John Chester. Owned Kilton Park, 1566.
1. William Chester. Died 1628?
2. Henry (?) Chester.
a. Margaret Chester. Born 16th May 1621.
b. William Chester. Died 1670?   Married at Kilton Joane _____.
c. George Chester. Married in Crowcombe 1652?
d. John Chester. Married in Crowcombe 22nd December 1658 Mary James (buried Kilton 25th November 1698).
A. John Chester. Born 1660. Married at Stocklang Gaunt 4th January 1685 Joanne Powlett.
aa. John Chester. Born 1687.
bb. Elizabeth Chester. Born 1690.
cc. William Chester. Born 1696. Married 7th January 1715 Elizabeth Coles.
dd. Joseph Chester. Born 1700.
B. Henry Chester. Born Kilton 28th September 1662.
C. Mary Chester. Born Kilton 22nd January 1663/4.
D. Samuel Chester of Ferry Hill, East Quantoxhead. Born ca 1660. Buried Kilton 2nd July 1723. Married in Kilton 14th May 1689 Jane Jones from the parish of Kilton (buried Kilton 22nd April 1729).
aa. Jane Chester. Born 1689. Bap 17th May 1689.
bb. Mary Chester. Bap 9th May 1692. Buried 13th October 1713.
cc. Elizabeth Chester. Bap 6th November 1693.
dd. Rev John Chester. Baptised Kilton 7th June 1695. Buried at Monksilver 10th March 1759. Educated King's College, Taunton and Balliol College, Oxon. Matriculated 13th May 1714. BA 1718. Instituted to Hinton-upon-the-Green Gloucestershire 1727. Instituted as Rector to Elworthy 21st December 1731 until 1746. Probably then returned to Monksilver. Married at Wellington 13th May 1727 Joan Smythe (bap 6th August 1762) from the parish of Monksilver.
I) Ann Chester. Born Monksilver 11th February 1727/8. Bap 18th February 1727/8.
II) Mary Chester. Born 19th June 1729. Bap 16th July. Died Monksilver 18th March 1804. Married in Monksilver 22nd December 1756 John Dibble, widower.
III) Sarah Chester. Born Monksilver 26th August 1730. Bap 4th September.
IV) Gentleman John Chester of Dodington. Born 4th April 1732. Bap Monksilver 2nd May 1732. Died 3rd June 1790. Tenant of the Marquis of Buckingham, farming the land belonging to Dodington Parsonage as well as that appertaining to Dodington Hall. Owned Kilton Park Estate. Married 24th March 1762 Elizabeth Dibble (bap Brompton Ralph  4th May 1740, died Stogursey  28th December 1830, buried Dodington 3rd January 1831 "next to husband and children"), dau of John & Mrs Grace Dibble. Her portrait was painted by William Shuter 1798.
A. Sarah Chester. Born Monksilver. Bap Monksilver 30th November 1762. Died 1st January 1822. Buried Stogursey 6th January 1822. Married at Kilton 28th May 1794 Thomas Rawlins (died 19th November 1840).
1) Jane Rawlins. Born Stogursey 12th February 1797.
B. John Chester of Chapel Terrace, Redruth. Born 2nd November 1764. Bap 6 February 1765. Died 29th March 1842 aged 77. Buried at Redruth (next to his dear son) 3rd April 1842. Inherited Kilton Park where his ancestors' graves may be found. Friend of Samuel Taylor Coleridge and of William Wordsworth. Purser for Tincroft Mine, 1823-24. He also farmed and had shares in 6 Coastal  Vessels, 2 mines and a carrying business. Will made Redruth 1838. Married in Redruth 14th February 1803 Elizabeth ("Betsy") Jenkin (born 31st July 1777, bap by John Wesley, attended Quaker school, Milverton, died Redruth 4th August 1851), dau of William Jenkin (born 2nd September 1738; baptized 14th October; died 10am, 27th September 1820; buried 2nd October; married 27th January 1762). William used to visit "John Chester, gentleman". William was a quaker cornishman, steward of Lanhydrock Estates which included copper mines. He was mineral agent to the Marquis of Buckingham (who owned copper mines in Cornwall and a copper mine at Dodington).
1) John Chester. Born 29th December 1803. Died 10th May 1838. Buried Friend's Burying Ground 16th May. Ironmonger. Married, 2nd May 1837, Jane Jenkin (born North Hill, Cornwall c.1813) who married second Thomas Sanger (born c.1802) and had Jane Chester Sanger (b. St Pancras 1849).
1. John Chester. Born 1838. Died 1904. Barrister, Middle Temple 1864. Married Lily Lawrence.
2) Susanna Chester. Born 8th July 1805. Died 29th April 1830. Buried FBG, Redruth 4th May.
3) Elizabeth Jenkin Chester. Born 16th November 1806. Died 3rd April 1835. Buried FBG, Redruth 8th April.
4) William Jenkin Chester. Born 16th October 1808. Died 2nd March 1852. Buried Redruth Friend's Burying Ground. Married Redruth 18th June 1829 Mary MacColley. 7 sons, 4 daughters incl.
1. Elizabeth Jenkin Chester. Married Kensington June 1854 Theopholos Samuel Beauchant, 1st Lt, RMA. Living Falmouth 1861.
5) Julia Chester. Born Illogan, Cornwall 24th June 1810. Died 18th March 1863. Married first in Redruth q4 1851 Reginald Thomas Grylls (born Birmingham 7 July 1807, bap Redruth 25 June 1811, died Redruth q1 1881), son of Thomas Grylls (and Philippa, nee Michell), owner of copper mines 1861. Living Redruth 1861. Reginald has a great granddaughter named Rosemary Randuson.
1. Elizabeth Philippa Grylls. Born Truro q1 1853. Died q1 1854.
2. Susan Grylls. Born Truro q2 1854. Died Truro q2 1854.
3. Margaret Rebecca Grylls. Born Kenwyn, Cornwall q3 1855. Died 1931. Schoolteacher.
The people in this box are not directly related, being descended from an "in-law".
In the 1871 census, Reginald is described as purser/manager, living Camborne. Married second in Creed, Cornwall 1864 Elizabeth Mogg Craggon (born Grampound, Cornwall c.1835, died Cleckheaton 1918, schoolmistress and widow in 1881).
4. Henry Fremont Grylls. Born c. 1865. Died St Austell q4 1870.
5. Reginald M Grylls. Born Camborne, Cornwall 1870.
6. Rose Fremont Grylls. Born Camborne, Cornwall q1 1871. Not living with mother 1891.
7. Alexander G Grylls. Born Camborne, Cornwall c.1873.
8. Harold Gordon Grylls. Born Redruth q2 1875. Died q2 1878.
9. Edmund Croggee Grylls. Born Redruth, Cornwall q3 1878.
6) Henry Dibble Chester, MRCS, of Selkirk Villa, Cheltenham, formerly of Mexico. Born Redruth, Cornwall 2 November 1812. Died at Selkirk Villa, Cheltenham 4th January 1886 aged 73. Buried Friends Burying Ground, Redruth 10 January 1886. Aged 16 he was apprenticed to Drs Pryce & Mitchell of Redruth; spent a year at Barts Hospital before qualifying. Qualified 25th May 1835. Living St Austel 1836. The entailed lands of Kilton (121 acres, 2 roods, 7 poles) were willed to him after the death of  his father and brother. Living Priory Lawn, London Rd, Cheltenham 1873 & Selkirk Villas, Pittville Circus 1883. Married 1837/8 Paula de Sosa (born Huasca, Mexico 1821/2; died Cheltenham 29th December 1913 aged 92; buried Presbury cemetery in her son James's grave).
1. Henry Jose Joaquin (Joachin - Saint) Chester. Born Real de Monte, Mexico 18 August 1839. Bap 26th August. Died Mexico 25th November 1907. Buried Real del Monte. Of Mineral del Monte in the state of Hildalgo, Mexico. Doctor? St Barts. Married 30th July 1907 Guadalupe del Poza (aged 43).
2. Isabel Chester: Christened Elizabeth Maria Lucianna (Luciana - Saint) Chester. Born Real del Monte 7th January 1841. Bapt 13th January 1841. Died (Maria Luciana Isabel) at 192 Anerley Rd, Anerley, 12th August 1915. Buried Anerley, S.E. London. Married in Real de Prado, 4 April 1869, John Prado Sewell (born Valparaiso, Chile 1831/2 Real del Monte 1832; dvu), mining engineer, son of John Sewell (born India 1799, son of Henry Sewell and Rebecca Chase [sister of Thomas Chase who md Ann Rand] ) and Juana Gana Lopes (born Chile 1809), mines treasurer and mining engineer. JPS is brother of Edith Adelina Rebecca Sewell and of Richard Manuel Sewell (Isabella Chester was a witness at his wedding). GJL's brother was Francisco Gana Lopez Minister of War and Ambassador in Spain. GJL's sister Marie Gana Lopes married Manuel Blanco Encalada former president of Chile.
A) Frederick Chase Sewell. Born Real de Monte 14 June 1870. Died Purley, England 22nd June 1924. Secretary of the Carlton and Ritz hotels. Married 15th June 1901 May Emily Smith (aged   27), dau of John Smith, secretary.
B) Katherine ("Kate") Sewell. Born Real de Monte 1871 (10 in 1881). Died St Joseph's, Burgess Hill, Sussex 29 January 1958 aged 88 [not q1 1931 (1c 423)]. Married Kensington q1 1917 (1a 418) Francisco Burgos, (died 25 March 1943)
C) Isabel Ethel Sewell. Born Lewisham, Kent England q1 1875 (6 in 1881). Living 1918. Married in Lewisham June 1898 Reginald Saxby Albery (died Brighton General hospital 4 May 1955).
i. Donald Albery. Born Lewisham q2 1899. Died Brighton Bovendon hospital 3 April 1970. Married Georgina Sybil _____.
ii. Phyllis Mary Albery. Born Lewisham q2 1902.
iii. Douglas Richard Albery. Born Lewisham q3 1905.
iv. Reginald John Albery. Born Lewisham q2 1906.
v. Joan B Albery. Born Lewisham q2 1912. Married first Tonbridge q3 1934 Robert Lemon. Married second, before 1943, _____ Stewart.
D) Mary ("May") Gladys Sewell. Born Tenby q2 1882. Died Kensington 24 May 1949 aged 66. Married in Pancras q2 1898 (1b 155) Lewis Coles Harris. He had previously been married to Christine Pawle (dvu q3 1894), mother of:
- Christian Coles Harris. Born Lewisham q3 1894. Died 1st November 1914. Airman 2nd class, RFC.
3. John Chester, first of the name. Christened John Silviano Chester. Born Real del Monte 4th May 1842. Bap 8th July. Died 25th May 1843. Buried Real del Monte.
4. Dr John Charles Chester, FRCS. Christened Carlos Borromio (Borromio - Saint) Chester. Born Real del Monte 4th November 1844. Bap July 1845. Died Mexico 25th March 1901; buried Pachuca. In 1901 the Census shows Frances as head of the household, when she and the children marked * were living at 1 Jersey Place, Cheltenham. A surgeon who was trained at Guy's Hospital, London. Inherited silver mines in Mexico; his English mine manager (is this referring to Frances's first cousin's son, Edward William Dawe?) was murdered during the 1911-14 civil war and the family fled Mexico. Married in Mexico 14th February 1870 Francesca ("Frances") Mary Paull. Witnesses were Henry Chester and Henry Grose, John Gould (of England) and Juan P Sewell of Valparaiso. John and Frances lived at Oak Bank, Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham which Frances bought 1922.
» A photograph taken outside Oak Bank about 1925. Frances Mary died approx. one year after this was taken. Left to right: Frances Mary, Elfreda May Syndonia, Henry John Pico, Luli and Edith Chester.
» Left to right: Frances Mary, Edith? (not sure), Luli, Henry (Pico) Dibble Chester.
A) Louisa ("Luli") Julia Chester. Born Mexico 15th October 1870; birth registered England 7th August 1888. Died unmarried Cheltenham 1st February 1951. She was a nurse at Birmingham Hospital. Owned Oak Bank but allowed her brother, Henry and his family, to occupy it. She had a son:
i. Vernon Chester, then Healing. Born Cheltenham 19th July 1897. Died 1957. Fostered by Mr & Mrs Samuel Healing, November 1897. Living Cheltenham 1901. Wounded, WW I (MM). Married 23 June 1924 Emily Louise Dunn (died May 1945, aged 50). They lived in Bristol.
a. A son. Died in infancy.
b. Audrey Patricia Healing. Died November 2001. Married Oswald Howard Weeks (died November 2001).
i) Patricia Anne Churchman, BA [why not Weeks?]. Born 13 January 1953. She has a child by her partner David Gratton.
a) Christopher David Churchman. Born 13 March 1994.
ii) Stephen John Weeks. Born 16 April 1955. He has his grandfather's military medal. Married Lynn Rebecca Cottle (born 19 January 1958).
a) Simon John Weeks. Born 20 February 1990.
b) Claire Emma Weeks. Born 1 October 1994.
iii) Theresa Elizabeth Weeks, BA. Born 21 March 1965. Married David Coffin (born 14 August 1967).
a) Annabelle Louise Coffin. Born 1 June 1997.
b) Joseph David Coffin. Born 6 July 2000.
c. Sheila Mavis Healing BA SRN HV. Born Bristol 7 May 1931. Health visitor. Married, 8 September 1955, (Sidney James) Patrick Adcock MBBS (born London 17 March 1928), GP (ret'd). Tel: 023 80 766 544.
i) Peter James Adcock, BSc Phd.  Born  London 15 April 1957.  Married Julie Jeremy, Teacher (born Solihull 8 August 1961).
a) Emily Rose Adcock. Born Bristol 31 January 1991.
b) Rachel Louise Adcock. Born Bristol 31 July 1993.
c) Charlotte Lucy Adcock. Born Bristol 13 November 1997.
ii) Sally Louise Adcock, MSc, MCIPD, ACIS. Born Leicester 18 September 1959. She married first ______ ______. Divorced. She reverted to her maiden name.
a) Thomas Graham Adcock. Born Bangor 31 January 1989.
Sally married 25 May 2003 Timothy ("Tim") Moir (born London 19 June 1959) land surveyor, son of Sir Ernest Moir, 3rd Bt..
b) Amy Louise Moir. Born 21 October 2001.
iii) Katharine Emma Adcock. Born Southampton 18 January 1963. Nurse. Married Paul Kilcoyne, PhD (born 12 December 1958).
a) David Paul Kilcoyne. Born Southampton 13 December 1993.
b) Alice Katharine Kilcoyne. Born Southampton 25 March 1996.
B) Charles John Chester. Born Mexico 19th March 1873; birth registered England 7th August 1888. Died Minnedosa in the early 1940s. May have been a doctor. Educ Cheltenham Gentleman's College and Oxford university. Joined the British army. Served in the Boer WAar and was granted a parcel of land in Minnidosa, Manitoba, Canada. Might have lived at Oak Bank? He married Florence Barbara Haynes/Haines of London, England whose father was a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy.
i. John Charles Chester. Died. S/Sgt Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
ii. Vivienne Stella Chester. Died. Married _____ Couillard.
a. Brenda V Couillard. Lives in Canada.
C) Ada Hester Chester. Born Mexico 22nd December 1875; birth registered England 7th August 1888. When she was 24 she was a governess living in Eglwysilan, near Pontypridd (ref RG 13/4999, p.15/68). A nurse. Married Cecil Flower. Lived in the Southampton / Wareham area.
i. Lionel Flower.
ii. Cyrus ("Titch") Flower.
D) Owen Henry Cyrus Arthur Chester. Born Mexico September 1882; birth registered England 7th August 1888. Died 3rd April 1928. Bank clerk aged 18, 1901*. Married 1914 Aileen James. She lived in Bristol.
i. A daughter.
E) A daughter. Name unknown. Born Mexico 1884-6. Died young.
F) Dolly Chester. Presumably died young.
G) Lt Henry John ("Pico") Dibble Chester, MC (at the Battle of Selle, Le Cateau) of Oak Bank, Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Born Mexico 19th July 1887. Dvu Cheltenham 1st January 1948. He had been gassed twice in WWI, suffered for years from respiratory problems and died of pneumonia. Buried Cheltenham Cemetery. He was not educated Cheltenham Gentlemen's College. A sportsman who played hockey and, possibly, cricket. In October 1915 he was 2nd Lt in the 2nd Bedfordshire Reg't labour corps. Arrived in France 25th August 1916, was Lt in March 1917, serving labour corps by September 1920. Served Paschendale and Ypres (uncorroborated). Married in Cheltenham Qtr 1, 1925 (Elfreda May) ("Freda" to some members of the family, "Peggy" to others and "Ganty" to all her grandchildren) Syndonia Evans (born 28th February 1898, died Newport 7th October 1977, buried Cheltenham, only dau of Henry Evans and Syndonia, nee Yates. MC1
i. A daughter, possibly Freda or Mary.  Stillborn Norton 1925/6. Buried Norton, outside Evesham.
ii. (Freda) Mary Chester. Born Evesham 28th September 1927. Died 14th October 2006. Worked at Boots Library, and then GCHQ, Cheltenham until she married in Cheltenham 7th September 1955 (Carol) David John Roberts (born 13th December 1933, died of cancer 7th September 1997). She lived at 44 Fielding Road, Street, Somerset BA16 9PG (01458 442 895)
a. Michael John Roberts. Born Bath 7th July 1957. Lives in Ontario, Canada.
b. Wendy Anne Freda Roberts. Born Bath 21st December 1959.
c. Judith ("Judy") Mary Roberts. Born Bath 21st February 1962.
iii. Adèle ("Paddy") Syndonia Dibble Chester. Born 2nd February 1929. She walked out on the family aged 18. SRN who worked for Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford. She has advanced dementia and lives in a home near Lincoln. Married in Ealing, 5th September 1958, Michael Douglas Bowyer Bower.
iv. Ann Gill Yvonne Dibble Chester. Born 3rd April 1932. She now lives in Glynarthen, Llandysul, Dyffed (01495 790897). Married first Cheltenham 30th April 1953 as his first wife (James) Ken Tolan (born 30th April 1932). Divorced. [He married twice more and is now living with a partner at 26 Shakespeare Rd, St Dials, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 4LW (tel: 01633 771 286). His third wife was B Tolan of 22 Abbey Rd, Cwmbran, Gwent NP44 3LB (tel: 01633 774 612)].
a. Linda Teresa Tolan. Born 12th August 1954. Since 1974 she has lived with Archie Harvey Gourlay (born Edinburgh 24th August 1949). They live in Cwmbran Tel: 01633 875486
i) Steen Jonathon Gourlay. Born 12th November 1974.
ii) Gavin James Gourlay. Born 31st January 1978.
iii) Melissa Gourlay. Born 30th October 1980 She has a son by Gary Williams:
a) Morgan James Williams. Born 7th September 1999.
Melissa is engaged to be married to Michael Pattimore.
b. Susan ("Sue") Karen Tolan. Born 13th February 1957. Used to run marathons for Wales. Married 18th September 1981 Patrick Graham (born 2nd June 1947). They live in Glynarthen (tel: 01495 790897).
i) Zoe Graham. Born 5th February 1982
c. Kerry Joan Tolan. Born 1st November 1959. Lives in Cwmbran. Tel: 01633 679 770. Married 7th July 1979 Colin Haddock (born 4th December 1958). Divorced.
i) Christopher Darren Haddock. Born 8th January 1980 Profoundly deaf. Engaged February 2004 to Hannah Brewster (profoundly deaf).
ii) Rebecca ("Becky") Louise Haddock. Born 25th January 1985.
Kerry married second 24th July 1993 David John Williams (born 18th March 1958). Divorced.
iii) Ashley Jade Williams. Born 27th January 1993.
d. Mandy Jane Tolan. Born 14th May 1963. Lives in Cwmbran. Tel: 01633 484516. Mob: 0790 3387260. Married 11th April 1981 Neil Hearn (born 15th February 1960). Divorced c.1992.
i) Gemma Hearn. Born 11th September 1981. She had a daughter by Gary Lister (who lives in Spain):
a) Megan Chloe Hearn. Born 19th July 2002.
ii) Kieran Hearn. Born 7th September 1983.
iii) Amber Hearn. Born 23rd January 1990.
Ann married second 21st August 1981 Elwyn Evans (dvu 7th July 1982).
v. Pamela ("Pam") Dibble Chester. Born Cheltenham 20th April 1935. Married 29th June 1957 Albert Gordon Harrison (born 1st August 1931), a cobbler. Divorced December 1986. Address: 1 Godwin Close, Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham GL52 2QT (tel: 01242 526 623).
a. Kim Stuart Harrison. Born 13th January 1958. Computer technician. Married 5th June 1985 Helen Margaret Rendell Greenwood (born 21st February 1960), a solicitor. Tel: 01452 617017. He has his grandfather's MC.
i) Thomas Anthony Harrison. Born 24th May 1988.
ii) Rachel Sarah Harrison. Born 25th December 1989.
b. Mark Ian Harrison. Born 10th January 1962. Computer systems designer.
c. James Willoughby Harrison. Born 3rd February 1964.
H) (Edith Paull) Catalina ("Katina") Chester. Born Mexico 19th September 1879; birth registered England 7th August 1888. Died Zagreb 1943/44. She was teaching in Kitzbuhel, Austria in the 1930s, living with a Miss Boullion (sp?). She also taught in Zagreb, Yugoslavia.
I) Agnes Paula Ruth Chester. Born Thames Lodge, Cheltenham 12th August 1890*.
5. Louisa Marie Chester. Christened Luisa Marla Crespina (feast day of Purismo Corozonde Maria Sante Ama) Chester. Born Real del Monte 21st June 1846. Bap 18th April. Died England 9th May 1923. Buried Charlton Kings. Married first her cousin Captain Thomas Chester (died at sea 23rd November 1874), mariner. 1 son (b.1869), 1 daughter (b.1872). Married second October 1876 Barnard Lucas. 1 son, 2 daughters.
6. William Sebastian Chester. Born Real del Monte 25th February 1847. Died April or June 1848.
7. Michael William Chester. Christened Miguel Guillomo Gabriel (Gabriel - Saint). Born Real del Monte 18th March 1850. Bap 2nd July. Died 24th October 1924. Buried Presbury. Living Cheltenham 1901. 
8. James Frederick Chester. Christened Frederick Jamie Julian (Julian - Saint) Chester. Born Real del Monte 28th January 1852. Bap 14th April. Died 26th September 1882. Buried Presbury.
9. Dr Robert Brifido Chester. Born Real del Monte 8th October 1853. Bap 13th March 1856. Died 15th October 1904. Buried Real del Monte.
10. Dr Richard Chester. Christened Ricardo Evaristo Chester. Born Real del Monte 26th October 1855. Bap 13th March 1856. Died 8th February 1898. Buried Pachuca.
11. Alfred Chester. Christened Alejandro Alfredo Chester. Born Real del Monte 13th February 1857. Bap 21st July 1861. Died 29th October 1900. Buried England.
12. (Maria) Julia Paula Chester. Born Real del Monte 30th January 1860. Bap 28th July 1861. Died 29th July 1923. Buried Anerley. Married John Higgs.
13. George James Chester. Born Real del Monte 27th November 1863. Died London 1929. Christened Santiago Gorje (Santiago - Saint) Chester 24th June 1864. Died 22nd June 1929. Buried Anerley. Living Cheltenham 1901. Married Clara Winifred Read (born Cheltenham 6th April 1888; died Haywards Heath 20th January 1987; cremated in Worth). Their children were affectionately referred to as "The Chester Girls"and the younger three lived with their mother in Oxenton, Gloucs., before moving to a ground floor flat at Pittville Lawn, Cheltenham.
A) (Winifred) May Chester. Born Cheltenham 1st May 1912. Married first in London 21 February 1939 (Frank) Ronald Escott O'Connor (born Wellington, New Zealand 26 June 1904, dvu Cairo 23 March 1942).
i. Chester Ronald O'Connor, adopted the surname O'Connor-Boyd by Deed Poll 1948. Born Cairo 18 August 1941. Married first Potters Bar, Herts 21 September 1963 Barbara Marlow. Divorced 1973.
a. Paul Chester O'Connor-Boyd. Born Saltash, Cornwall 3 February 1966.
b. Neil O'Connor-Boyd. Born Saltash, Cornwall 30 January 1968. Married Dunoon, Scotland 27 August 2001 Larisa Gegeneva who had a daughter, Inga Unitovna (born 7 July 1994) by a previous partner. They live in Holland.
i) Kevin James O'Connor-Boyd. Born Haarlem, Holland 26 August 2005.
Chester married second in Johannesburg, South Africa 30 June 1973 (Elizabeth) Annette Bolze (born Kingwilliamstown, South Africa 23 February 1940). They live in England.
c. John Andrew O'Connor-Boyd. Born Johannnesburg, South Africa 2 May 1974. Married in Long Itchington, Warwickshire 15 September 2007 Rachael Claire Chambers (born Derby 01 January 1978).
i) Lauren Emily O'Connor-Boyd. Born Warwick 15 June 2008.
ii) Rosie Elizabeth O'Connor-Boyd Born Warwick 29 October 2009.
d. Roger Scott O'Connor-Boyd. Born Johannesburg, South Africa 6 September 1976. Married in Wokingham, Berks  31 July 2004 Louise Alexandra Hearsey (born Oxford 13 November 1975).
i) Polly Elizabeth O'Connor-Boyd. Born Stoke Manderville, Bucks 12 February 2006.
ii) Lucy Amelia O'Connor-Boyd. Born Stoke Mandeville, Bucks 05 July 2008.
May married second in Winchcombe, Glos 2 June 1945 George Scott Hendry Boyd (born Scotland 31 July 1915, dvu Plymouth, Devon 23 May 1983). She lives in Warwickshire.
ii. Rosemary Hendry Boyd. Born Haifa, Palestine 16 July 1946. Married in Didcot, Berks 18 June 1966 Victor Shayler (born 18 January 1946).
a. Paulette Anne Shayler. Born Wallingford, Oxford 2 October 1966. Married 13 November 1999 Simon William Appleby (born 20 October 1966).
i) David William James Appleby. Born Haywards Heath, W Sussex 16 May 1996.
ii) Peter Charles Simon Appleby. Born Haywards Heath 6 October 1998.
b. Richard James Shayler. Born Wallingford 6 March 1968.  Married in Narford, Norfolk  15 October 2011, Alexandra Juliet Catherine Fountaine (born Norwich 13 January 1973).
iii. Patricia May Boyd. Born Rhynie, Aberdenshire, Scotland 16 May 1952.
B) Paula Monica Chester. Born London 18th April 1920. Died Haywards Heath 21st December 2003 on a visit home. Married in Surrey 1944 Alfred William  Pooley (born Canada 7 October 1912, dvu Peterborough, Ontario, Canada 30 August 1991).
i. Isabel Pooley. Born Canada 19 July 1946. Married 1967 Douglas Rosevear.
a. Sherri Rosevear. Born Canada 12 July 1967. Married Brent Depelsmaeker.
i) Brianna Depelsmaeker. Born 24 February 1998.
ii) Shane Depelsmaeker. Born 2001.
b. Kenneth Rosevear. Born Canada 2 October 1969. Married Cara _____.
i) Amber Rosevear. Born Canada 17 September 1967.
ii) Megan Rosevear. Born Canada 17 May 2000.
iii) Benjamin Michael James Rosevear. Born Canada 1 December 2005.
ii. George Pooley. Born Canada 14 November 1948. Married 1970 Cathy _____. Divorced. They live in Canada.
a. Janet Pooley. Born Canada 18 April 1971. Teacher.
b. Stephen Pooley. Born Canada 3 February 1975. By his long term partner, Beverley Peever, he had:
i) Ambrose Pooley. Born Canada 6 August 2001.
ii) Abigail Anne Pooley. Born Canada 19 March 2006.
C) Ursula Beatrice Chester. Born 24th April 1922. Died Haywards Heath 5 November 2011. Married in Heliopolis 1945 Bertram Walter Roberts (born Isle of Man 1920, dvu Hayward Heath 1987).
i. Christopher John Roberts. Born Cheltenham 1946. Married in Hampshire 1970 Diana Bodkin (born 1945).
a. Nicholas John Roberts. Born Aldershot 1980.
ii. Dr Elizabeth Jane Roberts. Born East Africa 1949. Interested in genealogy. Married in Canada 1982 Cliff Friesen. Divorced 1990.
D) Isabel Delores Chester. Born Cheltenham 8th July 1924. Retired SRN. Address: 5 Kipling Ct, Winnals Park, Haywards Heath, W Sussex RH16 1EX (tel: 01444 459847).
7) Baby girl. Born 12th December 1814. Lived 15 minutes.
8) Sarah Ann Chester. Born 19th October 1820. Died 24th March 1836. Buried Friend's Burying Ground 30th March.
C. Samuel Chester. Born 8th November 1766. Bap privately 30th November 1766. Bap in church at Dodington 18th March 1767. Died Frome 10th February 1824. Buried 18th February. Married at Nettlecombe 30th May 1820 Margaret Dibble.
D. Elizabeth Chester. Born 6th December 1768. Bap Dodington, Somerset 21st April 1769. Died Stogursey 19th March 1850. Married at Nether Stowey 7th April 1803 William Ridler.
E. Mary Chester. Born 15th November 1771. Bap Dodington 19th February 1772. Died 15th December 1788.
F. Ann Chester. Born 7th March 1774. Bap Dodington 7th June. Died 23rd February 1789.
G. Susanna Chester. Born 28th March 1776. Bap Dodington 30th October. Died 8th June 1801. Buried 13th June.
H. Julia Chester. Born 24th July 1778. Bap Dodington 7th October. Died 31st October 1799. Buried Dodington 8th November.
I. James Chester. Born 27th November 1780. Bap Dodington 9th March 1781. Died 14th December  1817. Buried 22nd December.
J. Thomas Chester. Born 14th January 1784. Bap Dodington 29th December. Died Frome 14th May 1842. He owned 45 acres 3 roods 8 poles. Married Martha Singer and had two sons and two daughters.
V) Elizabeth Chester. Born 18th January 1733/4. Bap 14th February. Died 1st September 1758.
VI) Grace Chester. Bap 15th August 1735. Buried Monksilver 30th March 1763.
VII) Jane Chester. Bap 24th October 1740. Died 30th March 1763.
ee. Samuel Chester. Baptised 29th October 1697. Buried Kilton 30th September 1730.
3. John Chester. Died Kilton 1641? Married at East Quantoxhead 8th April 1611 Joane Smith (witness William Chester).

Appears in 1851 Gloucs census:
includes Head, Widows, Visitors, etc,
but excludes Spouse and Children with the same Surname as the Head.
CHESTER Thomas Head 70 Agric Labourer Kineton /Pillerton Hsy 51

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