THE GENEALOGY OF THE MOWLEM FAMILY.                                                                                                                                                            12 February 2013.


Alexander Mowlem, Sr.
1. Alexander Mowlem, Jr
a. John I Mowlam. Married Doreen Wills.
A. Alexander Mowlem III. Married Martha Steel.
aa. John Mowlam II. Born 25 February 1714/15. Died 27 June 1762. Married, 23 January 1737/38, Elizabeth ("Betty") Small (born 18 April 1715, died 20 April 1743), daughter of Robert Small (bap 16 April 1864, died 7 October 1743) and Mary Thick (md 16 Jan 1706).
I) Martha Mowlim.
II) Ann Mowlem.
III) Martha Mowlem.
IV) John Mowlem III. Bap 29 September 1751. Died 19 April 1837. Married Swanage, Dorset 14 August 1782 Hannah Froom (born 31 March 1764, died 20 June 1836), dau of Moses Froom.
A. Sarah Mowlem.               
B. Elizabeth Mowlem.
C. John ("London John") Mowlem, IV. He began the construction company. Married Susannah Manwell.
D. Joseph Mowlem. Born Swanage 8 February 1791. Died 12 January 1856. Married Sarah Warren, dau of Robert Warren and Ann Musselwhite. who also had children 
1) John Mowlem V. Born c.1817.
2) Elizabeth (Isabel) Mowlem. Born c.1819. Died 24 November 1885. Married first Thomas Murrish (killed by a fall).
1. Sarah Adelaide Murrish  (1845 – 6 Mayo 1920 died at Guadalajara, Jalisco, México) she married  Joseph Lander Rowe (born 1838, Goldsithney, Perranuthnoe, Cornwall, England  – died 1916, Mexico City), date of marriage november 20th 1865, they used to live in San Miguel, Real del Monte, Hidalgo, when they were married. He was buried at the British pantheon of Tlaxpana, Mexico city, closed on 1926, and moved to the New English pantheon.
A) Carmen Rowe. (born 5 Agosto 1889, Mexico  city, – died 19 Julio de 1957, Mexico City), married with José Gabriel Navarrete Lacroix  on October, 1913, in Mexico city.
B) Sarah Grace Rowe.

Isabella Ann Rowe.


Nellie Alice  Rowe.


William John E. Rowe.


Mabel Josephine Rowe.

G) Alice Maud Rowe. Married Gabriel Navarette.
i Gabriel Navarette..
ii Carmen Navarette.
iii Leticia Navarette.
iv Elsa Navarette.
v Hugo Navarette.
vi Malu Navarette.
vii Ivonne Navarette.
viii Susana Navarette. Married Sergio Humberto Falero Salinas.   
a. Sergio Humberto Salinas.   
b. Juan Carlos Salinas.   
c. Luis Arturo Salinas.   
d. Renee Susana Salinas.   
e. Claudia Gabriela Salinas.  Married Ruben Kleiman.
H) Charles Lander Rowe.

Florence Lillian Rowe.

2. Thomas Murrish, Jr.
  Elizabeth married second William Dawe (killed by 19 March 1879, when he fell down a mine at Real del Monte).
3. William Alfred Dawe. Born Mineral di Monte, Hidalgo 20 June 1852. Died Falmouth, Cornwall 8 March 1913. When Harold Louis was born William was a mechanical engineer. Married in Pachuca, Hildago 15 August 1876 Mary Isabella Rowe (born Falmouth? c.1858, died Falmouth 2 July 1930), dau of Edward Rowe and Dorothy Eva.
A) Edward William Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago 28 April 1876. His birth was recorded 1 December 1880 by his parents certifying to the birth having occurred 4 months before their marriage; this was necessary under Mexican law in order for Edward to have rights of inheritance. Died c.1913; killed by "bandits" for refusing to give up the mine payroll. His brother Harold said he was killed by the revolutionaries of Emiliano Zapata using a machete; Harold had a strong hatred for Zapata. Another source said he was shot during the raid. In 1901 he was an agent of Guggenheim Smelting & Refining Co., residence Juarez, Mexico  in 1902 he was agent for American Smelting & Refining Co. When Francis was registered, Edward was resident of El Paso, Texas. Mining engineer. Married Pachuca, Hildago 6 September 1899 Julia Alice Rule (born Pachuca 1 October 1876, died 6 Morrab Road, Penzance, Cornwall 19 November 1926), dau of Francis Rule and Mary Hosking. Her death certificate shows informant as A.G. Blease, son-in-law, present at death.
i. Francis Leonard Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 31 July 1902.
ii. Leonard Charles Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 15 February 1904. Died Pachuca, 3 March 1904.
iii. Gladys M Dawe. Born c.1905. There is a  Gladys Mary Dawe born Pengover Green, Menheniot (Liskeard area) 19 July 1904, dau of Edward Dawe and Clara, formerly Minnear. Married Penzance q4 1924 (5c 505) Selwyn J Blease (born Fulham 1898).
iv. Edward Dawe. Born c.1906.
v. Howard Edward Dawe. Born Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico 14 November 1907. Died 20 Dawlish Street, Teignmouth, Devon 27 February 1969. Married Devonport, Plymouth, Devon 13 October 1933 (Gladys) Bertha ("Beryl") Underhill (born East Stonehouse, Devonshire 14 April 1915, died Lyme Regis 11 July 1989). She called herself Beryl on her marriage certificate. Living with Howard Edward Dawe's mother in law in the 1940s was an elderly Mr Minnear.
a. (Rosemary) Gillian Dawe. Married Osman Rifaat.
b. Nick Dawe.
B) Charles James Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 15 February 1879. Died Mexico City 6 November 1954.
C) Alfred Stanley Dawe.  Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 24 December 1881.
D) Lucy Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 28 September 1883. Died Pachuca 8 November 1883.
E) Roland Jack Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 22 November 1886. Died Pachuca 13 February 1958. Married c.1931 Guadalupe Davila.
F) Florence Matilda Dawe. Born Falmouth 25 November 1886. Died St Austell, Cornwall 10 May 1966. Married _____ Ludlow.
i. Isabel Ludlow. Married _____ Rowe. She lived at Gwennap, nr Redruth, Cornwall.
G) Harold Louis Dawe. Born Devonport, Devon 18 March 1894. Died Kerryville, Texas 20 August 1971.
H) Dorothy Elizabeth Dawe. Born Falmouth, Cornwa11 22 March 1898. Died Falmouth 2 November 1976.
I) Robert John Mowlem Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 11 October 1901. Died Agua Dulce, Vern Cruz, Mexico 1929.
J) Benjamin Dawe. Born Pachuca, Hildago, Mexico 11 October 1901. Died Mexico City 19 May 1981.
4. Alfred William Dawe. Born Mineral del Monte 20 June 1852. Died Mineral del Monte 10 June 1888. Buried Pantheon de los Ingleses, Real del Monte. Married 23 August 1882 Maclovia Hill.
A) Marcelina Dawe. Born 1876. Died 18 July 1884.
5. Emily Ana Dawe. Born Mineral del Monte c.1856. Died Mineral di Monte, Hidalgo 27 July 1928. Buried Pantheon de los Ingleses. Married 19 March 1879 William Harris (born c.1854), English miner.
6. Matilda Louisa Dawe. Born Pachuca c.1859. Married Pachuca 24 June 1890 Carlos Harris.
3) Ester / Esther Mowlem. Born c.1820. Dvu 10 January 1874 aged 54. Married Captain Ciro ("Cyrus") Paull, Sr (born c.1812, died after 1873 and probably after 1878).  When the Methodist and Protestant churches were recognised, schools for boys and girls were opened; one example was the Escuela Julian Villagran which was founded in 1877 whose its second principal was Ciro Paull, employee of RMPM Co.  A Ciro Paull witnessed a marriage with Jose Maria Garnica 5 October 1878. A Carlos Paull was a 21 yr old carpenter 28 May 1877 and 17 January 1879.
1. Francesca ("Frances") Mary Paull. Born Mexico 1854; died 6th August 1926, aged 72. Married in Mexico 14th February 1870 Dr John Charles Chester, FRCS. They had issue.
2. Ciro Gaspar de Jesus Maria Paull. Bap La Asuncion, Pachuca De Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico 24 April 1855. Died 13 January 1881. Married _____ Soltero.
3. Carlos Paull, Jr. Born 1858. Died 29 January 1904 aged 47. Carpenter. Married 28 December 1902 Dolores Luna (born c.1860, died 15 December 1904 aged 43).
A) Ciro Paull. Born c.1880. Died 27 February 1899 aged 18. Carpenter.
B) Ester Luciana Paull. Died 20 February 1884 aged 42 days.
C) Maria Paull. Died 4 November 1887 aged 2 months.
D) Maria Francisca Petra Paull. Born 22 March 1893.
E) Carlos Paull. Died 26 June 1895 aged 4 years..
F) Rosina ("Rose") Paull. Born 9 July 1896..
4) Sarah Mowlem. Born ?Swanage c.1822. Died Glowerh Villa 4 December 1???. Married James Scoble (born c.1812, died Oloxethilly 27 April 1877).
1. Emma Louise Scoble. Died Pachuca 14 February 1886. Buried Pantheon de los Ingleses.
2. Scobie Scoble.
5) Rita Mowlem. Married _____ Kay.
6) Thomas Joseph Mowlem. Born London 12 December 1833. Died De Moulham Villa, Swanage 4 July 1892. Married 17 November 1859 Elizabeth Rabling (born 1829, died ?De Moulham Villa, Swanage 31 March 1910).
1. Susannah Mowlem. Born c.27 April 1862. Died De Moulham Villa, Swanage 6 August 1935.
2. Louisa Mowlem. Born 1864. Died De Moulham Villa, Swanage 15 December 1940.
3. John Ernest Mowlem. Born Swanage c.12 August 1868. Died De Moulham Villa, Swanage 21 October 1946.
  E. Robert Mowlem. Married in Swanage 1815 Martha Hibbs.
1) Charles Mowlem. Died 1859. Married Elizabeth _____.
1. Frank Mowlem. Born Swanage c.5 July 1846.
2. Robert Mowlem. Born Swanage c.13 July 1851.
3. Susan Mowlem. Born Swanage c.29 October 1854.
2) Henry Hibbs Mowlem. Born 1817. Died 1874. Married 1840 Sarah Manwell.
1. John Mowlem. Born 1840. Married Agnes Sinclair.
2. Martha Mowlem. Born 1842. Married first 1862 Joshua Henry Mahoney.
A) Kate Mahoney. Married Palmerston North 1887 John Samuel Wotchom. 2 sons and a daughter.
Martha married second Wellington 15 September 1872 Duncan Sinclair.  4 sons and 2 daughters.
F. James Mowlem. Married Jane _____.
1) Elizabeth Mowlem. Born 2 February 1824.
2) Maria Mowlem. Born 1826.
3) James Mowlem. Born 1828.
4) Gideon Mowlem. Born 1830.
5) John Joseph Mowlem. Born 1832.
Marjorie Mowlam Marjorie Mowlam, politician, born September 18 1949; died August 19 2005 - the family name dates back to the Domesday Book - was born in Watford, Hertfordshire, the second of three children. Her father Frank was a romantic, charming, thwarted man, an only child who had passed the grammar school examination, but was instead obliged to follow his father into a career in the Post Office. He rose to become Coventry's assistant postmaster.

Her mother, Tina, was shrewd and determined, as she needed to be to keep the family together in the difficulties they faced during her husband's descent into alcoholism. She worked as a telephonist to maintain the family income.

It always seemed as if Marjorie was the most favoured child. Alone among her siblings, she passed the 11 plus examination and started at Chiswick Girls' grammar in West London, near the family home in Southall. She then went to one of the earliest comprehensive schools, Coundon Court in Coventry, and, although never excessively academic, worked hard, partly because she used this at home as an excuse to escape the domestic travails. At school she trailed glory as a member of the county hockey team, as a school athlete, a member of the debating team, the lead in the school play and eventually head girl.


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