The Genealogy of the Stewart Family

  Sir Alexander Stewart of Darnley.    
    Sir William Stewart, Kt Banneret.    
      Sir John Stewart. Married Marion Stewart, dau of Sir Walter Stewart.    
        Sir William Stewart.    
          Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies. Married Elizabeth Douglas, dau of Sir Archibald Douglas of Cavers.    
            Alexander Stewart Killed Flodden 9 Sep 1513.  Married Elizabeth Kennedy.    
              Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies. Born ca 1507-08.  Married, second, Margaret Dunbar, dau of Sir Patrick Dunbar of Clugston.    
                Alexander Stewart, the younger. Married Catherine, dau of Lord Herries of Terregles.    
                  Sir Alexander Stewart of Garlies. Married, first, Christian Douglas, dau of Sir William Douglas of Drumlanrig.    
                    Sir Alexander Stewart, 1st Earl of Galloway. Married Grisel, daughter of Sir John Gordon of Lochinvar.    
                      James Stewart, 2nd Earl of Galloway. Married Nicolas, daughter of Sir Robert Grier or Grierson.    
                        Alexander Stewart, 3rd Earl of Galloway. Married Mary, daughter of 2nd Earl of Queensberry by his 2nd wife Margaret, daughter of 1st Earl of Traquair.    
                          James Stewart, 5th Earl of Galloway. Married 1694 Catherine, dau of 9th Earl of Eglinton.    
                          A. Alexander Stewart, 6th Earl of Galloway. Born 1694. Died 24th September 1773. Styled Lord Garlies 1694-1746. Lord of Police ca 1743-1768. Grandmaster of Freemasons 1757-1759. Lt General and President of the council of Royal Archers 1765-1768. Lived at Glasserton. Married second, 5th or 7th January 1728/29, the Hon Catherine Cochrane (died 15th March 1786). She was daughter of 4th Earl of Dundonald.   AS
                            1. John, 7th Earl of Galloway, KT.    
                              a. George Stewart, 8th Earl of Galloway.    
                              b. Sir William Stewart.    
                              c. Rt Rev Charles James Stewart, Bishop of Quebec. Born 15 April 1775.    
                              d. Montgomery Granville John Stewart. Born 15 April 1780.    
                              e. Edward Richard Stewart.    
                              f. James Henry Keith Stewart.    
                              g. Catherine Stewart.    
                              h. Susan Stewart. Married 5th Duke of Marlborough.    
                                (A) 6th Duke of Marlborough.    
                                  i. John Winston, 7th Duke of Marlborough.    
                                    (a) Lord Randolph Henry Churchill. Born 1849. Died 1895. Married, 1874, Jennie Jerome, dau of Leonard Jerome.    
                                      aa. Rt Hon Sir Winston Spencer Churchill, KG. Born 1874. Died 1965.    
                                        (I) Randolph Churchill.    
                              i. Anne Harriet Stewart.    
                              j. Elizabeth Euphemia Stewart.    
                              k. Charlotte Stewart.    
                              l. Caroline Stewart.    
                              m. Sophia Stewart.    
                            4. Vice Admiral Keith Stewart of Glasserton, MP. Born 1739. Died 5th May 1795. Married, 13th May 1782 Georgina Isabella d'Aguilar.   KS
                              a. Archibald Keith Stewart.  
                              b. Rt Hon James Alexander Stewart . Assumed the name of Stewart-Mackenzie. Born 23 September 1784. Died 24 September 1843. MP Ross & Cromarty 1831-37, Nov 1837-40. Governor of Ceylon 1837-41. Lord high commissioner of the Ionian islands 1841-1843.  Married, 21 May 1817, Mary Elizabeth Frederika Mackenzie ("the Hooded Lassie").   JAS
                                (A) Keith William Stewart-Mackenzie. Married Hannah Charlotte Hope-Vere.  
                                (B) Mary Frances Stewart-Mackenzie. Born 16 November 1819. Died 31st December 1913. Married, 27th August 1838, The Hon Philip Anstruther of Tillicoultry.   MFSM
                                (C) Francis Pelham Proby Stewart-Mackenzie.  
                                (D) Caroline Susan Stewart-Mackenzie.  
                                (E) George Augustus Frederick Stewart-Mackenzie.  
                                (F) Louisa Caroline Stewart-Mackenzie. Married (William) Bingham Baring, 2nd Baron Ashburton.  
                              c. Leveson Douglas Stewart.  
                              d. Edward Charles Stewart.  
                          B. James Stewart. Lt-General and Colonel 37th Regt. MP Wigton burghs.    
                          C. William Stewart.    
                          D. Margaret Stewart. Married first 5th Earl of Southesk. Married second John, Master of  Sinclair    
                          E. Euphemia Stewart. Married Alexander Murray of Broughton.    

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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