.
(a) Edward Owen Lyell. Born 26 January 1900. Died 1960s. Married Miss _____ McArdle.
(i) Madeline Lyell.
(ii) Valerie Lyell.
(iii) John Lyell.
(b) Arthur Heseltine Lyell. Born 26 April 1902. Died 1970s. Married Sybil Constance Hardy.
(i) Rosemary Lyell.
(c) Clive Ireson Lyell. Born 22 July 1916. Died 1982. Married Mollie Nina Byron Ward.
(i) Kenneth Philip Lyell. Born 19 January 1950. Married Susan Elizabeth Heap from Rochdale, England.
(I) Philippa Courtney Lyell. Born 18 February 1982.
ii. James Arbuthnott Lyell.   Owned a brewery, Lyell Bros Brewery, which was sold to Sir John Logan Campbell and eventually became NZ Breweries Ltd. Moved to Sydney. Unmarried.
iii. William Scott Lyell. Owned with his brother Jim a brewery. Moved to Sydney. Unmarried.
iv. John ("Jack") Hugh Arbuthnott Lyell. Born Detroit Michigan USA. He was a manager of BNZ Bank, and died in Nelson NZ.
v. Catherine ("Kate") Arbuthnott Lyell. Born c 1846 in Detroit Michigan USA. Died 6 January 1903 in Auckland NZ.  Married 8 August 1877 at Auckland Francis Innes (born London 1839, died 18 November 1989 at Parnell Auckland NZ, being a son of Henry Innes, who was a Civil Secretary Admiralty.  Francis Innes served in Crimea, and later as a Captain in the British Imperial Army, arriving in NZ 1860 for the engagement with the Maori now known as The Land Wars.  He first married Ms K Kelly, who died soon after his first son Frank Innes was born. He married Kate Lyell in 1877 and they lived at “Gardyne” (a substantial house in Parnell Auckland that Kate’s father gave them as a wedding present), and had 6 children:
aa. Henry Stuart Lyell Innes, born c 1878, who became manager of the Northern Union Steamship Co in Sydney NSW.y hhh
bb. Clara Isabel Innes, born c 1880 and married Laurence H Taylor, solicitor of Hawera NZ
(a) Robert Taylor
cc. Edward Scott Innes, born c 1881, who became an industrial chemist for the Sydney Refining Sugar Company Ltd
dd. William Ashley Innes, born 21 April 1883 at North Shore Auckland, and married Rosa Louisa Smelt (born c 1873, and died at Hawera 14 April 1907, and being eldest daughter of Robert Smelt and Eliza Bush of Thames, NZ)
ee. Frederick Arbuthnot Innes, born c 1885, who became commissioner of the Public Trust, Wellington
ff. Vincent James Innes OBE. Born at Auckland 21 April 1888. Died in Wellington NZ in 1952 . Married at St Mathews Church Auckland, Muriel Annie Smith (born at Sydney NSW, 11 May 1894, died at Hamilton NZ 26 September 1978, being second oldest daughter of William Smith of New South Wales, soldier, and Elizabeth Marion Smith (nee Snelnock)) Wounded at Gallipoli in WW I, and served as Lt Col. with NZ Staff Corps during WW II
(a) Marie Innes died on active service in France Sept 1945
(b) Yolande Elizabeth Lyell Innes QSO, born 26 Jan 1920 at Te Awamutu NZ, died 30 March 1998 at Cambridge NZ, married at Savoy Chapel London on 3 Oct 1951 David William Maurice Gay MC (born 2 April 1920, son of Stuart Eddington Gay of Point Lodge Rye Sussex, and Margaret Muriel Kennedy)  retired Major of  the Queens’ Bays
(i) Susan Margaret Joanne Gay, born 17 August 1953 in London, teacher & art therapist of Auckland NZ
(I) Arthur Gawain Elias Gay, born at Arlesheim, Switzerland 24
(ii) (David) Richard Innes Gay, born 24 November 1954 at Catterick Camp, Yorkshire, Barrister of Devonport Auckland. Married in Rotorua NZ on 27 November 1976  Philippa Margaret Jardine (born 15 February 1955, oldest daughter of Dr. James Lewis Jardine, and Janet Margaret Waterworth, of Rotorua NZ)
(I) Edward David Gay, born 4 June 1980, journalist with NZ Herald
(II) Lucy Janet Gay, born 26 February 1982, solicitor of Auckland
(III) Clare Yolande Gay, born 11 December 1986, civil engineer
(4) Hugh Arbuthnott Lyell. Born 8 January 1812. Died Edinburgh 7 May 1878. Minister of Auchterhouse. Married Elizabeth Hardie.
i. Elizabeth Catherine Helen Wedderburn Lyell.
ii. David John Stewart Lyell.
iii. Clare Jane Isabella Lyell.
iv. Williamina Scott Arbuthnott Lyell.

The Hon HUGH ARBUTHNOT. Drowned unmarried 2 October 1778.



EE. The Hon Margaret Arbuthnot. Died 8 June 1801. Married, 21 April 1769, Sir Alexander Dunbar, 5th Bt of Northfield (born 12 January 1742; died 20 December 1791).

Sir Archibald Dunbar, 6th Bt of Northfield, DL, JP. Born 30 June 1772. Died 23 March 1847. Married first, 6 November 1794, HELEN GORDON-CUMMING (died 16 March 1819), daughter of Colonel Sir Alexander Penrose Gordon-Cumming, 1st Bt of Altyre, MP.

(1) Sir ARCHIBALD DUNBAR, 7th Bt, DL, JP. Born 5 July 1803. Died 6 January 1898. Convenor co Elgin for forty-two years. Lieutenant in the Army. Married first, 12 June 1827, KEITH ALICIA RAMSAY (dvu 15 March 1836), daughter of George Ramsay and the Hon Jean, née Hamilton, sister of 7th Baron Belhaven. Married second, 5 November 1840, SOPHIA ORRED (died 2 June 1909), daughter of George Orred. He had issue by both marriages.
(2) John Dunbar. Born 14 March 1805. Died 1 November 1856. Bengal CS. One of the Sudder Judges. Married, 20 December 1865, Anna Sophia Hagar, daughter of Rev G. Hagar and had issue including
i. Penrose John Dunbar.
ii. Aileen Sophia Dunbar.
iii. Lennox Archibald Dunbar.
iv. Rothes Lennox Dunbar.
v. Ianthe Aileen Bowes Lyon Dunbar.
vi. Lt Col Arbuthnott Perry Byng Sutherland Dunbar. Born 18 November 1847. Died 1890. Married Catharina Hester Orred.
ee. Aileen Edith Dunbar. Married Robert Cecil Hunter.
(a) Robin Arbuthnott Hunter. Born c.1910.
hh. Captain Arbuthnott John Dunbar. Born 1885. Kia 1915.
jj. Sir (Archibald) Edward Dunbar, 10th Bt. 1889. Died 1969. Married 10 April 1926 Olivia Douglas Sinclair May.
(a) Sir Archibald Ranulph Dunbar, 11th Bt. Born 8 August 1927.
(b) Alexander ("Sandy") Arbuthnott Dunbar. Born 14 March 1929. Died Elgin 2 February 2012. Grandfather of Louis, Finlaec, Arthur, Florence and Ianthe. Married 16 January 1965 Elizabeth Susannah Wright.
(i) Crinan James Dunbar. Born 6 November 1965.
(ii) (Clodagh) Rebecca Helen Dunbar. b. 1 Nov 1968
(3) Edward Dunbar-Dunbar of Sea Park, DL, JP. Born 23 August 1818. Died 10 January 1898. Captain 21st & 22nd Regiments. Married, 17 October 1848, Phoebe Dunbar (died 9 May 1899), daughter of Duncan Dunbar and sister and heir to John Dunbar of Sea Park. They had issue.

Sir Archibald married second, 26 September 1822, MARY BRANDER (died 5 May 1969), daughter of John Brander of Pitgaveny, Elgin.

(4) MARGARET ALICIA DUNBAR. Died 23 July 1908. Married in Elgin, 7 February 1856, WILLIAM ALEXANDER STABLES (died 1890), Banker and had issue.
(5) JAMES BRANDER DUNBAR-BRANDER of Pitgaveny, DL, JP. Born 6 January 1825. Died 16 November 1902. Assumed the additional surname, Brander, 1869. Captain Scots Greys. Married, 22 December 1874, ALICE GRANT (died 6 December 1936), daughter of James Grant and had issue.
(B) JOHN DUNBAR. Died unmarried 1812. Lieutenant 78th Highlanders and formerly Captain 6th Dragoon Guards.
(C) JEAN DUNBAR. Died 1857. Married, 1782, JAMES CULL of Ashgrove, Co Elgin and had issue.
i. Dr THOMAS ARBUTHNOT, Senior of Balglassie and of Arbuthnottshaugh. Died 1767. A surgeon in Montrose. Married MARGARET FORBES, daughter of Thomas Forbes of Thornton.
AA. JOHN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose 23 June 1739.
BB. THOMAS ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Baptized Montrose 22 July 1741.
CC. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose end March 1744. Married in Montrose, 1768, WILLIAM ROSS, merchant in Montrose.
DD. ALEXANDER GEORGE ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1745. Possibly he who was born 1748. A native of Montrose (per Poulson's American Daily Advertiser Philadelphia 23 Feb 1819). Emigrated to Florida 1803 to trade with the Seminole Indians and represent their cause to the English. Illegally tried and hanged by General Andrew Jackson 29 April 1818. Married Mary Ann ______ and had two sons: John James Arbuthnot and R. Arbuthnot.
EE. JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose 17 March 1749. Married ALEXANDER GORDON of Glendaveny.
FF. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose 2 May 1754. Married WILLIAM FORBES of Echt and Springhill.
(A) JAMES FORBES of Echt. Born 1775. Married 1810 Jane Niven, dau of John Niven of Thornton.
(1) William Forbes. Died unmarried. Advocate in Edinburgh. Barrister in London.
(2) John Forbes. Died unmarried.
(3) James Forbes. Died unmarried.
(4) Rachel Ann Forbes. Married 23 April 1832 Patrick Watson Carnegie of Lour (born 3 October 1791, died 3 September 1838).
i. Patrick Alexander Carnegie of Lour, JP, DL. Born 29 March 1836. Dsp 4 June 1914.  Captain 15th Hussars, Major and Hon Lt-Col Forfarshire Light Horse. Married 5 January 1865 Elizabeth Diana Davidson (died 5 March 1910), dau of Duncan Davidson of Tulloch Castle, Rossshire by Hon Elizabeth Diana, dau of   3rd Baron Macdonald.
ii. James Forbes Carnegie. Born 11 March 1838. Died unmarried 1 May 1855.
(5) Jane Forbes. Married Clements Lumsden, advocate.
i. Jane Lumsden. Born 8 June 1828. Dsp March 1897.
ii. Henry William Lumsden. Born 23 August 1829. Dsp 23 December 1909. Lt-Col, RA. Married his cousin Catherine Edith Lumsden.
iii. Katherine Maria Lumsden. Born 11 October 1831. Dsp 1 December 1912.
iv. Elizabeth Lumsden. Born 26 December 1833. Dsp 20 April 1840.
v. Rachel Frances Lumsden. Born 17 April 1835. Died unmarried 22 April 1908.
vi. James Forbes Lumsden. Born 6 October 1837. Died 18 November 1917. Married 3 September 1868 Helen Fisher, dau of William Fisher of Ferryhill House, Aberdeen.
aa. May Forbes Lumsden. Born 11 July 1869. Dsp 1948. Married 28 January 1891 Charles Deans-Dundas.
bb. Eleanor Gertrude Lumsden. Born 7 May 1872. Died 1952. Married 25 September 1902 Arthur Atherlay.
cc. Clements Arthur Lumsden. Born 1 March 1875. Died 11 June 1875.
dd. Jane Evelyn Lumsden. Born 19 April 1875 INCONSISTENT WITH BIRTH IMMEDIATELY ABOVE. Dsp 1969.
ee. Alfred Forbes Lumsden. Born 3 June 1877. Kia 24 June 1918. Brig-Gen Royal Scots. Married 20 March 1914 Ethel Hay.
(a) Geoffrey Lumsden. Born 29 December 1914. Died 1984. Served Royal Scots WW II. Married 2 September 1947 Helen Symes.
(i) Camilla Lumsden. Born 1948.
(ii) Naomi Lumsden. Born 1958.
ff. William Forbes Lumsden. Born 4 September 1879. Kenya 1956. Colonel. Married 22 August 1922 Vera Davison.
(a) Margaret Lumsden. Born 22 March 1923. Married 1952 Colin Hector Macdonald.
gg. Helen Amy Lumsden. Born 2 May 1881. Died 8 May 1916. Married 11 August 1913 John Salmond, Marshall RAF.
hh. Harry Basil Lumsden, MC, DSO. Born 21 December 1884. Died 1961. Married 12 September 1918 Helen Woodman-Smith.
(a) Helen Lumsden. Born 1919. Married Charles Hilton Heard.
(b) Amber Lumsden. Born 1922. Died 1990. Married John Heath.
(c) Wendy Lumsden. Born 1923.
(d) Valerie Lumsden. Born 1926.
(e) Harry Lumsden. Born 1929. Dsp.
vii. Louisa Innes Lumsden, DBE. Born 31 December 1840. Dsp 2 January 1935. Warden U Hall U of St Andrews
(6) Elizabeth Forbes. Died unmarried 1894 aged 91.
(7) Edith Forbes. Died unmarried.
(8) Marie Forbes. Died unmarried 1829.
(9) Christina Forbes. Died unmarried.
(B) Thomas Forbes. Born 1781. Died unmarried Calcutta 1799.
(C) Jane Forbes. Died 10 July 1831. Married 1797 George Hogarth of Firhill (died 27 April 1848).
(1) George Hogarth
i. George Hogarth
ii. Alfred Hogarth
iii. Edith Georgina Hogarth
(2) James Hogarth. Dsp 1817.
(3) William Hogarth of Firhill. Married Jane Gordon Pirie.
i. Alexander Pirie Hogarth of Firhill. Married first Susan Lacy.
aa. William Lewis Hogarth of Firhill. Married Helena Marie Harding.
(a) Alexander Gordon Hogarth. Married Winifred Norah Devonald.
(i) Peter Bryan Hogarth. Married Dorothy Sylvia John.
A. Hilary Mary Hogarth.
(b) Roy Pirie Harding Hogarth. Married Dorothy Mary Bolton.
(i) (Pirie) William Frederick Hogarth of Firhill. Born 15 July 1933. Married 27 September 1960 Maria Geraldina Lissone.
A. Gordon Nicholas Pirie Hogarth, yr of Firhill. Born 9 April 1963. Married _____ _____.
1. Isabelle Clementine Victoria Hogarth. Born 9 December 1998.
2. William George Pirie Hogarth. Born 6 February 2001.
3. Thomas Nicholas Alexander Hogarth. Born 6 June 2003.
B. Alexandra Geraldine Hogarth. Born 2 June 1968.
(ii) Reginald Patrick Gordon Hogarth.
(c) Leslie Gordon Hogarth
(d) Marjorie Gordon Hogarth
(e) Doreen Gordon Hogarth. Married Gustav William Paul Marzhin. Divorced.
bb. Edith Hogarth
cc. Alice Hogarth
Alexander married second his cousin Elizabeth Bannerman.
dd. Dora Hogarth.
ee. Elizabeth Hogarth
ii. Major Joseph Hogarth
aa. Joseph Hatchell Hogarth. Born 23 December 1873. Married 24 February 1909 Sophia Louise Clegg and had issue.
bb. Mary Louise Hogarth. Born 21 March 1871. Died 1964.
cc. Elizabeth Maud Hogarth. Born 30 July 1872.
dd. Frances Hope Logie Hogarth. Born 3 December 1875. Dsp. Married 1 July 1913 J Reddoch.
iii. William Hogarth of Balgownie.
aa. William Paterson Hogarth.
bb. Robert Cunninghame Hogarth.
cc. Joseph Hogarth.
dd. Lt Archibald Hogarth.
ee. Alexander Forbes Hogarth.
ff. Angus David Hogarth.
gg. Leslie Hogarth.
hh. Jane Gordon Hogarth.
ii. Dorothy Hogarth.
jj. Anne Elizabeth Hogarth.
kk. Helen Hogarth.
iv. George Hogarth
v. Francis Hogarth
vi. James Hogarth
vii. Jane Forbes Hogarth
viii. Ann Hogarth
ix. Margaret Hogarth
(4) Elizabeth Hogarth. Born 1801.
(5) Jane Hogarth
(6) Christian Hogarth
(7) Thomas Hogarth. Born 1806.
i. Anne Hogarth
ii. Jane Mary Hogarth
iii. Elizabeth Hogarth
(8) Joseph Hogarth
i. Jessie Susannah Hogarth
ii. Rev William Hogarth
iii. Wilhelmina Hogarth
iv. Louisa Hogarth
v. Elizabeth Hogarth
(9) John Hogarth
(10) Dickson Hogarth
(11) Hugh Hogarth
(12) Euphemia Hogarth
(13) Margaret Hogarth
(14) Johanna Hogarth. Born 1815.
(D) William Forbes-Robertson of Hazelhead. Born 1791. Died 1840. Married 1824 Helen Hadden, dau of James Hadden of Persley.
(1) William Forbes-Robertson. Born 1826. Coffee planter in Ceylon.
(2) James Forbes-Robertson. Born 1827. Died 1872. Lt Col HEICS. Married 1862 _____ _____ CHECK.
(3) Alexander Forbes-Robertson. Born 1830. Lived in Ceylon.
(4) Thomas Forbes-Robertson. Born 1832. Died 1856. HEICS.
(5) Arthur Forbes-Robertson. Born 1834. Died 1863. Captain 67th Regt.
(6) George Forbes-Robertson. Colonel, 91st Highlanders.
(7) Farquhar Forbes. Farmed in Yorkshire. Married 1872 Laura Ann Macauley.
(D) George Forbes of Springhill. Born 1796. Married Williamina / Wilhelmina Walker, dau of Captain James Walker, HEICS (died 1820) by his wife Wilhelmina Wright (born 1768, died 1853).
(1) William Forbes. Born 1823. Died 1824.
(2) Williamina Forbes. Born 1825. Married Dr Gleyn.
(3) Elizabeth Forbes. Born 1827. Died unmarried.
(4) George Hogarth Forbes, a girl. Married Lt-Col Charles Gordon, Indian Army.
(5) Jemima Forbes. Born 1829. Married 1862 Major Charles Wodehouse.
(6) William Forbes. Born 1837.
(E) Margaret Forbes. Born 1776. Married 1797 William Gibbon of Viewfield. 13 children.
(F) Euphemia Forbes. Born 1778. Married 1815 George Garden, merchant in Montreal. 2 children.
(H) Johanna Forbes. Born 1782. Died unmarried.
(I) Elizabeth Forbes.
(J) Susan Forbes.
(K) Mary Forbes.
(L) Maria Forbes.
(M) Anne Forbes.
(N) Hannah Harriet Forbes.
6. The Hon ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT. Bap Arbuthnott 17 June 1674. Married 1707 JEAN MAITLAND of Pitrichie, daughter of Sir James Maitland of Pitrichie and assumed her surname.
a. CHARLES MAITLAND, MP. Born Pitrichie c.1708. Died unmarried 16 February 1751. MP for Aberdeen Burghs 1748-1751.

KATHERINE MAITLAND. Born Pitrichie c.1710. Died unmarried.


MARY ANNE MAITLAND. Died unmarried.


MARGARET MAITLAND. Died unmarried.


The Hon CATHERINE ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1675. Died before 9 September 1746. Married first at Arbuthnott, 10 February 1687, ROBERT GORDON of Cluny and had issue. Married, second, DAVID RICCART of Riccarton, Kincardineshire and had issue including:

a. Katherine Rickard. Married James Hepburn of Keith, Humbie Parish.
AA. Robert Rickart Hepburn of Keith.
BB. Col David Rickart Hepburn of Keith.
8. The Hon HELEN ARBUTHNOT. Bap Bervie 26 Dec 1675. Died December 1741. Married, first, in Arrochar, Col JOHN MacFARLANE of Arrochar (19th chief of MacFarlane, born c.1664; dvu 9 July 1705) as his second wife, and had issue, including:
a. WALTER MacFARLANE, 20th Lord of Arrochar. Born 1705. Dsp 5 June 1767. An eminent and ingenious antiquary and a superb genealogist. Married 23 April 1760 Lady Elizabeth Erskine, dau of Alexander Erskine, 5th Earl of Kellie.
b. Dr WILLIAM MacFARLANE, 21st chief of Clan MacFarlane. Born 1701. Died Bredisholm, Lanarkshire April 1791. Sold the lands of Arrochar 7 July 1784 to pay debts.
c. ROBERT MacFARLANE. Died young.
d. ALEXANDER MacFARLANE. Died unmarried. Entered trade as a merchant and settled  in Jamaica where   he acquired a considerable fortune. A Fellow of the Royal Society and one of the best mathameticians of the day. He left a valuable collection of astronomical instruments to the University of Glasgow; the University named their new Observatory the MacFarlane University in his memory.
e. CATHERINE MacFARLANE. Died young.
She married, second, 1720 JOHN SPOTTISWOODE of that Ilk (d.1728) and had issue, amongst whom:
b. JOHN SPOTTISWOOD of Spottiswood. Married, 1740, MARY THOMSON, daughter of John Thomson of Charleton, Fifeshire and had issue.
9. The Hon JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Bap Arbuthnott 15 April 1678. Died unmarried.
10. The Hon THOMAS ARBUTHNOT. Bap Arbuthnott 23 Oct 1679.  Died 23 November 1745. Married ELIZABETH FALCONER, sister of his sister-in-law, Margaret (See 8 above).
a. JAMES ARBUTHNOT of Finnart. Dsp 1747.
b. Captain ROBERT ARBUTHNOT of Finnart. Died before 4 February 1762.
c. ANNE ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.
d. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.
e. MARY ARBUTHNOT. Died 25 March 1754. Married, 22 July 1750, ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Junior of Deptford and had issue - See D.4.a. below.
Robert, 1st Viscount of Arbuthnot married second, 30 June 1653, KATHERINE FRASER, daughter of Hugh Fraser, 8th Lord Lovat, as her second husband. She married, first, Sir JOHN SINCLAIR of Dunbleath and, third, ANDREW, 3rd Lord FRASER.

The Hon ANNA ARBUTHNOT. Married, contract dated 7 February 1682, WILLIAM FORBES of Ludquharn, son of ROBERT FORBES of Ludquharn.


The Hon ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, Senior of Knox, MP. Born 1654. Died 1705. Scottish advocate and politician. He represented Kincardineshire as Commissioner to the Parliament of Scotland, from 1689 to 1702, and subsequently represented Bervie from 1703 to 1707. Married first, contract dated 22 February 1671, MARGARET BARCLAY, daughter of Colonel Harry Barclay of Knox and had no issue by her. He married, second, JEAN SCOTT, daughter of Patrick Scott of Rossie Castle.


JAMES ARBUTHNOT. Born 1693. Died young.




JANET ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.

4. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Died 1714. Married, contract dated 22 February 1712, ELIZABETH MALLOCK, daughter of Robert Mallock. She married, second, KENNETH GORDON of Cluny.
a. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Junior of Deptford. Born c.1713. Died 25 February 1752. Married, 22 July 1750, MARY ARBUTHNOT (died 25 March 1754) - see B.10.e. above.
AA. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Born c.1751. Died Deptford, Kent 27 July 1753.
5. CATHERINE ARBUTHNOT. Married 1703 CHARLES STIRLING of Kippendavic (died before 6 April 1736). He married second (contract dated 9 March 1709) Christian Douglas.
a. PATRICK STIRLING. Born 8 April 1704.
6. MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Married in Montrose, 28 August 1712, JAMES NAPIER.
7. ALEXANDER ARBUTHNOT, Junior of Knox. Died 7 October 1764. Married in Montrose, 18 June 1703, JANET RENNALD, daughter of John Rennald of Larnie.

JANET ARBUTHNOT, first of the name. Baptized Montrose 17 March 1704. Presumably died young.


MARGARET ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose 18 July 1706. Died young.


JANET ("JEAN") ARBUTHNOT, second of the name. Baptized Montrose 5 August 1707. Married WILLIAM GALLOWAY.


ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Senior of Kirkbraehead. Baptized Montrose 3 July 1708. Died 1 February 1773. Sued by his brother Archibald. Married, 1735, ELIZABETH RIDDEL (died 6 January 1763), daughter of John Riddel of Grange. A Robert Arburthnot married in Dalkeith 2 April 1751 Elizabeth Riddel.

CC. ROBERT ARBUTHNOT, Junior. Died 10 July 1796. Lt-Colonel, 31st Foot Regiment. Married at Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Quebec, 2 February 1785, CORDELIA MURRAY.
(A) Sir Alexander Dundas Young Arbuthnot. Born Forton, Hampshire 1789. Bap Gosport Hampshire 7 March 1789. Died Shenton Hall, Leicester 8 May 1871. Rear Admiral. Gentleman of the Privy Chamber to George IV and Queen Victoria. Knight Cmdr of the Spanish Orders of Charles III and St Fernando, Knight Cmdr of the Russian St George (a much esteemed gallantry award). Turkish gold medal and Order of Medjidie (1842). Bailiff, Order of St John (1861). Served as midshipman on board the "Mars" at Trafalgar. Knighted 1859. Married in Kildare, Ireland, 1827, Catherine Mary Eustace (born Dublin 1806, fl 1891), daughter of Rev Charles Eustace, a descendant of the Viscounts Baltinglass).
(1) Josette Eliza Jane Arbuthnot. Born France, aged 52 in 1881. Died 12 January 1909. Married, 15 April 1850, Major Frederick William Wollaston of Shenton Hall, Leicestershire (1804 - 1879), son of John Henry Wollaston and Louisa Symonds and had issue.  He was Major, Enniskillen Dragoons.
i. Frederick Eustace Arbuthnot Wollaston. Born 21 June 1853. Died 26 May 1930. Married 18 December 1877 Ann Hargreaves (born 1857).
aa. Lt Colonel Frederick Hargreaves Arbuthnot Wollaston. Born 7 May 1879. Died 8 March 1918. Battalion Commander in the Sussex Regiment. He was killed in London during an air-raid as he was returning from leave.
bb. Violet Cicely Kathleen Wollaston. Born 4 July 1882. Died 1969. Married 6 June 1907 Douglas Clifton-Brown, Viscount Ruffside (born 16 August 1879, died 5 May 1958), Speaker of the House of Commons.
(a) Audrey Pellew Clifton-Brown. Born Simla 19 May 1908. Died 31 October 2002. Baroness Hylton Foster (created 7 Dec 1965). Married London 22 December 1931 Sir Harry Braustyn Hylton Hylton-Foster (born 10 April 1905, died London 2 September 1965), Speaker of the House of Commons.
cc. Hubert Charles Wollaston.  Born 20 February 1890. Married 12 June 1928 Marjorie Ethel Bevan. Hubert was the last of the family to occupy Shenton Hall. During World War II the Hall was occupied by the army. It was left in a very dilapidated condition, the rain having poured in through the roof, from which the lead had been stolen. Hubert sold the house to a businessman and built himself a house in the village.
(a) Frederick Wilfred Wollaston. Born 28 December 1930.
dd. John William Wollaston. Born 23 February 1895. Captain, Seaforth Highlanders. Stockbroker. Married 15 September 1925 Sheila Roderick.
ii. Kathleen A L Wollaston. Born Shenton, Leicester - aged 29 in 1881. Married Richard Hamner.
iii. Alexina J A Wollaston. Born Shenton, Leicester - aged 18 in 1881.
(B) JOSETTE ARBUTHNOT. Married first, 29 December 1808, Captain HUGHES. Married, second, General Sir (GEORGE) De LACY EVANS, GCB, MP for Rye and then Westminster (1787-1870).
DD. HELEN ARBUTHNOT. Born Kirkbraehead, Midlothian 1760. Died 5 February 1838. Married, 11 December 1777, HUGH JAMES PATTERSON ROLLO of Bannockburn and had issue amongst whom:
(A) Hugh James Rollo. Baptized 4 February 1783.
e. PATRICK ARBUTHNOT. Baptized Montrose 24 February 1710.
f. ARCHIBALD ARBUTHNOT, Senior. Died 1771. Sued his brother Robert. Married MARGARET LEE.
BB. ROMEO ARBUTHNOT. Died 1783. Will proved 17 January 1784. Stockbroker of Middlesex. Married St Martin in the fields 16 April 1766 CHRISTIAN RAMSAY.
8. ELIZABETH ARBUTHNOT. Died unmarried.
9. JEAN ARBUTHNOT. Married in Montrose, 12 March 1701, Doctor SAMUEL STRATTON.

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