The Genealogy of the Urquhart Family


    Sir William Urquhart of Cromarty. Married Hon Susanna Forbes.    
    A. Alexander Urquhart of Cromarty. Married Katharine Ogilvie.    
      I. Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty. Married Hon Helen Abernethy.    
        i. Alexander Urquhart of Cromarty. Married Beatrix Innes, daughter of ______ Innes of Auchintoul.    
          a. John Urquhart of Cromarty. Born 1547. Died 1631. Married Elizabeth Seton, only daughter and heir of Alexander Seton and Christian Fraser.    
            aa. Patrick Urquhart 18th of Meldrum and Lethenty. Born 1611. Died 1664. Married Lady Margaret Ogilvie.    
              (i) Adam Urquhart, 19th of Meldrum (died 1684). Married, 1635, Lady Mary Gordon.   AU
                (A) John Urquhart 20th of Meldrum. Born 1668. Died 1726 aged 59. Married, 1667, Jean Campbell of Cawdor, daughter of Sir Hugh Campbell of Cawdor (son of Colin Campbell of Ardrassie and Elizabeth Brodie) and Lady Henrietta Stewart (daughter of 4th Earl of Moray and Lady Margaret Home).    
                  (a) William Urquhart, 21st of Meldrum. Married, 24th March 1715, Mary Forbes .    
                    1. Jean Urquhart. Born 1722. Died 1767. Married Captain John Urquhart of Craigstone and Cromarty (qv below).    
                (B) James Urquhart, 1st of Byth. Died 10th September 1728. Married Jane (or Jean) Porterfield (d 1728), dau of Lord Mordington.    
                  (a) James A Urquhart, 2nd of Byth. Born 1711. Dsp 1792. He "meant to go out in '45 but thought better of it".    
                  (b) Adam Urquhart. ("The Chevalier") Born 1721. Dsp 1802. Served heir to his brother 1792. Married 1778 Elizabeth Urquhart (born 1742, died 1831), dau of the late Capt John Urquhart of Craigston.    
                  (c) Elizabeth Urquhart. ("Miss Betty") Born 1724. Died 1818. Served heir to Adam 1802.    
                  (d) Mary Urquhart. Dsp 1784.    
                  (e) (daughter) Urquhart. Dsp.    
              (ii) James Urquhart of Knockleith. Died 1710. Married Margaret Fraser, daughter of James Fraser of Tyrie (son of Sir Alexander Fraser 8th of Philorth and Magdalen Ogilvie) and ______ Urquhart (born after 1610, daughter of John Urquhart and Elizabeth Seton (qv above).    
                (A) Captain John Urquhart of Craigstone and Cromarty. Born 1696. Died 1756. Married Jean Urquhart of Meldrum (died 1767) (qv above) .   John1
                  (a) Mary Urquhart. Born 1745. Died 1818. Married, 1759, Robert Arbuthnot of Edinburgh and 2nd of Haddo-Rattray.    
                (B) Mary Urquhart. Died 1764. Married 4 October 1701 Patrick Duff of Craigston.    


This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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