The Genealogy of the Stratton Family


A. George Stratton of Madras and Tew Park, Born Madras, 12th December 1733. Died Great Tew, Oxon, 20th March 1800. Buried Great Tew, "in woollen only", 28th March 1800. Exponent of proactive regime change and thereby Governor of Madras 1776. Married Esther Eleanora Light.
a. George Frederick  Stratton, JP Born Marylebone 17th October 1779.
b. William Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 16th February 1781, a twin. Buried Great Tew, 24th February 1781. Born  mid morning between 9.00 and 11.00, the twins were baptised on the day of their birth. 
c. John Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 16th February 1781, a twin. Died 3 June 1819. Married 20th June 1809 Frances Maria Jodrell (born 10th October 1782; died 23rd June 1850), daughter of John Bower Jodrell and Frances Bower Jodrell.
1. Georgina Maria Stratton. Born London 1812. Died 29th March 1892. Married London, 18th March 1831 William Curtis (born 26th August 1804, died 7th November 1870). 5 recorded children.
2. Harriet Vittoria Stratton. Born Fathinghoe, Northants, 1814. Died Glamorgan, 20th January 1900. Married 14th August 1832 Sir Michael Hicks Hicks- Beach MP (born 25th October 1809, died 22nd November 1854). 8 recorded children.
3. Elizabeth Julia Stratton. Born Chesterton, Oxon, 7th December 1815. Died 4th July 1885. Buried Amersham. Married firstly Col. Wedderburn (died before 1843). Married secondly Farthinhoe, 8th August 1843 Thomas Drake who changed his name to Thomas Tyrwhitt- Drake (born 14th July 1818, died 24th July 1888) to whom she bore  9 recorded children.
4. Emily Ann Stratton. Born 5th March 1816. Died Florence 12th March 1883. Buried Glympton. Married 18th September 1838 Henry Barnett, MP, JP, DL of Glympton Park.. 8 recorded children.
5. John Locke Stratton. JP Born Farthinghoe 2nd January 1818. Died Turweston, Berks 18th September 1903. Married firstly at Turweston Mary Scott Horrocks (died London, 7th June 1851). Married secondly 2nd October 1855 Mary Willes (born Astrop, Northants 2nd August 1837, died Turweston, March 1914. 2 recorded children from 1st marriage: 13 recorded children from 2nd marriage.
                     Children of the first marriage of John Locke Stratton:
i. Edith Mary Stratton. Born London, 14th May 1846. Married Brackley 28th October 1874 Sydney Hamilton Little
A. Mary Bridget Hamilton Little. Born Milford 16th July 1876.
B Sydney Knox Hamilton Little. Born York 23rd February 1878.
C Henry H Little. Born York ca. December 1880.
ii. Laura Harriet Stratton. Born Newbury or Turweston, 21st May 1848. Married Brackley 29th July 1869 Rev George Edward Willes (born Lichfield 16th August 1844, died Eton district, 8th September 1901). 10 recorded children.
A Laura Mary Willes. Born Aynhoe, Northants, 15th April 1870.
B Edith Margaret Willes. Born Aynhoe, 23rd April 1871.
C Rachel Emmeline Willes. Born Aynhoe, 21st August 1872.
D Voilet Agnes Willes. Born Aynhoe, 30th January 1874.
E Edward Shippen Willes. Born Epsom, Surrey, 14th April 1875.
F George Locke Willes. Born Epsom, 20th September 1876.
G Harry Willes. Born Epsom, 28th August, 1878. Married Amersham, 3rd September 1919 Muriel Olwen Mathews..
H Ruth Elenor Willes. Born Epsom, 23rd  September 1880.
I William E Willes.
J Evelyn Decima Willes. Married Burnham, 23rd January 1919 Alan Grant Ogilvie.
                      Children and remoter issue of the second marriage of John Locke Stratton: :
iii. Margaret Stratton. Born London, ca. 1856. Married Turweston 8th January 1880.  Henry Tubb (born Bicester, 18th June 1851, died Chesterton, Oxon, 8th February 1924) Banker, Maltster and philanthropist.
A. Margaret Eleanor Tubb. Born Bicester, 2nd March 1883. Married Morys Lancelot Lloyd-Mostyn.
a. Henry Pyers Ronald Lloyd-Mostyn. Born 1918. Died (kia) Dunkerque 27th May 1940. 
B Cicely Marion Tubb. Born Bicester 1st November 1884.
C Evelyn Mary Tubb. Born Bicester 2nd April 1888. Married Chesterton 5th February 1941 Squadron Leader Harold George Morrell.
D Lilian May Tubb. Born Chesterton 31st March 1894. Married August 1930 Spencer Tryon.
iv. Julia Stratton. Born  Turweston, 21st November 1857 Died 29th August 1913.
v. Mary Louisa Stratton. Born  Turweston, 23rd May 1859.
vi. George Edmund Stratton. Born  Turweston, 29th December 1861. Died Chelmsford 21st June 1930.
vii. Eleanor Mary Stratton. Born ca.1863. Married Brackley 21st April 1897 Leslie Caldecott.
viii. Eveline Stratton. Born ca.1865. Died 13th August 1951. Married Turweston 6th January 1891 Sidney Hutchinson Binson Byass (born Reigate 24th July 1862, died 18th February 1929).   
A. Geoffrey Robert Sidney Byass. Born Port Talbot, 30th September 1895. Died 29th October 1976. Married 20th September 1919 Marian Bruce. Issue.   
d. Aurora Georgina Stratton. Born Great Tew, Oxon, 5th December 1782. Buried, Great Tew, 16th September 1783.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be
added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever)
does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.  
Sources include "Glympton, the history of an Oxfordshire Manor" by Canon Herbert Barnett 1851 - 1937.
Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Charles Hillman.
Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt, Geoff Stratton, Mike Ray and Rob Pearson

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