20 April 2007

William Arbuthnot is an invented name that William ("Bill") D Jensen took on as a member of the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA) originating in the US, and now worldwide.  They recreate life in the middle ages.  His persona goes back to 1979.  He is most known in the SCA as "William Arbuthnot the Moneyer" minting over 60 different type of medieval reproduction coins (behind the picture of which is  the 1720 deed of sale of Nailsey Court owned by Nathaniel Wade, and sold by his wife.  Bill bought it on Ebay for a good price and translated it. Not too many people had heard of this "house that saved England").  He has a number of silver coins that he has made, but most of his collection is on loan.  He is also known for making as "Sir William Arbuthnot" medieval astronomical instruments in brass, etc, such as the Chaucer astronomical astrolabe (back). He sold two, each for $1500 on Ebay.

He also minted a commemorative coin by the handmade steel dies, and gave them to Richard Garriott, aka Lord British, of Origin Systems software company.  It was to commemorate his PC computer game, Ultima IV.  As a result of this, he put Sir William Arbuthnot into his next game Ultima V as a character with whom players can interact.  He minted a magical coin that was responsible for bringing the Avatar (the main character) into the magical world of Ultima.  He was featured in the Ultima Underworld game as well.

He used to drive to work every day in a 1931 Model A Ford

Here is an example of the type of research and translation he does on artifacts he buys, since he has a passion for antiques:

He has two web pages:
This one is about his research on a rare patented machine that operates on psychic principles.  He has one at his home on loan.  It is the only known working and intact machine left of the original 10 made.  He also has on loan a Pathoclast machine which is a healing machine of the 1940's.  Only recently has the US government allowed their legal use since they were outlawed in the 1950's due to lobbying by medical doctors.  A relatiion had been in a deep coma for about a month, and he was not expected to live.  They were going to terminate his life support system.  He requested a sample of his hair to put in the machine.  He then tuned the dials to various rejuvinating setting from a book of empirical settings.  He learned that about the same time he woke up from the coma, and was able to speak a little, and then he stood up and walked out of the hospital !  It may have been a coincidence.  Also during the treatment he was praying for him as well, since he is a born-again Christian.
This page concerns a violin he owns.  He was actually looking to purchase another one by this maker, since he thinks it is authentic and by an undocumented maker. There was another one for sale in Romania, but the email and telephone number did not work out.  Because of his ad, people were wanting to buy it, so he made a page on the violin so that high bids could be placed on the page, and they could learn more.  He plays the violin only a little.  He is better on the piano, playing mainly Chopin, which is nearer to his personality and temperment.  He has a ca 1875 Bosendorfer that is 10 serial numbers from the one that still exists and was used by Franz Liszt to teach in Budapest.

Bill is a laser research engineer with Convergent Laser.   +1 (510) 832-2130

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