The Genealogy of the SinclairFamily


A. John Sinclair of Ulbster, sometime ygr of Brims. Died 1736. Married Henrietta Brodie, dau of George Brodie of Brodie.
David Sinclair.
A. John Sinclair. Married first _____ _____.
I. David Sinclair of Dun. Married Elizabeth ("Janet") Sinclair.
I. Elizabeth ("Janet") Sinclair. Married David Sinclair of Dun.
A. Francis Sinclair of Dun. Married Jean, dau of John Sinclair of Ulbster. 
1. Katherine Sinclair.
B. William Sinclair of Dun.  Married first Elizabeth Sutherland. Married second Isabel Sinclair. Married third Katharine Sinclair.
1. Alexander Sinclair. Married first _____ _____.
a. Henry Sinclair.
b. William Sinclair ygr of Dun.
c. Richard Sinclair.
d. David Sinclair.
e. Elizabeth Sinclair. Married Patrick Forbes.
f. Katharine Sinclair.
Alexander married second Barbara Henderson.
2. David Sinclair.
3. Jean Sinclair. Married William son of John Sinclair of Assery.
4. A daughter. Married David Sinclair of Broynach.
C. James Sinclair.  
II. James Sinclair.
III. George Sinclair.
John Sinclair married second Agatha Grote.
John Sinclair. Married Agatha Grote.
William Sinclair of Dun. Married Marjory, dau of Saul Bruce of Lyth.
David Sinclair of Southdun. Married Jean, widow of Francis Sinclair of Dun and daughter of John Sinclair of Ulbster.
Patrick Sinclair of Southdun. Married Janet Murray, dau of James Murray of Pennyland.
A. James Sinclair. Died in minority.
B. David Sinclair of Southdun. Married first 1714 Lady Janet dau of John 8th Earl of Caithness (d.1720).
I. Patrick Sinclair. Died c.1724.
II. Jean Sinclair. Died young.
III. Jean Sinclair. Dsp. Married Sir William Dunbar of Hempriggs, 2nd Bt.
IV. Janet Sinclair. Married Dr Stuart Thriepland of Fingask.
A. David Sinclair.  Died 1778.
B. Janet _____
David Sinclair of Southdun married second 1748 Marjory Dunbar, dau of Sir Robert Dunbar of Northfield). Marjory married first John Dunbar and second James Sinclair of Harpsdale.
V. Marjory Sinclair. Married frst John Dunbar, son of Sir Patrick Dunbar of Northfield.
II. 2nd son. James Sinclair of Harpsdale. Married Marjory Sinclair (1st dau of 2nd marriage of David Sinclair of Southdun. Marjory married first John Dunbar and second James Sinclair of Harpsdale.
A. George Sinclair. Died young.
B. 6th daughter. Henrietta Sinclair of Southdun. Born 175?.  Married in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh 22nd September 1784 Lt Colonel William Wemyss. 76th Reg't of Foot (Macdonald Highlanders) and 48th Regt of Foot (Northamptonshire Reg't) per Janet Maguire and 1st West Indian Reg't. Born 25th November 1759? Died Selkirk 27th July 1834. 
1. Captain William Sinclair Wemyss of Southdun. [Only child] Born abt 1790. Drowned in quicksands in North Wales 1831. Ross, Caithness, Sutherland & Cromarty Militia. A handsome young man who married in Wick, 20th March 1810 (not 1815, see Burke's Peerage), Henrietta Dunbar, born 1790, died 3rd November 1820.
a. Janet ("Jessie") Sinclair Wemyss. Born 1811. Married 7th June 1828 James Sinclair (born 1802; died 1 March 1876), Laird of Forse. 17 children.
(A) Lt Col James Sinclair. Died 1873.
(B) Henry Sinclair. Died unmarried India.
(C) George William Sinclair. Died Australia 1876. Left 2 sons and several daughters.
(D) Robert Sinclair.
(E) Charles Sinclair.
(F) Ramsay Sinclair. Dsp.
(G) Edward Sinclair.
(H) Garden Octavius Sinclair. Died 1883. 1 son.
(I) William Sinclair. Dsp 1878.
(J) Albert Sinclair. Died young.
(K) John Sinclair. Died unmarried 1876.
(L) Frederick Sinclair. Died unmarried 1879.
(M) Wellesley Sinclair. Died young.
(N) Joanna Sinclair.
(O) Janet Sinclair. Died young.
(P) Henrietta Sinclair.
(Q) Louisa Sinclair. Died 1883.
C. Janet Sinclair. Married Col Williamson of Banniskirk.
D. Emilia Sinclair. Died unmarried.
E. Margaret Sinclair. Died unmarried.
VI. Katharine Sinclair of Southdun. Died unmarried.
David Sinclair of Southdun married third Margaret, dau of James Murray of Clairden.
VII. Margaret Sinclair. Died unmarried Lyons 1774.
C. Patrick Sinclair.
D. Marjory Sinclair. Married William Calder of Lynegar.
E. Jean Sinclair.
F. Janet Sinclair. Married John Sinclair of Rattar.
G. Elizabeth Sinclair. Married Henry Budge, son of Alexander Budge in Harpsdale, son of Donald Budge 6th of Toftingall.
Patrick Sinclair of Southdun. Married Janet Murray, dau of James Murray of Pennyland.
James Sinclair of Lyth.
David Sinclair of Brabsterdorran.
Alexander Sinclair.
Margaret Sinclair. Married William Bruce of Stanstill.
Elizabeth Sinclair. Married 1762 Donald Budge of Toftingall.
Isobell Sinclair. Married 1653 Lawrence Calder of Lynegar.
Francis Sinclair, portioner of Brabsterdorran.
Isobel Sinclair. Married 1652 Thomas Grote, son of Malcolm Grote of Warse. Malcolm married Margaret daughter of George Sinclair of Forss and his wife Jean, only dau of David Sinclair of Dun.

The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate thatthe child is a first child.
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