Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805



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At the mouth of the River Doveran. This harbour is neither large, nor good, and is often stopped by shifting sands.


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Robert Duff died Vice-Admiral of the Red, at Queen's Ferry, on his return to his native country, June 6, 1787. He was made Post, October 23, 1746, and appointed to the Anglesea.


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The text states that Captain George Duff's son, Norwich Duff, joined him on board The Mars as a Midshipman.    Norwich was certainly on board his father's ship, The Mars at Trafalgar, but probably not as a Midshipman.   Another Duff, distant cousin, Alexander Duff also served on The Mars at Trafalgar.  He was presumably older than Norwich and he did serve at Trafalgar as a Midshipman.   The text here seems to have confused Midshipman Alexander Duff with the captain's son, Norwich Duff, whose precise role on board remains nonetheless unclear.   Norwich, having regard to his youth, was sent by his father below deck when the battle commenced.

For the record, Midshipman Alexander Duff, who also perished gloriously while serving on The Mars at Trafalgar, was fourth cousin to ship's captain George Duff.


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