The Genealogy of the Mackay Family


  Donald Mackay. Married MacLeod.    
    Angus Dow ("Duff") Mackay. Married Elizabeth MacDonald.    
      Neil Vass Mackay. Elizabeth Munro.    
        Angus Roy Mackay. Married Mackenzie.    
          Iye Roy ("Alexander" or "Hugh") Mackay. Married O'Beolan.    
            Donald Mackay. Married Helen Sinclair.    
              Iye du Mackay. Married Christina Sinclair.    
              Huistean du Mackay. Married Jane Gordon.
                  Donald Mackay, 1st Lord Reay. Born February 1590. Died February 1649. Married first August 1610 Barbara Kintail.    
                  I Hugh ("Iye") Mackay.    
                  II John Mackay, 2nd Lord Reay.    
                  III Mary Mackay.    
                  IV Angus Mackay.    
                  Donald then had a child by Mary Lindsay.    
                  V Donald Mackay.    
                  Donald then had a child by Elizabeth Thomson, Lady Mackenzie.    
                  VI Ann Mackay.    
                  Donald married second c.1633 Rachel Winterfield.    
                  VII Robert Mackay.    
                  VIII Hugh Mackay.    
                  Donald married third c.1641 Marjory Sinclair.    
                  IX Margaret Mackay.    
                  X William Mackay.    
                  XI Charles Mackay, twin. Born c.1645. Died 1690. Married Elizabeth Mackay.    
              i. Robert Mackay, tutor. Married Janet Mackay, daughter of John Mackay and Elizabeth Sinclair.
              A. George Mackay of Handa, later of Bighouse, Sutherlandshire. Born 29 June 1736, Died Scotstoun, Peebles 6 September 1798. Had a company in Duke of Gordon's North Fencibles in 1778; Lieut-Col of Reay Fencibles. Married  11 June 1768 Louisa (or Lucy) Campbell (born 1 October 1751, d 25 August 1835}. GM
              1. Janet Mackay. Married Sir Benjamin Sutherland Dunbar, 3rd Bt of Hempriggs, later 6th Lord Duffus (born 28 April 1763, died 1843).
              2. Hugh Mackay.
              3. Robert Mackay.
              4. (child) Mackay.
              5. Elizabeth Mackay.
              6. Jean Mackay. Died 1858. Married 10 November 1792 George Sackville Sutherland of Uppat. Born October 1770. Died 1812. They had issue.
              7. Alexandrina Mackay. Married 3 February 1804 Gabriel Reed.
              a. Louisa Reed.  
              b. Mary Reed.  
              c. Georgina Reed.  
              d. Aeseanina Reed.  
              e. Dorothy Reed.  
              f. Hughina Reed.  
              g. Ellerington Reed.  
              h. Robert Reed.  
              i. John Reed.  
              j. Mary Thomasina Reed. Born c.1834 . Married c.1855 T E Buckley.  
              (A) Ellerington Buckley.
              (B) Guy Charles Buckley.
              (C) Elizabeth Buckley.
              (D) Eveline Buckley.
              8. Joanna Mackay. Married 26 November 1801 James Sinclair, 11th Laird of Forss.
              a. Jean Sinclair.  
              b. James Sinclair, 12th Laird of Forss.  
              c. George Sinclair.  
              d. Aeneasina Sinclair.  
              e. William Sinclair.  
              f. Louisa Sinclair.  
              g. Robert Sinclair.  
              h. Hugh Sinclair.  
              i. Elizabeth Sinclair.  
              j. Janet Sinclair.  
              9. Rupert Mackay.
              10. Louisa Campbell Mackay.
              11. Georgina Ann Sutherland Mackay. Married c.1815 Donald MacNeil.
              a. Georgina MacNeil.  
              b. Donald MacNeil.  
              c. Alexander MacNeil. Twin.  
              d. George MacNeil. Twin.  
              12. Aeneasina Mackay. Married Edinburgh 31 May 1806 John Fearn, an Indian planter. They had issue.
              13. Colin Campbell Mackay. Married Marjory Gerard Cruikshank.
              a. George Mackay.  
              b. James Cruikshank Mackay. Married 14 June 1849 Margaret Ann Mackintosh Macpherson.  
              (A) Colin Campbell Mackay. Married Rosina Mary Berry.
              (1) James Alexander Mackay.
              (2) Mary Mackay.
              (3) Mary Lillias Mackay.
              (B) Duncan Mackay. Indian Civil Service. Married 1885 Marion Wimberley, daughter of Captain Wimberley late 79th Highlanders..
              (1) James Mackay.
              (2) Douglas Mackay.
              (3) Ronald Mackay.
              (4) Helen Mackay.
              (C) George Mackay.
              (D) James Patrick Mackay. Married Hobart, Tasmania 30 March 1891 Emily Florence Dickson.
              (1) Colin Patrick Mackay.
              (2) James Donald Mackay.
              (3) Margaret Emily Mackay.
              (4) Ann Mary Mackay.
              (E) Margaret G S Mackay.
              (F) Charlotte Jane Mackay. Married in Madras 1892 Edwin P Popert of the Indian Forest Department and had a son.
              (G) Frederick Mackay.
              (H) Marjory Mackay.
              c. Patrick Mackay. Died Australia 4 March 1893. Married Eliza Clunnes Innes.  
              (A) Patrick Colin Mackay. Married Newcastle, New South Wales 1891 Catherine Healey.
              (1) Campbell Innes Mackay.
              (2) Marjorie Catherine Mackay.
              (3) Ednid Mackay.
              (B) George Archibald Mackay. Surgeon.
              (C) James Henry Mackay.
              (D) Margaret Gordina Mackay.
              d. Hugh Mackay.  
              e. Neil Mackay.  
              f. Louisa Mackay.  
              g. Margaret Helen Geraldine Mackay.  
              h. Colin Campbell Mackay. Married 1874 Elizabeth Clarke.  
              (A) Colin Mackay.
              (B) Hugh Gerard Mackay.
              (C) George Mackay.
              (D) Marjory Mackay.
              (E) Elizabeth Mackay.
              (F) Roderick Mackay.
              (G) Eva Mackay.
              (H) Geraldine Mackay.
              i. Geraldine Mackay.  
              j. Wilhelmina Mackay.  
              14. Hariet Marion Mackay. Married 17 October 1815 Harry Hackshaw.
              a. Lucy Hackshaw.  
              b. Harry Hackshaw.  
              c. Robert James Hackshaw.  
              d. Thomas Hackshaw.  
              e. Lydia Jane Hackshaw.  
              f. Hariet Marion Hackshaw.  
              g. Georgina Lydia Hackshaw.  
              15. Donald Mackay. Married 16 September 1816  Mary MacInnes.
              a. George Mackay, surgeon. Married 10 December 1851 Ellen Rose Robertson.  
              (A) Donald Mackay.
              (B) Marianne Mackay.
              (C) Mary MacInnes Mackay. Married Lt-Colonel Robert D Murray.
              (1) Rose Murray.
              (2) Marian Effie Murray.
              (3) Eric Murray.
              (4) Robert George Murray.
              (5) Ronald Neil Murray.
              (6) Rona Jean Murray.
              (D) Ellen Cameron Mackay.
              (E) Arthur Neil Mackay.
              (F) George Mackay. Surgeon. Married 1896 Elsie Marjory MacHardy.
              (1) Donald James Mackay.
              (2) Alexander George Mackay.
              (3) Kenneth Charles Mackay.
              (G) Colin James Mackay. Indigo planter.
              (H) Henry Forbes Mackay. Married c.1890 Margaret Evelyn Gordon.
              (1) Henry Neil Mackay.
              (2) George Lawrence Mackay.
              (I) Julia Effie Mackay.
              (J) Lucy Campbell Mackay. Married
              b. Neil MacInnes Mackay. Married c.1890 Archibald F P Paxton.  
              c. Margaret Gillanders Mackay.  
              d. Louisa Campbell Mackay.  
              e. Euphemia Garden Mackay. Married  
              16. Honeyman Macqueen Mackay.
              17. Henrietta Mackay.
              18. Charles Ross Mackay.
              19. Robert Mackay.
              20. Margaret Carr Mackay. Married 7 October 1815 Captain Popplewell of the Royal Navy.
              a. Admiral George Popplewell.  
              b. Thomas Popplewell.  
              c. Matthew James Popplewell.  
              d. Crawford Kerr Popplewell.  
              e. Honeyman Charles Popplewell.  
              f. Louisa Campbell Popplewell.  
              g. Sarah Elizabeth Popplewell.  
              h. Margaret Carr Popplewell.  
              21. Duncana Forbes Mackay. Married 3 February 1819 Joseph Pearce.
              a. Joseph Mackay.  
              b. Lucy Campbell Mackay.  
              c. Anne Mackay.  
                  XII Rupert Mackay. Twin.    
                  XIII Christian Mackay.    

Source: "The Book of Mackay" by Angus Mackay, pub 1906


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