John Bower. Living in the reign of Henry VI (1421-1471). Given an abbess of the Benedictine Nunnery in Shaftesbury which had been founded by Alfred the Great. Married Edith Twynihoe and had an only son:
John Bower. Married Joanne Dyrdoe and had an only son:
Robert Bower. Living in the reign of Edward IV. Will published 1524. Held lands and tenements at Lower Donhead, Wiltshire. Married Agnes Weston, dau of Hugh Weston.
A. Edmund Bower. Living in the reign of Henry VIII. Born 1490/94. Died c.1554. Mayor of Shaftesbury 1562; built the Guildhall & Market Cross. Buried Coombe Basett, Wiltshire. Married Joan Moggeridge of Salisbury and had three of four sons, the second of whom:
I. Walter Bower. Married Elizabeth Hawthorn, daughter of Adrian Hawthorn of Botley, Oxfordshire.
a. Edmund Bower. Dsp. Married Elizabeth nee Grover, widow of Captain John Chick.
b. Thomas Bower. Died unmarried.
c. Adrian Alverton Bower. Married Anne Dorrington, daughter of  J Barrington of Collingborne, Wiltshire.
i. Alice Bower. Married John Smith.
ii. Edmund Bower. Born c.1602.  Aged 21 in 1623. Dsp.
iii. Mary Bower. Aged 18 in 1623.
iv. Walter Bower. Aged 16 in 1623.
v. Adrian Bower. Aged 14 in 1623.
vi. Sarah Bower. Aged 14 in 1623.
vii. John Bower. Aged 10 in 1623.
viii. Elinor Bower.
II. Thomas Bower of Lower Donhead, Wiltshire and East Orchard, Dorset. Born East Orchard 1525. Living 1566. Buried in the reign of James I. Married, first, Alice Thornhill of Thornhill and had only one surviving son, Edmund.

Edmund Bower of Donhead, St Andrew. Living 1619. Married Margaret Kirley of Wilton, Wiltshire daughter of William Kirley and had four sons and three daughters, the eldest son being:


Thomas Bower, gent., of Ewerne Minster, which land he acquired. Living 1623. Married Elizabeth Squibb, daughter of Richard Squibb of Ewerne Minster by Margaret Fry daughter of John Fry of Eastbury. They had an only surviving son:


William Bower.


Henry Bower of Ewerne Minster. Aged 45 in 1677. Married Katharine Swayne and had three daughters and an only son:


Thomas Bower of Ewerne Minster. Aged 15 in 1677. Died 1711. Married Edith Burge.


Thomas Bower. Dsp 19th August 1728 aged 39.


Henry Bower. Living 1732. Dsp.


Richard Burge Bower, gentleman, of Ewerne Minster. Married Anne Barrington (died 28th December 1721, buried at Ewerne), daughter of Mr Barrington of Hollifield, Hertfordshire.

aa. Henry Bower.
bb. Richard Bower.
cc. William Bower.
dd. Joseph Bower.
ee. Theodore Bower.
ff. Thomas Bower. Born 25th August 1719. Died 2nd June 1789. Married Catharine Bowyer (died 15th May 1780), daughter of Francis Bowyer of Muffets, Hertfordshire. Catharine was also brother of Francis Bowyer (will dated 21 January 1779) who left his estate to his nephew Thomas and his descendants. See below.

William Bower. Married Armine Fairborne, daughter of Sir Stafford Fairborne.


Joseph Bower. Haberdasher in London.


John Bower. Died 6th August 1811 aged 10.


Theodore Bower. Dsp November 1732.


Mary Bower. Dsp.


Katharine Bower. Died 4th January 1718. Married Francis Melmoth.


Elizabeth Bower.


Edith Bower. Married 2nd April 1711 Robert Squibb.


Katharine Bower. Married Richard Churchy.


Elizabeth Bower. Married Robert Collins.


Anne Bower.


Hannah Bower.


Elizabeth Bower.


Margaret Bower.


Jane Bower.


Mary Bower.


Anne Bower.

ii. Edmond Bower. Married.
A) John Bower.
iii. William Bower.
iv. Francis Bower. Married. 1 son.
v. Dorothy Bower. Married Stephen Sturmy of Shaftesbury.
vi. Tabitha Bower. Married Roger Pope of Sherfield.
vii. Rebecca Bower. Married John Payne of Sarum.

Giles Bower: Died young.


Adrian Bower: Wife to W Mighal of Iwerne.


Alice Bower:


Elizabeth Bower: Died young.

Thomas Bower married, second, Warbarrow Hussey.
f. Joseph Bower. Married Mary Wykes.
Thomas Bower married, third, Margaret Percy.
g. Thomas Bower.  Married a daughter of John Wykes.
h. William Bower. Married Cicily Dorrington, dau of John Dorrington.
i. George Bower.
j. Joan Bower. Married John Bedbury.
k. Alice Bower. Married John Averell.
l. Elizabeth Bower. Married John Willet.
Thomas Bower married, fourth, Anne Taylor.
m. Anne Bower. Married George Slade.
III. Robert Bower.
B. Walter Bower.
C. William Bower of Mere, Co Wilts.
I. James Bower. Sold the Shaston, Motcomb and Tollard estates.
II. Alexander Bower of Mere.
III. David Bower.
IV. William Bower of Mere and of Harney and General Steward of Courts.
a. Christopher Bower. Died 1672 aged 65.
i. Annie Bower. Married.
ii. Margaret Bower. Married.
b. Thomas Bower. Died c.1655 aged 60. Married Alice Randolph, daughter of Thomas Randolph of Kingston Deveril, Co Wilts.
i. William Bower.
ii. Thomas Bower.  Born c.1627.
iii. Michael Bower. Died young.
iv. Alexander Bower. Born c.1647.
A) Elizabeth Bower. Born c.1674.
B) Joseph Bower. Born c.1677.
v. William Bower.
vi. Rachel Bower.
c. John Bower. Died 1640 aged 40.
d. Lucy Bower. Married first Richard Perry of Maiden Bradley, Co Wilts. Married second Mr Trew of Dorchester.
D. Elizabeth Bower.

*    *    *    *     *

aa. Thomas Bower. Born 25th August 1719. Died 2nd June 1789. See above. Married Catharine Bowyer (died 15th May 1780), daughter of Francis Bowyer of Muffets, Hertfordshire.
I) Thomas Bowyer Bower, Sr. Born 20th February 1744. Died 29th January 1790. Married, first, 19th October 1767, Anna Catherina Napier (born ca 1747; died in childbirth aged 27, 17th November 1774) dau of Rev Edward Napier, Rector of More Crichel, Dorset.
A. Anna Catharina Bower. Born 14th August 1768. Died 21st August 1837. Married first, 25th August 1791, William Blandford (died 20th November 1795). Anna married second, John Smith Andrews.
1) Anna Catherine Andrews. Born 24th June 1801.
2) John Smith Andrews. Born 28th May 1806.
B. Elizabeth Anne Bower. Born 13th January 1770. Died 2nd August 1840. Married, 9th April 1791, Edward Greaves, High Sheriff of Lancaster in 1812.
C. Thomas Bowyer Bower, Jr of Ewerne Minster. Born 26th April 1771. Baptized 16th August 1771. Died 21st September 1840. Involved in the case of Potter v Archer [1796]. Sheriff of Dorset 1796. Lt-Colonel, Dorset Yeomanry Cavalry. Married, 29th May 1792, Harriet Whitaker (died 27th May 1841), daughter of Walter Whitaker, Recorder of Shaftesbury.
1) Harriet Catherine Bower. Born 4th April 1797. Married, 17th February 1826, Rev Christopher Nevill, Rector of East Grinstead, Sussex, (bap Easton 20th March 1800; died 15th December 1847 aged 47) and had issue.
2) Thomas Bower. Born 3rd January 1798. Died young.
3) Thomas Bower. Born 11th January 1800. Died young.
4) Elizabeth Anne Bower. Born 21st July 1801. Married, 2nd October 1829, Rev Edward Bower, see below, and had issue.
5) Thomas Bowyer Bower, III, JP of Ewerne Minster. Born 1st July 1803. Died 8th September 1868. High sheriff of Dorset, 1847. Married, 9th August 1828, Eliza Creed, daughter of William Creed of Ballygrennan Castle, co Limerick.
1. Thomas Bowyer Bower, IV, DL, JP, late of the 73rd Regiment. Born 6th September 1829. Sold the Ewerne Minster estate to Lord Wolverton, 1876. Married, 13th August 1861, Bessie Alice Russell (died 7th April 1918), daughter of William Russell of Ravensworth, Australia.
A) Thomas Henry Bowyer Bower. Born Brighton 19th May 1862. Died of fever Nthn Terr., Australia 22nd December 1886. Curator of ornithology at the Western Australian Museum c. 1886. Naturalist and collector, especially of Avifauna of Australia, he sent many specimens of rare and new forms to the British Museum and Zoological Society.  Bower's Shrike-Thrush is named after him.
B) George Frederick Bower. Born 20th April 1876. Died 12th August 1923.
2. Eliza Harriott Bower. Born 2nd September 1833.
3. William Henry Bower. Born 14th December 1838. Died 8th February 1882.
4. Charlotte Frances Bower. Born 6th January 1843. Died September 1935. Married in St Leonards W____ Bray.
6) Caroline Bower. Born 27th November 1804. Died 1st February 1805.
7) Henry Bower. Born 26th June 1806. Died young.
8) Caroline Ann Bower. Born 5th October 1807. Died 15th October 1807.
9) Rev Henry Tregonwell Bower JP of Fontmell Parva, Blandford, Dorset. Born 22nd November 1808. Died 10th September 1876; buried Childe Okeford, Dorset. Married in Symondsbury, 22nd June 1837, Elizabeth Syndercombe Fox (born 8th September 1807; died 25th September 1874) dau of Rev Thomas Fox, Rector of Temple Combe, Somerset and South Newton, Wilts and Elizabeth Diana nee Syndercombe. She inherited Fontmell Parva in 1866. Fontmell Parva is a small house built c.1670. She wrote a diary (Dorset Record Office D/BOW:KW 209);  Elizabeth Pitman is currently researching the travel diaries of women travellers to Wales with the long-term intention of writing a book.  
1. Henry Syndercombe Bower, JP, of Fontmell Parva, Blandford, Dorset. Born 14th July 1839. Died 11th December 1930. Educated Harrow and Trinity Coll., Cambridge (MA 1864). Wrote an article, "Pedigree of the Bower Family" which was included in the book, "Iwerne Minster, Before, During and After the Great War" prepared for Mr James Ismay. Commemorated Childe Okeford, Blandford. Married, 7th June 1866, Sarah Matilda Salkeld (died 9th November 1915), daughter of Rev Robert Salkeld, Rector of Fontmell Magna, Dorset.
A) Henry Gregory Syndercombe Bower, JP of Fontmell Parva, Blandford, Dorset. Born 24th July 1867. Died 11th September 1940. Educated Harrow. Married, 28th July 1892, Charlotte Rosabelle Surtees, ygst dau of late Rev Richard Surtees, Rector of Holtby, Yorks [See Burke's Landed Gentry].
i. Henry Raymond Syndercombe Bower. Born Argentina 2nd April 1894. Killed in action 18th-19th December 1914. Lt, 1st Bn Staffordshire Reg't. Commemorated Childe Okeford, Blandford and Marnhull.
ii. Lancelot Tregonwell Syndercombe Bower. Born Los Chilenos, Saavedra, Tornquist, Argentina 7th July 1895. Died 1978. Educated Repton. Commissioned into the 3rd Bn. Dorsetshire Regt 15 Aug 1914. Lt. 2 Feb 1915. On the Western Front Jan-May 1915 (during Feb-Apr. att. 1st Lincolns), when he was wounded and lost his right arm. He returned to France as a Staff Captain in June 1916 attached to 2nd. Army Railheads, Amiens area. OBE 1915. He farmed at Sugeroi Estate, Rumuruti, Kenya (1920-45), then went to Fontmell Parva, Childe Okeford, Blandford. They left the UK 1951 and farmed at Gararagua Estate, Sanya Juu, Moshi, Tanzania (Tanganyika then) until 1964 when they retired to Malindi, Kenya. Married at Ruiru, 7th December 1927, Martha Frances Hallowes (born Bareilly 3rd October 1903) of Ruiru, Kenya Colony, daughter of Francis William Hallowes, CB, CIE and his wife Martha Musgrave nee Beadon.. Francis served with the Indian Army and rode in the Coronation Procession of George V.
a. Thomas Syndercombe Bower. Born 5th November 1930. Died Lisbon, Portugal 19th April 1992. Buried Estremoz. Educ Kenton College, Prince of Wales school, Kenya and Repton. Farmed in Kenya and moved  to UK c.1980. Married 15th June 1966 his first cousin (Marigold) Fleur Syndercombe Bower (born 25th February 1936), qv below. She lives in Estremoz, Portugal.
i) Raymond Henry Syndercombe Bower. Born 25th February 1966. Died Nairobi 7th June 1966.
ii) Katherine Martha Syndercombe Bower. Born 14th June 1967.
iii) (Charlotte) Rowena Syndercombe Bower. Born 9th October 1970.
iv) Veronica Claire Syndercombe Bower. Born 28th September 1973.
v) (Mara) Serena Aubrey Syndercombe Bower. Born 9th November 1977.
b. Denis Syndercombe Bower. Born Nairobi 1st March 1938. Educated Borzell School, Kent and Duke of York School, Kenya; he attended University in NZ. Farmed in Tanzania until 1964, moved to Australia 1964. Farmer. Married  10th January 1959 (Margaret) Anne Simpson. Address: 137 Obi Obi Rd, Mapleton, Queensland 4560, Australia (+61 7 5445 7151).
i) Robert Syndercombe Bower. Born Moshi, Tanzania 8th December 1959. Now in Brisbane Qld Australia.
ii) Rosemary Anne Syndercombe Bower. Born Moshi, Tanzania 18th June 1961. Now in Maleny, Qld Australia.
iii) Michael Lancelot Syndercombe Bower. Born Nairobi, Kenya 10th October 1962. Now in Kununurra WA Australia.
iii. Cecil Syndercombe Bower, MC. Born Argentina 17th March 1897. Temp Capt, 3rd Dorsetshire Reg't. Educated Repton. Married, 15th December 1932, Elizabeth Mary Stockley, dau of Brig-Gen Ernest Norman Stockley, DSO, RE.
a. George Syndercombe Bower. Born 9th November 1933. Educated at Wellington College, Berks. Accountant. Married 11 July 1964 Diana Gail Broughton younger daughter of Rex Oliver Broughton of Northam, Devon.
i) Mark Anthony Syndercombe Bower born 12 August 1966 Educated at Grenville College, Bideford Devon
ii) Fiona Mary Bower born 26 April 1968 Educated at Clevedon Comprehensive and  University of Lancaster. B.Ed
iii) Katherine Anne Bower born 5 January 1970 Educated at Christ's Hospital.
iv) Robin Rex Syndercombe Bower born 9 August 1973 Educated at Sidcot School
b. Daphne Elizabeth Bower. Born 6th June 1938.
iv. Philip Salkeld Syndercombe Bower. Born Holtby, Yorkshire 24th September 1898. Died Pietermaritzburg, South Africa 11th October 1978. Temp Lt, RA. Farmer in the Transvaal, S Africa. Educated Repton and Oriel Coll, Oxford. Cricketer. Married, 29th December 1922, Aubrey Karri Clarke (born Pietermaritzburg 10th July 1899; died Vereeniging, South Africa 20th August 1980), ygst dau of Col W.J. Clarke of Pietermaritzburg, Natal.
a. Geoffrey Raymond Syndercombe Bower. Born Bethal 25th June 1927. Married 27th May 1950 Donna Moyra Caro, daughter of Ernest Caro. They live in Johannesburg.
i) Charles Edward Syndercombe Bower. Born Johannesburg 17th November 1953. Married 30th August 1980 Vera Wollert. They live in South Africa.
(A) Frances Jane Syndercombe Bower. Born 22nd March 1982.
(B) Richard Edward Syndercombe Bower. Born 12th July 1985.
ii) Nicholas John Syndercombe Bower. Born Johannesburg 9th July 1956. Married Jane Bower. They live in California.
(A) Jasper Bower.
(B) Tristan Bower.
iii) Caroline Anne Syndercombe Bower. Born 12th November 1951. Married Michael Milson. They live in California.
(A) Verity Milson.
(B) Rosalind Milson.
b. Angela Syndercombe Bower. Born Bethal 19th February 1924. Died Johannesburg December 1989. Married 3rd January 1948 Patrick ("Pat") Edward Butler Rice (died July 2002).
i) Clive Edward Butler Rice. Born Johannesburg 23rd July 1949. Well known cricketer, captain of Notts, Transvaal and of South Africa. Currently runs a Sports Tour and Bush Safari Company. Married with two children.
ii) A son.
iii) A son.
c. (Charlotte) Judyth ("Judy") Syndercombe Bower. Born Pietermaritzburg 3rd June 1926. Married 30 April 1955 Derek Edwin Johnson (dvu). She lives in Henley-on-Klip, South Africa.
i) A son.
ii) A son.
iii) A dau.
d. (Marigold) Fleur Syndercombe Bower. Born 25th February 1936. Married 15th December 1966 her first cousin Thomas Syndercome Bower, qv above for details of their descendants.
B) Edith Diana Syndercombe Bower. Born 2nd March 1869. Lived at Beckhams, Childe Okeford, Dorset.
C) John Syndercombe Bower. Born 12th July 1870. Died 13th July 1870.
D) Rev Charles Hawkins Syndercombe Bower. Born 4th August 1871. Died 18th March 1961. Educated Radley and Ch Ch, Oxford (MA 1899). Rector of Childe Okeford, Dorset 1909-1938. Public preacher, diocese of Salisbury from 1938. Canon & Preb of Beaminster Prima in Salisbury Cathedral, 1928. Married, 10th September 1913, Audrey Stopford (born 14th June 1887; died 28th November 1928), only dau of late Vice Adm Robert Wilbraham Stopford, RN. Commemorated Childe Okeford, Blandford.
i. Cicely Syndercombe Bower. Born 20th July 1914. Married, 20th September 1939, Major John Fletcher, MBE, RE, son of Major Cyril Fletcher of Milbrook House, Childe Okeford, Dorset.
a. Lucy Fletcher. Born 25th July 1940.
b. Teresa Fletcher. Born 3rd July 1942.
E) Maude Elizabeth Syndercombe Bower. Born 11th July 1873. Married Donald Gordon Forbes, JP of Dorset.
F) Maurice Syndercombe Bower of Bagber, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Born 1st August 1875. Died 13th January 1919. Educated Radley and Cirencester Agric Coll.. Lt, RASC. Married, 1st August 1901, Geraldine Halliburton (died 24th May 1946), dau of Brenton Halliburton Collins of Dunorlan, Tunbridge Wells.
i. Kathleen Margaret Bower. Born 5th October 1902.
ii. Maurice Brenton Syndercombe Bower of Bagber, Sturminster Newton, Dorset. Born 19th September 1906. Educated Winchester & Pembroke Coll. Cambridge, Squadron Leader RAF. Married, 11th June 1932, Margaret Elizabeth Yeatman- Biggs, dau of William Huyshe Yeatman-Biggs of Stockton, Wilts.
a. Julian Thurstan Syndercombe Bower. Born 9th May 1935. Educated Winchester College. 2nd.Lt, Grenadier Guards. Partner in Binder Hamlyn, chartered accountants. Director of two merchant banks, a government adviser and a director of or advisor to over 40 organisations, predominantly smaller or medium sized.  He has recently become a District Councillor for West Wiltshire District Council.   Married first Susan Elizabeth Murray (born 23rd December 1941). Divorced.
i) Charles Julian Syndercombe Bower. Born 21st May 1965. Educated Winchester Coll & St. Andrew's University. Married Nicole de Montagnon.
(A) Lucy Nicole Syndercombe Bower. Born 16th December 1992.
ii) Rupert George Syndercombe Bower. Born 3rd July 1967. Educated Winchester and Cambridge.
Julian married second Maria Josephine Niall (born Melbourne 16th December 1949)
b. (Maurice) Huyshe Syndercombe Bower. Born 30th July 1937. Educated Eton College. 2nd. Lieutenant 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards, ret'd. Wine Shipper in Portugal. Married Caroline Louise Constant (born 26th June 1944; died 6th August 1997). He lives in Portugal.
i) Anthony Huyshe Syndercombe Bower. Born 5th March 1973. Educated Milton Abbey & Bristol Business College
ii) Robert Maurice Syndercombe Bower. Born 3rd June 1975. Educated Eton & Imperial College (M.A.). Working in Portugal.
iii) Alexander Julian Syndercombe Bower. Born 12th November 1978. Educated Bradfield College & University West of England.
iii. Lionel Claud Syndercombe Bower. Born 22nd September 1908. Killed in action at Calais 27th May 1940. Captain, 1st Bn, KRRC.
iv. Nigel Charles Fitzgerald Bower. Educated Malvern and Pembroke Coll, Cambridge. Married, 30th November 1940, Celeste Ketley, dau of Vivian H Ketley.
a. Claud Lawrence Bower. Born 12th July 1947.
G) Eleanor Mary Syndercombe Bower. Born 21st August 1877. A sister of St Margaret of St Margaret's Convent, East Grinstead.
H) Eveline Syndercombe Bower. Born 7th December 1879. Married, 25th December 1907, Harry Russell Tate, son of the late C.R. Tate of Trent Rectory, Sherborne, Dorset.
I) Claude Edward Syndercombe Bower. Born 23rd May 1881. Married 6 October 1927 Isabel Sana Gibson, daughter of H W Gibson, ICS.
J) Gerald Syndercombe Bower. Born 1882. Died 24th February 1887.
K) Alice Dorothy Syndercombe Bower. Born 31st January 1887.
L) Ruth Winifred Syndercombe Bower. Born 26 September 1888.
10) Francis Adrian Bower. Born 15th June 1814. Died 20th June 1814.
D. Henry Bower, Sr of Pylle House, Somerset. Born 28th July 1773. Died 21st January 1840. Educated Queen's College, Oxford (BA 1795, MA 1798). Clerk in holy orders. Vicar at St Mary Magdalene's, Taunton. Rector of Orchard Portman, Bickenhall and Staple Fitzpayne. Chaplain to the Earl of Rossberry. Married, 8th July 1800, Lucy Smith (died at Wilton, near Taunton 10th February 1841), daughter of Robert Smith of Clifton Wood, Bristol.
1) Rev Edward Bower. Born 23rd December 1801; died 27th December 1874. Educated Jesus Coll, Cambridge (BA 1824; MA 1828). Deacon 1825. Priest 1826. Rector of Closworth, Somerset (1828-1874). Married, 2nd October 1829, Elizabeth Anne Bower (born 21st July 1801), see above.
1. Edward Greaves Bower. Born 7th May 1831. Died 29th September 1866.
2) Henry Bower, Jr of Bangalore and Moulmeih, India and of Bishopstoke, Southampton. Born at Ewerne 16th November 1803. Died at Kennet House, Newbury, Berkshire 15th February 1873. Major 9th November 1846. Lt Colonel, Indian Army, 20th June 1854. Major General, 52nd Regiment, North India, 1860. Retired 31st December 1861. Magistrate, Moulmeih. Governor, Madras Prison. Wendy Spearman has an oil painting of him in South Africa. Married within the Archdeaconry of Madras, India, 16th March 1843, Johanna Catherine Procter (born Afrilla 1821 [per 1881 Census when she was living at Shaw Cum Donnington, Berkshire] or 1819; died 1898), fourth daughter of William Procter of County Tipperary.
1. William Bower. Born 28th February 1844. Baptized at Moulmeih 22nd August 1848.
2. Henry Bower. Born 1st May 1845. Died 5th August 1845.
3. Edward Bower. Born 20th February 1847. Baptized at Moulmeih 11th June 1847. Will published 1874.
4. Mary Elizabeth Bower. Born 1st July 1848. Baptized at Moulmeih 22nd August 1848. Lived at The Cedars, Donnington, Berkshire.
5. Henry Bower, III of Ewerne, Wynberg, Cape Town. Born England 8th February 1851. Farmed at Orarycluffe, Natal Kwazulu (or Eastern Cape?). Married in South Africa, April 1876, Nannett E. Borden.
A) (Henry) Alan Richard Bower. Born South Africa 25th March 1877. A camp guard when the Rhodesian railway was built. Killed by a lion in Rhodesia.
B) Johanna ("Josie") Miriam Bower. Born South Africa 27th August 1878. Married Commodore _____ Jones, RN.
C) Reginald Nevill Bower. Born South Africa 27th August 1879. Married and had issue, amongst whom:
i. _____ Bower, a daughter. Married _____ Coghill.
6. Elizabeth Rachel Bower. Born India 18th November 1852. Baptized 16th February 1853. Died 25th March 1891. In 1881 she was living with her mother at Shaw Cum Donnington, Berkshire.
7. Hannah Johannah Bower. Born India 29th October 1859. In 1881 she was living with her mother at Shaw Cum Donnington, Berkshire. Married St Mary Abbott's, Kensington, 27th August 1901 Herbert Flamstead Walters.
8. Thomas ("Tom") Arthur Bowyer Bower, Sr of Ewerne Minster, Dorset. Born 17th May 1861 Baptized at Bellary, Madras 15th July 1861. Died 1922. He was the Plaintiff in the Lunacy case Thomas Bowyer Bower v. Geraldine Rowena May Bower (Depot KAB, Source CSC, Type Leer, Vol 2/1/1/1913, Sys 1 Ref 292 pt 1, 1921) - which Geraldine died in South Africa 1921 (MOOC  6/9/2087 2342. Estate papers. 1921). Captain. Civil and mining engineer. Married first, ca 1885, (Fanny) Maud Smith (married when aged 16), daughter of the late Dr Frederick Hodgkinson Smith (asst surgeon, HM Bombay, born India 8 December 1836, son of Samuel Smith and Charlotte) and Frances Harriet, nèe Hunt. Divorced South Africa 1893.
A) Thomas Arthur Bowyer Bower, Jr. Born 23rd April 1886. Captain, Royal Engineers. Served with the British Adriatic Mission 1916, also in Corfu, Serbia, Albania and Italy. Shot in the eye during World War I and contracted eye cancer. Living 1926. Mining engineer of 14 Woodgrange Avenue, Ealing Common. Married against his parents wishes, 30th April 1912, Hilda ("Peggy") Irene Stroud.
i. Anthony ("Tony") Bowyer Bower. Born c.1915. Died c.1975.  Engineer. Married Jane _____. They both came from Nottingham, England and emigrated to Tasmania in the 1960s on the £10 ticket. It is possible he went by way of South Africa.
a. Caroline Bowyer-Bower. Did not emigrate. Married Reginald Murrell, a clerk of the law courts. No issue.
b. Elizabeth Bowyer-Bower. Married in Melbourne in the late 1960s Robin Pepper. They have children.
i) Sarah Pepper.
ii) Katy Pepper.
c. (Ian) Roger Bowyer-Bower. Married 21st January 1971 Mary Ann Ruprecht.
i) Christine ("Chris") Michelle Bowyer-Bower. Born 22nd April 1971. Married  in Cornwall Giles Fielding.
(A) Elenor Mary Fielding. Born 22nd February 2006.
(B)  A baby. Expected 2008.
ii) Kelly Jane Bowyer-Bower. Born 8th May 1972. Married Christopher Andrew Down (born 11th July 1969). They live in Tasmania, Australia.
(A) Zoe Jane Down. Born 12th November 1998.
(B) Tayla Anne Down. Born 24th October 2001.
iii) Raymond Carl Bowyer-Bower. Born 5th October 1973. Had children by Monique Anne Maria Geres (born 21st February 1969), dau of Bernardus Johannes Adrianus Geres and Ria  Wasser:
(A) Kieran Rai Bowyer-Bower. Born Amersfoot, Holland 17th August 2002.
(B) Bowen Carl Bowyer-Bower. Born 6 Roggerveen Street, Amersfoot, Holland 17th January 2005.
iv) Gregory John Bowyer-Bower. Born 15th April 1986.
v) Caryn Ann Bowyer-Bower. Born 16th March 1988.
d. Simon Bowyer-Bower. Married Robyn _____.
i) Abby Caroline Bowyer Bower, aged 23 in early 2008
ii) Philip Desmond Bowyer Bower, aged 20 in early 2008
iii) Renee Bowyer Bower, born 12 March 1989. Vocalist.
e. John Bowyer Bower. Died at birth.
ii. Michael Douglas Bowyer Bower, ACIS, AIB. Born 13th January 1918. Dvu 11th September 1995. Brought up by his widowed aunt, Ethel, Mrs Douglas Beamish. Educated Highfield College, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. Served with Royal Artillery, 8th army (desert rat); 1939-45 Star, Africa Star (8th Army clasp), Italy medal, Egypt medal. Banker with Barclays Bank, Northfield Branch (London W.13) and later a farmer. Married, 5th September 1958, Adèle ("Paddy") Syndonia Dibble- Chester. She contributed to "Never too late to go to college", (EFEB395H) BBC1 12.9.1982. She had a borderline personality disorder and now suffers from advanced dementia.
a. Karen Jacqueline Sylvia Bowyer Bower. Born 5th June 1959. Educated Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls; Montclair High School of Performing Arts, NJ; Barnard Coll, Columbia Univ, NY (BA), Llb. Partner, Sills & Betteridge in Lincoln (01522 542211). Married, 5th September 1992, Malcolm Alexander Brown (born 16th May 1964), [whereupon they both adopted the name Bower- Brown], son of David Brown (born 21st October 1934; died 10th December 1990) and Norma Winifred, née Williams (born 31st January 1939), Regional Director of Leonard Cheshire (East). Address: 11 Curle Avenue, Lincoln, LN2 4AN (tel: 01522 827 579).
i) Angus Richard Bower-Brown. Born 20th August 1994. A chorister at St John's College, Cambridge.
ii) Susannah Alice Bower-Brown. Born 19th July 1996.
iii) Alexander Douglas Bower-Brown. Born 21st June 1998.
b. Dr Tanya Adèle Bowyer Bower, FRGS. The surname on her birth certificate is Bower. Adopted as a third christian name Syndonia. Born London 6th November 1961. Educated Haberdashers' Aske's School for Girls, King's, London University (BA, AKC 1982), Toronto University (MSc 1984, fellow Massey Coll.), Hertford College, Oxford (DPhil, 1992). Employed Kings College London & SOAS as a geomorphologist until 2005. She taught at Glenalmond, Sept 2005 - June 2006. She taught at Lornshill Academy, a secondary school in Clackmannan Sept 2007 - July 2008. Address: 7 Carrington Terrace, Crieff PH7 4DY (tel: 01764 654108).
B) Dorothy Catherine Bowyer Bower. Married, 25th October 1909, Sir Alexander Young Spearman, 3rd Bt (born 19th June 1881; died 11th February 1959).
i. Sir Alexander Bowyer Spearman, 4th Bt, FCII. Born 15th February 1917. Died 1977. Educated Westminster. Hon Captain, 10th Bn, 7th Rajpute. Married, 10th April 1950, Martha Green (died ca 1978), daughter of John Green of Naauwpoort, S Africa.
a. (Catherine) Wendy Nest Spearman. Born 18th June 1959. Married, 1979, Jonathan Mort.
i) Rebecca Claire Spearman Mort. Born 1994.
b. Lynne Dorothy Anne Spearman. Born 18th December 1962. Married, 1982, Gregory Lloyd.
i) Nicola Lloyd. Born 1988.
ii) Chelsea Anne Lloyd. Born 1991.
c. Daphne Joan Constance Eileen Spearman. Born 14th October 1965. Educated Keele University, Sheffield.
d. Sir Alexander Young Richard Mainwaring Spearman, 5th Bt. Born 3rd February 1969. Married, January 1994, Anne Stine Munch, daughter of Kaj Munch of Hyllinge, Denmark. Divorced 1995. hIS Address: PO Box 10004, Vledekloof 7560, Cape, S Africa.
ii. Richard Ian Campbell Spearman. Born 14th August 1926. Educated Clayesmore School and Birkbeck College, London (BSc PhD DSc). Hon Sr   Lecturer Univ Coll., London FLS, FZS, Fellow Inst of Biology, Member of Soc of Experimental Biology and of British Ecological Soc. Address: 70 Hatherley Road, Winchester, Hants SO22 6RR.
iii. Joan Dorothy Ethel Spearman. Born 29th May 1912. Died November 1994. Served in World War II. Married, 4th August 1960, William Taunton Oliver (dvu 1983).
C) Aubrey Outram Bowyer-Bower. Died unmarried ca 1980. Farmer in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Thomas Arthur Bowyer-Bower married second in High Constantia, Cape town, South Africa 10th July 1893 (Florence) Margaret ("Moggie") Walters (born 28 April 1870, died c.1949, married second Major Robert Sayers), spinster, dau of Rev Alfred Vaughan Walters of Wyke, Winchester and Frances Amelia, nee Dodsley-Flamstead. She had travelled to Natal, South Africa in "The RMS Scot", arriving 8th January 1893. For further information about her family, email Angela Walters. In 1908 they lived at 29 Woodville Road Ealing.  Later they lived at 30 Bramham Gdns, South Kensington, London.
D) Cicely Bowyer Bower. Born 1893. Married Cecil William Chater (died 20 March 1937 aged 61; buried Cantonment Cemetery, Mandalay, India  21 March), a mining engineer and sometime partner of her father. Liz Mill (the source of this red text) tells us he married Cicely Vaughan and had two children Elizabeth and Anne and wonders whether Cicely might have been married and widowed when she married Cecil.
i. Elizabeth ("Betty") Frances Cicely Chater. Born 26 April 1914. Baptised Tuvoy 15 May 1914. Married Richard ("Dick") Knight.   Lives in Dorchester.
a. R Paul L Knight. Born 1940. Former director of Social Services.
b. William Leigh Knight. Born 1947. Professional singer (tenor) and teacher.
ii. Anne Woodsheil Chater. Born 16 February 1916. Baptised Holy Trinity Cathedral, Rangoon 12 March 1916. Died before 2002. Married John Haselfoot. Lived in Hertfordshire.
a. Penny Haselfoot.
iii. Wolferstone ("Wolf") Chater. Married Mary-Anne _____. They live in California, USA.
a. John Chater.
iv. Michael Chater. Married Gitty Cadmus. Living in New England.
E) Eldred Wolferstone Bowyer Bower.  Born 8 June 1894. Killed on active service close to St Leger, over France flying an RE8 (No A4165) 19th March 1917 aged 22 (therefore born c.1895). Served Royal Flying Corps, World War I; Captain, 3rd Batt'n East Surrey Reg't, 59 Sqdn. It is said that he was the twentieth "kill" of Lt Werner Voss (ranked fourth among Germany's aces and around 14th among all World War I aces) - per "Above the Lines", "Under the Guns of the German Aces" details 2nd Lt E Elgey, Albatross Productions "Aces & Aeroplanes 1". He went up for the Sandhurst examination when war with Germany was contemplated and not wishing to lose time in waiting for the result applied for a commission in the Special Reserve Battalion of the East Surrey Regiment, and was gazetted a second lieutenant on August 15, 1914. He went to the front on May 1, 1915 and was in the trenches and heavy fighting up to March 1916, when he was attached to the R.F.C. He remained at the front as an observer and flying officer until August, 1916, when he came home to take his pilot's certificate. He returned to the front on February 27 1917. Captain Bower's beriddled machine and body (and that of his observer) were found and recovered by his father on May 10. His commanding officer writes: "Your son was a magnificent fellow, universally liked by all the fellows in the squadron, and I was myself particularly attached to him. He is a very great loss to us and we all feel it very much indeed." He was educated at Wootton Court, near Canterbury, and Haileybury. He entered Haileybury in September 1908 and was in Batten House. At Narborough 14.2.1917 for 'A' Rep Sqn EF. Re-allotted to 59 Sqn and LIA 19.3.17 Capt EW Bowyer-Bower & 2Lt E Elgey on Patrol near St Leger - the a/c was hit by AA fire, crew KIA. The stained glass window in his memory which was in a church in Ealing was destroyed by enemy action.
9. Lucy Smith Bower. Born at Kennet House, Newbury, Berkshire 27th January 1864. In 1881 she was living with her mother at Shaw Cum Donnington, Berkshire.
3) Robert Smith Bower. Born 16th May 1805. Died at Park Lodge, Park Village, West Albany Street, Regents Park 11th December 1880. Educated Jesus College, Cambridge (BA 1828). Clerk in holy orders. Deacon of Bath & Wells 1828. Priest 1829. Rector of St Mary Magdalene, Old Fish Street, London (1845-1880).
4) Lucy Bower. Born 7th September 1806. Presumably died young.
5) Charles Bower. Born 20th December 1807. Died 15th February 1808.
6) Lucy Bower. Born 28th April 1809. Died unmarried 1880.
7) Ellen Bower. Born 20th August 1810. Died unmarried Bournemouth 23rd July 1881.
8) Frederick Bower. Born 10th March 1812. A clerk who wanted to become an attorney.
9) Susan Bower. Born 19th May 1813. Died unmarried Sherborne 18th July 1880.
10) Elizabeth Anne Bower. Born September 1816.
11) Johanna Bower. Born 1819. There is some doubt whether this is not brother Henry's wife, Johanna Catherine.
E. Caroline Bower. Born 17th November 1774. Died 9th October 1840.
Thomas Bower married, second, Dorothy Elizabeth Elliott (died 2nd June 1813) dau of Edmund Elliott, clerk OR (check) Rev Samuel Elliott.
F. George Edmund Bower. Born 11th March 1781. Married Eliza Letitia Boys, daughter of John Boys, MD.
1) Eliza Letitia Bower. Born 18th May 1810.
2) George Edward Bower. Born 28th May 1822.
G. Louisa Dorothy Bower. Born 11th March 1782.
H. Lucy Bower.
II) Catherine Bower. Born 16th June 1746. Died 1753 aged seven.
bb. Henry Bower. Died young.
cc. Richard Bower. Died young
dd. William Bower. Died young
ee. Joseph Bower. Died young.
ff. Theodore Bower. Died young.
*    *     *     *    *

NOTES of further relations, relationship not known:

Harry Bowyer Bower. Unmarried. Living South Africa.
Thomas Bower.
Born 25th August 1719. Died 2nd June 1789. Married Catharine Bowyer (died 15th May 1780), daughter of Francis Bowyer of Muffets, Hertfordshire. Francis had another daughter, Mary who married William Sparke.

Violet Bowyer Bower. Living South Africa. Married and has two children:
          Anne _____.
          Elizabeth ("Betty") _____.

The following American family is thought to be related:

  George Bower. Born Manby, Lincolnshire ? 1590.  Died 25 March 1656.  In 1591 he was in Somerset. He also lived in  Dorsetshire? Married first in Braithwell, Yorkshire, Barbara Smithe, by whom he had children: John, Matthew, Benanuel and Ruth (most born Dorsetshire; all born in England). He emigrated to USA c.1637 and had Patience and Silence (born Mass, USA). Married second in Mass, USA, Elizabeth Worthington, and had child: Jerathmeel (born in Mass., U.S.).    
    Jerathmeel Bowers. Born 2 May 1650 Died 4 May 1721  (added 's' to Bower for some unknown reason)    
      Samuel Bowers. Born 1682    
        Samuel Bowers. Born 21 December 1711 Died 16 December 1768    
        (I) Isaac Bowers. Born 26 June 1741 Died 14 September 1808    
          (A) Samuel Bowers. Born 28 November 1775    
            (a) Jonas Bowers. Born 15 November 1815  Died 30 April 1894.    
              (i) Clarence Edwin Bowers. Born 2 April 1856  Died 2 June 1929.    
                A. Dana Woodbury Bowers. Born 16 July 1882  Died September 1965.    
                  I. Everett Lewis Bowers. Born 20 March 1917  Died 11 November 1995. Married Nora Patricia Reames.    
                    a. Lewis Reames Bowers, Sr Born 1 May 1941. Address: 800 Covered Bridge Rd., PO Box 417, Rogue River, Oregon 97537.    
                      i. Lonnie Scott Bowers.    
                      ii. Lewis Reames Bowers, Jr.    
                      iii. Jason Trent Bowers.    
                  II. Calvin Vernon Bowers, Sr.    
                    a. Calvin Vernon Bowers Jr, 538 Brookline Blvs., Heverton, Pennsylvania 19083.    
              Marian Bowers Natale is descended from Jerathmeel, Patience and Ruth.        

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