The Genealogy of the "Sugar" Macfie Family


Robert Macfie. Born c.1680. Died Inverkip 1749? Left Ayrshire in the 18th century and settled in Inverkip, Renfrewshire. Married Mary Lyon (born 1683), dau of John and Katherine Lyon. Their eldest son:
William Macfie. Born 1710. Died 1789. This branch of the family is known amongst the MacFie Clan as "the Sugar Macfies" because they made their money in sugar. Married first Mary Ramsay (born 7 October 1708; died 1760), dau of John Ramsay (born 22 April 1677) and Mary McNilous.
(1) William Macfie. Born 15 November 1736. Died February 1817. Married first 19th May 1764 Mary Morrison (Born 9th March 1734, died 10th May 1817. Married second ______ ______ (dsp).
1. William Macfie Born 28th April 1765. Married Margaret Barclay.
a. William Macfie. Born 21st April 1795. Twin. Married.
Three children alive in 1848.
b. Robert Macfie. Born 21st April 1795. Died in infancy. Twin.
c. Joseph Macfie. Born 17th August 1797. Married.
Six children alive in 1848.
d. Mary Macfie. Married ______ Rhind.
Three children alive in 1848.
2. Robert Macfie. Dsp.
3. Mary Macfie. Born 7th December 1766. Dsp.
(2) Anna Macfie. Born 1 April 1743. Died young.
(3) Robert Macfie of Langhouse, Inverkip, Renfrewshire. Born 11th February 1745/46. Died 25th September 1827. A portrait of him is owned by one of the Town Councils in Scotland. Sugar refiner in Glasgow. Started business as a grocer in Greenock 1769, which activity he subsequently evolved into a sugar refining business  Bought Langhouse, Renfrewshire, 1798. Married, 9th March 1772, Mary Andrew ( Born 13th October 1749, Died 11th September 1815), daughter of Captain William Andrew of Greenock (1708-1792, son of Thomas Andrew) and Mary Benson of Whitehaven. RM
1. Mary Macfie. Born 5 January 1773. Died 25 July 1773.
2. Margaret Macfie. Born 27 August 1774. Died 19 February 1853. Married 1799 James Macfie (Died at sea a few days out from Buenos Aires 1807). He may have been by birth a kinsman to his bride, but the compiler has no record of the connection.
a. James Macfie. Born 14th July 1801. Died 4th May 1856. Married 3rd February 1837  Mary Graham.
i. Dugald Macfie. Born 12 December 1837. Died Chorlton 5th April 1894. Married Manchester 20th September 1866 Agnes Fleming (born Manchester 19th July 1844).
(a) Elizabeth Macfie. Born Whalley Range, Manchester 3rd August 1867.
(b) James  Macfie. Born Whalley Range 30th January 1869. Married Chorlton 20th April 1901 Mina Campbell Drew (born Didsbury 12th June 1876).
(i) Sylvia Elizabeth Macfie. Born Bury 28th July 1902. Died Andover May 1998.
(ii) Dugald Macfie. Born Altrincham 13th November 1908. Died Plymouth 6th April 1982. Married with issue.
(c) David Fleming Macfie. Born Whalley Range, Manchester, England 21st August 1870. Died Chiengmai, Siam 27th December 1945. Married with issue.
(i) Mollie Macfie. Married Penang 27th July 1933 Hugh McKean.
(d) Agnes Violet Mary Macfie. Born Whalley Range 22nd February 1872. Married 26th July 1899 James Edward Graham.
(e) Morna Graham Macfie. Born Whalley Range 22nd September 1876.
(f) Agnes Margaret Gladys Macfie. Born Whalley Range 15th December 1879.
ii. Mary Graham Macfie. Born 19 August 1839. Died Liverpool, 5 November 1874.
iii. John Graham Macfie.  Born 15 March 1841. Died 14 February 1916.
iv. James Macfie. Born 18 February 1843. Died 10 January 1860.
v. Margaret Ann Macfie. Born 24 October 1845. Died 28 October 1854.
vi. Jessie Barbara Macfie. Born 24th September 1847. Died 28th September 1930. Married 23rd October 1872 her second cousin, William Macfie Campbell (born 20th January 1848, died 13th September 1928).
b. Robert Macfie. Born 1803. Died 1816.
c. Barbara Macfie. Born 22 June 1805. Died 7 April 1840. Married 20th June 1837 Charles P Murray.
i. Margaret Murray. Born 17 May 1838. Died 21 May 1858.
ii. Jane Murray. Born 14 January 1840. Died 8 April 1857.
d. William Andrew Macfie. Born 21 March 1807. Died 21 August 1899. Married Leith 16th January 1839 Jessie Thorburn.
i. James Macfie. Born Greenock 27 January 1840. Died Sweden 26 February 1846.
ii. William Thorburn Macfie. Born Greenock 27 August 1841. Died 18 December 1841.
iii. Robert Macfie. Born Greenock 3 December 1842. Died 29 March 1921. Married Anfasterod, Sweden 15th September 1865 Emily Louise Natalia Jacobi (born 15th May 1840, died 5th December 1893). 5 recorded children..
iv. Margaret Macfie. Born 15 September 1844. Died 20 January 1847.
v. William Andrew Macfie. Born 1 September 1846. Died 29 March 1926. Married 18h May 1870 Svea Elisabeth Nomell (born 20th March 1850, died 17th February 1921). 7 recorded children.
vi. Jessie Macfie. Born 17 October 1848. Died 19 January 1849.
vii. Marion Macfie. Born 1 April 1850. Died 10 October 1850.
viii. Mary Macfie. Born 3 October 1851. Died 29 January 1866.
ix. John Macfie. Born 19 July 1854. Died 3 February 1866.
x. Janet Thorburn Macfie. Born Greenock 16 February 1856. Died Raedenefors 3 December 1893. Married Uddevalla 25th October 1876 Johan Oliver Johansson Kollén (born 21st January 1848, died 5th February 1905). 6 recorded children.
xi. Edward Macfie. Born 7 June 1857. Died 5 May 1934. Married Hawaii 23rd November 1886 Gertrude Celia Ritson (born 20th June 1862, died 14th July 1910). 6 recorded children.
xii. Marion Isabella Macfie. Born 5th July 1859. Died 30th September 1860.
xiii. James Washington Macfie. Born 1st November 1860. Died Vancouver 19th October 1943. Married 22nd January 1892 Sarah Cooper Tyte (born 23rd April 1866, died Vancouver 17th June 1940). 5 recorded children.
3. William Macfie of Langhouse. Born 18th May 1776, Died Langhouse 11th November 1854. Sugar refiner, initially apprenticed in family business 1791. Married first 18th April 1808 Jessie Johnston (born 9th December 1786, died Langhouse 10th May 1817).
a. William Johnstone Macfie. Born 25th Jan 1809. Died at sea 30th May 1831. Buried Plymouth.
b. Marion Macfie. Born 1 July 1810. Died 27 June 1860. Married John Martin (died 29th July 1855). 8 recorded children.
i. Janet Martin. Born 10 July 1834. Died 22 April 1837.
ii. Elizabeth Martin. Born 4 September 1835. Died 6 June 1836.
iii. Marion Martin. Born 15 August 1837. Died 17 December 1916. Married Glasgow 25th April 1861 Duncan McIntyre.
(a) Ian MacIntyre. Born  27th November 1869. Still alive 1938. Married with issue.   
iv. Catherine Martin. Born 4 December 1838. Died 1 February 1922. Married Glasgow 16th October 1862 William Newton (born ca. 1835, died 5th May 1906). 6 recorded children.
(a) James Robert Newton. Born Glasgow 18th August 1864. Died 6th April 1865.  
(b) Marion Fairrie Newton. Born Glasgow 20th January 1866. Married 5th June 1890 Robert Ker Higginbotham.   Issue.     
(c) Catherine Martin Newton. Born 13th August 1867.   
(d) Margaret Crawford Newton. Born 31st May 1869. Married 21st November 1894 George Deas. Issue.   
(e) John Martin Newton. Born Glasgow 11th October 1871.
(f) Caroline Newton. Born 24th December 1873. Married 23rd April 1902 Douglas Wilson. Issue.   
v. William Macfie Martin. Born 26 September 1840. Died 20 January 1892.
vi. John Donald Martin. Born 25 September 1842. Died 9 February 1899. Married 18th January 1876 Alexander Findlater Bennet (died 4th January 1904).
vii. Jessie Elizabeth Martin. Born 29 October 1845. Died 12 March 1938. Married Glasgow 12th February 1868 George Munro Kerr (died 23rd June 1907). 8 recorded children.
viii. Helen Ann Martin. Born 9 April 1850. Died 10 December 1919. Married Glasgow 5th April 1870 George Greig (died 16th June 1916). 3 recorded children.
(a) George Edward Robert Greig. Born Balcurvie 4th November 1872. Died Balcurvie 24th August 1877.
(b) Sir Robert Blyth Greig. Born Balcurvie 23rd March 1874. Died 29th November 1947. Married Durham 26th August 1933 Alice Maud Mary Hunter (born Sunderland 9th December 1878).
(i) George Marcus Greig. Born 21st October 1904. Married 8th October 1931 Evelyn Helen Bentinck. 3 recorded children.
(ii) Marion Greig. Born 10th April 1906.
(iii) Robert Coventre Hunter Greig. Born 25th April 1909.
(c) John Martin Macfie Greig. Born Balcurvie 30th December 1878.  Married 5th September 1906 Maria Elizabeth Dörr. They had issue.
c. Robert Macfie of Langhouse and Airds. Born 19 February 1812. Died 22 January 1899. Married 18th April 1838 Agnes Fairrie (born 1st March 1813, died 26th January 1900).
i. Mary Colquhoun Macfie. Born 17 January 1839. Died 19 January 1911. Married 5th August 1868 John Hutcheson Fraser (born 13th October 1823, died 19th January 1884).
(a) Agnes Fairrie Fraser. Born 6th September 1869. Died 16th May 1932. Married 1906 James Taylor.
(b) Hannah Hutcheson Fraser. Born 29th April 1871. Died 23rd January 1952. Married 29th June 1900 Alistair Stewart Fraser. 5 recorded children
(c) Mary Lillian Fraser. Born 21st September 1872. Died 16th July1889.
(d) Katherine Penelope Fraser. Born 5th February 1874. Died 21st January 1950.
(e) John Alexander Hutcheson Fraser. Born 3rd May 1876. Died Queensland 5th July 1939. Married NSW, 24th November 1904 Una Mary Victoria Newman (born 8th March 1880, died 9th January 1962). Issue.
(f) Robert Macfie Fraser. Born 22nd November 1877. Died 6th August 1889.
(g) William Colquhoun Fraser. Born 23rd May 1883. Died 10th January 1968. Married his second cousin, Robina "Ruby" Marquis (1879 - 1960).
ii. William Macfie of Airds. Born Greenock, 9th May 1840. Died Broughton, 8th July 1912. Married firstly 28th April 1864 Agnes Hamilton Towers (born Falkirk, 1st June 1847, died 15th June 1864). Married secondly 20th March 1867 Jane Crawford Allan (died 17th March 1917).
(a) Robert Macfie. Born Liverpool 18th January 1868. Died Birkdale, 23rd March 1889.  
(b) Eleanora Gilkison Macfie. Born Liverpool 14th November 1869. Married Edinburgh 21st October 1903 Douglas Grant Laidlaw.
(c) James Allan Macfie. Born Liverpool 7th September 1871. Died Conway, 17th November 1958. Married 21st April 1896 Ella Constance Lowndes (born Alder Hay, 14th November 1873).  
(i) Ellaline Lydia Joan Macfie. Born West Kirby 24th March 1899. Married firstly 20th August 1921 Arthur Reginald Tipton. Issue. Married secondly Knutsford 1st September 1933 Jack Armand Cunningham.
(d) Morna Graham Macfie. Born Liverpool 12th August 1873. Married Southport 19th December 1899 Henry Hawkesley Hall (born Cardigan 1st March 1871).  
(i) William Robert Hawkesley Hall. Born Ormskirk, 2nd January 1901.
(ii) Frederick Allan Hawkesley Hall. Born Ormskirk, 21st October 1904.
(e) Jane Crawford Allan Macfie. Born Birkdale 13th April 1876. Died presumably in childbirth 19th April 1909.  Married Woodplumpton, 11th June 1908 Robert Matalé Reid (died 24th December 1909).  
(i) David Matalé Reid. Born Ormskirk, 19th April 1909. Died Wrexham, 16th August 1982. Issue.
(ii) George Matalé Reid. Born and died Ormskirk, 19th April 1909.
(f) Colonel Claud Macfie. Born Birkdale 4th June 1878. Died Cheltenham, 23rd December 1963. Married London, 22nd December 1927, as her second husband Lucy Noël Martha Dyer-Edwards (born Kensington, 25th December 1878 1884, died Hove 12th September 1956), Countess of Rothes. She was the widow of Norman Evelyn Leslie (born 13th July 1877, died 27th March 1927) and a Titanic survivor. 
(g) William Leslie Macfie. Born Birkdale, 14th May 1881. Died St Albans, 31st October 1960. Married Glasgow 17th August 1904, Barbara Ann Ellwood (died London, 29th September 1953).
(i) William Macfie. Born 4th November 1910. Died Maida Vale 2nd May 1916.
(ii) Robert William Ronald Macfie. Born Aston 1st August 1917. Died Harpenden 9th May 1988. Married with issue. Married secondly Yvonne Gwendoline Ann Mole/Jillings (born Woburn, 12th October 1927, died Luton, 9th October 1988).
(h) Edmund Shaw Macfie. Born Ormskirk 16th October 1883. Died Guildford 14th April 1963. Married Glasgow, 21st June 1906 May Wilson Bradley (died 2nd April 1967).
(i) Pauline Allan Macfie. Born Blackley 28th October 1908. Died 12th May 1995. Married Chelmsford, 29th September 1941 Geoffrey Ault Prentice (died 3rd November 1984). 3 recorded children.
(ii) Jean Crawford Macfie. Born Blackley 7th July 1918. Married Stock, Essex, 18th September 1946 Christopher Vernon King (born 31st December 1909, died North Weald 10th November 1966).
AA. David Crawford King, Born 24th July 1947. Died Uganda 14th August 1977. Buried North Weald.
BB. Vanessa Jane King Macfie, Born Epping 30th November 1950. Married with issue.
iii. Jessie Johnstone Macfie. Born 6 January 1842. Died 2 October 1842.
iv. James Fairrie Macfie. Born 28 December 1843. Died 13 November 1844.
v. Robert Craigie Macfie. Born 25 July 1845. Died Wimbledon, 21 September 1913. Married 11th September 1873 Elizabeth Barbara Ann Denniston (1845 - 1926).
(a) Robert William Macfie. Born Ireland 31st March 1877. Died Reading 25th March 1939. Married Helen M Walsh. Issue.
(b) James Denniston Macfie. Born Ireland 25th November 1880. Died Colchester 13th January 1953. Married Colchester 14th July 1915 Helda M Moir.
(c) Thomas Fairrie Macfie. Born 29th January 1883.
(d) Marjory Jane Macfie. Born 19th August 1886. Married 14th January 1914 Guy Boustead. Issue.
vi. Agnes Fairrie Macfie. Born 18th April 1847. Died 15th November 1926. Married 29th March 1882 John Mackay.
(a) Mary Fairrie MacKay. Born 12th February 1883. Died ca. 1972.  Married 25th September 1907 John Young. Issue.
(b) Catherine Laurie MacKay. Born 25th March 1884.
(c) Agnes Fairrie Macfie MacKay. Born 2nd March 1885.
vii. Johnstone Macfie. Born 23rd November 1848. Died 7th November 1934.
viii. Jane Fairrie Macfie. Born 6th November 1850. Died 31st December 1853.
ix. John Robert Macfie. Born 28th May 1853. Died 27th January 1929. Married 1887 Jane Service. Issue.
x. Catherine Marshall Macfie. Born 23 December 1854. Died 10 January 1927. Married 2nd October 1879, James Pattison (died 28th October 1931).
(a) Agnes Fairrie Pattison. Born 20th July 1880.  Married 15th June 1909 David Churchill Tennant Sloan. Issue.
(b) Jane Thompson Pattison. Born Glasgow 5th January 1883.  Married 22nd March 1906 Thomas David Luke. Issue.
(c) Kathleen Mary Pattison. Born Glasgow11th July 1884.
(d) James William Pattison. Born 5th June 1886. 
(e) Robert Macfie Pattison. Born 31st July 1889. Died (kia) Galliopoli 28th June 1915.. 
xi. Andrew Laurie Macfie. Born 14 April 1860. Died 23 November 1936. Married New York city, 27th April 1903 Mary McLaren Post.
(a) Kenneth Laurie Macfie. Born Liverpool 18th December 1906. Died Worcester 19th December 1981.  Married Westminster, as her second husband,  10th December 1949 Marjorie Isabel Webb (born 15th January 1914, died Malvern, May 1997. 
d. Mary Andrew Macfie. Born 21 September 1813. Died 20th August 1883.  Married 5th June 1838 William Large Laurie (born ca. 1814, died 23rd June 1899).
e. Jessie Beattie Macfie. Born Greenock, 14 July 1815. Died 3rd February 1904. Married 31st July 1838 Charles Cunningham (died Glasgow, 30th April 1861)..
i. William Macfie Cunningham. Born 4 May 1839. Died 24th November 1910.
ii. Charles Cunningham. Born 7th May 1841. Died 26th May 1901. Married Madras, 24th October 1867 Henrietta Jane Rundall (born London City 5th April 1845).
(a) Laura Jessie Cunningham. Born ca. London 1871.
(b) Charles Rundall Cunningham. Born Chatham 1st March 1872. Married Bayswater 29th August 1908 Mary Sophia Price (born Lucknow ca. 1873: daughter of Lt Col Ralph Anstruther Price). 
(c) Ada Cunningham. Born Madras 13th August 1874. 
iii. Jessie Johnstone Cunningham. Born 6th April 1843. Died Paddington 27th April 1893. Married Paddington, 20th March 1867 Dr Frederick George Graves.
(a) Jessie Beatrice Graves. Born Paddington, 12th January 1868.
(b) Dr. Charles Frederick Graves. Born Paddington, 24th December 1868.
(c) Leonard Cunningham Graves. Born Paddington, 27th April 1870.
(d) Claude Montague Graves. Born Paddington, 21st March 1872. Died 3rd December 1907. Married 26th June 1907 Ethel Hawks.
(e) Maude Eleanor Graves. Born Paddington, 10th April 1873.
(f) Evelyn Graham Campbell Graves. Born Paddington, 22nd May 1875.
(g) Helen Gertrude Cunningham Graves. Born Paddington, 11th January 1877.
iv. Andrew Cunningham. Born 27 January 1845. Died 23 September 1930. Married Kensington 8th October 1874 Alice Mary Anne Crosse.
(a) Hilda Mary Mitchell Cunningham. Born 2nd July 1875.
v. Robert Macfie Cunningham. Born 16th August 1847. Died 18th November 1922. Married Paddington, 13th October 1870 Harriet Olivia Travers Cummins (born Ireland ca. 1845, died 29th August 1908).
(a) Edith Lillian Travers Cunningham. Born London,16th July 1871. Married 5th December 1896 Charles John Harold Cooper (died 15th March 1909). 4 recorded children.
(b) Charles Eaton Cunningham. Born Redcliffe Road, London, 22nd October 1872.
(c) Robert Vivian Cunningham. Born London, 6th October 1874.
(d) Aylmer Basil Cunningham. Born London 5th January 1879.
vi. George Cunningham. Born 28th January 1850. Died 14th January 1934. Married 19th March 1855 Leonide Fabens.
vii. Helen Mary Cunningham. Born 21st July 1854. Died 6th March 1925.
f. Margaret Macfie. Born 1st May 1817. Died Edinburgh, 16th November 1911. Married Duncan Alexander Campbell, Senior (died 21st October 1861) as his second wife.
i. Jessie Johnston Campbell. Born 24th March 1843. Died 8th November 1934. Married Edinburgh, 10th April 1866, John Marquis (born 20th September 1841, died 13th April 1902), see below for detail of him and their children.
ii. Duncan Alexander Campbell, Junior. Born 29 November 1844. Died Blackpool, 3rd September 1879.
iii. William Macfie Campbell. Born Greenock, 20th January 1848. Died 13th September 1928. Married Dunoon, 23rd October 1872 Jessie Barbara Macfie.
(a) Mary Graham Campbell. Born 9th October 1873. Died 1952.
(b) Margaret MacFie Campbell. Born Liverpool, 13th August 1875. Died 6th June 1890.
(c) Jessy Graham Campbell. Born 14th October 1878. Died Liverpool 29th May 1880.
(d) Ethel May Campbell. Born 24th July 1880. Married 20th October 1904 John Larden Williams.
(e) Duncan Alexander Campbell. Born 24th February 1886. Married 12th March 1913 Marion de Hamel.
(i) Frances Campbell. Married William Main.
AA. William Main.
BB. Janet Main.
(ii) Sheila Margaret Macfie Campbell. Born Cockermouth Q3 1918. Died 1986.  Married Wirral Q4 1947 Ramsay Macfie Main (born 24 June 1912).
AA. Euan Main.
BB. Mora Main.
(iii) Alan John Duncan Campbell, 17th Laird of Glenfeochen. Born 1926. Died 7 October 1996. Married Sona ______.
iv. Margaret Macfie Campbell. Born 6 November 1849. Died 30 July 1950. Married in St Michael's Hamlet, Liverpool, 26 April 1876, Charles (per marriage cert) Lloyd (born ca. 1847), son of Charles Lloyd, clerk in Holy Orders.
(a) Charles Edward Bowen Lloyd. Born Wannifor, Cardinganshire 24 March 1877. Died 14 May 1877.
(b) Alister Campbell Bowen Lloyd. Born Wannifor 8 April 1878. Married, 1913, Mary Pitcairn Stack.
(i) Alister Charles Bowen Lloyd.Born ca. 1917. Died (dsp, kia)  near Caen, Calvados, 11th June 1944 .
(c) Frances Caroline Bowen Lloyd. Born 29 April 1880. Died 1966.
(d) Margaret ("Meg") Gladys Bowen Lloyd. Born st  September 1881. Died London, 27th January 1983. Married, 11 August 1903, George Eustace Crawford of Clifton Manor (born 7 June 1865, died 5 May 1953).
(i) Margaret Emily Frances Crawford. Married John Clare Llewellyn-Smith (born 26th April 1909, died Taunton, September 1990) Headmaster, St Andrews School, Pangbourne.
AA. Elizabeth Marion Llewellyn-Smith, CB. Born 17 August 1934. Principal, St Hilda's College, Oxford 1990-2001.
BB. Michael John Llewellyn-Smith. Born 25 April 1939. HM Diplomatic Service. Married Colette Gaulier.
1 son, 1 dau.
CC. Christopher Hubert Llewellyn-Smith. Married Virginia Grey.
1 son, 1 dau.
(ii) Eleanor Mary Crawford. Born 11th January 1908. Died February 1995. Married 6th August 1932, (Edward) Max Nicholson, CB, CVO. Wildlife Trust, World Wildlife Fund. Divorced.
AA. A son.
BB. A son.
(iii) George Crawford of Blindley Heath. Married Dorothy ______.
AA. Jocelyn Crawford.
BB. Sarah Crawford.
CC. John Crawford.
(iv) Charles Edward Johnstone  ("Chanie") Crawford. Born Bristol 12th March 1912. Died Somerset, June 2001. Worked with ICI.
(v) Ann Crawford. Headmistress Wimbledon High School. Married Michael Piper (born 27th March 1921, died October 1997, divorced).
AA. Joanna Piper.
BB. Ben Piper.
CC. Camilla Piper.
DD. Hilary Piper.
(e) Ivor Alan Bowen Lloyd. Born 26 April 1884. Dsp 29 October 1909.
(f) Gwion Llewelyn Bowen Lloyd. Born 21 February 1887. Died (kia) Gallipoli, 11th August 1915 .
(g) Duncan Ian Bowen Lloyd. Born 16 March 1888. Died (kia) Gallipoli, 14th August 1915 .
v. John Charles Campbell. Born 19 March 1853. Died 13 September 1936. Colonel, Royal Engineers. Married Helen Marian Hall (died 1927).
(a) Constance Margaret Campbell. Lived in Swanage.
(b) Isabel Mary Campbell. Had a poultry farm.
(c) Duncan ("Nunck") Alastair Campbell. Married Cecilia ("Pooh") Beatrix Rickards.
(d) Helen Dorothea Campbell (born 9 May 1887; died 1976). Married, ca 1918, Colonel Cuthbert James Blaikie, RAMC (born 22 October 1884; died October 1967) and had issue.
William married second, 30th August 1819, Janet Marshall (born 1790, died 23rd February 1858, daughter of Claud Marshall of Craignestock, Lanarkshire, writer of Glasgow ( Born Glasgow, fl.1858, son of Sheriff Marshall) who married Craignestock, Lanarkshire 1780 Janet Fairie (born Craignestock 1759), daughter of James Fairie of Farme. WRA has a silhouette of Claud Marshall.
g. Catherine Marshall Macfie. Born 5 August 1820. Died 23 July 1837.
h. Claud Macfie of Gogarburn, Midlothian. Born 8 April 1822. Died 24 May 1903. Married first 9th September 1846 Margaret Allan (dsp)(born ca 1819, died 16th February 1891).
Married second 22nd October 1891 Mary Young (died 23rd March 1946).
i. Claud William Macfie. Born 8 December 1892. Died (kia) 16 June 1915.
ii. Catherine Mary Macfie. Born 29 July 1897. Died 1980. Married Charles Reid Peploe. Issue. 
(a) David Claud Peploe . Born Havant, Hants 15th June 1921. Died HMS Drake 21st April 1941. 
i. John Macfie of Edinburgh. Born 12th September 1826. Died 6th July 1896. Four pictures: one two three four Married at Greenock, 11th June 1851, Lillias Fullarton. LF

Janet Marshall Macfie. Born 18th June 1852; Died 30th June 1942. Married, 31st July 1873, Dr Walter Biggar Blaikie. Born 23rd November 1847. Died 3rd May 1928.


Allan Fullarton Macfie. Born Liverpool 18 February 1854. Dsp 15 January 1943. A golfer who made an exquisite small round inlaid wooden box. Married in Catholic Apostolic Church, Liverpool, 5 March 1878, Isabel Rachel Tarbet (born Dunnichen, Forfar, Scotland, 3 December 1854, died "Brooklands", St Andrew's 4th April 1937) dau of William Tarbet.


Lillias Macfie. Born 3rd September 1857. Died 6th September 1857.

j. David Johnstone Macfie of Borthwick Hall, Midlothian, JP.   Born 14 March 1828. Died 12 March 1915. Married Haullwhi, Carmarthen, Wales 31st December 1890 Mary Jane Lloyd (born ca. 1855, died 22nd July 1925).  
4. Robert Andrew Macfie. Born 13th June 1778. Died 28th October 1811. Married Agnes Galt (died 3rd April 1855).
a. Robert Andrew Macfie. Born January 1808. Died 4th October 1824.
b. Jane Thomson Macfie. Born August 1809. Died 5th September 1831.
c. Mary Macfie. Born 13th May 1811. Died 13th  May 1826.
5. Mary Macfie. Born 5th March 1780. died 9th June 1853. Married, 11th January 1808, John Graham (died 11 February 1830).
a. John Graham. Born 27 May 1811. Died 12 October 1890. Married 11th December 1838 Penelope Clarkson.
i. Penelope Clarkson Graham. Born 19th October 1839. Died 21st February 1930. She was handicapped through blindness.
ii. Mary Macfie Graham. Born 2nd June 1841. died 20th September 1908.
iii. John Graham. Born 22nd January 1843. Died 25th June 1921. Married 15th January 1873 Mary Gilkison Allan (died 2nd December 1918). Issue..
iv. Jesse Eliza Graham. Born 3rd January 1845. Died 22nd February 1932.
v. Donald Shaw Graham. Born Greenock, Scotland 10 February 1847. Died 8 December 1891. Married St John the Divine, Fairfield, Liverpool, 4 October 1871,  Elizabeth Anderson Clint (born Liverpool 1851), dau of F A Clint..
(a) Donald Claude Graham. Died 27th December 1882.
(b) Francis Graham. Born Rudstock Rd, Elm Park, Liverpool 23rd October 1872.
(c) John G Graham. Born 33 Edge Lane, Liverpool 19th June 1874.
(d) Elizabeth Graham. Born Liverpool 8 July 1876. Married 31 October 1907 Charles Sandon-Powell.
(e) Penelope Graham. Born Liverpool 20 October 1878. Married 29 December 1908 Bertram Wood-Jones.
vi. Eliza Ann Graham. Born 29 August 1849. Died 25 August 1931. Married Liverpool, 9th October 1873 William Rose Martin (died 11th February 1883).
(a) John Graham Martin. Born Liverpool 6th August 1874. Married 20th September 1904 Gertrude Montgomery.
(b) James Douglas Martin. Born 9th September 1875.
(c) Penelope Clarkson Martin. Born  20th October 1877. Died 23rd July 1968. Married 5th March 1907 Cecil Raikes Stavert (born 15th January 1883, died 5th June 1974). 5 recorded children.
(i) Joyce Graham Stavert. Born 17th January 1909. Died Hastings, December1991.
(ii) Cecil Raikes Stavert. Born 10th April 1912. Died 3rd July 1912.
(iii) Audrey Raikes Stavert. Born 1st February 1914. Died Hastings, July 2001.
vii. Christina Alexis Graham. Bor n 9 January 1852. died 1 May 1854.
viii. Williamina Macfie Graham. Born 20 September 1855. died 25 March 1932. Married Liverpool, 17th November 1881 James W. Drummond.
(a) Henry Claud Drummond. Born  Stirling 5th March 1883. Died (kia) Picardie 24th July 1916.
(b) John Graham Drummond. Born  28th October 1884.
(c) Norah Blackwood Drummond. Born  8th June 1886.
(d) Winifred Penelope Clarkson Drummond. Born  29th June 1889.
(e) Dorothy Mary Drummond. Born  21st May 1893. Died 18th July 1893.
b. Mary Graham. Born 14 February 1813. died 31 October 1899. Married James Macfie.
c. Robert Graham. born 6 july 1815. died 4 March 1836.
d. Jessie Johnstone Graham. born 12 May 1817. died 22 july 1892.
e. Duncan Graham. born 2 February 1819. died 29 April 1840.
f. Eliza Ann Graham. born 27 December 1820. died 25 March 1899.
6. John Macfie. Born 26 December 1781. Died 25 November 1782.
7. John Macfie. Born 6th October 1783. Died 28th December 1852. Married 9th November 1810 Alison Thorburn (born 25th May 1791, died 1st April 1857).
a. Robert Andrew Macfie of Dreghorn. born 4 October 1811. died 16 February 1893. Married Caroline Eliza Easton (born Bombay [now Mumbai] 24th September 1813, died 20th June 1897)..
i. Ellen Bland Macfie. Born 31 December 1840. Died 15 September 1933. Married James Johnston.
(a) George Patrick Johnston. Born 13 December 1869. Died London 26 August 1896.
(b) Carolina Easton Johnston. Born 13 December 1870. Died 20 March 1957.
(c) Robert Macfie Johnston. Born Glasgow 31 January 1872. Died 26 March 1957 Married Kensington 17 May 1919 Marguerite Georgie Rundle (died 1946).
(d) Ellen ("Nelly") Bland Johnston. Born 20 December 1874. Died May 1957.
(e) James Horace Johnston. Born 25 June 1876. Died 28 December 1962. Married Kathleen Edith Duncan.

Married Christine Craig Mackenzie, and had two children, James Peter Noel Johnston (born 25th October 1970) and Isla Rebecca Johnston (born 26th January 1974).  James Peter Noel Johnston married Carolyn Elizabeth Cage, and has four children, Sophia Elizabeth Johnston (born 13th October 1999), Katherine Margaret Johnston (born 8th May 2001), James Andrew Duncan Johnston (born 8th September 2003) and Emma Louise Johnston (born 19th September 2005).
(i) (James) Duncan Johnston. Died 18th March 1988. Married.
(ii) Helen Margaret Johnston. Died 1960s.
(iii) Christopher Noel Johnston. Died 1970s. Married Teresa Jane ("Bobbin") Walker.
AA. Lucinda Caroline Johnston. Married.
(f) Mary Alice ("May") Johnston. Born 4 May 1879.
ii. Ellison Thorburn Macfie. Born 7 March 1843. Died 4 January 1906. Married Sir Thomas McClure, Bt.
iii. (John) William Macfie of Dreghorn and Rowton. Born 1st December 1844. Died 8th December 1924. Married 7th June 1867 Helen Wahab (born India 8th November 1844, died Chester 15th April 1896).
(a) Robert Andrew Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 10th April 1868. Died Aysgarth 9th May 1935.
(b) Janet Cowan Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 29th May 1869. Died 25th August 1949. Married 7th October 1902 Benjamin Lewis Paton (born 22nd December 1860, died 29th April 1936). 4 recorded children.
(i) Helen Wahab Paton. Born 31st July 1904. Died 15th January 1929.
(ii) Robert Lewis Paton. Born 2nd September 1905. Died 29th August 1990. Married 29th August 1947 Emily Barbara Campbell Martin. Issue.
(iii) John Macfie Paton. Born 28th March 1907. Died 19th July 1975.
(iv) Henry Oldham Paton. Born 20th August 1909. Died Kings Lynn 11th March 1989.
(c) Caroline Easton Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 12th September 1871. Died Birkenhead 24th January 1872.
(d) Charles Wahab Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 9th December 1872. Died Lichfield 24th September 1930. Married Quebec 21st September 1904 Violette Marguerite Williams (died St Leonards 1st September 1963).
(e) Helen Charlotte Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 23rd September 1876. Died 6th March 1946. Married 14th November 1907 George Ramsay Main (born 22nd November 1872, died Sevenoaks 27th November 1954).
(i) William Rankin Main. Born Calcutta 28th November 1908. Died Dalbeattie 21st March 1993. Married Liverpool 22nd September 1939 his fourth cousin, Frances Marion Campbell. Issue.
(ii) Ramsay Macfie Main. Born 24th June 1912. Died ca. 1984. Married Wirral 1947 brother's wife's sister and fourth cousin Sheila Margaret Macfie Campbell (born Cockermouth 1918, died Blairgowrie 1986. Issue.
(iii) Charlotte Wahab Main. Born 3rd February 1914. Died 6th February 1914.
(f) John William Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 16th September 1879. Died Hastings 11th October 1948. Distinguished scientist, majoring on insect borne diseases. Also a family historian whose book 'John Macfie of Edinburgh and his family', published privately in Edinburgh in 1938, is the compilers' recommended starting point for any study of the genealogy of these Macfies.
(g) Mary Scott Macfie. Born Birkenhead 17th November 1881. Died 9th November 1939. Married Chester 22nd November 1911 Charles Cyril Dennis. Issue.
(h) Letitia Stewart Scott Macfie. Born 7th November 1883. Died 29th August 1897.
(i) Alison Bland Scott Macfie. Born 25th December 1886. Died Swaffham 12th September 1963.
(j) Marion Sheila Scott Macfie. Born 12th September 1888. Died Ashington 11th September 1965.
iv. Caroline Easton Macfie.born 26 September 1848. died 11 October 1935. Married Parkgate, Cheshire 20th October 1869 George Barbour of Bolesworth (born 13th February 1841, died 3rd November 1919).
(a) Caroline Elizabeth Barbour. Born 5th January 1871. Died Edinburgh 24th January 1959. Married 25th July 1899 George Freeland Barbour Simpson (born 21st September 1874, died 8th April 1958). 
(i) Alexander Rudolf Barbour Simpson. Born 6th January 1901. Died 1977. Married Wimborne 24th September 1932 Barbara Norwood (died 1976).  
AA. Gillian Ann Barbour Simpson,  Born 11th April 1936. Died 5th October 1989.  Married 1968 Howard William Maitland Coley (born 14th July 1910, died 10th April 1981). Issue.  
(ii) Caroline Winanda Barbour Simpson. Born Edinburgh 1st November 1903. Died 19th April 1998. Piano teacher. Married 23rd April 1911 Ian Douglas Black (born 20th August 1911, died 28th January 1967).    
(iii) Margaret Eleanor Barbour Simpson. Born Edinburgh 13th October 1906. Died Haslemere 1st November 1994.  Married St Giles, Edinburgh 28th July1941 Frederick James Root.  (born 2nd July 1906, died 2nd November 1982). Issue. 
(b) Janet Mary Barbour. Born Farndon 17th May 1872. Died 7th March 1947.
(c) Eleanor Barbour. Born 3rd November 1873. Died 3rd December 1952. Married 28th December 1910 Canon Robert Henry Walker (born Malton 24th March 1857, died 10th January 1939.
(i) Eleanor Robina Theodora Walker. Born 1914. Died 1980. Married with issue.   
(d) Robert Barbour. Born 8th February 1876. Died 3rd September 1928. Married 28th October 1909 as her first husband Ida Lavington Payne (born 28th February 1889, died April 1985).
(i) George Richard Barbour. Born 3rd February 1911. Died Bolesworth 25th October 1989. Married Haifa 3rd December 1944 Eva Eliyabeth (Lulu) Houry (died 20th November 1983). Issue.      
(ii) Brigadier David Charles Barbour. Born 1st October 1912. Died 1st January 1988. Married with issue.      
(iii) Elizabeth Langley Barbour. Born 6th January 1915. Died 27th August 1994. Married firstly Tattenhall 1938 Joseph Burney Fowell Buxton (born 5th July 1913, died Tunisia - kia - 23rd April 1943). Issue.
She married secondly  9th April 1946 Alexander Ludovic Grant (born 26th March 1901, died 1986). Issue. 
(iv) Lt. Robert James Barbour. Born 7th November 1920. Died (kia) in the battle for Monte Cassino 11th February 1944.  
(e) Margaret Gibson Fleming Barbour. Born 5th July 1878. Died 15th February 1963.
(f) Alison MacFie Barbour. Born 29th August 1881. Died ca. 1969. Married 23rd February 1909 Richard Norman Harrison Verdin (born 20th May 1877, died 22nd October 1956.
(i) Elizabeth Rachel Verdin. Born 12th July 1910. Died 4th October 1981. She played a leading role in the Red Cross (Hereford and Worcester branch).  
(ii) Sir Richard Bertram Verdin. Born 1st August 1912. Died 16th August 1978. Married 1960 Margaret Helen Wynn. Issue.  
(iii) William Robert Douglas Verdin. Born 28th April 1913. Died 1st December 1981.
(g) Georgina Louisa Barbour. Born 5th December 1884. Died 8th November 1966.
(h) Isabel Easton Barbour. Born 7th December 1888. Died 30th December 1980.
v. Robina Mary Macfie. Born 14th October 1850. Died 17th November 1850.
vi. Henry Robert Andrew Macfie. Born 1st June 1853. Died 16th June 1853.
vii. Robert Andrew Macfie.born 9th September 1854. died 27th January 1925. Married May 1877 Pauline Monica Keetings (born ca. 1860, died Kensington 26th September 1943).
(a) Robert Francis Macfie. Born 10th November 1881. Married 4th October 1911 Kathleen Armstrong.
(b) Arthur Douglas Macfie. Born 6th September 1884. Married 15th October 1906 Clara Mina Schreyer (died St Albans 5th February 1954).
b. William Thorburn Macfie. born 1st May 1813. died 31st August 1815.
c. Robina Macfie. Born 20th September 1814. Died 30th March 1873. Married Greenock 6th October 1840 John Marquis (born 11th January 1805 died Liverpool 11th November 1864), son of John Marquis and Marion, nee Scott.
i. John Marquis. Born Greenock 20th September 1841. Died Birkenhead 13th April 1902. Married St Andrews Church and 15 Gt King Street, Edinburgh 10th April 1866 his second cousin, Jessie Johnstone Campbell (see above).
(a) John Campbell Marquis. Born Woodchurch, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England 15th February 1876. Died ca. 1928.   
(b) Margaret "Daisy" Dorothea Marquis. Born Woodchurch 29th April 1878. Died ca. 1943. Married 12th September 1905 John MacGavin MacLean.     
(i) Margaret Anne Macgavin MacLean Born 1st August 1907. Died 11th August 1907.   
(ii) Lt Andrew MacGavin MacLean Born 13th August 1908. Died following a major incident involving munitions, HMT Firefly 18th February 1940. Buried Strathblane. Married Jasmine Vivien ____.
(iii) Jean Campbell MacLean  Born ca. 1911. Died (unm) after 1995.  
(iv) Moira Harvie MacLean  Born 27th March 1915. Died Richmond, Surrey, England Summer 1972. Married Ronald Ralph Lindsay Hutchinson. Issue.   
AA. John Hutchinson.
(c) Robina "Ruby" Marquis. Born Noctorium, Birkenhead 7th September 1879. Died ca. 1960. Married her second cousin William ("Willie") Colquhoun Fraser (born 23rd May 1883, died 10th January 1968).
ii. Robert Marquis. Born Liverpool 5th November 1842. Died 13th May 1910. Married Fairfield Presbyterian Church, Liverpool, 30th September 1868, Sarah Beakbane.
(a) Marion Marquis. Born 28th February 1870. Died ca. 1956. Married Birkenhead 28th June 1905 Charles Alwin Räbus.
(i) Charlotte Marion Räbus Born 4th October 1907. Died Birmingham, England ca. April 1992. Married with issue.  
(b) Robert Marquis. Born Liverpool 25th August 1875. Died ca. 1939. Married Ethel Peacock.
(i) Joan Elizabeth Peacock Marquis Born ca. 1913. Married with issue. 
(ii) Robert Marquis Born and died ca. 1920. 
(iii) Ethel Marquis Born and died ca. 1920.
(c) Lilian Marquis. Born Birkenhead 11th December 1876. Died ca. 1958. 
(d) Edward Marquis Born Cheshire 26th February 1879. Married ca. 1914 Elsie Jean Anderson. Issue.
(i) Robert Macfie Marquis Born 9th January 1917. Died London ca. August 1989. Married Westminster 1943 Mary Herndon Potter (born 20th December 1919, died Cambridge ca. June 1993.) Issue.    
(e) Alice Marquis. Born 29th February 1880. Died ca. 1969.
iii. Alice Marquis. Born Greenock, Scotland 17th April 1844. Died Cheshire? 28th July 1914.
iv. Marion Marquis. Born 2nd June 1846. Died Liverpool 22nd August 1850.
v. William Marquis. Born Liverpool 24th March 1849. Died 25th September 1906. Married Woodchurch Parish Church, England, 7th June 1877 Eliza Williams.
(a) (William) Henry ("Harry") Marquis. Born 5th June 1878. Died 19th March 1957. Married 23 July 1914 Ada May Councell (born 15th September 1891, died 15th January 1985).
(i) Stella Marquis. Married John Herbert Taylor (born 14 August 1901, died 7 February 1976).
AA. John Anthony Taylor. Married Hilary Caroline Powell.
aa. Victoria Grace Taylor.
bb. Jeremy Julius Patrick Taylor.
BB. Bridget Wendy Taylor.
(ii) (Henry) Derek Marquis.
(b) Maurice Charles Marquis. Born 1st November 1879. Married 2 December 1919 Elizabeth Morris Jones.
(c) (John) Francis Marquis Born 9th November 1886. Married 9 September 1925 Elsie May Thomson
vi. Robina Marquis. Born Liverpool 16th February 1851. Died London 18th January 1892.
vii. Jane Marquis. Born Liverpool 17th May 1853. Died Bournemouth, Dorset 29th January 1873.
d. Mary Macfie. Born 15th November 1816. Died 31st October 1894. Married 24th November 1843 John Henderson of Park (died 1st May 1867) who was the 'Henderson' of the firm Fox, Henderson & Co which built the Crystal Palace.
e. Marion Macfie. Born Leith, Edinburgh 23 October 1818. Died 28 August 1901. Married first 3 March 1848 John Lothian (died 19 December 1851).
i. Alice Thorburn Lothian. Born Ferneyside 17 December 1848. Died 19 February 1856.
ii. Maurice John Lothian. Born 26 May 1850. Died 15 January 1917.
Marion married second 27 Septeber 1865 John McEwen.
f. John Macfie. Born 11 June 1820. Died 23 May 1875. Married 25 November 1839 Nancy Halfpenny.
g. William Macfie. Born Cramond, Midlothian, Scotland 26 March 1822, died Clermiston House, Scotland 13 December 1895. Married Mary Ramsay Colvin (born Cramond, Edinburgh 1852, died 14 August 1895), dau of Walter Laidlaw Colvin.
i. (William) Colvin Macfie. Born Corstophine, Edinburgh 10 March 1874. Died 28 July 1934. Married Kensington, London, 4 July 1918, Mary Ethel Westgarth (below).
ii. Walter Scott Macfie. Born Corstophine, Edinburgh 5 March 1875. Died 17 December 1893.
iii. Charles Edward Macfie. Born 6 February 1882. Died 17 March 1914.
iv. (Annie) Dorothea Macfie. Born Clermiston, Midlothian 18 June 1884. Died 27 November 1967.
h. Ellison Macfie. Born 14 November 1828. Died 10 Bolton Gardens, London SW10, 31 March 1911. Married in Leith, Scotland, 6 June 1854, William Westgarth (died 10 Bolton Gardens 28 October 1889).
i. Alice Westgarth. Born 3 January 1856. Married in St Pauls Presbyterian Church, Westbourne Grove, Kensington, London, 24 July 1884, John Augustus Voelker.
ii. Annie Christina Westgarth. Born 8 July 1861. Married St Paul's Presbyterian Church, Westbourne Grove, London, 2 June 1888 William George Lucas Spowers.
(a) (Fanny) Ellison Spowers.
(b) Ethel Louise Spowers.
(c) Allan Spowers. Married Rosamund Sandys Lumsdaine.
(i) Rosita Christina Spowers. Married first Peter Fraser.
AA. Siri Christina Fraser.
BB. Peter Philip Fraser.
Rosita married second Graham Farquharson.
(ii) William ("Bill") Allan Spowers. Married Antonia Caroline Aked.
AA. Hugo Ronald Allan Spowers. Married Fiona Clancy.
BB. Adam Roger William Spowers. Married  Celeste Marie Kershaw.
aa. Ophelia Rose Spowers.
bb. Eloise Marie Victoria Spowers.
cc. Beatrice Lily Spowers.
CC. Rory Alexander Leslie Spowers. Married Dana Ferguson.
(iii) Ronald Westgarth Spowers. Born 21 March 1927. Died 22 March 1988.
(d) Rosalind Spowers.
(e) Celia Spowers.
(f) Myra Spowers.
iii. Mary ("Molly") Ethel Westgarth. Born 23 June 1867. Died 14 June 1936. Married 4 July 1918 (William) Colvin Macfie (above).
i. Ann Macfie. Born 26 June 1830. Died Randolf Crescent, Edinburgh 2 March 1874. Married 13 June 1855 John MacAndrew (born in 26, later 27, Regent Terrace, Edinburgh 26 June 1830, died 20 Belgrave Crescent, Edinburgh 1 December 1885).
i. John Lewis McLean MacAndrew. Born 17 July 1857. Died 10 October 1917. Married 29 January 1888 Elsie Mabel Young (born 17 July 1857).
(a) Ian Munro McLean MacAndrew. Born 30th October 1891. Died (kia) Pas de Calais 23rd December 1914.
ii. Alice MacAndrew. Born 16 March 1859. Married 22 June 1901 David Freeman Lewis.
iii. Anna Maria ("Myra") MacAndrew. Born 20 March 1861. Married 27 July 1880 William Horn.
(a) Robert Horn. Born 30 May 1881. Died 18 April 1919.
(b) Alice Maude Horn. Married 17 April 1906 Francis James Marshall.
(i) Anne Margaret Marshall.
(ii) (Alice) Jean Marshall.
(iii) James Murray Marshall.
(iv) Christian Frances Marshall.
(c) John Reginald Horn. Married 1926 W Edwards.
(d) (Myra) Christian Horn.  Born 26 October 1886.
(e) Jean Violet Horn. Born 26 January 1889.
(f) William Hedrick Horn. Born 6 April 1891.
iv. Caroline MacAndrew. Born 27 Regent Terrace, Edinburgh 21 January 1862. Died 21 July 1931. Married 28 April 1889 Philip Francis Wood (died 10 September 1939).
(a) Edith Anne Wood. Born 11 May 1890. Married 13 July 1911 Geoffrey Charles Napier Stuart.
(i) Anthony Napier Stuart.
(ii) Philip Charles Napier Stuart.
(b) Beatrix Anne Wood. Married 12 March 1918 Gilbert E George.
v. Edith MacAndrew. Born 27 Regent Terrace 14 September 1865. Married St George's, Edinburgh 17 November 1891 Henry Napier Jervois (born Newfoundland 1851, died Chessel Avenue, Boscombe 5 June 1935) son of John Jervois and Olivia Napier.
(a) Mary Caroline Jervois. Born Cape Colony 13 May 1893, a twin. Married 2 January 1918 Frank Napier Broome son of William Broome and Viola Jackson.
(i) A daughter. Born Pietermaritzburg 25 August 1925.
(ii) A son. Born Pietermaritzburg 7 June 1928.
(b) Alice Napier Jervois. Born Cape Colony 13 May 1893, a twin. Married Malabar Hill, Bombay 11 December 1921 Robert Eliot Fryer, son of Lt Col C R Fryer.
(i) A son. Born Nile Cottage, Gillingham, Kent 20 July 1926.
(c) Edith Jervois. Born Cape Colony 1894.
8. Janet Macfie. Born 14 March 1785. Died 12 November 1785.
9. Ann Macfie. Born 4 December 1786. died 16 June 1851.
10. Alexander Macfie. Born 24th January 1786. Died Quebec 14th March 1850. Emigrated to Canada March 1824. Patriarch of the Quebec Macfies. Married Inveraray, 21st April 1823, Ann Tough (died Quebec 13th October 1890).
a. Robert Macfie. Born 31 March 1824. died 5 March 1896. Married Sarah Eliza Hawley.
b. Mary Macfie. Born 3 May 1827. died 8 June 1898. Married Heman Allan Hawley.
c. Jane Monro Macfie. Born 20 February 1829. Died 17 August 1865.
d. William Marshall Macfie. Born 16 April 1834. died 17 September 1879. Married Harriet Curtis.
e. John Macfie. Born 14 April 1836. died 26 April 1920. Married Annie Townsend.
f. Martha Macfie. Born 26 October 1838. died 4 December 1905. Married Frederick Rufus Hamilton.
g. Alexander Macfie. Born 27 October 1840. died 29 October 1899. Married Sarah Eliza Young.
h. Jessie Thorburn Macfie. Born 10 September 1842. died 10 January 1920. Married Henry Clinton Boardman.
i. Margaret Macfie. Born 6 September 1844. died 16 March 1901. Married first Daniel McCurdy Hatch. Married second Clayton Cornelius Read.
j. James Macfie. Born 29 June 1846. died 16 December 1906. Married first Agnes Smith. Married second Mary Calista Garfield.
11. Janet or Jessie Macfie. Born 1 September 1790. died 14 August 1863. Married, 3 August 1813, William Thorburn (born 12 September 1780. died 9 February 1851).
a. Mary Thorburn. Born 9 September 1814. died 1 May 1819.
b. Marion Isabella Thorburn. Born 12 January 1816. died 14 September 1861.
c. Robina Thorburn. Born 4 June 1817. died 19 May 1868.
d. Jessie Thorburn. Born 18 October 1818. died 17 October 1883. Married William Andrew Macfie.
e. William Franklin Thorburn. Born 27 November 1820. died 30 January 1903. Married first Mary Isabella Chrichton.
i. Mary Isabella Thorburn. Born 14 May 1859. Died 26 December 1897.
William married second 11 February 1863 Agnes Rosa Ann Jobson (born 13 October 1844, died 2 December 1891).
ii. William Gray Thorburn.  Born 21 December 1864. Died 24 March 1878.
iii. Agnes Marion Thorburn. Born 31 August 1866. Died 1 March 1890. Married 22 May 1889 Johan Hemberg (born 19 October 1850, died 9 January 1928).
(a) (Gustaf) William Hemberg. Born 1 March 1890. Died 5 April 1977. Married 3 January 1925 (Ellen) Aina Elisabeth Wehlin (born 9 July 1896, died 19 March 1990).
(i) Bengt William Hemberg.  Married first (Karin Britt) Marianne ("Marie") Nilsson (born 17 January 1924, died 30 November 1990).
AA. (Ann Marie) Charlotte ("Lotta") Hemberg. Married (Per) Anders Kempe.
aa. (Per) Isak Kempe.
BB. (Per) William ("Bill") Hemberg. Married Anette ("Netta") Persson.
CC. (Ulrika Marie) Alexis Hemberg.
Bengt married second Eiva Persson (born 25 January 1921, died 2 April 1988).
(ii) Agnes ("Aggie") Hemberg. Married Tord Hjalmar Ganelius.
AA. Per Gustaf  Ganelius. Married Viveca Bertelsen.
aa. (Joakim) Pontius Ganelius.
bb. (Jenny) Rebecca Ganelius.
cc. (Per) Rasmus Ganelius.
BB. Truls Olof Ganelius. Married Anna Kristina Sveglås.
aa. Elin Agnes Ganelius.
CC. (Max) Svante Ganelius. Married Katarina Elisabeth Mattsson.
aa. Max William Ganelius.
bb. (James) Victor Ganelius.
cc. (Carl) Hugo Ganelius.
DD. (Ebbe) Aggie Susanne Ganelius. Married Bengt Olof Öhman.
aa. Emil Tord Taro Öhman.
bb. (Takao William) Olof Öhman.
cc. Hjalmar Saburo Öhman.
(iii) Sten Johan William Hemberg. Married Jeannette Giovanna Letizia Grill.
AA. Claes Johan William Hemberg. Married Lotta Elisabeth Persson.
aa. Niclas Johan William Kempe.
bb. Fredric Johan William Kempe.
cc. Marcus Johan William Kempe.
BB. Monica Margaret Hemberg. Married first (Bengt) Sture Caesar.
aa. Olle Johan Caesar.
bb. Anna Carolina Caesar.
Monica married second Björn-Inge ("Binge") Grönoset.
(iv) Dag William Hemberg. Born 25 April 1935. Died 21 December 2001. Married first Kerstin Sigrid Erica Nilsson. Married second Birgitta Margareta Mattsson.
AA. Micael Gustaf William Hemberg. Married Lisa-Lott Elsa Gunhild Persson.
BB. Christer Gustaf William Hemberg.
Dag married third Irene Olsen.
CC. Anders William Hemberg.
DD. Annica Elisabeth Hemberg.
iv. Rosa Robina Thorburn. Born 13 August 1868. Died 19 August 1951.
v. (Richard) Walter Thorburn. Born Kasen 25 March 1870. Died Uddevalla 7 July 1949. Married in Skara Domkyrka 7 June 1911 Maria Hedvig Adolfine Kylberg (born
Såtenäs 11 March 1876, died 30 December 1957).
(a) Mary Hedvig Elinor Thorburn. Born 24 March 1912 Died 06 July 1946 Married in Uddevalla Kyrka 18 July 1941 Karl Vilhelm Eriksson (born 15 November 1916 Died: 26 January 1999).
(b) Hedvig Rosa Marianne Thorburn. Married (Daniel) Ritchie Macfarlane (born Greenock 01 December 1898, died 18 November 1969).
(i) Lars William Ritchie Macfarlane. Married Mary Bennett.
(ii) Christina Mary Anne Macfarlane.
vi. Robert Edvard Thorburn. Born 04 October 1871. Died 12 January 1881.
vii. Charles David Thorburn. Born Kasen 15 May 1873 Died Uddevalla 15 October 1949 Married in Uddevalla Kyrka 07 June 1906 Valborg ("Valli") Maria Koch (born Mjölby 1 May 1885, died Uddevalla 22 March 1968).
(a) Ronald David Thorburn. Birth 26 March 1908. Died Uddevalla  07 September 2002 Married Nydala Kyrka 14 June 1938 Helga Gunnel Ekman (born 15 January 1910, died 23 February 1993).
(i) Folke William Thorburn. Married Kerstin Mildred Ingegerd Swedengren.
AA. Mats Gustav Thorburn.  Married Ylva Henrietta Elisabet Fontell.
aa. Ester Lisa Gustava Thorburn Fontell.
bb. Vilhelm Krister Efraim Thorburn Fontell.
(ii) Harald Walfred Thorburn. Married Josefa ("Pepita") Carmen Corredoira Otero.
AA. Charles David Thorburn.
BB. Johan Mikael Thorburn.
CC. Annakarin Pepita Thorburn.
Harald married second Kerstin Elisabet Bexelius.
(iii) Artur David Thorburn. Married Kerstin Birgitta Lindeberg.
AA. Jenny Helena Thorburn. Married (Lars) Olof Maury Rosengren.
aa. Siri Johanna Matilda Rosengren.
BB. (John) David Thorburn. Married Åsa Gustavsson.
aa. Ida Margareta Thorburn.
(b) Agnes Hedera Thorburn. Born 21 November 1909. Died Munkedal 10 January 1998.
(c) Charles Michael Thorburn.  Born 24 November 1910. Died Borås 21 July 1986. Married Brite-Louise Bråkenhielm.
(i) (Charles) Frank Thorburn.
(ii) (Bo) Michael Thorburn. Married Tin-Tin Wester.
AA. Charles Michael Thorburn.
BB. Sebastian Michael Thorburn.
CC. Lilian Maria Thorburn.
(iii) Sten Richard Thorburn.
(d) Thomas William Thorburn. Born Uddevalla 16 April 1913. Died Lund 13 March 2003. Married in Grödinge gamla Kyrka, 27 April 1940 Erna Ingegärd Ekman (born 31 January 1913, died 8 December 1989).
(i) (Kuri) Harriet Thorburn. Married first (Rolf) Ingmar Andersson.
AA. (Rolf) Andreas Andersson. Married (Eva) Maria-Louise Hallerborn.
aa. Sanne Agnes Marianne Hallerborn.
bb. Linn Erna Margareta Hallerborn.
BB. (Carl) Staffan Andersson.
(Kuri) Harriet Thorburn married (?) second Rune Sixten Lorentz Carlsson.
CC. Åsa Maria Veronica Carlsson / Thorburn.
(ii) Daniel Ekman Thorburn. Married (Karin) Ingegerd Larsson.
AA. Alice Helena Thorburn.
BB. Thomas Birger Samuel Thorburn.
CC. Emily Vivi Charlotte Thorburn.
(e) (Valborg) Lilian Thorburn. Born 5 June 1917. Died 22 December 1984.
viii. Henry Franklin Thorburn.  Born 13 June 1875 Died 15 November 1947. Married in Skredsviks prostgård 31 July 1913 Annie-Isabella ("Annie-Bella") Laurell (born 01 June 1891 died 20 May 1981).
(a) Lizzie Agnes Isabella Thorburn. 24 August 1914 Died 11 July 1999 Married first (Karl Erik) Allan Weinhagen. Married second in Stockholm 25 November 1944 Elis Ingmar Hammarberg (born 03 June 1911 died 21 March 1995).
(i) Christina Elisabeth Hammarberg. Married Ulf Martin Lundbäck.
AA. Hanna Camilla Elisabeth Lundbäck.
BB. (Ulf) Henrik Lundbäck.
(ii) Margaretha Elisabeth Hammarberg. Married Ulf Gunnar Blomdahl.
AA. Anna-Katarina ("Katarina") Hammarberg.
BB. Sara Maria Elisabeth Hammarberg.
(b) Ingrid Rosa Margaret Thorburn Married (Johan) Sixten Ekman (born 5 August 1906, died 4 December 1978).
(i) Karin Vilhelmina Ekman. Born 24 April 1952. Died 30 August 1996.
(ii) Eva Margaret Ekman. Married (Leif) Inge Lennart Hanson (born 4 July 1936. Died 13 January 1997).
AA. (Carl) Johan Lennart Hanson.
BB. (Nils) Gustav Erik Hanson.
CC. Ida Anna Sofia Hanson.
(c) Henry William Johannes Thorburn . Born 14 February 1918. Died 3 October 1983 Married inn Sandviken 14 October 1944 (Mildred) Ethel Kristina Berg (born 4 January 1920, died Sandviken 10 April 1998).
(i) Ralph Henry Thorburn.
(d) Karin Anna Jessie Thorburn. Married Ingvar Cederberg (born 12 March 1911, died 1 May 1996).
(i) (Ingrid Barbro) Marianne Cederberg. Married Jan Nicolai Stenqvist.
AA. (Ruth) Amelie Stenqvist. Married Christoffer ("Totte") Karlsson.
aa. Hilda Martha Sofia Karlsson.
bb. (Nils) Alvin Karlsson.
cc. Josef Fabian Karlsson.
BB. Jessie Sofia Stenqvist.
CC. Joar David Stenqvist.
DD. Jon Bertil Nicolai Stenqvist.
(ii) (Anna-Karin) Gunilla Cederberg.   Married first Peter Heinrich Ernst Schulze. Married second Christer Lars-Erik Ahlman.
AA. (Gustav Ingvar) Isak Ahlman.
BB. Lars-Erik Ahlman.
CC. Anna-Karin Ahlman.
(iii) Kerstin Birgitta Cederberg.  Married Jan-Olov Lindholm.
AA. (Jan) Teodor Cederberg Lindholm.
BB. (Karin) Linnéa Cederberg Lindholm.
CC. (Gustav Olov) Edvard Cederberg Lindholm.
(iv) (Inger) Carina Cederberg. Married (Carl Gunnar) Christer Blomstrand.
AA. Sara Magdalena Blomstrand..
BB. (Carl) Jonatan Blomstrand.
CC. (Karin) Susanna Blomstrand.
DD. (Anna) Isabella Blomstrand.
(e) Ester Mary Linnéa Thorburn. Born 29 March 1922. Died 30 March 1922
(f) Signe Annie-Bella Thorburn. Married (Nils-Axel) Thim Edvard Thimgren.
(i) Ann Lena Isabella Thimgren.  Married Curt Olof Pohjanen.
AA. (Anna) Maria Helena Pohjanen-Thimgren.
BB. (Emma) Lina Isabella Pohjanen-Thimgren.
(ii) Eva Karin Birgitta Thimgren. Married (Lars) Lasse Roger Jerry Foss.
(g) Gunhild ("Kurrie") Emily Linnéa Thorburn. Married Sven Gösta Beckman.
ix. William Graham Thorburn. Married 16 June 1903 Sigrid Agrell (born 21 June 1881, died 17 December 1977).
(a) Ralf William Thorburn. Born 26 March 1904. Died 1 March 1977. Married 26 June 1929 (Elsa Hilda) Karin Lindahl.
(i) Jessie Elisabeth Thorburn. Born 4 June 1930. Died 16 January 1990. Married Olle Henrik Wallin.
AA. Erik Olof Wallin. Married Christine van Hal.
aa. Måns Erik Henry Wallin.
BB. Arne Henrik Wallin. Married Anna Kristina Jönsson.
(ii) Gunnel Thorburn. Married Jan Erik Anders Orrenius.
AA. Ulf  Erik Orrenius. Married Linda Maria Rose.
aa. Johan Peter William Orrenius.
bb. Cecilia Linda Linnéa Orrenius.
BB. Anders Ralf Orrenius. Married Rebecka Alffram.
aa. Tova Anna Alffram Orrenius.
bb. Anna Elsa Britt-Marie Alffram Orrenius.
CC. Marianne Karin Orrenius.
(iii) William Eric Thorburn. Married Sonja Margareta Nilsson.
AA. Magnus William Thorburn. Married Karin Eva Gabriele von Uthmann.
aa. Matilda Aina Jessie Thorburn.
bb. Emelie Karin Sabine Thorburn.
cc. Oscar William Thorburn.
BB. Karin Sigrid Thorburn. Married first Per Oskar Lithell.
aa. Markus Oskar William Lithell.
bb. Gustav Johan Lithell.
Karin married second B Espen Eckbo.
(iv) Rosa Kristina Thorburn. Born 18 March 1942. Died 1 March 1977. Married first Jan-Olof Blomberg.
AA. Lennart Olof Blomberg. Born 7 January 1964. Died 1 March 1977.
BB. (Nils) Bertil Blomberg. Born 8 February 1967. Died 1 March 1977.
Rosa married second (Erik) Ingemar Palm.
(b) Arne William Thorburn. Married first in Addis Abbaba 4 August 1935 Margareta Lilliehöök. Married second Elsa Eleonora Küsel (born 12 October 1911, died 14 October 1978).
(i) Bengt William Jacob Thorburn.  Married first (Ulla) Marianne Andersson. Married second Birgitta Margareta Ahlqvist.
(ii) Nils William Thorburn. Married first Marita Linnea Svensson.
AA. Andrew William Thorburn. Married Elizabeth Eklöf. Married Sara Maria Sandberg.
aa. Lovisa Wilma Thorburn.
BB. Douglas William Thorburn. Married (Elin) Sophia Matti.
aa. Malcolm William Thorburn.
bb. Kelly Felicia Thorburn.
Nils married second Inger Birgitta Lindvall.
CC. Fredrik William Thorburn. Married (Ingrid) Anna Charlotta Brofalk.
aa. Filip Lars William Thorburn.
bb. Elsa Anna Birgitta Thorburn.
DD. Robert William Thorburn. Married (Maria) Elisabeth Thörnblad.
aa. Nami Viktoria Thorburn.
(iii) Hans William Thorburn. Married Mona Sandra Lindblom.
AA. Anna Maria Thorburn.
BB. John Erik William Thorburn.
CC. Karin Maria Thorburn.
(iv) Jan William Thorburn. Married (Inger Maria) Helena ("Lena") Gummesson.
AA. Carl Richard William Thorburn.
BB. Maria Elsa Elisabeth Thorburn.
Arne married third Ingeborg Johannisson.
(c) Bertil William Thorburn.  Born Uddevalle 12 August 1907 Died Orust 5 July 1996 Married in Morlanda Kyrka, Orust 25 July 1933 Gerd Inga Cecilia Gunnarsdotter Sanne Born Morlanda 19 June 1907 Died Göteborg 04 October 1939
(i) Ann Sigrid Thorburn.   Married Lennart William Thorén.
AA. (Anders) Fredrik Thorén. Married (Anna) Helena Lundin.
aa. Rebecca Jane Victoria Thorén.
BB. (Bertil) Magnus Thorén. Married (Eva) Maria Bergermark.
aa. Anna Maria Thorén.
bb. (Carl) William Thorén.
CC. (Lennart) Daniel Thorén. Married Anette Jonskog-Schmitz.
aa. Andreas Gordon William Thorén.
(ii) (Maj Brita) Ingegerd Thorburn. Married Bengt Wilhelm Forssell (born 20 July 1931, died 22 May 2000).
AA. Peter Fredrik William Forssell. Married (Maria) Catharina Birgitta Therup.
aa. (Carl) Emil William Forssell.
bb. (August) Hampus William Forssell.
cc. (Karin Sigrid) Josefine Forssell.
BB. (Gerd Elisabeth) Gabriella Forsell. Married Pär Yngve Andersson.
aa. Milton August Vilhelm Andersson Forssell.
bb. (Karl) Douglas  Vilhelm Andersson Forssell.
CC. (Ann) Ida Katarina Forsell. Married (Ulf) Patri Johnfors.
aa. (Gerd) Vera Cecilia Johnfors.
Bertil married second Karin ("Karina") Maria Dorothea Gunnarsdotter Sanne.
(iii) Jane Elsa Karina Thorburn. Married Dan Sten Olsson.
AA. Selma Magdalena Cecilia Olsson.
BB. William Sten Olssen.
(iv) Maud Barbro Gunilla Thorburn. Married Ulf Sten Nordström.
AA. (Ulf) Anders William Nordström.
BB. (Maud) Kristin Ulfsdotter Nordström.
CC. (Per) Johan William Nordström.
DD. (Hans) Gustav William Nordström.
EE. (Jane) Britta Ulfsdotter Nordström.
(v) Jon Gunnar William Thorburn. Married Berit Anna Christina Johansson.
AA. Gunnar Bertil William Thorburn.
BB. (Jon) Henrik William Thorburn.
CC. Annie Jane Sigrid Maria Thorburn.
Bertil married third Anna-Lisa Thorén
(d) Elsie Thorburn. Born 23 March 1919. Died 6 May 1989.
x. Mary Isabella Thorburn. Born 30 August 1883. Died 16 August 1951.
f. Ann Thorburn. Born 16 September 1822. Died 22 December 1836.
g. Margaret James Thorburn. Born 11 September 1824. Died 28 March 1913. Married 11 August 1846 Edvard Nonnen (born 30 June 1804, died 2 March 1862).
i. Matilda Blessing Nonnen. Born 7 July 1847. Died 29 July 1883.
ii. Emily Albertha Nonnen. Born 18 January 1849. Died 11 September 1930.
iii. John Edward Nonnen. Born 31 July 1854. Died 1 August 1854.
iv. John Edward Osborne Nonnen. Born 5 July 1856. Died 1 January 1902.
v. Edward Thorburn Nonnen. Born 14 January 1859. Died 30 December 1906.
vi. William Carnegie Faraday Nonnen. Born 19 January 1861. Died Stockholm 16 February 1936.
h. Alison Thorburn. Born 1 May 1826. died 5 January 1890.
i. Robert Thorburn. Born 27 April 1828. died 22 August 1896. Married Alma Mathilda Jacobi.
j. Mary Barbara Thorburn. Born 10 March 1830. died 27 November 1901.
12. Thomas Macfie. Born 26 December 1792. died 30 November 1793.
(4) John Macfie. Born 22 May 1748. Died young.
William married second Isabella Rae.

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