The Genealogy of theRand Family


A. Cater Rand of Colchester. Baptised Colchester 27th June 1684. Buried St Michael's, Lewes 20th May 1748. Excise man who relocated to Lewes. Son of Nathaniel Rand.  Married Anne, who died Lewes, 31st March 1770.  6 recorded children.

a. Anne Rand  Christened Lewes, 4th September 1714.

b. Charles Rand of Lewes. Christened Lewes, 20th November 1719. Buried Lewes 3rd July 1763. Married St John's, Lewes, Lucy Verrall (died 5th December 1781), daughter of Richard Verrall (c.1681-died Lewes 9 May 1737) and his wife Sarah Mores (1685-1758).  Richard was Proprietor of the "White Hart."
Richard Verrall's parentage is uncertain, as there are four Richard Verrall's in the Lewes general area, at the same time. Richard (1), was baptised at Hamsey, 1676, son of Thomas Verrall (Bapt. 1641), son of Edward Verrall, of Hamsey, yeoman, died 1663. Richard (2), was baptised at St. John's, 1667, son of Richard Verrall, of Barley Banks (bapt. 1640), son of Richard V., who married, at Malling, 1640, Elizabeth Pockney. Richard (3), administered the will of his father, Richard, of Plumpton, 1693. Richard (4), son of Katherine V., of St. Michael's, Lewes, widow, by whose will, proved 1686, he inherited land at Forest Row.
Richard Verrall is frequently mentioned in the Pelham Correspondence, as "Dick", and as the caterer for election entertainments. He served as Constable of Lewes in 1717, 1730, and 1735. Sarah, his widow, was the administrator of his goods, which at his death were valued at 1,510 pounds, 12 shillings, and 8 dimes.

1. Cater Rand of Lewes . Born 9th December 1749. Died 21st December 1825. Buried St Michael's, Lewes.  In his own words, "Surveyor to the Ordinance & Civil Engineer", who as a young man man also ran the school in Lewes founded by his grandfather and for a time kept a book shop. A substantial and fascinating study of Cater Rand's career was produced by John Farrant and published 1973 in the journal "Sussex Industrial History", 6: 2-14. Cater Rand married Lewes 15th April 1775 Mary Scrace (born Lewes 11th January 1755, died Lewes 4th March 1783), daughter of Henry Scrace and his wife Elizabeth.

i. Sarah Rand Born Lewes, 21st February 1776. Died 19th May 1833. Married Brighton 3rd December 1807 Captain Edmund Bourke of the South Hants Militia.

A. Mary Agnes B(o)urke. Born 14th July 1812.

B. Sarah B(o)urke. Born 13th August 1815.

          ii. Lucy Rand. Born Lewes, Sussex 12th October 1777. Still alive 1833. She was a passenger on the Queen Indiaman, en route from Torquay to Madras, when on 9th July 1800 the vessel was burned out at San Salvadore (then seen as part of Brazil, and interesting also because probably Columbus's first landing point on the west Atlantic over three centuries earlier). According to the Sussex Weekly Advertiser of 20th October 1800 Lucy Rand was one of five ladies on board who lost all their clothes except what they wore. The journey continued on a sister vessel. An appreciation of prevailing winds and currents is necessary (allegedly) to understand why the Carribean was en route from Torquay to Madras. The threat of Napoléon's combined fleet, at least until 21st October 1805, was no doubt another major consideration for route planners.   Lucy Rand married in Calcutta, November 1801, Dr John Shoolbred whom she bore one surviving daughter.       

iii. Captain Charles Rand. Born 10th August 1778. Died Bangalore, 21st August 1808. Married Madras 28th March 1803 as her first husband Elizabeth Collins.

A. Lucy Rand. Born February 1804. Probably still alive 1828.

B. William Henry Rand. Died 1807.

C. George Charles Rand. Born June 1806.

iv. Mary Rand. Born Lewes, 11th August 1779. Still alive 1830. Married Lewes, 4th December 1800, Lt (later Major) Nicholas Turner who died before 1830.


Nicholas Turner. Died 5th July 1811.

v. Frances Rand. Born  7th August 1780. Died 27th April 1819. Married Calcutta 2nd January 1808 Captain (later Major) Jeffrey Piercy (died June 1817).

A. Jeffrey Piercy. Born and died 1808.

B. Jeffrey (Rand) Piercy. Born 8th September 1809. May have died 1829.

C. Ellen Frances Piercy. Born 1811. Still alive 1819

D. Mary Piercy. Still alive 1819

E. Lt Col Henry James Piercy. Born 28th February 1816. Died London 28th February 1862. Served in the (British) Indian army.

vi. James Dennett Webber Rand. Born probably 1st April 1782. Baptised Lewes, Sussex 1st July 1782. Died (unm) Quilon, India, 11th July 1824.  The circumstances of his death are compellingly related by a comrade in arms in Col. James Welsh's, "Military reminiscences extracted from a journal of nearly forty years active service in the East Indies" - Vol 2: page 212  (London, Smith, Elder & Co., 1830).                                                                                                  

2. Sarah Rand. Baptised Lewes 5th June 1752. Died Camberwell, 27th March 1844. Married St Pancras, London 14th June 1773 Humphrey Sydenham (born ca.1753, died Camberwell 13th November 1807). 5 recorded children and abundant remoter issue.

i. Rev Humphrey James Sydenham. Born ca. 1774. Died 20th October 1812. Curate of Woking. Married 30th June 1802 Elizabeth Anne Abingdon (born ca. 1768, died Guildford 15th July 1856).

A. Elizabeth Anne Sydenham. Born ca. 1803. Still alive 1876.    

B. Lucy Sydenham. Born ca. 1804. Married Woking 26th September 1839 Thomas Gullan widower.  

C. Alicia Catherine Sydenham. Born ca. 1810. Died Ripley, Surrey 17th December 1876. Married Woking 27th July 1843 John King Eager  Surgeon. (born ca. 1812, died Ripley 29th May 1873).

a. Dr Thomas Cawley Eager. Married Surrey, England 19th September 1871 Grace Isabella Furnivall (born London ca. 1843, died Woking, Surrey 30th April 1874) daughter of surgeon William Henry Furnivall.

(1) Grace Sydenham Eager. Born Woking 15th December 1872. Still alive 1901.

                Dr Thomas Cawley Eager married secondly Marylebone 27th May 1876 Annie Mette (born ca. 1847).     
                (2) Dr Mervyn  Eager. Born Woking 13th February 1877.  Still alive 1901. Married Dora Ada Löwenthal (died 18th March 1970).      


Yvonne Joan Eager. Born Watford 18th June 1907. Married.    


Denis Mervyn Eager. Born ca. 1911. Died Worthing 21st September 1966. Married Phyllis ___. .    


Basil Mervyn Eager. Born ca. 1911, possibly a twin. Died Sevenoaks 1st July 1965.  Married ca. 1946 Diane Rawson (1921 - 1990). Issue.    
                (3) Gwynne Eager. Born Woking 24th March 1878. Married All Hallows on the Walk, London 4th June 1910 Daisy Victoria Longley.       
                (4) Archer  Eager. Born Woking ca. 1880.  Married Burford, Oxon 7th July 1910 Gladys Anne Cheatle (born ca. 1883).    
                (5) Gurth  Eager. Born Woking ca. 1881.  Still alive 1901.    


Kathleen Mary Lenthall Eager. Born 12th April 1911, died King's Lynn ca. March 1992. Married ca. 1933 Thomas Hayden Burleigh (born 23rd April 1911, died Oxon ca. November 1999).    


Richard Gurth Eager. Born 25th October 1912, died Oxon 2nd December 1994. Married 17th April 1944 Durban Phyllis Doreen Baird.       
                (6) Joan  Eager. Born Woking ca. 1883.  Still alive 1901.    
                (7) Ruby  Eager. Born Woking 26th June 1883.  Still alive 1901.    
                (8) Alice  Eager. Born Woking ca. 1885.  Still alive 1901.    
                (9) Freda  Eager. Born Woking ca. 1887.  Still alive 1901.    
                (10) Beryl  Eager. Born Woking 24th September 1890.  Died London 5th July 1985.    

ii. Lucy Dorothy Pye Sydenham. Baptised 20th February 1776. Died at sea off the Cape of Good Hope 20th December 1804. Buried Sta Helena. Married Madras 12th February 1795 as his first wife General Tredway Clarke (born ca. 1764, died 5th May 1858).

A. Sarah Rebecca Clarke. Born ca. 1796. Married probably before 1824 Peter Dixon. Issue.

a. Tredway Clarke Dixon. Born ca. 1824. Died Whitehaven, Cumbria 18th April 1893.  

b. Edward George Dixon. Born 15th December 1837.  

B. Tredway Clarke. Born ca. 1798. Died Calcutta 13th September 1823. Buried South Park Cem. Married 12th June 1820 Matilda Mactier Turner. Issue.

C. Sydenham Charles Clarke. Born ca. 1800. Died Madras 26th August 1828.

D. Major General Augustus Clarke. Born 22nd January 1801. Died Lewisham, Kent 24th January 1878. Indian army. Married 26th August 1828, possibly as the second of three wives, Frances Drew (born ca. 1800, died Lewisham 13th January  1867).  

a. Colonel  Tredway George Clarke. Born Bangalore 10th June 1835. Died Meriden, Bath 1st March 1924. Married Kent, England 7th April 1874 Frances Elizabeth Protheroe (born London ca. 1844, died Meriden 29th April 1924).

(1) Ella Muriel Clarke. Born Bangalore ca. 1879. Died Bath 10th February 1921.   

b. Captain (RE) Sydenham Cubbon Clarke. Born 3rd March 1841. Died Hove, Sussex 22nd June 1919. Married firstly Bangalore 13th September 1866 Eliza Annie Thompson (born ca. 1840, died Penge 18th May 1876)
Married secondly St Jude's, Kensington 28th September 1882 Annie Marion Smith (born before 1862).

Major General Augustus Clarke married subsequently 12th March 1868 Henrietta Foote (born ca. 1812, died Lewisham 20th January 1907) who at the time appears to have been the widow of  ____ Protheroe.   

E. Rev Edward Thomas Clarke. Born 24th September 1802. Died Folkestone, Kent 2nd August 1868. Married Marylebone 21st May 1845 Eliza Rebecca Chase.  

F. Jane Keble Clarke. Born ca. 1804. Died 29th November 1822. 

iii. Catherine Sydenham. Born ca. 1778. Died London 4th November 1863. Married Madras 10th October 1798 Captain John Woodbridge Hilton        

iv. Sarah "Sally"  Sydenham. Born ca. 1780. Died 15th January 1871 Married Shoreditch, London 14th March 1812 as his second wife General Tredway Clarke (born ca. 1764, died 5th May 1858).

            A. (G) Catherine Clarke.    

B. (H) Sarah Clarke.

C. (I) Rev Walter John Clarke. Born 3rd April 1813. Died Folkestone 24th August 1903. Vicar of Swinderby , Lincs.  Married firstly 5th January 1838 Mary Broughton (born ca. 1810), daughter of the Rev Henry Delves Broughton.

a. Agnes Mary Clarke. Born ca. 1840. Died Frant, Sussex 16th March 1894. Married 1870 Lt Col Adelbert Cecil Talbot (born Droitwich 3rd June 1845, died Effingham, Dorking 28th December 1920).     

(1) Esmé Mary Talbot. Died 1951. Married 1900 Col. Sir Armine Brereton Dew (born ?Melcomb Regis 27th September 1867, died 1941).  


Armine Roderick Dew. Born Oxford 20th March 1906. Killed in an air accident 1st February 1945. Buried Malta.  

(2) Gwendolen Talbot. Married ca 1896 Stuart Hill Godfrey (born 2nd June 1861, died ca. 1941). 

Rev Walter John Clarke married secondly South Collingham, Notts 12th September 1847 Maria Frances Mayor (born ca. 1823, died Folkestone 15th April 1906).

b. George Sydenham Clarke. Born Lincolnshire 4th July 1848. Died 7th February 1933. Distinguished imperial administrator. 1913 created 1st Baron Sydenham. Married Alverstoke, Hants, England 1st June 1871 Caroline Emily Fellowes (born Chatham 4th April 1848, died 9th December 1908, daughter to Col. Peregrine Henry Fellowes).  

                (1) Violet Constance Clarke. Born Siam ca. 1879. Died Bombay 21st March 1909.       

Baron Sydenham married secondly Bombay 4th November 1910 Phyllis Angelina Rosamond Morant, who was the widow of A S Reynolds.   

c. Frederic Sydenham Clarke. Born Swinderby, Lincs 9th December 1850. Died 11th March 1921. Married 6th September 1875 Annie Christian (born India, ca. 1856).    

                (1) Ethel Frances Clarke. Born Bangkok 26th March 1877. Died Suffolk 29th June 1941. Married Woodham 29th October 1903 Walter Stuart Thompson Building Contractor of Peterborough.      


Daphne Frances Stuart Thompson. Born 1904. Married Chelsea 26th September 1956 Andrew de Bertodano.


Stella Mary Stuart Thompson. Born Peterborough 9th November 1906. Married Mwanda, Tanganyika 1951 Edward W Pennefather.


Sydenham Stuart Thompson. Born Peterborough 1908.


Temple Thompson. Born 11th March 1911. Died Southend on Sea ca. November 1998.

                (2) Bertha Marguerite Clarke. Born ca. 1882. Died 12th May 1961.    
                (3) Lilian Edith Clarke. Born Bangkok 2nd August 1884. Died 28th August 1970. Married Thomas Fitzgerald Dalton    


Pamela Fitzgerald Dalton

              d. Frances Maria Clarke. Born Swinderby 18th January 1852. Married 1880 The Rev Edward Pease Gregg.    
                (1) Basil Pease Gregg. Born Sterborough, Torquay 28th February 1885.    
              e. Jessie Harriett Clarke. Born Swinderby 7th March 1853.    

f. Walter Sydenham Clarke. Born Swinderby 21st August 1855. Died Swinderby 16th September 1855. It appears a subsequent child to this marriage received the same name.  

g. Catherine Charlotte Clarke. Born Swinderby ca. 1856. Married Walcot, Bath 29th April 1886 Thomas Frank Charlton. Solicitor.

                (1) Doris Editha Charlton. Born 1887    
                (2) Edith Nancy Charlton. Born Surbiton 18th November 1895.    

h. Mary Adelaide Clarke. Born Swinderby ca. 1859. Married St Thomas, Portman Square, London 13th October 1887 Henry Turing Mackenzie (born ca. 1844: son to the late Bishop of Nottingham).

                (1) Lilias Mary Mackenzie.    

i. Ellen Georgina Clarke. Born Swinderby ca. 1863. Married Bath, Somerset 4th July 1884 Richard Thomas Flindell Simpson (born ca. 1864). 

D. (J) Thomas Sydenham Clarke. Born Kent December 1814. Died Marylebone 3rd July 1873. Barrister at law. Married Kent 17th August 1841 Julia Hilton, daughter of Henry Hilton

a. Thomas Sydenham Clarke. Born Gloucester Place, Marylebone 9th April 1846. Married Marylebone 20th April 1880 Jane Taylor (born ca. 1859).  

b. Hilton Sydenham Clarke. Born Wimbledon, Surrey 15th June 1850. Married Pleasley, Notts 23rd October 1878  Constance Louisa Wardale (born Ollerton, Notts. 5th July  1858).  

c. Tredway Sydenham Clarke. Born Wimbledon 17th December 1852. Married Ilkley 20th August 1880  Constance Bourdillon (born Hertfordshire ca. 1859).  

                (1) Humphrey Tredway Clarke. Born Ryeland Road, Richmond, Surrey 17th November 1881. Married with issue.     
                (2) Maurice Tredway Clarke. Born Richmond 22nd March 1883. Died (kia) 23rd April 1915. Buried Ieper / Ypres.       

d. The Rev Herbert Sydenham Clarke. Born ca. 1858.  Married firstly Gt Yarmouth 28th April 1886 Edith Jane Lacon (born ca. 1857, died Colton, Norfolk 15th October 1896).  

                (1) Cecil Herbert Clarke. Born Yarmouth, Norfolk 13th February 1887.      

The Rev Herbert Sydenham Clarke married secondly Chippenham, Cambs 17th November 1897 Josephine Mary Wickham (born before 1877).  

          v. Thomas William Sydenham. Born ca. 1782. Still alive 1811.                                                                  
        3. Captain Charles Rand Baptised Lewes 19th June 1754. Died Brighton 13th October 1811. His distinguished military career is summarized on a tablet near the south western entrance on the south wall of St Michael's church in the centre of Lewes which inexplicably gives a death year of 1812.   Will (which more than averagely informative) proved 4th November 1811. Married Sarah _____  (possibly Sarah Lauraster). No surviving issue.    

4. Lucy Rand. Baptised Lewes 21st August 1755. Died Brighton 7th December 1807. Married  firstly Joseph Bowen.


Lucy Bowen   Born ca. 1779. Died Brighton 30th May 1859.

Lucy Rand married secondly Brighton 1781 Thomas Pipon (bon Jersey ca. 1746, died Brighton 16th March 1830). In his will Thomas Pipon named a son, Thomas Pipon, and a daughter (possibly daughter in law) named Jane Pipon and married to George Pipon. It is not clear whether these two children of Thomas Pipon 1746 - 1830 were children by his marriage to Lucy Rand Bowen, or whether they were Thomas Pipon's children from an earlier marriage.

5. Ann Rand. Baptised Lewes 29th December 1759. Still alive 1811. Married Madras 28th September 1787 Thomas Chase, writer and merchant (died 1808 Vizagapatam). 4 recorded children.

i. Mary Ann Chase Born ca. 1788. Still alive 1811. Married _____  Gardener.


Mary Ann Gardener

ii. Lt. Col. Morgan Charles Chase Born 15th February 1790. Died Marylebone 12th February 1868. Madras Cavalry officer. Married 19th January 1822 Georgiana Frances Cherry (born 9th September 1805, died Bournemouth 6th January 1875) daughter of Peter Cherry and Mary Robson.    

A. Georgiana Anne Chase. Born Madras 2nd June 1823. Died Kensington 9th September 1892. Married Marylebone 14th August 1862 Dr Charles Morehead (formerly of HM's Bombay Medical Service).  

B. Mary Ann Rosa Chase. Born Madras 27th July 1824. Died Kensington 4th May 1882. Married Marylebone 23rd August 1843 Arthur Hall (born ca. 1815) of the Madras Civil Service, son of Richard Hall.    

              a. Arthur Hall. Born ca. 1845. Died 13th October 1879.       

b. Ellen Hall. Born India ca. 1849.  Married Christchurch, Lancaster Gate 4th March 1869  Rowland Burrard Cooper. (born Lymington, Hants ca. 1847, died Bournemouth 16th October 1910). Census records indicate that by 1901 they were both deaf, he since birth.  

                (1) Maud Burrard Cooper. Born Paddington 6th July 1870. Married Bibury, Glos 24th June 1939 Sidney Gambier Parry, kinsman (?half brother) to the musician and composer Sir Hubert Parry.    
                (2) Emma Theresa Cooper. Born Highfield, Lymington, Hampshire, England 15th May 1874. Married Bibury, Glos 8th July 1903 The Rev. Thomas Arthur B Cardus (born Devon ca. 1872).     


Thomas Rowland Michael Cardus. Born Arington, Gloucestershire 2nd May 1904. Died Devon 1988.  


Susan Theresa Cardus. Born 1st February 1911. Died Devon November ca. 2000. Married 14th April 1947 Geoffrey Kestell-Cornish (born 19th April 1903, died Devon ca. December 1996). Issue.  

                (3) Ethel Harriett Cooper. Born Lymington ca. 1877. Married Bibury 22nd January 1919 the Rev. Walter Horatio Spurrier, Vicar of Bibury.         
                (4) William K F Cooper. Born Lymington 1st June 1883.      
                (5) Archibald Henry Cooper. Born about July 1884. Died Lymington 3rd February 1885.       
                (6) Lt RN Douglas Burrard Cooper. Born Kettering 19th June 1887. Died Bermuda 28th May 1915. Married Adelaide Joan Schneider. When he died he was serving about the HMAS Melbourne.       
                (7) Marguerite Cooper. Born Bibury Court 31st October 1890.      

c. Charles Hall. Born Cape of Good Hope ca. 1851. Died Dieppe 1st September 1908 . Merchant. Married Paddington 18th May 1876 his kinswoman  Edith Adelina Rebecca Sewell. (born Marylebone ca. 1851, died England April 1930), dau of John Sewell and Juana Gana Lopes. EARS was his mother's second cousin.  

                (1) Irene Gána Hall. Born Westbourne Terrace, Paddington 8th May 1877. Married firstly Kensington 22nd July 1903 her first cousin Richard Harry Ottley Chase Sewell (born India ca. 1870) son of Richard Manuel Sewell.     


Sylvia Irene Juanita Sewell. Born Brompton 30th August 1904. Actress when she married Westminster 26th October 1935 Joseph Henry Erett.  

                  Irene Gána Hall / Sewell was widowed and married secondly Lymington, Hampshire 2nd September 1914 Arthur Patrick Logan.      
                (2) Julian Charles Gána Hall. Born Kensington 30th January 1879.    

d. Emily Hall. Born Caddalore, India ca. 1855. Married Kensington 1878 Henry Herbert Smith (born London ca. 1852, died October 1913). Surveyor.  

                (1) Cyril Herbert Smith. Born Paddington 24th August 1879.    
                (2) Violet Maud Herbert Smith. Born ca. 1885. Married St Paul's, Knightsbridge 27th November 1909 Lieutenant (subsequently Brigadier) Charles Ronald Brownlow Carrington DSO (born 7th April 1880)     

e. Ethel Hall. Born Bushy Heath, Herts 16th October 1858. Died London 20th March 1937. Married Lancaster Gate 8th July 1882 Robert Julius von Mumm (born London 17th May 1857, died 19th February 1925). He was son to a Cologne born wine merchant who, in 1827, had established, at Rheims, a well known Champagne business.     

                (1) Florence Elsie Mumm. Born Craven Hill Gardens, Paddington, Loddon 3rd October 1886. Died Staines 11th September 1943. Married London 20th October 1910 Francis Cecil Hounsfield (born Paris Consular district  4th February 1877, died 3rd March 1924).           


Joan Margaret Hounsfield. Born Wimbledon 11th November 1919. Died Dorset ca. February 2002. Married 20th July 1940 Charles Ingman Price (died 15th September 1941).  


Peter Gerald Hounsfield. Born Wimbledon 12th November 1914. Died Kingsbridge  30th April 1985. Married Doreen "Bobbie" Hall (born 17th August 1920, died ca. November 2001).  


Simon Berkeley Hounsfield. Born 2nd June 1948. Died Westminster 20th September 1992.

                (2) Hilda Elisabeth Mumm. Born Craven Hill Gardens 30th May 1894. Died 8th January 1966. Married London 26th October 1917 Sir Gerald Burrard Bt. (born January 1888, died 1965). Issue.          


John Philip Burrard. Born 28th December 1930. Died 15th May 1954.

                (3) Julius Ernst Mumm. Born 25th June 1888. Died Yoxford, Suffolk 23rd March 1960. Married Naivasha 4th June 1918 Edith Cicely Nepean.  (born December 1883, died 22nd July 1946).  Issue.    
                (4) Gladys Edith Mumm. Born 25th June 1888. Died ca. 1944.  Married St John's, Paddington  6th February 1920 her second cousin Eric Hamilton Crake (born Madras or London 25th January 1886, died Kenya 3rd February 1948).       
                (5) Marjorie Ethel Mumm. Born 5th October 1884. Died 1968.     

f. Florence Hall. Born Upper Hamilton Terrace, St John's Wood, Marylebone, Middx 23rd December 1859.  

g. Ernest Frederick Hall. Born Upper Hamilton Terrace 25th November 1865. Married New Brunswick as her second or subsequent husband his first cousin, Daisy Gordon Chase (born before 1877).  

C. Morgan Charles Chase. Born ca. 1827. Died Ealing 21st December 1874. With Civil Service of India (Madras) Married Bangalore 25th August 1854 his second cousin once removed Charlotte Anne White (born Cannanove, India 18th January 1836: died 23rd June 1883). 

a. Frank Morgan Chase. Born India 23rd November 1855. Artist in oils. Married RC Church at Axminster 18th April 1882  Marie Georgette Lenoir. (born Amiens ca. 1861).        

                (1) Frank Charles Chase. Born Hammersmith 15th January 1883.       

b. Charlotte Georgianna Storey Chase. Born India 22nd August 1857. Married Kensington 27th January 1883  William Henry Corke-Yarborough. (born Hampshire ca. 1854. Stock broker).         

                (1) Constance Mary Corke-Yarborough. Born Fulham 18th April 1884.    
                (2) Dorothy Maud Corke-Yarborough. Born Fulham 23rd December 1886.    
                (3) Wilfrid Ernest Corke-Yarborough. Born Fulham 2nd May 1887.    

D. Thomas Alexander Nicholls Chase. Born ca. 1829. Died Leamington 4th June 1900. With Madras Civil Service . Married firstly Annie Binny Guthrie (born Scotland ca. 1831, died Milverton, Warwickshire, England 14th June 1884). 

a. Georgiana Chase. Born India 2nd February 1855. Married Kensington 15th October 1873 Edward Turner (born 19th February 1842).  

              b. Emily Noble Chase. Born India 29th April 1856. Died London 14th April 1935. Married Madras 2nd April 1881 William Parry Crake (born ca. 1852, died 1st December 1921).    
                (1) Ralph Hamilton Crake. Born Madras 13th April 1882. Died Edinburgh 26th January 1952. Married ca. 1918 Marjorie Noèl Marrow. Issue.        
                (2) Eric Hamilton Crake. Born London or Madras 25th January 1886, died Kenya 3rd February 1948. Married St John's, Paddington  6th February 1920 his second cousin Gladys Edith Mumm.    

c. Annie Hall Chase. Born India 30th July 1857. Died Leamington 16th March 1945. Married Kenilworth 30th July 1884 Dr Miles Christopher Atkinson (born Danley, Yorkshire ca. 1854).  

                (1) Miles Guthrie Atkinson. Born Kenilworth 7th July  1886.    

. Thomas Alexander Nicholls Chase married secondly Ryde, Isle of Wight 24th September 1885 Jane Laura Nickle, daughter of Major Robert William Duff Nickle.

d. Dona Margaret Chase. Born ca. 1888. Married Eastbourne 16th April 1907 Lt. Col. Wilfred James Whitehead (born Westmorland 6th January 1873, died Sussex 22nd December 1934).  

              e. Laura Jane Chase. Born Milverton, Leamington 31st October 1890.      

E. Judge Henry Minchin Chase. Born ca. 1831. Died South Kensington 18th May 1910. Buried Cheltenham. Distinguished career in Bengal Civil Service. Married Madras 1859 Mary L Gordon.  

              a. Robert Gordon Chase. Born ca. 1862. Died Madras 17th October 1891.      

b. Daisy Gordon Chase. Born before 1877. Married firstly Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England 18th September 1897 Lt Hubert Charles Guise(ca. 1861 - 1898).
She married subsequently New Brunswick 11th April 1901 her first cousin Ernest Frederick Hall.  

              c. Major Ramsay Gordon Chase. Royal Berkshire Regiment. Married Denmark Hill, London 18th July 1905 Emma Emilie Martin.            
                (1) Ramsay Gordon Martin Chase. Born Camberwell 27th November 1908. Died Surrey March 1991.       
              d. Violet Gordon Chase. Married firstly Stuttgart Bonamy Dobree (died before 1897)     

iii. Thomas Curtis Chase Baptised 16th April 1791. Died Kensington 19th May 1818.  

iv. Richard George Chase Born ca. 1797. Died Calcutta 24th November 1819.                                          

c. Mary Rand. Christened Lewes, 22nd July 1724.

d. William Rand. Christened Lewes, 22nd June 1726. Still alive 1758.

e. Aquilia Rand. Christened Lewes, 13th June 1728. 

f. Elizabeth Rand. Christened Lewes, 16th February 1733 (Gregorian).

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be addedin response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicatormark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever) does not necessarily indicatethe chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data is inherited family notesand records, supported by review of relevant parish records and wills.  Chris Rand  wasalso particularly generous with information. Readers interested to know more about CaterRand 1749 - 1825 and better to understand the context in which he lived his life shouldtry and get hold of John Farrant's excellent compilation on Cater Rand published 1973 inthe journal "Sussex Industrial History", 6: 2-14. At the time of writing thearticle is believed not available for sale, but the compiler has been assured that anenhanced version is being readied for publication. In the meantime, library copies mayexist.

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to CharlesHillman.  

Additional research and contributions by Sir WilliamArbuthnot, Bt, Malcolm Chase, Helen Jackson, Jane Keyes, Barbara Dawson, David Rodger,  Michael Sandford, Dr Albrecht Blank, Yvonne Hughes and Judith Sewell.

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