Some of the Descendants of Mathaeus de Hyde

Mathaeus de Hyde.
Dus Robertus de Hyde de Norbury. Norbury was acquired by a match during the reign of Edward II.
Dus Robertus de Hyde
Johannes Hyde of Northberie. Married second Isabell Bagaley, daughter of William Bagaley of Bagaley.
William Hyde.
Robert Hyde, Sr.
Robert Hyde, Jr.
Hamnet Hyde of Norbury.
Thomas Hyde of Norbury.
Robert Hyde of Norbury. Married first Margaret Holland.
Hamnet Hyde of Norbury. Married Margaret Warren, daughter of Lawrence Warren.
Robert Hyde of Norbury. Married second Jane Davenport.
Robert Hyde of Norbury.   Living 1580. Married Beatrice Calverley.
A. Hamnet Hyde of Norbury. Born 1580. Died 1643. Married Mary Warren.
1. Robert Hyde
a. Edward Hyde of Norbury. Married Anne Brooke, daughter of Sir Richard Brooke, Kt.
(A) Thomas Hyde of Haughton.
(1) Thomas Hyde
AA. Samuel Hyde
(2) John Hyde of Haughton. Aged thirty one in 1697. Married Ellen ______.
AA. Samuel Hyde of Belfast. Born c.1694. Died c.1742/4. Married Mary Arderne.
aa. John Hyde. Died unmarried.
bb. Robert Hyde of Ardwick. Died 4 January 1785.
cc. Samuel Hyde. Dsp.
dd. Thomas Hyde. Died unmarried.
ee. Nathan Hyde Esq of Ardwick. Married Margaret Markland, daughter of John Markland of Pemberton.
This family is a superb example of one which chose Godparents
MMF for boys, FFM for girls - and from amongst relations:
(a) John  Hyde of Ardwick, Lancashire.  Married by Rev Charles Ford Rector of Billingford, Norfolk in Cheltenham 26 October 1822 Caroline Ford (died 24 September 1882).
Godparents: (1) Rt Hon John, 9th Baron Colville
                       (2) Thomas Drinkwater
                       (3) Mrs Margaret Hyde (qv above)
{a} Francis Colville Hyde of Syndale Park, Kent. Born Syndale, Ospringe, Kent 24 July 1826. Bap 24 August 1826. Died Wilderton 9 March 1892. Buried Branksome, Dorset 15 March 1892. Living at 4 Cornwall Gdns, London in 1881. He and his wife subsequently moved to 67(?) Duchy Road, Harrogate. Magistrate. Married in Brighton 19 June 1850 (Charlotte) Amelia Darling (born 14 Nov 1831, bap Macao 22 Dec 1831, died Wilderton 18 April 1912, buried Branksome, Dorset 22 April 1912). There is a plaque and a small statue in Canterbury Cathedral in memory of some member of this family.
[A] A son. Stillborn 1851.
Godparents: (1) B D Papillon
                       (2) (Cornelia) Lady Ford
                       (3) Mrs Vaughan
[B] Amelia Caroline Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe, Faversham, Kent 3 March 1852. Bap 2 May 1852. Died 4 Cornwall Gdns, Kensington 10 April 1881. Buried Ospringe, Kent 13 April 1881.
Godparents: (1) Henry Anson Ford
                       (2)  Captain Sydney Darling
                       (3) Mrs Hyde (qv above)
[C] John Colville Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe 11 March 1853. Bap 25 April 1853. Died unmarried 30 April 1912 Littlecot, New Forest 2 May 1912 per Bible. Buried Copythorne, New Forest 6 May 1912.
Godparents: (1) William Ford
                       (2) Hon Mrs Bradley Dyne
                       (3) Miss Agnes Darling
[D] Agnes Mary Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe, Faversham, Kent 27 July 1854. Bap 27 August 1854. Died Dresden 29 September 1868.
Godparents: (1) Augustus Darling
                       (2) Mrs Shirley
                       (3) Mrs James L Widmore
[E] Isabel Anne Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe 23 December 1855. Bap 2 February 1856. Died of flu Cliersden, Branksome Park, Bournemouth 6 June 1917.
Godparents: (1) Captain J V Anson, RN
                       (2)  St Clair Ford
                       (3)  Miss Darling
[F] Ralph Vernon Colville Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe, Faversham 29 November 1857. Bap 6 January 1858. Died Faversham 14 November 1858. Buried Ospringe 19 November 1858.
Godparents: (1) F G S Vicet
                       (2) Mrs S Wildman
                       (3)  Miss Amelia Boissier
[G] Evelyn Elizabeth Hyde. Born Syndale, Ospringe 26 July 1859. Bap 24 August 1859. Died 1930s. Married 18 October 1893 Rev Cyril Judea Fawcett (died 1894).
Godparents: (1) (Caroline) Miss Darling
                       (2) Major Musgrave James Bradley Dyne,
                             of Gore Court, Sittingbourne
                       (3) Mrs Dashwood
[H] (Francis) Frederick ("Freddy") Musgrave Colville Hyde, Major, 31st Reg't of Salterns (Dorset). Born Syndale, Ospringe, Faversham 16 June 1861. Bap 28 July 1861. Died 25 (?) August 1920. Married, 26 January 1907, Mary Jane dau of Rev James Briggs, widow of Captain Frederick John Butts (died 3 Sept 1905), late 77th Reg't. Mary and Captain Butts had a daughter, Mary Butts (born 13 Dec 1890, died 5 March 1937) who was a renowned writer (incl "The Crystal Cabinet" and co-author of Aleister Crowley's Magick 4) and who married first, 1918, John Rodker by whom she had a daughter, Camilla Elizabeth Rodker (born Nov 1920, married 1st Mr Israel and had 2 ch, married 2nd Mr Bagg), but she left him in Jan 1921 and married third , 1930, William Park ("Gabriel") Atkin, a homosexual artist. Captain and Mary Butts had another child, Anthony Bacon Drury Butts (born 1901; died when he fell from a window Marble Arch 16 May 1941).
Godparents: (1) Sir John William Hamilton Anson 2nd Bt
                       (2)  Sir Charles Henry Darling KCB
                       (3)  (Robert) Bertram Mitford
                       (4) Miss Louisa Wildman
[I] Bertram ("Bernie") Charles Anson Hyde. Born Syndale, Faversham, Kent 2 June 1863. Bap 10 July 1863. Died Cliersden, Branksome Park, Bournemouth. Farmed in Australia.
Godparents: (1) Hubert T J L Hugepen
                       (2) Mrs Oswald A Smith
                       (3) Miss Elizabeth Gore, dau of Sir Ralph Gore 4th Bt and
            Elizabeth Colville, dau of Sir Robert Colville of Newtown, Leitrim?
[J] Constance Elena Hyde. Born 43 Ladbroke Square, Notting Hill, London 6 November 1864. Bap Forest Row 22 December 1864. Died Wilderton, Branksome Park 17 February 1893. Buried Branksome, Dorset.
Godparents: (1) Francis Logan
                       (2)  Captain Arthur Fitzroy Charles Dumaresq
                       (3) Mrs Hamond
[K] Arthur Colville Hyde. Born 3 Marine Parade, Dover, Kent 9 September 1866. Bap Forest Row, Sussex 30 October 1866. Died Lingmore, Harrogate 28 May 1913. Educ Eton. Capt, Yorks & Lancs Regt. Married in Scarborough 7 June 1901 (Lilian) Amelia Todd (ref 9d/738, 23 yrs so born c.1878, died c.1955?), dau of Ephraim Todd, gentleman of 154 Castle Rd, Scarborough. There is a Lilian in the 1901 census aged 23 born Barningham, Yorks.
Godparents: (1) Captain Frederick Grosvenor
                       (2) F M Colville Hyde (qv above)
                       (3) Miss Isabel Colville Hyde (qv above)
[1] (Arthur) Frederick ("Teddy" when young, later "Eric") Colville- Hyde. Born 24 December 1901. Died 8 July 1971. Married in Knaresborough, Q1 1923 (ref 9a/173), Ida May Pickard (born 20 February 1901; died 20 April 1980), dau of Ernest and Annie Sophia Pickard. Buried Anglican church, Woodbury Salterton Church.
[a] Joan Margery Colville- Hyde. Born 5 May 1923. Served at Bletchley Park. Married 7 August 1948 Lt Cmdr Neil Rutherford, DSC & Bar, RN (born 1922, ret'd 5 Jan 1959, died Penmaenmawr, Wales 24 September 1976), son of Richard Perry Rutherford (b.1878), shipbuilder. In 1958 he was serving with the Underwater Weapons Material Dept. Divorced 23 May 1972.
i. (Margaret) Vanessa Rutherford. Born 18 July 1952. Educ St Margarets & London Univ. Married in Paris 22 July 1978 Mark Lincoln Chambers. Divorced 14 October 1985. Annulled 22 April 1997.
(i) Cecily Victoria Clarissa Chambers. Born 6 August 1982. Educ Woldingham, Stowe & Exeter Univ.
Married Sept 2010 Alistair  Burchett.
[b] Trevor Colville-Hyde. Born 7 February 1925. Died c.May 2003. Deaf. Married first P June _____ (unhelpful). Her address: 49d Roseberry Rd, Exmouth EX8 1SQ. 01395 273314
i. Julia Ann Colville-Hyde. Married _____ Dellar. Divorced.
(i) Adam Daniel Dellar. Born Devon betw 1984-2000.
(ii) Gareth Richard Dellar. Born Devon betw 1984-2000.
ii. Susan Belinda Colville- Hyde. Married Kevin O'Toole. Lives Capel Lane, Nissenham,  Exmouth.
(i) Gemma Susan O'Toole. Born Devon betw 1984-2000.
iii. Louise Ann Colville- Hyde. Had a child by _____ _____.
(i) Cody John Colville-Hyde. Born Devon 1984-2000.
Louise Ann Colville- Hyde. Married Christopher James. Divorced. Once lived at Alfington, now lives Exeter.
(ii) Bethany Lauren James Colville-Hyde. Born Devon 1984-2000.
Trevor married second Linda Gleddon.
[c] Peter Gerald Colville- Hyde. Born Yorkshire 27 November 1926. Married first betw. 15.3.47 and 20.3.50 Josefa Ebagna (Spanish, 1934 - Surrey 2000). Div 1957. Married second Patricia Radford.


i. Robert ("Bob") John Colville- Hyde. Born 20 June 1960. Served six years in the army. Now manager of "Your Move", estate agents of Exmouth (01395 264 353). Married first Sandra Lee. Divorced. Married second 28 July 1990 Lynn Martine Yewman (born 30 December 1963). Address: 18 Grange Av, Exmouth EX8 3HU 01395 279048
(i) Charlotte Lucy Colville- Hyde. Born 5 October 1995.
(ii) James Jack Colville- Hyde. Born 19 April 1997.
Peter married third Jeannette ("Jean") Knowles. Address: 12, Wordsworth Clo, Exmouth EX8 5SQ (01395 274914)
ii. Stuart Gerald Colville- Hyde. Born 1 January 1964. Married 1988 Linda Ann Norrish. Work tel: 01392 353 234 (she works Tues AM, Wed & Fri). Divorced 2002.
(i) Laura Emily Colville- Hyde. Born 26 November 1991. Died 28 July 1997.
(ii) Max Oliver Colville- Hyde. Born 11 October 1996.
Stuart married second 5 September 2003 Sharron Reid, nee Rutter and they changed their surname to Retter- Hyde. She had children Sean (b.10 Jul 1991) and Samantha Reid (b.1 Jan 1992).
iii. Rebecca Sarah Colville- Hyde. Born 5 January 1965. Married 14 November 1992 Major Harold Richard van Opdorp (a flemish name), US Marine.
(i) Emily Jane van Opdorp. Born 20 June 1995.
(ii) Thomas Obiger van Opdorp. Born 30 March 2000.
[d] (Arthur) Brian Colville-Hyde. Married Audrey Berridge . Address: 38 Admirals Ct, Rolle Rd Exmouth EX8 2BH (01395)  276811
i. Annette ("Ann") Colville- Hyde. Born c.1968. Married Mark Tucker.
(i) Marcus Cole Tucker. Born Devon betw 1984-2000.
(ii) Max Alexander Tucker Born Devon betw 1984-2000.
[e] (Eric) Basil Colville-Hyde. Born 13 September 1942. Educated All Hallows, Rousden. Married Patricia ("Pat") Seaward (born 12 September 19??).
i. Alison Maria Colville- Hyde. Animal health officer, Taunton. Born 30 May 1968. Married in Colebrook 17 October 1992 John Anthony Quick (born 2 November 1964). Divorced.
ii. Elisabeth Ann Colville- Hyde. Married first Ian Haviland Bassett. Divorced. Married  2nd 2002 Matthew Kincaid.
iii. Bonny Patricia Colville- Hyde. Born 26 September 1983.
[2] (Evelyn Mabel) Amelia ("Anne") Colville- Hyde. Born 20 January 1912. Died 10 March 2005. She had a dancing school at St Anne's.  Married 16 June 1937 Geoffrey Charles Lee, REME (born 11 June 1914).
[a] Jennifer Jean Lee. Born 11 February 1911. Married 28 July 1962 Esdaile ("Dale") Hudson (born 25 August 1937). They live near Axminster (01297 32759).
i. Brian Jonathan Hudson. Born 16 November 1963.
ii. Giles Martyn Hudson. Born 29 August 1966. Married 20 November 1995 Tan Puay Hua ("Eve"), a Singaporean Chinese who works with Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong.
(i) Sarah Jean Ai Ling Hudson. Adopted in. Born 10 May 2000.
iii. Katherine ("Kate") Amelia Hudson  Born 8 April 1972. Married 22 June 2003 Joseph ("Joe") Felton Bedminster (born  1 May 1972).
(i) Joseph Esdaile Bedminster. Born 25 May 2004.
[b] (Daphne) Virginia ("Ginny" or "Pip") Lee. Born 7 November 1945. Married first Ray Phillips, a pop singer with the Nashville Teens.
i. Rebecca Anne Trethowan. Adopted by Brock Trethowan when he married Virginia. She has a child by her partner Christopher _____. They live in Australia.
(i) Max _____.
Virginia married second 11 April 1972 Brock Trethowan (born 22 June 1937), a solicitor who is on the point of retiring (2005).
ii. Henrietta Lee Brock Trethowan. Married Jonathan Cantouris.
Godparents: (1) Sir Francis Colville Ford 4th Bt
                       (2)  William Alexander Dumaresq
                       (3) Mrs Robert Coote, née Lucy Parry?
[L] Frances Alexander Hyde. Born 55 Portland Place, London 31 January 1868. Bap Trinity Church, St Marylebone. Died 25 October 1870. Buried Ospringe.
Godparents: (1) Rt Hon Col Wilson Patten MP
                       (2) The Lady Emily Harriet Digby, dau of Earl of Cottenham
                       (3) The Lady Caroline Lister-Kaye, dau of Earl of Cottenham
[M] (Emily) Mabel  Hyde. Born Dresden, Saxony, Germany 25 September 1869 (per Bible). Bap All Saints Church, Dresden 28 November 1869. Married 1 August 1894 Rev William Jacob, a canon at Canterbury.
[1] Isabel Jacob. Died c.1973. Missionary and nurse who worked in Delhi.
[2] (Evelyn) Mary Jacob. Died before 1972. Married Ronald Johnston, ICS (born 1989, died March 1990 aged 92) of Lavington Park.
[a] Hilary Mary Johnston. Educ Sherborne. Married John Whitaker ("Veryan") Sweet- Escott born 1925; (dvu 1999). Address: Annadale, Stoke Abbott, Beaminster, Dorset DT8 3JU (01308 868330).
i. Thomas Sweet-Escott. Born 18 Sept 1957. Venture capitalist. Married in Stoke Abbott 12 May 1990 Rosamund Thonger, dau of Charles Thonger.
(i) Eleanor Sweet- Escott. Aged 11 in March 2004.
(ii) Katherine Sweet- Escott. Aged 9 in March 2004.
(iii) Edward Sweet- Escott. Aged 7 in March 2004.
ii. William Sweet- Escott. Born 6 April 1959. Died 1977.
iii. Mary Sweet-Escott. Born 18 Feb 1961. Educ Edinburgh Univ (landscape architecture).  Married Andrew Malcolm Hamilton Gladstone.
(i) James Gladstone, a triplet. Born c.1995.
(ii) Rachel Gladstone, a triplet. Born c.1995.
(iii) Emily Gladstone, a triplet. Born c.1995.
(iv) Sophie Gladstone. Born c.2000
iv. John ("Johnny") Sweet- Escott. Educ Univ of Southampton (geography). Married Giselle Kempson (dissolved).
[b] (Bernard) William Johnston. Killed Darjeeling 1940.
[3] Constance ("Con") Jacob. Born c.1899. Living in Lyme Regis 2003. Missionary.
[4] Lois Amelia Jacob. Born 27 Nov 1904. Died 7 May 1991. Buried Stoke Abbott. Married 1930 Philip Sprent.
[a] Christopher Sprent. Born c.1932. Married Carol Nixon, a Canadian.
i. Sarah Sprent. Born c.1952. Married Charles Pignegue. 2 ch.
ii. David Sprent. Married, 3 ch.
iii. Rachel Sprent. Married and has issue.
iv. Peter Sprent. Married _____ Buchan and has 3 sons.
[b] Michael Sprent. Born 1934, a twin. A Brown Brothers monk at Hilfeld, Dorset
[c] Daphne Sprent. Born 1934, a twin. Married Alan Tomlin, a civil engineer. Lived Wimbledon.
i. George A Tomlin. Educ Eton.
ii. Jane Tomlin.
iii. Richard Tomlin.
[d] Simon Sprent. Born c.1937. Married Diana Carte.
i. Robert Sprent. Married, 2 s & 1 dau born c.1994.
ii. Katherine Sprent. Born 1968. Died 1987.
iii. Angela Sprent. Married, 2 ch.
Godparents: (1) Vincent Biscoe Tutton
                       (2) Charles James Hull Monro
                       (3) Amelia Caroline Hyde (qv above)
[N] Vincent Monro Colville Hyde. Born Glurlie, Cheltenham, Gloucs 2 January 1871.  Bap Christ Church, Cheltenham 24 Feb 1871. Died Armidale, NSW, Australia 1 July 1900. Buried there 3 July 1900. Married in Oxford September 1890 to Jane Atkins or Elizabeth Ann Parish (3a/1208), a cab-driver's widow.
Godparents: (1) John Colville Hyde (qv above)
                       (2) The Lady Frances Mary Pepys, dau of Earl of Cottenham
                             (qv above)
                       (3)  Mrs Augustus Darling
[O] Dorothy Frances Hyde. Born Wilderton, Bournemouth, Hampshire 10 October 1874. Bap St Peters Church, Bournemouth. Died Clierden, Branksome Park, Bournemouth 29 October 1916.
[-] How does Lady Young fit in?
Robert Hyde of Norbury. Married third Katherine Boydett from whom are descended the Hydes of Wiltshire.
3. Lawrence Hyde of Gussage St Michael, Dorsetshire.
A. Sir Lawrence Hyde. Attorney-general to Anne of Denmark, James I's consort. Had eleven sons, four of whom were men of some mark:
a. Henry Hyde. An ardent royalist who accompanied Charles II to the continent, and returning to England was beheaded in 1650.
b. Robert Hyde. Born 1595. Died 1665. Became recorder of Salisbury and represented that borough in the Long Parliament, in which he professed royalist principles, voting against the attainder of Strafford. Having been imprisoned and deprived of his recordership by the parliament in 1645/6, Robert Hyde gave refuge to Charles II on his flight from Worcester in 1651, and on the Restoration he was knighted and made a judge of the commonpleas.
c. Alexander Hyde. Born 1598. Died 1667. Became bishop of Salisbury in 1665.
From whom we think is descended Charles Ortel who is trying to establish the ancestry of Alexander Hyde Parker whose grandfather is said to be Alexander Hyde, Bishop of Salisbury and whose mother was Margaret Hyde.
d. Edward Hyde. Born 1607. Died 1659. A royalist divine who was nominated dean of Windsor in 1658, but died before taking up the appointment, and who was the author of many controversial works in Anglican theology.
B. Henry Hyde.
a. Sir Edward Hyde. Born 1608. Lord High Chancellor of England. 1st Earl of Clarendon.
A. Henry Hyde, Viscount Cornbury.2nd Earl of Clarendon.
1. Edward Hyde, 3rd Earl of Clarendon.
a. Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury.
B. Lawrence Hyde, Earl of Rochester (cr. 1682). Died 1723.
1. Henry Hyde (1672-1753), only son of Lawrence, earl of Rochester, became 4th earl of Clarendon and 2nd earl of Rochester, both of which titles became extinct at his death. He was in no way distinguished, but his wife Jane (d. 1725), youngest dau of Sir William Leveson-Gower and sister of John Lord Gower, was a famous beauty celebrated by the homage of Swift, Prior and Pope, and by the groundless scandal of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu.
a. Jane Hyde, famous beauty of the reign of Queen Anne. Married William Capel, 3rd Earl of Essex.
b. Henry Hyde, Viscount Cornbury. (1710-1753), a Tory and Jacobite member of parliament, and an intimate friend of Bolingbroke, who addressed to him his Letters on the Study and Use of History, and On the Spirit of Patriotism. In 1750 Lord Cornbury was created Baron Hyde of Hindon, but, as he predeceased his father, this title reverted to the latter and became extinct at his death, Lord Cornbury was celebrated as a wit and a conversationalist, By his will he bequeathed the papers of his great-grandfather, Lord Clarendon, the historian, to the Bodleian Library at Oxford.
(A) Charlotte Hyde. Married Hon Thomas Villiers, 1st Earl of Clarendon, Baron Hyde.
c. Catherine Hyde, famous beauty of the reign of Queen Anne. Married Charles, Duke of Queensberry.
2. Anne Hyde. Married James Duke of Ormonde.
3. Henrietta Hyde. Married James Earl  of Dalkeith from whom the Dukes of Buccleuch descend.
4. Mary Hyde. Married Francis Seymour, Lord Conway, ancestor of the Marquesses of Hertford.
5. Catherine Hyde. Died unmarried.
C. Edward Hyde. Died unmarried.
D. James Hyde. Drowned.
E. Anne Hyde. Married James, Duke of York, later King James II.
F. Frances Hyde. Married Sir Thomas Knightley, KB of Hartingfordbury, Herts.
C. Sir Nicholas Hyde. Died 1631. Chief-justice of England. Sir Nicholas entered parliament in 1601 and soon became prominent as an opponent of the court, though he does not appear to have distinguished himself in the law. Before long, however, he deserted the popular party, and in 1626 he was employed by the duke of Buckingham in his defence to impeachment by the Commons; and in the following year be was appointed chief-justice of the kings bench, in which office it fell to him to give judgment in the celebrated case of Sir Thomas Darnell and others who had been committed to prison on warrants signed by members of the privy council, which contained no statement of the nature of the charge against the prisoners. In answer to the writ of habeas corpus the attorneygeneral relied on the prerogative of the crown, supported by a precedent of Queen Elizabeths reign. Hyde, three other judges concurring, decided in favor of the crown, but without going so far as to declare the right of the crown to refuse indefinitely to show cause against the discharge of the prisoners. In 1629 Hyde was one of the judges who condemned Eliot, Holles and Valentine for conspiracy in parliament to resist the kings orders; refusing to admit their plea that they could not be called upon to answer out of parliament for acts done in parliament. Sir Nicholas Hyde died in August 1631.
Alexander de Hyde. From whom are descended the Hydes of Denton.
Johannes Hyde.
Richardus Hyde.
Johannes Hyde.
Nicholaus Hyde.
Radulphus Hyde.
Nicholaus Hyde.
Willielmus Hyde.
Nicholaus Hyde.
Willielmus Hyde.
Robert Hyde.
William Hyde.
Robert Hyde.
Robert Hyde.
Ricardus Hyde
Ricardus de Hyde
Alanus de Hyde

What is the connection with Henry Hyde who married (1851) Miss Colville ?
Gail Quigley thinks she descends from Thomas Hyde who died abt 1750...apparently he was  a Master in the  Ordnance Department  in Port Royal in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia and is said to have been of the Clarendon Family. His only daughter was Alicia Maria born about 1724.
The text in red is merely our assumption and could be wrong.
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