The Genealogy of the Hathorn Family


A. Fergus Hathorn Born Ayreshire ca. 1777. Died 24th December 1823  "Surgen" according to his son's marriage certificate. Married Frances Piper (born 5th February 1780).
a. Hugh Piper Hathorn, Born Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland 8th June 1805.  Died at sea 20th April 1848. In a letter written 1833 his father wrote that he "goes on most prosperously in India" and had evidently had built a house in Bombay. There is no reference known to this compiler as to whether or not he ever married and had a family, however. 
b. Dr Fergus Hathorn, Born 29th December 1807.  Died Maybole 25th April 1854. He appears as a young man to have made his way as a doctor and apothecary.
c. Mary Hathorn, Born Maybole 23rd July 1811.  Died Maybole 27th August 1873. She might have been a twin.
d. John Piper Hathorn, Born ca. 1811. Died Natal 4th August 1872. The emigrant. Arrived with his young family in Natal 4th July 1850 on 'The Henrietta' sailing from Liverpool. Married Eccles 16th May 1842 Hannah Howard Walton (born Walton 26th May 1818, died 25th May 1879).
1. John Walton Hathorn. Born Hulme 19th August 1844. Died 24th April 1892. Married Pietermaritzburg 10th November 1868 Susan Otto (born 15th September 1844, died 17th October 1912).
i. Helen Blanche Hathorn Born 28th September 1869..
ii. Frank Field Hathorn. Born 21st January 1875. Died 3rd February 1938. Married 6th April 1907 Gertrude Millicent Pithey (died 20th February 1961). Issue.
iii. Christopher Maitland Howard Hathorn. Born Pietermaritzburg, 7th April 1878. Died Johannesburg 17th May 1920. Eminent cricketer. Married ca. 1912 Ruth Loesius. Issue.
2. Fergus Alexander Hathorn Born Hulme, 7th January 1847. Died 17th April 1922. Married April 1874 Mary Rutherford (born 17th May 1848, died 9th November 1909).
i. Fergus Hugh Hathorn. Born, 17th April 1875. Died 4th October 1959. Married 31st July 1906 Margaret Howden. 6 recorded children.
A. Robert Gordon Hathorn. Born April 1911. Died 24th November 1912.
B. Brian Kenyon Hathorn. Born 14th September 1917. Died 17th March 1938.
3. Kenneth Howard Hathorn of Natal, KC. Born Broughton, Lancs 2nd June 1849. Died Pietermaritzburg 31st March 1933. Married Pietermaritzburg 24th April 1877 Agnes Elizabeth Blaikie  (born 4th May 1853, died 10th November 1894). (Children and remoter issue appear on the Blaikie page.)
4. James Howard Walton Hathorn Born 4th December 1850. Died 15th May 1865.
5. Christopher Walton Leonard Hathorn Born 13th January 1854. Died 17th May 1878.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever) does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

The starting point for these data comes from the researches of  Amy Young 1890 - 1974, youngest daughter to Kenneth Howard Hathorn and Agnes Elizabeth Blaikie. Particular thanks are due also to living kinsfolk for  information, inspiration and corroboration, which have come, in particular, from Bill Davidson, Robin Griffiths, Chris Hathorn and Heather MacAlister. Residual errors are the responsibility of the compiler.

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Charles Hillman.   Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt,

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