1 John Arbuth Nott son of Samuel Putman Nott, in turn son of Arbuth Allen Nott. He married Mahala Gabbard and had children Lydia and Jennie
Looking for information on Mahala Gobbard/Goddard (the marriage license from Crawford County is difficult to read) and John Nott.
After Mahala's death John Nott m. Nancy Jane Duvall/Dewall and we understand that he then moved to California.
1. Mahala Gobbard, died Abt. 1887. She married (1) John Arbuth Nott 22 April 1880 in Crawford County, Arkansas. He was the son of Samuel Putman Nott and Mary Remey.
Children of Mahala Gobbard and John Nott are:
Sarah Tlythia (Lydia) Josephine Nott, born 12 November 1885 in Crawford County, Arkansas; died 13 August 1923 in Braggs, Muskogee, Oklahoma; married John William Rucks 06 December 1904 in Bidville, Crawford County, Arkansas.
There was also a female we believe her name was Jennie.
Ellen @ (no longer a valid email)

2   John Arbuth Nott son of Samuel Putnam Nott. He married (1) Mahala Gabbard and (2) Nancy Duvall

By Kelly Remy
Subject: Samuel Putnam Nott, OH>AR + Descendants
Date: Sat, 19 Jun 1999 23:58:16 PDT

Descendants of Samuel Putnam Nott
Generation No. 1
1. Samuel Putnam Nott was born December 20, 1820 in OH, and died Abt. 1895 in Washington County, Arkansas. He married Mary Remy September 15, 1841 in Floyd County, KY.
Children of Samuel Nott and Mary Remy are:
2i.    Phoebe Emeline Nott, born July 28, 1842 in KY. She married Elias Terry.
3ii.   Laura Temperance Nott, born May 27, 1844 in Arkansas. She married Charles L. Bradshaw.
+4iii. Amanda Margaret Nott, born September 10, 1846 in Arkansas.
5iv.   Mary Virginia Nott, born May 13, 1851 in Missouri. She married George Richardson.
6v.    Charity Cosfine Nott, born September 17, 1853 in Arkansas. She married Edward Osborn.
7vi.   Eliazor Nott, born December 26, 1855 in Arkansas. He married Nancy Bolls.
8vii.  Rebeca Katharine Nott, born March 24, 1857 in Arkansas. She married Louis Osborn.
9viii. John Arbuth Nott, born August 28, 1860 in Arkansas. He married (1) Mahaly Gabbard. He married (2) Nancy Duvall.
10ix.  Sarah Nott, born September 13, 1866 in Arkansas. She married John Harrison.

Generation No. 2
4. Amanda Margaret Nott was born September 10, 1846 in Arkansas. She married Justin M. Remy Abt. 1880, son of William Remy and Elizabeth Turner.
Children of Amanda Nott and Justin Remy are:
11i.   Orphra E.3 Remy, born July 1880 in Arkansas.
12ii.  Mary R. Remy, born June 1882 in Arkansas.
13iii. William James Remy, born March 26, 1884 in Near Mulbery, Arkansas, (Franklin County); died March 1964 in Fresno, CA. He married Cansada E. Mann.
14iv.  Addie B. Remy, born January 1887 in Arkansas.
15v.   Coil Remy, born August 1891 in Arkansas.

3    From: "Lona B. Lyon" <>
Subject: NOTT John; NOTT, ENG 1750-
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 1994 14:10:28 -0600
Researching surnames NOTT, SCHOFIELD, allied families.
My husband's g,g,g,g-grandfather,John NOTT, was born in
Nottingham, England in 1750, according to research done by a
professional genealogist and historian who worked in the early
1920's. John NOTT's wife was Eunice POWERS They had these children:
(1) Calista NOTT, m. William KAHZ. Calista was born in England
(2) Irene NOTT, m. Cyril WARD. Irene was born in England.
(3) Minerva Nott, born in England. She and her husband were Quakers.
(4) Jesse NOTT, born in England, lived in OH.
(5) Aaron NOTT, born in England, lived in OH
(6) Acel NOTT (apparently the family emigrated to America around this time)
(7) Arbuth A. NOTT, b. in VT, 20 Aug 1790, lived in KY and MO, m. Laura SCHOFIELD, b. Orange Co., NY, 15 May 1790 d.10 Apr 1829? Arbuth NOTT was a musician and a millwright, He was sworn in as constable in Johnson Co., KY in May 1845 and again May 24 1847. After Laura died he m. Lydia Chidister, probably in MO.
I have in my database about 500 descendents of John NOTT through Arbuth NOTT, Laura SCHOFIELD and their daughter Calista Nott.
Lona B. Lyon

4     Arbuth Allen Nott father of Samuel Putnam Nott
Margaret A. Marrs  (no longer a valid email) asks
I am not having much Nott luck either, and I have not run across any of the Notts you are looking for.
My Virginia Nott is Mary Virginia Nott, the daughter of Samuel Putnam Nott and Mary Remey.
Samuel's father was Arbuth Allen Nott.
Samuel had a brother named William Henry Harrison Nott who married Phoebe Remy, or Remey, or Ramey, possibly in Kentucky. But Mary Remey was not Phoebe's sister, though Samuel and Mary named one of their daughters Phoebe. The Nott/Remey/Remy/Ramey connection is murky. An Amanda Nott married a Justin Remey.
I will continue to try and untie our Notts but it looks like I will have to do more research, probably in Washington County, Arkansas. this will take time as I can't travel and will have to write.
Hope you have better luck with your Notts.

David Marrs replies:
Mary Virginia Nott was also my ggm, so I would be interested in whatever info you have. Additionally, Margaret is apparently related to me, but my postings to her have not been replied to.
Your email address is no longer valid.

5   Arbuth Nott son of John Nott and Eunice Powers
Subject: Nott family in Vt & va.
Date: 17 Oct 2002 20:17:59 -0600
I am looking for any info on the colonial Notts. Notts found to be in Vt. as early as 1700's or earlier. A governor of Virginia in 1704 with surname Nott. Any info. on possible migration from Vt-Va would be appreciated. Specifically in Vt, looking for info on Arbuth Nott. Parents are John Nott and Eunice Powers.
Jeri Ralston

Charity Nott who had children Calista Lydia Minerva and Jesse

Looking for a connection between a Charity Nott, b. 1815, married to Samuel Marks in 1830, Champaign County, Ohio and the Arbuth Allen Nott line. She stated in one census her birth place as Vt. She also named four of her children Calista, Lydia, Minerva, and Jesse. May be co-incidental but unlikely.
jimmy marks

7   Mary Elizabeth Nott Stock 31 July 1999
I am also a descendent of Arbuth Nott and Sarah Fine and have a copy of a genealogy typed by Arbuth Nott if you are interested in a copy I can mail it to you. There was nothing mentioned about a first wife of John Nott prior to Eunice Powers. That was interesting! I would be interested in how you found information about the parents and grandparents of John Nott since I have not been able to find anything. Thanks!! Mary

17 aug 1999
I also have the genealogy. It was done by John Arbuth Allen Nott, my great-grandfather. It has been a long time ago and I have forgotten but I found out about the first family through correspondence. I had a big laugh when I did find out.
Two books that have a lot about John (of VT) and his families are "Historical Notes on Three of the First Settlers of Springfield, VT" by Lewis G. Basso (1967) and "History of the Town of Springfield, VT" by Hubbard.
Are you a descendant of Clint and Cora Nott?
email me, Betty

22 Aug 1999
I wonder if you have the same copy I have from John Arbuth Nott. Mine was typed in 1914. Passed to me from my father.
Thanks for the information on those books. I'll look for them.
If you have the same copy that I do - look up Francis Marion Nott and wife Martha, then to Christopher Clarence Nott and wife Elizabeth, that takes me to Oklahoma. My grandfather was Arthur Clarence Nott.

3 Sept 1999
Yes, I have same copy. I have a picture of John A. A. Nott with (I believe) brothers, Francis Marion and Cyril Ward Nott. I sent you email, did you get it??
Are you in OK? Betty Pulley, Miami OK

5 Sept 1999
I did receive your message, but I only go into my computer once a week. I live in Farmington, NM. I don't have a scanner, but would sure love to get copies of those pictures. We must be related. I grew up in Midwest City and Oklahoma City before I came to visit my dad in Farmington and ended up staying (20 years). Have a good holiday. Mary

15 Sept 1999
Mary, may I send you pictures and info by snail mail? My address, Betty J. Pulley, 205 B St NE, Apt #110, Miami OK 74354. Phone 918 540-0937

8    Arbuth Nott married 1869 Barbary Miller

      Arbuth Nott married 1855 Mahala Miller
Marshall County, Indiana Marriages

Bride Groom Date Book Page
MILLER, Barbary A. NOTT, Arbuth 27 Mar 1869 C 55
MILLER, Mahala NOTT, Arbuth 17 Nov 1855 A 67

Mamie Nott, dau of Arbuth Nott. She married Lloyd Bogardus
I knew my father as Jack Williams for 50 yrs. started searching his past & found him in the prison archives. Listed his real name as Earl F. Bogardus. born 1893 Also found a letter written to the Gov. from his mother while he was in prison. She gave her name as B. L. Bogardus & her address as 602 E. Adams in Fairfield Iowa. Always wondered & now I need to find someone with knowledge of this town & its people. I'm sure we have relatives. anything at all would be appreciated. Shirley Williams

Mary Lanigan replies I searched all my books for this surname and came up with not even 1 record. My books go back to 1847 Jefferson County, Iowa. At present there are a lot of BOGARDUS families living in Council Bluffs. For Jefferson County Iowa, I searched all the birth, marriage death and cemetery records. Would you happen to know this BOGARDUS man's father's name or mother's maiden name?

To which Shirley Randall replies
I don`t know his father's name, I wish! The people who lived at the address that the letter was sent from were a Lloyd & Mamie Bogardus listed in 1917 F. Directory & births listed in 1880-1899 births - seems as though Mamie divorced in 1942 & married Ray Mulkins. Mamie's maiden name was Nott - father Arbuth Nott. In 1917 directory there was a J.F. Bogardus - wife Lizzie on east Adams. I'm trying to find them but have run into a dead end. I suspect Lizzie's maiden or other name was Earl.

10     Arbuth Allen Nott (son of John Nott or possibly son of Ethan Allen) married Laura Allen Schofield
Dan Pelphrey asks
Does anyone have any information on the alleged connection between Arbuth Allen Nott and Ethan Allan. One of my sources says that Laura Schofield who was Arbuth's wife was raised by Ethan's Brother Joshua. Some claim that Ethan may have been the father of Arbuth and that he Ethan attempted to give him some property which he refused to accept.

Betty J Pulley responds
Hi Dan, That's what my great-grandpa, John Allen Arbuth Nott said. But he also neglected to tell of Arbuth's father, John Nott and his first marriage and family!
I've been looking for Laura's family for over 20 years and haven't found anything yet. But I still have hope, especially now that we have the Net to work with.
Would like to hear from you. Betty J. Pulley

Darrin O'Brien replies
I am a descendant of Arbuth Allen Nott and Laura Allen Schofield and am trying to find the connection to Ethan Allen as well. My aunt had done some research in the 70's and claims that Laura Allen Schofield is the daughter of Barbara S. Allen Schofield, who is supposedly the granddaughter of Ethan Allen. Would love to hear back from anyone with any info. Thanks